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Danielle and Nicole

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Danielle and I were making out on the couch. I had just unbuttoned her blouse and was about to lower my mouth to her braless breasts. She has tits to die for, and I never get tired of looking at them. Just as I got my lips on one of her nipples….the phone rang.


“Let the machine get it.” I sucked it into my mouth, just as the answering machine spewed out this very familiar voice. Danni jumped up and grabbed for the phone. I had drool on my chin.

“Hi, Mom….oh wow!….that’s really cool….uh huh….yup….okay, see you then….”

I could only hear one side of the conversation, but it was obvious something was going on.

“What’s up?” I asked as she hung up the phone.

“Mom’s coming out to spend a week with us. Isn’t that cool? She was going to stay in a motel, but I insisted she stay here with us.”

GULP. I love Nicole, Danielle’s mother, with all my heart, and I always will. But this could be a little awkward. Nic and I were lovers for five years. She sent Danni out to stay with me for the summer. She had recently turned eighteen, was still a virgin, and Nic wanted her first time to be with an experienced lover, namely me.

She never expected us to fall in love, but we did. I’m forty-two, twenty-four years older than she is. Every time I bring this up, Danni reminds me that Michael Douglas is twenty-FIVE years older than Catherine Zeta-Jones. And he’s not even a hunk like I am, she says.

“When is she coming?”

“A week from today. Something wrong, Jack? You’re frowning.”

“Just old memories coming back.”

“You really loved each other, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, we did, but it was one of those things that just would never have worked out.”

“Do you still love her?”

“I’ll always love her, but in a different way than it was before. I love her as a friend. I’m IN love with you.”

“Well, hey, that’s good to know, since you’re going to marry me.”

Danielle had recently proposed to me, and I said yes. After forty-two years of committed bachelorhood, I was going to take the plunge, to a girl less than half my age. A buddy of mine called me a cradle-robber, but he was just jealous, because he asked her if she had any friends she could fix him up with.

Beneath her teen-age facade lives an old soul. She is wise beyond her years, smarter than I am, talented, and drop dead gorgeous. She’s also a tigress in the bedroom, and kinkier than hell. I am besotted.

I poured myself three fingers of Chivas, threw in some ice, and flopped back on the couch. Danni got herself a glass of wine; she hasn’t acquired a taste for Scotch yet, and snuggled up against me.

“So, what we’re we doing before we were interrupted?”

“You were about to devour my tits. Here, I’ll make it easier for you.”

She peeled off her blouse, then shook her shoulders to make them jiggle for me. She was definitely in a saucy mood, so I thought I’d match it. I filled my mouth with Scotch, spit it all over the tops of her boobs, then proceeded to lick it off. I followed the flow of liquid as it reached her nipples, lapping it with my tongue.

“Oh, now that’s a little bit hinky. If I lie back, you can fill up my navel……….ooo, that tickles.”

I was on a mission here. I took a big cube of ice out of my glass and started rubbing it over her breasts. When I got to her nipples, I watched them harden.

“Ooo, are they hard because they’re cold, or because I’m hot?”

I started sucking on them.

“HOT. Definitely.”

Danni retaliated. She scooped all the remaining ice out of my glass and stuffed it down the front of my pants. Then she hopped up and ran, laughing, into the bedroom. Shit, that was cold; it shriveled my cock right up.

I chased her down the hall, and when I got there, she was in the bathroom with the door locked. She came out about thirty seconds later, wearing her short plaid schoolgirl skirt and long white knee socks.

“I’m sorry I was bad, Daddy. I guess you have to spank your little girl.”

I sat in a chair and she lay across my lap. I lifted the back of her skirt and admired her beautiful round cheeks. I lifted my hand and brought it down.

“OW, Daddy.”


“OW, I’m sorry I was bad, Daddy.”




“OW….something hard is pushing on my tummy, Daddy.”






“OOOO….OOOO….I’m getting your pants all wet, Daddy.”



I lifted her off my lap, dumped her on the bed, and dropped my pants.

“Are you going to put that great big thing in my tiny little pussy, Daddy?”

“Spread your legs for Daddy, Princess.”

“Oh, oh, it’s soo big, Daddy….UH…UH….it’s going in….UH….farther….OH, it’s all the way in my pussy.”

“Wrap your legs around Daddy’s waist, sweetie.”

