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Friday nights are my time to go dancing, this Friday wasn’t any different, but my hub got called away last minute on a business trip. Not wanting me to stay home just because of him, he called a friend of his, Andrew and his wife and talked them into taking me out.

Great, I thought, a third wheel, just what I wanted to be. I don’t even know them really. I know that Andrew works with my hub and that his wife is kind of like me, stays home and watches the grass grow.

She also volunteers alot, different orginizations and charities. I have only met them once before at a Christmas party a couple of years ago.

Any way, not wanting to stay home I agreed and they came right over and picked me up. It looked as if they had been to the gym on a regular basis since I met them last. Andrew was wearing some nice slacks and a colored tee that he had tucked in, his muscles were evidant and she was wearing this great white dress with the semi large holes down one side, back and is was obvious she wasn’t wearing bra or panties from the cut of the dress. She looked great, way better than when I had seen them last. She looked very nervous and when she asked to use our mirror in our bathroom I walked with her to show her the way. In the bathroom she told me this was the first time she had ever wore anything so daring. I assured her that she looked great and offerd to help with her make up, so it would at least match the hot dress she had on. Mary, that’s her name, gladly accepted and we chatted while I fixed her up. I could help myself from looking at her pert nipples. She noticed and turn a little red because of it. I just smiled and said I love to see hard nipples on a lady, further explaing that I was bi. She seemed a little intimidated by this and I just laughed it off and soon she was laughing as well.

I was wearing a short skirt that flaired up when you turned or if the wind blew just right, I love these kind of skirts and own several styles and colors. I also had on a sheer white top with a vest over it. I caught her looking when she thought I wasn’t paying attention, but she was trying to see if you could see my nipples or not. I hopped of the counter and stood next to her. Examining my vest and straightening my skirt, I moved the vest one way then the other and finally unbuttoned the one button it had. That did it, with just a little movement you could easily see my breasts. She was a little shocked by how I was going out and I asked her if she would rather I button up around Andrew. At first she didn’t say anything but then said not to worry about it, they were strong and she kind of got a thrill him checking out other girls and knowing she was the one that shared his bed. I giggled, cause I knew what she meant. She asked if I go out this way often, and I again had to laugh, of course, every time I leave the house! She laughed nervously and then quietly told me she wasn’t wearing any panties, and it was the first time ever. I lfted my skirt high enough to show her my freshly shaved pussy, and told her I never wear them. This time her eyes were wide open and so was her mouth. You shaved it bald? she asked me with the most astounded tones I have ever heard. I just laughed and took her by the arm and assured her that if she stuck with me, she would be just fine.

I was laughing and she was trying to loosen up as we came back into the living room. Andy(Andrew) was sitting quietly all alone. I asked him where my hub was and he said he got a call and had to bolt for the door. I just shook my head and explained that the driver that comes and gets him never tells him when he will be here until he is here. I cursed to myself for not getting to say good bye, but am getting used to the deal that his job demands of him.

Andy, gave us a once over and seemed to linger on me a little too much but hey, who am I to argue? We still had some time before heading out so I poured us a small drink a piece and toasted to new friendships and adventures, giving Mary a little wink when I did. Andy didn’t notice but she blushed a little in response. We sat and chatted a little to figure out just what the night had in store for us. I couldn’t help but gaze at Mary’s breasts, her nipples were still very hard and I just wanted to reach over and pinch one! While I was checking her out, Andy was admiring my legs, the way I was sitting, the skirt was very high on my thigh. I would shift a little letting more leg show from time to time, keeping one eye on Mary and one on Andy. She saw what I was doing and was in turn watching Andy. By the look in her eye’s she was getting aroused by him watching me. I was tempted to shift a lot to give something to really look at, but thought that the night was young and there was plenty of time.

