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Control Issues

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It’s snowing out and you’re in the computer lab locking up at the end of your office hours. Your last student just left. It’s dark outside and you’re worried about driving your new car in the snow. You’re also distracted because your favorite student blew off his study session. You wait until like 8:30, and say “Fuck it, I’m going home.” Just then the door swings open and he walks in, covered in snow.

He locked his keys in his car and he walked about a mile to get there. “I’m really sorry,” he says. And you smile and think, “I have him just where I want him.”

He’s standing in front of you, shivering with no car keys. You wait, look him over, and wait some more, pretending to be mad.

He says “My extra set of keys is at my friend’s house. Could you please give me a ride?”

“Now I really have him,” you say to yourself. “Sure, but you’re driving.” And you toss him the keys.

So you both walk out the door and the snow has really picked up. There’s like six inches on the ground and the plows are going up and down the street. Your make him walk in front of you, watching his bulky frame going down the steps. Your car is around the corner and when you get to it, you open the trunk and hand the snowbrush to him, cross your arms and wait for him to get to work. “I’m gonna make him earn this ride,” you think.

Soon the car’s cleaned off, warmed up and you’re cruising down the avenue. You’re a little nervous and need a smoke, so, without warning him, you reach under his seat and brush your hand against his leg. He jumps a little, and you can see him just turn his head to you in the dark. You pull out a smoke and think, “I’ve been waiting too long for this; let’s fuck with him a little.”

You change your mind and decide to put the smokes back, slipping your hand down behind his muscular calf again. When the back of your hand brushes against his pants, you realize they are soaking wet, and cold. “You’re freezing. And you’re shaking. Are you OK?”

You put both of your hands on top of his thigh and rub it, trying to warm him up. His leg muscles are huge.

Fifteen minutes later you’re in the apartment of a friend, another lacrosse player, who is out for the night. You’re on the couch and he’s in the bathroom, changing into a pair of sweats.

It’s a typical college apartment — foosball table, beer signs, and dirty dishes in the sink. You’re coat is off and you are excited but nervous, hands a little clammy. You realize that you are as horny as you’ve been in a while, and you recall the last time you thought of him, at home, in bed with a vibrator on your clit, imaging his face buried between your legs. You close your eyes for 10 seconds. When you open them, he’s standing in front of you.

He’s wearing his friend’s sweats and a T-shirt, which are both a little small. His waist is at eye-level, and you can see the outline of his cock pushing through the material.

You look up in his face and he’s looking down at you, still shivering. Your hands go behind his knees and you pull him closer, grinning up. He looks nervous but you can see that his penis start to grow, pushing the sweats out. You let go of his legs, lean back on the couch and stretch your legs out, wrapping them around his ankles. He’s a little unsteady on his feet, probably from being cold, half dressed, and excited. The fact that you’re pinning him to the couch helps, too.

Again you look up at him and ask “What’s wrong – are you OK,” nodding up to his growing cock.

“What do you want to see?” you ask, smiling at him.

He hoarsely whispers, “You.”

You unbutton your top button. “Is that enough?”

He shakes is head no.

You remove two more, just showing him your lace bra.

You look down from his face, past his muscular arms and chest and back to the sweats. His cock is pushing out about 9 inches and pulsing up and down. His breathing is heavy and you ask, “Want more?”

You unbutton the rest of your shirt, arch your back and it slides down your sides. Your nipples are sticking up, pushing through your black lace bra. They are rock hard, so hard they hurt. You watch his eyes roam over your tits as you slowly push them together, staring up at him. You put your hand up to his cock and flick it a little. The feeling of the cotton rubbing against the head makes him lean over and groan. You move your legs and he loses his balance, falling on his ass in front of you. This breaks the tension and you both have a laugh.

He gets up on his hands and knees and crawls toward you. You’re still leaning back watching him, waiting for his next move.

You slowly sit up. He can’t take his eyes off you – looking from your face to your chest. You can tell he’s just as horny as you are, maybe more. Before you can sit all the way up, he’s pushing you back down with his hands on your shoulders. He puts his face right up to yours – you can smell the snow on him – and starts kissing you hard. Your lips are locked together and you’re moaning into mouths, sliding your tongues together, knocking teeth.

This goes on for like 10 minutes, just kissing and sucking on necks, ears and lips.

He’s whispering in your ear and sucking on your smooth earlobes. He’s telling you how much he’s wanted you, how sexy you are and how just being next to you makes him hard. You’re saying similar things to him and arch your back again, to take off your bra.

He softly places his big hand on your stomach. “Shhhh, we have plenty of time. My friend won’t be home for hours.”

You sink back into the couch, and he gets right in front of you and kisses your neck again. Softer this time, more deliberate. He gently runs his lips over you cheeks and the nape of your neck — nibbling at your skin.

He’s on his knees and your legs are on either side of his hips and he leans in and pulls you toward him, until you can feel his cock mashing against your crotch.

Your breath gets ragged when he starts kissing down you collarbone, toward the front of your neck, working his way to the base of the bone and softly running his tongue and lips on your skin.

