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College Girls Learning To Love

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I am a freshman in college and my dorm roommate is also. I am named April and she is named May. There, I got that over with. We didn’t plan to room together, didn’t even know each other, it fact the roster from which we were selected by our dorm leader was made up of last names – mine was Stengle and hers was Swanson – so it was actually last names starting with ‘S’ that threw us together.

That didn’t stop the jokes of course. I thought I had heard all the April jokes there were, but we were now a pun on months, so people would refer to us all too often as the month sisters. May actually found this funny, which made me want to strangle her.

Whereas the two months are pretty similar in proximity as well as weather-wise, May and I are pretty different. She is from a strict religious background and so am I, but there the similarities pretty much stop. She is blond, athletic, muscular and outgoing, and I am quiet, introverted and well, whatever the opposite of athletic is – lazy maybe? Also I have dark brown hair that I wear very short because I despise hair care, and I have a pretty, but slender build.

May finally shamed me into exercising, so I would jog with her in the mornings at the track. At first it was tedious, painful and somewhat humiliating since May could run circles around me, but I eventually started getting in shape. Finally one day, she complimented me on how well my legs had developed; I was actually getting some calf and thigh muscles like her. Well, getting better anyway, her calf muscles were pretty spectacular, and her thighs looked like she could crack walnuts between them.

I masturbate several times a week. It’s how I manage to stay a virgin because when boys started kissing and running their hands over me, I would become greatly excited. The only way I could stop them was to promise myself to ‘do it’ later after lights out and May had gone to sleep. While stirring my pot, I would imagine I was on one of these dates and was letting the boy have his way with me, and sooner or later, usually sooner, I would come, feel all relaxed, and go to sleep.

May and I studied; we got along. We both dated and sometimes discussed our dates, but with both of us being Christian virgins in a Christian college, these discussions were not as exciting as one would hope. Then one Friday night after about six months of living together in a tiny room, something happened that started to change us both. I saw May masturbating.

It was a warm spring night and we had left the window open to catch a breeze instead of using the air conditioner. We had both had dates that night and had arrived back at the dorm at about the same time. We chatted a bit and went to bed around eleven. Her bed is across from mine. I don’t like it dark in the room because I don’t want to stub a toe or something if I go to the bathroom during the night. Okay, I am also a little afraid of the dark. So, we always left the bathroom light on and the bathroom door open.

I was lying there beneath my sheet and thinking of putting my hand in my panties. I couldn’t sleep because my date had aroused me quite a bit and I was very horny. But I couldn’t do anything yet because I had to be sure May was asleep. I guess she decided I was asleep at last and tossed aside her covers and sat up, looking at me. I could see her quite clearly but mine was the darker corner and I looked back at her through slitted eyes.

Apparently satisfied that I was asleep, she lay back on top of her sheets and began touching her breasts. I was horrified. I hadn’t meant to peek on her, I just wanted her to relax and go to sleep so I could beat off and get rid of my sexual tension. Now here I was watching her rub her breasts over her tee-shirt. She was wearing a tee shirt and panties, so it wasn’t like I could actually see her entire body, but then she slid her hands under her shirt and started rubbing them some more.

I could have rolled over, and I should have, but instead I just watched, feeling like I was a monster or a pervert or both. I could have just shut my eyes, but I didn’t. I watched. She wasn’t making much noise at all, but I could hear her breathing changing as she became more aroused. After playing with her breasts awhile, she finally slid one hand down her belly and into her panties.

I was already horny from my date, like I said, but watching her leg muscles tense when she began to touch herself down there… It affected me, and realized I was getting even more aroused by watching her. Slowly and silently I eased my hand down to my own crotch and sure enough, my panties were a little damp, but maybe they already were from earlier. But I was definitely finding it very sexy to watch May rubbing herself. I felt very funny about that, but just couldn’t stop myself.

Then she cocked her knees and spread her legs wider, moving her other hand down into her panties as well. Now I could hear a faint slurping noise. Obviously, May was using one hand to insert her fingers while the other played with the clitoris at the top of the pussy. I had never really thought of doing that, I just played with my clitoris, but evidently May knew what she was doing, and it was obvious from her faster breathing that she was close to climax.

I found myself squeezing my own pussy very tightly as I watched her. Her hips were moving a little now, and her calves were tensing and loosening as she gripped at the sheets with her toes. Her legs seemed very pretty and sexy to me just then, her muscles shifting in her calves when her toes flexed. And I found myself aching for an even better view. She was panting quietly and rapidly now, her body squirming a bit in the bed. I could see her face screwed up as if she was in pain, and I knew she was having a powerful and fairly long climax.

The slurping sound of her fingers in her pussy was a little louder during the climax but that quieted gradually along with her breathing as her body relaxed. My mouth was dry and my panties were now quite wet. I wanted to come so badly that I felt a little frantic, my heart beating rapidly like a drum. May quieted and eventually rolled over and went to sleep, at least that is what I thought.

Finally, I rolled on my back, my right hand still clutching my groin in a death grip. I couldn’t wait any longer and slipped my hand into my panties. My pussy was so wet it was like stirring a soup. I started to rub little circles around my clit and within seconds was starting the pooling of pleasure in the nerve center in my abdomen that meant I was building up to a climax.

Suddenly I froze as I heard May whisper, “I know what you are doing, and I know that you watched me.”

I froze instantly and sat up as horrified as I have ever been, no, more horrified than I had ever been. Caught! Caught being a pervert! I didn’t know how to respond, but I heard myself whisper, “Yes.” Damn the years of ‘honesty is the best policy’ propaganda!

I gulped and said in a soft but normal voice, “I didn’t mean to! I was just waiting for you to go to sleep so I could do it. I can’t help it that I’m horny. It was my date, see…” I stopped babbling.

