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College Changes a Guy

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I walked into my dorm room and sighed in relief. It smelled like beer, sweat and sex, but at least it was quiet. It was Friday night and my roommate Matt went out earlier with his girlfriend Sandra. They liked to party heavily, especially on the weekend. They also both liked to fuck like rabbits when they got back from a night out and usually they were so drunk they didn’t care if they had an audience or not, or more likely, didn’t notice. The good news was that they tended to get it over with fast and pass out.

I glanced at Matt’s bed after I shut the door. He and his girlfriend were both naked and unconscious as expected. They were both somewhat covered, but the blanket and sheet were twisted, leaving plenty to see. I have to admit I took a few moments to appreciate the sight of Sandra’s partially covered breast. It was far larger than any I’d ever seen in real life. It was too bad we didn’t get along better, not that it mattered. She was Matt’s girl.

Sandra wasn’t anything like the type of girls I liked. She was too obnoxious and opinionated. On the other hand, there was something about her that got to me, at least on a purely physical level. She knew it too. Sandra liked to tease me about it. Matt thought it was hysterical. Yeah, they were a match made in…well, somewhere.

Dealing with them wasn’t half as bad when I had a girlfriend I could go visit at another college about half an hour away, but Anna and I broke up three weeks ago and I had more than enough of Matt and Sandra by now. Not that there was much I could do about it. I should have switched roommates at the beginning of the year, but I rationalized that they’d calm down after a while like most people did.

Matt and Sandra started dating back in high school and decided to go to the same college. For the first few weeks of the school term I figured that they acted the way they did because it was their first taste of freedom. It turned out I was wrong. They continued to party just as hard a month and a half into the term as they had the first day and switching roommates now would be a bitch.

I opened the window to air out the place and stood there staring out into the moonlit night not really focusing on anything particular. The cool air felt good and helped clear my head a little. Matt and Sandra weren’t the only ones to drink too much tonight, not that it helped my mood much. I was feeling pretty down these days.

I’d gone to a friend’s place off campus to avoid the ‘Matt and Sandra show’. Jim was a junior. I knew him from back home. I was actually good friends with his younger brother Ryan. There was an unofficial party at Jim’s place pretty much every Friday night.

Tonight was a little unusual because a friend of his brought a group of girls he met in town. I spent half the night talking up a cute blond before I learned that she was only fifteen. She sure as hell didn’t look it! She didn’t act like it either. Frankly, if I were a different type of guy I could have had a lot of fun with her, but it would have been wrong so I ditched the jailbait and left not long afterward.

I shook my head and turned away from the window. Thinking about what happened at the party wasn’t helping my mood. Then again, neither was seeing Matt and Sandra lying there half naked. I found myself staring at them once more. Okay, at her. Sue me.

Sandra was a full bodied brunette which was also the opposite of what I typically liked. I generally went for the athletically built blonds. Sandra had wide shoulders and hips. Honestly, I thought she was on the heavy side when I first met her. That’s only lasted until the first time I walked in on her and Matt.

Sandra had a small waist. I mean, sure, her ass was on the large side and her breasts were impressive, but that didn’t make her fat. I guess I could have considered her chubby if I wanted to be unkind because she didn’t have one of those flat stomachs, but the truth was that the term hour-glass was coined for women like her back in the day when a little extra weight on a girl was a good thing.

I could see Sandra’s long, normally wavy hair splayed across her face in a sweaty, tangled mass. I guess she and Matt hadn’t finished too long ago. I didn’t dwell on that. Instead, I had a flash of her smiling at me as she teased me earlier in the day. Sandra’s smile wasn’t really sexy, although it could be when she wanted it to. No, her normal smile was more unconsciously sensual.

Sandra loved the sun and was generally very tan, but she also had a smattering of freckles on her cheeks that somehow added to her allure. Her eyes were greenish brown and her jaw was square, though not manly in any sense of the word. Her mouth was a touch wide, but it went with her face. Her lips were neither too thin nor thick. They were perfect, tantalizing even.

“I so need to get laid,” I grumbled to myself and moved to my bed. I switched into a pair sweats for pajamas bottoms. I pulled off my shirt and placed it on the back of my desk chair just in case I didn’t get to my laundry soon. I could have put on a tee-shirt, but didn’t think it was worth the effort. Besides, why dirty it when it wasn’t necessary? I hated doing laundry.

I climbed into bed and got comfortable. I made sure to sleep with my back to the room so that my mind wasn’t distracted with the sight of Sandra’s half naked body. I’d made that mistake once before. She might not be my type and when all was told, I didn’t much care for her, but sleeping while looking at her like this was impossible. Even with my back to her, it took me a while to fall asleep and I was more than a little drunk and pretty damn tired.

That’s why I was angry as shit a few hours later when I woke up. I guess I shouldn’t have had that last beer before coming back to the dorm. Damn! I tried to ignore my bladder, but it was impossible. I had to go so badly that my cock had actually stiffened.

I rolled out of bed and stumbled into my desk. I quickly glanced toward Matt’s bed. He was still comatose, but Sandra was leaning up and looking at me groggily.