You can feel your pussy getting wetter, leaking into your panties. You felt warm down there the minute he walked into the room, earlier at school, so your jeans are now soaked with your juices.

He tickles the top of your cleavage with his fingers, and runs them over your lace-covered tits. He drums his fingers over them until he brushes a nipple, pushing up through the fabric. You shudder and catch your breath. He pinches it lightly and rolls it between his thumb and forefinger and you squirm under him. Then he does the same to the other nipple and you moan. This drives you wild and you can’t help but push yourself into his cock, grinding it against him. He pulls back a little and smiles.

HE’S smiling at YOU now.

He backs away and grabs his wet jeans from the floor next to the couch. He sits up and dangles a set of keys between his fingers.

He tells you he never lost his keys at all, but knew you’d let him seduce you given the right opportunity. But he never expected you to try and seduce him.

You want to get up and walk out but you are so fucking wet. Your nipples are aching. You’re practically panting, not with anger, but with — there’s no other word — lust. Right then, you know you’re going to let him inside you. You’re going to fuck him; there’s no turning back.

You wrap your arm around his neck and start kissing him even harder than before, jamming your tongue in his mouth, trying to suck the air out of him. He’s kissing you back, tasting your tongue. You feel his hands tugging at the button on your jeans, ripping your fly down.

You go to help him and he pushes your hands away. He’s not just taking your clothes off, he’s stripping you. Soon your jeans are around your ankles and he’s lifting you, pulling off your pants. Your legs are dangling off the couch and on either side of him.

Slowly he pulls his sweats down and his meat pops out. It’s so hard it’s purple. He steps toward you and puts it right in front of your lips. You take the head in your mouth and can feel it twitch.

You both know that if you do this too long he’ll explode, but it tastes too good. The head is huge and you have to open your mouth wide to get the whole thing in. But he won’t let himself give in, even though it feels so good, and he pulls away.

Crouching down over you he starts to run his hands over your silky breasts, still in the bra. When he slips his thumb over your nipple again, you shudder and start to whimper. Your nipples are so sensitive and fat, you can’t help but groan and grind your ass into the couch and tell him how good that feels.

He gets back on his knees, leans his head forward and locks onto your right nipple, pulling at it lightly with his teeth through the lace. Then he moves to the left, doing the same as he squeezes the other, wet with his saliva.

You’re thrashing and calling his name and asking him to touch your pussy, saying “pussy” out loud like a slut, begging him to put his fingers in you. Soon he has your bra unsnapped and he takes his sweats all the way off, as well as his shirt. You’re running your hands all over his body and he begins licking your stomach, along your waistline, down and down…

He scratches lightly up and down your sides and nibbles toward you belly button and the top of your sticky panties. His tongue slips under the waistband and he runs it around to one hip and the other, dipping his tongue in deeper when he passes over your pussy.

A tongue tip slips lower, over your panties down to the wet spot and it cradles itself in your sexy cleft, rolling over your lips as you hyperventilate. He kneels up to your face and kisses you again, asking permission to expose you. You hum into his mouth and pull your hips up off the couch and he slowly lowers the wet lingerie.

He spreads your legs and your pink, wet pussy is open before his eyes.

“I want to taste you.”

You lean back and get ready to be eaten. It’s been too long since you had a tongue on your slit.

He sits down on the floor and pulls you forward and has you drape your legs over his shoulders. You are just inches from his face. Your pussy lips are open and your clit is sticking out, glistening. He blows on it just a little. And you whimper, begging for his tongue. He has other plans; he wants to go slow.

He blows light breaths on your clit and up and down your lips, all over. Your hips are bucking and you feel as though you could cum right there. You feel his tongue swipe all the way up your slit, from the edge of your ass, until he stops just below you clit. He’s teasing you; he knows you’re ready to burst but wants to stretch it out.

You close your eyes and wait for his next move, trembling. A tongue jabs at one of your lips, running up the side and back down slowly. It switches to the other side, just grazing your engorged clit.

Now it’s flicking all over your pussy, everywhere but your clit. The flicking gets faster as he slides the tip of his tongue, wet with your juices, everywhere. You’re thrashing again, calling his name, saying “please…please.”

Please, what?”

“Suck it.”

“Suck what; I want to hear you say it.”

“My clit…please…I need it. It’s been so long.”

He puts the tip of his tongue right on your sensitive nub and pushes hard, eventually going in circles. It feels electric, and the waves of pleasure are washing over you. Every time you’re on the verge of cumming, he slows down and lightly blows on you, still teasing.

You feel his tongue enter you and it twists it back and forth and you start pushing against his face, grinding your pelvis against his chin. It’s long and comes to a sharp point, and he stabs it into you as twitching waves start coming up your legs.

You tell him you’re going to cum and he pops his tongue out of you and flicks it on your clit heavily, heavenly, up-and-down, side-to-side, taking it in his mouth for a second and nibbling on it, blowing, licking again. You can’t take it anymore and you stiffen up and start trembling. You are cumming, harder then you ever have before, moaning so loud the neighbors can hear you. Your ass is pushing up off the couch and you’re thrashing with abandon. He has to hold you down to keep his mouth on you.