There was nightstand between our beds, just a small one with a single lamp on it. She snapped it on, sat up and swung her legs to the floor. “I know. Sometimes at night I hear you and it makes me horny. So after you finish and go to sleep I do it too.”

“Really?” I gasped. I sat up and perched on the edge of my bed facing her. Horror upon horrors, not only had I been caught watching another girl jack off, but also she had been aware of me jacking off at night all along. “I’m so sorry!” I blurted out. Then it sunk in; she had been masturbating after me because it made her horny. Incredulously I said, “So you got excited by me doing it?”

“Didn’t you, just then? Watching me?” She asked coolly.

“Yeah, well, yeah,” I stammered, “but I’m not gay.” She had the prettiest blue eyes and she just looked at me calmly.

Then she shrugged, “Maybe it’s just like getting hungry after watching someone else eat a cookie.” Then she looked down at her toes and blushed a little, “I knew you were watching because I heard you gasp and hold your breath while I was coming, but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop. I think it even lasted longer because I knew you were watching. But I’m not gay either.”

She was being so calm and reasonable, but then she usually was calm and reasonable. My head was spinning from what she was saying but damned if I wasn’t still horny. I gulped again and tried to interject a little humor, “Maybe if we just did it at the same time, we’d get more sleep around here.”

She looked back up at me and cocked her eyebrows, “That’s actually a good idea. But in any case, I turned the light on because I want to watch you do it.”

“What?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was getting so… well, so nasty!

“Well you watched me, and it obviously turned you on to watch me.” She smiled, “C’mon, April. I just want to watch you do it because it’s sexy, and I’ll do it too, so you can watch me again.”


“Hey, it’s only fair!” she added.

I had heard jokes about young boys doing this – called a circle jerk or something. And I did want to come and so very badly. “Ok,” I said nervously, “let’s do it.” I have to admit that what sold me was getting to watch her masturbate again. The very idea of watching her in the light of the lamp was really very exciting to me. But there we sat, so close that our knees were less than a foot apart, but neither of us knew how to start.

“You have very pretty legs,” May said shyly, scooting to the edge of her bed, coming even closer. But I knew why she did it; it would be easier to reach into her panties, so I scooted closer too with my butt on the edge of the bed. Now our knees were inches apart. I felt her toes touch mine and she quickly pulled her feet back.

Like I said, May was wearing a tee-shirt and panties, and no bra. I usually dressed in pajamas, but it was such a warm night, I was dressed the same as her, and no one would wear a bra in bed. May slipped her hands under her shirt and began massaging her breasts again while looking at my legs. Her breasts are a little smaller than mine but much perkier – they stood out a little more, and it was plain already that she had larger nipples – they were straining against her shirt.

Of course, living so closely, we had seen each other naked before, but it was different now in a sexual context, even if we weren’t naked. I found myself intensely interested in her body. “You are the one with the beautiful legs, May,” I sighed. I spread my legs a little and slipped my hand into my panties. They were soaking wet by now, and I could clearly see that hers were too when she spread her legs a bit to insert her hand down there.

I glanced down and saw my nipples were as aroused as hers were, and then I looked again at her legs and between her legs. Her hand was busy, and she was breathing through slightly parted lips. She was just suddenly so beautiful – like some primal Sex-Goddess.

I felt as if I were going to come soon. I scooted a tiny bit further to give my hand more freedom, and so did she, and suddenly our knees and our toes were touching, just barely but touching, and the feeling was electrical between us. I could feel every vibration of her hand on her pussy through the knee and toe contact. I knew she could feel me too the same way.

I began to come and as the first spasm roiled in my hips, I leaned forward. May let out a little cry and leaned forward too. Now our faces were less than a foot apart and we were panting into each other’s faces as we came. I swear that part of my orgasm reached my knees and my toes where I was touching her. For just a moment as we came together, I felt so intimate, so sexually involved with her. It was too thrilling not to enjoy.

The orgasm lasted a long time – absolutely the best I have ever had, and several times longer than the orgasms I was used to having. By the time the spasms were settling down to nervous twinges, I felt as wrung out as a dishrag. Judging from May’s slack-jawed expression, she felt the same way. Her knees and toes felt very warm against mine.

“Wow,” breathed May, looking into my eyes. “That was fantastic!”

I giggled, “It sure smells like pussy in here.” I couldn’t believe I said that, or that I hadn’t noticed the smell sooner. But, it was a warm, friendly smell.

May just grinned, “I think I like the smell. And you have the warmest brown eyes you know.”

We both eased back into our beds, exchanged good nights and went to sleep. The next morning when we went out to run on the track, neither of us said anything about it, and I’m sure she was as embarrassed about last night as I was. Yet, we still seemed comfortable together and it was a nice beginning to a Saturday.

We took turns showering and walked over to the Quad for some breakfast at the cafeteria. We saw a few friends and said hello and had a good breakfast. Walking back to the dorm together, May asked me, “Got a date planned for tonight?”

I shrugged, “I did, but Johnny broke it on Thursday – said he was going out of town. I really think he’s just tired of me not putting out. I’m not sure I blame him.”

May gave me a look like I’d lost my mind, “I may be questioning some of my background values too, April. But it’s crazy to do something that could make you end up pregnant or with aids, for God’s sake!”

I stopped, put my hands on my hips and stared at her, “I know that, but don’t you think we are getting a little crazy? I mean last night was fun, but we’re not those sorts of girls, and I blame dating and constantly fighting off the urge for sex. Even masturbating,” I lowered my voice to a whisper to say that word out in the open, “Why, it’s just perverse by itself if you think about it?”

