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Country Weekend

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I had worked with Anne for a couple of years and had socialized quite a bit with both she and her husband Patrick at the time. But having left that company, I hadn’t seen her for quite a while. It was a very pleasant surprise then to see her as I entered the bar to pass away some time one Friday evening. On seeing me, she ordered me a glass of my favourite wine (great memory) and we began talking.

I told her about my recent break-up from my boyfriend James and she sympathised with me. She told me that Patrick would be collecting her shortly and invited me to spend the weekend with them to talk over old times and take my mind off James. She dismissed my objection of having no change of clothes with the advice that they only ever wore sarongs at home and that she had plenty of spares to which I was welcome. Having nothing else planned, I accepted and thus began a most extraordinary episode in my life.

Patrick was a little late in collecting us, so by the time that he arrived we were both relaxing nicely and in a playful mood when we were driven out to their small farm. Patrick is a huge – about 6′ 6″ and solid with being fat – very attractive man with deep golden skin and, being of Polynesian origin, has a very easy going and tolerant nature. When we arrived, Anne asked me if I would like to change into something more comfortable, I agreed and she found me a sarong. She showed me to their spare bedroom where I changed and when I returned to the lounge both she and Patrick were wearing sarongs.

Patrick occupied the only chair in that room and Anne was sitting on the sofa facing Patrick’s chair. I sat next to Anne and it was obvious that Patrick was totally naked under his lap-lap as, like most men, he sat gape-legged and his manhood was not very discreetly displayed. He appeared to be quite well endowed, but he didn’t seem to take much notice my occasional furtive glance in that direction. When Anne went to get the next drink, I could see through the thin material of her sarong that she also appeared to be naked underneath it, although as she returned I could not detect the expected dark triangle when she walked toward me.

After making an expansive gesture while describing some recent incident, Anne’s hand came to rest on my thigh and she began to gently massage the inside of it with her fingers. It felt kind of good to me so I made no attempt to stop her. I think that Patrick became aware of what was happening and retired, rather diplomatically, to the next room to watch football. Anne and I were alone in the lounge room and we talked – and drank – for a while and her hand stayed where it was but continued to gently caress the soft, sensitive inner part of my thigh. As the booze slowly took hold the conversation turned more personal. I was now missing James and becoming desperately horny so I told her so, while she stated that she was bisexual and had always fancied me. I told her that I had never been with a woman and she replied that I didn’t know what I was missing. By now we had both had a few and were becoming quite relaxed. I reminded her that Patrick was in the next room and she told me that he was already aware of her attraction for women in general and me in particular and that he would not interfere with us.

I could now feel the heat of her thigh against me but didn’t respond immediately, still not certain of my feelings but relaxed enough to allow things to develop. As I had not rejected her, she gently turned my face to hers and kissed me lightly on the lips. I could feel her passion and, with my loneliness and the drinks I had consumed, responded. Soon we were locked in an embrace and I felt her untying my sarong. As we separated, it fell from my breasts and Anne held my shoulders at arms length and gazed lovingly at them. I am a late developer and my breasts have never been very big, but my nipples are very prominent and at that moment they were standing out like organ stops. Anne drew me closer and slowly lowered her hands until they were cupping my breasts with the nipples sitting exposed above her hands. As we drew closer she lowered her head and kissed each nipple in turn. An electric shock passed through my body at her gentle touch and I stirred from my lethargy. I reached across and untied her sarong, allowing her much fuller breasts to escape. I explored them with my finger tips and when I touched her areolae she let out a gasp of pleasure.

She asked if I would like her to give me a relaxing massage. I realized that it was more than massage she had in mind and, being somewhat curious and curiously aroused, readily consented. We stood up leaving the sarongs were they lay and I then discovered the reason for the absent triangle – she was completely shaven in her pubic area. She led me to her bedroom and bade me to take off my panties and lie face down across the foot of their king sized bed while she went to get some oil. She soon returned and as she massaged my upper body, I had a very clear view of her sex and saw that her outer lips were already swollen. By the time she told me to roll over onto my back, I was almost like jelly from the soothing sensations of her massage. She seemed to spend a little extra time around my nipples which were now so hard as to be almost painful, before working out the tightness in my stomach.

