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Brad dictated the last of the letters to his secretary and asked her to type them up and have them on his desk in the morning as he was leaving for the day as soon as he made a few phone calls. When he got off the phone after the last call, he stretched his large, athletic frame and stopped for a moment to reflect upon his good fortune in winning his recent election to the House of Representatives.

He had Les Lewis to thank for that as Les had worked tirelessly for him as his campaign manager and was the reason he had won the tight race.

Brad was a natural for the job as he had been an All American quarterback at Ohio State, class valedictorian and all around BMOC and was very well known all over the state. Joining the prestigious law firm of Rogers, Cornwell and Biggams in Cleveland and making a name for himself in prosecuting major pharmaceutical cases, didn’t hurt at all either and when Les had convinced him he could win the congressional seat, he decided to go for it.

Now, his first year was coming to an end and he loved every aspect of his job. He and his wife Coral lived half the year in Washington and the rest in Cleveland and both loved the change in their lifestyles. Coral had been the campus beauty at Ohio State and they had been going together since their sophomore year and finally decided to make it permanent upon graduation. While going together in college, they had found out that both of them were bisexual which brought them even closer together and resulted in a very exciting and rewarding sex life.

Shortly after their marriage, they had met Les and Laura at a business dinner and become close friends. Then they discovered that Les and Laura were also bisexual and things started to happen from that point on since Les introduced them to a very private group consisting of big businessmen, lawyers and doctors who enjoyed getting together often for sex parties. Because each of them had everything to lose if word got out, it was a well kept secret and each member of the group was sworn to secrecy.

Brad’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the intercom as his secretary told him that Coral was on the line. He picked up the phone and Coral asked when he planned on coming home as Les and Laura had just arrived from the airport. Les had some business in DC for a few days and they were staying with them since they had a spare bedroom. Brad told her he was leaving immediately and would see them in about 30 minutes. He picked up his briefcase and nodded to Carol as he passed her desk on his way to the garage and after picking his way through the usually heavy traffic, pulled into his building garage in Georgetown and headed for the elevator to his 10th floor apartment.

When he walked in the door, he noticed that the living room was empty so he headed back to the spare bedroom which they had turned into a library with a large sofa bed for guests but that was empty also so he turned and went back to the master bedroom. As he entered the room, he saw Coral on her back on the bed with Les thrusting his thick organ in and out of her wet vagina as Laura sat on her face and fed her pussy with a dreamy expression on her face.

Les turned and smiled in greeting when he saw him and Brad told him not to stop as he was getting undressed and would join them in a moment. When he was naked, he walked over to the bed and cupped his hand on Les’ big, full ball sac and lightly squeezed it in greeting and then got up on the bed and leaned forward to kiss Laura and tweak her large, erect nipples. He heard a murmured greeting from his wife who was busy eating Laura and reached down to gently pinch her hard nipples as he smilingly told her to leave some for him since he was hungry also. Then Les asked him to stand up on the bed and feed him his cock to suck while he fucked Coral. He stood up and held his erection towards Les and guided his swollen cockhead to his lips. As Les’ mouth covered his crown he felt Laura’s hands caressing his balls and then felt a wet finger enter his anus.

He took Les’ head in his hands and began fucking his mouth like it was a cunt as Laura finger fucked his ass and pulled on his full balls. He heard Coral’s muffled cry as she went into orgasm which was followed by an animal growl from Laura as she joined her in Nirvana. Then Laura asked him to please turn around and feed her his cock as she wanted to taste him also and he reluctantly withdrew his organ from her husband’s hungry mouth and turned to face her with his wet erection cleaving the air in front of him. Laura lunged at his cock and began hungrily sucking it as she played with his balls and then he felt Les’ tongue slide up and down his ass crack and then into his anal opening. Between the two of them they had him on a beautiful high from which he never wanted to return. It wasn’t long before Les started to moan and thrust his organ deep inside Coral’s pussy as he emptied his balls inside her.

Laura was doing a marvelous job on his penis and had him deep down her throat as she milked his shaft each time she swallowed around it and he felt his orgasm rapidly approaching. He held her head in his hands and told her to get ready for a feeding as he was about to cum. Then his organ swelled and started shooting stream after stream of hot cum into her greedy mouth which she gulped down as she went into another spasm of ecstasy which fed Coral more of her delicious juices.

