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Young Tom and Widow Rita

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I’m Tom Davis, kid brother of Laura Hughes. I was a 30-year old high school social studies teacher and girls’ basketball coach; after five years of coaching, thanks to two athletic sisters on the team, we won the district championship. Often, I saw the superintendent of the schools, Harry Bradley, and his wife, Rita, among the spectators at home games.

I saw Rita at a reception in the team’s honor. She was about 5-ft 6-in, 125 lb, big boobs, green eyes, and shoulder-length, light brown hair; she had on a white turtle neck blouse, beige skirt, black stockings, and a navy blue blazer.

Often, after she congratulated me and my team, she visited with my wife, Ali, and our one-year old son, Tim. I thought she looked very elegant and sexy. Also, she always smelled of a light floral perfume. I saw her a few more times, usually at various school functions.

Ali was a petite, 5-ft, 2-in, 115 lb, 34B boobs, blonde with a round face, light blue eyes, and a bubbly personality. She attended most of the girls’ basketball games. She listened to the girls and helped them with their problems. She was working hard to overcome the belief that her pussy and oral sex were dirty. Still, we had a great sex life, with lot of fucking outdoors.

Ali told me, “Rita also attended my state college and was a member of the same sorority. She is 16 years older than me but has the same birthday in the summer; she is also a distant cousin of my mom. She invited me to play tennis with her and join the club.”

Ali and I were invited to a Christmas party at the home of Harry and Rita. Rita had on a long red, low-neck, dress that showed her cleavage prominently. Her cousin, Ellie, a widow, was the only unattached person at the party. There were three other couples, but they all left soon after dinner. Over coffee, while Harry and I talked, Ali, Ellie, and Rita seemed to be having a good conversation and laughed a lot in the living room. I agreed to help Harry remove an old deck and build a new one. Harry invited me to play golf with him; in fact, Harry, who was heavy-set, needed to exercise and loose about 70 lbs.

After using the toilet, as I came down the steps, I saw Rita at a large window looking at the falling snow.

She smiled at me and said, “It’s beautiful outside.”

I walked to where she was standing, stood next to her, and said, “You have a nice home, especially the backyard.”

“It’s quite private. Harry said he may consider building an in-ground pool.”

Later, still standing next to Rita, I noticed her large boobs and that they nearly spilled out of her low-cut dress. Rita must have realized I was admiring her chest and blushed intensely. After Ali joined us, Rita showed a few photos of her daughter, Claire, who was coming on Christmas Eve with her fiancé; Claire was on the basketball team the first year I became the coach.

Sadly, after Tim’s second birthday, Ali discovered a lump in her heft breast that was malignant. After surgery and chemotherapy, she seemed to have been cured, but the cancer returned a few months later. I took a leave of absence from my coaching job to take care of Ali. Several friends of Ali, especially Rita, helped with taking care of Tim and driving Ali to the cancer center. After a courageous struggle and considerable suffering, Ali passed away. It was a sad end to the life of a beautiful woman to whom I was married almost seven years. I received many cards of sympathy, including one from Rita, who urged me to be positive, take care of Tim, and live my life as best as I could.

Taking care of Tim became my highest priority. At the suggestion of my parents and in-laws, I found a teaching/coaching job in a town only 20 miles, instead of 60 miles, from them. I continued to maintain contacts with Harry and Rita; she baby sat for Tim when I was in town. Tim became fond of Rita and called her “Ta.” Harry played golf with me when he had the time and, invariably, afterwards, Tim and I had dinner at his home. Harry and I worked on removing the old deck at the back of his home. But, he was too busy to work on the new deck and I ended up working alone. When Harry was not home, Rita talked to me either while I worked on the deck or afterwards. I managed to complete the deck and promised Rita that I would stain it at a later date. As I recovered from the loss of Ali, I began to notice Rita’s sexy figure.

Rita noticed me stealing glances at her and explained, “Harry is the love of my life. He has been working hard on the budget; he is worried about saving jobs, especially of the teachers. He is under lot of stress. He is not eating healthy meals.”

I said, “I’ll get him to play golf; that should lower his stress. Is he doing any exercises other than playing golf?”

“No,” and then blurted out, “Our love life has disappeared. He does not like oral sex either.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

I volunteered to grill salmon one evening, but when I arrived at Harry’s home, he had not left his office yet. Rita, who was dressed in pink shorts and a light blue halter top, and I talked on the patio while drinking wine. I told her she was a beautiful woman. In turn, Rita flirted with me by rubbing my back and patting my butt couple of times.

Rita told me, “I was an only child of a strict couple in Maine, a high school cheerleader, a tennis player at a small college, and an office manager in a school board office. My older, second, cousin, Ellie, helped me through adolescence and through my college years. She understood that I didn’t want to be controlled by my old-fashioned father. When Harry, a science teacher, asked me to marry him after dating about six months, I accepted his proposal. He was smart, worked hard, ambitious, and moved up the school administrators’ ladder. I had a good life with lot of women friends, and time spent playing tennis and bridge. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been had I married a not-so-ambitious amateur actor who was a wonderful lover.

“Ellie became my mentor. She married an older man, who died couple of years ago and left her well provided. She has been living with Brett, a man about 15 years younger than her. Ellie and I are close enough for her talk openly about her love life.”

I realized Rita and I were lonely, but that nothing intimate would happen. That night, I masturbated imagining I was playing with Rita’s big boobs and later licking her juicy pussy.

After playing golf on a Saturday, as I drove Harry to his home, he began to complain about chest and shoulder pain, and I took him straight to the hospital’s emergency room. The medical staff began to attend on him right away and wheeled him inside the emergency room. I called Rita to inform her what had happened and asked her to come to the hospital. Soon after Rita came to the hospital with Tim, an emergency room physician informed us that Harry had passed away from a massive heart attack.

I took Rita home; I stayed with her as she wept and talked about her life with Harry. I called Claire; I told her about her dad and to come home. I went home about midnight, carrying Tim, who was asleep. For another week, I spent time helping Rita. Soon, got busy executing Harry’s estate and planning Claire’s wedding.

