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Cookie Time Again

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I peeked out the window of the door and saw the smiling face of little Julie Anderson, the neighbor girl who lived down the road a piece. She was wearing her scout uniform, and judging by the time of year and the things she was carrying, I knew what the visit was about.

“Hi Julie!” I said as I opened the door. “Cookie time again I’ll bet.”

“You’re right Mr. Hall!” Julie said, giving me a big smile that revealed a set of braces that matched her bright red hair. “Hope you still have a sweet tooth.”

“I sure do,” I said. “Come on in out of the chill.”

I stepped aside and let little Julie in, and as she entered the house I noticed that little Julie wasn’t so little anymore. Although she was still as thin as ever she had gotten taller, and was only more a few inches shorter than my 5’9″.

I put my arm around Julie in my usual grandfatherly way and escorted her into the kitchen, pulling out a chair and getting her to sit down.

“How about a drink?” I said. “Whiskey? Beer? Ice tea?”

Julie giggled and said she would like a glass of ice tea, so I fetched the pitcher out of the fridge and poured her a tall one before easing down into the chair across the table from her.

I had been buying cookies from the scouts since – heck – since back when Grace was alive – and had a particular preference for those thin mints. These days though, being alone like I had been since Grace passed, I welcomed the company more than the cookies, and ever though the girls probably dreaded having to sit and chat with an old fool like yours truly, I usually bought enough to make it worth their while.

“So Julie,” I said as I watched her lift the glass to her lips. “How come you’re all alone this year? You always come around with – what’s her name – the Evans girl and the other one.”

“They quit scouts,” Julie said. “They think it’s corny. I guess it is but, oh well. Nothing else for me to do.”

“Well, I think it’s a fun thing to be a part of. If you weren’t still in it, were would I get my cookies from?” I told Julie, who did this cute little twitching of her pug nose when she giggled.

“Besides, don’t tell anybody but you were always my favorite anyway,” I said as I reached over and patted her arm, which seemed to have become even more covered with freckles than ever, and the feel of the long pale down that graced her forearm made me shiver in addition to making me feel guilty.

“So, you’re probably going to be entering high school pretty soon, aren’t you Julie?” I said.

“College you mean?” Julie asked as she looked at me as if I was senile. “I’m graduating high school soon.”

“College? I said. “How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” Julie said, and as I tried to figure out where the world the time had gone my eyes strayed to Julie’s chest, and the tiny swells beneath the sash of her uniform shirt.

“I know I don’t look it,” Julie said apologetically as she seemed to notice where my eyes went.

“Getting old will happen to you someday, if you live long enough,” I told Julie with a grin. “The years go by so fast when you get older. Grace – it seems like last year that she passed away instead of four years ago.”

“Five years,” Julie said, correcting me, and as I did the math and concluded she was right I shook my head.

“See what I mean?” I said, taking my glasses off and wiping my eyes with my sleeve, getting emotional over Grace as well as loathing the memory lapses that reflected my advancing age. “Oh well. You’re only 64 once.”

“You don’t look 64,” Julie said.

“Does that mean I look younger or older?” I kidded.

“Younger silly,” Julie said. “My grandfather is 65 and he looks way older than you.”

“Poor guy.”

“I’m serious,” Julie said, her braces gleaming and her freckles glowing on her cheeks. “You always reminded me of the angel in the movie It’s A Wonderful Life.”

“Clarence?” I said, returning her smile. “Okay. I guess it could be worse. So why am I babbling about me falling apart with a pretty young woman in front of me. The prom must be coming up soon.”

“Next month,” Julie said without smiling.

“Aren’t you going?”

“No,” Julie said. “It’s – you know, it’s kind of expensive. The dress and all.”

I was going to offer to buy her a dress. It’s only money, and I have a little, but as I looked at her I suspected that the reason she wasn’t going wasn’t because of the lack of money.

Despite my fondness for Julie, I guess if I looked beyond my tunnel vision, maybe the truth was that Julie wasn’t all that attractive. I mean, I thought she was adorable, but I guess you could say that she wasn’t what you would call well developed, and maybe the plethora of freckles that seemed to cover all of the pale skin visible to me wasn’t every one’s cup of tea either. Grace had a lot of freckles, which might have been why I was partial to them.

“Well, I didn’t go to any of my proms either,” I confessed. “Although if I was in your class this year I would have made an exception to that.”

This got Julie laughing again, and the sound of her giggling was infectious. Julie ended up spending the next two hours sitting at my table, telling me about video games, Twilight books, a guy called Justin Beeper or something and a whole lot of other people that I knew nothing about.

She managed to sell me cookies too. Ten boxes of them, and when she asked me what I was going to do with all of them, I told her.

“Eat them, what do you think?” I said. “Maybe if you have time you could come back and help me eat them. You like the thin mints?”

“They’re okay, but I like the coconut ones better,” Julie confessed.

“In that case, add a box of them to my order,” I said, and when Julie thought I was kidding I made it 2 boxes and had her write it down on the form. “That way you have to come back after you deliver them and help me eat them.”

“Okay,” Julie chirped.

“I’m only kidding,” I said. “About having to come back I mean.”

“I know, but I will,” Julie said. “I have fun talking with you. Maybe you can teach me that game you said you like to play.”

Julie was referring to Gin Rummy, but as she spoke I was thinking of another game I used to play a lot when my wife was around. Poor Julie – the sweet thing had no idea what was going through my mind – and that was a good thing.

I was mentally undressing her, imagining I was slipping off that sash and unbuttoning her blouse. I fantasized that her skin was a pale white and that the freckles that were plentiful on her face and arms also were on her shoulders.

Julie’s breasts were small, that much I could tell from watching her grow up over the years, but that was fine by me. Pert little handfuls of titty that were probably quite firm, maybe untouched by any of the neighborhood boys. Even fantasizing about them made my cock surge in my trousers.