She then moved to my feet and massaged them and my legs. As she massaged my legs, her eyes were riveted to my exposed pussy. By the time she had reached my thighs, she had my knees raised and well separated and when she had finished massaging at the top of my thighs she started to massage my now swollen outer labia, which separated until I could feel the air cool on my clitoris and inner lips. She then proceeded to rub around that nub of delight and as my moaning began, inserted a finger into my love canal and searched around in there for my “g” spot. It didn’t take her long to find it and my moaning increased in volume. She now knelt between my thighs and took my clitoris into her lips and began to flick it gently with her tongue while gently sucking on me. She continued these ministrations on my pussy until my moaning was loud enough to heard in the next house and a shuddering orgasm ran through my body.

When I had relaxed a little I saw that she was lying beside me and decided that it was only fair to return the favour. I began by gently running my tongue around the nipple of her nearest breast, before sucking it into my mouth while I explored her other breast with my hand. I could feel her nipple becoming larger and harder as I sucked and licked. My hand began to descend across her stomach until I reached her mons. My fingertips now trailed slowly across her pubis, marvelling at the smoothness there compared to the roughness of my own thickly covered triangle, to her love canal and I could feel her juices oozing from between her labia.

I lifted my face from her breast and moved my head down so that I could examine what my fingers had already felt – her womanhood exposed. I ran a finger along her slit until it was well lubricated and then I separated those engorged lips. This was the first time I had seen another woman’s sex up close and I just stopped and stared for a minute as I took in the sight. There, held open before my eyes, were her outer lips laid back like the covers of a book, while between them stood her clitoris, looking for all the world like a short, squat penis, while below it, her long inner labia lay slightly parted so that I could just see the pink entrance to her love canal.

The aroma of her muskiness was almost overpowering and I just hovered there breathing it in as I gazed at this wondrous thing exposed to me. Holding her labia open with one hand, I began to explore the soft inner area with a single finger of the other. My finger reached to her clit and when I gently ran it around that nub, Anne gave out with a deep moan. I then began to tweak it and her moan became more urgent. I lowered my head and took her clit between my lips and, as I started to suck on it, her moan became a sob of ecstasy and she began to writhe around as her orgasm approached. I now took her clit fully into my mouth and sucked on it the way I would suck on a cock and that sent her through the barrier and she shrieked out her joy and began bucking her hips. She climaxed.

When her climax subsided, she dragged my legs across toward her until I was kneeling, straddling her head. Once she had me in position, she opened my inner labia and immediately fastened her lips to my clitoris and slowly sank a finger into my cunt. We were now in the classic 69 position, with me still suckling on her clitoris, so I also placed a finger inside her and began to probe for her “g” spot. I was the perfect student following the example of my instructor. We settled down to licking and sucking each other and before long she had insinuated three fingers into my love canal. When I felt her tense for a moment and then resume, it meant nothing to me until I sensed a presence behind me. Anne must have realized this, as she quickly removed her fingers from me and holding the back of my head with both hands pulled my face harder into her pussy.

She then took her mouth from my clitoris and pushed her hand against my mons, causing me to raise my hips into the air. When I was up on my knees, she raised her head and kissed me again. Then I felt a new presence sliding along my labia. It was much larger and softer that her finger and I realized that Patrick was behind me and that it was his manhood that was being introduced to me. It felt so good and I was already so horny that when he quietly asked “Do you mind if I join in?” I lifted my mouth from Anne’s pussy and quickly gave my assent before lowering my head to her pussy again.

His cock continued to slide the length of my pussy, the pressure growing with each transition until finally the head could not slide out past my inner lips and it remained trapped in the entrance to my love canal. He began to exert more pressure and the head slipped easily between my inner labia. The head of his cock felt similar to that of my ex-boyfriend’s, but what was behind that head was quite something else. As he continued to apply pressure I could feel the swell of his shaft first pushing against my labia and then inexorably forcing them apart. As that huge weapon gradually forced its way into me I let out a loud gasp, a mixture of astonishment and unexpected pain as my inner labia were stretched to accommodate him. What I had seen earlier in the lounge gave me no inkling of the size of his manhood when aroused, all I now knew was that it was substantial and it was beginning to enter me.

After he had pushed a couple of inches of his shaft into me, he withdrew until just the head was inside me and he rested for a few seconds while my cunt relaxed and I began breathing again. When I inhaled all I could smell was Anne and that reminded me that she was watching closely as her man began to impale me. She was now huskily whispering to him things like “Feed it to her slowly… Give it to her gently…” while entreating me to “Relax – you can take all of it if you really want, just relax.” Assured by her tones, I did relax and, as he slowly drove a few more inches of that awesome thing into me, I felt my pussy walls stretch obligingly. Again he withdrew until just the head was inside and then once more began to feed it to me a few more inches at a time. The inexorable drive to get that entire huge weapon inside me took quite some more strokes and then I felt his balls touch my clitoris and he stopped all movement, allowing me to feel all the heat and size of him.

