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Deep Inside Michelle

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I always get very tired along about mid-afternoon of the second day at these conventions. It has something to do with strolling the endless aisles of the exposition in between attending seminars and lectures. The Las Vegas Convention Center goes on for miles and, as is usually the case, I was hitting a wall that Wednesday as I cruised up Aisle 2100, bobbing in and out of booths and making small talk with the salespeople. You can only take so much computer gibberish after awhile.

So I figured it was time for a cup of coffee – pop down enough caffeine to get me through another hour and then head back to the hotel to hang out and relax at the bar.

This was the first convention in some time that I’d attended without company, either my wife or one of my colleagues. So loneliness was settling in as well and I was already looking forward to my flight home the next afternoon. I was standing on line at one of the convention center eateries, Styrofoam cup in hand, when I noticed a familiar face in the next line.

“Michelle?” I queried. She looked up from her transaction at the register, saw me and lit up with a smile.

“Ray!” She was taking her change so she motioned for me to meet her outside.

I had met Michelle six years back when she was fresh out of grad school and working at the university on their IT system. As the liaison between my company and the university, we had spent a fair amount of time together developing the transition plan for the implementation of their new system. At that time she was in the throes of an engagement and had been preoccupied with her impending nuptials. I remember her taking a two week vacation for her wedding and honeymoon. She came back with a big smile on her face and looked like someone who had been well fucked, or so I liked to fantasize.

Soon after that we finished our project together and went our separate ways. The last I had heard she had moved down to Pennsylvania, given birth to a child and taken a new position with a college outside of Philadelphia.

I paid for my coffee and headed out of the food court. Michelle was waiting outside.

“Michelle. How are you? What a surprise?” I gave her a platonic hug, enjoying her slender frame and wonderful scent for that split second.

“Likewise, Ray. I’ve been waiting to run into someone I know at this show and you’re the first. It’s so great to see you.”

I had always been secretly attracted to Michelle, even though she was twenty-plus years my junior. She was very petite – five foot three might be stretching it. She had a cute young face with expressive brown eyes that gave her the quintessential “girl-next-door” look. Her pale luminescent skin was soft and supple and her silky chestnut brown hair had grown out some and was now well below her shoulders.

We had spent enough time together in the past that I had gotten to surreptitiously check out her body from every angle. Her best features were her shapely legs and tight little round butt. Her breasts were small and not assets she had ever shown off with the clothes she wore. They were still somewhat of a mystery. But there was an innate sexuality that always seemed to be lurking under her innocent appearance. It’s perhaps what had always intrigued me about her.

We sat down at an empty table and began to catch up. It didn’t take me long to find out her life had taken a few left turns. She was now divorced from her husband, Dan, and had sole custody of their four-year-old daughter. Her husband had left her shortly after the birth of Emily. Michelle had moved back to her home town to be near her parents so they could help with child care. She was working full-time at a new job, but was finding it difficult to juggle the needs of a full time professional position and motherhood.

“I’m sorry to hear all of this, Michelle. All I can say is Dan is a fool. His loss”

Michelle smiled sadly, but looked like she was enjoying having someone to listen to her woes. My life seemed pretty ordinary in comparison to hers, so I deflected the conversation back to her when she asked how I was doing. We continued to talk and our conversation drifted toward our present circumstance.

“How are you enjoying the convention?” she asked.

“Not bad,” I replied. “Same old stuff. Gets pretty tiring after a few days. And I’m here alone this year, so it hasn’t been as much fun as other years.”

“Yeah. My parents are taking care of Emily so I could come here, but I have to say I was expecting to have a little wilder time in Vegas. I’ve never been here, heard so much about it, but it’s a tough place to be flying solo.”

It didn’t take a brain surgeon to see an opening and I pounced on the opportunity.

“Listen. I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you have dinner with me tonight and we can go out on the town – hit a show, the tables, maybe a club. Get all dressed up and get out and own this place. What do you say?”

Her face lit up with the suggestion. “That’s so nice of you, Ray. What a great idea. I would love to do that.” We exchanged cell phone numbers and she gave me her room number at the Mirage. I said I’d make a reservation somewhere nice for dinner and swing by around six to pick her up. We parted ways, both of us with big smiles on our faces.

