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Dark Places

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I was just walking. I was so furious that I had no destination in mind. All through Junior High and High School Roger and I had been together. We were each other’s first and I thought only. When I showed up at his dorm room to surprise him, this slutty little sophomore answered the door wearing nothing but his letterman jacket. What a prick!

Now here I was walking through a really rough looking part of a town that I had never been in before. I had tears streaming down my face and was shaking. At that moment all I wanted in the world was to hurt him as bad as he had hurt me. Then I got my chance.

I saw his distinctive canary yellow corvette make the corner in front of me. I could see that he was alone in the car. He was probably coming to find me and give me some lame ass excuse. Suddenly I wanted nothing more that to be invisible. He hadn’t noticed me yet, but he would. Then he would pull over and talk to me and all of the anger would leave. I would look into those beautiful eyes and all would be forgiven…until next time. With guys like him, there was always a next time. At least that is what all of my friends said about men. Until now I thought I managed to find the one that wasn’t like that.

Anyway, I had to find a place to hide, quickly. He would see me any minute. I looked around for any open businesses. There weren’t many. I guess every one was closed for Thanksgiving. There was some type of bookstore to my right. I could go in there and disappear between the rows of shelves. But there was some crazy guy standing in front of the door. He was preaching about the end times like they were happening right now. That was all I needed. To get trapped by this raving lunatic until Roger had to notice me. So I dove into the only other open door, the one to my left.

It didn’t occur to me at first what type of establishment this was. I thought it was just a run down Movie Theater. In a way it was. Only, it was an adult theatre. There were peeling posters on the wall of huge breasted women with nothing but what looked like rubber bands covering their bodies. At what passed for the ticket counter, sat an ancient looking woman with a cigarette hanging out of the corner of her mouth. She didn’t even look up as I approached her.

“Seven fifty sweetheart.” I was amazed at the long ash that didn’t drop from the tip of the cigarette even as she spoke. I pulled out a wad of money from my purse and thrust it at her. My only thought was, what if Roger sees me through the filthy glass of the place.

I went through the only other door of the place and had to stop to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I had never been to a place like this before and didn’t know what to expect. It was strange. There were about twelve or thirteen men spaced out among the seats. There was not soft chatting like in a normal theatre before the film starts. There were no plush seats with cup holders. Instead there were long benches with backs and cushions. Instead of the littering of popcorn and soda cups there were napkins strewed around.

It finally hit me what kind of situation I was in. I was suddenly very aware of the fact that I had dressed to impress Roger. I was in a stretchy short black skirt and a sheer hot pink blouse that showed most of the cleavage that I had. Now I was in a place that horny men go strictly for the purpose of getting off.

A million things raced through my mind. What if all of these guys got some idea that I was a working girl, so to speak, and propositioned me? Worse yet, what if they didn’t care if I wanted their attention or not? I started to turn around and leave. If I had to deal with Roger, that was OK. At least he wouldn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want to. Then I saw the one thing that convinced me to stay. In the last row, sitting all by herself, was a young woman. Instantly I thought that she might be the aforementioned working girl. It didn’t matter though. She was a woman all by herself. If I sat near her, everyone else should leave me alone and I wouldn’t have to face Roger. A quick thought of the sophomore finalized my decision for me. I took a seat two down from the woman.

If she was a prostitute, she didn’t dress the part. As a matter of fact, she looked more out of place than I did. She was also wearing a short skirt, but it was business like. She wore a silk blouse buttoned all the way to the top and tied with a scarf at the throat. She was a little older that I had at first imagined, probably in her late twenties. She was very pretty and again I thought of Roger’s infidelity.

I sat and turned my attention to the screen that was now starting to light up. The movie wasted no time at all giving people their money’s worth. Before the credits had even finished, there was an enormously endowed man trying to make his manhood fit inside a rather ugly girl with big tits. My thoughts drifted away to Roger and the sophomore again. I started getting angry again. Finally I forced myself to stop thinking about it. I looked around and was not too surprised to see many of the men with their pants unzipped and fondling themselves. It was shocking, but interesting at the same time.

I finally looked back at the screen again to see that the scene had changed. Now there was a petite blonde laid on her back completely nude. This one was much prettier than the last. She was touching herself, very much like I touch myself when I am alone. She started moaning and really getting in to it. That was unlike me. I am always quiet, in case someone might hear and guess what I am doing.

