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Danni’s Creamy Cheeks

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One of the most beautiful women I know is Danni Davis. Melissa is the only lady friend I have who might be better looking, and that would be a matter of just barely. Fortunately, neither of these gorgeous ladies has ever asked me to judge a beauty contest between them, because I really don’t know who would win. Let’s just say Danni is the most beautiful blonde and that Melissa is her Titian haired counterpart, and leave it at that.

One of the reasons I rate such a hotsy as Danni – in fact the only reason I can think of – is my eagerness to have the kind of sex with her that she really loves. Just last week, she got to be horny for that kind of fun and called me on the phone to come over and see her.

“George,” she said. “I really need you to come over here and take care of something I need, and you know what it is.”

“Well, Danni, you know how I love taking care of things like that for you. I can get there in about an hour.”

“Can’t you make it any sooner?”

“I’d like to, but no. I have to shave first, and you know why.”

“Yeah, well, okay, but make it sooner if you can.”

I made it to her apartment building in slightly less than an hour, probably breaking a few speed laws along the way, because I was in such a hurry to make love to the enchanting Danni. After I identified myself and she unlocked the front door for me, I hurried up the stairs to her apartment and rang her door bell.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“It’s me, George. Were you expecting somebody else?”

“A girl can’t be too careful,” she answered while opening the door for me.

As soon as I was inside, she closed and locked the door again and spread her arms for my embrace. I could see why she was so careful about letting the wrong person in, because her robe spread open too, and she was bare naked under it. I was very glad to see Danni, and I reached inside the flapping robe to hug her virtually nude body against me. We kissed several times in front of the door before she took my arm and led me to her bed. The air was warm in her bedroom, because she knew we would both be naked shortly after my arrival, and wanted us to be comfortable.

Once we reached that goal, Danni peeled off the robe and tossed it onto a chair, leaving her incredible body exposed. While I sat on the bed, which was covered with only a silk sheet and some pillows, and stripped off all my clothing, she turned on the shower to let the water get warm enough for us.

When I was ready, the water was too, and we stepped under the fine spray to wet our bodies. The main reason for the shower was the kind of sexual fun Danni and I love so much, because I will only indulge in it if she is squeaky clean or better. Before getting serious about the washing, I fondled her luscious breasts until she handed me the soap and washcloth, turned her back on me and bent slightly forward.

I began by admiring her ass one more time, with both my eyes and my hands. This was not something I could help doing, because she is so gorgeous back there. Her skin is creamy white, with a slight hint of pink, which befits her as a natural blonde. Her hips curve out beautifully and smoothly from her sides, swoop out and down and around and taper into her legs. In the back, both her soft cheeks jut out and around, forming two perfect hemispheres, even curving slightly down and back up and in before they meet the backs of her thighs. My hands adore cupping those soft, curvaceous cheeks almost as much as my cock loves to plunge in and out between them.

Having completed my visual and manual adoration, I soaped up the outsides of those hemispheres, scrubbed lightly with the cloth and let Danni rinse under the flowing water. When all the suds were gone, I loudly kissed each succulent side in turn, to her amusement and my enjoyment. With that part of her ass done, she bent over farther and reached back to spread her lovely cheeks so I could carefully and gently wash their damask insides. The soap she always uses there is pure and extremely gentle, because her skin is highly sensitive. To finish that part, I got to my knees and looked up to see between the halves of that fascinating sphere, at the risk of getting soap in my eyes.

After I used the handheld shower attachment to rinse the insides of her cheeks, I started the most important part. Danni moved her hands inward to slightly pull apart the edges of her adorable pink rosebud. Besides being the most important part of washing her, it was the part where I had to be the most gentle. I soaped up the middle finger of one hand and carefully eased it into the small hole she was creating for me. Danni sighed happily and her ass squirmed eagerly in front of me, because this was also her favorite part of the process. Whatever noises of movements she was making, she continued holding open the small hole she was creating.

I started slowly fucking my finger in and out of her ass and, after a few strokes, she was thrusting back to meet me. I know how much she loves the feeling of something plunging into her there, although it was just a small sample of what would happen soon so, with the soapy digit still imbedded to the knuckle, I wiggled the tip up and down to give her some different sensations.