Did Julie have a hairy pussy? I hated myself for even thinking about it, but that didn’t stop me from imagining her with a nice furry muff, a blazing red bush that was so thick that you could hardly see the lips of her sex. Hair was never a problem for me. Gracie had a jungle between her legs, and I used to worship it.

Just then, I realized that I had been stroking Julie’s arm all that time, and Julie’s expression had changed as her skin got all goose-bumpy and the fine hairs on her arms stood up straight.

“Mr. Hall?” Julie whispered to me as my hand left her arm and slipped underneath the sash of her uniform.

“You’re so pretty, honey,” I said, cursing myself as my hand squeezed her breast through her blouse and bra.

Even smaller than I had imagined, I mused while kneading Julie’s titty through the fabric of her blouse and what felt like a padded bra, but that was fine by me. Even better, while Julie’s chest was heaving and her eyes were open as wide as possible, she wasn’t stopping me.

I kissed her, all the time knowing that I was going to hell. Julie let me kiss her, and when my tongue pushed into her mouth she even used her own to duel with mine. She was melting in my arms, and all of a sudden I wasn’t an old man but 18 like Julie.

My eyes were open while we kissed, and so when I brought her hand down to my crotch I saw her eyes pop open when I put my hand on the bulge. I hadn’t been this hard in years, and as I held her hand down on my lap I asked her if she had been with any boys.

“Sort of,” Julie mumbled, her breath ragged, and after I coaxed my zipper down I brought Julie’s little hand through the open fly and into my boxer shorts.

“Oh!” I groaned when Julie’s hand took my cock under my urging, and it was all I could do to keep from cumming right her away when I felt her fingers wrap around it.

“Oh honey,” I groaned when I felt her fingers squeeze my cock.

“Your dick is big, isn’t it Mr. Hall?” Julie asked me, proving that while she may have been innocent she wasn’t all THAT innocent.

“I guess,” was all I could say in response, and when I kissed her again Julie kissed me back hard.

My hand, which usually ached with a mild case of arthritis, was doing just fine, and after sliding down the outside of Julie’s blouse and deftly undoing a couple of buttons, it slid inside. I nudged the padded harness upward and found her titties every bit as firm as I had suspected.

I felt her nipple stiffen as I massaged the lemon-sized breast, and became aware that Julie had begun to move her hand up and down as best she could given the confines of my clothing. My cock was throbbing, and it seemed like I had been drooling cum because I was all sticky down there.

“We could have more fun if we took off some of these clothes,” I suggested, looking at Julie with her blouse hanging open and her bra pulled up to her neck.

“I better not Mr. Hall,” Julie said, her pale complexion flushed and her breathing heavy, and she pulled her hand out of my trousers and looked ready to bolt.

“Just some of them?” I asked as I pulled the sash of her uniform off her shoulder and opened the blouse up.

“They’re so little,” Julie lamented as she looked down at her breasts, the half lemon-sized buds exposed with the most adorable little nipples – no bigger than my own – sitting proudly on the pale titties.

“They aren’t that small,” I said. “Cute how the freckles stop right there.”

My fingers traced the border of where the freckles grew around her breastbone, and it seemed like I could feel her heart beating as her chest heaved.

“Darcy – Darcy Hamilton,” Julie said as she watched my wrinkled fingers slide on her shin. “She always makes fun of my boobies because hers are way bigger.”

“These will grow,” I assured her. “Although they’re perfect as they are. Darcy, is she a friend? Do you and her have fun like this? Does she do this to you?”

I slid my hand down and started to gently massage her left breast, and it was clear that Julie would never make it as a poker player, because the way she looked at me after I asked her about her and her friend made it clear that the answer was yes.”

“I – I really got to go, Mr. Hall.”

“Please honey,” I asked, or more accurately, begged. “Just stay for a little while longer. You don’t have to touch me any more if you don’t want to. Can’t blame you for not wanting to touch an ugly old man.”

“You’re not ugly, Mr. Hall,” she insisted with an earnest expression. “I like you lots, it’s just that I start feeling funny when I do stuff like this. All tingly inside.”

“That’s only natural, honey. I feel it too,” I assured her. “Just take your blouse off for a minute for me. That’s it.”

I moved my hands away so she could pull the blouse out from under her skirt, and then she timidly pulled it off her skinny shoulders with the galaxy of freckles that covered them.

“You’re so pretty, Julie. I’d love to spend the day counting all of your beautiful freckles,” I kidded while she bit her lower lip and lowered her head. “Let’s get this harness off too so I can really look at you.”

Julie started to reach back to unhook her bra but then decided to just pull it over her head. As she untangled the contraption and got it over her head I caught a glimpse of burnt orange before she lowered her arms again.

“What was that I saw under your arms?” I asked playfully, and Julie giggled and fought off my attempts to raise her arm again. “Let me see.”

“No,” Julie giggled, pinning her elbows to her sides, and finally relented when she saw I wasn’t about to give up. “Omigod, I’m so embarrassed.”

“About what?” I said as I grabbed her bony wrist and raised that reed thin arm.

“Haven’t shaved in a couple of days,” Julie said as her face turned even redder as I exposed her armpit.

At first I thought that Julie had full blownhair under her arms which would have really tripped my trigger, but in fact her underarms had been shaved, just not recently, and the deep pockets of her underarms were coated with a dense burnt-orange-hued stubble.

“You shouldn’t shave at all,” I said, reaching over to run my index finger up and down her moist armpit, finding the hair much softer than it looked. “I know things are different these days but Grace, back when she was your age, never shaved her armpits. That was back in our hippie days when we used to go to Grateful Dead concerts and stuff.”

