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Tonight was going to be a big one. It would be the tipping scale in Eric and Sara’s relationship as Sara’s best friend Pamela, would be at the party tonight. Sara had always been jealous of Pam, not because she was prettier or a better person. Sara was just a very jealous girl and Eric and Pam had spent a lot of time together.

Eric didn’t have many friends left after he dedicated his life to Sara 3 years ago. So Pam and he had always been close ever since Eric was dating Sara. Pamela had been gone to Mexico for the past 2 months and it worried Sara how much Eric missed her. He often talked about her with others. Although He only considered her a friend, it was too much for Sara who was senselessly jealous. The fact that Eric kept cracking jokes about a threesome between them did nothing but aggravate the situation. Sara knew there was truth in every joke.

Sara being 21 and at the peak of her beauty was a goddess. She was a natural petite beauty, weighing barely 100lbs and not surpassing the 5.3″ mark. What she lacked in height, she more than made up with her sexual appeal. This woman was the perfect hourglass figure, her 34C breasts complemented her smooth hips connected with the sexiest abdomen a woman can have. A tight belly with no excess skin, but not too much muscle either. She had a perky butt connected to long (For her height) silky smooth legs. Her facial features were nothing short of fabulous. Her crimson lips were juicy, the perfects ones any man would want engulfed around their cock. Her eyes were slightly Asiatic, although she had no oriental background. Her long, curly hair were a mixture of gold and dun as they swayed her big cheeks that almost made her look cute. But even though she sometimes made the cutest faces, “hot woman” was written all over her. Sara was also a tease, and a good one at that. She was the type of woman that, wearing a small belly shirt, could make a man do anything for her! Needless to say Eric was a lucky man.

Eric and Sara had arrived amongst one of the first at the party and got down to drinking right away. They had their share of parties, and even though they didn’t always finish well, they still always went. It took nothing but a woman to lay a hand on Eric and off Sara turned into a state of frenzied jealousy. No one knew what would have happened if Eric had given a compliment to a woman, and it was better that way. The great thing about the parties was that most of the time Sara was so wasted that she didn’t care half as much and Eric could avoid most of her wrath.

The first part of the party went well. Eric and Sara went their separated ways and talked with their friends. The house was starting to have a smog of weed smoke in it which meant a good party.

Eric walked around Tokin a blunt, talking about crazy nonsense and laughing to just about anything. “Hey Simon remember the first time we got wasted?”

Simon started laughing. ” Yeah man, feels like it was aeons ago, and you smashed my older sister!”

Then out of the corner of his eye Eric saw a shy Pam enter the party. He left Simon who was now talking to himself and went over to see her. ” Hey Pam I’m glad you’re back! How was it in Mexico?”

They hugged and she looked at him with a queer eye. ” Eric we can talk about that anytime at school or whatever, now it’s time to get drunk! But hey come here with me a second.” She lead him into a room and closed the door. Eric was starting to get worried, if Sara ever found out…

“Pam… I mean, you know Sara.” Eric tried to protest, but to no avail as she simply said, ” Calm down I just want to give you a gift I brought you from Mexico.”

As she looked in her bag to find the gift, Eric got closer and pretended to search for the gift. In fact his lips were about an inch from her unsuspecting mouth. By lack of balls and respect for Sara, he turned away when she looked up. Eric in the past year had had a weak spot for Pam. She wasn’t a perfect girl in any way, she was beautiful, but nowhere near Sara’s beauty. She was a lone child growing up, so she was somewhat of a spoiled brat at times. Eric had no idea why at night he fantasised about her, when he had a much prettier girlfriend. He thought it must be due to the fact that it was forbidden for him to even think of her. Whatever the reasons, he was attracted to her and he felt bad for all the times he had stared at her heart-shaped ass.

“Here Eric.” She handed him a tribal statue.

“Hey Thanks a lot Pam!” He responded politely, not really caring much for the statue.

Meanwhile at the party, Sara is was having a great time. She was dancing with her friends while the guys were having a beer drinking competition. She hadn’t stopped drinking the whole night, and by now was pretty wasted. And when Sara is wasted, Sara is horny. At all the parties they had been to, Sara had always been the one begging for sex when Eric was busy pulling pranks and free styling with his friends. One time Eric really wouldn’t come to a room with her, so she took a cover from the couch put it over her and started sucking his cock. So when a girl told her she had seen Eric enter a room alone with Pam, she wasn’t jealous. She was just scared that she wouldn’t get some tonight. She rushed to the room and opened the door to find Eric sitting beside Pam holding the statue. She was proud Eric hadn’t done her wrong, yet she still couldn’t control her jealousy and started screaming at Eric and Pam.

“That’s it huh Eric you rather spend your party with Pam? Yeah it’s alright I’ll get over the fact that you like Pam better than me!” Sara said.

“Sara I was just…” Pam started.

“You could have come and said hi to me too huh? I know you like my boyfriend more than me, but a little hi won’t hurt.