Suddenly another woman, this one also petite but Asian, came on screen. She started helping the blonde. First she touched her with gentle touches and then not so gentle. I had watched porn’s with Roger once, but it was just guy to girl. I had never seen two women have sex. It was strangely erotic. The little Asian’s mouth looked so good going over the blonde’s body. I felt myself start to breathe a little faster. Then I felt the familiar tingle between my thighs. I watched the movie and the men jacking off to the movie until it actually became uncomfortable not to touch myself.

I repositioned myself on the bench to try to put more pressure on my aching crotch. It seemed to be working; the bothersome tingling wore off a bit. I became engrossed in the images before me again. The girls were still caressing each other’s body. I started to daydream, putting myself in the blonde’s place, with the Asian girl lightly brushing across my nipples. I felt them stiffen under my shirt and felt the smooth texture of it glide across them. It sent ripples through my body and I quivered.

Then something happened that froze me in place. All thoughts of Roger and the sophomore, or the movie in front of me disappeared instantly. I was terrified. Someone was gently squeezing my tit. It didn’t hurt, but I was paralyzed just the same. I looked straight ahead, as if I ignored it, it would go away. Instead the gentle squeeze became rubbing. Fingers found my hard nipple easily through the thin shirt. No matter how scared I was my body responded differently.

The screen came back into vision for me and I noticed the same thing being done to the blonde in the movie. The same circular motion around and around the nipple. It was driving her crazy. I understood how she felt. Finally I got the nerve up to see who my phantom hand belonged to. Again, there was a brief moment of shock. The hand was not attached to some sweaty hairy man, but the nice looking lady I had sat beside. As we made eye contact she didn’t stop. She only smiled and asked me if it felt good.

I couldn’t speak or move. I was horrified that I was letting another woman feel me up in some shabby adult theatre. But it felt so damn good to be touched like that. I think she understood my confusion. She made the next decision for me.

“If you are enjoying it, just lay your head back and watch the screen. If you want me to stop, just pull away.”

It was that simple. Just pull away and this situation goes away. How many times in high school had I done that very thing from Roger’s aggressive hands? But now I could do no such thing. I laid my head back and focused on the screen like I was told.

I felt the buttons on my blouse being undone. On the screen, the Asian had just taken a nipple in her mouth and was sucking and licking it sweetly. I found myself hoping that my neighbor was still mocking the actresses. Immediately I felt guilty for even thinking such a thing. Then I felt the moist, soft heat of her tongue on my nipple and guilt fled away.

The tingling had come back full force now. There was no position on Earth that would make it go away. I arched my back and gave her better access to my breasts. I could feel the wetness seeping through my pretty lacy panties.

Her hand left my breast and started a trek up my inner thigh. As if on cue the movie was again mirrored. At the same instant the blonde and I moaned in pleasure from a light brush against our panties.

My legs spread and my hips thrusted forward. I needed to be touched. I looked at my companion and saw a lustful look on her pretty face. Then I noticed other eyes on us. Several men had become aware of our own private little show going on.

I wanted to tell them to mind their own business, that they were embarrassing me. Then I caught one of them stroking his monstrous member. It instantly turned me on even more to know that watching us had become their object of desire. My body’s need overcame any conscience I had left. Again I looked to the screen to foresee my future.

I felt more hands help the woman pull my skirt up and panties off as the girl on the screen was being undressed also. I looked down long enough to see that three men had built up the courage to get close enough to touch. They were satisfied with only helping me out of my clothes for the time being. They only wanted a better view of what the woman was doing to me. This afforded me an excellent view myself. All three of the men had their dicks in their hands. Three different sizes and shapes, but all of them looked wonderful while being stroked because of the pleasure they were getting from watching us.

I was watching the movie again, but didn’t realize what I was seeing until I felt it. The cold dampness of the theatre bench against my pussy had been replaced with a hot forceful tongue. I squirmed around and moaned in exquisite pleasure. This was a rare treat that Roger only did on occasion. This was so much better than the way he made me feel. This mouth was skilled and very talented. The lips and tongue and teeth touched me in places that I had not even found with my own fingers. I looked down and saw the pretty face staring back up at me. All of the moving around I had done had smeared her face with wetness and it glistened from the flicker of the film. She grinned at me and buried her face again. This time she accompanied it with her fingers. Slowly at first, she fucked my pussy with two fingers. I came hard and pushed down on her hand. She sped up the screwing and the sucking of my clit. I was screaming in unison with the girl in the flick.

