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Date Night

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“Please. Please…don’t stop,” I begged, hot and desperate.

Right now, I thought as my mind raced, I’d give anything for the tongue that was buried deep in my pussy to send me over the edge. It was beyond skilled, having brought many girls before me to orgasm after orgasm with its quick flicks and expert movements. I moved my arms in an attempt to grab a fistful of hair, to pull that tongue further into me, only to remember that my wrists were bound to the wrought-iron bedposts above my head.

I struggled against the restraints, but it was no use. I was completely helpless to use my hands. All I could do was press my knees gently together and beg profusely for that tongue not to shy away.

Finally, I felt a hot breath whisper. “You may come now,” it said.

Let’s back up a little.

Matt picked me up around 8 at my apartment for our date. He was so handsome, wearing dark jeans and a black button up shirt, his long sleeves rolled to slightly below his elbows. To be honest, I wanted to rip it right off of him as soon as I opened the door. Restraint, I told myself. Dinner’s just a formality.

I unintentionally matched him, wearing a strapless black dress that fell just to the middle of my thighs. The dress didn’t allow for a bra, which I assumed would be okay with Matt when he pulled it down over my hips later. I was, however, wearing a new black lace thong, one he hadn’t seen before. A new pair of hot pink stilettos had arrived in the mail earlier that day and I was dying to wear them, given that they accentuated just how long and tanned my legs were. With the new shoes on my feet, I came just to eye level with Matt and he gave me a quick peck on the lips and extended his hand for me to take. We walked hand in hand to Matt’s car, and he opened the door for me, ever so gentlemanly. I, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling so ladylike, and I let my dress flutter up to my waist as I bent to sit in the passenger seat, revealing the virgin black lace. Matt only smiled as he shut my door.

The restaurant was crowded, which was to be expected on this Saturday night. Luckily, this happened to be a place that Matt frequented and he was able to get a reservation quite easily. We were seated in a quiet section on the place, and I took my seat across the table from my date.

“What are you in the mood for?” he asked, picking up his menu.

“Tonight,” I started, “there’s not much that I’m not in the mood for.” I winked across the table and he smiled again, obviously on the same page as me already.

I suddenly had an idea. I excused myself to the ladies room, asking Matt to order me a glass of Riesling if our waiter or waitress made an appearance before I returned. I slipped into the bathroom and chose the largest stall. Once inside, I slipped out of my thong and tucked it into my purse for later.

When I returned to my date, a thin, red-haired waitress was standing over our table in what seemed like a deep conversation with Matt about the wine list. She was about my height and build. Pretty face, I thought.

“It was Riesling you wanted, right?” Matt spoke up. I nodded to the waitress and said, “I prefer sweet.”

“I completely agree,” she smiled back. “My name is Lexi, and I’ll be taking care of you this evening. Are you ready to order?”

Matt and I ordered and ate, tossing back casual conversation along with some playful banter about his love of politics and my passion for music, neither of which the other fully understood nor particularly cared for. Between the two of us, we drank 7 glasses of wine. After about an hour, Lexi brought our bill in a small leather-bound folder. Matt and I both grabbed for it, but I was quicker. I opened the folder and pretended to glance over it, instead slipping my tiny black thong that I had concealed in my purse into the middle.

“Hmm. Maybe I should let you pay,” I said playfully, handing the folder across the table to Matt. Smirking, he opened it and the thong slid out and into his lap. His expression tightened.

“Have you been sitting here this whole time with no panties on?” he asked firmly after a moment. I couldn’t believe that he actually seemed pissed.

“Yes, I–I thought you’d like that,” I replied, nervously shifting in my chair now.

Matt sat quiet for a moment, and I watched him cautiously. Finally, he quietly spoke. “I wish you had told me. I could have used that information to my advantage. Seems to me like you may have to be punished later.” Then, he smirked.

I let out a sigh of relief, realizing he was only acting upset but transitioning into a sexy revelation for later. This only excited me more as he paid, then led me out of the restaurant.

It was still somewhat early, so we decided to check out a new bar downtown. I was surprised how crowded it was for only being just after 10, but then again it was the beginning of the spring season after an exceptionally long winter, and people were itching to get out of their houses and drum up excitement.

