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She is dancing with her friends in a club. The crowd is hyped up on the upbeat dance music, their bodies moving silhouettes, writhing rhythmically, bumping, grinding. It’s pitch dark except for the intermittent movement of a great many colored strobe lights, the sparkle off the shiny disco ball dispersed across various surfaces in the room. She came here with a group of friends, guys and girls alike, celebrating the start of the weekend after a grueling workweek.

However, she’d lost sight of everyone in her company, not that there was any way to see anybody in the dark, with the glaring, flashing lights anyhow. She dances to the music in complete abandon, feeling other bodies bumping into hers occasionally, not minding them and writing off the occasional bumps and gropes as accidental, merely the results of an enthusiastic group of exuberant party-goers. Various random bumps from carefree party-goers inadvertently land her in a dark corner of the club, dancing energetically on the outskirts of the writhing mass.

She closes her eyes, feeling the heavy bass of the uptempo music pulsating through her body. Her movements are a mixture of slow seductive curves and twists here and there, her arms gracefully extending over her head, running over her body, moving out along her sides, while her voluptuous hips swayed side-to-side, and round and round alternately. That was when she felt it.

At first she thought it was another accidental brush from a wayward dancer who was just blindly moving in the dark, but then, she feels the fingers slowly and deliberately creep up along her spine, tracing the moist skin exposed by her near-backless dress that left a part of her luscious butt uncovered. She gasps and turns quickly, her eyes instantly flying open trying to see the face of her molester despite the dark. For a moment she begins to panic, but manages to maintain her composure. She ignores the fingers and moves out of reach, retreating further into her corner.

Minutes pass and she dances uninterrupted, hindered only by the closeness of the walls in her corner. She dances, turning in circles now, but before she can complete her last turn, she feels two hands on her hips holding her in place, facing the corner. She tries to get out of the corner, now spooked by the strong grip at her waist. The hands are firm and she is unable to break free or get around them… she tries to push her way out, backing away from the corner, but she is blocked by a broad body. From what she can tell, the person is taller than she, and for all the hard, chiseled muscles she feels press against her, the person is definitely male. The body closes in and instinctively she puts her hands between herself and the wall to avoid colliding hard with it and possibly ending up with a broken nose. Suddenly, she realizes that all that hardness is not just chiseled muscles, but in addition, a rock hard bulge pressing into her behind. She writhes and squirms rebelliously, trying to break free, even resorting to making loud noises of protestations, hoping to get the attention of other dancers, but to no avail. The music was just too loud.

The large hands move deftly – one pressing against the middle of her back, the other on the nape of her neck, masses of her wavy hair, caught partially in the strong grip. The body presses even closer, harder, as if this person would imprint their form on hers if they could. She shudders, feeling hot breath creep along the side of her neck, unexpectedly sending tingling shocks along her spine, triggering unwanted sensations of pleasure in her heat. A low, rich male voice speaks in her ear, not shouting, but loud enough to be heard over the music at the close range. “Don’t move… stop that hopeless squirming, or I just might accidentally snap your delicate little neck in half.”

The voice sounded calm, totally in control and she believed him as every word was stated cooly, confidently as mere statements of fact. His hands were enormous and she felt his strength – she did not doubt for one second his warning. Frightened, she stops moving completely, only her chest heaving heavily as her heart raced with panic. “Good girl… thank you, it’d be a shame to hurt you unintentionally,” came the voice in her ear, this time it was velvety and warm, the words rolling out as smooth as silk. All manner of thoughts ran wildly through her head – who was this man? what kind of man does this and says thank you? She was confused and furious, petrified and perplexed all at once.

All thoughts flew from her head instantly when the hands began to move, massaging and applying pressure along her neck and back. An involuntary moan escapes her mouth and her body shudders, despite her fear. It felt good and somehow he knew how to touch her just right and where. He chuckles low, “Hm… so you like this? Not such an unwilling victim after all.” Shame and fury boil within her at his words, but to her further degradation, she felt herself heat up and become sticky and wet in-between her thighs. She growls, blind with anger.

The man chuckles with amusement, applying more pressure now and clutching her hair even more tightly. “Mmm… looks like I caught myself a little tigress…” She pushes back at him and he nips at her shoulder hard, issuing a warning of pain. “Stop that. Now.” His voice rung out in an angry growl. Suddenly, the hand from her back creeps lower, caressing over the top of her butt, the fingers disappearing under her dress. He maintains his hold on the back of her neck, while his other hand felt her up, cupping and squeezing her round, smooth butt. She tries to remain still, her eyes wildly gazing at the rest of the people dancing away in the club. How could they not know? How could no one notice what was happening?

He gains her full attention again when his hands find the bands of her thong, tugging at it, making the cloth stretch tightly over her slit. Meanwhile, he kisses her bare shoulder, nipping and licking along the way. He nips at her ear, then speaks in a husky drawl, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you too… trust me, you will be begging me for more once I’m done…” Her breath catches in her throat, but this time, oddly enough, it was not because he had frightened her. His words had struck her deep somehow, and she felt the heat stirring up deep in her belly.

