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“Are you sure we can’t work something out, Ariana? This is more than a little demeaning, after all.”

“Demeaning?! I would think it would be more demeaning that a knight can’t find enough money to pay his debts to society, as it were. I think you ought to just consider yourself lucky I think you have enough skills to get by without paying for the rent.”

Sir Corwin Ironfist looked stricken. “It is for the children, after all.”

“So? Get to work.” And I seated myself on the desk and pushed him to his knees. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have turned the children out of the orphanage, but I already had a bad reputation and figured I might as well take advantage of it.

Corwin did not hesitate any longer but pushed my dress up to my hips. I had already spread my legs for him, and he dove eagerly at my pussy, burying his face in it. He had always been good at this, and he hadn’t lost any of his skill.

I draped both legs over his shoulders, and as he gripped my thighs I leaned back on my hands. Oh, to have a knight kneeling between your legs, against his will, pleasuring you, obligations heaped upon him. I recommend you try it –there’s nothing like it.

He gently pushed my panties aside and began running his tongue along my sex. My clit was already swollen in anticipation and I was moist as well. He knew by now that while hesitation was forbidden, so was stampeding directly toward the clitoris, and he began by circling my sex oh so sweetly with his tongue, letting me feel his hands on my inner thighs, his mustache tickling me and growing wetter with my juices.

Soon I was wet enough for him to slide his warm wet tongue inside of me and I welcomed it, beginning to moan. He penetrated me and began sliding his tongue in and out of my folds, and I reached down to help him pull my panties out of his way. His long pointed nose occasionally bumped against my clit, making me shiver against him.

In spite of himself and his pride he chuckled and slowly surrounded my clit with his tongue, bathing it in warm wetness, as I moaned wantonly and rubbed myself against him. I could feel my orgasm beginning to build. Corwin never disappointed.

He opened me with two long fingers and began to penetrate me, slowly at first, then faster and faster as his mouth finally closed around my clit and began to suck it ever so gently. I ran my fingers through his waist-length wavy hair and grabbed two handfuls, pushing his face into me. I felt him groan in helpless desire and I wrapped my ankles around his head as I came, filling his mouth and covering his face with my own juices.

He knew me by now and immediately eased up the pressure on my clit, switching to first stroking it ever so gently with his tongue, and then not even touching it but just moistening and licking the area around it, as my sensitivity increased almost to a painful point.

I came down slowly, panting, still gripping his hair. I looked down between my legs. Pulling his head up gently by his hair, I looked into his eyes. His mouth and chin were glazed from me, and his mustache even wet, but his blue eyes gazed back, expressionless into mine.

“Are you hard, Corwin?” I whispered.

He just nodded, his eyes never leaving mine.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

He nodded again, his breath coming perceptibly shorter.

“Then get up here,” I said, releasing his hair.

He moved away from me and stood, his hands already going to his pants. Unbuttoning them quickly, he freed his cock, which was already erect as promised, jutting from its nest of fine blond hair. I pulled my dress off first one shoulder, then the other, exposing my breasts and their brown nipples. I smiled at him, then, sliding off the desk, turned around and bent over the desk.

I reached back and pulled my panties to one side, exposing my aching sex to him.

“Fuck me, knight, and pay for what you want, you whore.” I murmured. He gripped my hips, and I could feel the mix of suppressed fury and desire in the strength of his grip. He actually growled, and I felt the thrill dart up my spine.

I felt him move to me, and I felt his cock brush against my skin. Suddenly he hesitated. “I’m so tired of you ordering me around, when all I’m trying to do is help those kids.”

I shrugged lazily. “You could always find another way to pay for it.”

Silence. Then, “I think I will,” and before I could respond, before I had even realized I had abruptly lost control of the situation, Corwin shoved his cock against my asshole. I cried out and lost my balance, falling forth against the desk.

“What the hell are you doing?! Oh!” For he hadn’t hesitated, and had shoved forward again and had actually begun to open my asshole a little. I tried to flail but he easily grabbed my wrists. He twisted them together, and grabbing them both in one of his large hands, and grunting, he pushed forward again.

I was no anal virgin, but I didn’t give it to just anybody! And when I had had it before it had always been gentle, with lots of prep time and plenty of build-up. He gave me no such thing, and rammed it forward again and I shrieked as his head popped in finally.

I didn’t give in the fight yet but all of my flailing and crying out was to no purpose. I had never really realized how fucking strong he was before! And he didn’t wait for anything. I heard him grunting as he pushed, pushed, pushed…and suddenly he slammed all the way up my ass, I screamed out loud this time, no doubt about it.