I was staying at the Venetian and headed back to clean up. I was suddenly awake and very excited, and it was more than a cup of coffee at work. I took a shower, shaved, and did my thing getting ready for an evening out and about. I may be 52 now, but I’ve taken care of myself over the years, keeping my figure trim through working out and running. My hair has thinned, so I keep it short. I like to think it’s testosterone working overtime.

Although I’m six foot one, I’ve always found myself attracted to small woman, can’t explain it really, but certainly Michelle fit the bill. The thought of spending an evening on the town with her had my head spinning. I walked out the door a little before six, a spring in my step as I headed down the Strip to Michelle’s hotel. I called her cell phone to tell her I was on my way.

“Are you ready to ramble?” I questioned.

“I am so ready you can’t believe it,” she replied.

I flipped my phone closed and headed up to her room, my heart pounding as I knocked softly on Room 1214. She opened the door with a huge smile on her face. I was floored. She’d obviously spent some time getting ready and she was stunning. Her eyes sparkled and she radiated confidence.

She was wearing tight fitting pin-stripe black pants that fit her perfectly and accentuated her cute round ass. I could see a tight mauve top peaking out from underneath a black silk jacket that hid her upper body, but ended just short of her fabulous little butt. High heels completed her look and lengthened the long line of her lithe frame. Her hair was luxuriant and flowed softly over her shoulders. I leered in from the doorway at the ultimate MILF.

“Jesus, Michelle. You look fantastic,” I stammered. “I mean, I know I shouldn’t be surprised and all. But, man!” I really was speechless.

“Why thank you, Ray. You look pretty debonair yourself,” she said demurely. She crossed the room to collect a few things and I admired the view. The jiggle of her cute little ass cheeks was barely perceptible as she walked. She knew I was watching. She grabbed her purse and we headed out the door. The perfume she was wearing suddenly wafted up to my nostrils and I felt desire and excitement spinning in my head. I had made reservations at a great steak restaurant at the Bellagio, so we headed down the street feeling like the world was at our feet.

Dinner was superb, the atmosphere was romantic, and the evening sped by. We talked about everything under the sun and I felt like we were connecting on any number of levels. The flow of wine certainly helped the glow of the evening and loosened our conversation. I began to query Michelle about her love life.

“Love life? Are you kidding? It sucks, to be blunt. You know, I don’t meet a lot of men my age through my work. I have a kid. I’m too old to hang out in bars. And when I do meet a guy, they’re always scared away from getting involved with someone with a young child. Not a pretty scene.” She looked down into her wine glass.

“Well, Michelle, I think you’re incredible – smart and beautiful. And some lucky fellow with a head on his shoulders is bound to cross your path before long.”

“I’m not holding my breath, but thank you very much, Ray. You’re very kind. If only you weren’t married and old enough to be my father.”

“Ouch! That stung. Well, let’s not let details like that get in the way of a good time,” I said with bravado.

“I’m sorry, Ray. That didn’t come out right. I think you’re very sweet. And, quite honestly, I’ve always been attracted to older, more mature men.” Michelle smiled sweetly at me as we continued to noodle over coffee and dessert. Our conversation soon turned to the remainder of the evening.

“So, what do you want to do for an encore?” I queried.

Michelle’s face brightened up. “You know, I’ve heard so much about Vegas over the years and have always wondered what some of the nightlife is like?”

“Well, we could do a show, or hit a dance club. What do you have in mind?” While I was no Vegas expert, I’d spent enough time here to know my way around.

“Ray, I hope you don’t think this is weird, but…..have you ever been to a strip club?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Her smile was innocent on the one hand, but lascivious on the other.

“Well, yes. But are we talking about a men’s club or a club catering to ladies?”

“Oooh. Both sound interesting. I’ve never been to either, but now I feel embarrassed.” She looked down at her empty coffee cup.

“Well, this is Las Vegas. And I’m happy to tell you that I know of a club that has both, on different floors.”

Her face lit up. “Are you kidding me?”

“I am not,” I replied. “And it would be a privilege to be your escort. You ready to go?” Her smile said yes.

We collected ourselves, paid the bill, and headed out into the casino. She grabbed my arm, I could tell she was feeling no pain, and I was happy to be protective of her. We weaved through the casino and out to the main entry to grab a cab.

“The Arcadia,” I told the driver and he pulled out onto the Strip and headed north.