“You did?” Julie said.

“Sure did,” I said as I let Julie lower her arm. “I’ve got a picture of us back then that I’ll dig out someday with me and my ponytail and Grace in her tie-dye tank-top with no bra and hair under her arms, so there’s no need to be embarrassed.”

“I went a week without shaving once,” Julie said, scrunching her face up. “I mean, Kyle Roth in my Civics class has pit hair, but she can get away with it better than me, because I’m just so…”

“Hairy?” I asked, not believing what I was saying. “Down below? Are you really hairy down there?”

“Mr. Hall, I really got to go,”

“I understand, Julie,” I said as she yanked her bra back on and got her things together, and after she got her clothes back on and stood up as she did. “You are going to come back with the cookies, aren’t you?”

“Of course, Mr. Hall,” Julie said, looking briefly at the tent my erection was making in baggy trousers.

“I don’t want you to be mad at me, Julie,” I said, my voice starting to crack. “I’m sorry for all this. I hope that you never end up like me, alone and lonely and starving for affection.”

I was getting emotional, but it was more because I was afraid of Julie going home and telling her mother what went on here. I mean, Julie was of legal age and all, but this whole thing getting around town would make my already miserable life even worse.

“I’m not mad, Mr. Hall,” Julie said. “I’m scared. Scared of myself. I like you a lot, and when you said those things about me you made me fell all…”

“Tingly?” I finished for her, and she nodded.

“Well, it was all true,” I said. “Outside of my Grace, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever touched.”

I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, and when my boner grazed her hip it was accidental. Julie smiled and went to the door, but as her hand touched the knob she stopped and looked back at me.

“I – I’ll stay a little while longer.”


What was I doing stepping out of my boxer shorts in my bedroom? Our bedroom, since the pictures of Grace were still there everywhere you looked and made it seem like in some ways she was still around.

What would Grace think of me at this moment? Good question. She might not think much of me, even though she wasn’t one of the pious holier-than-thou types, but I could always lean back on one of the last things she told me before she passed.

“You don’t sit around the house and mope after I’m gone,” Grace had said when we had stopped pretending that the end wasn’t near for her. “You find yourself somebody to spend time with.”

I’m sure that she was definitely not thinking of little Julie Anderson when she said that. NOT little, I kept telling myself. I was only a couple of inches taller than her and she was old enough to vote, even if she didn’t look it.

When Julie had decided to stay, we had a talk out in the living room, and all I did was listen and nod. Now I was climbing onto the bed, naked as the day I was born, waiting for Julie to come out of the bathroom.

Would she be naked? I didn’t know, although I would love to see all of her. All we were going to do was fool around. Julie had made that clear out in the living room.

I heard the bathroom door open, and then Julie came into the bedroom. She closed the door behind her and walked toward the bed. She was fully clothed but was pulling her blouse off as she got near me, and she had taken the bra off before she joined me. She looked so precious.

Julie gave me a nervous smile as she got onto the bed and knelt at my lip, looking with trepidation at my now flaccid cock as she took a deep breath before reaching down and lifting it off my thigh.

I exhaled loudly as she pulled on it gently before beginning to massage it, taking a great deal of interest in my foreskin as she retracted it a few times. Maybe she had never seen an uncircumcised one before, I wondered, but she did take delight in playing with it.

I had lost the erection I had before, but I had every confidence that it would return, and not just because I could gaze at Julie’s perky titties just a couple of feet away. It was the way Julie was handling my genitals, which was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

Her tiny fingers kneaded the rubbery flesh almost like it was dough, rubbing me in the spot between the base of my cock and my balls and then like a flutist working her hands all the way up to the tip before going back down.

I was getting a hand job, but until I became fully erect it had none of the usual characteristics of one. Even when I got hard, her hands weren’t jacking me off so much as coaxing and pulling on me with both hands, milking me with exaggerated motions while staring open mouthed at what she was doing.

Was she trying to tease me? Trying to keep me on the brink of orgasm? I don’t think so, but there I was for what seemed like forever, writhing on the sheets as Julie pulled and stroked my cock in between squeezing my balls.

“That’s nice Julie,” I sighed while I watched Julie’s hands in action. “You do this so well. I’m guessing you’ve done this before.”

“I did this to a few boys,” Julie replied, taking delight in working my foreskin up and down the head of my cock while biting her lower lip studiously. “Theirs weren’t nearly as big as yours though. Yours is awesome.”

It wasn’t that hot in the room, but I was dripping with sweat from head to toe, and Julie’s forehead was beaded with sweat. At one point Julie asked me if I was alright, probably because I looked like I was having a stroke or something, grabbing at the sheets while I tried to will my orgasm to arrive.

Then it came. My eyes got blurry but I could see well enough to witness myself ejaculating like I hadn’t done in decades, the first spurt flying up in the air as my entire body felt like an electric charge went through it.

I came and came and came, and even though I was probably done ejaculating it still felt like I was. Beside me, Julie had let out an “Oh!” when I first came, but never stopped pulling on my cock with a wild-eyed look on her face.

My cock went limp quickly after that, but Julie kept playing with it, although now her touch had become gentle like she had been in the beginning. I was looking up at the ceiling while catching my breath, but was still looking at Julie out of the corner of my eye.

She seemed to be making sure I wasn’t watching when she brought her right hand up off of my cock and licked a rope of my seed off of the back of her fingers. I pretended I didn’t see it, although I thought it was so cute a gesture, and then she was gone, returning in a moment with a wet and warm cloth which she used to give me an intimate cleaning.

“Was that good?” Julie asked after she cleaned me, and all I could do was smile and look at her like she was crazy before finally whispering that it was incredible.

“Don’t get up,” Julie said as she got up and put her blouse back on. “I’ll let myself out. Thank you Mr. Hall.”