They decided to take a break and Coral apologized to him for starting without him and said they waited for him as long as possible until Les zipped open his fly and took out his beautiful erection and showed it to her. Once she saw that beauty, she was lost and the action started. Brad smiled and told her that she was forgiven as he would have done the same thing in the same circumstance. They decided to have an early dinner at Alfredo’s and come back and spend the rest of the evening in play so they dressed and Brad called the restaurant and made reservations.

Franco showed them to a quiet booth in the back and after a round of drinks they ordered dinner. Les mentioned that his meeting was tomorrow morning and would probably require at least one more day to complete as papers had to be drawn up and signed before he left. Brad asked if they would like to get together with any of their mutual friends for a party before they left town and Laura immediately mentioned George and Carl. George Toukakis and Carl Flanger were ex-Navy Intelligence and worked at the Pentagon as consultants. They were both divorced and had been living together for the past few years. They were both bisexual and had been invited into the exclusive DC sex group where Les and Brad had met them a few months ago. Laura was tremendously turned on by both of them as they were very good looking and extremely well built.

She loved watching her husband in a threesome with them which always got her so high, she went wild. Brad looked at Les and he agreed that getting together with them would be nice so he told them that he would call later and see if they could join them tomorrow night. They finished their coffee and Brad got the check as the gals went off to the ladies room. They waited for them in the foyer and Brad gave his parking ticket to the valet. When their wives returned, the car was waiting and they headed back to the apartment.

As soon as they closed the door behind them, Brad suggested that they undress and get into bed since he had some unfinished business to take care of, looking at Les as he said it. When they were all naked and on the bed, Brad asked Les to sit on his chest and feed him that delicious cock of his since he didn’t have any desert at dinner while Laura sat on his cock and entertained herself with that organ. Coral pouted that she was left out until Brad suggested that she could feed Les and Laura her pussy to suck and she agreed instantly.

Brad couldn’t wait to suck on Les’ delicious organ and when he saw the smooth, sloped crown approach his lips, he opened his mouth and flicked out his tongue to catch a drop of precum oozing out the tiny slit before taking the thick organ inside. He loved the smooth texture of Les’ cockhead and was nursing lovingly on it as he reached up and pinched his erect nipples. Then he felt Laura’s warm cunt envelop his organ as she fit the head to her slit and lowered herself on it. He looked up and saw Coral rest her ass on the headboard and feed Les her juicy pussy to suck and the four of them took each other to heaven once again.

Les was sliding his organ in and out of Brad’s voracious mouth and Laura was riding his erection like she was riding a horse with her hips moving back and forth in a steady rhythm when suddenly he felt her body tense as she bore down on his organ and cried out in passion as her orgasm overwhelmed her. He felt her warm juices envelop his penis as her cunt contracted around his thick shaft in a series of spasms until they finally ended and she sat quietly with his cock deep inside her while she rested a moment. Then he heard his wife cry out in orgasm and looked up as he sucked the delicious cock to see Les lapping up her juices as she came. Since he was nowhere near ready to cum, he pulled his mouth from the thick cock and asked Les if he would like to take a break and try another position afterwards and Les agreed lifting himself up and helping his wife off Brad’s throbbing organ.

Coral and Laura went inside and brought back some cold drinks and Les brought them up to date on what was happening back home among Brad’s constituents, which was said with a smile as he was referring to their sex group. Brad suddenly remembered that he had to call George about tomorrow night and asked him to hold on a minute as he had to make the call. He got Carl on the phone and asked if they could come over for a little party tomorrow night as Les and Laura were in from Cleveland. Carl asked him to hold on a moment and came back on the phone and told him they’d love to join them. Brad told them to come over about 8 and to make sure their balls were nice and full as he was very thirsty.

After Brad told everyone that they would be coming, Les continued with the news from home and told them that the new lesbian couple turned out to be heavy bisexuals and have been making the rounds of all the couples in their group and getting rave reviews. He told them that he and Laura spent a beautiful evening at their place last week and that Brad and Coral had to meet them. Brad trusted Les’ recommendations and asked if they might want to come to DC tomorrow night for a small party as they could stay with them for the one night. Les picked up his cell and got Tina on the phone right away. He proposed the plan and she immediately accepted and said she would call back with their flight number and time in a short while and after disconnecting, Les looked at them and told them the girls would be joining them also. Then he smiled broadly as he brought out the fact that their guests tomorrow night were going to be a male couple and a female couple which should be interesting.