Inside, we ordered drinks and hit the dance floor. Matt kept his hands on my hips as I grinded my ass into him. I could feel his cock start to grow, which only brought a smile to my face. After a few songs, Matt needed a refill and headed to the bar, but I wasn’t done dancing. I grabbed the arm of the nearest guy and turned him to face me. He was a little taller than me, hot, sporting a muscular build and wearing a tight blue tee-shirt and light jeans. He smiled at me and I returned the favor, letting him know that I wasn’t looking for more than a dance. I thrust and rolled my hips slowly against his leg, and he pulled me closer by the small of my back. The stranger lifted my arms around his neck, then put his own arms around my waist. His hands moved up my back and he pulled me so my chest pressed against his. He, too, had a growing bulge in his pants that I was starting to feel against my pelvis. I glanced over his shoulder to Matt at the bar. He was watching me intently, a sly smile on his face, knowing that I was immensely enjoying turning on this stranger but going home with him. I slid my hands down the stranger’s back, down to his ass, and gave a little squeeze, never taking my gaze away from Matt. The stranger responded with an ass-grab of his own, his hands creeping up my dress slightly. He pulled away and looked at me with a shocked face, realizing that I wasn’t wearing panties. I only smiled and winked, then kissed him on the cheek before making my way to the bar. Matt slid his arm around my waist and kissed me, hard. When he pulled his mouth away from mine, he leaned close to my ear.

“I need to fuck you,” he said. “Now.”

The ride to Matt’s place was the longest and most pleasurable it’s ever been. As he drove, Matt slid one hand up my thigh under my dress. I was dripping with the anticipation of his fingers on me, but he stopped short of my wetness and squeezed my thigh instead. He repeated this several times, walking his fingers up my leg but stopping just short of my pussy before letting his fingertips trail back down toward my knee. I writhed in the seat, fighting for his fingers to touch me and relieve the burning, but he backed his hand away, resting it on my knee instead.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked, a bit whiney and insanely frustrated now.

“Because you have a lesson to learn,” he replied coldly, never taking his eyes off the road.

I’m not even sure how I made it through the front door. I clawed at Matt’s shirt, damn near ripping the buttons off as I tore it from his body. His hands were all over me–up my dress, on my back, on my ass and breasts. His mouth was on mine, hard and needy. He parted my lips with his tongue and I wrestled him for control. His hands found the back of my head and he pulled me even closer to him. His kisses were wet and hot. And perfect.

We stumbled to the bedroom and onto the bed. I fought to undo Matt’s jeans and he feverishly took on my dress’s zipper. I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me, and I reached to yank his pants off, but he grabbed both my wrists to stop me. His eyes flashed with a fury I hadn’t seen before, and he reached behind the headboard to pull out a length of ribbon that had already been secured to the post. My own eyes grew wide with more desire than I can remember ever feeling, and I let him stretch my left arm to the post to be tied. Matt climbed on top of me and straddled my chest, tying my right arm to the other side of the headboard. I never took my eyes off of him. His cock was just inches from my mouth, but cloaked behind his jeans. Matt finished securing my wrists to his bed, then bent and brought his mouth to mine again. His kiss was slower, more passionate. Sweet, even.

Suddenly, Matt’s hand found my neck. He leaned closer to the pillow. “You should have told me about the panties,” he whispered as he tightened his grip slightly, roughly massaging my throat. My entire body arched under his weight and he kissed me again, this time much harder. He released his grip on my neck and moved his mouth to replace his hand, licking and nibbling as he worked his way down my chest. I was dying for him to touch me, for me to touch him, but I was helpless against the surprisingly strong ribbon that bound my hands. He slipped his hand under the pillow and pulled out a red velvet-lined blindfold. With one last hard kiss, Matt laid the blindfold across my eyes and tied it behind my head.