The sun was just going down and the light coming through the back windows was glorious. I rose to go watch the remaining sun leave the sky and they followed. Mary sighed deeply at the sight of the sun’s rays hitting the water of our pool. She commented on how a swim would be so wonderful right now. I told her to go jump in, the water is kept at a regular temp all year round and it is wonderful this time of day. She of course, declined and said some other time, due to going out and everything. I noticed the glimmer in Andy’s eye at the thought of her in the pool, or maybe it was me in the pool or both he wanted to see….I suggested we all go out and at least dangle our feet in the water. Andy declined but I dragged Mary out before she could say no. I asked Andy to pour us all another drink and join us outside. I pulled Mary by the hand to the edge of the water and sat down with her as our feet sank into the water. She sighed gracefully as she settled back on her hands letting the water soothe her feet. I swayed my feet from side to side loving the feel of the cool water. Andy sat our glasses beside us and sat down in a chair a few feet behind us. I leaned over to whisper into Mary’s ear that her husband is quite the voyuer, always sitting in the background waiting for something to happen. She chuckled and returned the whisper telling me that I was right on and that his biggest fantasy was to see her with another woman. I asked her if she had ever had a woman before and she told me no, lowering her head as she said it. I looked over my shoulder slyly at him watching us and he made perfect eye contact with me. I held it for a moment and then leaned even closer, almost within tongue reach of her ear and asked her if she wanted to full fill it for him right now. She turned to face me, not saying anything at first, then just barely below a whisper, said yes, but she didn’t know if she could.

I checked her eyes and saw she was very nervous, but deep in them she wanted to. Again, I leaned in all the way this time and whispered right in her ear as softly as I could, that I could do it for her, all she had to say was, yes. As I stopped talking, I flicked her earlobe ever so lightly with my tongue. Leaning back I caught Andy perking up as he saw this. She stared at the water quietly for what seemed like hours. From the corner of her eye, she looked at me and just mouthed the word yes. Not a sound came from her and for that moment, with that slightest of gestures, I wanted her so bad I nearly jumped her right then. I stared at the water with her and leaned shoulder to shoulder with her, whispering again to her, that I would take care of her. With that, I laid my hand on the small of her back, feeling her warmth and her body jerk slightly, and with a quick shove, pushed her into the water!

She fell in and went all the way under as soon as she hit the water. Andy sat up quickly and I raised my hand to him telling him to stay where he was. He did so as she broke the surface of the water. I was laughing and then he followed and finally she started with us. No one talked, we were all just laughing, she made eye contact with me and when she did, I mouth to her to pull me in. At first she didn’t understand so I repeated it, trying not to alert Andy as to what I was trying to get her to do. She finally caught on and still laughing she asked for a hand out and knowing it was coming, reached out for her, as quick as that, she pulled me in with her. I sank to the bottom, feeling my skirt raise up with the motion of me. I should have turned on the lights, but didn’t, so raising up I came up right next to her, running my hands along her body as I did. Breaking the surface I pushed her back down under the water. Now Andy was nearly in tears, with laughter and when she came up for air I reached for her again and we fought like children to push one another under for a while. She was getting bolder with every move, reaching for my shirt and pulling on the fabric. I let her grab a piece of the vest I had on and pulling away in a turn let it come off of me. As I was turning I notice Andy was no longer laughing and was sitting up right in full attention. It was getting dark now, but I am certain you could see my nipples clearly though the sheer material I had on. Mary’s dress, was nearly invisible! It was bunched at the waist trying to come off but sticking to her like glue. My skirt was every where, up, down, and everything in between.

I came around behind her and pulled her arms behind her trying to subdue her while I thought of what to do next. I didn’t want to hurt her so I ler go her hands and just wrapped my arms around her from behind. I let one hand rest on her brests while the othe clasped onto her tightly. In the darkness, I’m sure Andy was having a harder time seeing us, I could just barely make his figure out, but none of his features. I took this moment to have a moment for myself and turned Mary around to face me and kissed her deeply, at first she was taken back, but then gave in to it. This lasted for a long silent moment and I could hear Andy moving around to try and see why it got quiet. This gave me time to think of what I was going to do next.