“Are you going to fuck me hard, Daddy?”



“Are you going to be Daddy’s good little girl now?

“Yes, Daddy….Daddy?”

“What, Princess?”

“Will you lick all that stuff off my pussy?”

When I was finished, she curled up next to me, and we dozed off. With Danielle, there’s never a dull moment. Besides Bad Little Girl, we do Wedding Night, the Hooker, Pirate Rape, and she’s working on something involving a cop uniform.

“Did you and Mom do role-playing games, Jack?”

“I never kiss and tell.”

“Well Mom does; I’ll just ask her. She’s the one who told me you give great head. Boy, was she right about that!”

With some trepidation, on my part, we headed down to LAX to meet Nicole’s flight. I had no idea what to expect. But I was certain it was going to be an interesting week.

She didn’t look any different than she did five years ago. Her hair was a little shorter; as a doctor she doesn’t want to mess with it much when she puts on her scrubs hat. She’s got Danielle’s face, a nice tight little body, great legs, and a nice ass. I have vivid memories of what she looks like naked.

As soon as she cleared the gate, Danni went flying up to her, and they hugged each other for what seemed forever, rocking back and forth. Both of them had tears in their eyes. Paul Simon’s “Mother and Child Reunion” flew through my head.

When they finally broke their clinch, Nic spotted me and came walking over. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so I held out both my hands, thinking to clasp hers.

“You don’t get off that easy, Jack, give me a hug.”

We wrapped our arms around each other and held on tight. I remembered every curve and contour of her body as it pressed into mine. She tipped her face up and gave me a quick kiss, one of those “mmmm-waaah” kinds. Danielle was beaming as she watched us.

We collected Nicole’s luggage, threw it in the trunk, and headed for home. I live in the hills above Malibu, up six miles of winding road. Danni uses the road as her personal grand prix course, driving the red Porsche Boxster I gave her for her nineteenth birthday. I bought it, one, because I love her, and, two, so I could get my own Boxster back.

Nic got herself settled into the guest room, and she and Danni joined me in the living room. Both of them wore shorts and a tee shirt. Neither of them was wearing a bra, and I faced four nipples poking out the fabric.

I poured myself three fingers of Chivas, threw in some ice, and made a martini for Nicole, very dry with three olives. Danielle liked screwdrivers, so I put together one of those for her. She snuggled up next to me. We had a couple more drinks. We sat around chitchatting, then Nic surprised us both.

“I have some news to share with you.”

“What’s that, Mom?”

“I’m getting married.”

“Wow, how cool. Me too.”

“You too, what?”

“We’re getting married, too.”

Danni had been wearing her ring turned around on her finger, so only the band showed. She turned it around and showed it to her mother. It was a five-carat square cut sapphire that had belonged to my grandmother.

“I thought you were going to wait a year or two, Jack?”

“She proposed to me, Nic.”

“Well, it’s obvious you two are hopelessly in love, so I guess congratulations are in order.”

“Congrats to you too, Mom. I assume you’re marrying John?” Nicole nodded.

“So, tell me all about John,” I asked.

“Well, he’s forty-four, he’s a pediatrician, he’s divorced, he’s kind, and he’ll make a great father.”

“You’re going to have a baby?” Nicole asked, incredulously.

“I’m only thirty-eight, my biological clock is still on my side, and he’d like to have kids.”

“I assume you love him, Mom?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you love him as much as you loved Jack?”

“It’s, uh, different.”

“That means no.” Nic and I both squirmed, uncomfortably.

“Is he good in bed?” Danielle can be very blunt, and she says what’s on her mind.

“He satisfies me.” Now it was her turn to be uncomfortable.

“Is he as good as Jack?” I choked when she asked that one.

“He’s, uh, different.”

“That means no, again. Does he give you head?”

“Jesus, Danielle!”

“Well, you always said we could talk about anything.”

“My sex life is kind of personal.”

“We always talk about mine; I tell you everything. So, does he?”

“He’s not really, um, into that.”

“Do you suck his cock?” I wanted to shrink between the cushions.

“Yes, I do, sometimes.”

“He sounds like a chauvinist to me.”

“Well, we all make our compromises.”

“I don’t.”

“You will, someday. Probably. Maybe. Oh, shit, maybe not.” Nicole was getting a little crocked.