Michelle snuggled up close to me and didn’t let go of my arm. “Have you been to this place before?” she asked. Her intoxicating scent wheedled its way into my senses. I put my hand lightly on her slender thigh.

“A few times, but never to see the men. This should be very interesting. Should we check out the men or women first?” I asked Michelle.

“Your choice,” she responded. “This is so exciting.” I was seeing a different side of Michelle tonight, and one I was happy to expose.

We pulled under the porte cochere of the club, paid the cabbie and climbed out. We entered the lobby and headed upstairs, deciding to watch the men first. We paid our admission fee and sauntered into the room, trying to look cool. The place was rocking, the beat was pulsating and women were squealing. Michelle grabbed my hand as I wended through the crowd to a couple of seats down in front of the stage. There was a male dancer doing his thing and the music was pounding through the club. We sat down and got our bearings.

The dancer on stage was just finishing up as we sat down and we were immediately greeted by the next performer. He was Hispanic, very dark skinned, handsome, hairless and incredibly muscular. His name was Carlos. Within a minute he had shed what few clothes he had on and was undulating to a powerful beat in just a small g-string. The g-string was small, but he wasn’t. In fact, the garment he was wearing wasn’t so much a g-string as it was a cock sock. It was a long blue sparkly piece of elastic fabric that cloaked his huge member, his balls and little else. He had impressive size and as he moved his dick seemed to grow and stretch what little fabric was holding it in. I stole a quick glance at Michelle and saw her staring straight as his cock, totally entranced.

He bucked and ground his pelvis and his cock dangled and bobbed with his gyrations. He turned his back to the audience, got on his hands and knees and began to hump like he was fucking an imaginary woman. His muscular glutes clenched tightly and his distended member dangled below like it was searching for a pussy to fuck. His balls were enormous. He then got on his back and lifted his hips up toward the ceiling. His cock was certainly thickening and it was an impressive sight to behold. He arched his back and his semi-hard erection flopped about, calling out for attention.

I leaned over to Michelle’s ear. “What do you think so far?”

“Holy shit,” was all she could reply. “Look at that fucking cock!”

Carlos saw Michelle ogling his body and he sidled up to our section of the stage. He kneeled down in front of her, looked into her eyes, leaned back to accentuate his pelvis and began to slowly hump the air. He rocked his pelvis back and forth, his cock dangling like a pendulum, swinging to and fro, the tip practically gracing the stage. He grabbed the huge bulge barely encased in the sock, shook it right in her face and then slowly stroked its length while he cupped his balls and smiled at Michelle. I could see her blushing, but I could also tell she was loving the attention and enjoying the view of one of the biggest cocks either one of us had ever witnessed up close.

For the next half hour we saw one dancer after another grace the stage, and while we saw every race and creed strut their respective stuff, the one common denominator was they were all well-hung. At one point Michelle grabbed my wrist with both her hands and leaned over to whisper into my ear.

“Thank you,” she said. And her attention went back to the next dancer.

“I’m beginning to feel a little inadequate,” I said to her. She looked at me and smiled.

“Somehow I doubt that,” she said. “Besides, these guys are fun to look at, but way too big for me. They’re like freaks of nature. Give me a good old normal size cock any day of the week.” She looked down at my lap and grinned. “Actually, give me any cock at all these days,” she laughed.

I felt a little twinge of excitement. I certainly had nothing on par with the meat we’d just been viewing, but I also knew I had nothing to be embarrassed about either, as Michelle would find out soon enough.

I enjoyed watching the dancers, I must admit. But I was really getting off on watching Michelle watch the dancers. I surveyed her profile as she took in the parade of impressive bodies. Her pouty lips were locked in a permanent smile and her eyes glistened with excitement. At one point Michelle turned to me and asked when we were going to go watch the women. I said I’d let her be the judge of that. Suddenly she grabbed my hand, yanked me out of my seat and we headed for the door. We went downstairs, paid another admission fee and entered the gentlemen’s area.

While the music was throbbing down here too, the environment was very different. Men lounged in cushy chairs throughout the club. Instead of one large stage there were several smaller ones. And beautiful scantily clad women were everywhere, weaving through the crowd and leaning over to the seated gentlemen asking for dances. We found a loveseat and small table back in a corner and sat down. I ordered a couple drinks and surveyed the crowd as Michelle snuggled up close on the sofa.