Your orgasm lasts for at least a minute and he sits back and watches you twitch. When you open your eyes, his face is right in front of you, covered in your essence. He kisses you and you can taste yourself on his lips.

He puts his arms around you and you both laugh and talk.

His cock is standing up straight. You stroke it and feel the fluids leaking from the big head. You want him inside you right away, so you switch positions and climb up on his lap. It’s been a long time since you’ve had a cock this big in you, so you know it may take a couple minutes for him to get all the way in.

You hover over his cock, sliding it along your lips, teasing him now. He begs to be inside you and you oblige, impaling yourself on him. The head pushes in and stretches you. You’re so wet that the rest slides in without much effort and soon he’s filling you to your core.

He grabs you by the waist and pulls you up, almost off, and rubs his head against the edge of your lips, before pumping you down again. You feel as though you could cum and let him know, asking him why he hasn’t cum yet.

“Soon enough, but I want you to do it again,” he says, and slowly pushes you down, deeper than before, holding you tight. You’re twitching again, preparing for a bigger orgasm, when you see the bedroom door open across from you. His friend, who was in the house the whole time, watching, walks out of the room grins at you.

He has nothing on but a pair of boxers and he’s well built, like an athlete, a little shorter and more muscular than your student, with shaggy hair. Sticking out of his shorts is a very thick penis, not as long as the one buried in you, but much wider. You’re startled for a second, but the cock inside you feels too good to stop. Besides, your friend is holding your waist tight, sucking on your nipples.

He takes the nipple out of his mouth and whispers in your ear, “This is Sean. I told him how sexy you are and he wants to be with you, too. Is that OK?”

You shake your head yes, and give in. You know you’re not a slut every day, but for now you’re going to be one. You’re going to allow two young men to have their way with you, one you’ve never met. For just this once you’re going to let your inhibitions go and let them fuck and suck you. No one will ever know and it will only happen this once … you think.

Just then, looking at one big cock, another buried in you, you cum so much stronger than before, bucking up and down on his cock so hard he has to hold you down. You’re babbling about how good it feels, and his friend walks up to you and slides his cock in your mouth.

It’s so big, your lips are open wide and he’s pushing it in as far as you’ll let him. You’re still cumming and bouncing on the first cock. Your muffled moans fill the room. You have one long cock all the way in your pussy and another fat one shoved lewdly in your mouth and your tits are swaying. You feel another wave hit, just as your student tells you he’s gonna cum. You can’t get up fast enough, or don’t want to, and feel him squirting his seed inside you, splashing up against the walls of your pussy.

You feel the cock in your mouth start to twitch and his friend can’t hold back. He pulls put of your mouth and jacks his salty cum all over you tits, nipples and the back of the couch.

Your student is still inside you; he’s moaning into your ear, telling you how amazing it feels, like nothing he’s ever experienced before. You feel him squeezing his cock, draining the rest into your pussy, and little electric shocks pulse deep inside you and on your nipples. You’re breathing through your mouth; still mumbling about how that was the best orgasm you’ve ever had.

“That’s just the beginning.” You look up and Sean is staring into your eyes, his semi-erect cock right in front of your face.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” he says, and the student pulls out of you. You shudder because your slit is still humming. Arms pull you up. You’re unsteady on your legs as they lead you to the bathroom.

A minute later you’re in the shower, hot water spraying all over your shoulders, swollen tits and stomach. Sean is behind you, washing your back as you lean into his friend, your arms around his shoulders, kissing him. Sean’s hands are all over your body now, running soap on your breasts, your ass and between your legs. Once you’re cleaned up, Sean slips his thumb into your hot slit from behind, rubbing your clit in circles with his index finger.

You push back into Sean’s hand, groaning into his friend’s neck. Just when you think you’re about to cum again, the water shuts off and you’re standing on the cool tiles. The boys are drying you off with fluffy, clean towels kissing your warm neck. You feel like you could fall asleep right there, but they have other plans…

Your student takes you in his arms and carries you into the bedroom, from where Sean watched you get seduced earlier. He sets you down on the bed and slips next to you, kissing your lips slowly, exploring your mouth with his long tongue.

“Do you want more of this?” he whispers, and you nod yes.

The bed creaks, and a Sean’s finger enters you, curling up toward your G spot as the student kisses the nape of your neck, your shoulders and lips. He slips in behind you so your both sitting up on the bed, his legs on either side of you, watching as Sean slides another finger into your soaking wet hole.

The student puts his fingers in your mouth, gets his digits wet and starts to gently squeeze your hard nipples. He kisses the back of your neck and you twist your head around searching for his lips, as he slowly tickles your belly.

A pillow is slipped under your ass and Sean leans down and kisses your pussy, as if he was making out with a woman – turning his head sideways and pushing his lips into you hard, soft, then with force again, sliding his tongue in as far as it will go, so far that the tip of his nose is jammed against your clit.