I was completely vulnerable and open–naked, shivering, and saturated from my own wetness. I felt Matt crawl off of the bed, then there was silence. After what seemed like an eternity, I heard him walk back in the room. I could feel him standing over me, staring at my body and drinking it all in. His lips found mine, and he stroked my breasts as he kissed me. I could taste the Cabernet he had at dinner on his lips. Then, a shocking cold. Matt had an ice cube in one hand, dragging it across my nipples, which responded by immediately getting hard. He lifted the cube from my skin and let the melting droplets fall to my stomach, then brought the cube back down to circle around my belly button. He massaged the ice into my hot skin, and the water dripped down my sides and onto the sheets. His lips found my breasts, and I pressed my chest toward him, feeding him my tits. He sucked my nipples in his mouth, first one, then the other. The hotness of his tongue was a stark contrast to the ice that had brushed them seconds before, and the sensation was incredible. In one quick motion, Matt was straddling me again, this time pressing his chest against mine. His mouth was once again all over my neck, his teeth nipping at my ears. He was completely naked now, and I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my swollen clit. I raised my hips to meet his, trying to force him inside me, but he only pulled away. “No,” he said sternly. “You have a while before you’re ready for me.” If this was torture now, I could only imagine what was to come. Matt let his hips rest on mine again, teasing my clit with the tip of his cock. I wanted to explode, thrusting against him with the little strength I had. “Not yet,” was his only response.

“I don’t know if I like this,” I weakly muttered.

“You talk too much,” he responded. Suddenly, Matt’s weight lifted, and he repositioned himself with his legs on either side of my shoulders. I opened my mouth to protest, but was greeted instead by his cock on my tongue. I closed my lips around his member, and instinct took over. I’ve always loved sucking Matt’s dick. The taste, the smell, everything about his manhood turned me on. My tongue worked around his shaft, and I took the entire length in my mouth. Matt’s hands were lightly gripping the sides of my head, and he fucked my mouth slowly, enjoying each thrust like it was the first. I couldn’t see him, but I had enough experience sucking him to know that his head was probably tilted back, eyes closed, lips parted slightly. I drew as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, sucking and licking with fervor. “That’s good baby,” he throatily whispered. Not being able to see his face drove me insane, but only made me suck harder. I could feel his body tense around me, and his grip on my head tightened. He came in a flood in my mouth, hot spurts going straight down my throat. I nearly choked as he didn’t release his hold on me, only pushing harder into my mouth until he was completely drained. I swallowed all I could. I continued to lick and suck him until he pulled away from me, panting. He laid his head on my chest for a moment to catch his breath.

“Are you going to fuck me now?” I asked, still bound and blind.

Matt’s head lifted, but he remained silent. Instead of answering, he once again disappeared from the room. I let out a sigh of frustration, wondering just how long he was planning on making me wait. I crossed and uncrossed my legs, desperate for relief between them and thankful that he hadn’t tied them to the bed too. Another eternity passed, and footsteps once again made their way into the room. This time, they stopped at the end of the bed. “Let’s get you ready,” Matt said, and I felt him crawl onto the end of the bed. He brought his lips to the bottom of my right leg, kissing and licking up to my thigh. His hands once again stroked my stomach, and he traced the line of my hip bone. I shivered as he tickled the sensitive skin, raising my hips into the air when he backed off. His lips replaced his fingers, and he trailed his tongue across my stomach. Without warning, Matt pushed two fingers inside my dripping pussy, causing me to gasp out loud. He worked them in and out, slowly, while rubbing my clit with his thumb. I pushed myself as far as I could onto his hand, throwing my head back into the pillow and moaning loudly. I tugged at the ribbon, trying to free myself to touch my own breasts while Matt worked magic with his expert fingers, but it was no use. He bent his mouth over my mound, breathing hot breath on both my pussy and his hand. Then, as quick as he had inserted them, he removed his fingers, leaving me to grind my ass down onto the bed as if it would give me some release. He pushed my knees apart, and licked and kissed the inside of my thighs. Again, without warning, he plunged into me, this time with his hot tongue. I wanted to respond, wanted to say his name, but I couldn’t speak, couldn’t form words. Matt’s tongue worked in and out of my hot little hole, sucking and nibbling and licking. All I could do was grind against his mouth and pray that he wouldn’t stop. Just as I thought I would come, Matt pulled his face away and kissed my thighs again. He replaced his tongue with his fingers again and thrust them in and out of me, slow, tantalizingly slow. I sighed loudly, letting him know my mix of frustration and pleasure. He must have taken the hint, because his tongue was once again against my clit, licking and sucking. His tongue was genius, skilled.

