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The Box

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The box arrived on a Tuesday morning. It was wrapped in inconspicuous brown paper, and her address was printed with black marker in a grade-schooler-ish handwriting. Had she not recognized the return address, she might have been quick to assume that this was a prank, or perhaps a dangerous delivery – after all, these were troubled times, were they not?!

– but she DID recognize this particular delivery. It was from her lover. Her Master. Sir. Just a couple of nights ago, he had foretold of this package’s arrival, so she blushed hotly as she spirited it into her house.

Upon removing the outer paper, a note fell into her lap. She smiled when she saw her name written in his own manly handwriting on the parchment paper, the contents of the letter sealed from her gaze with sealing wax. ‘Not many men in this day and age even know what sealing wax IS,’ she thought, ‘let alone know how to use it!’ She was constantly amazed at his worldliness, even though he boasted of being from a small town. She knew his refinement came from his job as a well-traveled oil executive which took him, literally, all over the world. Where his knowledge of how to take control of her mind, her body, her spirit came from, she wasn’t sure – but she knew she couldn’t live without it! With each play session, it was as if he stepped more and more into her skin.

At first, his absences were just a part of the foreplay… they were still very connected even while he was away, and that was satisfying to her; but this latest separation had shown her exactly how much his physical presence was beginning to mean to her. The arrival of this box signaled the end of that separation, and so, trembling, she broke the seal and read:

“My dearest, beautiful Little Girl,

All month as I have been traveling the world, you have serviced me well over the telephone and over the computer. Now is the time that your service shall be rewarded: I have been collecting these lovely toys as a chronicle of my trip as well as for our use together the next time my eyes look upon you.

Open the box. Inside you will find a lovely leather collar for that gorgeous neck of yours, aged leather wrist and ankle cuffs w/ restraints, and a handmade leather paddle all of which were made in Italy; black silk undergarments (I hope I remembered your size) from my trip into Thailand; a lovely emu feather duster and a soft llama wool mitt from my dip into Australia; the finest massage oil and herbal tea that will enhance our mood – blended especially for us by a talented Chinese herbalist; a handmade translucent gold silk robe sewn especially for you in India, as well as some lovely candles and soft music from different areas that I have visited. I expect you to have the “toys” placed near our bed ~ as I use each of them on you, I will tell you how I acquired them Light the candles and have the music playing softly in anticipation of my return. I will be at your door in three days. I want you waiting for me in the robe and undergarments ONLY.

Dab some of that wonderful perfume on your temples, behind your ears, on your breasts, behind your knees. You are not to cum for these three days, but I will be checking in nightly so that you may service me with some of your lovely hot, wanton voice. You may NOT touch yourself during our phone play, my love, because if you do, I know you will cum and I want you on the edge of insanity by the time I get there. I WILL check you thoroughly to make sure you have prepared as I have instructed ~ for it is I who wants the pleasure of pushing you into the abyss.


She took the note and held it to her nose, breathing deeply. His scent still lingered: sandalwood, musk, a hint of citrus. Her nipples hardened as if something animalistic deep within her was awakened by merely coming in contact with his scent. She felt herself get wet, and it was all she could do to keep her hand from straying between her legs. Her eyes went back to the note: “…for it is I who wants the pleasure of pushing you into the abyss…” and she groaned as her hand fell silently onto the cushion. If she touched herself, he would know.

The smell of leather began to permeate the room… mingled with jasmine, lavender, and other exotic fragrances. She placed the box on the floor at her feet and reached in. The cool softness of the silk garments met her fingertips first… she pulled each of them slowly from the box and blushed as she thought of their silkiness against her bare skin, knowing that they left very little for the imagination. She realized that in wearing them, she would have to overcome her own body image issues, and she hoped that she could comply… and hoped even more that he wouldn’t be disappointed in what he saw. Reaching back inside, she ran her hand against the leather cuffs and they spoke to her of him: strong, soft, cool to begin with but warming with contact, gently binding… the metaphors kept pouring through her head like water from a broken urn.

She gently lifted the bindings from the box, the buckles clinking together in a melodious rhapsody. The four leather cuffs were trimmed in some sort of very soft fur linings, and the leather collar was hand woven into the most intricate pattern, the tiny brass buckles and the small ring where a leash would snap onto it was the only indication that it was a collar and not a piece of jewelry. She laid these pieces across her lap, and reached back into the box and slowly lifted the leather paddle into her right hand. Swinging it gently, she brought it against her left had with a resounding “SLAP”… her whole being tingled at the thought of how that would feel against her bare ass. Quickly, she sat it aside and reach in once again to lift another treasure from its confines.