Thank you? What did I do besides have an orgasm, the likes of which I hadn’t experienced in so long I couldn’t recall. Maybe never, because I had thought my days of getting pleasure from anything besides my own hands were over.

“Thank you,” I wheezed as she left the room. “See you again.”

That was more of a question than a statement, but I was too much in a daze to think much about it then.


I didn’t see Julie for a week after that, although to be precise I did see her once a couple of days after my magical hand job. I happened to be looking out the window for the mailman when I saw her.

Julie had her school books clutched to her chest and was staring at my house from a little ways down the road. The school bus must have just let her off at the stop down the road a way, but Julie’s house was almost a mile from mine, and she looked like she was deciding whether to stop by or not.

I went around to the door to call out to her but she was already gone, and when I went out to the road Julie was already well down the street and our of earshot. The temptation to hop in the car to go get her was there, but I decided against it.


After aimlessly channel surfing in search of something bearable to watch, I was about to go to be to read a book when I happened to look towards the front door. There was somebody out there, which was strange because it was after 9, and as I got up I heard a timid tap on the glass. I put my bathrobe on over my pajamas as I went to the door with some apprehension

“Julie!” I said happily.

“Hi Mr. Hall,” Julie said. “Can I talk to you?”

“Not out there you can’t,” I said as I opened the door to let her in.

Julie was wearing a windbreaker and what looked like pajama bottoms – blue ones with kitty cats all over them, and after I brought her into the living room I asked her how she got up here.


“Honey, it’s so late,” I said. “Not too late for me but for you being out all alone, and dressed like that.”

“Couldn’t sleep,” Julie said. “I needed to talk to you.”

“Sure. What about?”

“About last week, when I was here. Remember?”

“Remember?” I said with a laugh. “It was the best night I’ve had since I can’t recall.”

“I didn’t want you to think that I was – you know – a whore or something,” she said as she bit her lower lip in that adorable way she had.

“I didn’t think anything of the sort,” I said as I leaned toward her and patted her knee. “Believe me.”

“I’m a virgin,” she said softly. “I know you probably don’t believe me after what I did, but I am.”

“I believe you. What we did – you did – was just having a little fun and you were being nice and humoring an old man you felt sorry for.”

“Not really,’ Julie confessed. “I liked doing it, and I felt… I dunno. Safe with you, I guess.”

Now it was my turn to feel guilty because the thoughts that had been going through my head about Julie were anything but safe.

“I’m glad you feel that way,” I replied.

“Your – you know – your dick? It’s only the fourth one I ever touched,” Julie confessed.

“Well I guess I’m one of the 4 luckiest guys in the world,” I said with a chuckle and another pat on her knee, and my hand stayed there for some reason.

“With those other guys, it wasn’t like with you. They were just thinking about themselves, but you were so nice and made me feel pretty,” Julie said as she put her hand on mine. “Plus, your – you know – dick. It was really neat. Not just because it was bigger than the other ones, it was just like different. Like a work of art.”

I had no idea what to say to that, because there isn’t anything remarkable about it at all. Just a 64 year old dick that spends way more time pointing down that it used to.

“That’s why I came back down here,” Julie said as she took her hand off my the one I had resting on her knee and put it on my thigh under my robe. “Couldn’t sleep. Kept thinking about it.”

“Julie,” I whispered as she moved her hand into the fly of my pajama bottoms and reached in to find my cock.

“I want to do something to you,” Julie said as she slid slowly off of the couch and onto her knees. “Been having dreams about doing it all week. Only did it once before, and I guess didn’t do it good either, but I want to try because you won’t make fun of me if I don’t do it good.”


I stood up to let Julie take my pajama bottoms down, and before I could sit back down on the couch Julie was kneeling before me and bringing my limp cock up to her face, darting her tongue around the edge of the foreskin and flicking the tip while looking up at me for approval with those innocent eyes.

I ran my hands through her curly red hair, wishing we could have gotten a little more comfortable, but when her mouth opened up and the took the hooded glans into the wet warmth, that was forgotten, and after working her mouth up and down it a couple of times she pulled back the foreskin and ran her lips over the bared bulb.

I was hard in less than a minute, and while Julie might not have been any good at it the first time she did it, she was doing okay on me, with only a couple a minor scraping of the teeth at first.

The visual part of it was even better. The sight of Julie on her knees, with her left hand wrapped most of the way around the base of my cock as her lips moved up and down the rest of my member, was making me weak in the knees. I could see the sparkling of the blue stone in her school ring through the swirl of my salt and pepper curls around it at the stump of my cock, and her braces twinkled when she took my dick out of her mouth and smiled.

I somehow managed to get Julie to let me go down onto the couch before I fainted or something, and I perched on the edge of the cushions and leaned back so I could continue to watch her work.

“That’s it,” I said as I put my hand over hers and got her to spin it around and she moved it up and down on the part her mouth couldn’t reach.

A couple of times she seemed to try and deep throat me, only getting about halfway down the shaft before choking a bit and looking at me sheepishly afterward.

“It’s okay honey,” I said. “You’re doing so good. Feels so great.”

Now her right hand was kneading my dangling nut sack while her mouth and left hand started working harder. The “work of art”, as Julie had called it, was hard as it was ever going to be, with half of the 8 or so inches glistening with Julie’s saliva, and I felt like I wasn’t going to be able hold back much longer.

“Honey,” I said as I looked down at Julie down between my bony knees. “I’m going to cum soon.”

Julie pulled her head back off me but didn’t miss a stroke as her right hand came up from my balls and joined the left, pumping up and down my manhood while looking up at me.

“The other time – I choked on it,” Julie said.

“You don’t have to have me cum in your…”

“Want you to,” she said as she looked at the drooling tip of my dick.