Brad mentioned that he’s looking forward to sucking both George and Carl as he loves their cocks and is looking forward to meeting Tina and Louise especially with all the positive comments about them. Coral and Laura said they were looking forward to George and Carl also but were particularly interested in meeting the new girls as, she was sure, she and Laura would spending a lot of time with them.

Both Brad and Les started to get really hard just thinking about tomorrow night and they automatically reached out for each other and began playing with each other’s cock and balls. Les’ thick cock felt wonderful as his hands roamed over the hard shaft with the bulging veins and gently pulled on his big balls. After playing a while, Brad asked if Les would like to be fucked as he’s getting turned on by thoughts of how good his anus is going to feel. In answer, Les turned on his stomach and lifted his ass in the air for Brad to play with. Les had a fabulous ass.

Tight, meaty ass cheeks and a sweet puckered hole that did wonders to his organ. He leaned forward and ran his tongue over the big balls and then up to the little hole where he deposited some saliva and probed the opening, sliding the tip of his tongue inside. Then he rubbed the head of his cock over the waiting anal opening and deposited some additional lubrication with his precum before pushing inside until his crown entered. He moved it back and forth a few times and then started to feed it in deep as Les urged him on by telling him how good his cock felt as it entered him. As Brad thrust in and out of the beautiful hole, Coral slipped underneath Les and began licking and sucking his organs, which were hanging down just begging to be sucked and Laura got comfortable on a big pillow in front of her husband and fed him her pussy to suck while he was being fucked.

Laura was watching the scene, as her husband sucked on her clit, and described how sexy they looked as they lost themselves in pleasuring one another and kept telling them one sexy thing after another which was getting all of them very horny. She told them how much she loved the way Les sucks her pussy and how good his talented tongue felt. Then, she cried out and held her husband’s head tightly to her cunt as she came and fed him her delicious juices. Brad’s cock was ready to explode as he thrust deeply in the talented asshole, which was milking his cock so beautifully.

He grasped Les around the hips and began stroking deep and long when suddenly his penis swelled and erupted in a series of spasms which sent stream after stream of sperm into the wonderful depths of the hole he was fucking. Then, after his second spurt splashed into the hungry ass, Les cried out that he was cumming also and Coral moaned as she drank load after load of his hot cum juices and experienced her own orgasm just from that.

Les’ phone started ringing a few minutes later and Tina told him that they would be arriving at 5 pm on United 286 and Brad told Les to tell her that he would have a car pick them up at the airport and bring them home real fast so they won’t miss a thing. Then, since they would be having heavy action tomorrow night, he suggested they retire and get a good nights sleep. Coral mumbled something about wanting a cock inside her so Brad made sure that she knew what it felt like as soon as they got into bed. They slept in spoon fashion and his cock was inside her most of the night. When morning came and the sunshine awoke them, Brad was reluctant to remove his organ from its comfortable resting place until Coral slipped out of bed and left the cold air to assault his penis. They showered, slipped on their robes and went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast as they heard signs of life coming from the guest room.

Les and Laura walked in wearing their robes and both looked like they were still asleep. A cup of coffee revived them somewhat and, by the time they wolfed down pancakes and eggs, they were wide awake. So awake that Les asked Coral if she has ever been eaten while cooking and after deliberating a minute, she said she was still a virgin in that area. Les asked her to cook up another egg and walked over and got comfortable between her legs as he unfastened the belt of her robe. The sight of her gorgeous thighs framing her petal-like labia made him want to worship her crotch and he began to kiss her from her anus to her clitoris as she accommodated him by spreading her thighs wide and giving him full access to every part of her.

She said that the egg was burning but the hell with it as she shut off the burner and grasped his head in her hands and lost herself in the pleasures he was giving her. He sucked each labia individually and ran his tongue up and down her wet slit as he teased her clit out of its hood. He loved the texture of her erect clit and he began sucking it like it was a little cock as she squirmed in passion and described her feelings to Brad and Laura who couldn’t help being turned on by the scene. She suddenly groaned and held his head tightly to her cunt as she wet his face with her juices in a series of shuddering spasms until her orgasm, unfortunately ended, and she returned to earth again.

She told Les that, if he came over often, they would all probably starve because she can’t get any cooking done when his tongue is doing such marvelous things to her pussy. He told her not to worry as he’d take them out to dinner afterwards so they really won’t starve and he feels wonderful that he was the first to eat her while she was cooking and holds it in the same regard as if he was her first lay. She thanked him, with a coy smile, and told him the feeling was mutual as she enjoyed every minute of it. She also smiled and told him that, the next time they come over for dinner, to please arrive early so she can start cooking right away. Laura suggested that perhaps next time, she could join Les so the two of them could share her crotch and Coral laughed and told them the more the merrier.