“Wow, you’re going to be Jack’s mother-in-law. How cool is that? How many guys can say they fucked their mother-in-law?” she giggled.

“Hey, I need to get those steaks on the grill,” I said, changing the subject and getting the hell out of there as fast as I could.

Danielle was waiting for me when I came into the bedroom that night. She was wearing one of sheer nighties; the black one. She had that “come hither” look in her eyes. She had obviously been playing with her nipples, because they stood straight out through the diaphanous gown. Her hand was between her legs. She knows how to push my buttons. Big time.

I drew her into me and we kissed. Almost immediately she’d stripped off my shorts and had my already hard cock in her hand. Her fingers did the fandango over my swollen knob.

“I’m so lucky to have you, Jack. Poor Mom; she has to settle for some schmuck in Iowa.”

“I’m the lucky one, babe.”

She took the hand that she had between her legs, waved it under my nose, and slipped her fingers in my mouth.

“Want to taste where that came from, big guy?” she grinned, batting her eyes at me.

“Okay, but can you keep the screaming down to under 110 decibels, your mother is right next door.”

“She knows what we’re doing.”

“Yeah, but we could be a little considerate.”

“Well, then, maybe we ought to do it snoop doggy, so I can bury my face in a pillow when you make me cum.”

She rolled over, put her butt in the air, and spread her legs wide. I slid my head in between them, and started lapping at her pussy. I love looking at her from this angle. Gravity does great things for a woman’s tits, but it also does great things for her junk; those red swollen lips dangle like leaves in a breeze. I nibbled them with my lips, before going to work with my tongue. She started to quiver, and I knew it wasn’t going to be long.

“nnnnggghhh….mmmphhhhh….ohhh,” she muffled herself into the pillow, flooding my face with her musky sweet nectar.

I climbed up behind her and buried my rod in her hot, wet hole. I love this position, when her soft cheeks slap against my groin. When I get balls deep inside her, she’ll start to wiggle her ass, adding a little sideways motion to the fun.

In the morning, Danielle and Nicole went into to town to pick up some groceries. Danni wanted to show off her new red Porsche. I made up a pitcher of mimosas to have with our breakfast. When they came in the door, Nic was shaking, and white as a sheet.

“Jesus Christ, she’s a fucking maniac behind the wheel!”

“Chicken! I was only doing 85 through the S curves.”

Danni drives like Danica Patrick on a road course in an Indy car. Nic, having been an ER doc, thinks everyone who goes over the speed limit is going to be an accident victim. She drives her own car like a slug through molasses.

After breakfast, and a couple mimosas, Nic’s color came back and she looked like herself again. She made me promise that the next time she wanted to go into town that I would drive her.

“So, Mom, since your getting married, why don’t we consider your visit to be a week-long bachelorette party. What do you want to do? Go see the Chippendales? Import some male strippers? I finished Jack’s cop uniform, he could do a strip-tease for you in that.” She gave me one of her shit-eating grins.

“Nothing that exotic, thank you.” Then she got this foggy look in her eyes that I remembered so well. “Actually, I wouldn’t mind going to that nude beach that you e-mailed the pictures from. That’s something we don’t have in Iowa.”

We trooped out to head for the beach. I dug another vehicle out of my stable–a vintage ’67 Volkswagen ragtop that I had lovingly restored. Nicole and I used to tool around in it, back in the day before I got successful, with a couple surfboards strapped to the back.

“Oh, Jack, you still have it,” she said wistfully.

Nic hopped in the front seat and opened the glove compartment. Written on the inside of the door was: “Nicole and Jack” inside a heart, drawn with red nail polish.

“That’s so sweet,” Danielle gushed. She doesn’t have a jealous bone in her body.

We hit the beach and, true to form, Danni was naked in seconds. Every time I look at her, my cock starts to twitch. This was NOT the time I wanted to spring a boner.

“God, she’s beautiful,” Nic said to me. “It always amazes me that I produced something like that.”

Danni turned around and her mother studied her carefully. “When did you start shaving your, uh…”


“Okay, so when did you start shaving your pussy?”

“Right before I came out to California. Guys really like it, and back home I didn’t have anybody to show it to.”

“Oh my God, is that a tattoo?” Danni had a little rose inked on one corner of her labia.

“Are you pissed?”