I kept in touch with Rita through regular text and email messages. She appreciated the funny pictures and cartoons I sent her. A few months later, she started to send me limericks that showed her bawdy sense of humor.

One day, she complained in a message, “My boobs are saggy.”

“They are saggy only if the nipples are at your crotch. I recall your bra-covered boobs look magnificent. Can I see a photo of them bra-less?”

A few days later, much to my delight and surprise, she sent me a photo of her magnificent boobs, attached to the message, “For your eyes only.”

“They are magnificent. I love them. I wish I could kiss them.”

She replied with only a smiley face emoticon.

About a year after Harry died, Rita sent me a message, “I am working as an office manager; also taking yoga classes and resumed playing tennis.”

A few days later I had to attend a conference for teachers at my old school and hoping to see her after my conference ended, I wrote to her that I would like to see her. She suggested I meet her at the local country club after she finished playing tennis. We met at the club bar.

I said, “You look gorgeous. You must be very popular.”

Rita confided to me, “Thanks. I am still reluctant to be introduced to single men. Still, an acquaintance invited me and a 78-year old widower to lunch on a Sunday who was looking for someone to take care of him, a responsibility I am not ready to undertake. Also, I did not want to tie myself up with a much older man. I will not marry for money. Harry left me well provided.”

To tease her, I said, “So you are a rich widow.”

“Well, you are not doing that badly with the money Ali left you. Are you serious with anyone?”

“Not now; I was interested in a fellow teacher, but she moved away for a better-paying job. I met other women, but they all have too much baggage.”

“I know what you mean.”

After a long pause, I took a chance of getting turned down and asked her, “Please go with me to the basketball team’s banquet; it’s at the Lake-side Restaurant, Next week’s Saturday.”

I was delighted when she said, “Sure. I remember the banquets are fun. Harry and I had dinner several times at Lake-Side. I can get there by myself.”


That night, when Rita called Ellie, she was ecstatic that Tom, a younger man, asked her out. Then she whispered to Rita, “Brett’s licking my pussy while I am talking on the phone. It feels good. Now, he wants to fuck me doggy-style. I’m lucky I found a young and considerate lover; his gentle love making is exactly what my old body needs.”


After Rita woke up on Saturday, as she drank coffee, she thought about seeing Tom and going to the banquet with him. She got excited knowing a younger man wanted to be with her and go out with her. She fretted over what to wear, but decided that first she would make herself alluring. She took a long shower, and shaved her legs and under arms. Carefully, she trimmed the hair at the edges of her pussy for the first time after Harry died. She sprayed on small amounts of her favorite perfume on her cleavage and just above her pubic hair. As she looked at herself in the mirror and applied an anti-wrinkle cream on her face, neck, and boobs, she was grateful that she had a head full of light brown hair, large green eyes, and a thin nose. Then she saw the slight bulge in her belly as an inevitable effect of aging. She raised her arms above her head, and noticed her slender arms and lovely, smooth, armpits; she also noticed her large boobs stretched up. She turned to see herself in profile; she saw her boobs were still standing proudly on her chest and that she had, firm, meaty, thighs. She realized that she was still an attractive woman. Gently, she inserted her right middle finger in her pussy and smiled after realizing she had gotten wet. She said to herself, “I’m a horny widow.” She decided not to masturbate then. Instead, she decided that she would let Tom fuck her. She hoped that Tom would lick her pussy first and brings her to orgasm, an act Harry did only a few times during their marriage. She decided to entice him with the phrase. “Check out my new, sexy, panties.”

Rita came to the banquet dressed in a crimson, short-sleeve, knee-length dress, that had a plunging neck line; she had on diamond ear rings and a gold chain with a heart-shaped pendant that rested on her cleavage. She put on fishnet thigh highs, red garter belt, and red, low-heel, shows. She carried a red shawl and a red ladies bag. After the banquet, we moved to the bar where a noisy crowd was watching a baseball game. I sat close enough to her to smell her intoxicating perfume.

After we sat in a corner and each had a glass of wine, I said to Rita, “You were the most beautiful woman at the banquet. By the way, they are not at all sagging.”

Blushing, she said, “Thank you. While you were stealing glances at my boobs, I looked around and did not find any one I recognized.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“It’s good because I don’t want people talking about my personal life. Being a school superintendent’s wife I became a public figure; I’m glad the banquet was in another town. I want to live a free, normal, life; a life I would have had if I had not met Harry,” and laid her right hand on my left thigh.

“Was it him or his stressful job?”

“He was very conservative and, on top of that, his job was stressful.”

“What did you miss?”

Rita looked at me with a sly smile for several seconds, lowered her voice, and said, “I missed my pussy being licked,” and giggled nervously.

I knew I was blushing, but I managed to say, “I’m sorry.”

About that time there was a loud cheer and we saw on the TV replay that someone hit a home run.

After each of us had a second glass of wine, Rita said, “After I freshen up, let’s walk in the park. It’s a very nice night.”

Later as we walked hand-in-hand, we saw several couples making out, and I said, “Let’s sit on the bench over there and just look at the reflected lights in the water.”

After we sat down, Rita sat in my lap, placed her hands around my neck, and French kissed me passionately. When she ended her kiss, I kissed her long neck and her lovely upper arms for several minutes.

After a while, I said, “Would you like to see my place?”

“Sure. Where’s Tim?”

“He is with my parents for the weekend.”

Soon after we entered my condo, I put my arm around her waist and nudged Rita towards me. She turned to face me and threw her arms around my neck. Appreciatively, I looked at her lovely cleavage, and then kissed it and her soft lips. She kissed me back passionately; she was a good kisser.

She asked, “I will ask again. Many women must have been after you after Ali passed away. How come you have not been dating young things?”

“Every one has baggage. I was not ready to begin a relationship with someone I do not know. You’re the first person I thought of.”

“Thanks. You’re a handsome young man,” and initiated another long kiss.

I kissed her long neck and inhaled her perfume on her cleavage, and gently grasped her covered boobs, and pleaded, “Just take off your dress,” and, smiling, she obliged me.