“Here I am,” he grunted, beginning to work that cock back out of me as I whimpered, “slaving day in and day out,” half way now, “trying to do some damn good in the world,” and only his head was in, “and then people like you try to take advantage of me, you little whore!” And with that he slammed his cock all the way back in.

“I’m sorry,” I gasped out. “I was only playing with you! Honest!”

“You know what? I don’t care anymore. I’ve done everything you ever wanted. Now you do what I want, or rather, take what I want to give you.” He was fucking my ass roughly now, in and out. Thankfully I was beginning to get used to it. I had known he was big but I hadn’t really been intimidated by it until now.

“You know what else, you little whore?” He reached up to my neck and gathered a handful of my hair. Wrapping it around his fist, he jerked my head back just hard enough to hurt a little. “All these times going down on you, I know what you like. I know what turns you on.”

And indeed, I loved getting my hair pulled. It was almost an instant turn-on for me. It had always been, since earliest puberty and today was no exception. I was still wet from before and I felt my clit beginning to swell. The pain in my ass had receded to a dull throb, and as he began to penetrate even deeper, I moaned, I couldn’t help it. I loved a good ass fucking, and I only had never let him into my ass for pride.

“I think this is what you wanted from me, all this time, for me to throw you down and take you the way I wanted. Even if it wasn’t, it sure as hell is what I wanted, you little cocktease. Do you know, in all this time, you never once put your mouth on my cock? I’m going to fuck your mouth tonight, too. I’m going to fuck you in every hole. But first I’m going to wear out your little asshole.”

I was almost gone beyond caring. I tried to fight him one last time, squirming in his arms. To my utter shock one of my arms actually got loose. As I flailed, I couldn’t see what I was doing and threw my weight backwards. I felt the back of my head connect with his face.

I froze.

“You…bloody…bitch,” he whispered with quiet menace. “My nose is bleeding, you gave me a fucking bloody nose.”

“Oh, god…” was all I could say.

“You better call to Him,” was his rejoinder. Grabbing my hips, he roughly pulled me off the desk. I was significantly shorter than him, and lighter, and was left, actually dangling in the air, his cock stuffed up my ass, his hands gripping my hips.

He moved to the carpet and let himself drop to his knees. With a surprised oof! I fell in front of him, but that wasn’t enough for him. Putting his hand on the small of my back, he pushed me down until my breasts and face were actually on the floor. He pushed my legs down too, until only my ass was a few inches off the floor. He leaned over me, and for a moment, tenderly nuzzled his cheek against my shoulder, leaning his weight against mine, so I couldn’t fight. Then he turned his head, and bit my neck, hard.

“This is what you get for that.”

And with that he pulled himself up and began fucking me in earnest. All of my whimperings and pleadings were met only with his hand, pushing my face into the carpet, or pushing my back down. He fucked my ass as though I was naught but a toy. He rode me, and all I could do was bite my lip and take it like a good girl. Tears were streaming down my cheeks but I admit the tears were from the humiliation; the pain was all but gone.

My resistance was being sapped, and soon I just collapsed fully to the carpet, letting him pound my poor little asshole. He let go of my wrists and I let them drop limply to my sides. I felt his hand come down on my ass. WHACK! I jumped, but had no energy in me to do more. WHACK! WHACK!

Finally after what seemed like hours I heard his breath catching regularly and he began to move faster and faster in me. My fingers curled into the rug as he finally slammed his whole length into me. I heard him cry out and actually felt him emptying his balls into my ass. My forehead pressed something cool and I opened my eyes to find it was resting on the bare wood floor; he had actually fucked me across the rug.

He withdrew his limp cock from my ass and sat back. I tried to get up once, failed and fell again, all my limbs weak. I could only imagine what a sight I must make for him, looking at me from behind. I tried again, and this time I was able to roll over onto my back and look at him.

He was sitting, his pants fully off, panting, blue eyes on me. As his gaze fell on my front, he smirked. I glanced down at myself.

My belly, thankfully, had been covered by my dress, but my breasts, thighs, and my mound all showed signs of severe rugburn. I tried to sit up and winced. I could only managed to sit on one ass cheek. I reached back tentatively and felt my wide-open asshole, leaking come. I looked at him with large eyes.

“Next time,” he panted, “If you behave better, I’ll let you come.”

I looked down at myself, and then at him. I moved to my hands and knees and crawled to him. He looked surprised, but didn’t stop me, and I curled up at his feet, and laid my head on his thigh.

“I hope next time comes soon, Corwin.”

True to himself, he didn’t disappoint.

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