“It’s your body. Actually, it’s kind of cute.”

“Want to get one? I can take you to the tattoo parlor.”

“John would shit a brick.”

“It’s your body.”

“Hmm, yes it is.”

I peeled off my clothes and tossed them aside. Nicole, looking just a bit disconcerted, slowly pulled of her top, then, taking a deep breath, stepped out of her shorts. At thirty-eight, her body looked the same as it did when she was in her twenties. She worked out religiously, keeping herself taut and toned. Her breasts, a size smaller than Danielle’s, were still pert, with small pink areolas, and not a hint of sag. She had an auburn bush that matched her hair; it was untrimmed.

We hit the water, body surfing for awhile, then walked the beach, picking up shells and small colored stones. Nic collected a bunch of sand dollars to take home with her. Walking behind her, I got a good view of her very familiar goodies every time she bent over. I was willing my penis to stay flaccid. When in trouble this way, I try counting backwards from a million, or reciting Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” By now, she was getting very comfortable with her public nudity.

“God, I feel so free. Why haven’t I ever done this before?”

We hit the beach towels to soak up some sun. Danielle and I rubbed sunscreen on each other’s backs, quickly, perfunctorily. We usually linger, teasing and playing with other. Danni squirted a bunch on Nicole’s back, and as she was lying between us, we both rubbed it on her.

I followed her lead, letting my hand trace long, lazy strokes over her shoulders and down her back. When we got to her ass, we each took a cheek and massaged the lotion in thoroughly, spending much more time than was necessary to prevent sunburn. Danni seemed to be taking great pleasure in fondling her mother’s butt. Nic seemed to be oblivious to who was doing what, she just enjoyed the sensation, murmuring little “mmmmms” of pleasure.

While Nic was face down and oblivious, Danielle made a big production out of slathering sunscreen all over the front of herself, especially her tits. She ran her hands all over them, slowly, sensuously, all the while giving me this coquettish grin.

She oozed the creme over her nipples, pulling and rolling them until they were hard and fully extended. She knew how much I loved to watch her play with herself, and went at it full-tilt boogie. One hand disappeared between her legs. {1,000,000… 999,999… 999,998….} It wasn’t working. It would have been in poor taste to vault over her dozing mother and fuck her on the spot, but I sure wanted to. So I rolled over and buried it in the sand until it went away.

By late afternoon, the fog was creeping back in, so we packed it in for the day. It was a slow grind up the hill to my house in the VW beetle. Its little fifty-three horsepower engine strained and chugged, and I had to downshift all the way into second gear to get there. Nicole was perfectly content. Danielle was bored stiff.

Following an afternoon of sun and surf, and several rounds of drinks, everyone was feeling quite mellow.

“Danielle, how do you go about shaving your, um, pussy?” Nicole asked.

“I got this really cool ‘Bare It All’ shaver from that’s made specifically for pubic hair. Why, do you want to shave yours?”

“Yes, I think I do.”

“Cool! I’ll do it for you.”

She skipped off to the bedroom and came back with the shaver.

“Okay, drop your drawers.”

“Right here?”

“Sure, Jack loves to watch a woman’s cooter get shaved.”

Nicole looked a little non-plussed. I was staring at the ceiling. Danielle had this totally devious grin on her face. Nic chugged another martini.

“Oh, what the fuck,” she said, wriggling out of her shorts. The “Bare It All” shaver has a pop-up trimmer on it that looks like a miniature sickle bar attachment that they use on farm tractors. You use that part to take off the long hair, and then you use the foil heads, that looks like a Norelco, on the stubble that’s left.

It’s kind of strange–in my generation, an adolescent’s main goal in life was to get a “beaver shot”, a look at a girl’s hairy twat. Nowadays, to hell with the bush, we want to see what’s underneath it.

Danni had her mother spread her legs wide apart and prop her knees up to give her access for this tonsorial task. Nicole said she couldn’t watch this, so she threw her head back and closed her eyes. She couldn’t see me, so I scooted in to get a better view.

Danielle started with the pop-up trimmer, trimming off big tufts of hair. She was saving it in an envelope, in case her mother might want it for a souvenir, or to weave a cock ring for John. Or maybe something else. She shaved the stubble off with the foil heads, opening up the labia in case there was a little hair on the inner part of her lips.