Brad told them that, since there would be no room for him near her pussy, he could play around her anus and feed her his penis to suck on as she lost herself in the pleasures they were giving her. Coral thought it was a great idea and they decided to get dressed as Les had a noon appointment and Brad had to go to his office for a couple of hours at the most. Les figured he would be finished about 4 pm so Brad drove him into town and told him he’d pick him up in a couple of hours as the girls were due at his place around 6.

He greeted Carol and she followed him into his office with a batch of messages for him. He asked her to sit down and read him the messages and as she crossed her legs, she flashed a generous amount of thigh and he saw that she was wearing red panties. Carol was no girl. She was a woman in her early 50’s who looked like she was, at the most 35 and had a full, buxom, comfortable looking body that was still in very good shape. The thought of sex with her had crossed his mind many times but he didn’t want to take the chance she would blow the whistle on him afterwards so he never proposed anything to her. She, on the other hand, seemed to want to bed him very much as she let him know in many subtle ways. He put the thought in the back of his mind as she read him the messages and he told her who to get on the phone and in what order.

As she got up, she gave him another quick view and he filed it away as a future possibility and got to work signing the papers waiting for him. Between his desk work and the phone calls 2 hours passed very quickly and he hung up the phone after the last call was made and relaxed a moment before calling Les. He was just finishing up and would be ready and waiting whenever Brad could make it so Brad told him he’d pick him up in front of the building in 10 minutes. He told Carol that all the papers had been signed so she can take care of distributing them or mailing them and told her he’d see her Monday morning and to have a nice weekend.

She smiled ruefully and, as he walked out the door, said that it could have been a wonderful weekend. He thought about what she would be like in bed and came to the conclusion that he would really like to find out but didn’t know her well enough to really trust her in keeping her mouth shut about their group so he put it on the back burner once again. The only way he’d consider having sex with her was with his wife present and he didn’t know what her reaction would be to that.

Les was waiting at the curb and hopped in quickly as Brad only paused a moment before moving off again and soon he was in the steady stream of traffic heading for Georgetown. They pulled into the garage about 4:45 and walked into the apartment a few minutes later to find their women sitting in the living room in their robes having some wine. Coral told them to shower and come in and join them for a drink before the guests arrive so the two of them went to their rooms, showered, slipped on their robes and were back in the living room a short while later. Laura was describing Tina’s clit to Coral and telling her that it looked like a little cock with a tiny sloped head and all. She said that it was almost 3/4″ long and that Tina went absolutely wild when it was sucked. She also mentioned that Louise was no slouch in that department either as she had one almost as large although it was not quite as thick as Tina’s.

Brad told them about Carol and how suggestive she was getting and Les warned him to be very careful as this was DC and you never know who you can trust. He said that she could be a plant by the opposition party just waiting to grab his seat back and Brad agreed telling them that he’s been warding her off for just that reason although he thinks she would make a hell of sex partner.

Coral said that she had met her once when she came to the office and thought she was a very attractive woman but didn’t get any signals from her at all so she’s not sure if she’s bi. As they were discussing Carol, the bell rang and the concierge told Brad that two young ladies were downstairs. He told him to send them up and when the doorbell rang, went over to the door and opened it to find two absolutely luscious young ladies standing there with broad smiles on their faces. He showed them in and introduced himself. After they greeted Les and Laura, he introduced them to Coral who asked if they would like to hop into a nice shower and refresh themselves after the flight. She led them inside and gave them robes to put on and told them to come back in as soon as they’re ready.

They continued their discussion about Brad’s secretary and then the girls walked into the room and Coral got them drinks. Les asked how things were in Cleveland and Tina told him that they were supposed to be at the Caldwell’s for a party tonight but opted out for the chance to meet Carol and Brad about whom they heard many wonderful things. Brad smiled and told her that the feeling was mutual since they had heard glowing reports about them also. As they talked, Tina unfastened the belt of her robe and let it fall open displaying her large firm breasts and rigid nipples. Coral told her how beautiful they were and walked over and sat down next to her, opening her robe as she sat down.