“Wow,” Michelle said. “Now it’s my turn to feel inadequate.” The women strutting their stuff all seemed to be busty and beautiful, but it looked like silicone overload to me.

“Some real beauties walking around here,” I mused. “But I can’t stand all the fake tits, Michelle. I see very little natural stuff in here.” A few women came over to our corner and asked for dances, but I declined. They all eyed Michelle. At first I thought she was the only woman in the club, but as our eyes adjusted to the light I noticed other couples hanging out like we were.

A short time later a very attractive Asian girl sauntered over to our area. She looked at Michelle, smiled and then turned to me. “Would you two like a dance?” she asked. I looked at Michelle and she raised her eyebrows and nodded in assent. “Sure,” I said.

She smiled and said her name was Betty. Instead of sitting down on my lap, however, she leaned over toward Michelle and let her hair spill over Michelle’s head and shoulders. She stood up, flung her hair back, removed her tiny bikini top, and began to massage her own luscious breasts for our benefit. She was incredibly beautiful and one of the few natural women in the place. She had smooth dark skin, a perfect body and a very exotic face. Her hair was black, long, and straight and she flung it this way and that to great effect. Michelle was totally absorbed.

While there was no touching allowed by the patrons in this club, the dancers were freer to explore their customers. Betty covered Michelle with her long black hair and I could see Michelle letting her hands wander up to the outside of Betty’s thighs. Betty stood up and slowly removed Michelle’s black silk jacket, exposing the thin top she was wearing. I admired the delicate bone structure of her shoulders. The top was tight and very thin, and I immediately noticed Michelle’s nipples straining through the elastic fabric. They looked very large in proportion to her small breasts, and very hard. Betty noticed this too and let her hands wander down to explore Michelle’s breasts, gently touching her prominent nipples.

Then Betty dropped to her knees between Michelle’s spread legs and put her face into Michelle’s crotch. Her long flowing hair hid what she was doing, but Michelle’s expression – eyes closed, mouth open – said it all. While Betty’s head moved up and down, Michelle put her hands on Betty’s head. Her nipples looked like they were going to pop right through her top.

At this point I could tell Michelle was getting a little embarrassed by the attention and saw her lean down and whisper in Betty’s ear. Betty stood and turned her gaze toward me.

“I’ve been told to pay attention to you,” she said with a smile.

I looked at Michelle. Her face was flushed and her nipples were still standing at attention. Betty turned her back to me, I spread my legs and she sat in my lap and began a grinding lap dance. The sight of Michelle’s nipples had already gotten me excited, but now I was really getting turned on. Betty stood up, turned around and slid her shin up and down along my growing erection. Then she leaned into my neck and began to breathe in my ear. She slid her head and hair slowly down my chest, dragging her sweet tits across my cock, until her forehead was in between my legs and pressed against my groin. She moved her head up and down, just as she had with Michelle, the action below covered by her hair splayed across my lap. Michelle snuggled up next to me on the couch and kissed my neck lightly.

“Are you having fun?” she giggled in my ear as she touched my thigh. “It looks like she’s giving you a blowjob.”

“I guess it does. But if I was going to get a blowjob, I’d rather it was from you,” I whispered back. She looked me straight in the eye for a minute and then leaned in close to my ear.

“Ray? I’ve really enjoyed this place. But I want you to take me back to the hotel and……fuck me?” She stated this very matter-of-factly and whispered the last two words directly into my ear from less than an inch away.

“I thought you’d never ask,” I said.

She reached for her jacket and it was clearly time to go. I tipped Betty generously and we headed out to catch a cab. There was one waiting and we piled in and sat close together in the back seat. I put my arm around Michelle and she let her hand slide slowly over my body. She was very hot to trot and so was I.

“I am so turned on. My panties are soaked,” she said. I wanted to ravage her right there, but I knew it was best to maintain my cool in the cab and get back to the hotel. Michelle stroked and squeezed my thigh and her hand kept wandering up to lightly stroke my fully engorged cock.

“Ummmm. I need you so bad,” she panted.

“I need you too, baby. Soon enough,” I said.

It seemed to take forever, but we finally pulled into the gigantic covered entry of the Venetian and stumbled out of the cab. I removed my sport coat and folded it over my forearm to cover my erection. Michelle laughed and giggled at my predicament as we swayed through the casino arm in arm.