The man moved on to assault different parts of her body, his rough, callused hands touching, caressing, squeezing everywhere, his lips exploring and kissing in almost-perfect tandem with his expert touch, all the while keeping his grip at the nape of her neck. She whimpers helplessly, a spell of dizziness coming over her as her arousal begins comes to life further. His wandering hands find her taut nipples through the thin fabric of her dress and he begins to take his time pinching and twisting each one, cupping and squeezing her firm, well-endowed breasts in-between. She can’t keep from writhing in pleasure at this point and in response, the man begins to grind his hard bulge on the curve of her round butt, up and down. “Look at you… so responsive… wonderful, ” he observes, his voice dripping with approval, but also taunting and teasing. He moves his hand away from her breasts and trails them down till he reaches the hem of her dress at her mid-thigh. He slips his hand under, lifting her dress in the process, and finds her hard little nub. Finding her aroused and wet, her clit taut, he moans with approval in her ear. “Mmmm… yes, good girl.. ready for me already, I see…” The very words make her shudder with pleasure involuntarily again. His damned voice and the way he spoke – he just pushed her buttons somehow.

He removes his hand from her for a moment, fumbling with his belt and his jeans. Out of nowhere she feels what she can only assume is his warm, thick length rubbing against her butt cheeks. His hands go back to her heat, rubbing along her slick folds, pinching and teasing her little stiff nub.With a low growl and no warning at all, he rips off her thong right off of her and flings it aside. Just as quickly, he rams his girth inside her tightness, stopping only when he’s filled her to the hilt, the abruptness of his entry causing her to cry out loudly, her back arching sharply.

He stays motionless inside her, planting kisses along the silky skin of her shoulders, giving her time to adjust to him. He then wraps a long arm around her torso and begins to thrust inside her in slow, long strokes. “So tight…,” he growls in her ear. She can feel his warm breath on her skin, coming in short pants now as he exerts himself thrusting inside her harder and harder and harder still. His arms pulling her to his body, his hips pounding into her, her body jolts roughly. She begins to cry out at each of his thrusts, her moans betraying her pleasure. Unable to control herself, her body acting with a mind of its own in response to the intense pleasure of being stretched and filled so completely, she begins to push back at him, grinding her hips and impaling herself even further on his thick, long shaft. “Yeah, that’s it, little slut… fuck me, move on my cock… I told you you would like this…, ” his silky voice spoke in her ear, with his grunts of effort resounding in each word. He moves her so her ass juts out to him more, and keeps fucking her hard and rough, his hand rubbing her clit in circular motion, slick with copious amounts of her juices. He removes his hand from her hot cunt and runs it in between her ass cheeks, spreading her juices there. With one finger he coats her tight, puckered little hole with her own juices and without warning jams two large fingers inside her dark hole. She shrieks with the searing pain and he pulls hard on her hair, warning her to be quiet, not that it would make any difference amidst the loud music pumping through the club. He thrusts his fingers and his cock with perfect timing relentlessly in her pussy and ass. Dazed in the throes of utter pleasure and lust, all she can do is brace herself with the flat of her palms against the wall, her fingers curling with pleasure every time his manhood bottoms out inside her.

Her back arches and she rises to her tiptoes suddenly shaking and writhing as her orgasm hits her like a tidal wave. He grunts harder, fucking her even more, motivated when he feels her taught, hot sheath contract wildly around his manhood as she reaches her peak. Wave after wave after wave, orgasms wash over her until she’s completely weak. Without warning, he pulls out and says quickly, “This will only hurt a bit..” and with a single stroke rams his cock hard into her tight little ass. She screams, white flashes of pain dotting her vision, and he quickly moves his hand from her neck and places them over her mouth. He thrusts into her ass mercilessly, his assault seeming endless to her. With his free hand, he grabs her hips towards him, forcing her body to meet each forceful pounding thrust. Tears begin to flow from her eyes as she shuts them hard against the searing hot pain of his abuse. He leans closer to her ear, smacking a juicy butt cheek hard, and speaks with strain in his voice, “Mmmm… sooo good… I had my eye on this luscious ass since I saw you waiting to get in… don’t cry… shhh… i promise you’ll come to like this…”

Every thrust forces a muffled whimper from her mouth, her breasts bouncing as her ass is fucked violently. With a great growl, and deep grunts, the man clutches her body tight and spills his seed inside her bowels, filling her full so that it even overflows splattering in between her butt cheeks. Panting with breath, they both stand still for a moment. He withdraws from her ass, his cum, seeping out and dripping along her thighs. He turns her towards him and squashes her with his huge body against the wall, planting a passionate kiss on her full lips hard. He had taken her, he had brought her to her fullest pleasure forcefully, and took his own pleasure. And it had felt good. Suddenly all she could think of was how empty her body felt without his thick length inside her. Unconsciously, she admits total surrender and wraps her arms around his neck, responding deeply to his kiss.

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Ari wrote

I loved it and would be ecstatic to know more would be coming. Such good vivid writing!!! Thank you.