May just shrugged and grinned, “Lighten up, April. You’re preaching! Are you trying to draw a crowd?”

I immediately blushed and resumed walking with her, but I whispered fiercely, “We could get on the pill and make them use rubbers.”

“Yeah right,” May said airily, “So then when something doesn’t work right, how do you explain to your dad that you’re preggers?”

I just frowned at her, because we both knew that pills and rubbers were really no guarantee of anything. Finally I answered, “He would stop paying for my college for one thing. Baptists don’t have convents, do they?” May just laughed.

Back in the dorm room, I asked her, “So do you have a date tonight?”

“Yeah,” May sighed, “Dale’s taking me to the basketball game tonight, but I am toying with the idea of calling him to cancel.”

“What for? Isn’t he the guy you were out with last night?” I sat on the edge of my bed and she sat on hers facing me – our usual gossiping position. With a sudden twinge of embarassment, I realized it was also our new masturbating position.

“Yes and that’s the problem,” she sighed again, “I let him go too far last night, and I’m afraid he’s going to want more. That’s why I came home so horny that I had to make a pass at my roommate.” She gave me a grin of chagrin.

I balked at the idea of what we did as her making a pass at me and hurried on, “Well, what did you let him do?”

She shrugged and looked down, “I let him feel my tits under my shirt and let him squeeze my crotch a few times.”

“Under your dress?” I gasped as she nodded, my mind boggling at the idea – the sort of idea that usually caused me to masturbate. I felt so sorry for her. She was only weaker than me because she dated more than I did, and I knew it. I sighed too, “If you must know, I have practically accepted it as a given that I have to let boys touch my breasts while we’re making out – just on the outside of my clothes of course. And it’s making me nuts.”

May smiled sincerely at me, “Glad I’m not alone, but what’s the answer? Giving up on dating? I think I would still get horny, I mean, we’re animals in heat, April! And the boys are worse. They’re like in a rutting frenzy or something.”

I had to giggle at that, but still objected, “Not sure I care to be called an animal in heat!”

May snorted, “So you’re a vegetable or a mineral?”

I giggled again, a little more nervously now and admitted she was right, “Ok, we’re animals in heat. Animals that don’t want to have puppies right now.”

“I’m calling Dale,” May slapped her knees and went to the phone where I heard her break her basketball date. She lied and said she had to catch up on her history studying. I knew she was making straight A’s in history and she almost never studied.

That night when we were getting ready for bed, I noticed that we had both dressed the same again, and May had opened the window. It was warm again outside. Suddenly the circumstances were similar enough to last night to make me a little nervous. In a way I wondered why. I had enjoyed our mutual masturbation very, very much, maybe too much. Maybe I was really a lesbian? That didn’t seem possible considering that I had never thought or done anything like that before.

“May?” I began tentatively, “Can we talk some more about last night?” I felt crazy bringing this up because I sort of wished last night had never happened.

She answered, “Sure! In fact, I want to talk about it, too. I was just afraid you didn’t want to discuss it after you blew up at me on the Quad.”

“I’m so sorry, May, you know I don’t blame you at all. I really don’t. In fact, I don’t think anyone is to blame, really. But I just worry, see…”

May’s shoulder length blond hair nodded thoughtfully as she sat down across from me on her bed. “You’re worried about feeling gay because you liked it so much, and because you liked our knees touching, and because you think I’m very attractive, and because you want to do it again, right?”

I gasped, opened and closed my mouth a few times, then admitted, “Yes,” in a small voice. Then after a moment I asked, “How did you know? Am I that obvious?”

She smiled sadly, “No, sweetie, you’re just being April, and no, I’m not a mind reader, either. It’s just that those are all the things I’ve been worrying about.”

“Really?” I was breathless, “You really find me attractive in that way?” She nodded, watching me closely, probably fearing rejection, so I hastened to reassure her, “That makes me feel a little better, May, because last night I thought you were so very sexy… I even wanted a better look at your legs.”

We were both quiet a few moments. I was still turning over the phrase ‘do it again’ in my mind, but yes, I knew I did want to do it again. I looked at May but her blue eyes were looking at my chest, and that made me look at hers. Sure enough, her nipples were plainly visible again through her tee-shirt. I glanced down at mine. Yep – she could see them all right. “Maybe you were right, May, maybe we’re not gay, just animals in heat, um, seeking the safest outlet, right?”

May’s eyes fell to my legs as she whispered, “After we came last night, I wanted to kiss you so bad I nearly just went and did it.”

I was a little jolted by that because I hadn’t ever thought of kissing May. I was thinking of it now though, and the thought was turning me on even more than I was already. Then I said something that was so out of character for me, I couldn’t believe it – I guess I was just searching for something comforting to say, “Well even if we are gay, it’s easier to hide than pregnancy.”

May stopped staring at my legs for that and looked me in the eyes, “Oh we couldn’t be gay, April; at least, I don’t think so. I would still love to fuck a boy someday. Wouldn’t you?”

I thought about that briefly. That’s all it took. “Okay, we definitely aren’t gay. Maybe it’s like the women’s magazines say – bisexuality in women is normal, because I might not mind if you kissed me. Anyway, I think we need to start doing it pretty soon; I’m really getting horny. Thinking of a boy fucking me just about put me over…” I was babbling. I was trying to stop.

May pulled her tee-shirt over her head, baring her breasts. That stopped my babbling cold. May just shrugged, “Hey it is warm in here, and I thought it might be more fun with our shirts off.”

For a moment, I just stared at her breasts. They were a little smaller than mine, like I said earlier, but the truth was we neither of us had big breasts. Mine were a ‘c’ cup, and I think May wore a ‘b,’ I wasn’t sure. But they were beautiful, perfect cone shaped breasts, proud and jutting as they say, with pink areolas and large pink nipples.