She had on a lacy, red, bra that held up her large boobs. As I suckled her covered nipples, she looked gorgeous and vulnerable. When she grasped my cock lump, I removed my shorts and underwear; I opened my legs and she gently rubbed my balls.

She said, “I’ve not been with a man, especially a younger man, since Harry passed away. He was the first guy with whom I went all the way.”

“I’m not that young. In you, I see a desirable, beautiful woman. I’m not looking for a one-night stand. I hope that’s ok with you.”

Standing in her red, low-heel, shoes, red bra, black fishnet stockings and garter belt, and red panties, she whispered, “Check out my new, sexy, panties.”

When I slid to my knees and pushed my face in to her red, lacy, panties-covered crotch, she moaned, and pushed at the back of my head. After I licked her covered pussy a few times, she pulled her panties down, and leaned against the large sofa. Her vagina was puffy, and her labia were thick and slick; she had a heavy growth of mostly brown, with interspersed grey, pubic hair that she trimmed at the edges. Her love nectar was thick and tasty. I was delighted that Rita liked my oral work on her pussy, as she moaned softly. I was more delighted when her moans got louder and eventually her pussy convulsed uncontrollably on my mouth signaling an intense orgasm.

Rita thought, “He ate my pussy willingly to bring me an orgasm. Ali mentioned that Tom liked oral sex very much.”

After a short time, Rita pulled me to stand, kissed my pussy juice-covered mouth, and said, “That was wonderful. It has been a very long time since anyone licked me there.”

“I loved it.”

She grasped my throbbing cock and, while admiring it, slowly pumped it, and said, “I got you all excited. Wow, it’s leaking cum. Your first time with me will be too quick,” and grabbed a wad of tissues.

Soon, I mumbled urgently, “Yesssss. I’m cumming. Cummming. Ahhhhhh,” as jets of my cum flew out of my cock in to the tissues and the carpeted floor.

I was embarrassed, but Rita giggled and said, “That’s ok. I’m glad I could get you excited and all that cum came out.”

After we freshened up, I gave her one of my shirts to wear, and pleaded, “Stay until day light, please.”

“Ok. Show me your condo.”

In my bedroom, as she stood in front of the closet-door mirror, I hugged her from behind, pressed my cock in to her naked buttocks, and fondled her large bra-coved boobs for several minutes. In the mirror, I saw her pussy was glistening and I wanted to lick it.

I whispered, “I want to lick.”

“Lie on your back, Tom.”

After I was on my back on the carpeted floor with my head near the mirror, Rita removed the shirt, stood above me with her hands on her hips, and, while looking at her and me, slowly lowered her crotch to my face. Instinctively, I began to lick and suck on her pussy lips and vaginal opening. I knew Rita wanted to fuck my face at her own pace and desires. She would raise her crotch just enough off my face to watch my tongue and lips work on her pussy, and then lower and push it firmly against my mouth. Eventually, her pussy convulsed uncontrollably, as she kept her pussy pressed against my mouth. With her meaty crotch flesh covering my ears, I could not hear the sounds she made during her orgasm.

She got off of my face, sat next to my prone body, kissed my pussy juice-soaked face, grasped my throbbing, stiff, cock, and said, “Baby that was my second orgasm tonight. I’m all fucked out. You have to fuck me, if you want to.”

“I would love to. Right here,” nudged her to lie on her back.

“Go slow. I have not had my pussy probed with a big cock for a while.”

“I’m very excited. It will be another quickie.”

With my weight on my hands and knees, I hovered over Rota’s sexy body and kissed her neck, bra-covered boobs, and long arms. I placed my stiff cock at her vagina and pushed it in pausing often to hear a signal of discomfort from her. After I got all of my cock in to her, she smiled.

I said, “You’re tight and juicy. Too sexy,” and began to fuck her slowly.

I said, “Sorry, I did not wear any protection.”

She said, “I can’t get pregnant. I had my tubes tied after Claire was born.”

I lasted longer than I expected before I had my climax while releasing several jets of cum deep in Rita’s pussy. Both of us were tired and fell asleep on the bed wearing my shirts.


Next morning, when I heard Rita taking a shower, I made coffee and fixed cold cereal and fruit for breakfast.

She put on her crimson dress, saw the breakfast, and said, “Thank you for the breakfast. I like you very much, but I like my job and I have a nice home. You like your job and your parents are a short distance from here. For a while anyway, we may be seeing each other only over the weekends.”

“It’s ok with me, as long as I get to love you.”

“Working on the wedding is taking a lot out of me; after the wedding, we should go away for a while to my condo in Florida. Oh, I almost forgot, please stain the deck you built. I would like to talk about Claire’s wedding next weekend. What about Tim?”

“My parents love Tim and they will be glad to take care of him over a weekend. Would you have dinner with me?”



It was warm on Saturday. After doing household chores, showering, and shaving, I put on shorts and a tee shirt. It was mid-afternoon when I reached Rita’s home. She was in white shorts that showed her strong legs and lower thighs, and a red, low-cut, tank top that showed the top of her lovely cleavage, and her hair seemed to be lighter than I remembered.

I said, “You look terrific; very sexy.”

Blushing, she said, “I’m glad you think so. I still have a few chores to take care of while you stain. I’ll be back in an hour.”

After she returned, she called out, “How did it go.”

“It’s a small deck. I finished staining it.”

Smiling, she said, “I suppose you want your reward.”

“Yes,” and, as I proceeded to remove her shorts and began to kiss her white panties-covered crotch, her phone rang.

I continued licking Rita’s pussy as she talked on the phone. Couple of times she directed me to lick specific spots on her pussy.

She was still on the phone when her breathing became sharp and rapid, and she whimpered incoherently as an intense orgasm washed over her.

After her orgasm subsided, Rita mumbled, “That was Ellie on the phone. She was glad you were doing your job. I’ll make it up to you after dinner.”

Later, Rita and I went to an Italian restaurant. She looked beautiful in a knee-length, light pink, sleeve-less, sun dress, industrial fishnet stockings, and flat shoes; she wore costume jewelry: dangling ear rings, a necklace, and bangles on her forearms. During dinner, when she asked me how I met Ali, I told her that I first saw her in an English class, fell in love with her, and courted her in college.