Tina smiled and reached out to tweak her large, erect nipples just as Coral did the same to her. The two of them were lost in examining each other’s bodies so Louise got up and walked over to Laura and opened her robe and gazed with admiration at the beautiful and sexy body before her. Then, without a word, she slipped to her knees and planted light kisses all over Laura’s prominent labia as she began to orally worship the gorgeous cunt. She pressed her face into the sexy crotch and breathed in deeply, telling Laura how wonderful her scent was. Laura asked if she could sit down as her legs were getting weak and Louise guided her to an empty couch and made herself comfortable between her thighs and went right back to where she had left off.

Les walked over to Brad and sat down alongside him to watch the sexy scenes playing out in front of them. Brad reached out and grasped Les’ thick erection in his hand and slowly stroked it as they watched. Les put his hand around Brad’s thickness and asked if he could go down and worship it awhile while Brad relaxed and watched the action and, not even waiting for the answer, dropped to his knees in front of him and began licking the big, full, tight ball sac and then taking each ball in his mouth and gently and lovingly sucking them, His hands were lightly stroking the thick shaft as he worked on the balls and Brad began to moan as he was being taken away once again by this talented man. He loved watching Les suck his balls and play with his cock but when he lifted his eyes to the couch across from them, he saw Tina on top of his wife in a 69 and both of them were moaning in passion as they kissed, licked and sucked each other’s crotch.

Then the intercom rang and Brad had to disengage himself from the wonderful sensations he was experiencing to find out that George and Carl had arrived and were on their way up. The bell rang a few minutes later and he let them in and locked the door behind them. He suggested that they undress in the foyer as he wanted the girls to see what they were going to play with tonight. When they were naked, he grasped both of them by their rapidly hardening cocks and led them into the living room while explaining that the girls were getting to know one another and were very much occupied at the moment.

As they approached the center of the room, Tina lifted her head and remarked to Coral how beautiful all the men are and how she can’t wait to have them fill her every hole. Brad asked them to hold up a minute and as they lifted their heads from their crotches, he introduced all of them and then told them to continue what they were doing as the boys wanted to play also.

He led George over to the couch and asked him to sit back, relax and watch the girls while he sucked his beautiful cock. He got down between George’s thighs and started licking and sucking his balls just like Les had just done to him. He loved the feel of his thick shaft and couldn’t resist the gorgeous, crown which just begged to be sucked. George lay back and watched the spectacle of the four beautiful women before him as he ran his hands over Brad’s head and fed him his penis. He always loved the way Brad sucked him and when Brad’s mouth covered his sloping crown and he began to suck him up and down his penis, George’s eyes glazed over and he was transported into another world from which he never wanted to return. He turned his head and saw Louise and Laura on the floor 69ing and wanted to reach out and slide a finger or two into their puckered assholes.

Brad lifted his head for a moment and saw Carl munching on Les’ meat on the other couch and marveled at the way he swallowed so much of that long, thick penis. After some time, Les tapped him on the shoulder and told him that he really didn’t want to cum yet and would like to switch places with him now so Brad sat down and watched as George’s talented mouth began to work on his organs.

As George started nursing on his cockhead, He heard a loud gasp as Coral went into orgasm and Tina joined her. The two of them pressed their cunts against each other’s mouth and moaned in ecstasy as they came. Then he heard Louise shout as she went into orgasm and a moment later Laura came also. All four of them sat back and watched the men and made comments on how sexy they looked sucking cock. Coral told the girls that one of her biggest turn ons was watching her husband sucking a beautiful penis and Laura seconded that and told them that she once had an orgasm watching Les suck cock without even touching her pussy.

As George sucked his cock, he started to get the urge to put it inside George’s full, tight ass and a moment later asked him if he could please fuck him now as he wants to so badly. He lay down on the carpet and asked George to sit on his cock so he could play with his erection and suck one of the girls. George never hesitated and lifted his mouth from the thick throbbing erection and kneeled astride his body as he reached down and guided the thick pole to his anus. Then he rubbed the profuse precum all over his tight hole and slowly sank down on the thickness while moaning in passion as he felt more and more of the beautiful meat fill his ass.

Brad asked if any of the girls would like to sit on his face and Tina immediately volunteered and came over and lowered her sweet crotch to his waiting lips and tongue and lost herself in slow fucking his face as she fed him various parts to lick and suck. Her taste and scent were driving him wild and he sucked her voraciously as she rubbed her cunt all over his mouth and face. George was now riding him like a horse and groaning in passion as he felt the thickness inside him. He contracted his ass around the shaft and milked Brad’s organ as he fucked him. Unknown to him, Les was fucking Carl while he ate Coral’s tasty pussy and Louise and Laura were playing with each other’s pussy waiting their turn to hop on and get off.