After the long moment where May’s breasts were the only objects in the room, I stood and pulled my tee-shirt over my head. To my surprise, when my tee-shirt cleared my eyes, May was standing right in front of me. She kissed me. It wasn’t a long kiss or a french kiss, but it was a very sweet, gentle and warm kiss. And for just a moment, our breasts touched. That made me almost dizzy with lust. So I sat back down on my bed, now sans tee-shirt.

May sat down too, mostly looking at my breasts, which are nice and round with plump light-brown nipples even though my breasts themselves aren’t very large. “I hope you didn’t mind me kissing you,” whispered May slipping a hand into her panties as she glanced up to my eyes.

“No,” I panted, reaching into my own panties, “It was nice. Kiss me anytime you want.” We were both breathing heavily and mostly looking at each other’s breasts while we rubbed at our clits. I loved watching her breasts tremble to the motions her hand was making under her panties. May stretched her slightly longer and more muscular legs out to touch mine, so our calves were touching. Wow, that really felt good, and I rubbed my calves against hers.

“May,” I gasped, “Maybe we should take off our panties, too.” I mainly said this because it would be so much more comfortable than fighting my underwear for the possession of my pussy, but there was a big part of me that wanted to watch what her hand was doing to her pussy too. She didn’t even answer; she just stood hurriedly, stripped off her panties, sat back down and resumed. So I did too.

This was much better for my hand, and now I couldn’t look away from between May’s legs. She had light brown hair between her legs, a very light brown with golden highlights, and I could see her nether lips so well as they stretched and moved to accommodate her busy fingers. I had never thought of women’s genitals as being attractive before, but suddenly I thought May’s pussy was the most beautiful thing in the world.

I heard May moan and I looked up at her blue eyes, which were locked on my own groin. Her stare gave me an even warmer feeling there and I knew I would come soon. My pubic hair is a dark brown and soft and fluffy, and usually it pretty much hid my lower lips, but not now while my fingers were spreading them and running little circles around my clit.

There was just something about May’s staring at my groin that made me so excited I did something wild – well plenty wild for me, anyway. I was starting to come, so I leaned back and spread my legs wide, giving her a really good look at my pussy while I came, my hips bucking in the air with my enthusiasm for my orgasm – which swept me completely away so that I didn’t think about anything – just riding the wave of ecstasy.

And, this whole time our calves were still rubbing, our heels locked behind each other’s heels, allowing us to grip each other’s legs. It gave us, or at least me, the sense of being connected to her, like we were one or something. Then too, I could feel her movements through my legs and knew she could feel mine. I knew that this was real sex, and I just didn’t care if it was lesbian sex or not, at least I didn’t care at that moment.

As I began to recover, my first thought was surprise that I was an exhibitionist and spread open like a whore, and then I raised up on my elbows to look at May while my fingers still lazily rubbed and stroked my pussy. May was bent over, her face between my knees still giving my pussy an open mouthed stare, and she was still coming, and coming. She grunted explosively several times, her bottom bouncing on her bed, still staring at my pussy as I used my fingers to spread my lips wide for her, letting her look inside me – welcoming her gaze inside me.

“Oh!” She cried a high birdlike sound, her face very red, then she sort of collapsed backward flopping on her back on her bed with her arms spread wide – her lovely breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath. I sat up curiously although I was still as weak as a kitten. Her legs were still spread wide and her hand wasn’t in the way. Our legs were still clenched in a death-grip. “Thanks so much for that,” she gasped still fighting for breath.

I knew she was talking about the way I had deliberately spread myself for her, but I was still staring at her pussy. So lovely, with the brown gold hair framing her slightly spread lips. She was pink inside where I was kind of a light red. She raised her head long enough to see me staring at her pussy and let her head flop back. Then she used her fingers to spread herself to give me a better look. A much better look.

Now I could see all her pink-glistening inner flesh, even the mouth of her vagina – which looked more jagged around the edges than I had noticed while feeling of myself. Then she let go of her lower lips and used her hands to prop herself up as she sat up, her breathing nearly back to normal.

“That was so great, so much better than last night…” she mumbled, then added in a clearer voice, “If that is what it is supposed to feel like, I can certainly understand why people do it all the time. And what you did… Wow!” Her legs finally relaxed and unwound from mine.

I felt my face getting a little warm, “Well, I just thought you might like it if I did that. And thanks for showing me yours too. I’ve never had a good look at a girl, um, down there.”

May stood and came over and sat beside me on my bed with her arm around me. I looked at her and we kissed again, only this time it was a long slow kiss. We must have decided to open our lips at the same time, because suddenly our tongues were touching, lightly flicking at each other. It was heavenly sweet and gentle – much more intimate and sensuous than any kiss I’d ever gotten from a boy. Then we kissed a few more light kisses, said goodnight to each other and May went back to her own bed.

The next night we just slept. We kissed a few light kisses over the next week, and after our dates Friday night, we decided to do it again – beat off while watching each other naked. We took off our clothes and sat on our beds, greedily admiring each other’s nudity. As usual actually starting anything seemed to be a problem and I jokingly pointed this out.

May looked at me seriously and said, “That’s easy enough to understand, we go about this pretty cold-bloodedly compared to the way we fool around with our dates.”

That made sense to me, “Oh, because we don’t kiss and do this by stages, you mean?” She nodded, and I shrugged. Defining the problem didn’t solve it. So I said, “We do alright even if it is a little awkward, besides we aren’t having sex together, just at the same time.”

May looked down like she does when she is going to say something that embarrassed her, “Don’t we have sex? I feel like we do. Especially when we touch each other during it like with our legs last week. I felt like you were fucking me.” She shrugged and was quiet a moment then added, “And when you spread your legs, I felt like I was fucking you. And I liked it – I liked it a lot.”