“Then put your tongue on the tip when I tell you,” I grunted. “It’ll block it.”

With that Julie’s mouth went back down, her head bobbing furiously, and when that right hand went back to my balls and squeezed them, I could hold back no longer.

“Cumming,” I groaned as my hands clutched Julie’s hair.

Julie’s face was red and her eyes were closed when I started to cum, and while she made a little gagging sound once, she never stopped her mouth or hands as I spurted what felt like a whole lot of semen into her mouth.

“Beautiful, beautiful,” I was gasping, not only for the way it felt but for the way Julie looked as she seemed to be trying to siphon every drop of semen from me.

Cum was drooling out of the corners of her mouth when I finally pulled her off of my very dead dick and cradled her face in my hands.

“I didn’t choke,” she said proudly, wiping my cum off of her chin with the back of her hand and then, with a devilish look flicked her tongue to catch the residue around the corner of her mouth.

“No, you didn’t. It worked didn’t it?” I asked and she nodded. “You’re going to make somebody the greatest wife in the world someday.”

“Maybe you,” she said with a giggle as I pulled her up to hug her.

“You’ll do better,” I assured her as we embraced, and I kissed her semen encrusted mouth to seal the deal. “You’re a treasure.”

“You never even got your windbreaker off,” I said as I coaxed the zipper down to reveal the matching kitty cat PJ tops.

“I gotta go,” Julie pouted as she looked over at the clock. “I snuck out.”

“But I want to make you happy too,” I said while struggling to my feet as she went to the door, and while she was debating herself about staying, she shook her head and made a face.

“You walked up here,” I assumed. “You aren’t walking back. No argument. I would be up all night worrying about whether you got home safe.”

I tied up my bathrobe and grabbed my car keys on the stand, and then remembered the picture I had dug out.

“Here Julie,” I said as I handed her the photo of us in our younger days; me with my ponytail and Grace in all her natural beauty.

“Oh wow!” Julie exclaimed as she looked at the picture and then at me again. “Mrs. Hall – she’s so awesome looking, and you. You look like Chris Daughtry.”

“Is that good?” I asked, not knowing who she was talking about, and she nodded. “Well, hopefully whoever he is will look better than I do when he gets my age.”

“You guys look so cool, and so happy,” Julie said, giving the photo another look before handing it back to me. “Must be nice to love somebody and have them love you back.”

“You’ll find out,” I assured her. “You’ll see.”


It was a chilly night but since it was only a bit less than a mile ride the car heater didn’t get warm until we were already down the quiet road and at Julie’s house.

“I’ll pull around and drop you off away from the

front so in case your mother’s looking out the window she won’t see you getting out of the car.”

“The lights are out,” Julie said. “Even her bedroom, so she’s sleeping. If all the lights were on, that would have been a problem.”

The houses were so far apart that there wasn’t any chance of any snooping eyes seeing Julie getting out of a car in her pajamas, but I had turned the lights off anyway just in case.

“I don’t have to go in yet,” Julie said, looking charming in the sift glow of the dashboard lights. “We could talk, if you want.”

“Sure. When will the cookies be arriving?” I said, relishing the visit of the cookie girl more than the treats themselves.

“Another week or 10 days,” Julie said, sliding closer to me on the seat.

“Well, when you deliver them, maybe you’ll let me make you happy like you made me,” I said. “There are ways that don’t involve – you know.”

Julie had already mentioned that she was going to stay a virgin until she got married, or as long as she could hold out, she had quipped, but I didn’t think that a tongue counted as a violation of that vow.

“I know,” Julie said.

“Did any of those boys?” I asked, and Julie shook her head no. “Did Darcy?”

As soon as I said it, I was sorry I did. She had mentioned her friend Darcy Hamilton that first night, and had suggested that they had played around with each other, but I had no right to say it.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “That’s none of my business.”

“That’s okay Mr. Hall,” Julie said as she leaned next to me, and I felt her hand digging under my bathrobe. “I trust you, and I know you won’t make fun of me or judge me.”

“We messed around a couple of times,” Julie confessed as her hand grabbed my cock and started to leisurely pull on it in my pajamas. “I’m probably not good at that either. Darcy’s better, probably because she’s been with another girl before.

I had seen Darcy Hamilton in town last weekend – pleasant looking girl but no Julie, that’s for sure. Chubby with big boobs, and when I looked at her I couldn’t help think about Darcy and Julie having a sleep over, proving that even at my age I can still dream.

“The thought of you and Darcy together is very erotic,” I said. “But I’m afraid that even that image – heck even if the two of you were here together in the front seat – nothing will bring me back to life again tonight.”

“It’s okay if I play with it, isn’t it?” Julie asked, nuzzling into my neck. “I love to play with your dick.”

“Be my guest,” I said, kissing her softly scented hair.

“Yours is bigger soft that the other ones were hard.”

“It doesn’t grow much afterward,” I reminded.

“Tell my jaws that,” Julie said with a giggle. “Guys care about stuff like that, I know. The one guy, his was really small and he kept apologizing for it. I’m like – hey dude – I’m 18 and practically wearing a training bra. Who am I to complain?”

“None of that matters much in the end,” I said, the feel of Julie’s hand milking my cock making me squirm a bit.

“Are you sure I can’t get you hard again?” Julie said with an impish look on her face.

“You are a frisky devil tonight,” I said. “Just for that…”

A thought went through my mind as I leaned over towards Julie and started to kiss her neck while my hand went to her pajama bottoms. My life is coming around full circle. Here I was acting like a teenager again, groping a girl in a car while hoping her parents didn’t catch me.

“Mr. Hall…” Julie gasped when my fingers popped open the snap of her pajama bottoms, and then my hand sank into what felt like an incredibly lush forest.