I let her go and quickly hopped out of the pool on the opposite side that Andy was on. I yelled out as I turned to run into the darkness of our yard. With a playful tone I yelled for them to catch me if they could. I was maybe ten yards out when I heard Mary climb from the pool. Andy was already on the move. He was several yards to my right and almost right even with me. I was headed for the one spot there would be enough light for Andy to watch us. Mary was now on the move, I could hear her laughter, and that put her a little to my left, but way back. My damn clothes were sticking to me and making it hard to be quiet. I stopped and peeled them off, just dropping them on the ground. The night air was warm and I felt alive being naked with them so close to me. I had to find Mary and get her naked too, before Andy stumbled on to me. I could still hear him, slowing now but still far away, now he was way in front of me. I listened hard for Mary and heard her getting close, I couldn’t see her at all in the darkness. I could barely see myself for that matter. I waited until I could hear her close, then stepped lightly in her direction. I was only a couple of feet from her before I saw her form move. I whispered to her as quietly as possible to get her attention. When I did, I touched her arm to make sure we didn’t get seperated. I took her by the head again and kissed her once more, this time she didn’t hesitate and laid into me. She ran her hand down my back, realizing that I was naked. She pulled from me and started to say something, but I had my fingers on her mouth. Andy was just behind us, I could hear him breathing a little heavily. I moved around behind Mary, still holding my hand over her mouth, until she saw him too. He couldn’t have been 3 feet from us and didn’t know it. With that, I took my hand from her mouth and pulled at the hem of her dress, at first she held it down and then released it, both of us watching Andy stop. We froze, I had her dress up over her waist and I so wanted to have my hands on her pussy, but didn’t want to give us away yet. He bent down and picked up what had to be my wet clothes. Mary turned her head to mine and I didn’t need any light to know what why she was looking at me.

He hurried on with new vigor now, trying to be quiet, but it was useless, he was stumbling around and making too much noise to be lost for long. I continued with pulling her dress from her and now she was helping me. I let her remove it while I ran my hands over her body. Her skin was covered in little goose pimples, from the night air and the cold wetness of her dress. Once naked, she turned to me and kissed me again, our naked bodies pressed together tightly, she and I both, had our hands all over each other, I being an ass girl, focused my attention there and she had her hands playing in my bare pussy. I think she was still freaked by it being bald. I heard Andy coming again and pulled away from her holding on to her hand, so I wouldn’t lose her again. I still had a hold of her dress and just wanted the right moment to give it to Andy. I hurried her along, getting close to where I wanted to be, stopped and knew Andy wasn’t too far behind. Waiting, she had her free hand on my ass, rubbing one finger in between my ass cheeks. I was almost lost when Andy nearly ran into us. I stepped back pulling her with me just before he did. As he flew by, I tossed he dress right into him. He hit the skids and turned to look for us but we had both ducked down out of site. He was so close now, that you could really hear him breathing hard and could see him looking down at my clothes in one hand and hers in the other.

Not seeing us, his only option was to keep looking, he turned in the direction he must of thought the dress came from, but of course, he was wrong, he was now leading himself away from us. I took her hand and lead her to the fountain in the back corner of our property. It wasn’t on yet, but new that it came on with a timer. I bent down and checked the time, 20 minutes until the next light show. We had all our fountains and shrubbery on timers, they all came on at once, but at random times, both night and day. This fountain, had a array of colors that turned the water from blue to pink and everything in between. It would be perfect. Just then, I heard voices from across our fence. Mary was startled and started to stand and run, but I held onto her hand tight, bringing her back down. I listened hard and tried to make out who was out there. It was John, and some friend of his, my next door neighbor. He was a young guy and always took his dog for a walk along the back of our property, I guess tonight it was he and his friend out for some night air, wouldn’t they be surprised. Mary whispered frantically in my ear that we just had to go before they saw us. I told her who it was and that I knew him to be harmless. She stayed, trusting me, I bent over to kiss her and we both lost our balance, falling to the ground, me on top of her. It was no use, we had made too much noise. We froze for a moment and there was silence, both from Andy and from our peepers. Only a moment went by when we heard them both closing in on us. Just then I heard the little humming sound of the timer starting up and knew it was only 3 minutes before the lights came on.