I was very uncomfortable with her statements because, while true, it was pretty direct. Heck I had loved it, but I guess I just didn’t want to think of us as having sex with each other. But we were, and I guess I had known it all along. I asked her, “Did you make a date for tomorrow night?” She looked at me with her wide blue eyes sparkling and shook her head, so I continued, “Neither did I. I was hoping to spend the time with you.”

May said, “I didn’t really want to go out tonight, I just sort of thought I should.”

“Me too.” I said, regretting that we weren’t doing something sexier, I just didn’t feel ready for all this confrontation stuff. “Could we just, you know, get started? I’m feeling really horny.” Then to get things moving I spread my legs a little and began to stroke my pussy with my hand.

May grinned, following my hand’s movements carefully, “You have the prettiest pussy, April.” She spread herself and her hand dropped to her own golden brown mound, “Would you like to sit together tonight?”

I was having enough trouble getting past her saying I had the prettiest pussy – so that it took another moment to realize what she was asking. Then I felt a little torn. Part of me leaped at the idea of further intimacy, as much as I feared it, but the other part of me was reluctant to give up my excellent view of her pussy, which I thought was the loveliest pussy in the world.

But I did it simply because May suggested it, and my feelings for May were getting pretty warm these days. I think I even loved her in our unique kind of way. I stood up and walked the single pace to her bed and sat down close beside her, so close that our hips were touching and my left thigh was pressed against her right thigh. She put her right arm around my shoulder and I put my left arm around her waist.

Now the edge of my left breast was touching the edge of her right breast, and I don’t think anyone could have slipped a piece of paper between us. I couldn’t see much more than the fringe of her pubic hair and her hand doing something beneath, but I had a spectacular view of her breasts, and the whole side of our bodies touching was wonderfully exciting and intimate. We rested our bowed heads against each other’s as we looked at each other’s bodies and diddled with our clits.

We were quickly panting and thrillingly close to climax, when May twisted her face to nuzzle my hair. So I turned my face to hers and we were suddenly kissing while we felt ourselves up. This was like stepping up my ramp to climax to roller-coaster speed, and in seconds we were kissing passionately, our tongues dancing together and gasping for air in each other’s mouths all at the same time. There was nothing sweet and girlish about this kiss, it was raw animal lust with tongues cavorting and rubbing at each other.

I started to come and could feel that she was too. It became kind of hard to describe then – I could feel us coming, and it was kind of confusing as to who was who, but it was definitely sex. Wow, was it ever definitely sex! I was aware of my left breast firmly pressed against her right breast, but mostly my thigh burned where it touched hers, like my climax was undulating between my groin and my left thigh. The only reason I could even feel that so clearly was that it lasted so long.

Even when we kind of ramped down from the orgasm, we were still kissing and panting and it was like it was still going on or something. I’m not sure if she pulled or I pushed – I think it was both – but we ended up with me on top of her, our bodies pressed together and still kissing. I can’t describe how wonderful every inch of her felt against me, and how aware I was of every inch. I even rubbed my hips against hers a little and she pushed hers up at me. I could feel our pubic hair mingling and our mounds of Venus pressing tightly together.

Finally we stopped kissing and just rested cheek to cheek for a few moments, and then I rolled off of her and just lay there beside her, catching my breath. After a few moments, May giggled. I asked her why, and she said, “Because it smells like some kind of pussy fest in here.”

“Yeah,” I said, feeling kind of dreamy about it, “I’m starting to love that smell.”

She giggled again and said; “Then here,” and she touched my cheek with her left hand – the hand she had been using to massage her pussy. I turned my face toward her hand and kissed it. She silently and thoughtfully took her hand back. That hand had smelled heavenly to me. If she had left her hand longer on my face, I might have licked her fingers. That thought jerked me out of my dreaminess.

I sat up and said, “We should get some sleep.” She sat up too and we exchanged a couple more tender kisses before retiring to our separate beds. I lay awake a while wondering if I was becoming a lesbian. I was certainly less concerned about it than I had been, but the curiosity about the more dangerous sex with boys was still there too. I finally realized that I was definitely bisexual, but I would never really know if I was a lesbian until I had some experience with men. Little did I know that May was thinking along the same lines.

The next morning was much like the previous Saturday morning in that we ran track and ate breakfast together without really referring to the previous evening, only there was something between us now. I hesitate to use this word, but the fact is, we felt really comfortable. I know she felt it too. We weren’t being touchy-feely or anything; it was just a comfortable feeling between us. I know part of it was I was no longer worrying about being gay – whether I was or not. Maybe May felt the same way.

After breakfast I told May that I needed to go to the library to study up a little for a lab project I had coming up in chemistry. She said that was fine because she needed to go see someone about something. That sounded mysterious to me, but we agreed to meet after lunch back at the room.

I was back at the dorm room around 12:30, so I wrote out an essay for my English class. May didn’t show up until nearly 2 o’clock, and when she did, she seemed to be bouncing with energy. She was also carrying a paper bag. “Where have you been?” I asked standing up to give her a hug.

“First things first,” said May brightly, “We have to arrange some furniture then we have to dress appropriately. Then I’ll tell you everything – I promise.” Then even more mysteriously, she turned and locked the door to our room, something we usually only did at night, and then she sat the bag and its contents on the desk where I had been working.

Following May’s instructions, we moved the little end table with the lamp from between our beds and then pushed our beds together to make one big bed. As for the dressing appropriately, May was wearing a dress, and I was wearing a tee-shirt and bluejeans. She told me to strip to my underwear and get on the bed. Then she took off her dress and shoes and clad only in her bra and panties – the same as me – she grabbed the bag and sat down on the bed with me.