She should stop calling me mister. I made a mental note to mention that to her next time as my finger was sliding into a very moist part of her bush, and then inside Julie. Not far, barely penetrating enough to get had her clit, but judging by her reaction, I must have found it.

Julie squealed, a sound muffled because her mouth was over mine, and the noise sounded feral as the nubile lass contorted in the seat, rising up off the fabric and grinding into my hand.

It was over way too fast for me, and while it wasn’t my ideal choice of ways to be introduced to Julie’s pussy, I couldn’t help myself, and judging by the way Julie had driven herself into my fingers as she came, she didn’t mind.

“Oh man,” Julie whispered in my ear and I embraced her, with my body contorted crazily, my lower half still behind the wheel and my upper half at the passenger side sprawled onto the poor girl.

I knew my body would register a complaint the next morning over this rare athletic maneuver, but I was too busy enjoying it, and when I tried to climb off of Julie she held me where I was. Even after I pulled my hand out of her pajamas she kept hugging me, and a minute after she had her orgasm her body was still quivering with little aftershocks.

“Not exactly the ideal place,” I whispered to the still panting Julie, and while I really wanted to get my face down where my fingers had been, I sensed that this was far enough for tonight.

“It was awesome,” Julie said, kissing me again before mercifully letting me straighten up. “I would have done it when I got inside anyway, but it wouldn’t have been that good.”

“It’s raining,” I said, and moisture had indeed started falling from the rear view mirror and drooling down the inside of the windshield, because the heat created mostly by Julie had turned the interior into a sauna of sorts.

After I wiped down the glass so I could see to get home Julie said goodnight, promising to see me again soon, and as I watched her skip across the yard and into her house I inhaled deeply.

Sex. The sweet scent of pussy filled the car, and the pungent aroma made me smile and had me wishing it would linger like a new car smell did. I put the car in the gear and after I got past Julie’s house I turned on the lights and headed down the road savoring the smell.

It got even stronger, and then I realized it was coming from my fingers on the steering wheel. Safely in the driveway, I killed the ignition and brought the index finger to my nose and then into my mouth.

“Art Hall, you are one sick SOB,” my conscience said to me, but I was too busy savoring the taste that I sucked too quickly off of my digit to listen to that nonsense, and as I got out of the car and went inside I noticed that I was half hard.

18 again? The way I was experiencing this de-evolution of sorts, I was beginning to suspect that diapers might be coming sooner than I had feared.


My back ached like hell for a couple of days, but it was worth it because every time I moved it reminded me of that night in the car. As for the car, it seemed like that smell lingered in there as well, providing another reminder that made it tough to wait those 10 days for those cookies to get delivered.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to wait, because on Saturday night, there was Julie at the door.

“What a pleasant surprise!” I said as I let Julie in. “Take off your windbreaker and stay a while.

Julie was wearing the same light blue windbreaker that she had on that last night, and I wanted to make sure I got a good look at her tonight.

“Um – I’ve got a surprise for you,” Julie said mischievously as she played with the zipper of her windbreaker.

“Hope it’s not something that will give me a heart attack or something,” I said.

“It won’t. It’s under my jacket.”

“Oh. What’s under your jacket? Nothing would be nice,” I suggested.

“You gotta promise not to laugh,” Julie declared. “Or get mad.”

“Promise,” I said, and when she unzipped the windbreaker, she wasn’t wearing anything under it, but what she was so excited to show me what the fact that she apparently hadn’t shaved her underarms since I had told her about my late wife’s natural days.

“I got Gym class tomorrow and we’re playing volleyball, so I gotta shave in the morning so I don’t get teased,” Julie explained as she showed me how furry she had become in just a few weeks.

“You didn’t have to do that for me,” I said while reaching over and running my fingers through the burnt orange tuft of hair. “But that was very sweet of you. Now I have to do something for you.”


Julie was on her back in my bed with her knees up, and I was kneeling between her slender freckled thighs. I had just slipped her panties off, and as they came down the aroma of Julie’s sex washed over me, sending tingles down my spine.

On her back, Julie’s waif-like body seemed even more boyish, with her tiny breasts almost disappearing with her on her back, but lower down was the clear evidence of her womanhood.

The triangle of hair between her legs – actually it was almost a heart shape, grew high and wide and was lush and soft, and as I knelt there, as naked as Julie with my cock bobbing in front of me, I was sorely tempted to make love to Julie, but instead I bowed my head and let my cheeks fall into the jungle.

Judging by the was Julie reacted from the first moment my tongue slid along her moist opening, either she was incredibly horny or I hadn’t forgotten how to eat pussy. Probably a combination of the two. Either way, for the next 11 minutes I proceeded to eat her sweet pussy like I suspect it had never been eaten before.

I only knew how long it was because I had happened to see the clock on the nightstand before I went down on her. By the time Julie had um for the third time – not counting the little orgasms she seemed to have in between the major ones – my tongue and back were screaming at me but I was having the time of my life.

Julie had been squealing, squirming and bucking so hard that I had to practically hold her down by the hips, and even doing that we managed to work our way all over and half off of the bed before Julie came that last time.

“Oh man!” Julie screamed in my ear after I pulled her limp body up before she fell to the floor. “That was even better that in the car the other night.”

“I loved it too.”

“I want to suck your dick now,” Julie said as she reached down, but she seemed shocked when her hand reached down and found me as limp as a dishrag.

“I had a bit of an accident,” I told Julie, explaining that as we were sliding all over the sheets, the way my cock was flattened between my stomach and the sheets had me popping my load in the process. “It was good though.”

“Can I still play with it? Julie said.


So Julie sat next to me and pulled on my rubbery dick for the longest time, and while my spirit was more than willing the flesh was not. It wasn’t for lack of trying, because Julie pulled and sucked in hopes that I had another load left in me, even rubbing the head of my cock under her arm. When even that didn’t work, she gave up.