Before she had time to freak out on me, I leaned into Mary and kissed her. I had my hands all over her, but it wasn’t until my hand brushed over her pussy, that she returned the gestures. Then time was gone, I was lost in her, I pulled from her lips and took a nipple in my mouth, pulling it with my teeth and flicking the tip with my tongue as I did so. She sunk her nails into my ass and I let go and threw my head back letting out a light moan as I did. I heard John and his friend stop just the other side of our fence and could also hear Andy only a few feet away. I forgot about them and trailed down her belly and ran my nose through her patch of hair, breathing in her scent. It had been so long since I had a woman and I was going to enjoy this. I couldn’t waste any time, I wanted every one to see her with her legs high in the air and my face buried into her pussy when the lights came on. She still didn’t know they were coming on either. I lifted her legs up and sank my tongue into her hole just as they came on. She seemed oblivious to them. I heard Andy and the others scurry back a little, but just a little. I stole a peek in Andy’s direction and saw him watching us. He was rubbing his cock through his pants and I knew he would be pulling it out soon. If I could only get him to mount my ass while I was eating his wife out, that would be great.

I reached for her nipples with my hands and just couldn’t reach them, she did what I wanted to do and pulled and tweeked them, and I couldn’t believe how far she was stretching them out before bringing them back down. It turned me on to see her doing this and I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it with all my might. She arched her back and I felt the familar jerks coming. I went to her hole again and she started to come. Great squirts came gushing from her into my mouth, I love that! I took all she was giving me and I wanted more, she was crying out with every wave, I’m sure everyone in the radious of a mile could hear her and she still kept on. I stuck a finger into her ass as a wave lessened and she sat up right and then fell back screaming for me to eat her pussy and fuck that ass! I did just that, I tongued her and poked her ass until I couldn’t breathe any more. I let up and she hopped up, throwing me on my back and straddling my face with her pussy, again I love that! It was all I could do to keep from biting actual chunks from her flesh, thats how hungry for I was. She was thrusting her pussy into my face faster than I could keep up and when the second orgasm hit her I thought I would drown from all the come.

I looked up at her pulling her niple into her mouth and sucking it. Andy could take no more I guess, I saw him step up to her, naked as we were and she took his cock into her mouth and sucked him hard, I could see him shoving all the way in and he wasn’t a short guy at all, maybe 7, but most likely 8 inches. I couldn’t do anything else, but suck her clit and try to keep a breath in me, so I started fingering my own clit as well, while watching his balls swing freely just above my head while she worked his cock in and out of her mouth like a porn star.

I was getting close when she pulled away from my mouth and pulled me by the hand into doggy position. She then laid on the ground and began sucking on my nipples while Andy played with my pussy with the head of his cock. I waited until he was just over my hole and pushed back into him hard, sending his cock all the way into me. I yelled out with delight and he grabbed my hips and started banging away, fast and hard. The slapping of our skin was like clapping in an arena. I was doing good until he shoved his thumb into my ass. That sent me over, I started thrusting back in to him with every move he made. Mary was now rubbing my clit while she was tearing at my nipples with her teeth, the pain was heavenly. I let out a cry every time he hit home and the ony thing left was to have a cock in my mouth. I didn’t get that, but John and his friend did come out to play.