Eric was silent and was honestly petrified. ” Baby Calm down please”. He said in a scared voice.

“Sara instead of scaring your boyfriend, why don’t you make him happy for a change? The only reason he’d ever leave you, would be because you’re jealous. If you’d just stop being jealous he’d always be all over you and have no reason at all to ever cheat on you!” Pam spoke up bravely, not yet totally intoxicated by the alcohol.

“Fine.” Sara thought for a second, then came and sat down beside Pam. She took Pam by her head and started kissing her passionately. This shocked Pam, but she did not resist Sara’s warm tongue racing inside her mouth. It felt so warm and good. Both girls had never kissed a woman before. Sara was bi-sexual, and she knew it because we often watched lesbian porn movies together and she was always soaked after a good scene. After the initial shock Pam started kissing back. What Eric felt at this moment is not explainable in words, but he watched as the two girls were locked in embrace. The kissing got more and more intense and the breathing rate of the two women increased. Sara took off Pam’s shirt and licked the surface of her breasts while she was unsnapping Pam’s bra. The bra came off and out popped small but beautiful round breasts. Sara pushed Pam on her back and started licking her breasts from all sides. She was kissing them and massaging them with her tongue like a professional. She periodically went back to kissing Pam’s mouth, then kissed her stomach all the way down to her pants. She stopped a moment and looked at me, then she took off her shirt to expose her bra-less, perfect C breasts. Pamela who was starting to get excited by the whole situation took off her own pants and underwear in order to start playing with herself while Sara was getting undressed. Before Eric could swallow the moment both women were striking nude in all their glory.

Knowing he was hard, Eric started to rub his dick over his pants, hardly being able to survive the intensity of the moment. He wanted to just blow up right then, as Pamela was kissing Sara’s perfect body. Pam was the first to give a try at eating pussy. Sara was lying down fully on her back while Pam was starting to experiment with muff diving. Pam sensually licked Sara’s juicy pussy lips and the inner labia area. She was going at it slowly and it was driving Sara mad! She just wanted to grab Pam’s head and force it on her pussy like she did with Eric. Eric could see that the simple fact that it was a woman eating her, made up for all the lack of skill Pam had. It was a fantasy previously locked away in the deep bowels of her mind, until this night that is.

“Oh Yeah Pam, lick my pussy” Sara Moaned. “This is so fucking good, your mouth is so soft and your tongue so delicate”

Pam Stopped eating Sara and jumped playfully on the bed, and lay down on her back.” Your turn!”

By now Eric had his 8 inch cock fully protruding from his pants and wasn’t trying to hide his actions. Sara was getting down on her knees and eating out Pamela like a kid eating candy for the first time. Sara was no newbie, she had watched countless lesbian scenes with Eric and new exactly how to make a woman go wild. And Pam was wilder than a rodeo, bucking her hips furiously as Sara kept her mouth clamped on Pam’s pussy. Pam’s moans turned into screams as she was nearing orgasm. Sara had a hand pinching Pam’s left nipple while she relentlessly dove her tongue in Pam’s pussy. Finally Pam exploded into an intense orgasm which left her shaking for a few seconds while Sara kept probing her pussy.

The two hotties rested for a few seconds, trying to regain their breaths, when they noticed Eric stroking his cock.

Pam started crawling over to his cock slowly and turned around, “Can I Sara?”

“Of course” was her answer.

Eric before even starting to contemplate the meaning of the question, found Pam at the tip of his cock sucking the life out of him. While Eric was stroking himself, half-sitting on the walled end of the bed, Pam had crawled over on all fours and engulfed his rock hard cock with her small mouth. Sara wasn’t far back as she crawled over to Eric and started licking his shaft with Pam. They tongued the shaft simultaneously for a while. Eric couldn’t believe what he was seeing and feeling. He was moaning like never before looking at the two hottest girls blowing him off. He couldn’t believe Sara had let Pam suck his cock. The two girls took turns putting his whole dick in their mouths, until Eric couldn’t take anymore.

“Ladies, I’m going to Blow!” he moaned

They immediately stopped, ” Not now Eric we still have a long night to go” Sara said.

They looked at each other then giggled. Pam got up and went straight to stick her wet pussy in Eric’s face. ” You see how wet I am from sucking your big juicy cock? I love it!” She moved her hand gently towards Sara, caressed her and then stuck two fingers up her pussy. She went in and out a few times and then said ” See Sara is wet too from sucking your cock!” She then put her fingers in her mouth and licked them clean.” She tastes so good Eric you’re so lucky to be able to eat her whenever you feel like it.”

Pam then forced her pussy into Eric’s face and he immediately responded. Like the pro he was he tongued Pam’s pussy from top to bottom, tasting every millimetre of her pussy. While eating Pam, he felt Sara trying to straddle his cock. It was too much for him he wasn’t going to last long like this. Sara started to ride his cock while he continued diving through Pams hot cunt.