This time a different smell hit her nose. Green tea, herbs… distinctive yet indistinguishable at the same time. She realized this must be the tea that he spoke of that was blended to “enhance our moods”. A small tag written in Chinese was attached. ‘Must be the instructions’ she thought as a faint smile passed across her lips and she quickly sat the container on the coffee table. She’d take that to the kitchen shortly. A beautiful hand-blown flask that held a jasmine scented oil was retrieved from the box, then another which held a lavender oil. She found the tapes: music from India, Japan, Ireland… ‘my God,’ she thought, ‘where all has he been?!’ The ring of the telephone jolted her back from her reverie.

Sitting the flasks on the table she ran to pick up the phone. She made it by the third ring, his voice greeted her, “I wondered if you were there.”

She blushed hotly, “Yes, I am here. I got the box…”

“M-hmmmm” he said, “I knew you would. Today is day one. Remember what I told you in the letter… no touching. Now, what do you think of my choices?”

She sighed audibly and spoke almost in a whisper, as if afraid the neighbors might hear her, “What made you think of all this? It’s so… so… uh… so NAUGHTY”

“Precisely, my dear Little Girl,” he said quietly, “wait until you hear their stories! Wait until I use them on you… oh the music your voice and body will make!”

Her knees threatened to buckle under her, “ooohhhhhhhhhhh…” she whispered into the phone, “please, sir… just hearing your voice… I need t-t-t-ooo…”

He boomed, “DON’T YOU TOUCH YOURSELF! Just listen to me… listen to me breath… listen to me touch my cockkkkkmmmm… ohhhhhhhh… I’m thinking of your hand, my dearest… so warm… talk to me…”

She collected her thoughts, clearing her throat and, in her best phone sex voice, said, “oooohhhh, yessss… your cock is so hard in my hand… I want to taste you… feel my lips glide over the head… ” She heard his breath quickening… his hand began to make the slapping noise that indicated she was on the right track. “Baby… you taste so good to me… feel my mouth running up and down the length of you… taking your balls one at a time into my hot mouth… ”

He groaned at the thought, and she knew by the tone in his voice that he had already worked himself up somewhat before calling her. It only took a few minutes of her hot talk before she heard his voice begin to get huskier, his breathing more raspy. She knew then he was close.

“I want you to cum for me, Sir… cum all over your Little Girl… anoint me with your jui…”

His strangled cry cut her off. He loved it when she would submit to being covered in his offering… to gratefully kneel before him streaked with his cum.. “OOOOOHHHHH GODDDDDD!” he shouted. His breathing grated in his lungs. He needed that release… and he knew hearing him cum that hard would make her crazy with desire. He was right.

“Are you okay, sir?” she innocently asked, her voice dripping with lust, knowing full well that he was more than okay.

“Oh, yesssss… I’m wonderful. And I’m late. I have to go. I will call you tomorrow.” And just like that, he was gone. The abruptness of his departure was not all that unusual, but on this occasion, it left her with a dull emptiness inside her. She didn’t know yet what to make of that feeling. Silently, she dressed for a regular day at the office, but her mind would rarely be on work.

The next three days were a whirl of activities, all carefully planned by her to keep her mind occupied on things other than what pulsed within her loins. The dull ache that began with his abrupt phone call was quickly escalating into a full-scale bonfire within her; with each phone call his voice fanned the flames higher and higher. “Oh how I cannot wait to hear your groan with each swat of the paddle…” he would whisper. “I cannot wait to feel your delicately strong hands rubbing that oil onto me… slipping and sliding…”

The dampness of her panties was indication as to how he was able to get into her head and bring her to the brink: teasing, cajoling her to touch herself without saying the actual words. Yet, at the end of each call, he suddenly turned off the charm and just WENT as if he had something to say that caught in his throat, and this kept her slightly off-balance. She didn’t know exactly what to expect when Friday rolled around and he would be standing at her door. The mystery of it all scared her a little: she was very much one to like things to be laid out neatly, predictably. But their relationship had been anything but predictable.