As we finished our meals, Rita said, “I have a chocolate cake at home. I can make coffee.”

We left the restaurant after freshening up. After I parked my car outside her garage at the back of her home, Rita and I went to the backyard. After checking the new deck, she showed me her flower garden. It was windy and the bugs did not bother us.

When a gust of wind blew her dress up, I got a glimpse of her fishnet stockings-clad sexy thighs and pink lacy panties, my cock stirred, and I said, “That’s lovely. It deserves a kiss,” and grasped her by the waist.

Blushing, Rita threw her hands around my neck, kissed me, and said, “I would like that. Let’s go to the oak tree; no one can see us in the corner.”

At the tree, I kissed her mouth passionately as I rubbed her covered buttocks, nudged her to lean against the tree, removed my tee shirt and placed it on the ground in front of her, and slid to my knees. I lifted her dress up and, willingly, Rita held it up and watched me as I rubbed her fishnet stockings -covered lower thighs first and then her bare thighs to her crotch. I kissed her lacy, pink, panties, especially the small wet spot that indicated her aroused state.

“I hope you like my panties; I bought them especially for you.”

I mumbled, “I sure do. You look gorgeous,” and resumed licking her covered pussy.

I pulled her panties down to her ankles and got a good look at her thick, brown-grey, bush. Her clit was engorged and glistening, and her thick, mature, labia were wet; both looked delectable and I used my tongue and lips to eat them, pausing often to slurp her love nectar.

Rita mumbled, “Suck my clit; I’m close to cumming,” and she lifted her right leg and hooked it on my shoulder, held on to my head as I sucked her pleasure button, and moaned incoherently as her pussy convulsed on my mouth.

Afterwards, she hugged and kissed me, and whispered. “Thank you for a second orgasm. Let’s go inside.”

Inside her home, Rita said, “Take off your clothes and sit on the couch in the den.”

I said, “Keep on your lacy bra and your fishnet stockings.”

“I was going to. You were ogling me.”

After I took off my clothes, my cock stood straight out and, as I walked to the den, swung in the air.

When Rita stood in front of me, I said, “You’re a truly gorgeous woman.”

After we both freshened up, Rita put on a pink silk robe, and said, “I’m not expecting any company. Here, put on this tank top; I love to see your firm body. Let’s have a small snack. You will need the energy,” and, giggling, gently grasped my cock.

Just as we finished our cake and coffee, her phone rang. Rita answered and mouthed: “It’s Claire.” I went to the den and turned the TV on to a sports channel. I chose a photo album on the shelf to look at the photos of Rita and Harry during their wedding and the year after their marriage. Rita was a beautiful bride. In a series of photos in a bikini, she looked hot. She looked even hotter dressed for Halloween as a cheerleader in a short red-black plaid skirt, a very low-neck tank top, white socks, and her hair in two side pigtails.

Rita came in to the den and said, “Claire called to talk about the florist and the caterer. What are you looking at?”

“Your wedding and other photos. You were a beautiful bride.”

She knelt in front of me, grasped my stiff cock, and said, “Which photos turned you on?”

“You were hot in a bikini; I assume you were on your honeymoon. Also, you dressed as a cheerleader,” and added, “I think you look more gorgeous now.”

Blushing, she said, “I was naughty. Harry knocked me up that night,” and grasped my semi rigid cock.

As my cock grew and became stiff in her grasp, I said, “I’m a bit tired; I can wait. Are you ok with it?”

“Yes. I guess even an insatiable young man has to rest. I’m sure I’ll be sore with the vigorous activity we have had. I am consulting with my gynecologist next week. I’m glad you’re comfortable going out with me. By the way, Ellie will be visiting me for about a week. I’ll call you in a few days.”

“I’ll miss you.”


I did not see Rita for a week or so, but as promised, she called and said, “Ellie is still here, but she’s leaving Friday. In case you are curious, my gynecologist was glad to know that I resumed love making. I told her I was dating a younger guy; she said I should have no problem making love often, but we should enjoy long foreplay sessions. She also recommended I use a lubricating gel, when necessary. I bought more sexy lingerie to encourage fore play.”

“I can’t wait to see you dressed in sexy clothes.”

“I’m sure you would do more than just see.”

“I’ll show my appreciation of your lovely body and beautiful face. I think we should try sex toys.”

Softly, she asked, “What do you have in mind?”

“I can’t tell you now. I’ll buy something after checking the Internet catalogs. By the way, we should celebrate your birthday on Saturday.”

Smiling, she said, “I’m glad you remembered that Ali and I share the same birthday.”



After I arranged for Tim to be with his grandparents, I invited Rita to lunch on Saturday to celebrate her 48th birthday. It was a warm day and she had on a black flowers on white, spaghetti-strap, short, sleeve-less, dress; high-heel sandals, and costume jewelry. She also had on her favorite floral perfume.

When I kissed her mouth passionately, she giggled, and said, “We will be late for lunch,” and gently pushed me away.

At the restaurant, after we ate our salads, I gave her the present I bought, and told her, “It’s a remote-controlled bullet; open it in private.”

Rita whispered, “I missed you for a whole week. I would like to try it,” and left for the ladies room.

A short time later, Rita returned, and with a big smile on her face, whispered, “I’m using it right now. It’s awesome.”

“Where’s the control unit?”

“It’s in my bag. Would you like to have it?”

“When you want me to.”

“I don’t think anyone can hear the buzzing sound, but, to avoid embarrassment, I’ll turn it down to low,” and reached in to her bag.

We managed to carry a conversation as best as we could, but I could see that Rita was sexually aroused by the vibrating bullet in her pussy and I was aroused knowing that my lover’s pussy was juicy by that time.

Later, as I pulled in to her driveway, she giggled happily, and said, “Thank you for the present, lover. It’s awesome.”

I said, “I need to check out the situation.”