“What’s the matter Eric can’t handle two hot girls?” Sara taunted him while riding his cock and moaning.

“Ahh ahh ohhh” Pam was going to orgasm again. This only made Eric lick her swollen clit faster as her hips were violently swaying back and forth until she let go of Eric’s head.” Ahh damn that was good”.

Sara got off Eric’s cock and Pam immediately came to clean it all off. She loved the taste of Sara’s pussy and it showed while she was cleaning off Eric’s cock. She was on all fours, her ass dancing in the air as she passionately licked off all of Sara’s love juices off Eric. Sara silently moved in back of Pam and started to eat her again. She licked Pam’s anus with the tip of her tongue and they giggled again. This spectacle continued for awhile and Eric was enjoying every single second. At this point Eric was starting to feel the need to burst, so he tried to take his cock away from Pam’s mouth so the night could last longer. She wouldn’t budge, she kept on sucking and swallowing his cock ignoring Eric’s plea’s to stop. When Eric was on the verge of cumming she felt it and got off and started kissing Sara passionately. The girls really started breathing fast again and slurped each other out.

Pam Moaned ” Ugh damn I wanna get fucked”

“You can use my man Pam, it’s no problem, it’s what he’s there for”, Sara giggled.

Eric could not believe what he was hearing. These two lovely young women were using HIM, for their own sexual desires. It didn’t get much better than that for a man. Pam crawled over to the bed and went on her back, touching herself in the process. Pam was at the pinnacle of excitement in her sex life as Eric hovered over her inserting his hard cock in her pussy. As Eric was sliding it in and out for the first times he could hear her whisper “fuck me please I beg you fuck me”. Eric could only comply. He started pumping his cock in and out of her at a faster rate while Sara went on the bed and squat over Pam’s face. Instinctively, Pam started lapping her tongue at Sara’s wet pussy. Even though Eric was nearing orgasm, what he saw made him quicken his pace. Now Pam was openly screaming and Eric was grunting heavily, not to mention Sara was moaning from atop Pam’s face. Eric then abruptly got out and flipped Pam over so that she was on all fours.

“I’ve always dreamed of doing this” Eric smiled as he inserted his dick into Pam’s hot pussy. He started pounding her doggy-style which had been a fantasy of his for the past months. Pam had the tightest, perkiest shapely butt he’d ever seen. And he wanted to bang that ass. As he was pounding her he couldn’t help but stare at her perfect heart shaped ass that was nicely complimented with a heart-shaped tailbone tattoo. During that time Sara had re-positioned herself on her back to allow Pam to continue digging in her pussy as she desired.

“I’m gonna cum!!” Eric couldn’t take it any longer. The feeling and the overall ecstasy of the moment was too much for him. Both girls couldn’t have reacted quicker. They both hurried up to where Eric was and got on their knees. Within three strokes of his cock Eric had the biggest orgasm of his life. The cum flew into Sara’s mouth and a bit into Pam’s mouth. Sara couldn’t swallow all of the huge load so some dripped on her breasts. Pam immediately got to work and cleaned it all off with one swipe of her tongue. Just when he thought it was over and things couldn’t get better, Sara, with her mouth still full of cum went and kissed Pam straight on the mouth. They exchanged a long sloppy kiss, with cum and saliva dripping from their mouth onto their goddess’ bodies. Sara took the whole mixture in and Pam opened her mouth. Sara went over her and spit the mixture of cum, saliva and sweat drip down Pam’s mouth. Pam swallowed almost all of it and what she couldn’t manage Sara went straight down and cleaned Pam’s breasts and swallowed the remnants.

After they both finished gulping down Eric’s cum Sara went over to Eric and simply said ” Honey I’m still horny, finish me off please”.

“Ahh me too please” Pam pleaded.

“No problem ladies, as you said, that’s what I’m there for!”

Eric came over to them and got on his knees. Both girls lied down next to each other and Eric took 2 fingers of each hand and dived down into their wet cunts. He kept his left hand for Sara as he was more used to her and he didn’t need strength to give her an orgasm. Pam on the other hand (Pun intended) was uncharted territory to Eric so he would rely on speed and strength to give her one. Boy did it ever work, within seconds both girls were twitching on the bed holding on to each other to keep from going crazy. Within the first minute Sara was already cumming, shaking and juice squirting out her pussy. Eric now concentrated entirely on Pam and with all his strength he had Pam’s body rippling with an orgasm a few seconds later. The girls stayed on their backs for a few seconds regaining their breath. They then got up and started getting dressed. While Eric, who was a bit slower, joined them. He was kind of shy, now that everything was over, what would happen?

“Hey Eric you gonna want to do that again right?” Sara asked while putting her shirt back on.

“Uhh sh-sh-sure, with pleasure.” Eric stammered with uncertainty

“Then you better not talk honey.”

The girls finished putting their tight jeans on and went out the door like nothing ever happened, now talking about Mexico and normal chat. But Eric was happy he had his answer already. So he got up from the bed and went back to the party.

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