At the end of the day on Friday, she raced down to the parking garage, slamming her car into gear and leaving a skid mark several feet long. She zipped in and out of waiting traffic, impatiently navigating through the snarl to get home and get things ready before he arrived. She knew his bidding: she was to have everything in the bedroom (except the tea… he would tend to that), was to be showered and dressed in the lingerie that he’d sent, with the collar about her neck. She was to meet him at the door when he arrived.

Her heart was racing faster than her car… it had been a long time since she felt his strong arms around her, and there was something she wanted to say to him. Something she had been holding back up until now. Finally, after an eternity on the highway, she pulled into her drive and jettisoned her body out of the driver’s seat in a dead run for the front door. Because he hadn’t bothered to give her an arrival time, she was almost in a panicked state to get things in order before he got there.

Once inside, she took note of whether everything he had sent was in its proper place. She then went to the stereo and put in one of the tapes he’d sent… she wasn’t sure where the music was from, but it seemed to have an almost instantaneously calming effect on her. Slowly, she undressed and stepped into the shower, turning the warm water on herself. As she absentmindedly soaped her body, she found her mind drifting back to their conversations… going over and over in her mind what he had said, how he had said it, and what it all could mean.

A loud rap at the bathroom door startled her. “Are you in there?” It was HIS voice! He was EARLY! She quickly rinsed off the soap and wrapped towels around her body and her hair, then stepped out to open the bathroom door. He filled the doorway with his frame, his hands on his hips, eyes turned into a bemused scowl. “YOU, Little Girl, are NOT prepared in the way I told you to present yourself to me, are you?!?”

She looked at his shoes, when everything in her wanted to look into his eyes.

“No, sir, I am not” she said, in an almost frightened whisper.

“Then you shall be punished, but first… ” and he swept her into his arms and pulled her close, pushing the towels from her body and letting her wet hair fall free. His right arm cradled her against him; his left hand went into her damp hair, pulling her face close to his, her mouth to his mouth.

“God, I’ve missed you…” he murmured against her mouth as he possessed it with his own… his tongue immediately invading. She gripped his biceps with her hands, squeezing them and pulling him closer… wanting to sink completely into his flesh and become a part of him. The kiss held none of the hesitation that his phone calls had held. This kiss was full of desire and… dare she feel it?… love.

The kiss was broken and she planted her face into his chest and breathed deeply. His scent filled her nose, her head, and her very soul. His hands came up to cradle her face, and he tipped it up so that she was looking into his eyes. “Please finish what you started, and come to the bedroom when you are ready…”

“Yessir,” she replied and he released her, turning toward the kitchen. She closed the bathroom door and leaned against it heavily, the after effects of the kiss suddenly turning her legs into molten lava. She took a deep breath to compose herself, and stood to finish her preparation.

He smiled when he heard the hairdryer click on. He had paid enough attention to her over the course of this relationship to know about how much time he had before she emerged from that bathroom and he would once again be driven to distraction by her innocent charm and beauty. He had come into the kitchen to prepare the tea that Mr. Huang had blended for them.

Two small china cups, brought inside his overnight bag, would hold the special elixir… a little honey… warm water… ahhhh. Perfect. He placed the cups on the bed tray and carried it quickly into the bedroom. His back to the door, he began to get undressed and as he reached to pull his pants over his feet…

“ahemmmm -hhhmmmmmm…” He snapped upright, standing in his boxers, dress socks and one shoe, but didn’t turn to face her.

She giggled softly, “May I watch, sir?” His body softened, and he bent over to continue taking off the other shoe, bracing himself on her bedpost, as she quietly eased up behind him and ran her hand over his silk-clad ass.

“Mmmmmmm” she murmured, feeling the muscles in his ass and thighs ripple under her hand. Now minus his shoes and socks, he rose and stepped away from her admiring touch, turning to face her for the first time since she’d entered the room. A smile passed across her face when she saw the tented front of his boxers, but an even bigger smile arose when she heard the breath leave him as he looked at her clad in the silk and lace and collar.

“I knew it” he finally breathed. He walked over and fingered the front of the robe, which hung open to reveal the barely-there lace bra and panties.

“You like?” she asked, suddenly aware of herself and feeling rather…exposed and self-conscious.