Tina suddenly grabbed Brad’s head and forced her cunt against his mouth as she left this world in orgasm depositing her juices all over his face. As soon as she came back down to earth, Louise asked if she could please take over and have a nice orgasm also and Tina slowly lifted her cunt from his hungry mouth and let Louise sit down in her place. He saw the thick, swollen labia approach and then lost himself in her crotch. She smelled heavenly and her pussy tasted like desert and he loved the way she was feeding him all parts of her crotch, including her little asshole to lick and suck as she fucked his face. He pulled his mouth from her cunt to tell her how wonderful she tastes and smells and that he could suck her forever and enjoy every minute of it. Then he allowed her to continue riding his face as his cock began to feel wonderful as George milked it with his ass muscles.

He was sucking an absolutely gorgeous pussy and asshole as George moved up and down on his erection and seemed to be in another place just as Brad was. Then he felt his cock swell and begin pumping stream after stream of hot cum deep inside George’s wonderful ass and then he felt a spray of cum across his face as George came along with him and spurted hot cum all over his chest and stomach. Louise was going wild watching them cum and joined them a minute later by mashing her cunt down on him and twitching in ecstasy as she wet his face with her juices. All three of them couldn’t move for some time until Louise lifted her cunt from his face and he could see again. When George wearily lifted himself off Brad’s slowly receding penis some of his cum dripped out and Coral was right there with wet and dry towels to clean it up and prepare his cock for sucking again.

Laura was riding Carl’s face as Les had his cock buried deep inside him and she suddenly cried out in orgasm as she mashed her cunt down on his mouth and shook in a series of wild spasms that had her shuddering in passion as she released herself and experienced the pleasures of orgasm. Les had his eyes closed as he rode the thick cock buried in his ass and groaned in pleasure as Carl stroked his erection with his talented hands. As Brad watched, Carl suddenly stiffened and his muffled cry could be heard as he came and his cock spurted cum deep inside Les grasping anus. Right after the first spurt entered his ass, Les groaned and sank down on the beautiful organ as his cock spurted cum all over Carl’s body. When he stopped shaking, Laura lifted herself off his face and Les got up leaking cum which Coral took care of right away.

Brad went inside and came back with a Chinese menu and took everyone’s order telling them that they had to stop for a light meal before continuing their fun or they wouldn’t have the energy to do anything. Tina cracked that she would have energy for sex under any condition so he shouldn’t worry but he called and placed the order anyway. As usual, the food was delivered about 20 minutes later and they were all gathered around the dining table having dinner in their robes which they put on because of the delivery. Brad asked Coral if he could dip his fortune cookie into her pussy and taste her juices along with the cookie. She opened her robe and spread her legs as he dipped the hard cracker into her wet slit and then went wild over the taste as he ate the juice covered cracker commenting to one and all what a fantastic taste treat it was.

Tina asked if she could try some and Brad asked her whether she would like to dip it or should he and she told him to go right ahead and dip it and hand it to her. She brought the cookie to her mouth and bit off about half and her eyes rolled heavenward as she told them how delicious it tasted and that they could make a fortune selling this worldwide. Coral told her that there was fat chance that she was going to spend all day, every day, flat on her back with her legs spread having crackers dipped in her cunt so they forgot all about it and decided that it was their private stash and they could enjoy it any time they wished. Brad had everyone taste his wife’s delicious pussy so they all ate their cookies before dinner and then they started eating and concentrated on the food which was great.

They took their time over dinner and enjoyed it all the while commenting on what who would like to do with whom? Coral asked if she could be penetrated in all her holes as she wants to be filled with cock and the four of them nodded their heads in agreement and volunteered. She chose George, Carl and Brad so they made a date to get together right after dinner was over. Brad put out some delicious cookies for them to eat which topped off the great meal. They had all eaten sparingly and were not stuffed after dinner so as soon as they finished coffee, Coral asked her men to join her in her bedroom as she couldn’t wait to have them inside her and led the way to the room.