When Anne saw that he had achieved full penetration, she took my head and guided my face once more to her sex and I obligingly resumed sucking on her now engorged clitoris. Patrick withdrew all the way until only the head remained between my cunt lips and then began to deeply, slowly and rhythmically fuck me. Each time he drove into me, I moaned into her sex and each time he withdrew I took in a breath of air mingled with her musky scent. This combination soon had me rising to another climax and my moans soon became shrieks of ecstasy as my cunt was alternately filled by this huge cock and then emptied, to be filled once again and the ridges on the surface of his manhood played back and forth on the nerve endings in my pussy wall. Patrick was still slowly pumping in and out of me and maintaining his controlled stroking despite my bucking as my orgasm burst over me.

When my orgasm subsided, I was amazed to find that he was still in full control. After some further time of slowly pumping his huge weapon in and out of me and as my next climax built up, he began to accelerate his movements until he was slamming into me with all his might, lifting my knees off the bed with the force of his drive. I could feel his cock swelling all the while and as my latest orgasm was reaching its crescendo, he drove deep into me and held himself there as his cock jerked and his jism streamed from him and hit my cervix with considerable force. With his cock still jerking and his jism still pumping into me, I came with blinding passion. With each spurt of his cream, I experienced another orgasmic high, each higher than the last.

Somehow, when we collapsed together we avoided landing on Anne’s head and hit the bed beside her. She later told us that she had climaxed with us; it seems that watching her husband’s cock jerking out its juices deep inside me combined with my crying, panting breath on her pussy pushed her over the top at just the right time. As I slowly recovered my composure, I could feel Patrick subsiding inside me and then with a soft plop, he withdrew his now reduced manhood. As soon as he did so, Anne clamped her lips to my pussy and began lapping at the cocktail of my juices and Patrick’s jism as it slowly leaked from my cunt. Patrick whispered a hoarse “Thank you”, I then felt him climb off the bed and when I looked around, he had gone. I still had not seen his weapon; it was as though he were never there except that my sated pussy knew better. After lapping up our cocktail of juices for a few minutes, Anne moved to lie beside me and we embraced and when we kissed I could taste my juices combined with Patrick’s sweeter cum on her lips.

Anne’s gentle kisses became more urgent, this woman simply didn’t know when to stop! As her kisses became more urgent, my ardour returned and I returned her kisses in kind, with our tongues also joining the battle. Once again, she lifted her mouth from mine and explored down my body until we were once again 69ing each other, this time with her on top. As she crouched over my head, I could feel how smooth and soft her shaven cunt was as I closed my eyes and rubbed my whole face over it. I had now separated her labia and was slowly licking the length of her twat from above her clitoris to the junction of her thighs, as she continued sucking and licking at my love canal to recover the last of Patrick’s cum.

I received quite a shock on opening my eyes to see Patrick standing in the doorway watching us. As he stood there, his cock was growing harder and rising up. I almost swooned at the sight. When it became fully erect it looked to be about 9 inches long with the shaft almost the thickness of my wrist with prominent veins raised on it surface. His balls seemed tiny compared to the rest of him, but in reality were slightly larger than I recalled James’s to be. He too, was totally denuded of hair. While his normal skin colour was a deep gold, his cock was almost mahogany coloured. I had never seen a cock like it before and the memories of the stretching and pounding my pussy had received came flooding back. When he saw that I was watching him, he approached the bed and lifted Anne’s hips away from my mouth. He was now kneeling between her thighs with his huge cock mere inches from my face. I reached out to it and guided the head to my mouth.

I took its head into my mouth and could still taste my juices on it. I could not however get the rest of that thing into my mouth, so I settled for licking and kissing along the shaft, feeling how smooth the skin was despite the angry veins all along it. Anne wanted to get into this action too, and kept pushing her cunt back into his stomach. He released himself from my lips and placed his cock against the entrance to Anne’s cunt. In one smooth, slow, steady motion he drove his big black cock between her smooth white labia and up her pink-lined fuck hole. I watched, fascinated, as he slowly fed that huge thing deeper and deeper into her. Although I knew that it was possible to take all of that monster, it still surprised me when the whole length of it disappeared between her milky lips and just those black balls were left exposed.