“Oh, yessssss… I like. I like a lot!” his breathing became a bit ragged, and the tent in his silk boxers began to reveal a dark wet spot. “I knew when I saw these that you’d look fantastic in them. I want to surround you with beautiful things that make you feel as sexy as I think you are… but first… drink this…”

He held the small china cup up to her lips, the bittersweet liquid warmed her as she sipped. “I met an herbalist in China,” he continued,” and he said that this tea would help us be better lovers… ” He looked at her, and saw a storm of emotions rolling in. He realized what his words sounded like so he quickly added, “not that what we’ve done up to this point hasn’t been wonderful… oh, it has! But if this will push us further, I’d like to explore that with you… ”

He sipped his tea… and continued, “the tingle that you are feeling now, that’s what I feel every time I think of you.” She felt the flush of the herbs, and she reached for his arm, afraid that she was about to fall. He caught her with his other arm, and brushed the robe off of her shoulder, kissing the bare flesh hungrily. She hung limply in his grasp, and he brushed the robe off of the other shoulder, exposing the rest of her to his gaze. He lowered his head into the hollow of her neck, breathing of her: the smell of soap, and shampoo, and tea… a heady mingling that was driving his desire higher.

Weakly, she pushed at his shoulders, “I need to talk to y…” but he cut off her request by clamping his warm mouth to hers, pulling her into a deep, passionate kiss. He slid his mouth from hers, down to her throat, and again she spoke: “please, sir… may I speak?”

This time he heard her, and pivoted on his heels to sit her on the side of the bed. He stood, with her hand still in his. “Yes, please do,” he said, almost afraid of what he might hear.

She looked at the floor, for if she looked into his face, she feared she wouldn’t be able to continue. “All this week, you have been a little more abrupt, a little less open and warm… I was wondering… have I done something wrong?”

Relief rolled over him like a comforting blanket. “No! You have done nothing wrong. I have just been doing a lot of thinking… and, well, as I tell you about these gifts I sent to you, I think you will begin to understand. So far, I want to wrap you in finery so that you will feel as beautiful as you are to me, and I have given you a glimpse into how you make me tingle inside just thinking of you… next… we will talk about this oil…”

He gestured to the bedside table. On it sat a small ceramic ramekin filled with warm water, the jasmine oil flask sat inside it. The flickering light of the candles in the room danced against the multicolored handblown glass, throwing a carnival shower of light on the wall nearby. “Mr. Huang, the herbalist, blended these oils for us.” he began, “The lavender oil is for days when one or both of us are having trouble sleeping. He told me that there are special extracts, as well as the lavender, that will help to relax our bodies and minds as it is massaged into our skin. The jasmine oil has extracts in it that will heighten our skin’s sensitivity to touch. He said this will push our bodies further into the sexual moments that you and I share.”

He noticed that her breathing became a little more rapid as she imagined all of her senses being heightened into the moment. The tea was already working well… now she was imagining how the massage oil’s properties would push even more of her sensuous buttons.

He smiled a faint smile when he saw her nipple visibly harden within the confines of the brassiere, so he continued, “You have submitted to me well over the past month, and although I owe you some discipline for not presenting yourself to me properly tonight, I want to finish with the stories of the gifts first… ”

He turned and began to move from bedpost to bedpost around the bed, flipping the cuffs onto the mattress from where he had secured them and left them dangling. She watched him in the soft glow of the candlelight, his abs rippling and the strength in his arms making her insides warm. She felt herself flush and suddenly was aware of the wetness in the crotch of the panties. Oh, how she wanted him!

“Stand up, Little Girl” he commanded in a soft voice. She readily complied, and he moved to where she stood, standing in front of her but not touching her. She was clad now only in the bra and panties, the golden robe a heap on the floor. Her nipples stood at attention, her skin flushed from the effects of the herbal tea. She still wore the collar around her neck, its gold fittings glinting in the light.

Without his touch or his voice, she became increasingly uneasy standing there, his eyes on her, burning into her very flesh. She began in curl up, to raise her arms to cover herself, and just as she moved, he reached out and touched her. “Don’t.” he said, and her arms relaxed. “It’s okay. Just let me look at you…” and he moved to her, reaching behind and unclasping the bra, pushing it from her shoulders and allowing her heavy breasts to spring free of their confines.