We climbed onto the elevator with a bunch of other folks and stood toward the back. I let my hand wander down to caress and cup Michelle’s tight little ass. She did the same. We were having a hard time holding back, and our hands were all over one another. We exploded out of the elevator when it reached my floor and practically ran to the door. I fumbled with my card key while she squeezed my ass and soon enough the door sprang open. We were kissing one another deeply before the door had even closed. I started to remove her jacket when she pulled away.

“I really need to visit the ladies room. Go make yourself comfortable and I’ll be right out,” she teased. I followed her orders and headed into the room while Michelle closed the bathroom door. I wasn’t going to play around. I removed all my clothes, sat down on the edge of the bed and leaned back on my elbows waiting for Michelle to come out. My cock was semi-hard and lay across my stomach.

At last the door opened and I watched Michelle emerge. She had taken off her jacket and pants and was wearing the slinky top she’d had on, a matching, high slung thong and her high heels. She was an incredible sight and she just oozed sex. Her thighs were long and lean, punctuated by her exquisite ass. The thong accentuated the curves of her hips and nestled into a delectable little round pouch where it cupped her pussy. As she strode towards the bed her pert breasts bounced tightly, nipples still standing proud, stretching the snug top. She looked great in clothes, but she was a knockout half out of them.

I sat up straight, as did my cock, and Michelle noticed my condition. She walked up to me as I spread my legs and she cuddled in between them, standing so her breasts were right at face level. I reached up and touched her breasts through the silky fabric, bringing my fingers slowly together to lightly caress her nipples.

“They’re very sensitive, so be gentle, please,” she requested softly. She crossed her arms, grabbed the bottom of her top and slowly pulled it up and over her head. Her breasts sprang into view – diminutive, but intoxicating. They were small, but absolutely in perfect proportion to her body. The bottom of each breast was round and full lying against her rib cage. Her nipples were long, hard and distended and sat high and proud on the tips of her breasts, pointing up toward the ceiling.

The areolae were about the size of a fifty cent piece and were a beautiful shade of light pink that contrasted in a very subtle way against her milky white skin. I cupped each delicate breast in my hands and felt their fleshy softness. They were unbelievably beautiful. I pulled her to me and began to lick them, very gently as she requested. I sucked lightly, brushing my tongue against each hard nipple and she moaned her approval as she stroked my head.

“I love to have my nipples sucked, Ray – very, very gently, just the way you’re doing it.” While I nibbled her beautiful tits my hands roamed to her tight little rear. The cheeks of her butt were like two little bubbles, perfectly round and supple. I squeezed and massaged her tight ass while I continued to elicit moans with my nipple play.

She leaned back for a moment, disengaging her nipple from my lips, and grabbed the sides of her thong and pulled straight up. The little bit of material there was stretched thin and cupped the cute mound of her pussy. I could see the indentation of her lips and a beautiful tuft of pubic hair through the silky fabric. She stepped back, pulled her thong down and let it fall to the floor from below her knees, exposing her perfect little pussy for the first time. She pushed her hips forward, then slid her hand down to spread her labia with two fingers, showing me the pink wet folds of her pussy lips. Her pubic hair was very thin and well trimmed. Her labia showed through, wetness gathering on her inner lips.

I pulled her back to me and kissed the soft place just below her belly button. I placed my hands behind her, reaching around past her cheeks to probe into the space between her legs. She was soaking wet and she groaned again as the tips of my fingers finally touched her outer labia from the rear. She gently pushed me back, kneeled between my legs and took my raging erection into her hands. She looked at it with hunger in her eyes.

“God, Ray. You’re cock is so ….. suckable.”

Her small slender hands began to gently stroke my dick. Her mouth went down to lick my shaved balls and her tongue flicked its way up the underside of my shaft. She took my knob into her mouth, twirled her tongue around the tip and began to suck my cock in earnest. She used lots of saliva and made slurpy, gurgling noises as she bobbed her head on my member. Her technique was amazing for someone who was purportedly out of practice. Her big eyes kept returning to make eye contact as I watched her weave her magic. My cock stretched her lips wide. She cupped and massaged my balls with one hand while planting her other hand at the base of my cock, her manicured nails looking so sexy against my throbbing hard-on. How could someone who looked so innocent be so fucking hot?