I lay back and watched for a couple of minutes as, only a few inches in front of my eyes, his huge black rod steadily drove in and out of her pink love canal. As it drove in it took her inner lips inside with it and as it withdrew, glistening, her lips followed it out, as if reluctant to let it go. Once he has settled down to his regular fucking of Anne, she resumed her ministrations on my pussy. She had now drawn both my outer and inner labia apart and was pushing her tongue as deep into me as she could, effectively fucking me with it. I now saw that I could easily reach her clitoris with my lips, so with Patrick’s magnificent weapon pounding at her cunt a couple of inches away I began to lick and suck on her clit. Becoming more adventurous, I moved my mouth that couple of inches and was able to lick along his shaft as it regularly entered and left her. A moan of delight from Patrick indicated that he was enjoying this new sensation.

Anne’s activities on my love canal were having the appropriate effect and I could feel a new climax building deep between my thighs. She was now whimpering louder and louder with each thrust of Patrick’s mighty cock. It would not be too long before we each went over the top again, while Patrick seemed to be still in complete control. I went back to sucking on Anne’s clit as I took Patrick’s balls in my hands and gently squeezed them each time he drove home.

Anne had now changed her focus and was sucking furiously on my clitoris while I knew that the swelling of her clit inside my mouth meant that she was approaching her next orgasm. This knowledge also transmitted itself to Patrick and I felt and saw that he had accelerated his thrusting at Anne and was now driving into her with much increased force. As I felt Anne shuddering in her climax, Patrick rammed himself home one last time and I could see his massive organ jerking as he came deep inside his wife. The sight and feel of those orgasms around me sent me over the top again and I felt as though I was cumming and cumming forever.

As each of us came down from our high, they collapsed on the bed beside me and I watched as Patrick’s cock shuddered once last time. As I continued watching, he withdrew from Anne’s cunt and I saw her inner labia opened wide and his jism start to flow out. I quickly lapped at her sex and gobbled as much of it as I could. This time when we stopped, Patrick remained and I could see that cock of his shrink until it eventually assumed more normal proportions. We three then rearranged ourselves and still all huddled together, we drifted off to a well earned sleep.

When I awoke next morning, it was to find Anne sitting astride Patrick and rocking back and forth next to me. When Anne saw that my eyes were open and starting to register that she was quietly riding his early morning hard-on, she reached down to my sex and began to fondle and stroke me there. On noticing this Patrick reached over to me and coaxed my nearest breast toward his mouth. Because he was flat on his back, his movement was restricted and I happily moved myself closer to allow him to suckle on my now turgid nipples. Not surprisingly, he was not as gentle as Anne had been last night, although the roughness of his unshaven chin and the urgency with which he squeezed my breasts and sucked on my nipples soon had me panting for more.

He ordered me to sit on his face, which I quickly did. He separated my pussy lips and immediately drove his tongue into my love canal. Anne had now changed her actions from gentle rocking to a more conventional up and down motion and was driving herself onto his cock with increasing gusto. Once I straddled Patrick’s mouth, she reached around me and caressed my breasts with her much softer hands. Patrick then moved his mouth up my labia and suckled on my clitoris. That man really knew how to devour me as he sucked my entire clit and whatever labia he could into his mouth. He was using his tongue and teeth to nibble on my clit while he sucked and sucked with such strength that I could feel my climax rapidly approaching. Even when my climax burst within me and I moaned for peace, he did not let up on the suction on my clit and my climax grew stronger until I thought that I would swoon.

My climax continued and my moaning gave way to screams of delight and sobs for a rest before he reduced the vacuum on my clit, but he still had me in his mouth and was now flicking his tongue over it, I realized, in unison with Anne’s bucking and plunging. She was now crying out with her orgasm almost as much as me and that sod of a man just lay there allowing her to impale herself on his monstrous weapon while he kept me high with his tongue. Eventually I could detect that his tongue was losing its earlier coordination and could feel him rising to meet Anne each time she plunged down onto him. Sure enough, he climaxed, too, and spitting my clit out of his mouth, roared his appreciation as he pumped a load of jism into Anne.

Both Anne and I dismounted from Patrick and we all relaxed for a while before Anne suggested coffee. When she brought it back, we all sat on the edge of the bed and drank the delicious brew. As their home is in the centre of their small farm and well distant from outside observation, no one saw a need to bother with any clothing, even sarongs, so we spent the rest of the weekend au naturel while around the house.

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