As I came down from my orgasm, the woman slipped one finger out of my pussy and started pressing it to my asshole. I immediately protested because I knew how much it hurt when Roger tried to stick his dick in my butt. She stopped licking long enough to shush me and went back to her work. Then there was a mouth on each of my nipples. I looked to see two of the men that had only been watching before now attacking my breasts. With so much stimulation I couldn’t do anything. My body refused to let me stop what was going on. I felt a small twinge of pain as her slender finger entered my ass but it was quickly replaced with the most intense orgasm I have ever had. There was something about having my pussy and my ass filled at the same time that just drove me over the brink.

I watched as the third man lifted my companions skirt to reveal a gorgeous ass that was not covered by any type of underwear. He shot all over her pretty ass and then rubbed it into her as he stuck his fingers inside her. She moaned directly on my clit and I felt the vibrations all over me.

On the screen the actresses had changed places. The blonde was now pleasing the Asian. I had never wanted to go down on a woman before, but I really enjoyed giving Roger head, so I thought I would try it. It took me a minute to pull away from her hungry mouth and reposition her on the bench. Finally when she was lying down on her back I crawled between her legs. One of the men that had been suckling me took advantage of my new position. Before I could lower my lips to hers, he was buried deep inside of me. It took me by surprise, but felt awesome. His dick was a little longer but a lot thicker that Roger’s. It stretched me tight and I started rocking with the rhythm of his fucking.

I chose not to be delicate and dove into the woman’s pussy. It was hot and wet and not unpleasant tasting at all. I loved the way the folds of her lips curled around my tongue as I slid it up her slit. I felt her hard nub of a clit under my lips and flicked it with my tongue. She squirmed under me and it made my blood boil. I wanted her to cum on my face so badly. I wanted to know that I could make her scream.

I was so engrossed in her orgasm, that I almost didn’t feel myself being pulled off of her. Before I knew it I was straddling the man that had been fucking me. He was actually good looking, although much older than me. I slid down on his cock and started bouncing with the pure pleasure of it inside me. He held me still and pulled me down until I was lying still on top of him. Then from someone behind me I felt a tongue at the entrance to my pussy. It felt amazing. To have the sensation of a dick inside me and a tongue on me at the same time was heaven. Then the tongue moved back to my ass and slowly prodded its way inside me. I went insane. The muscles in my pussy clenched and relaxed in spasms. I tried to push down to impale myself further on the man’s shaft.

“Be still.” I obeyed only because I didn’t want this pleasure to end yet. Then the tongue left my body and replaced by something warm and hard. I knew that it was the head of the other man’s dick. I wasn’t even a little afraid. I wanted it in my ass so bad that I was begging.

“Please put it in me. Don’t tease me with it. Oh god just put the head in…. anything. Please…now.” I couldn’t believe that these words were coming out of me, but before I could retract any statement I felt my wishes being complied with. It was slick with my juices and his saliva, but the head opening me up hurt like hell. I yelled out and jumped. I moved in the wrong direction though and found him buried deep inside me an instant later.

“Easy, baby, don’t make us cum yet. The fun will stop if you do.” I stopped moving completely and tried to relax. The pain subsided and I felt the most glorious full feeling. I didn’t want to ruin it by moving. Roger had put the head of his dick in me before but I always made him pull it out. I had never actually been fucked in the ass and wanted to feel him slide in and out. So slowly I started rocking back and forth. I soon learned that with the right rhythm I could make the one in my pussy go in while the one in my ass pulled out and vice versa. After a few trials of this the men started helping me. Soon we were all moving and moaning in unison. I lost control of my body soon and just laid between them letting them fuck both of my holes as fast and hard as they wanted. I came over and over again. On my last orgasm I felt my ass and pussy clench tight around both dicks and felt them start to convulse inside of me. Both of the men shoved themselves hard and deep into me and came within seconds of each other.

The men pulled out of me and we all got dressed in silence. The credits were rolling on the screen. I looked around but could not find my lady friend. I left and caught a cab back to the airport. I have never been back to that town, but I find myself visiting an adult theatre at least once a month, just hoping for a repeat performance!

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