“Sorry,” I mumbled. “I need to use the bathroom.” I stumbled once more on my way there. Thankfully, our room had its own. I used it as quickly as I could.

I left the bathroom still pretty much half asleep. It took me a moment to realize that Sandra was standing in front of Matt’s bed. She had the sheet wrapped around herself.

“What’s wrong?” I frowned.

“Nothing Kris,” she replied, her eyes snapping up to mine from wherever they’d been looking. “But since I’m awake I figured I’d use the bathroom too. Besides, my mouth tastes terrible. I need to brush my teeth.”

“Have fun,” I said with a shrug and moved to my bed. I was back under the covers and asleep before she closed the bathroom door.

The next time I woke up couldn’t have been much later. My eyes fluttered open as I tried to figure out what woke me. It didn’t take long. Sandra was sitting on the edge of my bed still wrapped in Matt’s sheet. She’d obviously combed her hair and washed her face as well as brushed her teeth while she was in the bathroom. Not that I noticed that initially. No, what I noticed first was that her hand was under my blanket.

“What are you doing?” I asked as I shifting up onto my elbows. It was a pretty stupid question considering I could feel her hand gently rubbing my cock through my sweats, but I was more than a little shocked at this point and still groggy.

“I was curious,” she answered, using her other hand to tilt the bottle of beer it held to her lips. It was one of my beers from our mini-fridge. “You looked pretty big in these sweats when I woke up. I’ve never seen any penis other than Matt’s in real life. I was wondering if you’re bigger than him.”

“Am I?” I asked. Yeah, I was just filled with intelligent questions.

“The jury is still out,” she smiled. I noticed that her eyes were only half open.

“You’re drunk,” I said as the truth dawned on me.

“Most certainly,” she said agreeably, taking another pull from the bottle. “But so are you.” She handed me the still half-filled bottle.

“How can you tell?” I asked.

Sandra hadn’t stopped rubbing my cock as we talked and now that I was beginning to wake up it was stiffening quickly. Can you say surreal? I knew I should stop her. After all, she was my roommate girlfriend, but my mind wasn’t quite firing on all cylinders yet and her hand felt good, very good. She clearly knew what she was doing. I downed the rest of the beer without thought.

“You went to Jim’s,” she replied. “You’re always drunk when you come back from there.” I couldn’t argue that. Besides, I was distracted when her hand slipped under my sweats. She took hold of my cock and squeezed gently.

“Sandra, why are you doing this?” I asked, fighting my reaction.

“I told you, I’m curious,” she replied.

“But Matt…”

“..Is passed out,” she interjected. “And I’m horny. He’s always goes off too quickly when he’s drunk. I didn’t even cum this time.” She looked at me hungrily now. “And Kris, I want to cum.”

“But this is wrong,” I said with a shake of my head.

“That’s such a Kris thing to say,” she snorted. “Don’t you ever get tired of being such a goody-two-shoes?” I wasn’t sure how to answer that, but I didn’t need to. She continued before I could. “Look, if you tell me to leave you alone I will, but I know you want me and I promise you that you won’t get another chance like this. If you want me, take me, right here and right now.”

“With your boyfriend passed out less than fifteen feet away?” I asked in disbelief. “Christ! You may have washed your face, combed your hair and brushed your teeth, but you still stink of the sex you had with him only a couple of hours ago!”

“Your loss,” she said, letting go of my cock. “You were born a goody-two-shoes and you’ll die a goody-two-shoes. What a waste!” I don’t know why what she said bothered me so much, but it did.

“And you’re a slut!” I snapped, which was way out of character for me. She surprised me then by hauling off and slapping me.

“Not for you!” she cried. “Not tonight, not ever!”

Sandra started to stand angrily and the sheet slipped slightly. I saw the top of her breasts and felt a flash of desire, but I fought to control it since I knew I wouldn’t sleep with her because she was my roommate’s girlfriend, even if my roommate was a jerk.

That’s when it hit me. She was right. I was a goody-two-shoes and always had been. I knew that there was nothing wrong with that in concept, but right at that moment I was tired of it.

“Loser!” Sandra snapped as she caught me looking.

Okay, so I could say that she made me so mad that something snapped inside of me, but that wasn’t the truth, not really. No, the truth was that at that moment I made a decision. I wanted to see how the other side lived. I wanted Sandra and by her own admission this was my one and only chance to have her. I reached out and grabbed her elbow.

Sandra looked at me and something in my expression caused her to pause. I guess she knew something was different by the way I was looking at her now.

“It’s too late!” she snapped, still pissed.

“I don’t think so,” I said, reaching out and pulling the knot in the sheet she was carrying loose. It started to fall, but she caught it. I ripped it from her hands. Her eyes grew big as the sheet fell to the floor. I took a moment to enjoy my first real sight of Sandra where she was completely naked.

“Now what?” she asked, challenging me. Her tone made it clear that she didn’t expect me to take it any further which was silly if you thought about it.

I stood slowly, but she refused to step back. That was fine with me. I was quite a bit taller than Sandra so by the time I was on my feet she had to look up to meet my eyes. We were only inches away from each other.