As soon as we entered her kitchen, I closed the door, grasped her by her waist, and, as I kissed her mouth passionately, I placed my right hand on her panties-covered pussy; it was very wet and slick with a thicker fluid than I recalled. Then I felt the string for pulling out the bullet and I wanted to see it. Immediately, I slid to my knees.

She said, “If you think it will get in your way, I can take it out.”

“Leave it in. Is it on?”

“Yes, it’s on the lowest frequency.”

After I pulled Rita’s sopping panties down and placed my tongue on her engorged clit, I did feel the vibrating bullet. I licked her sopping clit eagerly. With the bullet vibrating inside her pussy and me licking her clit, Rita had an intense orgasm.

Shyly, Rita said, “Let’s go to my bedroom. I want to wear my baby doll lingerie for you. I feel naughty,” and walked towards her bedroom upstairs.


Her bedroom was painted white with one large window, a large dresser with mirrors, and a king-size bed. I watched her change in to a red baby doll, a red lacy demi bra; red panties and red fishnet thigh thighs; she applied crimson lipstick, and, after combing her hair, pointed to a cushioned, arm-less, chair. After I sat on the chair, I noticed a mirror on the wall to my right. After Rita slowly pirouetted in front of me proudly, she slid to her knees, and watched in the mirror her red lipstick-coated lips wrap around my cock.

After sucking my cock for a minute or so, she whispered, “It tastes great. It’s hard and throbbing. I want it in me,” and, holding my stiff cock in her small hand, slowly straddled my thighs and impaled herself on my cock.

I held her tightly and looking at our reflection in the mirror, I said, “You’re a gorgeous and elegant woman. Thank you for wearing the red fish nets.”

Smiling, she said, “I’m glad you think so. Fill me up. You can seed me, but I can’t get pregnant,” and tightened her vaginal walls around my engorged cock.

“Let’s go to bed. I’ll carry you; just hang on to my neck with your arms and my waist with your long legs. Ok?”


After I lifted Rita up and held her up with my hands on her buttocks, and coupled, she looked at us intimately coupled in the mirror, and said, “Wow, my boobs are crushed against your chest; your cock is poking my cervix.”

Slowly, as Rita kissed my face, neck, and shoulders, I walked slowly carrying her. Suddenly, I realized I was close to my climax.

I set her down on the dresser and said, “Baby, I’m close to cumming. Hold on to me with your arms and legs.”

With urgency, I fucked her pussy in long, fast, thrusts, and, as I came deep inside her vagina, I thrust hard one more time making her grunt involuntarily.

“I’m sorry I got carried away towards the end of my climax.”

Smiling, Rita, said, “You were an animal. I loved it. Lucky me, your cock is still stiff,” and whispered, “Looks like you want to fuck me again. Let’s freshen up and have a snack; you need to eat to be strong,” and giggled.


I went to the kitchen and was having a glass of water when Rita walked in. She smelled of freshly applied perfume; still had on the baby doll, fish net thigh highs, garter belt, and high-heel sandals. She put on stud-diamond ear rings. As she was putting together a tray of cheese and crackers, I kissed her neck and, while grasping her bra-encased boobs, pressed my cock in to her buttocks. She walked to her den, and I followed her watching her sexy buttocks undulate, and carrying a bottle of red wine, and two glasses.

In the den, as we sipped wine and snacked, she said, “Let’s watch a movie.”

I said, “How about Sexy Grandmas? I also bought another CD, Horny Mothers.”

“Let’s see grandmas. I hope the women are old enough to be grannys.”

The first scene was of a very attractive 60+, blonde, lady, dressed provocatively and a young guy. The scene begins with the lady being courted by the young guy in a bar. After they go to her apartment, it didn’t take long for the woman to show her large, slightly sagging, boobs.

Rita said, “Her buttocks droop a bit and are wrinkly; she must be about 65.”

I said, “She looks very attractive. I think the young guy is lucky. She’s very fuckable.”

Blushing, Rita said, “I’m glad you think so,” and added, “Oh, I forgot my love bullet. Let me go get it.”

I grasped her hand, placed it on my partially aroused cock, and said, “We can also use my pistol.”

Blushing, she asked, “You plan to use it while we watch the movie?”

“I would love to.”

After Rita returned with her bullet in hand, I pulled her to sit in my lap and slowly snaked my growing cock in to her juicy pussy, removed her baby doll, and grasped her demi bra-covered boobs. I rubbed her back and meaty buttocks. I made her lean forward to see first her puckered pink ass hole and then my fat cock in her bushy cunt.

As the young guy began to lick the grandma’s hairy pussy, my cock grew some more, and a small amount of cum flowed out of it. Soon, he was fucking her vigorously.

Rita said, “It turns me on to see a woman much older than me fucking a young man.”

I pulled her to lean against my chest, opened her thighs a bit more, began to use the bullet on her clit, and said, “There’s more to a woman than how old she is. Some women can fuck well in to their later years.”

“I’m impressed the woman is to take the pounding for a long time. I’m sure I would be sore if I did that.”

To tease her, I said, “You want me to have a quick trigger.”

“All I am saying is I’m happy you bring me orgasms, but I don’t want a sore pussy from excessive pounding.”

I noticed Rita was breathing heavily and squirming. In the movie, at the urging of the young guy, the grandma agreed to fuck him while he was seated on a sofa. As she French kissed him passionately, she squatted over his crotch and, after he stuffed his big sausage-size cock in to her old pussy, she repeatedly pounded her crotch against his until she had an orgasm.

After a while, I had Rita lie on her back. She looked sexy in just her lacy, demi bra. Her pussy was slick and its walls grasped my cock tightly. I inserted my stiff cock deep in to her slick pussy, for several minutes I kissed her neck, lips, and cleavage. I fucked her in slow, long, strokes, for a minute and paused to squeeze her demi bra-covered boobs. I savored the contact between my crotch and her meaty crotch. I was too excited and had my climax deep in Rita’s love channel.

Afterwards, as we rested, she said, “I’m glad you had another climax.”

“You’re a sexy woman. I’m loving being with you.”


Later, as Rita freshened up, she said, “It’s a nice day. I would like to go the state fair and then to a movie.”

“I’ll go with you. Do you want me to grill burgers for our dinner?”