“Please. Please…don’t stop,” I begged, hot and desperate.

Finally, I felt a hot breath whisper. “You may come now,” it said. It was Matt’s voice, but he was in my ear, right next to my face. Confusion quickly set in as the hot tongue that worked on my pussy slowed slightly. Hands removed my blindfold, and I saw Matt standing naked next to the bed. My eyes darted towards my legs, which I quickly tried to shut when I saw Lexi’s face smiling up at me, her lips glistening.

“Goddam it!” I yelled toward Matt. “You set me up!” He only smiled as he bent his lips to mine, but I turned my face away.

“Don’t be a bitch,” he huskily replied. “You were enjoying yourself. And Lexi.”

“You were right about the sweet,” Lexi said to Matt. “She’s definitely got one of the sweetest pussies I’ve ever tasted.”

Matt turned back to me. “Well baby,” he started, “that’s quite an honor. Lexi’s eaten a lot of pussy. A lot.”

I couldn’t think, couldn’t react. I could only let my head fall back on the pillow. I needed a minute, a minute that I wouldn’t get.

Matt’s mouth was on mine again, biting at my bottom lip. He sat on the bed next to me and and took my chin in his hand. “You’ll love it,” he instructed. “I know how incredible Lexi’s mouth is. It’s been on my cock many times.”

I was furious, jealous, and insanely turned on. How could he do this to me? Shouldn’t this have been a mutual agreement? And shouldn’t we have picked someone new, together? Was I really that frenzied that I didn’t know there was a different mouth, different hands on me? My mind was reeling, my head spinning. “Just kiss me,” I said, knowing that I couldn’t go anywhere because of my hands still being tied to the bed, and he obliged.

Lexi let out a small sigh of what seemed to be relief, and bent her mouth back to my pussy. She worked slower now, taking her time to lick all the way up my slit. I wanted to shut my eyes, but I couldn’t help but watch her. Her red hair fell around my thighs now, and her fingers trickled across my hips and up my sides. I lifted myself to give her more, and she gladly lapped at me, sucking my clit in between her lips. Yes, she had definitely eaten a lot of pussy, and she was amazing at it. Her mouth was soft and her tongue warm as it explored every part of me. She looked up and met my gaze, then plunged her tongue into me. Then it hit. Wave after wave of pleasure and shame rode through me, as Lexi kept her tongue hard on my clit. It moved faster now, taking me over the edge as my own tongue found Matt’s. I pressed down onto her mouth as hard as I could, shuddering violently before finally going completely limp.

I was exhausted, sweaty, and dripping with my own juices. Lexi kissed her way up my stomach and chest, resting her breasts against mine. She had a slim body, but curvy in just the right places. I could see it a little better now that she was naked on top of me. I didn’t realize how beautiful and lusty she was in the restaurant earlier. She brought her lips to mine and kissed me softly. Matt had since moved off the bed and was starting to untie my wrists.

“I’ll let you out of these on one condition,” he said. “You must do as I say, every word of it.”

I was exhausted and in no mood to argue, so I simply nodded. He motioned to Lexi, who moved herself up to straddle my chest. “Lexi likes a good tonguing from a hot woman,” Matt said. Lexi’s pussy was waving over my mouth. She was clean shaven, just like me, and she smelled fantastic. She was glistening with her own anticipation, and I could only wait for further instruction from Matt.

“Don’t touch her yet,” Matt ordered. “As much as I know you want to, don’t you dare.” I laid motionless with my arms by my sides, watching Lexi ride the air only inches from my lips. Her left, well-manicured hand squeezed one breast, while the other stroked her stomach. She slowly moved her right hand down over her navel and found her own clit. She made tiny circles with her fingers, grinding onto her hand just above my mouth. Beside me, I could see Matt watching my face, waiting for my reaction or possibly to see if I would disobey him and touch her. His hand was on his cock, stroking as he gazed at me. I smiled at him, then turned my eyes back to the beautiful pussy that was before my eyes.

