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I glanced down at my watch. Only 45 minutes until my shift was over and the airport would close. Things were usually slow at this hour, but vigilance was essential. The Air Traffic Control tower was always peaceful at night. There were only a few small overhead lights, just enough to see where all the panels and buttons were.

It was more important to see what was going on outside the tower than inside. The runway lights were the only things visible.

It was pretty warm up here and I had unbuttoned my top as much as I could without popping out of it. The other controller had run downstairs to grab a drink. I was glad for the close environment I worked in, because I felt so comfortable around my co-workers. Everyone was like family; we knew the intimate details of each other’s lives. This airport wasn’t particularly busy, so during the slow times we mostly talked, and then there was the occasional card game or two, but all in all, conversation was what took up the majority of the shift.

There were ten controllers here, and only three of us were females. Growing up in a family of boys, I found I got along better with men than I did women. Women could be so petty, but men were easy going, for the most part. I felt like I could really be myself around men. When I didn’t feel like putting on make-up, I didn’t. And I didn’t feel like I’d be looked down upon for not. But on the days when I did spend a little extra time on my appearance, the tiny stares I would catch out of the corner of my eyes made me feel sexy. The other two women here were pretty much the same. If you decided to be Queen Bitch, you wouldn’t last a week here. No one was better than anyone else. In a crisis, you all had to pull together and work as a team, or you wouldn’t survive in this environment.

Stephanie came back up with two Cokes, and Sam, her boyfriend of two years and fellow controller. He worked mornings and they didn’t get to spend a lot of time together, so he’d come at night to pick her up. He just happened to be a little early tonight. I didn’t mind since we weren’t expecting any more traffic tonight anyway.

“Hey, Brit,” he said casually. It was a play on words. My name was Brittany, but I was also from England.
“Sam,” I said nodding at him and taking the Coke Steph offered me.

“How have you been?” Sam was a good guy, and pretty good looking too. Rugged would be the appropriate word. I had thought about him on a few occasions, unprofessionally, but would never do anything to come between Stephanie and me.

“What are you doing when you get off tonight?” Steph asked.

“The usual,” I replied. “Go home, hot bath, then curl up with my book of the week.”

“You really need to get out more, Brit,” she said, with a look of pity on her face.

“Has it been slow?” Sam asked, changing the subject and taking a seat by the back of the room. The tower was only about 15 feet across, so nothing was very far away. He propped his feet up on the desk area we used to type our reports.

“Just the usual. I don’t expect anything else in tonight.” I was still wearing my headset and moved the mike away from my mouth.

Sam took out the deck of cards from the drawer in the desk. There were a few magazines and some other things stuffed in there. The deck of cards was well worn and he took them out of the pack and held them up, shaking them a little. “Anyone up for a game?”

“Sure, what the hell,” I said as I leaned on the console.

Stephanie took the other seat and said, “What’s the game tonight, baby?”

“How ’bout some Poker?” He looked back and forth between the two of us. “Maybe strip Poker?”

I blushed at the thought of beating the pants off this guy, literally. Poker was my game. My brothers and I played all the time growing up and I had gotten pretty good by the time I was thirteen. “You’re on,” I said, not realizing that Stephanie was looking at me a little funny.

“Really?” she asked. “I didn’t think you’d agree.”

“Why not? I’m not a prude, you know.” I said a little meaner than I meant.

Sam was already shuffling and then dealt. Two pair. Not bad. “One,” I said sliding my card over to him. Excellent, full house. This was going to be too easy, I thought.

“Read ’em and weep, girls,” Sam said as he laid out a straight.

“Damn it, Sam!” Stephanie giggled as she showed her hand with a pair of two’s. Her shirt came off without so much as a hesitation.

I looked at Sam who was gazing at my cleavage. “C’mon, Brit, your turn,” he said, a note of cockiness in his voice.

“Keep your shorts on, love,” I said as I began to unbutton the rest of my shirt. “At least for this hand.” I took off my top, exposing my new Victoria Secret bra.