You eyes are closed and you can feel four hands on your body, fluttering against your breasts and nipples, in and out of your pussy and up and down your legs. Behind your eyelids you see a myriad of colors, pinks and purples swirling together with bright whites and you feel another powerful orgasm building in your toes, slowly carrying up your legs.

Sean is going to town now, as you tell him how much you love to be eaten. He gets the hint and flutters his tongue against your clit, faster than the student did. You start bucking — jamming your pelvis up to meet his lips. You want to cum so bad and can feel it boiling up toward Sean’s mouth, your slit.

In your drowsy state, you hear Sean say, “Turn her over, I have to get inside her,” and the student gently asks if it’s OK. All you can do is nod.

They quickly flip you over, on all fours. His hard cock is right at your mouth and Sean’s penis is pushing against your slit. At once they slide their cocks into each hole. You open wide to get your mouth around one huge, erect head as you feel a wide cock, thicker than any you’ve had in you before, opening you up from behind, slowly boring into you.

A muffled groan comes from your lips, half pain, half ecstasy, and Sean slows down so you can get used to his monster invading you. “Just a little more, Baby; you’re gonna love it,” he assures you, and you feel your student’s hands softly running over your shoulders, reassuring you.

You take his penis from you mouth and wrap your hands around it, rubbing your spit into the head. This drives him wild. Sean pulls out a little and pushes back in, trying to open you more. You lower your head and start sucking your student’s balls, licking the smooth skin. You also start to push your ass back into his friend, timing it to meet his thrusts. It’s painful, but you’re determined to get it all the way in. Sean places his hands on your hips and lets you do the work, grinding back into him.

You’re on all fours, sucking one man’s balls and pushing back into another man. A powerful orgasm has been building in you for a while and you know it’s going to hit hard. The student gently takes your chin and lifts it up, reintroducing his cock to your mouth just as Sean hits bottom – he’s all the way inside you and you feel more stuffed then you have ever been.

Sean thrusts forward and the cock in your mouth goes deeper. You gag and pull up, but from behind Sean lightly pushes the back of your head down toward his friend, encouraging you to swallow as much as you can. You ignore your gag reflex and breathe through your nose, allowing this long cock to snake its way down your throat.

Out of nowhere your orgasm hits, a powerful wave of warmth all over. Your nipples, if possible, get longer and your body is shaking with abandon. You scream, but the sound is blocked by the cock deep in your throat. You let it take over. You thrash and buck as Sean pounds in and out of your pussy, fast, over and over. Your eyes are closed and the colors you saw earlier are now a kaleidoscope of hues, spinning and mixing together.

Simultaneously you hear both men start to groan, and you pull the penis out of your mouth and see it spurt warm cum down your neck and on your lips as Sean erupts all over your ass and lower back.

Thirty minutes later you’re in the back seat of Sean’s car cuddling with your student. You don’t feel dirty at all, rather satisfied and proud, like a woman who just fulfilled a long-time fantasy. The snow has stopped and the streets are cleared as they drop you at your car. As you go to get out, Sean asks, “Do you have class tomorrow?”


“Good. At 10 a.m., I’ll be outside your building, on the avenue in a taxi. Get in the cab; we’re taking you somewhere. Wear a skirt and don’t speak unless you’re spoken to.”

You want to protest, to tell this guy to fuck off, but the thought of those two big cocks is enough to make you say, “Yes Sir.”

All through class the next morning you can hardly concentrate. The memories of last night’s session with your student and his friend won’t leave your head. Also, your pussy is throbbing from a mix of pain from last night and anticipation of what will happen after class.

Your student sits in the front row through your lecture, nodding toward the clock every so often, smiling at you with mischief in his eyes. Your mouth is dry and you’re feeling a little lightheaded, so you ask the class to do some writing on their own. He catches your eye as you head out the door, into the hall and toward the bathroom, and he’s soon on your heels. He puts his hand on the small of you waist in the busy hall, with students and faculty all around, and you try to push it away. He cups your waist harder and whispers in your ear, “Be outside in 10 minutes.”

A Yellow Cab idles outside the building and the back door opens as you approach. You lean in and your student is waiting. Right away he pulls you toward his chest and you burrow your head into his wool sweater, giggling.

The cab pulls away and you hear a familiar voice say “227 Martin.” The voice belongs to Sean, the guy with the huge cock that was stuffed in you less than 18 hours ago. Rounding out the foursome is the driver, a Haitian man.

Sean smiles at you, and you nod back, embarrassed. You wish that the student picked you up alone and you didn’t have to deal with his friend. The student puts his hand under your chin and kisses you on the lips gently, letting each kiss last seconds before starting again. This goes on for the ride to through the city – just the two of you lost in one another’s lips.

You are at the door of a classy-looking brownstone and Sean rings the bell. An oak door swings open and a gorgeous young Hispanic woman in a classic maid’s outfit invites you into a sitting parlor. The woman smiles and asks if she can take your coat and purse and you look to your friend, who says it’s OK.