“Oooo, that feels good, George. I love it when you do that,” she murmured, and arched her back to encourage me to keep doing it.

I revel in everything about playing with Danni’s beautiful ass too but, just then, I was more concerned with getting her as clean as possible back there, because the preliminaries are nowhere near as much fun as what we would be doing after we finished the shower. Using first the tip of my other index finger and then the soft cloth, I carefully cleaned all the pink puckered area around her rosebud and, when I was done, pulled my finger out of her ass. I cleaned it off first, then directed the spray from the attachment all over the area I had just washed so thoroughly. When I was through, I kissed each lovely cheek again and gently slapped one. Danni just giggled, and I turned off the water and placed the attachment in the receptacle where it is kept when not in use.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off with the warm, fluffy towels Danni had set aside before my arrival. By that time, she was a bit impatient for the pleasure she had been anticipating for a long time, and neither of us was completely dry when we hurried over to the bed. We both knew what we were going to be doing, so no discussion was needed. She knelt near the headboard, nestled the side of her face into a pillow and reached back to spread her cheeks for me to start pleasuring both of us.

As far as I’m concerned, there is very little difference between licking an ass as alluring as that of Danni’s, as long as she is clean as she can get, and eating her pussy. I placed my hands gently on those soft, creamy cheeks and started by licking the cute little dimple at the base of her spine. She squirmed in front of me and murmured happily, and I slowly progressed to the soft and clean inside of one of the heavenly places I had just finished washing.

I started licking down the silky-smooth skin of her left cheek, beginning fairly far from her precious rosebud, which would be my ultimate goal. She had been in a rush to begin our love-making, as had I but, once we were started, there was no urgency at all, and we would take our time. I especially took my time licking down the ultra-smooth inside of that cheek, all the way around her rosebud and back up the outer edge of her right hemisphere, until my tongue got back to the place where I had started.

Danni was cooing happily, and her ass and hips were squirming in front of me as I started back down the inside of her left cheek. This time, I was closer to the rosebud that would be my goal, but still outside the puckered area, where she is highly sensitive. Once again, I licked all the way down that soft, smooth area but, this time, I detected the delectable aroma of her fresh pussy juices. Since I never transfer a finger or my tongue or anything else from an ass to a pussy, even as squeaky clean as I knew Danni was, I would not lick them off, but I used my finger to scrape off some of the nectar and wiped it on the inside of the place where my tongue would be momentarily.

I didn’t really need that additional treat, because licking the insides of Danni’s ass cheeks is one of my favorite things to do, but her juice made it that much better. When I reached the spot where I had left that little bonus, I spent more time there than I had anywhere else, until my tongue had sluiced up all the delicious juices. From there, I continued slowly upward until my tongue was once again at the junction of those enticing cheeks.

“Mmmm, George,” I heard her murmur to me. “I really love what you’re doing back there. Take your time; we’ve got all day.”

That was true, and I knew we both wanted her level of pleasure to steadily grow until the time came for her climax, and not rush ourselves getting there, but I really didn’t want to take all day. Although I had nothing else to do that was nearly as much fun as licking and later fucking Danni’s truly delightful ass, my tongue would eventually get too tired to continue. But I was still taking as much time as I could when I started back down her left cheek, closer than ever to her adorable rosebud.

Almost immediately, I ran into the white puckered area, which was the most sensitive place my tongue had caressed until then. Danni cooed blissfully from my ministrations, and started thrusting her ass back against my face. I kept my tongue in the same place, doing no more than flicking it up and down, while her erotic movements became more pronounced. When I finally did leave that one spot, it was at less than a snail’s pace, because I wanted to thoroughly lick that whole area of the white puckering and bring the beautiful and sexy blonde closer to her first orgasm of the day.

Danni wanted the same thing. “George, you’re the best. You’re going to make me cum like mad, but not for a while.”

Toward that noble end, my tongue once again slowly traveled around Danni’s sweet, precious rosebud, where I paused to harvest more from the delicious pool of juices available from her pussy and smear them on the area I had yet to cover. Even with that bonus waiting for me, her ass was so great to lick that I took a long time before also devouring the waiting treat and continuing slowly upward to once again pause briefly at the place I had started.