“Let’s see what we can find at the fair.”

Rita dressed in a white, sleeve-less, blouse, a beige skirt, sandals, sunglasses, costume jewelry, and a white cotton hat.

As we walked to my car, she said, “I’m going bra-less. The pockets are covering my nipples.”

I said, “You look very elegant and sexy.”

My rigid cock stiffened more every time I saw Rita’s boobs jiggle. She noticed the tent formed in my pants by my stiffy and just smiled.

After I bought her cotton candy, she said, “I want to go on the water ride.”

“Ok, but we will get wet.”

“That’s the idea on a warm day.”

During the ride, we screamed as loudly as we could. Initially, I had my arms around Rita’s waist; later, I had them around her chest and they kept her boobs from getting wet.

When she saw a taco stand, she said, “Let’s eat tacos for dinner. You can grill burgers another time.”

Later, I sat across from Rita at a picnic table and my cock stiffened just seeing her distended nipples; we let our clothes dry as we ate tacos and drank beer in the sun.

We ate our tacos and an ice cream cone I bought her at a picnic table. Rita made sure I saw her licking the cone lovingly, as if it was my cock.


We went to see movie set in France at the turn of the century in a small theater that was half full. Rita chose the movie because it starred Michelle Pfeiffer and was billed as an older woman/younger man romance. After we sat in the last row, another couple, an attractive, well-dressed, older woman about 40 years old and a handsome younger man, about 25 years old, sat two rows ahead of us. The woman had a scarf around her head, as if she didn’t want to be recognized.

I said, “That lady is old enough to be his mom.”

Rita nudged me a short time later when the young man was kissing the woman passionately on her mouth and said, “That’s not a mother-son kiss.”

Soon after the lights were dimmed, I undid the top buttons of Rita’s blouse and grasped her shiny right boob, leaned towards her, and French kissed her passionately.

Gently Rita pushed my hand off of her boob and whispered, “Don’t you want to watch the movie?”

“I want to love you. You look gorgeous.”

A short time later, Rita nudged me to look at the couple in front of us: it seemed that the young man had exposed the older woman’s large boobs and was suckling them; later, he was trying to bury his face in her crotch. The couple quickly covered themselves with their clothes when an attendant led two late comers to the seats in the font.

Rita did not object when I began to suckle her right nipple. Wanting to taste her pussy nectar, I turned to my left, placed my right hand on her left thigh, and slowly moved it towards her crotch. I saw Rita was intently watching the screen. When my hand came in contact with her panties, she opened her legs enough to let me snake two fingers past the edge of her panties to her hairy mound. I stopped for a moment and then inserted my two middle fingers in to her pussy. For several minutes, I slowly moved my fingers back and forth, and rotated them. I stopped to let her enjoy being stimulated.

After a while, Rita whispered, “Play with my clit,” and I grasped her clit, slick with her love nectar, and began to squeeze it between my fingers and thumb; her breathing quickened and she spread her thighs more.

Rita grasped my left arm and whispered, “Don’t stop. I’m close,” and, as I continued to squeeze her clit, her pussy convulsed uncontrollably around my fingers.

I noticed the young man was also leaning towards his older lover; presumably, he was also fingering her cunt. A short time later, I saw the older woman bend her face towards the young man’s crotch. I do not know if the woman sucked off her young man because the movie ended a short time later.

Rita went to freshen up. In the lobby of the theater, as I waited for her, I saw the older woman walk out of the theater alone and go to the ladies room. The younger man walked out of the theater well behind her.

After Rita freshened up, as I drove, she said, “Thank you for bringing me off. Are you ok?”

“I enjoyed getting you off. I can wait till we reach home. Did you enjoy watching the older woman-younger man make out in front of us?”

“Yes. As I expected, the young guy was aggressive. I was really impressed how uninhibited the older woman was. She let her lover do what ever he wanted.”

“I saw her walk out alone; later, the young man walked out alone too. May be she is married to another man.”

After we were at her home, Rita said, “I know that mature woman. She’s Daisy Miller, a history teacher at the high school. Her lover, Ron, graduated from high school a few years ago. When Harry was the Superintendent, there were rumors that Daisy was having an affair with one of her students. But, no one could produce evidence of her affair. She divorced her husband, who was older than her, for abandoning her for golf and having affairs with waitresses. Earlier, in the ladies room, she told me that her daughter and her two kids were visiting her. That explains why she and Ron were so amorous in the theater.”

“How do you know Daisy?”

“She invited me to a meeting of a local support group for recently divorced or widowed women, known by the abbreviation RDWW,” and, giggling, added, “I stopped going to that group’s meetings after you seduced me. After a RDWW meeting, she told me in great detail her relationship with young Ron and told me that it’s ok for me to let you love me.”

“I’m curious.”

“Ok, I’ll summarize what Daisy told me. Ron was one of the seniors in her history class a few years back. He was a well-mannered young man, about 6-ft, 170 lb, and a full head of brown hair. He always addressed her as Mrs. Miller. He lived a couple of blocks away from her home with his divorced mom, who worked as a waitress and was not home much. After high school, he studied landscape design and maintenance at a nearby community college, and started his own business. Daisy kept hearing rumors about her husband having affairs, including with Ron’s mom. She did not understand how her husband did not find her, a 5-ft 4-in, 115 lb, blonde with a 36C bust, attractive. But, she did not have an affair with one of her students.

“One evening, Ron, now 22 years old, came to Daisy’s home and apologized to her for his mom’s behavior. After that visit, they began to talk regularly, often for several hours in the evenings at her home. He also listened to her when she would get upset with her husband’s affairs. In fact, Ron suggested that an attractive woman like her should have no trouble finding a man better than her husband, and that men younger than her would treat her better than her much older husband. He offered to mow her large yard after she divorced her husband. In return, she fed him after he mowed her yard and, on warm evenings, she allowed him to shower in the guest bathroom. As far as Daisy and her neighbors were concerned, she was a surrogate mom to a young man.