We played on for several more hands and things were pretty even between Sam and me. Poor Stephanie hadn’t won a single had yet and was down to just her panties. I had my bra and panties, and Sam was down to his skivvies. One more win for me and I might not have to fantasize about what he looked like naked any more. Luck wasn’t with me that hand though, and he won. Off came the bra. Dead even now. Whoever won the next hand would have the honor of seeing the other two buck naked.

Sam’s deal. First card, King of hearts. Next card, ten of hearts, Next one, Jack of hearts. Come on, I pleaded to the invisible card god. Six of clubs. Hello up there! A little help would be nice. Ace of hearts. There we go. “One.” I slid the six over to Sam. As he grabbed it, our fingers touched and I could see excitement in his eyes. As well as a little through his very thin boxers. Four of spades. Shit.

“Time to show, ladies,” Sam said as he laid his cards down and clasped his hands behind his head. Four queens. Bastard, I thought, smirking. It was only a game, but I hated to lose. I had nothing.

“Bye, bye bottoms,” he said grinning like a schoolboy. Stephanie stood up and wiggled hers off. “You’re next, Brit. Let’s see it.” He was so smug, but fair was fair. I stood up, noticing on the clock that the airport was now officially closed. I looped my thumbs through the sides of my panties and decided that I was going to give him a show. Never mind that Steph was right there. This was their idea wasn’t it? I lowered one side down, then turned around and lowered the other. I slid it slowly over my ass and turned to face them. Stephanie’s eyes were as wide as saucers and I could see through Sam’s boxers that he was rock hard. My panties were still covering my front and as I lowered them I heard a small gasp from Sam as he realized that I was completely bald down there.

“Wow,” he said gruffly. “Nice.” I looked at Steph to see what her reaction was to her boyfriend complimenting my shaved pussy. She looked up at me and a slow grin crossed her face.

“I never figured you the type,” she said.

“Oh, I’m just full of surprises,” I replied. “So what now?” I looked at Sam to see his hand creeping toward his cock.

“Truth or Dare,” he said, clearing his throat.

I moved over to the inside lights and turned them off. The runway lights were on a timer and had shut off earlier. Now all that illuminated the tower were the panel lights, but it was enough.

“Sounds better than a book,” I said, watching Sam fondle himself. “Who goes first?”

Steph jumped up and said, “I will since I totally lost at cards.”

She looked at me. “Truth or dare?” she asked.

“Truth,” I said. Call me a wimp. I wasn’t ready for a dare just yet.

“Have you ever been with another woman?” She asked without hesitation.

“No,” I answered looking her in the eye. Still looking at her, but directing my question toward her boyfriend, I said, “Sam, truth or dare?”

“Oh, I’m all for a dare,” he said.

I decided I would be easy on him to start. “Remove the boxers.”

He stood up and readily complied, and upon removing them, showed himself to be quite endowed and quite erect. I felt myself growing moist at seeing him fully naked. He was better than I had imagined. I just kept thinking of Stephanie and the implications on our friendship if something happened here tonight. In life, there was always a line that you could come very close to crossing with things being able to go back to normal if you backed away. Once that line was crossed though, things would never be the same. We were very close to that line right now.

Sam stood there, naked, with just the soft glow of the panel lights behind him, illuminating his pubic hair to make it look like peach fuzz. “Well, Steph, looks like your turn. Truth or dare?”

“Um,” she giggled, “Truth.”

“Aw,” Sam and I said in unison.

“Ok, ok, have you ever wanted to have a threesome?” He said it while looking back and forth at the both of us.

She looked down at her feet, and shrugged her shoulders casually. “I’ve thought about it before,” she said.

I noticed Sam’s erection do a little bounce upon hearing her answer. She was still looking down, and he cocked his head to glance at me out of the corner of his eye. His hand reached down and touched his hardness. That sent a shiver of delight up my spine and warmed my insides.