Danni knew where my tongue was going next, and the anticipation made her even more sexually excited. Her gorgeous ass was writhing in front of me as she thrust back harder against my face, and the soft cooing sounds she had been making evolved into moans of bliss. My tongue traveled along the edge of the hole I would fuck later, although it was little more than a slit just then. The texture felt like crushed velvet, but warm and alive, and I slowly licked all the way around and back up to the top of that adorable hole, where I paused for a few seconds.

She was so excited in her anticipation of what I would do next, Danni bowed her back, raising her hips and presenting her ass to my mouth as completely as she could. Besides her whole body thrashing about, her hips were swiveling in front of me, driving her knees down into the mattress like a set of lovely white pistons. I knew what I was going to do next too and, to give myself even better access, I moved my hands from the insides of Danni’s cheeks so my fingers could gently grip the edges of the precious spot I would be licking. When I was ready, my tongue began its ultimate journey, straight down to her adorable pink rosebud.

“Lick me there! Lick me there!” Danni urged me, which was exactly where I wanted to apply my tongue.

Infinitely slowly, my tongue traveled downward, the end moving up and down as I licked my way to my goal. The tip passed between my fingers that were holding open the shallow hole, because it is easier to do what we wanted from the lower direction. In the shower, I had plunged my finger in and out of her ass, but my tongue is softer and blunter, and can’t force its way inside. We had to be content with my just wetly fondling the shallow orifice I was creating so, after squeezing in as far as it could, the tip of my tongue started slowly moving up and down while I pressed my face as snugly against her cleft as I could and still be able to breathe.

Danni was more than content. The movements of her body became wilder, as her ass swayed from side to side and jammed back against me. It felt almost like she was trying to capture my face and hold it prisoner. The blonde hotsy was almost ready to cum, but I would need to stroke her clit to bring about her climax, so I would no longer be able to use both hands to hold open the small, small aperture my tongue was so avidly caressing. Of course, Danni reaching her orgasm was infinitely more important to both of us than what I did to bring her to that admirable event.

She knew it too. “Play with my clit!” she urged me. “I need to cum!”

Had I not agreed the time was right for Danni to start cumming, I would have delayed doing what she wanted, but I knew it was time too. I wedged my face even more tightly between her cheeks, because I would have to stroke her clit with one hand and use that arm and the other to keep her upright once she started to cum. That meant I could no longer hold her rosebud open, but the shallow hole I had created would remain so my tongue was still able to caress her there.

Her pussy felt like an ocean filled with her fresh juices. Almost all of the nectar would be wasted, which was unfortunate, because it is so delicious, but I was more concerned with her climax just then. I found Danni’s clit, which was so swollen with her lust it had pushed its way completely out from the shelter of its hood. With utmost gentleness, I pinched the little darling between folds of her inner lips and started slowly stroking her. Burrowing my tongue as far as I could into her adorable rosebud, I continued licking her in the same tempo, and I knew she would climax within a matter of minutes.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Danni whimpered.

As her ass rammed against my face, her hips continued with their swiveling and her body thrashed from side to side, I hung onto her hips with both arms and kept stroking her clit. My tongue stayed active too, avidly worshipping her rosebud until Danni cried out ecstatically:

“Yes! Yes! I’m cumming! Keep licking me.”

I did what she wanted, which was I wanted too, but I was unable to keep her body upright while she was in the throes of cumming. She fell to one side, but remained on the bed, lying on her side on top of my arm with her legs moving as if she were running in place. My tongue and my hand remained active, until Danni cried out again, louder and even more joyously but incoherently. As she climaxed, all her muscles clenched and she rammed her ass against my face for a final time.

After her tremendous orgasm, the blonde hotsy lay on her side, until I freed my arm from under her and moved away, She rolled onto her back then, with her face a mask of absolute bliss, both eyes closed and her lips parted in a happy smile. With my hands, I wiped as much of the juices as I could from her pussy and relished the aroma and flavor as I licked it all off. After that tasty snack, I got off the bed so I could prepare her ass for fucking.

