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The Electric Company

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I was watching a movie the other day, with academy award level acting by the way, where a housewife fucks the plumber when he came by to “fix” the pipes. It reminded me of a role playing situation, I found myself in quite unexpectedly one night. It involves me, a certain man of whom I had a very active sex life with (two guesses for my fans), and

I had just finished my shower and was drying off when I heard a knock at the door. I draped a towel around me, tucking it around my breasts, and headed to the door. I know, what is it with showers, towels, and me, right?

I opened it and there was the electrician I was expecting a little later, a tall, dark man, with clear blue eyes and quite handsome, wearing a grey uniform with “John” over one pocket of his shirt. Our eyes met and I felt that little spark in my belly, felt a flush creep up over my face. It seemed like the spark jolted between us through the air. I tried to ignore my recognition and decided to play along. For now.

“Sorry, I just got out of the shower. Come on in and I’ll show you where the work needs to be done,” I said. I feigned nervousness — but was always unable to deny the sexual connection between us. And I was barely covered. I cleared my throat nervously and stepped aside to let him pass. He entered my house and I closed the door behind him. He followed me to the kitchen. When we got there I started to shuffle kitchen appliances around to make room for his work. I think my hands were shaking.

I felt the change of energy in the air before I felt his touch. He was right behind me. I stopped what I was doing and listened. I could hear his breathing, it was slow and heavy and very, very close. I turned my head and saw him right behind me out of the corner of my eye. Then I felt his touch. He pressed himself up against me, gently, and then firmly, pushing me into the kitchen cabinet. I gasped as the charge went from my belly to my loins. I could feel his hardness pressing up against my buttocks, then his hands came up to my breasts and rubbed them through the towel, my nipples getting hard and erect underneath, until finally the towel came loose and slipped down. In one quick movement he spun me around so I was facing him, fully naked as the towel tumbled into a pile on the floor, and he pressed up close to me. I was looking into his eyes now, which were such an intense blue I had to look away — it was like he could see right through me.

John bent his head down and took one nipple into his mouth. I gasped again as he sucked and rolled the nipple into his mouth, sometimes gently teasing with his teeth, sometimes releasing to lick it with his rough, flat tongue, sometimes making his tongue into a point and circling, circling, circling the nipple. I could feel the wetness between my legs now, and my knees were starting to buckle.

John must have sensed my instability as his hands went behind me to my buttocks and pulled me in close to him, while he turned his attention to my other nipple. I was moaning by now, the feeling of my breast in his mouth was exquisite, and his hands were grinding my pubic bone against the hardness of his erection. He moved one hand and shifted slightly, allowing his hand into my pussy. His expert fingers were excruciatingly slow. I just wanted him to rub and rub at my clitoris, I was so close to cumming, but he touched me gently, and slowly, starting at the top of the clitoris, at the hood, and moving slowly down, unfolding, unfolding, then slipping just one finger inside me.

I was so wet and my legs so weak, and I was so close to orgasm I could feel the tension building inside me as he moved his hands in this slow, teasing cycle, gradually increasing the pressure, all the time suckling my nipple. My breathing started to falter as I could feel my climax approaching, I was panting as his fingers pressed harder and harder and moved in their long rhythm faster and faster. I felt the thunder start inside me as I exploded in a great spasm, crying out and collapsing with the intensity of the orgasm. Over and over I rocked and moaned as my whole body tingled and vibrated with the explosion.

Oh my…..I must have blacked out for a minute, I don’t remember what happened next except I realized I was now lying on the towel on the kitchen floor, John was standing above me, still fully clothed but now unzipping his pants. I lay there, naked, exhausted, feeling how wet my pussy was, still swollen and throbbing from my recent climax, watching him. He released his cock from his pants and stood there, still clothed but stroking it, watching me. I wriggled in excitement…there was more sexual adventure to come, clearly. But John just stood there, watching me, stroking his huge erect cock. I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I started stroking myself too, rubbing my clitoris, feeling the arousal still so easy to bring back. John kneeled to the floor and I started to sit up.

I really wanted his cock, and I wanted it in my mouth. It was huge and fat and this guy was obviously a very experienced love-maker. John leaned forward and pushed my shoulder back — he wanted me to lie down. Then to my surprise, he leaned forward and started to lick my pussy — just like he had stroked me at first with his fingers — long, slow strokes, hooking his pointy tongue up high, using it to unfold my lips and then plunging it deep inside me. Oh I was going to cum again, soon, I started to rotate my hips in time to his rhythm, then moving faster and straining toward him to try to get him to increase the pressure and the speed, but he was so slow, so painfully, teasingly slow, I could feel the wetness coming out of me in waves now, I had never been so lubricated before. Then John moved his hand up to join the rhythm, but his hand moving from my pussy to my anus, rubbing around that little puckered opening, lubricating, exciting. I gasped as he hooked a little finger inside my anus as his tongue, still lapping at my pussy, plunged deep inside me in search of my G-spot. His tongue was moving faster now, and I was gyrating to the movement, lost, lost in the experience of his tongue inside me, his finger inside me, and the waves of orgasm that washed over me yet again as I cried out over and over, the spasms leaving me breathless and exhausted.