Over Sam’s head was a handwritten sign that someone had put up as a joke. It was the Air Traffic Controllers slogan, if you will. It said, “You get it up, I’ll guide it in.” I chuckled to myself, laughing at the appropriateness, thinking that Sam was quite up right now.

Something came over me and I found myself filled with a desire to cross the line. I wanted to be wild and crazy. I had always been straight-laced and not willing to take a dare on life. Now, there was an animalistic urge throbbing inside me. My heart was beating fast and the only thing I knew for sure was that before the night was over, I was going to be with Sam. The thought of that made me wet. I looked down at Steph who looked like someone who had just swallowed the canary.

“My turn,” she said and looked at Sam. “Choose your poison. Truth or dare?” Her shy girl façade slipped away revealing an almost evil grin.

“Dare.” He said almost gruffly. His voice was a low growl.

“Taste her.” Her words didn’t hit me at first. It dawned on me that she had just told her boyfriend to eat me out! My heart was beating faster and I wondered if he’d go through with it, or if Steph was calling his bluff. As far as I knew, they had had a monogamous relationship. Of course, what people did in their bedrooms was their business, and that was one thing that Steph and I didn’t talk much about, despite being close.

Sam looked at me, his chest rising and falling with earnest desire. I swallowed hard as he approached me. “Sit,” he told me, pointing to the chair. “Put your ass on the edge.”

I did as was told and looked at Steph who had turned to get a better look at us. I sat, with part of my ass hanging off the chair. Sam knelt and cupped my ass cheeks in his hands. He was close enough for me to smell him. He smelled good, like he had just taken a shower. I was looking across my stomach at his face, which held a look like he had been waiting for this moment. He lowered his face and I looked up at Steph. She was rubbing her nipples with her fingertips. I couldn’t believe that she was ok with this!

When Sam licked me, his breath was hot and his tongue was wet. It felt so good and I realized that it had been a while since I had gotten any. I was propped up on my elbows and I leaned my head back to enjoy it. His tongue flicked in little motions on my clit. I felt wetness run down my ass and let out a small moan. His tongue made circles around the nub and then he sucked me all in. He sucked and bit gently, all the while, his tongue made licking motions that made my insides quiver. He expertly moved around, letting his tongue slide into my pussy. He lapped up the juices that were now free flowing. He took his index finger and slid it inside me. I thrust my hips forward at the sense of pleasure it gave me.

“No,” Steph said in a voice I hadn’t heard her use before, one that made Sam and I jump just a little. “I only said TASTE her.” He looked at her and I could see his chin, wet from my juices. “Come here.” She leaned over and kissed him, licking his wet chin.

I still sat there, amazed at this scene I was watching. “My turn,” she said, as she moved so they could switch places. Sam stood, still erect as ever and moved over nearer to my face. Steph knelt down and slid her finger up my pussy. I didn’t know what to think at first, but she started moving it in and out and the eroticism of what she was doing took over my mind. She used one hand to play with the outside, as well as her tongue. The other hand was using fingers to fuck me on the inside. I had never in my life done anything like this before. It was a weird feeling to think that a woman was doing this to me, and I was incredible aroused.

I looked to see Sam standing over me stroking his hard cock. Something came over me and I reached out and grabbed him. He let out a soft guttural moan that turned me on even more. Bringing him closer to me, I positioned my head so that I could take his cock into my mouth. He sharply sucked in his breath and his stomach muscles tensed. I derive great pleasure in knowing that someone else is turned on, so his reaction got me even wetter. I let my tongue do some exploring and traced the head of his cock with it. I made little circles, then grabbed his shaft in my hand and began to stroke.

He was directly over me, cock in my mouth, and Steph was licking my wet pussy. I was acting out a porn movie. But God it felt so good. Steph had brought me to the brink of orgasm about three times, but I had been too wrapped up in seeing how many groans I could get out of Sam to let myself fully climax. I was receiving pleasure and giving it. It was awesome.

Steph stood up and went over to her bag that she brought with her to work every day. She retrieved a large towel from it that she used after showering at the gym. It was still a little damp, but she made a makeshift pallet on the floor. She laid down on it and motioned for me to come closer to her.