The maid walks away and the two guys watch her. You turn and see her teardrop-shaped ass swaying down the hall.

Sean leaves the room and you and the student are served hot tea at a small couch. He’s holding your hand and stroking your leg, and you’re talking together in hushed tones about the night before. A red sports car zips past the window and into the driveway and soon an attractive couple walk into the room wearing white tennis outfits.

“Sorry we’re late,” the wife says and introduces herself. I’m Evelyn Van Riper and this is my husband, Mark. You must be our friend’s teacher we’ve been hearing so much about.

You look over to the student but he’s moved down the couch and pulled his hand away. He’s looking at Evelyn, not you. She’s a classic beauty: blonde, tall, no makeup, high cheekbones and hypnotic blue eyes. She looks to be about 40, maybe younger, and is very fit, with smooth, tan legs and breasts that look like they are large, mashed into a sports bra.

Her husband is older, in his mid-50s, but also looks younger and fit, like a man who has money and takes care of himself. He is also very attractive, ruggedly handsome with a white smile. He doesn’t say anything, just stands beside his wife in his tight tennis shorts. You sneak a glance down and see an enormous bulge in his shorts. His penis must be huge, you think.

Evelyn follows your gaze and winks at you.

“Let’s get down to business. Mark and I are sex therapists and people from around the world come to us to break old habits, learn to be more open or try different things in the bedroom. We have a very high success rate. I know there’s something we can do for you.”

You open your mouth to protest, but Evelyn puts her well-manicured finger to her lips. “Shhhh. You’re here for a reason.” You look over to your student, but he’s avoiding your gaze, looking at this older woman.

“The reason you’re here is because we’ve heard from several of your students that you are a person who has to be in control of each situation and always has to win an argument. I surmise you have a difficult time giving up that control in many situations. You’re a stubborn pain at times, correct?”

Now you’re pissed. You glare back at Evelyn, jump to your feet and get ready to put her in her place, but she laughs at you, before you can speak. Your face is crimson and you get up to leave.

“SIT DOWN,” she bellows.

For some reason you obey.

“Good girl. That’s a good start. What we’re going to do today – and we don’t have much time – is turn you into a malleable woman who will do what’s asked of her without question. We won’t do this through hypnosis or punishment, but simply through bribery. It’s quite simple: I have something you want and you’ll do anything to keep it, and I mean anything. By the end of the day, you will perform acts you’ve never dreamed of with people you may never see again in order to hold onto something very important to you.”

What the hell is she talking about, you think.

A pocket door slides open across the room and the maid comes in carrying a tray with three snifters on it. “Thank you, Lucia,” the woman says, “Draw the drapes and take Mr. Van Riper upstairs.”

The room darkens a little and Evelyn offers glasses to you and your student.

“This is a liqueur that my husband and I make; it will make you more comfortable. Please drink to the bottom.”

It’s peppery and cool, with the consistency of schnapps and it warms your throat a bit and makes your eyes water.

Soon that warm sensation has traveled down to your stomach and out your arms and legs. Your forehead is perspiring. Your nipples begin to get hot and you can feel your groin tingle, as if your lips are opening slightly.

“As I said before, I have something you want. You looked disbelieving before. If we’re to get started, I suppose I have to prove this to you right away.”

Evelyn, sitting across from you reaches under her skirt and pulls her white panties down her long legs. She tosses then in your lap.

“Come here, ____, and do what I taught you.”

She knows him? She knows his name? What the fuck, you think.

Your student gets up and walks over to this beautiful woman, kneels down, pulls up her skirt and buries his face between her legs.

You want to get up, but your legs feel like Jell-O. You’re dizzy and your body is on fire. All you can do is watch as the young man you want to be with is sucking her off.

She pushes his head hard into her pussy and looks you right in the eyes.

“Ooooh. Ummm. Eat me, just like I taught you,” she says, never breaking her gaze.

“Last night, after my boy here fucked you, he came over here and I sucked your juices off his dick. Ohhhhhh. Yes, suck it right there,” she coos. “Isn’t he good at sucking pussy? AHHHHH. OHHHHH. I taught him everything he knows.”

You sit there with your mouth open, appalled and excited at the same time. You’re too out of it to move, but you can’t stop watching.

“He told me all about how you love to have a man go down on you,” she says, running her fingers through his spiky blonde hair, grinding into him.

Her eyes roll back into the back of her head and she starts cumming, loudly screaming, as the student finishes her off.

She dismisses him. It’s just the two of you in the room. She’s panting, catching her breath.

“I know how you feel about him. Do as I say today or you’ll never see him again. Cooperate and he can be yours for as long as you like.”

In a haze, you’re led down a narrow set of stairs to the basement and shown to a large room at the end of a long hall. There’s a double bed with several heavy wooden chairs around it, a bare light bulb in the ceiling.

The door closes behind you and you hear the lock click. You sit on the bed and wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. Your breathing slows but your body is on fire. You hear people talking through the walls, and an occasional cry of pleasure.