“The cookies will be in by the end of the week,” Julie said as she got dressed. “When I bring them, can we – you know?”

“I would love that,” I said. “I think I’ll be up to it, especially seeing how talented your mouth is.”

“I meant something else,” Julie said. “I want you to make love to me.”


“I really like you Mr. Hall,” Julie said. “I know you’ll be gentle.”

“I don’t know honey,” I said, telling her that I would think about it, but I knew in the end what the answer would be, recalling how I felt when I was between her legs with my cock so close to her sweet pussy.


The dozen boxes of cookies were on the coffee table Thursday night, bought and paid for, and I was on the couch, naked below the waist with my butt on the edge of the cushion. Julie was on her knees, naked, and she was jerking my cock while sucking on my balls.

I had told Julie about my decision, and she was surprised and hurt by it. It took the better part of a hour to convince her that as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t.

“I thought you liked me,” Julie pouted.

“Like you? I love you. I’m crazy about you,” I assured her. “If I didn’t love you, I could do it, but your first time should be special. You’ve stayed a virgin this long, and I think that you should save yourself for somebody special.”

“You are special.”

“Someone you have a future with,” I said, and despite her best efforts I did not change my mind.

“We can still play around, can’t we?” Julie asked. “Like we’ve been doing?”

“Absolutely,” I responded, proving that while I might be slipping, I wasn’t senile yet. “We have a whole lot of fun with our mouths, don’t we?”

So that was the end of the discussion, and as I watched Julie’s mouth go back and forth between my balls and my cock, I marvelled at how good a cock sucker she was becoming. Her mouth slid halfway down my member, and her teeth never even nicked me despite her mouth being stretched as wide as possible.

“So good,” I sighed as I reached down and ran my hands through her curly red hair, massaging her freckled shoulders and even sliding my hands under her arms to stroke the moist and now smooth hollows of her armpits, causing her to snort a giggle seeing how her mouth was full.

“Oh!” I groaned. “Gonna – OH SHIT!”

Julie’s head flew upright, and my cock sprang back up onto my stomach as she looked at me with an expression that seemed to indicate she thought I was having a heart attack. I wasn’t, but it would have been better if I had.

Julie’s eyes went to where I was staring, which was the front window. The curtains were open, with me having not bothered to close them when the sun went down, and there in the window was a woman with the same red hair as Julie, her face ashen as she looked into my living room in horror.

“MA!” Julie cried out, jumping up and scrambling to put on her clothes while I struggled to get up from the awkward position I had been in on the couch.

When the front door flew open Julie was still half naked while I was standing there with my cock bouncing around while I struggled to get my pajamas up.

“You’re spying on me!” Julie cried. “I hate you.”

“Get in the car,” Mrs. Ellen Anderson said coldly, and when Julie started to protest she shot her daughter a look that indicated the discussion was not over but only delayed.

The look she gave me was – well, since we only have sons I didn’t know how I would have felt in her shoes, but what could I say? She had every reason to feel like she did.

Julie, now dressed, bolted past her mother and headed out to the car idling out on the road, and Mrs. Anderson spun around and followed her, but not until she looked at the pile of cookie boxes and shook her head.

I was tempted to say something about her not closing the door behind her, my sick sense of humor still alive despite how disgusted I felt, but instead I closed it myself before heading to the kitchen and digging out the bottle of bourbon I dipped into for special occasions.

I poured myself a healthy shot and downed it, wondering what poor Julie was going through. I suspected that she would get the riot act read to her on the short drive home, and then what? Her mother would probably hit Julie’s father with the news.

“You know what your slut daughter was doing?” I imagined her screaming at her husband. “She was up there sucking old man Hall’s cock like it was a lollipop!”

Then what? I didn’t know Fred Anderson that well, and he seemed like a quiet and meek little guy, but having that that hot potato dropped in his lap, who knows? He could kick my ass probably, because I don’t think I could hit the guy, but what if he had a gun or something?

I didn’t give a shit. Kill me if you want. So I waited for the door to fly open, pouring another shot to pass the time. After almost an hour I was starting to think that maybe Julie’s old man wouldn’t be coming up. Then came the knock on the door.

I put my bathrobe on and went to the door, and was surprised to see Julie’s mother Ellen there in a raincoat, a mist having began to fall. She didn’t seem as mad as she was, and had no axe or gun that I could see, so I opened the door.

“Can I come in, Mr. Hall?” Ellen Anderson said in a rather calm voice.

“Of course,” I said, stepping aside and ushering her into the kitchen.

“I wanted to apologize, Mr. Hall,” Ellen said.

“Art,” I corrected.

“Art. Barging in like that the way I did before was very rude.”

“You had every right,” I said.

“I could use one of those,” Ellen said, nodding toward the bottle of Jack, and I grabbed another glass and poured us both one.

“Like I was saying, I wasn’t spying on Julie, but I know she’s been spending a lot of time up here and I wanted to make sure she wasn’t being a pain,” Mrs. Anderson said before sipping the drink. “Julie sometimes latches on to people. Not real strong on people skills.”

“No. Julie’s a wonderful young woman,” I said. “You have every right to be upset. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of her innocence.”

“Julie and I – we spent the last hour talking,” Mrs. Anderson explained. “She told me a lot. Don’t know if it was everything, but she said she offered herself to you and you said you couldn’t do it. I appreciate that.”

I shrugged my shoulders, not knowing what to say, but did fill Julie’s mother’s glass again.

“Did you – tell your husband?” I asked, and she shook her head and laughed.

“Why bother?” she snapped. “If it doesn’t have a number on it and isn’t running around a track, he doesn’t give a shit.”