Out of the bag she pulled a large bottle of red wine, a corkscrew, and two plastic glasses. I gasped, “May, I don’t drink, and neither do you!”

“Well,” she began airily, “We will today because we have to finish the conversation we were having last night. And I’m determined to make it more fun for us so you don’t get all squirmy again.”

“Squirmy?” I snorted, trying to feel insulted although it was probably an appropriate term for it. But I decided to humor her and to at least try the wine. She was a lot more clumsy opening the wine than people in the movies, but she was finally able to pour us both a glass. “Cheers,” I said awkwardly bumping her glass with mine and tasting it. It was awful, but not terrible. After a couple of gagging noises, I gasped, “So how did you get this? You’re only nineteen and you have to be 21 to buy wine in this state.”

“Oh, I fucked a guy for it,” May said casually with a toss of her blond curls while looking suspiciously at her glass of wine. I guess she found the taste pretty foreign too.

“What?” I cried. I took a gulp of the wine this time, but hardly noticed and didn’t gag. I guess wine was something I could get used to after all.

May sighed, “There’s this guy, a senior actually, who has been bugging me for a date. So I went to him and told him I would fuck him if he would get me a bottle of wine to share with my roommate. So I did, and he got me the wine.”

My mind was spinning, and not from the wine. This was so sudden, so, well radical. I felt jealousy for a moment, then loss, and then I drank some more wine. Finally, I just asked softly, “Why?”

May could see my face was red and my eyes starting to look a little wetter than usual, so she leaned over and gave me a peck on the lips. “I did it for you sweetie, and for me too. Just let me explain.”

I nodded, realizing I was definitely feeling the wine already and was surprised to notice I had finished a plastic cup full. “So tell me,” I said softly.

“Last night, when you kissed my hand,” May hesitated, “Well it made me want to kiss your pussy.”

As shocking as this should have been, it wasn’t because I had been fighting off similar temptations about her pussy. Although it hadn’t gone quite that far – kissing it I mean – I just really wanted to touch her there, to feel her, to make her come… These were the thoughts I had been fighting, but now that she had said it, I realized I wouldn’t mind kissing her pussy either, not at all. May’s pussy was very pretty and after a moment’s reflection, very kissable looking. After another moment I responded, “Ok, but how did that lead to…” I couldn’t quite say it.

May shrugged, the blond curls of her hair moving prettily, “I think I may even be falling in love with you, April. And I don’t know how to deal with the lesbian part of it, but I want to make love to you, and I needed to know myself a little better first.”

My over-emoted brain started clicking and it started to make sense. “So you had to be with a guy first.” That was no reason to be jealous I realized, it was definitely within scientific boundaries as it were… “So, what did you find out, May?” Did she say she loved me?

May grinned, practically bubbling with joy, “I loved it, April, I loved getting fucked by that guy – he even made me come. And I still love you, and I still want to have real sex with you.”

I felt a little bruised by all the emotional bombs, picked up my empty glass and signaled for more wine. I could see why she felt good about the whole thing – she was satisfied she was bisexual, but not a lesbian. “I love you too, May,” I began softly, “But I hope you realize we are too immature to know much about love, or about sex for that matter. I thought about this last night. Even if I do enjoy boys and girls, I may eventually decide toward one or the other. Or I may just go on, enjoying both forever.”

May giggled, finished her wine and tossed the empty cup on the floor, “I know all that, silly! But today, and I mean right now, I love you, and I am going to make love to you. And you know what, I think you had better get fucked pretty soon too. Just make sure he uses a rubber.”

I finished off my second glass of wine, giggling too. “I agree to all your terms, Maam.” I definitely felt pretty tipsy, by that I mean light-headed, light-hearted, and kind of sensuous, otherwise I’m sure I would have been intimidated by the idea of being naked in the light of day.

I tossed my cup on the floor and May started taking off my bra. As soon as she threw my bra on the floor, I sank back with my head on the pillow and watched her to see what she would do next. I not only intended to let her doing anything with me she wanted, I was eager for her to do anything to me. I wondered if she would kiss my pussy, and I found myself hoping she would.

May took off her own bra, releasing her pretty titties. I saw her nipples were already long and hard. Then she stood on the bed and shucked her panties. She looked glorious and goddess-like standing naked on the bed, her legs spread wide for balance. I used my thumbs to begin easing my panties down, but May quickly knelt and brushed my hands away, then began pulling my panties down with her fingers, very slowly. I raised my hips to help and as my panties uncovered my pubic mound, May bent over gave me a gentle kiss in the center of my delta.

The kiss was well above my slit but it was warm and I felt it with a terrific thrill. She slipped my panties down over my toes and began kissing my legs, hundreds of little kisses all over my legs from my ankles to the tops of my thighs. I spread my legs shamelessly for her, hoping she would kiss my pussy again, and she did. This time it was a kiss in my slit where I was gooey with lust. The nastiness of May’s pretty innocent face kissing me there gave me such a jolt of pleasure that I cried out and bucked my hips at her face.

I was afraid I had hurt her, and I knew that my involuntary spasm of pleasure had at the very least smeared some of my pussy fluids on her face, but she just kept kissing up my tummy. Then she kissed all over my breasts like she had my legs. It felt divine, especially when she sucked gently on my nipples. It gave me such a hot feeling in my groin as well as across my chest. She went from one breast to the other, back and forth several times.

She was still sucking and kissing my nipples when I felt her hand trail up my thigh and cup my pussy. I groaned out loud at that. I could hardly believe how good it felt. It felt great when I touched my own pussy, but having someone else touch it multiplied that pleasure dozens and dozens of times over! I felt her finger enter my slit and explore up and down. Her fingers probed my vagina and then slipped all the way up inside, then slipped out and up to begin circling my clit, just like she had seen me do to myself.