I went first to the bathroom to get a damp cloth. When I brought that back into the bedroom, I went to the dresser where there was a package of condoms, took one, removed the contents from the plastic wrapper and rolled it onto my cock. A plastic squeeze bottle of Aqualube was there beside the condoms, and I took it with me when I went back and sat on the bed to wait until Danni was ready to have her ass filled with my stiff shaft.

The wait was not a long one. Her eyes were open and, when she saw my cock encased in latex and the bottle of lubricant in my hand, her smile changed from one of joy to one of lust. She rolled over onto her belly, took the pillow which had been under her head and placed it under her waist while she waited for me to get her ass ready to fuck. I didn’t make her wait any longer than I could help, because I was just as eager as Danni was to get my cock into that heavenly place.

After I got onto the bed, she spread her legs and reached back to separate the cheeks of her ass. I reached into the delightful cleft and used the thumb and index finger of one hand to pry her rosebud open, while my other hand held the plastic bottle and poked the tip into the tiny hole being made available.

When I squeezed on the bottle, Danni’s ass started squirming as she felt the cool, oily liquid gush into her right where she wanted it. I removed the bottle of lube and carefully inserted a middle finger into her as far as my knuckle. Her happy cooing let me know how much she liked that step in the process. To spread the lubricant, I twisted my finger and fucked it in and out a few times before removing it and using the excess lubricant and more from the bottle to cover my cock.

We were both fully prepared so, holding my shaft with one hand, I reached into Danni’s cleft again to pry open her rosebud. The plentiful lubrication made it easier this time. Supporting the weight of my upper body on the other hand, I leaned in close and moved the tip of my cock up and down in the tiny hole as I had done a few minutes earlier with the tip of my tongue. The difference was my cock was rigid and, when I felt I had made a slight penetration, I thrust forward and felt the head wedge into the oily pink hole.

When she felt the end of my cock squeezing its way into the tight place where she wanted it, Danni moaned in lustful pleasure and wiggled my ass to incite me to cram more into her. With another firm, gentle thrust forward, an inch more of my hard shaft plunged into her ass. I paused then to allow her body to adjust to the intruder which, I knew, was a very welcome one to her. I also moved my finger around between my cock and her pleasure channel to make sure there was no loose skin or other potential problem.

“Give it all to me, George. I want your whole cock in my ass,” she gently chided me for my caution.”

I was taking it slow, but I intended to drive everything I had into Danni’s ass in small increments. The next time I pushed ahead, almost two inches of my shaft burrowed into her, eliciting a squeal of joy. My cock was far enough inside her that I no longer needed to guide it or to hold her rosebud open, so I wiped my hands on the wet cloth. After removing the excess oil, I placed my hands on her soft hips so I could pull on them for additional leverage and, the next time I thrust forward, almost my entire shaft plunged into her. It was met by a gasp of delight.

Once we had reached that point, we stayed like that for a few minutes, letting the unique sensations inundate our bodies. With every small twitch or any other movement either of us made, waves of bliss rippled through us, eliciting fresh exclamations of exquisite pleasure. Finally, I leaned forward so I was lying on top of Danni, gently holding her shoulders and with my lips next to her ear.

“Are you ready for this now?” I whispered to her.

“Yeah, George. Give it to me good.”

That was my wish too, so I gave it to her good, but slowly. First, I drew away until only the head of my cock was inside her, paused for a few seconds and plowed its entire length back into her, so deep my pubic hair was brushing against the soft insides of her ass cheeks. Danni moaned happily and her body started to writhe under me. I continued like that for a few dozen more slow, deep strokes, and her movements and her other responses grew more and more pronounced, but I knew she would soon want to take a more active part in our fucking.

“That’s wonderful, George,” she murmured. “But let me get up on my knees and it’ll be even better.”


With the entire length of my cock buried inside her ass, and my knees pressed against the mattress, I pushed up from the bed, and she followed me. We were part of the way through with the change in our position, with Danni on her hands and knees, while I knelt directly behind her with my hands on her hips and my cock still inside her all the way to my pubic hair. She reached out and moved the pillow that had been under her waist and leaned forward, clutching it in her arms, with her back bowed to raise her ass and present me with the best target possible.