She stood up, finally, and gently pushed on my shoulders. “Scoot back,” she instructed and I pushed myself back on the bed so my head was on the pillow. She followed and straddled me.

“Do we need a cover?” she asked wistfully.

“Sweetie, I’ve been shooting blanks for over a decade.”

She smiled broadly and put her hands on either side of my head and leaned it to kiss me. We kissed deeply and passionately, both of us getting excited as our tongues explored the other. I reached up and cupped her juicy pussy with the palm of my hand, then slowly slid my right middle finger into her drenched hole. She let out a moan as we kissed more frantically. Her insides were very smooth and slick with her secretions. I pumped my finger in and out of her, getting her more and more excited.

“I am so horny, Ray. It’s been so long since I had a good fuck. Do anything you want to me! I need you! I fucking need you now!” She was practically growling.

She reached for my cock, grabbed it, straddled me straight up and began to rub the knob against her clit, using me as her own personal dildo.

“Sorry it doesn’t vibrate,” I joked.

“It doesn’t need to vibrate. It’s perfect – long, smooth and hard!” With that comment she dropped down and took the first few inches of my cock into her pussy, letting out a breathy gasp. She put her hands on the headboard for support, closed her eyes, and began to slowly raise and lower her pussy up and down my stiff cock, moaning with each thrust. As she worked my dick into her tight wet hole she increased the pace, until my entire seven inches was deep inside the slick recesses of her body. Now she really began to pick up the pace, while I lay there and enjoyed her movements.

I loved being semi-passive, watching her ride me cowgirl as she controlled the speed and depth. She was fully aroused, I could tell, and I was also getting excited as she used my cock as a love tool. Then she pushed up to a squat, knees bent kind of like a frog, and began to pump straight up and down while continuing to grip the headboard for support. Her eyes were clenched shut and her mouth was open in ecstasy. She rose up each time until my cock was almost out of her cunt, then slammed down all the way to the bottom – over and over again.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.” She began to almost chant and breathe in a rhythm timed to her thrusting. She built up a frantic pace and the headboard shook with her vice-like grip. Her cute little tits and their precocious nipples were flying all over the place. She began to make a guttural moaning sound through gritted teeth and it was clear she was going to come soon. I began to meet her thrusts and also felt ready to greet her orgasm with one of my own. Her bouncing increased, her mouth opened in a silent scream and her body was wracked with an intense orgasm. I felt her vagina walls spasm around my deeply entrenched cock. I was able to time my release with hers and I exploded streams of cum deep into her tight little pussy.

She collapsed on my chest, heaving and breathing heavy. I caressed her sweat-soaked hair and gave her gentle kisses on the cheek. She slowly recovered and lifted her head up to look at me.

“Welcome to Vegas, baby,” I chirped. She laughed, lifted up and disengaged herself from me, and lay down with her thigh across mine.

“God, I needed that. Now I know why I came to this stupid convention,” she said. We lay together for the next ten minutes, letting our hands wander over each other and girding up for another round. We talked and relaxed in the afterglow of intense sex.

I leaned up on my side, my elbow on the bed and my hand cradling my head. She lay on her back. I admired Michelle’s body: her soft alabaster skin, her pert breasts with their long nipples, her taut stomach, leading down toward the gentle slope of her pussy mound, bulging proudly from between her long thighs beyond. Damn, she was fine.

I now understood why she had worn tops over the years that never showcased her breasts. There was no way she could hide the prominent nubbins of her nipples with a bra. She had always worn clothes to diminish their presence. I commented on this observation and she looked down at her boobs.

“I’ve always been a little embarrassed by my long nipples. They’d poke through anything tight I’d wear and guys would always stare at them.” She touched each one and caressed herself, tugging her nipple upward and then letting go. Her nipples stood up like two proud soldiers

“Baby, those are the most beautiful nipples I have ever seen. They are exquisite. You have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. Believe me.”

I slid my palm gently back and forth over their stiffness. They swelled at my touch. I felt the blood flowing to my cock again and knew another session was brewing. I kissed her full wet lips and then lifted my body up and straddled Michelle looking toward her feet. My balls dangled directly over her mouth and I felt her tongue darting up to lick and suck on my ball sac and tease my ass. As I leaned forward she slowly spread her slender thighs, opening up her pussy lips as she did so. I lowered my mouth to her bulging labia and very, very gently kissed her clit. I felt her twitch.