After about 20 minutes, the door quietly opens and your student slips into the room. You hug him and ask what’s going on. Just go along with it, he says, and it will be something you never forget. Give in and allow them to take you. Evelyn and Mark will bring you places you’ve never been. He kisses you again and his face smells like soap.

“Don’t worry; I’ll always be in the room, watching.”

Evelyn opens the door wearing a long silk robe that’s slightly open. Her hair is damp, as if just out of the shower. Your student fades into the shadows.



“Strip — right now.”

You hesitate and she motions to your friend who gets behind you and starts to remove your clothing, pulling your shirt over your head and unfastening your skirt.

You’re standing there in your bra and panties and the student looks to her for direction.


He unclasps your bra and your heavy tits spill out. Your nipples are long and fat. He slides your panties down your legs and you step out of them.

“Evelyn is smiling at you, taking in your body with her eyes. “I can see you’re attracted to our young friend. He’s attracted to you, too, very much so. He always talks about your little, tight ass, and how you walk around class, jutting those nice tits out.”

“OK, now eat her.”

Your student pushes you down to the bed, climbs between your legs and starts to suck your pussy, running his tongue up and down your lips, as he did last night. You are so warm down there and your juices start to run out of you, into his mouth.

You won’t last very long, you know this. His tongue feels heavenly, flicking over your clit as he moans into your core.

Evelyn drags a chair over to the head of the bed and whispers in your ear, “Don’t you dare cum until I say it’s OK.”

You shake your head from side to side and block her out, preparing for a big orgasm.

“Don’t ignore me. Hold off from cumming.”

You hardly hear her, because your climax is about to hit.

“GET OFF HER RIGHT NOW!” she orders your student and he complies, pulling his mouth away from you. You whimper with frustration and he stands up, his face wet with your juices.

“Get over here.”

He walks over to her and she kisses him, then grabs him by the belt, and rips his pants open, pulling out his cock, which grows in her hand.

Her face is less than a foot from yours; she turns her head to you and says, “You’ll cum when I tell you. Next time listen to me,” and pops his cock into her mouth.

She swirls her tongue around the big head, jacking his shaft, never taking her eyes off you. Whatever she’s doing, it works, because he’s humping her mouth within seconds, breathing heavily. Suddenly he’s screaming low, cumming down her throat. You watch with disgust and envy, as she pulls his spent penis from her mouth and smiles.

“You will do what I say from here on, or I’ll have him fuck me next, understand?”


She stands up and looms over you, her pendulous breasts falling out of her robe just above your face. Her pink areolas are wide, topped with puffy nipples. “Suck it,” she says, and pushes a big tit to your lips.

Out of the corner of your eye you see your student in a chair, watching, stroking his flaccid cock back to life.

You open your mouth and accept her breast. She gets on the bed and straddles your chest, pushing her tits in your face as she reaches behind you tickling your pussy.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Ummm hmmm” is all you can say because she’s running her huge tits all over your lips.

“Let’s see how I can help. You see, the reason you’re friend is so good at sucking pussy is because he learned from me. And I’m very good at it,” she says as she slips a finger into you.

She slides down your body and takes a thigh in each hand, spreading them wide open. Your friend takes the seat next to the bed and puts his hand on your shoulder, telling you that you’re gonna love it.

You close your eyes and wait for her to get to work.

She starts by putting all her fingers on your lips, pulling you open, exposing you even more. This causes your juices to flow out, all over the sheets. A tongue passes into your hot slit, caressing your inner walls. You are spread wide, a beautiful woman is poised between you legs and your lover is massaging your shoulders.

“You are SO wet. Make sure you don’t orgasm until I say it’s OK,” she says.

She uses the tip of her tongue to lightly rub all over your pussy, barely making contact, but sending electric shocks throughout your body. Hot breaths are blown all around your lips and onto your clit.

You’re making guttural sounds into your lover’s mouth, doing your best to hold off the climax.

“Do you like to have your pussy sucked?”


She runs her quivering tongue up and down your pussy.

“Are you a dirty girl?”

“Mmmmm hmmmm.”

She inserts a finger inside you.

“Who is in charge here, my dirty girl.”

“AHH! AHH! You are.”

“And you’ll cum when I let you, not before?”

“Yes. OHHHH!”

“Good,” she says, and sticks a second finger in you, pumping them.

Your lover places kisses all over you face, and you look down and see his cock getting hard again.

She takes your clit in between her lips and stretches it into her mouth, clamping down over your pussy so she has suction. You can feel her mouth fill with a little saliva as she sucks in and out, pulling your nub down toward her throat and pushing it back. It’s fluttering back and forth in her liquid-filled mouth. She speeds up until you are about to cum, and then slows down, moaning “Not yet” into you.

It’s like nothing you’ve felt before and you’re thrashing on the bed, screaming and pulling at the sheets, searching for your lover’s cock with your hands.

You want to cum so bad, but his experienced woman is playing you, keeping pace with the waves that wash over you, staving off your orgasm.