It was so unaccountably wonderful than just touching myself that I was within seconds swept away into an overwhelming climax. There was no ramp, no build up at all; I was just coming and coming so hard that I yelled out, “Yessss!” I clutched her face fiercely to my right breast and held her there tightly while my hips thrashed and I grunted repeatedly against the almost pain-like intensity of the orgasm.

Finally, with my thighs so tight around her hand that I don’t think she could have moved it, I pulled up her face and began covering her face with feverish kisses as my orgasm slowly relaxed. I could even smell faint traces of my pussy smell around her mouth and nose as I kissed her mouth long and lovingly. “Oh May!” I finally panted into her mouth, “What we were doing before wasn’t sex, not compared to that!”

May giggled, “You need to work on being less noisy, April. I’m surprised no one has come knocking yet. For my part, that was the most fun I ever had, making you come like that. May I do it again?”

I had to giggle too, “Not for a while yet, sweetie. I still have little things going off inside me like little fireworks. Besides, I want to share that with you next. I’m going to make you come like that as soon as I get my breath back. So tell me, how did that guy make you come today?”

She smiled and gave me a kiss before she answered, “He had me bend over on my knees and he fucked me from behind me. I think it’s called doggy style.”

“Sounds humiliating. Was that what made you come?” I said dubiously.

“Oh no!” May assured me with a toss of her blond curls, “It wasn’t humiliating at all. In fact it was quite wonderful, feeling his hips drive against me like a pile driver into my bottom, and his penis just filled me up so nicely! But what made me come was when he reached around my hips with his hand and played with my clit while he fucked me. I really liked the slapping noises my bottom made when his hips would hit me. It was lovely!”

Then she looked a little more serious, “But it wasn’t as lovely as making you come, April. That was the most fun I ever had in my whole life! But tell me, did I hurt you or something when I kissed your pussy?”

“Gosh no!” I declared, “It just felt so good, it kind of overwhelmed me a second, that’s all. I wouldn’t have minded if you had done that some more, actually.”

“Good,” she sighed with a really pretty smile, “Because I would like to do that some more, maybe a lot more. I have heard of oral sex on women, but I’m not sure how to do it.”

“I thought oral sex was just sucking a man’s penis?” I asked boggling at the idea of May’s kisses bringing me to orgasm. I think she could too, it had really felt terrific.

“Well, that’s oral sex too,” said May a light frown drawing her pretty brows together, “But I read in this magazine that oral sex with a woman is mostly licking.”

“Oh my!” I gasped, just thinking of it. It was a monstrously nasty idea – licking around inside a woman’s pussy. I don’t think I had ever heard of such a perverted unsanitary idea, but my hips actually squirmed a bit just thinking of May doing that to me, and I instinctively knew it work wonders too. Maybe I could avoid screaming if I clutched a pillow to my face?

I glanced at May and she was blushing so I knew she was thinking about pussy licking too. Then May whispered something so softly that I could barely hear it, “The same article talked about women sometime licking each other’s bottom hole, too.”

I stopped breathing for several heartbeats. “Really?” I more breathed than whispered back, I don’t think I made an actual noise. But she nodded back. I couldn’t even imagine what that would feel like. I shivered; trying to imagine being licked all over down there… inside me. I was getting goose pimples all over me. It sounded so nasty, so gross, but then when I thought of how pretty May’s pussy was to me, I could somehow understand it.

May asked me softly, “Would you mind if I tried doing that stuff to you? I would really like to. I love your pussy so very much.”

Her big blue eyes were so beautiful, her full lips so inviting… I tried to answer, swallowed and tried again, “I’ll use my pillow in case I need to scream again. But I’m your girl, May. Whatever you want.”

“I love you, April,” she said simply and kissed me deeply.

“I love you, May.” I whispered as she slid down my body. I sat up a little because I wanted to see this as best as I could, and I grabbed a pillow and bit it as I spread my legs wide for my friend. I could see May’s pretty face looking at me between my thighs, her lips slightly parted as she used her fingers to spread me wider for her inspection. I raised my knees and made myself as wide open for her as I could.

May began by french kissing all over inside my slit. My hips jerked a few times involuntarily, but I tried to control it – it wasn’t easy – nothing had ever felt better to me than May’s kisses and gentle little licks. She became bolder and I felt her tongue extending into me, exploring inside me – oh, this must be what Heaven is like! May avoided my clit for now, mainly going everywhere else.

She looked me in the eyes when I felt her tongue give a slow sensuous lick over my bottom hole. That felt very nice and made me feel warm inside, but it wasn’t as erotic as having my pussy licked. Although, with her blue eyes gazing into mine while she licked me there, well – it was a terrifically intimate and personal moment, especially when she slowly pushed her tongue inside. I was chewing the pillow now.

She pushed her tongue in and out of my bottom five long slow strokes, each thrust making me more and more excited. I groaned into the pillow, reveling in the strange warm sensation that seemed to be filling my butt. Then still looking into my eyes, May suddenly swept up the whole length of my slit to my clit. My hips lurched and I cried out into the pillow.

I kind of lost it at that point. I could feel May sucking and licking at my clit, could feel her fingers entering my vagina and easing in and out, but this was all a blur on the edge of the storm cloud rotating like a hurricane inside my lower abdomen. I was coming and coming harder than ever. I couldn’t see May’s pretty face between my legs anymore, either because God had struck me blind or my eyes were shut tight. I didn’t care; I was just swept away and kept on sweeping.