The vibration from the shaver must have had an effect, because we could see that Nicole’s pussy was wet inside.

Danni pointed at me, stuck her tongue out and flicked it up and down, then pointed to her mom’s cooze. Then we started a silent game of charades. I pointed at myself, flicked my tongue, then pointed between Nic’s legs, a questioning look on my face. Danni nodded her head and pointed to her eyes. She wanted me to go down on her, and she wanted to watch. Well, okay. I guess.

I bent down, snicked out my tongue, and ran it between those very familiar lips. Startled, Nicole sat up.

“What the hell?” She saw what I was doing, then laid her head back. “Mmmmmm….”

“This is your bachelorette fling, Mom, just enjoy it.”

“Mmmmmm….oh, that’s good. Really good.”

I licked through all her folds and lips, running my tongue along both sides of her clit, but not touching it yet. Danielle pulled Nic’s tee shirt up around her neck and started massaging her breasts. She took a nipple in her mouth and began to suckle. Nicole was writhing around, making all kinds of pleasure moans, as we continued to lick and suck.

“Trade places with me, Jack.”

I watched, in erotic fascination, as Danni’s face dipped between her mother’s legs. She had her lips wrapped around her clit, and I could hear a lot of slurping going on. Nicole’s hips rose up, she fisted her hands in her daughter’s hair, pulling her mouth into her cunt, and her whole body vibrated.

“OH GOD….OH JESUS…AAAAAHHH.” She climaxed.

“God, Jack, that was so awesome. I put my tongue in the hole I was born out of. Talk about trying to return to the womb….whew!”

“You know, I always used to get a guilty pleasure when I nursed you. I’d get aroused when you sucked on my breast.

When Danielle and I got into bed that night, we sucked and fucked each other silly. And neither of us cared how much noise we made.

Nicole’s door was open as we passed it in the morning. She was standing, naked, in front of a full-length mirror, checking herself out. It was the first time she’d seen herself sans muff.

“So, Mom, what do you think about your pussy?”

“I like it; it’s so smooth. That slit is so inviting, I have trouble keeping my fingers out of it. Oops, good morning, Jack, I didn’t see you there.”

“I think you need a tattoo. Shit, John will never know it wasn’t always there, hiding under the hair,” Danni teased.

“What the fuck, why not? It’s my body.”

“You rock, Mom. Get dressed and I’ll take you to the parlor.”

“On one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“You let me drive your Porsche.”

“Driving that car gives me an orgasm.”

Nicole backed the car out of the garage, turned it around, and when she took off down the road, she laid about twenty-five of rubber on the pavement. Several hours later, I was out working in the yard, and I heard a roar of exhaust coming up the road. The Porsche came flying into the driveway and screeched to a halt. Nicole was at the wheel. She had a satisfied grin on her face.

“DAMN! That car is HOT!” she looked at Danielle, “I think there’s a wet spot on the driver’s seat.”

“So, Mom, are you going to show us your tat?”

She slipped her shorts down part-way, and there on the top of her right lip was a tiny Grateful Dead dancing bear. Nicole was a total Deadhead in her youth; she was twenty when Jerry Garcia died. As a matter of fact, she got pregnant with Danielle on a blanket at a Dead concert.

“That’s not all I got,” she said, dipping into her purse and pulling out a baggie full of dope.

“Where the hell did you get that?” I asked.

“From the tattoo guy. He’s got himself a little sideline bidness.”

Nic sat down and rolled up a couple of really fat doobies, fired one up, and passed it around. Honoring the occasion, I put the Dead’s “American Beauty” CD on the stereo. Their song “Ripple” was our anthem back in the day.

We moved onto the deck and started dancing, a loose, boogey-down, with all three of us moving independently.

When the band when on to “Truckin’ ” the women pulled off their shirts and danced topless, a whole lot a shimmying and shaking of boobs, with a bunch of hip bumps thrown in. A tit man to the core, I watched in awe.

I stood back, watching the show, sporting major wood. Danielle crooked a finger at me, motioned for me to join her. She took up a position in front of me, and slowly started grinding her gorgeous ass into my groin. She grinded, I humped, then reached around her and cupped one of her tits in each hand. Before long, the cream started to rise. The loud rock drowned out my orgasmic exclamations, and a big stain started spreading across the front of my shorts. Nicole was leaning back against the deck railing, her hand busy down the front of her pants.