After a few minutes she takes the grip off your clit and kisses your pussy all over, taking the time to suck and lick every crevice. She looks up and sees that the student’s cock is rock hard and takes pity on you.

“Do you want to cum on his cock?” she asks.


He quickly positions you under him and his penis slides right. You look to your side and Evelyn is right there encouraging the two of you. You start to ride his cock, picking up speed and biting your lip, waiting for Evelyn to say the word, to let you cum. You’ve given up, and you’re allowing this woman to control you.

“Do you want to cum?”


“Will you do what we tell you for the rest of the day?”

“Yes, anything, just please let me…”

With one hand Evelyn strokes your buttocks; with the other she reaches into the nightstand, opens a jar of Vaseline and dips her middle finger in. She snakes it up your ass.

“Go ahead. CUM!”

The room goes black.

The rest of the day is a lusty haze of memories.

You wake spooning with your lover. Crisp new sheets are on the bed and someone took the time to sponge you down and comb your hair. Your eyes are heavy and your limbs feel a little numb but your pussy is still tingling, as are your nipples. There are two empty snifters on the nightstand and your mouth has that same peppery taste. Your lover is snoring lightly into the back of your neck. You turn to face him, pull back a little and watch him sleep. He’s so handsome. He wakes and smiles at you. You lie there and kiss until you both drift back to sleep.

The next time you open your eyes, you are tied to the bed with smooth scarves. A fifth scarf is around your eyes. You hear your lover’s voice and a few others but can’t see anyone. The fact that he’s in the room reassures you. At once everyone is quiet. You can hear them breathing, but no one says a word. From the voices you heard before, you figure there must be six people in the room, at least, men and women. Chairs are dragged across the floor, closer to the bed. And you feel two sets of hands placed on either side of your torso. Could it be your lover and Evelyn? Her husband? The maid? Sean from the other night? Strangers? You have no way of knowing. You fight against the scarves, but they only get tighter.

“Please calm down, my dear, and stop struggling,” Evelyn says from somewhere in the void.

The hands start lightly tickling your stomach, running up either side of your torso and down your legs. Another pair of soft hands strokes your hair and temples. Three faceless people are pampering you, scratching their way over your torso and along the tops of your legs.

You settle in and relax and allow them to have their way, giving up a little more control. The thought of your lover/student in the room makes you feel safe and it also heightens your excitement, knowing that he’s watching these people seduce you.

A warm mouth suckles one of your sensitive nipples and you suck in your breath. A different mouth clamps down on the other erect nub and you emit a low moan. Your left nipple is being sucked lightly and blown on as the other is being twirled around someone’s tongue, one being playfully bitten as the other is sucked in so deep your whole breast is in his or her mouth. Soon they switch positions and your spit-covered tits are bursting as you arch your back in ecstasy.

The hands stroking your hair turn your head slightly and a large cock head parts you lips. You know it belongs to you lover, at least you are almost positive. You reach for him but the scarves hold you firm. He stands back a little so all you can do is take his enormous head in on your curled tongue.

One breast is released and a tongue runs lightly from your cleavage down your stomach toward your pussy. You take a deep breath. You want someone to suck you and you’re mewing like a cat, jamming your hips in the air, but the mouth returns to the assault on your nipples. They’re teasing you, trying to make you cum without touching your pussy. You feel a climax start to come on just as Evelyn stops things. Your lover backs away and you whimper in frustration.

“Untie her.”

You’re in a dim room, sitting on a small couch with your lover. Your pussy is on fire and leaking down your thighs. As your eyes adjust to the light, you notice figures around you, couples, threesomes, on the floor and on chairs, fucking and sucking, oblivious to you. You look up and see Evelyn taking Sean’s wide girth in her mouth as a petite black woman feasts on the host’s breasts.

Your lover picks you up and places you on his lap, so that you’re facing forward and he’s behind you. He lowers you onto the tip of his penis, running it along your slit as he did last night. But instead of pushing you down on him, he pops his head in and out, fucking you slowly with the bulbous flesh. Occasionally he pulls out and allows his slick cock to run up the front of your pussy, stretching your clit and lips with it, before he stabs you with his head again.

You try to force your way down on him, but he has his massive arms hooked under yours, and he lifts you up and down in a curling motion as he just barely fucks you. He’s keeping you from having an orgasm, teasing you until you are allowed to cum.

An ecstatic cry makes you look to you left and you see Evelyn’s husband Mark pushing his way into the maid, Lucia, from behind. Her black, ruffled skirt is up around her waist and her panties have been pulled down her legs. She’s shaking and twisting her head from side to side as Mark slowly slides into her. He pulls out all the way for a second and you see why Lucia is struggling. His cock is massive, not wider than Sean’s but longer than your lover’s. It must be 12 inches, with a mushroom-shaped head and a long vein snaking up the side.

He starts again, slowly feeding his penis into Lucia, and she braces for it, winching as she grinds back into him. Your lover pulls out of you, releases his hold and turns you around. You slowly sit down on his cock and kiss his chest, knowing not to cum, giving away a little more control.