I felt wide open to the universe and floating even as my orgasm was winding down, as I slowly realized I was bouncing, at least my hips were. I finally opened my eyes to see May bravely riding my bucking hips with her mouth as the bucking slowed and settled. I was still yelling hoarsely into the pillow. Then May was gently kissing me all over, rubbing and soothing me with her hands, and finally giving me pussy-soaked kisses all over my face.

“I guess I don’t have to ask how that was for you,” she giggled softly.

I gasped, “Wasn’t for this pillow, everyone in the dorm would have known that.” I tried to giggle about it – didn’t quite have the energy. May just held me for a few minutes while I recovered. I was already looking forward to giving May the same treatment, but I just had to regain a little more strength to move.

“How about you, May,” I finally asked softly, “Did you like doing that?” I was a little worried that I might have grossed her out or something.

“I loved it,” said May with a grin, “It was better than getting fucked. I’m thinking about doing that to you every day – maybe several times a day.” I didn’t have to wonder if she was serious. Despite her grin, there was a fierce conviction in the way she said she loved doing that to me.

Now I could giggle, “I’d burn out like a light bulb, but what a way to go!” We kissed for a minute. “Guess you’re pretty horny by now?” I asked, trying to sound innocent while enjoying the savor of my pussy on her sweet, full lips.

“Just touch me,” she panted into my mouth, “Touch me anywhere, and right now, I think that will get me off.”

“No way,” I said, pushing her off of me and sitting up, “I’m curious as a monkey going downtown.”

“Okay,” answered May with a dimple-creating grin. She raised her knees and spread her legs, just looking at me expectantly.

I positioned myself at her feet and just gloried at looking at May’s lovely body. I had wanted so many times to just stroke May’s legs and now here was my chance. So that is where I began, running my hands lovingly over her curvaceous legs, squeezing her gently at her narrow ankles, full calves and firm, thick thighs. Then I began to kiss her legs, and I kissed them all over, trying not to neglect even a single inch.

I could smell her pussy before I got too close, that thick, rich, pussy smell that delighted me so much now. But I only paused to give her one kiss there in her light brown fur before moving up to trail kisses up her tummy. I knew how much May loved having her breasts touched because she would always rub them before beating off, and I wanted to pay attention to them before I got lost in the feast I had planned for her pussy.

I didn’t expect to get as much pleasure as I did from kissing her breasts and sucking her pink nipples. I took my time and teased her breasts with my lips and tongue until I could hear her panting, her fingers running through my hair as she clutched me to her breasts. I might have spent even longer sucking at her nipples except I knew she was getting pretty frantic to come. So after one long passionate kiss on the mouth, I moved back down her body and lied down between her legs.

Perhaps someday I would tease her more at kissing her pussy, but right now, I was too impatient, and I know she was too. I immediately gave her a very prolonged french kiss right in her slit. I felt that somehow it was May’s love mouth and I kissed her as I had just kissed her other mouth, with tongue lashing passion. May gave me a low moan for my efforts, and I was tickled to see her reaching for a pillow to put over her mouth.

After that first long kiss, I proceeded more methodically. I spread her thick outer lips with my fingertips and looked at her glistening pink inside. I took as much of her left outer labia as I could hold in my mouth and suckled on it, hair and all. A few hairs came loose in my mouth, but I didn’t care, I just swallowed them. Then I did the same thing to right outer lip. May was squirming with pleasure now, and that added to my own pleasure.

I hadn’t forgotten what May did to my bottom either, so after sucking and biting (gently) on her outer lips, I pushed under her thighs until I could see the little pink pucker of her asshole. It looked so cute and clean and already wet with pussy juice that had run down into it. I licked it lightly several times and swirled my tongue around it. Experimentally, I began lightly poking the tip of my tongue inside her tight bottom and was rewarded by hearing a pillow-smothered whoop.

So I eased my tongue in further until I had gone as far up her butt as I could go, then I just continued doing that over and over as hard as I could while my ears thrilled with the music of muffled squeals. Finally, my tongue getting a little tired, I stuck my nose as far as I could into her vagina and wriggled my face around. I felt like I was burrowing into her pussy and entering her with my face, which I found very, very sexy.

I guess May found it sexy too, because her hips moved with me, and her pussy seemed to get wetter and wetter. At last I raised my head further and clamped my lips around her hooded clit, sucking on it and lashing it with my tongue. May went pretty wild, moving her hips a lot, and pressing the pillow to her face to dampen the effects of a scream. I added two fingers from my right hand, sliding them easily up her tight but very slick vagina while I continued to suck and lick her clit.

May’s hips seemed to explode, so violent were the heaves and bucks as her pussy tried to leap up and down. But I rode her with my mouth like a cowboy, moving with her and keeping up the licking and sucking, not to mention the thrusting of my hand in and out of her. May came and came, getting even wetter, her fingers tangled in my hair pulling my face so tight against her pussy that it was hard to breath, but I loved every second of it.

I only released my mouth clamp on her clit when May began to actually push my head away instead of clutching it to her. So I began kissing her thighs and her hips all over, wondering at the power I had just exercised over this lovely woman. There is nothing so empowering as bringing a woman to climax, and I felt more satisfied than I had ever felt before. I felt covered in pussy juice and couldn’t have asked for a finer perfume.

Eventually I kissed my way up May’s body and kissed her mouth, running my fingers through her blond hair, and murmuring endearments. Her body felt wonderful pressed to mine, and I could feel her hugging me with her legs. I was in heaven!

“I have an idea,” whispered May, “Why don’t we just keep on doing this all day.” And so we did. I loved May so much I would have done anything she asked, and as it turns out she had the imagination to ask for quite a few things!

Ten years later, May and I are still lovers as often as we can manage it, which is tricky now that we are both married and have children. But we do still find the time.

The End

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