When she got on the bed, Brad suggested that she sit on Carl’s cock and suck George’s while he fills her ass and she quickly got over Carl and lowered her cunt to his erection and fit the crown inside and sank down on it with a gasp. George kneeled in front of her and fed her his thick, hard organ to suck and Brad rubbed a large quantity of precum over her puckered anus before pushing the head inside to her gasp of pleasure as she felt the third cock enter her. When all three of them were moving smoothly in and out of her holes, she began a steady series of moans which increased in volume as she lost herself in the fabulous sensations that the three beautiful cocks were providing.

The rest followed them inside and got on the bed also to watch and while Coral was immersed in pleasure, Louise asked Les if he would please fuck her in the ass while she sucked Laura’s pussy and, as she got in position between Laura’s thighs and presented her sexy ass to him, he rubbed some precum over her anal opening and pushed his crown inside as he listened to her muffled moans with her face buried in his wife’s crotch. Tina didn’t hesitate a moment and slipped underneath her partner’s crotch and began licking and sucking her clit and slit and, every once in a while, capturing Les’ big balls in her mouth as he stroked into Louise.

Louise would lift her head from Laura’s pussy every once in a while to tell Les and Tina what a wonderful job they were doing on her and please not to stop. Meanwhile Coral was in the throes of another orgasm as the three gorgeous cocks filled her from all ends and had her shuddering and shaking in ecstasy. All of them were lost in the pleasures of the moment and when Laura cried out in orgasm, it seemed to trigger Louise’s and she buried her face in the delicious crotch and her muffled moans were heard with each wonderful spasm she experienced.

Brad was starting to lose himself in his wife’s ass especially since he was feeling Carl’s thick organ moving in and out of her cunt. It was like Carl’s cock was massaging his through the walls and he kept telling them all how wonderful it felt as he stroked into her in rhythm to her movements on Carl’s organ. Then his orgasm overcame him and he cried out as his cock began spurting streams of hot cum inside his wife’s ass. She, in turn, involuntarily contracted her ass around his organ and milked it as he came which brought Carl to orgasm as Brad was still cumming.

Coral was in heaven as both her holes were being filled with cum at the same time and when George told her he was ready also, she moaned in pleasure as he filled her mouth with his juices and she experienced another beautiful orgasm on top of the one she just had. The four of them stayed locked together for a long time after their last spasms had passed and, as they slowly came back to life, they heard Les cry out in orgasm and looked over to watch him as he drove his organ deep inside Louise’s ass and started pumping ropes of cum into her. When he was finished cumming, he pulled his organ from her ass and Tina immediately covered it with her mouth to capture his juices as they flowed out.

They took a break for some refreshing drinks and Coral asked Tina how the two of them met. Tina told them that they were roommates at Ohio State and found that they had the same interests sexually and enjoyed being with each other so much that they decided to continue it after graduation. Louise mentioned that, depending upon their mood, one of them would go out and bring back either a cock or pussy for them to play with all night and that college was a fantastic experience for both of them. Now that they were accepted into the Cleveland group, they couldn’t be happier.

Brad told them that anytime they felt like a change of pace, they could come to DC as he and Coral would love to have them…any way they wished, and they smiled and said they would keep that in mind. Laura suggested that it might be interesting if the four gals put on a show for the guys and then they could put one on for them afterwards. Tina said that the living room would be a perfect theatre as the guys could sit on the chairs and watch as they cavorted on the carpet in front of them so they moved inside and Brad sat down on the couch with Carl as George and Les sat down opposite them.

Laura suggested a suck circle and the four gals got down on the carpet on their sides and each rested her head on a comfortable thigh and promptly lost themselves in each other. Coral was kissing Louise’s labia and remarking how beautiful they looked and how wonderful they tasted. Louise had her mouth covering Laura’s sweet slit as Laura lost herself between Tina’s thighs and Tina began nibbling on Coral’s swollen nether lips. Carl put his hand over Brad’s thick penis, which was about half hard, and slowly squeezed it as they watched the gals enjoying each other. Brad took Carl’s soft cock in his hand and gently massaged it as they noticed that George and Les were doing the same.

Laura lifted her head from Tina’s delicious crotch to warn the guys not to get too excited as they expected a good show from them right after theirs is over and then went right back to sucking Tina’s tasty morsel. Brad told Carl how much his wife loves pussy and Carl told him that she sucks his cock like she needs it to survive and it seems she loves pussy just as much from the way she was moaning as she ate Louise. Les mentioned that watching the gals was really horny and Brad looked up to see his thick organ standing straight up as George’s hand moved all around it.