I began to slowly lick her clit with the flat of my tongue, varying the speed and pressure. I reached my hands down both sides of her hips and slid them under her ass. I grabbed one beautiful little cheek in each hand and lifted her cunt up to my mouth, spreading her ass cheeks along with her lips. Her pussy was fully exposed to me and I began to eat her in earnest, pulling and sucking her into my waiting mouth. My tongue slid from her exposed clit all the way down to the puckered wet opening of her anus. Her cunt tasted so damn sweet and I could taste my own cum mixed into the cacophony of flavors. She had been stroking and licking my cock, but now her own pleasure was overriding her ability to focus on me. She just held my cock tightly in her hand and began to moan and breath heavy.

“Oh, Ray. Eat my pussy. Don’t stop! Fucking don’t stop!”

I alternated licking and sucking her clit and inserted a finger deep into her pussy. She twitched and moaned as I worked her hard and fast with my mouth. Again, I felt her breathing get erratic and suddenly her lower body twitched strongly and she let out a guttural sound as she released again. Her pussy pulsated dramatically around my finger. Her juices soaked my face and the entire area between her thighs and down into her ass glistened from her arousal.

I flipped over and straddled her again, facing her head. I leaned down to kiss her mouth so she could taste her own pussy juice. We had a long, slow, deep French kiss and she finally pulled away.

“Ray, you are too much. What can I do for you, baby? How do you want me? Tell me.”

“Turn over,” I said with no hesitation.

“You want to fuck me doggy, don’t you Ray?” she said with a wicked grin. I didn’t say a word. I slid between her legs and pushed them open. The cute pouch of her pussy was gaping open and looked like it was ready to be fucked. I lifted her hips up and she slid up to her knees. She flipped her hair and peered over her shoulder at me with a sultry look.

“Fuck me now, Ray! Fuck me good!”

I grabbed my raging hard-on with my right hand and guided it toward her slippery opening. The head found its goal and led the way in. It only took three or four strokes to sink my cock up to the hilt. She let out a gasp as my full length lodged deeply into her vagina. I put my hands on her hips and began a slow steady ride. The sight of her tight little ass sliding back and forth on my cock was an amazing visual. Her pussy lips stretched and pulled at my cock each time I withdrew. I tried to take a mental picture for future reference.

Now I began to build a steady stroke, pushing my entire length in each time. My balls swung forward with each thrust, slapping against her clit. I reached down with my right hand and began to rub Michelle’s clit with my middle three fingers. As I increased my stride I had to pull back and hold onto her hips again.

I stopped momentarily so I could pull her back toward the edge of the bed. I stood on the floor next to the bed, her knees barely on the edge and her hips in my hands. I slipped all the way back in and I began to pound her. The sounds of our bodies slapping together permeated the room. Her head was on the bed, her face turned to the side, eyes closed, and hair flowing everywhere. She groaned into the bedspread.

“Fuck me, Ray! Fuck me hard! Harder!” she screamed at me.

Her tight pussy, her pert young ass, her nipple hardened breasts bouncing – she grunted with each thrust and I began to gird up for a huge explosion. We built up a steady pounding rhythm and the heat of the entire night began to build up to a crescendo with each slippery thrust. Her cute little ass cheeks jiggled each time I rammed it home. She wanted it hard and I was shoving my cock into her as hard and fast as I could. I felt an orgasm bubbling deep in my groin.

“Here I come!” I screamed. She yelled my name. I let out two undecipherable sounds as I unloaded my second explosion deep inside Michelle. We collapsed on the bed in a sweaty mess, giggling and panting.

“Well, I’ve been to a lot of conventions, but this is the best one ever,” I said.

“I don’t want to go back to reality,” Michelle groaned. “I just want to stay here in Vegas and fuck. Can you arrange that, Ray?”

“I wish, baby. But we’re not leaving til tomorrow. This is a town that never sleeps. And I’m going to get as much of that sweet pussy as I can before we leave.”

“Be my guest,” she purred and rolled over. We began to touch and stroke each other languidly, building up strength for another go round. Sweet Michelle. I pushed the hair out of her face and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

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