I was startled at first to see a cock staring me in the face when I opened my eyes in between thrusts, but looked up to see John holding it out for me. He came closer as I tried to reach for it. I had wanted him for so long and now here he was and all his young man hood. I took him in my mouth and I caught a glimpse of his friend going down on Mary. She jerked at first, biting a little to hard causing me to do the same, and in response he grabbed my hair and pulled me into him, shoving his cock deeper down my throat. Mary must have been way past gone to care, because she just went nuts. Digging her nails into me and sucking harder. I felt Andy’s cock head start to expand he started to pull out, I reached behind me and tried and hold him in, shoving my ass into him at the same time. He got the hint and Drove in to me with long even hard strokes, finally I felt his come hitting my pussy walls and it caused me to start coming and when I did I sucked with all my might on John’s cock, I wanted to have come fillng me from both ends. He clamped pulled my head into him again, squeezing my hair into his clinched fists. He came almost instantly. Mary was also having another orgasm and although she had released my nipples so she could scream out, her nails still dug into me. I actually felt little trickles of blood running down the side of my ass, but I didn’t care.

Andy pulled out of me and fell back trying to catch his breath and when he did I pulled John’s cock from my mouth and straddled Mary’s face with my pussy that was dripping her husbands come. She started licking me clean and I was still so sensative that I started to come again, I leaned into John and he took my face in his hands and kissed me deeply, for a long time. I felt Mary being pulled from beneath me and caught Johns friend spreading her legs and shoving into her. She wrapped her legs around him and he pounded her good. John laid me on my back and did the same, spreading me as wide as I could go and running his fingers into my pussy, opening up my hole so he could see. He stick a finger into me and I arched my back and moan softly for him. He pulled it out and circled my ass hole with it. I opened my eyes to see him looking at me, I nodded and turned over, shoving my ass as far up into the air as I could. He played with my pussy with the head of his cock trying to lube it up and then placed it over my ass hole. He gently applied pressure and I felt the walls start to give as his head entered my ass. I looked up to see Andy, stroking his cock while watching his wife getting fucked. I motioned for him to come to me and he did, sitting his ass on the ground and holding himself upright for me, since it was all I could do to hold this positon. I was just about to take him in my mouth when I felt John’s cock head pop into my ass. It hurt and I mean bad, I hadn’t been ass fucked in over a year and it was like the first time. I screamed out and John held it place for a moment, waiting for me to make a move. After a moment, my ass let go of the pain and I eased back into him, he wasted no time in taking over then. He started fucking my ass but good. Holding my hips in rythm with his thrusts. I opened my eyes again to have Andy’s cock mere inches away with him pumping it like it was the last time. He was watching me and watching his wife and I took it from him and started sucking him, as deep as I could. It was not long before I was coming again, but I held on until Andy shot his load into my mouth. With that he pulled away and sat back watching us getting fucked by these two young guys. I was mere puddy by then, He was holding my ass in the air and I could do nothing but let him fuck me.

He came only moments later and pulled from me. He laid me back down and I watched as he joined his friend on Mary. He laid down and his friend helped Mary to stradle him, pushing her onto John’s cock. He then leaned her over until she was laying on John’s chest, then he came in from behind her and shoved his cock into her ass, while John was in her pussy. She came up and started screaming, but just held on. The two guys just waited and then she started to move slowly. She rocked herself back and forth, because they sure couldn’t move. After a moment she was really riding them, flicking her head back and forth with the rythm of her own movements, she started coming moments later and John’s friend was actually holding her up while she did. When she was done, he laid her out on the ground, letting John get up and put his clothes back on. He didn’t though, he spread her legs once again and she litterly just looked like pudding, he shoved into her as fast as he could go, until I heard him grunting and then pulled out and came on her chest and face.

He then let her be and got dressed, they were talking about it all as they walked back in to the darkness. Andy, still naked, came to his wife, picked her up and carried her to the house. We were so far back that it seemed like ages before he was waking me up, while he carried me into the house as well. I could feel his hard cock rubbing on my back and even with everything we just did, I wanted him to fuck me again. He took me to my bedroom where Mary was already laying, well half laying. He placed me down gently and then laid beside me. I was in the middle of them, they were both running their hands over my body, carressing me, soothing me. I last remember them each taking a nipple in their mouths at the same time, before falling asleep, or passing out, which ever it was. When I woke they were gone and on my stomach Mary had written with her lipstick, a thanks you for a very memorable evening. I thought to myself as I laid back again, about not even getting to go dancing.

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