When the music stopped, we moved back inside, and Nicole rolled another joint. We devoured a plate of nachos, then half a chocolate layer cake, and a quart of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. Had us a heavy case of the munchies.

“Mom, Jack and I would like you to go to bed with us tonight.”

“Do you mean you want to have a threesome?”

“Yeah. It’s every man’s fantasy to make it with a mother and daughter at the same time.”

Actually, it hadn’t been one of my fantasies, but it sure was now. Nic looked at me, then looked at Danielle, her eyes got that far-way look and her lips curved into a smile.

“Well, let’s see, I’ve had my pussy shaved, tattooed, and eaten; I might as well get it fucked, too.”

“Have you ever made it with another girl before?” Danni asked.

“Once in college, my roommate and I messed around a bit.”

“Are you okay with making it with your daughter?”

“God strike me dead, but I’m more than okay with it; I’m totally turned on.”

“I’m a little sweaty from the dancing; let’s take a shower first.”

My shower is plenty big enough for three, with a large marble stall, and spray heads and jets coming from all directions. It was a first for me, watching two girls soap and slather each other, so for awhile, I just stood back and watched.

Hands on breasts. Soaping. Sliding. Touching. Caressing. Nipples hardening under busy fingers. Sounds of sighing. Moaning. Yearning.

Hands between legs. Lathering. Touching. Lips parting. Fingers probing. Clits swelling. Harder. Faster. Cumming.

When they were finished with each other, they turned to me. Danielle lathered me from the back, Nicole from the front. Hands on my back. On my chest. Soaping. Lathering. Slathering. Lingering on my ass. Between the cheeks. Around my asshole, a finger slipping inside. Down my legs. Up my legs. Hands from the back caressing my balls. Hands from the front stroking my cock, twisting, turning over my bulbous head.

Then they were locked together again, and I slid my giant erection between their slippery bellies, and pumped. And pumped, until my balls emptied, sending rope after rope of my boiling cum between them, coating them both with my semen.

We rinsed, and dried each other with thick fluffy towels. An errant drop of water ran down Danni’s breast, and I lowered my mouth to lick it off, then raised it to her mouth for a lingering kiss. Nicole smiled at us, her face showing a mixture of love, lust, and maternal pride. This was a totally unique experience for me. For them. For all of us.

Moving into the bedroom, I watched them kiss. Before, mother and daughter had given each other a perfunctory peck on the lips; hello, good-bye, goodnight. Now they were going at each other with deep-seated, raw passion. Nipping at each other with lips and teeth, tongues entwined. There’s something about watching two women kiss that enthralls me.

Nic’s mouth moved down to Danielle’s round, firm breasts, kissing, tonguing around her nipples until they were standing out straight. She sucked and Danni threw her head back, moaning. Moving her mouth lower, lower down her daughter’s body, she reached her pussy. I watched as she spread her open, and began to lick her swollen pink lips.

“Oh God, Mom, that feels soo good.”

Nicole reversed her position and, keeping her mouth on Danielle’s oozing cunt, straddled her face, offering herself in the classic sixty-nine position. Danni went at it with zeal, and I watched and listened to the sucking, slurping sounds. My cock was a flagpole, with nobody but me to salute it.

“Ohhh, God, Mom……”

“Jesus, Danielle…..Ohhhh….”



Both of them were rocking their hips, driving their cunts into each other’s face, lost in lust. The odor, the pheromones in the air, were driving me insane with need.

They came almost at the same time, flooding each other’s face with their sweet, musky juices. Their orgasmic cries blended with each other.

When they had satiated each other, they turned to me. I lay on my back, my turgid penis pointed at the ceiling. Mother was on one side of me, daughter on the other. They took turns kissing me, and I tasted their individual flavors, much to my delight. I casually wondered if Jelly Belly would put out a pussy-flavored jellybean. I’d buy a whole bag of those.

One of each of their tits was pressed into my chest, a study in both contrast and delight. I fondled them both, pinching and rolling their nipples, which only increased their ardor. When they reached my throbbing cock, they each took one side, licking me from the base of my shaft to my swollen crown.

“Is John’s dick as big as Jack’s?”

“Uh, well….no, it isn’t.”

I wished Nic all the best with her new man, but I have to admit my male ego was stoked a bit.