“I remember my first time with a man,” Ellen said wistfully. “It was horrible. I still remember how much it hurt, and that boy was nothing like you. Do you know what I mean?”


“I saw you,” Ellen said, reaching out and bracing herself with her hand on the counter we were standing next to. “On the couch out there. I was watching for a few minutes before you noticed me.”

“I saw Julie going down on you,” Ellen continued. “I was stunned to see how well endowed you were. A man the size of you could really do a lot of damage.”

“I would never hurt Julie. I…”

“I know, but she’s such a tiny little thing,” Ellen said. “You’re too much man for such a little girl. Maybe too much for a lot of women.”

I felt the bottom of my robe open a second before a hand slipped in the fold. A hand that knew what it was looking for, and all I had time to do was gasp as Julie’s mother pulled out my flaccid hose and pulled on it.

“Even bigger close up,” Ellen said in a breathless voice, and as I stood there frozen Ellen’s hand went down the snaps of her raincoat.

A shrug of her shoulders, and the raincoat fell to the floor.

“I’ve seen better days,” Ellen said as she stood there naked, shivering either from nerves or dampness. “Used to look like Julie back in the day.”

“You look great,” I said as my cock surged in Julie’s mother’s hand, and the next thing I remember we were in my bedroom.


My head was spinning as I stood at the side of the bed with my erection in hand. I could see the resemblance between Julie and her mother, although it was safe to say that they were not built similarly.

Ellen had her daughter’s flaming red hair, and at least as many freckles sprinkled all over her arms and shoulders. It was easy to see where Julie’s incredible bush came from, since Ellen’s was even bigger, with a treasure trail winding down from her belly button and the hair growing way down between her plump thighs. I could see that because Ellen was kneeling the the edge of the mattress presenting herself to me.

The main difference between the two was while Julie was a slender waif, Ellen was a full blown woman who was looking good for a woman her age. A little thick in the middle and rear end, but her breasts were incredible, enormous torpedoes that were bigger than footballs with nipples as big as bullets.

She wanted me to take her from behind, and seeing how this would let me stand up, my back was as happy about that as my cock was. I ran the head up my cock up and down the dripping wet fold of her sex, and as I leaned forward I was surprised at how tight she was.

“Damn!” Ellen screamed as I pushed into her with all my might. “Fucking huge!”

“Sorry,” I grunted.

“Screw sorry,” Ellen moaned as I tore into what felt like a virgin, probably the result of her husband not screwing her in over a year, as she would explain later. “Give it to me hard.”

I did my best, holding onto her hips and thrusting in and out as hard as I could, and after a while Ellen was taking it all and thrusting back into me as she screamed at me to fuck her harder.

“Fuck me Daddy,” she screamed at one point as I leaned over her and tried to squeeze her huge tits as they swayed around under her.

If her pussy didn’t nearly snap my cock in two I would have never been able to tell when she came that first time, seeing as how much she was wailing and screaming. I was getting tired but kept pounding away, spreading her plump ass cheeks and looking at Ellen’s anus, even slipping my finger into the the little knot fringed with hair.

“Got any lube?” she screamed while looking back at me over her shoulder.

I didn’t, and hadn’t been thinking about anal sex but was simply playing with her anus, and she cursed when I said I didn’t.

“Harder! Pull my hair Art” Ellen screamed, and when I grabbed her scalp she reared her head back and came again.

“Cum in me,” Ellen said after that. “Fill my cunt with your cum!”

It took another minute but I did, with Ellen grunting every time my cock twitched in her, and after I was drained I pulled my cock out while Ellen stayed bent over with her butt on the hair and her face in the bedding.

“Oh man that was good,” Ellen said as I stepped back and saw my semen hanging onto the pubic hair. “Haven’t been with a man – a real man – in so long.”

I managed to step around Julie’s mother and collapse onto the bed, and then Ellen was cuddling next to me, pulling on my cock and even leaning down and sucking on it for a bit before cuddling back up.

“Sunday morning Fred goes to church,” Ellen said. “Mind if I come up and visit? I’ll bring the lube. Never took a cock as big as yours up the ass before.”

“Fine by me,” I said, still in a state of shock over what had taken place in the last few hours, and after Ellen put her raincoat on and left I hit the shower, where I stood until the hot water ran out.

I didn’t even bother to dry myself, so thoroughly exhausted both mentally and physically that it was all I could do to make it back into bed. I fell asleep thinking about Ellen coming back on Sunday morning armed with lube and expecting me to stick it up her ass.

“Another one can come off the bucket list,” I mumbled into the bed, since anal sex was something I had never done, although dear Gracie did give it a try once.

I must have fallen asleep right away, and it was a nice solid sleep too. I might have slept the whole night through to, except for some mouse or mole that was chewing the siding or something, and he was a persistent SOB too. I finally gave up and went to the window, prepared to throw a slipper or something, and got another shock that proved I had a strong heart.

“Julie,” I said after raising the window and looking out at the second Anderson woman looking in my window that night. “It’s almost 3.”

“Couldn’t sleep. My Mom yell at you?”

“Sort of,” I said, and that was true because she was a screamer alright. “We talked.”

“Want me to come in? Didn’t get to finish what I started before.”

“NO!” I said too loud. “I’m fine. Just tired.”

“Okay,” Julie chirped. “We’re still gonna play around sometimes right? We’ll just be more careful.”

“Fine. You want me to drive you home?”

“No. You get your rest,” Julie said before leaving. “I’ll come back tomorrow night.”

“Oh brother,” I muttered after closing the window and hitting the sheets again.

Viagra, I thought as I waited for sleep to come. If my heart could take the strain of what went on here tonight, maybe I could give it a try. I’d need a 4 hour erection to handle Ellen, judging by how insatiable she seemed to be.

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