I lay there recovering, thinking that John hadn’t cum yet, that he hadn’t even spoken yet, and I had had two of the best orgasms in my life, without even a cock inside me. I thought it was my climax still thundering in my ears when I realized it was the front door. Someone was knocking at the front door. John was kneeling beside me, still dressed, still with a huge erection sticking out of his pants. I scurried to my feet and grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me. My knees were weak, I could barely walk. My pussy was still swollen and distended, my breasts sore, my nipples large and flat and warm with my body’s total release. I rushed to the door, realizing that I must smell and look like sex on legs. I opened the door and was stunned to see another uniformed tradesmen just like Joe. Same grey outfit, same clear blue eyes, but this man was younger, and had “Mike” on his shirt. I just stared at him, not understanding why another electrician had arrived at my house. Mike then spoke. “I came to see if John needed help, he forgot his toolbox,” and he raised his arm to show a metal toolbox in one hand.

“Oh,” I said, and just stood there, not knowing what to do. Mike pushed me aside and stepped into the house.

“John?” he called, then headed inside, straight for the kitchen. I stood still, uncertain of what to do next. How had this happened? I just wanted some electrical work done, and now I was alone in my house with two handsome strangers, one of whom had given me 2 orgasms and was still horny and waiting in the kitchen. I closed the door and headed into the kitchen.

Mike was standing in the corner of the room, leaning against the door. He watched me arrive into the room and take in the scene. John was in the adjacent corner, still clothed, still stroking his huge dick. He stared at me and beckoned me over with his head. I moved towards him and unhooked the towel from around my breasts, folding it into a little square and dropping it onto the floor in front of John. I kneeled down onto the towel, glancing over my shoulder at Mike, who just stood, unsmiling, observing.

John released his cock and took my head in both hands, gently stroking my face and hair. I love sucking cock, so I knew what to do. First I licked it all over, from root to tip, until it was covered in my saliva. Then I took it in my mouth, all the way, deep throat, sucking and twisting my head slightly to maximize the sensation of my tongue and the roof of my mouth on it. As I withdrew, I flickered my tongue over the tip of John’s cock and could hear his breathing grow heavy. Then I made a circle with the fingers of one hand and placed them firmly around the root of his cock, keeping them firm while I sucked his length in-and-out, back and forth with my mouth. With my other hand I rubbed his balls, then paused from my routine to rub his cock, back and forth with my hand, while I licked his balls, taking them in my mouth, sucking, sucking. Putting his cock back in my mouth and playing all over it with my tongue, I used my hand to rub his balls, then stroke my finger from his balls to his anus, firmly, hearing him gasp and feeling him increase the pressure on my head.

As I tasted John’s salty pre-cum in my mouth, he suddenly started to slide down the cabinet — he had been standing and I was kneeling….but now he slid down till he was sitting in the corner. I backed up and crouched on all fours, intending to finish my work on his delicious huge cock. I was so absorbed in my task I had forgotten about Mike behind me, now in a perfect spot to watch my exposed pussy and ass from behind, bobbing up and down as I crouched and sucked and licked John’s cock and balls. I didn’t hear Mike strip off, and didn’t hear him approach. I just felt his cold hand cup my pussy from behind. Distracted, I faltered in my cock sucking activities and John pulled my head down hard. I carried on but was so surprised at what Mike was doing behind me, rubbing my clit and stroking my buttocks that John must have known I wasn’t fully committed to the task anymore. John moved down further till he was lying on the floor, pulling me up so I was lying on top of him, face to face, fumbling with his dick and trying to push himself inside me while plunging his tongue down my throat. I sat up and straddled him and drew him deep inside, moaning and gyrating as I felt his enormous cock push in and out. A hand on my back pushed me forward, until I was lying down again on John, and I felt Mike on top of me.

I was sandwiched between these two men, John beneath me, his rough clothing harsh against my naked breasts and belly, thrusting his cock in and out, and Mike above me, behind me, naked, pressing me down, fumbling with his hands and his cock around my anus, his hot breath in my ear. I started to cry out, a bit confused by this turn of events, when John started to buck and pound beneath me, with Mike pressing down on me at the same time. Mike was whispering urgently, “Come on sweetheart, relax, let me in baby, come on honey, loosen up,” just as John exploded inside me.

With his release I must have relaxed, because Mike started to penetrate, one huge cock releasing just in time to make room for another inside me. John’s dick slipped out from me and his juices gushed between my legs, hot and thick as Mike pounded inwards, panting in my ear, muttering, “Oh yeah baby.”

I could feel my hot, tight passage opening and clasping with this unfamiliar arousal. Slowly I could feel myself get hotter, almost feverish….this was nothing like any orgasm I had had before, I was hot all over my skin and all through my insides and the tight little ball of pressure was starting deep, deep inside me, a small tight red ball of tension, getting bigger and bigger, higher and higher until just as Mike pulled out of me and exploded his juices all over my ass, I screamed with the intensity of my third orgasm, more massive and thunderous than any I had ever have. I bucked and rocked over and over, whimpering with the delicious spasms, as Mike rolled off me and I rolled next to him. The three of us lying there on my kitchen floor, spent, exhausted, and soaking wet.

I smiled and kissed John firmly on the lips telling him he was wonderful. It had been months since we had seen one another and I had been thinking about him a lot. Turns out his friend, Mike, decided to get on the idea while they were driving up to Annapolis from Durham. I told him that it was a pleasure to meet him. Turns out that Mike wasn’t much of a lover in the long term but I guess it the experience of the moment that made it all seem wonderful. John, as usual, was his pardon-the-pun rock solid self and we continued to fuck throughout the weekend.

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