Their tongues ran over my balls and under my sac, then they each took a ball in their mouth and sucked gently. Nicole took my cock in her mouth, while Danielle jerked the shaft. Then they alternated, mother’s mouth, then her daughter’s, tonguing and sucking. I started thrusting up and down, guttural noises coming out of my throat. My balls drew up, and my shaft started to pulse.

“He’s about to cum, Mom.”

Nic sucked harder and I exploded in her mouth. Danni kissed her, sucking half of my cum out of her mouth, and they both swallowed it and smiled.

Danielle and I sandwiched Nicole between us. When I kissed her, memories came flooding back. Her lips, her tongue, her taste, were the same as they were when we were together. The first kiss was soft and tender. From there the passion built, and we were both breathing heavily. She nipped my lower lip with her teeth.

As she lay between us, Danielle and I each cupped one of her breasts, stroking, kneading. Her long nipples were engorged, and we both licked all around them, gently teasing. She moaned as we took the nipples in our mouths and sucked.

We kissed and licked our way down to her mound. Nic raised her knees to give us access. Danni spread her mother’s lips apart; I laved one of her swollen minora and she did the other. Our tongues tangled, and we sucked each other as we ate her pussy.

Danielle pulled the hood back, exposing her hard clit. It was throbbing with excitement. I flicked my tongue over her glans, then took her entire clit into my mouth. Her hips bucked as she fucked my face. Milky-white juice spilled out of her vagina, running down the crack in her ass. I felt her excitement rise, and knew she was about to cum.

“Oh God, Jack….Jack….I’m cumming, Jack….OOH…AHH….mmm…mmm….ahh.”

“Fuck her, Jack, she’s ready.”

Danni took my cock in her hand and aimed it straight at her mother’s cunt. I pushed it between her pretty pink lips, and rammed it home, bottoming out against her cervix.

“Fuck me hard, Jack, fast and hard.”

She wrapped her legs around me, pulling hard against my ass while she rose to meet my thrusts. She tipped her pelvis, so my cock would graze her g-spot. Danielle’s hands were busy, one rubbing her mother’s clit, the other fondling my balls.

“This is so cool, watching my mom getting laid. You’re a prince, Jack.”

Nicole’s moans were getting louder, in rhythm with my thrusts. She was going to cum again, a deep vaginal orgasm.

“Nnnngghhh….nnnghhh….Ohhhh God….mmm….take it out, Jack.”

“Take it out? You’ve had enough?”

“I want to watch you fuck Danielle.”

I kissed her deeply, rose up, and rolled over on my back. Danni took my cock in her mouth, sucking off all her mother’s sweet cream. She straddled me, aimed me at her inflamed cunt, and dropped immediately, burying me in her hot, slippery hole.

I love to watch her tits when she’s in this position. They dangle so provocatively, gravity displaying them at their absolute best. I watched them sway and bounce as she fucked me, then filled my hands. Teenage tits are so firm, so ripe, so incredibly touchable. While I was pinching and pulling her nipples, her engorged clit ground into my pubis as she rocked herself against me.

“God, I love you, Jack. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Danielle, with all my heart.”

Nicole was beaming at us. We knew we had her total approval. We also knew how much this turned her on, because her fingers were stuffed in her pussy and she was frigging herself with abandon.

I could tell Danni was approaching her climax, and I held off to wait for her. She sat down hard and threw her head back; her whole body started shaking. Her vagina started to spasm, squeezing me in her wet velvet vice. I thrust up into her as hard as I could, emptying my seed deep into her womb. She collapsed on top of me, covering my face with kisses.

Nicole kissed us both.

“Thanks for the memories, Jack. This will always be a week to remember.”

We dropped Nicole off at the airport, wishing her the best in her new life. She wished us the same, and we could see a wistful look in her eyes.

Danielle and I took a leisurely drive up the coast and stopped at Moonshadows, our favorite oceanside restaurant, for an early dinner. We sat out on the deck, enjoying the warm sun and cool ocean breeze. We toasted Nicole and each other.

Back at home, I poured myself three fingers of Chivas, added some ice, and sat down on the couch. Danni plopped down next to me and snuggled up. She had this sexy little smile on her face, and started batting her eyes at me.

“Are you flirting with me?”


“What’s up?”

“I want you to put on this policeman’s uniform.”


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