I’m not sure how long Lexi touched herself over top of me, but I took it all in. I could see how incredibly wet she was getting, could hear it as she moved her fingers faster on her own pussy. She was moaning now too, eyes closed and licking her lips.

Finally, Matt gave the order. “Now.” I reached up and took Lexi’s hips in my hands, pulling her down to my mouth. She was on fire, ready to come at the touch of my tongue. I nipped at her awkwardly at first, since I had never licked a woman before, but it wasn’t long before I was repeating the same motions on her as she had done to me. My tongue moved in and out of her, lapping up her juices. She pressed down on my face hard, arching her back and letting out the sexiest moans I’d ever heard. Keeping my tongue on her swelling clit, I pressed two fingers inside her. God, she was soaking wet. My fingers slid in and out of her with ease as she fucked my hand and face. She leaned back slightly and I glanced up. Her body was sparkling with sweat as I drank in all of her. She had magnificent breasts, and I had a wonderful view of them from underneath. Her hair tumbled around her shoulders now, and her head tossed from side to side as I continued to wantonly feast on her. In no time, she was grabbing for the headboard. Matt stopped touching himself and slid behind Lexi, taking her breasts in his hands. He leaned in close and whispered to her. “Don’t come yet. I want to be inside her when she makes you come.”

Taking his verbal cues, Lexi slithered down my body, planting another kiss on my lips so she could taste herself on my tongue. She sucked it hungrily, savagely grabbing for my breasts with both hands. I kissed her back. I had no idea that a woman could desire me this much, and I was definitely returning the thought. Lexi rolled onto her back and I followed, positioning myself between her smooth thighs. Matt took his own position behind me, gently rubbing my ass with both hands and making certain he could see all of Lexi’s body. I reached between my own legs and felt how incredibly wet I still was. My fingers were soon replaced with Matt’s as he stroked me from behind. I reached up Lexi’s body and took her breasts in my hands, slowly rolling her nipples between my fingertips. She arched her back and put her hands over mine, guiding them to exactly where she wanted to be touched. Very tenderly, I dragged my nails down her sides, which made her shiver and smile. With one last look, I kissed my way back down her stomach and let my tongue explore her yet again. Her pussy was hot and wet, just as mine had been when she was tasting me.

Not to be left out, Matt slowly pressed his waiting cock against my clit, teasing me with it again. I had to have him though and was in no shape to be tormented, so I pushed myself back against him hard and took his full length inside me. He let out an incredible groan and secured his hands on my hips. As I lapped up Lexi, Matt fucked me hard and slow. “This is a terrific view,” he said with a smile. One of his hands fisted my hair, pressing my mouth harder onto Lexi’s sweet hole. Her hips rose to meet me, and my hips thrust back to meet Matt. It was incredible–Matt’s hard cock inside me, Lexi’s smooth pussy in my mouth. The harder Matt thrust, the harder I sucked on Lexi’s clit. She was the first to come, exploding into my mouth with her tangy juices. I eagerly continued sucking and licking as she came, making sure she was just as drained as I was when she preceded the favor. Matt was pushing into me wildly now, holding onto my hips for support as he released inside me, moaning. His voice was animalistic as he called out my name, which sent me over the edge. I tightened around him and came in my own series of shudders, moaning into Lexi’s pussy as my own was taking a wonderful lashing from Matt’s cock. Matt collapsed against my back and I collapsed against Lexi’s legs, the three of us fighting for air. We were sweaty and slippery, exhausted and thirsty, but completely fulfilled. It was surreal, and I was almost afraid to move for fear that I had just made the whole scene up in my mind.

Matt excused himself from the room and brought back three bottles of water. Lexi had since gotten dressed and I had slipped under the sheets.

“Leaving so soon?” Matt asked.

“Yes,” Lexi replied. “I don’t want to impose on date night.” She winked at me, kissed Matt on the cheek, then turned to leave.

Matt slid under the sheet next to me and pulled me to him. I laid my head on his chest and he kissed the top of my head.

“Next time, can our play date have a huge cock?” I asked innocently.

Matt just laughed. “Of course.”

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