She watched his face, looking for signs of disapproval, but she found none. She heard him sigh audibly, and saw once again the front of his boxers began to rise. He knelt in front of her, grabbing the top of the panties and pulling them from her ample frame, and then taking each of her calves into his hands one-at-a-time, he helped her step free of them. He remained on his knees, and leaned forward, kissing her tummy. She wished he could see what was going on inside her: how she wanted to step away… to dive under the covers… to hide. She wished he understood that standing there was almost her ultimate act of submission: to allow him to see her naked and so vulnerable. One cruel word at this moment could devastate her, this she knew for she had experienced it. But those words never came. All that was in this room was acceptance.

He stood and gently kissed her. Then looking into her eyes said, “The collar worn around your neck, that lovely neck of yours, is a symbol of your choice to submit to me, to allow me to be your Dom. It is delicate and strong, like our bond is, and like you are. Every time you put that collar around your neck, you will be making a choice to submit your body and soul to me. I know this, and I respect it. I know you’ve been in bad places before, and true submission is something you crave, but have been afraid of. I will always try to be worthy of your trust, both in our sexual play and in the real world. I will take care of you, and I will allow you the freedom to be as open with me as you choose. And I can promise you, you will have the power to stop whatever is happening if you are not finding pleasure in it, and the power to ask for more if you so desire.” With a devilish grin he added, “It will be MY choice whether I GIVE you more or make you wait!”

She blushed and smiled, almost overwhelmed with the thought that went into the simple adornment. He turned her to face the bed, “Now, since you have the collar on, Little Girl, you will submit to me. Get on the bed, face up, spreadeagle… and look only at the ceiling.”

Her insides trembled as she did as he told her. She lay in the middle of the bed, feeling his warm hands touch first her right wrist… the softness of the cuff curling around her wrist and being cinched down tightly, but not so tightly that they were uncomfortable. Then the right ankle, his hands briefly wandering up her calf and inner thigh just high enough to make her squirm before moving to the next leg. Finally her left wrist was bound, and she felt his weight on the end of the bed.

“These bindings represent our commitment to this relationship. They are soft on the inside, strong on the outside. While at times they might feel confining, they give us freedom to explore…” and with that he took the feather duster and ran it up the inside of her right thigh. Her breath caught in her throat. “… new ways of pleasuring each other. They are not exclusive to you or me… we are equally bound together. However, I will gain more pleasure in seeing you somewhat helpless in this bed, and you will certainly gain pleasure in being so!”

With that, he leaned forward, allowing his breath to warm her clit and pussy so slightly. She groaned in protest, but did not look down to see what he had in store for her next. “Sir?” she said, finally finding her voice, “may I look at you? May I watch what you are about to do to me?”

He took a minute to respond, pondering his choices. “No, you may not. You lie there and anticipate what may be happening next. Listen to the music, to the sounds in the room. Listen to your breathing. Listen to what your body tells you.”

She felt his weight leave the bed, and saw his shadow pass in the flickering light. She heard the clink of glass, and the next sensation was of his hands, warmed by the oil, sliding sensuously up her legs to her tummy. His hands roved her body, slickened by the oil so the movement was firm, yet yielding. She felt her muscles relax under his touch, felt her skin begin to tingle and feel warm. He sat back and blew softly on her skin and it became alive like she’d never experienced before.

“AHHHHhhhhhhhhh…” she gasped, as he chuckled.

“I guess Mr. Huang was right about this stuff… let’s try…” and his voice dropped off. She strained to hear what was coming next. He took the feather duster into his hand and ran it lightly over her left breast. Her nipple hardened immediately to the stimulation, and he couldn’t resist bending to gently bite at the tip of it.

“Oh, my god…” she moaned, for at the same time, he ran the tips of his fingers lightly up her inner thigh. Such delicious torture… he could see that her pussy lips were beginning to swell, her clit throbbed in anticipation of being touched. He had no intention of going there yet, however… he wanted to push her into oblivion. The duster was next run across her pelvis, just above her pussy, tickling the hair there and making her arch with frustration. “Please, sir… I beg of you. I’ve waited so long…” her piteous pleas were music to his ears. But he did not want to give her relief. Not yet.

He found the llama skin mitt and put it on, then leaned over her body, over her face, so that she could see him. “How do you feel, Little Girl?”

Small beads of sweat were forming on her brow, but she was smiling, “My arms ache a little, but other than that, I’m dying to make love with you!”

He took the mitt and ran it down her left arm, down to her left breast, where he gently rubbed the nipple with the soft fur. He leaned to kiss her… a soft, lingering kiss which she tried her best to make deeper and more passionate. Not an easy thing to do with your hands and legs bound, so he was able to pull back, leaving her panting.