In another, darker room Evelyn leads you to a stool with a bright spotlight shining on it. You brush up against people in the darkness. When you’re in the center, next to the stool, the light is bright in your eyes and you can just make out dark figures, maybe 12-15 people sitting down, facing you. You are wearing a robe similar to Evelyn’s only shorter, cut off at the tops of your legs.

Evelyn walks away and you are left alone, nervous and hoping that your lover is in the crowd.

“Take the robe off,” a make voice shouts.

As if hypnotized, you untie the belt and let the robe open. You feel the cool air on your stomach and your nipples tighten.

“Do it,” someone else says.

You let the silk slide down you shoulders and drop to the floor and you are completely naked in a dark room full of strangers.

You don’t bother covering up and you can feel the eyes on you.

“Look at those nipples,” someone says, “They’re so big and pretty.”

“Well, you asked to cum, so make yourself cum,” you hear Evelyn say, and she hands you a vibrator that’s buzzing.

You sit down on the stool and open you legs wide, running the machine all over your slit, in and out of yourself and on your clit. Juices are flowing out of you, puddling on the stool and the crowd is cheering you on. Within 30 seconds you’re bucking against the plastic toy, calling out your lover’s name when you explode.

He picks you up and carries you to an adjoining room. He sets you down on a large comfortable bed and kisses your entire body, from your feet to your eyes, gently turning you over and kissing your buttocks and back.

“Please lick me again?”

He rolls onto his back and invites you to squat over his face. Clumsily you spin around and position your hips over his head. He pulls you down toward his mouth. His lips make contact with yours and he kisses you lightly, just as he was earlier in the cab — easy, long kisses, making out with your beautiful pussy, licking your wet lips and slowly unrolling his long tongue along your velvety walls, further in, further. He then dips the very tip of his tongue to the bottom and takes his time pulling it up, dragging his flesh against yours, up toward you sensitive spot. He grabs your ass and pulls it toward his face, mashing his lips into you, wallowing in your essence.

Your eyes are closed. And you’re talking to him, telling him how much you worship his tongue, between long moans and grunts of pleasure. He grabs his cock and pushes it toward your lips. It’s rock hard in your mouth, more erect and bigger than you remember. You grip it with your small hand, which you can’t fit around the shaft, and pump him, licking the sensitive spot under his head.

Your orgasm hits with force the second his tongue touches your clit, and you convulse on top of him just as he yells that he’s going to cum. His legs shake and you pull him out of your mouth and pump him. He spills his load on the bed, climaxing with you.

You wake in a panic to Evelyn standing next to the bed.

“What time is it?’ you ask.

“Not to worry; you have time to get back. You’ve done so well today, my love, but there’s just one more thing we have to fit in before we let you leave with this young man.”

Out of the shadows, Mark steps toward you with his massive cock swaying. You tremble and start to move away, but Evelyn and your lover hold you, convincing you to submit.

You’re on your back and your lover and Evelyn are on either side, holding you. You protest, and try to squirm away, but they spread you arms out, pinning them to the mattress. Mark kneels on the bed, grabs the back of your knees and pulls you to him, closer to his enormous cock, spreading your legs wide.

“NOOO,” please don’t!” you say. “It’s too big.”

Evelyn sticks her tongue in your ear, then swirls it around your neck. “Once it’s inside you, you’ll feel so good. Did you see how much Lucia enjoyed being fucked by that big cock? She begs for it every night. Soon you’ll be craving it, too.”

You shake your head no, but don’t protest when Mark puts the head against your lips. He gets it a little wet and slides it up, jabbing your clit.

Your lover licks your nipples, which makes you open your legs wider.

Evelyn sees you’re still conflicted and she won’t allow her husband to rape you; she wants your permission.

“Look at that beautiful cock,” she whispers. “Take it. You know you want it. Tell me you want it.”


“Yes what?” Mark says, the first time you’ve heard his deep voice.

“Fuck me.”

“Where, you little slut?”

“In my pussy.”

“Not good enough. Where do you want it?”

“In my cunt. Please fuck my cunt.”

He pushes into you a couple inches and you know there’s no stopping now. A little further in and you feel you pussy open. Even further and the pain kicks in. He’s so deep, plowing into your womb. You’re shaking and your lover is whispering in your ear, telling you how sexy you look.

Evelyn is at your other ear, encouraging you to take more. “Only a few more inches,” she says. He’s filling you up, isn’t he?”

“OHHHH. It’s so fucking big,” you scream. It hurts, but in a good way, and you feel yourself being stretched wider.

Evelyn stops sucking on your neck. “After you cum, Mark’s going to shoot his big load inside you and I’ll suck it out of your cunt, every last drop. Would you like that?

Her words are so filthy but you love them.

“YEEESSSS,” you hiss as Mark jams the rest of his

12 inches in you, grinding his pelvic bone against your clit.

Evelyn whispers, “You may cum, my little slave,” and you do.

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