With both of us ready, I resumed by slowly withdrawing until I could look down between our bodies and see most of my cock. Pulling back on her hips, I slowly thrust forward and, when Danni felt my shaft surging into her, she fucked back to meet me. Our bodies came together softly and quietly, except for the loud moans of bliss uttered by both of us.

As we had before, we stayed in that position while ecstasy throbbed through our bodies, until I drew back and thrust forward. Once again, Danni met me halfway and, when that stroke ended, the fronts of my thighs were pressed against the backs of hers and against her gorgeous cheeks. We were in no hurry to finish what we were doing for each other, and I remained where I was, my hands caressing her sides and hips and legs and her soft and succulent ass.

The third mutual stroke was the same, as was the next one and the many that followed. Our movements continued to be slow but, from the exquisite pleasure I was getting from our fucking, I could feel my climax mounting. I knew Danni was feeling the same way, from her sobs and whimpers of joy and the way her body was starting to sway from side to side, so I was not surprised when she turned her face to me to say what she needed.

“I’m getting ready to cum. Start fucking me faster.”

I drew my cock back again and plunged it into her the way she wanted; Danni met me again, and our bodies came together with a soft “smack.” There was no pause this time. I pulled back the same way and drove forward, and she fucked back to meet me the same way. The Aqualube in her ass was working perfectly and had completely liquefied, so there was no friction at all, just the heavenly sensation of tightness and the steady actions of her internal muscles as they massaged my entire shaft.

Danni’s movements steadily became more frenetic; she was driving her knees down into the mattress as before, and my hands on her hips guided her ass back to meet my thrusts. In every way, she let me know what a great time she was having from my cock going in and out of her ass.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” she whimpered in time with my thrusts into her. “Play with my clit,” Danni turned her head to say to me.

Once again, I moved my hand to the swamp that was her pussy, scraped off some of the great wealth of juices and licked them from my fingers. Danni’s movements were getting wilder with every thrust of my cock into her so, after devouring a large part of her nectar, my hand found the swollen morsel I was hunting for and carefully squeezed the little cutie between two folds of her lips. My other arm was around her waist to keep her from falling to that side, and I started stroking her clit in time with my cock driving into her ass.

“Yes! Yes! Like that!” Danni cried out joyfully, as I increased the speed of my thrusts into her.

She no longer had enough control of her bodily movements for her ass to fuck back to meet me, but that didn’t matter. My cock pistoned in and out of her and my hand stroked her clit while my arms tried to keep her upright on her knees. After a few minutes, Danni again expressed her joy.

“Yes! Oh, god! I’m cumming!”

Her movements became more frantic than ever and, once again, I was unable to keep her on her knees. She fell to her right side, and I kept my cock fully imbedded in her ass and stayed with her as she toppled. When we landed, I continued to pound my cock into her and stroke her clit, while she warbled of her excruciating pleasure, and her legs aimlessly kicked back and forth. When she climaxed, Danni cried out loudly and incoherently and rammed her ass back at me for the ultimate time, before all her muscles relaxed and she lay quietly and contented.

After her orgasm, I kept plowing my cock into her, because I also needed to cum. My climax had been mounting for a long time, and I could feel it welling up from within my body until it exploded through my cock. I grunted and shot a big wad of cum into my condom, but didn’t stop driving my cock in and out between Danni’s creamy cheeks until I had ejaculated twice more. I was done then, and relaxed behind her with my arms around her waist and my cock buried in the enchanting place where it had given and received so much fun.

We lay like that for a long time, catching our breaths, regaining our strength and enjoying the closeness of each other. Eventually, my cock softened enough to slip out of her ass, and I moved to the foot of the bed. Danni rolled onto her back and looked at me, smiled, and made me an offer I could not refuse.

“Here, George. I know how much you like this.” She spread her legs and her hand gestured to her pussy, which was covered with her juices, and more dripping out even as I watched.

Eagerly, I nestled my face in her crotch and feasted on the nectar. It was truly a delightful way to end my carnal session with the beautiful Danni.

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