“You want more?” he asked, knowing full well what her answer would be, “Hmmmmmm?” He ran the mitt up her left inner thigh, stopping just short of the epicenter of her desire.

She was whimpering now, “please… please… Sir! Just touch me! Make me cum…”

He got up off the bed abruptly and stripped off his boxers then reached to unclasp her wrists, lifting her up unto a sitting position and massaging her shoulders gently. He stood and went to the foot of the bed, unclasping her ankles, and when he was sure she got her bearings sufficiently, he pulled her to stand. He knew he had her body humming with adrenaline, and now it was time to refocus her energies so that he could push them again in a few moments.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and said, “KNEEL!” pointing between his knees. She knew what he wanted, and she knew how to give it to him.

“Yessir” she said as she knelt at his feet, “how may I serve you?”

He took her head into his hands and guided it to his cock and said, “Suck me.”

She took his cock gently into her hands and kissed the inside of his thighs softly. Using her tongue, she wetly licked a path up his thighs, then blew a soft breeze onto the wetness, watching the goose bumps rise on his legs and listening to him suck in his breath. She used her teeth carefully to nip at his flesh, alternating between nips and sucks, until she reached his cock. It was so warm and hard, and she loved the feel of it in her mouth. How it pulsed with every beat of his heart. He groaned and guided her head as it rose and fell in his lap. He looked down over her beautiful back and shoulders, running his finger over the tattoo on her right one, trying to distract himself from cumming too soon. Her mouth was amazing… just the right pressure, moisture, warmth… and that tea was definitely giving him a deeper pleasure.

Suddenly, the moment was upon him, without warning, and he croaked, “GODDDDD… baby… I… I…I’m CCUUUUMMMINNGGGGG… ” arching up against her hand as she pulled her mouth away and stroked his exploding cock, allowing his cum to spray over her face and hair. As he finished, she gently licked the glans, tasting him. She had missed that so much!

She looked up at him and instead of seeing relief on his face, she saw annoyance. “I hadn’t intended for you to make me cum, Little Girl,” he said, “so you must now be punished. Hand me the paddle.”

Rising from the floor, she walked to where the paddle was lying. Her hand trembled as she retrieved it, and returning to her submissive position at his feet, she handed it up to him. “Let me tell you first about this paddle, Little Girl. This paddle represents the pain in our lives. Stand, please.” She stood and he continued, pulling her over his lap, “While we both will experience pain..”


The paddle came in contact with her bare ass, and she cried out. He rubbed the red mark, continuing “… I will be there to soothe the hurt…”


Another swat, another cry, another gentle rub. “And while I will administer discipline… ” SMACK! (rub)

“… it will be done so lovingly..” S

MACK (rub) (whimper)

“… and I would never knowingly hurt you…”

SMACK! (rub)

“… or humiliate you…”


“…unless it would turn you on!”


He dropped the paddle and admired his handiwork. “MY! Your ass is a beautiful red, and the motion of your body against me has me hard again…” He slid his fingers between her legs, feeling her wetness soaking his hand. “I see that my little discipline method has… inflamed you, Little Girl… ” He slipped a finger inside her, feeling the rapid pulse of her heart and the slick heat of her interior. He lifted her off his knees and guided her to lie back on the bed, her legs hanging over the side. He pushed her knees wide open, and he dove into her, finally drinking the nectar he so longed for.

Feeling his mouth finally come in contact with her pussy, she literally screamed his name and gripped his hair in her hands. He slipped his hands under her, grabbing her red, sore ass, and squeezed… the pain mixed with the pleasure she was feeling to drive her over the edge. Orgasm after orgasm swept over her, coming so rapidly that she was sure her heart would explode in her chest.

He rose from between her legs, his face glistening with her juices, and pulled her to the floor. He flipped her over so that her torso rested on the bed, her knees on the floor, and she was presented for perfect entry, her red ass available for his amusement. “Should I give you my cock, Little Girl? You have already cum…”

She was practically wailing when she said, “Oh PLEASE, Sir! I have not cum enough! I need to feel you, I need for you to be a part of me! PLEASE! PLEASE!! Do not tease me further… I will do whatever you ask… but PLEASE take me noooooooowwohhhhhhhhhhh…”

The last word became a gutteral groan as he pushed his cock into her body. She gripped him in a wet velvet sheath, his cock slicing slowly into her depths. Her inner walls clung to him as he leaned over her, whispering hotly, “You didn’t touch yourself while I was away, did you?! You are so tight… so warm…” He kissed her shoulders, her back. He carefully reached and retrieved the paddle.