Then Coral lifted her free leg high in the air and moaned as she lost herself in orgasm and flooded Tina’s mouth with her juices. Tina was voraciously sucking the wet pussy and suddenly lifted her head and announced her impending Nirvana as she closed her thighs around Laura’s head and began to buck in passion. Laura started moaning as Tina’s juices flowed onto her tongue and she clamped her thighs around Louise’s head as she started to cum in a series of shaking spasms. Then Louise reached climax and fed Coral her delicious juices as the four of them slowly came back down to earth. When they pulled their lips from each other’s crotches, they saw the four guys watching them with swollen, throbbing erections and Coral asked with a smile if they enjoyed the show because it was their turn now.

When they finally got to their feet, the guys got up and gave them their seats as they took their places on the carpet. Brad told Carl to lay down on his side and then rested his head on Carl’s thigh as he gazed in admiration at the gorgeous erection in front of him. Les lay down so that Carl could suck him and then took George’s erection between his lips as George covered Brad’s tool with his mouth. The gals kept remarking how sexy the scene looked and Coral said that watching her husband suck cock always got her hot as hell and Laura concurred. Brad took his mouth from Carl’s throbbing organ to tell him how delicious he tastes and how much he is enjoying sucking him.

He always loved having a thick penis in his mouth and sucked Carl reverently as he lost himself in pleasure. He couldn’t help move his cock back and forth in George’s mouth as he was being sucked and the combination of both feelings had him transported into another world. The four of them sucked each other for quite some time when Brad lifted his head and asked the girls if they would like one more fuck before calling it a night as it seemed the guys were in that state where they could stay hard without cumming for a long time. George concurred saying that a nice warm cunt would probably bring him to climax more than anything else and the four of them pulled their faces from their crotches and stood up with their erections cleaving the air in front of them.

Brad asked Tina to bend over the couch and got behind her and fit the head of his swollen organ to her wet cunt lips and pushed it inside as Coral got down next to her and reached back to guide George’s thickness to her hungry hole. Louise was next to Coral and moaned in pleasure as Les’ big cock filled her pussy and then turned her head to see Laura’s expression as she groaned out loud while George filled her hole. They fucked like this a while until Brad suggested that they play Russian Roulette and change cunts every few minutes for variety and Coral seconded the motion immediately. He pulled out of Tina and immediately plunged his organ into his wife’s pussy as each cock found a new opening in the gal next to him as George scurried over to Tina.

As they fucked, one gal after another would cry out in orgasm and Brad was fucking Louise for the third time when his orgasm suddenly erupted and his cock started spurting hot cum inside her cunt as she gasped and moaned from the sensations he was giving her. Soon the rest of the guys reached Nirvana also and each deposited their offerings into the hungry receptacles.

They were all pretty exhausted by this time and, since the girls and Les and Laura had a flight to catch in the morning, they decided to get some sack time. Brad suggested that Tina, Laura and George sleep in his bed and the rest in Les’s room since they all wouldn’t be comfortable in one bed. When they got in bed, Tina asked Laura if she would mind if she slept with her mouth on her pussy all night and George thought that it would be nice if they slept in a suck circle. Tina made herself comfortable and rested her head on Laura’s thigh as she sighed and placed her lips over the still swollen labia. George fed his cock to Laura as she rested her head on his thigh and took Brad’s semi hard organ between his lips.

Brad rested his head on Tina’s sexy thigh and covered her delicious pussy with his lips and the four of them fell asleep with their organs in each other’s mouths. Several times during the night they would awaken to someone’s cries of passion as they experienced orgasm and Brad woke up once to find George sucking voraciously on his cock and couldn’t go back to sleep until he fed him his cum which George gratefully swallowed with gusto before dropping off to sleep again.

When morning came, he awoke to find George in the throes of an orgasm as both Tina and Laura shared the bounty of his plentiful cum juices. They passed his thick, hard penis back and forth between them as he pumped stream after stream of cum into their hungry mouths. He assumed the same thing was happening in the other room as he heard his wife scream out in orgasm a few minutes later. After they showered and dressed, Coral made them breakfast and George and Carl volunteered to take the four of them to the airport. They said their goodbyes and Coral extracted a promise from the girls to come back again very soon as she was going to miss them and Brad told Les to try and make it to DC again in a few weeks since he had no plans of coming to Ohio for quite some time.

When they all left, Coral walked up to her husband and asked if he had time for a quickie before he left for the office and they walked hand in hand to the bedroom…

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