“Ron liked action movies and she appreciated him for taking her to a movie once a month and giving her presents on her birthday. She confessed that she was attracted to Ron, but when she went to movies with him she dressed to look old and dowdy to see if Ron would still be attracted to her. Daisy was delighted when Ron kissed her mouth passionately after he took her home from a movie; he told her she was a gorgeous woman. She invited Ron to go with her to a Halloween party at her friend’s home; she dressed as a cheerleader and he as a football player. During that party, Daisy saw that Ron was stealing glances at her hair arranged in two pigtails, her bosom in a tight-fitting tank top, and her shapely stockings-covered thighs under a very short plaid skirt. After the party, she was happy to go trick or treating with a young man dressed as a football player. Later, Ron thanked her for taking him to a Halloween party, told her that she looked very sexy in the cheerleader costume and smelled nice, and kissed her pouty mouth passionately.

“A part of Daisy’s mind said she should not socialize with Ron, but another part said she should because he was no longer a student at the school, she longed for a hard, young, cock in her pussy, and her ex-husband was running around with young waitresses. When Daisy found out that Ron would be home alone on Christmas day, she invited him for a ham dinner in the afternoon. On Christmas day, she finished decorating her home. Then she dressed up in a red, short-sleeve, low-neck, dress, and sprayed perfume on her cleavage. Ron put on dress slacks and a dress shirt. She thought he looked very handsome and told him he looks good. He told her she looked very attractive and thanked her for celebrating Christmas with him. She brought out her camera and took pictures of the dinner table and Ron. They shared a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, her favorite red wine, he brought. He thanked her when she gave him a nice dress shirt. She felt happy and, when she flirted with him, he caught her under the mistletoe, and kissed her first on her cheeks and then her mouth until she slipped out of his arms. When she saw snow showers outside, she wanted to go out after changing her clothes; Ron pleaded with her to put on the cheerleader costume; he promised that when she got cold, they would come inside. So they went to the backyard, which had a high fence, where they played a game of chasing each other and whoever got caught kissed the other, so that he kissed her several times. Daisy felt young; her pussy tingled being chased by Ron who also groped her boobs and buttocks every time he caught her.

“After they went in, Ron took photos of Daisy in the cheerleader costume. He then watched her make ham sandwiches and open a bottle of Chardonnay she had in the refrigerator. After they each had a glass of Chardonnay and a sandwich, Ron pulled Daisy to sit in his lap, played with her pigtails, and kissed her neck. He told Daisy that she was a great kisser and suggested they play, “spin the bottle.” She said, “We did plenty of kissing outside.” He said, “How about playing for removing clothing.” She said, “Ok, boy. I’ll beat your pants off,” and they both sat on the living room floor and spun an empty bottle; after a while, Ron had no clothes on and Daisy still had her bra, panties, and plaid skirt on. When Daisy stood up to declare her victory, her panties-covered crotch was at the same height as Ron’s face. Impulsively, he grasped her around her thighs, pushed his head under her skirt, and kissed her crotch. Daisy squealed in surprise and ran to the dining room. When Ron followed her with his stiff cock jutting out of his crotch, Daisy stood still mesmerized by the sight of Ron’s massive cock, and muttered, “That’s an impressive tool.” Ron mumbled, “You’re gorgeous,” grasped her bra-covered boobs from behind, lifted up her short skirt and, while kissing her neck, pushed his stiff cock in to her soft covered buttocks. Being very excited, he had a climax and his cock spewed out jets of cum on to her covered buttocks. Ron was embarrassed and said, “I’m very sorry.” Daisy said, “It’s ok. You’re young and got excited,” and led him to the bathroom and cleaned his cock with a warm wash cloth. When Ron’s cock stiffened some more, smiling, she said, “Put that thing away, stud. Go get dressed.” In turn, Ron mumbled, “I want to lick. I have dreamt of eating your pussy for a long time, Mrs. M,” and, after removing her panties soiled at her crotch, he nudged her to stand against the vanity, pushed his face in to her crotch, searched for her pussy in her hairy crotch with his lips, and licked her juicy pussy and slick, engorged, clit. Being already very excited due to being groped and kissed for couple of hours, Daisy had an intense orgasm as her pussy convulsed uncontrollably against Ron’s mouth. She realized that Ron, unlike her ex-husband, loved to eat her pussy.

“Later she grasped his stiff, cum-leaking cock, and told him she’s afraid of catching a disease and she would arrange for both to take blood tests. When she said she would love to play with his cock and balls, he agreed eagerly and mumbled it would make him happy to be loved by his beautiful girlfriend. After she freshened up, she led him to a chair; after he sat in it, she knelt between his splayed legs, grasped his 7-in-long cock, and licked along its length and took just the bulbous head in to her mouth. Ron held on to her pig tails, as he felt his cum dribble when she sucked his cock head. He leaned forward and grasped her bra-covered boobs. Daisy removed her bra, leaned forward, and wrapped her soft boobs around Ron’s cock; after a short while, she massaged his cock with her boobs. They both watched in fascination as multiple jets of his cum blew out of his piss hole, hitting her neck and chin. Daisy kept Ron’s cock wrapped by her boobs until it softened slightly.

“Daisy reminded him to go to the clinic for the blood test and that he is her date to a new year’s dinner and dance at her country club. When Daisy suggested that they would not have much time to get together for several days, Ron pleaded with her to let him see her next day; softly, he told her that making oral love was not risky. Blushing, she agreed to see him. Next day evening, Ron arrived at Daisy’s home with a bouquet of a dozen roses. He was delighted to see her in the cheer leader costume. As he hugged her, he realized that his mature lover was not wearing a bra; immediately, he lifted her blouse and suckled her nipples. After she sat in front of him in the living room, he saw she was not wearing panties. He did not know what Daisy had planned, until she told him to take off his clothes and lay on his back on the couch. She straddled his chest and slowly slithered to bring her aroused pussy to his face. She kept her pussy at just enough distance so that he could lick or suck it. After a while, her oozed out love nectar coated his chin, mouth, and nose, and she had a long, intense, orgasm.