Her pussy clutched him deliciously when he swatted her ass.


She couldn’t help but draw away a bit, and this added to the friction he was experiencing.


He rubbed her sore ass, listening to her moan and groan beneath him as she orgasmed yet again. He reached around her, finding her clit, and began to rub her… feeling her get wetter and wetter, tighter and tighter. He knew he was close, too, so he pulled out of her. He wanted to face her when he came this time… he wanted to make love to her.

His departure from her body elicited a protesting groan from her. Did he want her to beg further? What else could she give to him? He whispered, “Get up in the middle of the bed for me…”

She moved, but halfheartedly. It was feeling so good… did he have to tie her up to enjoy her? Her mind was not in the moment anymore, she was 35 steps ahead and making assumptions. He knew her, and knew that she was probably over thinking right about now. He had to get her body re-engaged, so as she positioned herself, he quickly was upon her, pushing her knees aside and pressing himself once again into her depths.

His roughness startled her… frightened her… and she began to fight against him. Realizing that she was startled and scared, he cradled her, holding himself deeply inside her. “SSSHHHhhhh…” he murmured, “its okay. Stay with me… feel me… ”

He kissed the hollow of her neck wetly. He moved his cock inside her imperceptibly at first, then with increasingly longer strokes until he felt her skin begin to flush against him. She moaned and arched into him again, feeling this pelvis rock against her clit, pushing her to the edge. He nibbled at her breasts, suckling her nipples, and purred against her skin, “Cum for me, my love. Squeeze my cock… ”

He felt her rock against him, her legs coming up around his hips to pull him in further. He knew she was close so he took his hand and brushed the hair from her forehead, holding on to the top of her head and looking deeply into her eyes. Tears were forming in her eyes as she arched up against him, her mouth opening to form an “o” but no sound came. The muscles in her neck stood out, and he held his cock still, feeling her pussy walls constrict around him tighter than he’d ever felt before. She began a series of thrusts against him, as if trying to pull her own orgasm through her body, and these ripples and hip rolls pushed him over the edge. Softly, he groaned into her ear, and let her pull his cum from him as well, rising to watch her face contort again as another small rumble passed through her body.

When it was over and his cock stopped twitching, there was no strength left in his body. He collapsed onto her, burying his face in her neck. “God, how I love you… ” he whispered and nuzzled closer. It was then that he felt the wetness against his cheek.

He slid from her, off of her, and pulled her body against his, wrapping one arm around her and tipping her face up so he could look at her. She was crying. She looked into his eyes, “I have never felt like this before. So bound to someone yet so free… ” Her voice trailed off into a slight whimper.

He smiled at her and said, “I wanted to tell you what you mean to me for so long. I just didn’t know how, until I began to collect the gifts. I have been so many places and loved so many people. But you… ahhh… you are different, and this was my way of showing you just HOW different and special you are to me. You, my love, are my soulmate, and together, we will find love and passion beyond our wildest dreams. Even if I have to leave you, I will never leave you. Nor will you ever leave me. For we are here…” he took his finger and gently stroked her clit “… and we are here…” he stroked her forehead “… but most of all, we are here,” he touched her on her chest where her heart would be, and continued, “I know you’ve had doubts. I had doubts, too, until this trip. I’ve made arrangements to take fewer trips, and when I do have to go, I will do everything in my power to take you with me. You are my strength, my muse, my passion, my best friend. Even in the days when we feel that love and passion have separated us, I will always find my way back to you”

The tears were running down her face in a steady stream now. He wiped them gently, and she caught him by the wrist, bringing his hand to her lips. It took her a moment, but she finally found her words and spoke, “I am yours for as long as you choose. I give myself wholly and freely to you, and I will do whatever will make you happy. I trust that you will not hurt me and that you will take care of me. I will love you and make love to you with everything I am.” a pause “Oh, and sir?” he looked into her eyes and saw amusement as she continued “… my ass hurts. Would you please kiss it better?”

He laughed, “Gladly!” Turning her over he placed his mouth against the redness of her buttocks and began to kiss her. Hearing her sighs, he knew this was going to be a long, passionate night indeed, and he smiled.

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