“Sit on my face,” she said to me. She looked at Sam and pointed to her pussy. He got the message as he moved over to her. He knelt down and raised her ass. He licked his finger and slipped it inside her wet box. “Mmm,” was all that came out of her mouth. She looked up at me and raised both arms, reaching for the back of my legs. I knelt and was right above her face.

Sam had an intense look on his face as his fingers moved in and out, bringing soft noises from Steph’s mouth, which was busy, licking and sucking on my pussy. I watched Sam for a minute, being turned on by his every move. Steph was using her fingers inside and out on me. I didn’t know if it was more exciting watching or experiencing, but I almost felt guilty that my mouth was the only one not doing anything. I reached out and bending slightly, grabbed Sam’s chest and raked my fingers across it, leaving a slight trail where my nails had been. He shuddered and stopped what he was doing.

Straightening up, he fixed his gaze on me, his eyes almost black with intensity. Steph momentarily stopped her licking and looked at him. With a quick movement, he grabbed her hips and thrust his rock hard cock into her. She let out a slight scream and I moved so that I was just an observer at this point. He rammed her a few times, riding her hard and Steph’s eyes rolled in her head as she cried out for more. Sam’s eyes never left mine, as if he was looking for a reaction, or for me to make the next move. I felt awkward at not knowing what to do. All I knew was that I was wetter by the minute and didn’t like not being a part of the action.

My back straightened as my insecurity turned to boldness. I slid over to Sam and turning him, pushed him so that he came out of Steph and was forced to lie down. He was lying next to her and in a crouching move, I put one leg between them and flipped my other leg over so that I was sitting on him. There was a moment of pain that shot through me like a wave of adrenaline, but it soon turned to ecstasy as I started moving up and down over his shaft. He leaned over and kissed Steph, who then licked her own juices off his chin. She rolled over and stood up. She then lowered herself so that she was facing me and all but sitting on Sam’s face. I continued to ride him, and reached down to play with my clit.

I closed my eyes and was startled when I felt Steph’s hand caressing my breast. She leaned in and kissed me. It was the first time I had ever been kissed by a woman. I could taste her cum as I let her tongue slide in my mouth. It was almost sweet. I was aroused in a way that I hadn’t felt before. I braced my leg muscles so that I was in a fixed position. Sam then took over as he thrust his hips up and down, moving expertly inside me. Steph continued to kiss me, as she fondled my breasts. I was at the brink of climax. I felt the heat start in my upper arms and thighs. It grew warmer as I made circles with my fingers on my clit. I drew back from Steph’s kisses and let the heat emanate towards my center. I felt the burst of heat as I came with force. My pussy was throbbing and Sam was still moving himself in and out.

“Oh my God,” he said to Steph, “her cum is running out.” Steph reached her hand down and wiped across Sam’s dick. She licked off her fingers and looked at me, smiling.

“Are you ready yet?” she asked Sam.

“Holy shit, her pussy is so fucking wet! She’s going to make me cum!” He practically threw me off him and in a blur, Steph’s mouth was upon him. “Oh, fuck,” yelled Sam and as if on cue, Steph removed her mouth and stroked him until his cum shot her in the face. Sam grabbed her hair as his body convulsed. She licked off the end of his cock as he finished coming.

“Wow,” he said after his body stopped quivering. “That was awesome!” He looked at me, grinning. “I never knew that a tight ass like yourself could be so fucking incredible. Sure you never did that before?”

I was almost amazed at myself. “No, never.” Thoughts ran through my head at a thousand miles per hour.

Steph was cleaning herself up with the towel and looked over at me. “Do you have any idea how long we have wanted some of that pussy of yours? What do you think? Was it everything you’d hoped for?”

“I had thought of it, but didn’t think I’d actually ever go through with it! I see you two in a whole new light now.” I started to pick up my clothes. “I wouldn’t be upset if it happened again.” I winked at them as I started getting dressed.

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