“Quickly, Daisy turned around and began to suck on his cum-leaking cock. She knew Ron was examining her buttocks, ass hole, and wet pussy, and she felt very loved. Soon, Ron’s cock let loose several jets of his sperm-laden cum in to her mouth. A few days later, Ron sent Daisy a text message that he was clean; she replied that she was too. Ron sent another message saying that he is growing a beard and sent a photo; Daisy thought he looked handsome and a bit mature.

“For the dinner and dance, Daisy had her hair done, put on diamond stud ear rings and a necklace with a diamond pendant, a form-fitting, black, spaghetti strap, open-back, mini dress, and a matching black jacket; black, silk, thigh highs, garter belt; black, silk, panties, and black patent 4-in pump shoes. She sprayed small amounts of her favorite perfume on her neck, cleavage, and top of her crotch. Ron put on a navy blue suit and a red tie. When Ron first saw her at her home, he told her that she looked very sexy. His cock became stiff and stayed that way most of that evening. They sat with an older couple, acquaintances of Daisy, who spent most of the night visiting with other friends. They had buffet dinner with wine. Ron danced well, but preferred the slow dances when he could hold his beautiful girlfriend close. At midnight, after a toast for a Happy New Year with champagne, a very happy Daisy kissed Ron passionately. Daisy saw her husband with a young woman and decided to go home soon after midnight.

“At her home, Daisy let Ron remove her dress until she was only in the thigh highs, garter belt, and panties. In turn, she removed all of Ron’s clothes and hugged his hard, naked, body. With Ron standing behind her, she placed his hands on her magnificent boobs, grasped his stiff cock, and led him to her bedroom. She got on her bed, stretched out on her back, lifter her legs, and let Ron eat her juicy pussy until she had an intense orgasm. She then guided his stiff cock in to her pussy. Being a caring young man, Ron fucked Daisy with love and passion until he had a climax. Ron’s cock was still stiff. He wanted to remain coupled in Daisy’s arms, and his mature lover obliged him happily. In fact, Daisy and Ron remained in bed most of the next day.”


I said, “What a horny, love, story. Now, I’m turned on.”

At the bottom of the stairs, I pleaded with Rita, “Take off your clothes.”

After she took off her clothes, I slid to my knees in front of her and licked her still wet pussy until it became very juicy. Wanting to fuck, I turned her around to take her from behind, but she escaped from me, and quickly walked up the stairs to the bedroom.

I ran up behind her, caught her in front of the dresser, and muttered, “I want to fuck beautiful woman,” and began to hump her naked buttocks.

By chance, my stiff cock slipped in to Rita’s juicy pussy, and she said, “Fuck me, stud,” and bent over the dresser. I was too aroused and it did not take long for me to have a very satisfying climax.

We were having a snack, when she said, “Here is an album of private photos Harry took,” and together we looked at pictures taken over several years.

She looked sexy in all of them. Most of the photos revealed her sexy boobs, but a few were of her totally nude; I noted she had a heavy growth of pubic hair even when she was young.

I said, “Baby, you’re still gorgeous. Were you a beauty queen?”

Shyly, she said, “Yes, I was elected “Miss Dairy” of the county.”

I nudged her to sit in my lap and, while holding her boobs underneath her robe, I kissed her mouth, and said, “You’re still a beauty queen.”

Rita said, “You’re a horny young man, but you’re also gentle with me. By the way, I will be busy with Claire’s wedding.”

“You mean I can’t see you for a whole week?”

She said, “Yes.”


Several weeks before Claire’s wedding, Rita asked me, “Please, be my escort at the wedding.”

“Yes. I would be honored to be your escort.”

I did not see Rita for a whole week before the wedding as she was busy helping Claire. I saw Rita looking gorgeous and sexy at the wedding in a beige, long-sleeve, full-length, low-cut dress, a pearl necklace, and pearl ear rings. Later, at the reception and during the dinner, I stayed close to her, and could smell her perfume and see her sexy figure. When the band started playing, she danced with me, while pressing her boobs in to me and occasionally groping my crotch.

As Claire and her husband, and their friends continued to party, Rita said, “I need fresh air,” and walked out to the garden.

I followed her and we sat on a bench overlooking a lake. When I put my right arm around her shoulders, she leaned to wards me and French kissed me.

She then placed my right hand on her covered boob and whispered, “This puppy needs loving. They missed you.”

I said, “I missed both puppies and you too. You look gorgeous.”

When we heard some members of the bridal party nearby, she gave me a door key, and whispered, “Join me in my room. I want this night to be a special one,” and left.

After I freshened up in a hotel’s restroom, I went to Rita’s room, and opened the door. I saw Rita standing in a short, pink, see-through, baby doll, a pearl necklace, and pearl ear rings. My cock got stiffer just looking at her. Quickly, I removed my clothes to my underwear.

When I hugged her passionately, she whispered, “I feel like a new bride,” and pushing her buttocks against my hard on, added, “I guess you like me.”

“Yes. You’re gorgeous.”

I stood behind her, inserted my hands underneath her robe, and grasped her unfettered, large, soft, boobs and gently pinched her nipples. I turned her to face me and, as I French kissed her for a long time, her grasp on my cock got tighter; in turn, my cock grew bigger and stiffer. I nudged her to sit on a sofa and quickly slid to my knees on the carpeted floor. I lifted her right leg and kissed it up from her ankles to her strong thighs. After I licked her left leg, I found my nose was close to her hairy crotch and I inhaled her aroused-state aromas.

When I licked her pussy, I found it was wet and slick with her love nectar, she started whimpering, and said, “I missed your tongue. Lick me. Lick meeeeee. Lick meeeeeee,” and had an intense orgasm.

I lowered my underwear and quickly snaked my leaking cock in to her juicy pussy. I was deep in Rita’s pussy. Immediately, my cock started to leak streams of cum in to her love channel. I heard my phone ringing.

Reluctantly, I picked it up, and a woman’s voice said, “I’m Lilly. Laura Hughes is my daughter-in-law. Are you Tom Davis?”


“Your sister delivered a baby girl. Baby and mom are doing fine. Ok?”

I said, “Thank you for calling. I will visit my sister and niece soon.”

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