“I’m going to give you what you want,” I replied. “I’m going to make you cum.” If my words surprised her, it didn’t matter because they were quickly overshadowed when I pulled her body to mine, kissing her roughly. Despite everything I think I was still surprised when she let me.

Sandra’s full breasts felt very nice against my chest, but it wasn’t enough. My cock was rock hard now and straining against my sweats. I pulled the string holding them up. They fell to the ground and my underwear had no chance of holding my cock back. It popped free and pushed against Sandra’s belly.

“Bigger!” she moaned, taking a moment to push down my underwear. “You are definitely bigger than Matt!” I reached around Sandra and took hold of her ass so that I could press against her with more force. My cock pushed hard against her stomach and she moaned softly.

Her ass was surprisingly firm considering its size. Truth be told, it was more meaty than fat and for the first time in my life I was beginning to appreciate certain aspects of a larger ass. I continued to caress Sandra’s butt and she clearly liked it. So much so in fact, that she decided to take it to the next level and pushed me back until I fell into my bed. Sandra quickly joined me.

We fell into each other’s arms and began kissing passionately as our hands roamed each other’s bodies. Sandra breasts were full and heavy. I enjoyed the feel and weight of them. Eventually, I broke away from Sandra’s kisses and pushed my face between them. She rolled on top of me, burying me with their softness.

Sandra ground her stomach and hips against my cock, pressed it between us as she did her best to smother me with her tits. My hands rested on her meaty ass and I felt the muscles underneath shift as she flexed it. I began squeezing and she gasped, arching her back and letting me come up for air.

“You really like your ass played with!” I cried in surprise as I watched her expression.

“You have no idea,” she moaned, but then buried my face in her breasts once more before I could get clarification.

I continued to rub and squeeze her ass and she became more excited with each passing moment. The weird part was that so did I. Sandra’s ass was far larger than any other girls I’d ever been with and for some reason I liked how it felt in my hands. It didn’t hurt that she was now moaning every so often in enjoyment.

The feel of her ass and the weight of her full breasts on my face had me on the verge of losing it. Sandra’s grinding against my cock didn’t make it any easier. I took hold of her meaty ass with both hands and pulled her hard against me. Her heavy tits settled more firmly on my face. They smelled and tasted amazing.

A part of me wanted to stay like that forever, but I could only take so much. I rolled us over when I reached my breaking point so that I was on top again. I reached between us and rubbed my cock up and down the length of her pussy. It was wet and steamy, clearly wanting what I had to offer.

Sandra’s eyes suddenly grew big as the reality of the moment sunk in. I guess the situation was finally sobering her a little, but I wasn’t worried. Her body was on fire with need and Matt was still passed out across the room. Sandra was many things, but one that seemed obvious to me was the fact that she was a hedonist at heart.

“I’ve never cheated on Matt before,” she said suddenly and followed it up with a concerned frown. That surprised me and I realized that the truth was that we were both at least a little wrong in our assumptions about each other.

Sandra wasn’t the complete slut I thought she was. After all, her hesitation meant that her relationship with Matt meant something to her and because of that I knew the right thing to do was to stop. After all, her boyfriend was my roommate and he was passed out not ten feet away from us. I should have at least paused and made sure she really wanted to take this to the next level because she was clearly beginning to have second thoughts.

That’s when I met a part of me I never knew existed because despite my thought process I knew that there was no way I was going to wait to find out if she was really changing her mind. It was too late for that. I was in too much need.

The bottom line was in that instant I knew I wasn’t the goody-two-shoes she assumed, at least not at that moment. I was not giving her an out this late in the game. I wanted her and despite her sudden misgivings she wanted me too. It was obvious in the way her body strained against mine. It was obvious in the way her pussy lips spread and her juices seeped free as I continued to rub my cock along he opening. I knew I might feel a little guilty later, but she was the one who woke me up by sitting on the edge of my bed and doing what she did.

“There’s a first for everything!” I grunted, thrusting inside of her without warning. Sandra gasped in surprise, but her body was more than prepared. I sunk deep inside of her with one long stroke until I hit bottom.

“You bastard!” she cried, but then wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled my lips to hers. I guess the feel of my cock deep inside of her overwhelmed any misgivings she might have had.

Sandra’s mouth fell open to my onslaught much the way that her pussy did. My tongue danced inside her mouth as I pulled my cock out and thrust it deep over and over again. We were soon covered in sweat and our bodies slipped and slid against each other in ways that only accentuated our lust. I was sure I would cum soon, but somehow I fought off my orgasm until Sandra cried out in release, her body a mass of convulsions that drove me to the brink and over.

My cock exploded inside of her. I thrust deep and enjoy the pure animalist pleasure for a few moments before rocking back and forth inside her again. Our bodies danced against each other for quite some time before we were both finally spent.

“That was so wrong!” Sandra gasped afterward, as we both fought to catch our breath. “But I’ve never cum like that before!”

“The night is still young,” I grinned, rolling off of her and onto my back. She lifted herself onto one elbow and looked at me.

“You think you can do that again?” she asked, obviously interested.

“Eventually,” I replied, reaching out and grasping the back of her head with one hand. I pulled her lips to mine and she came willingly enough. We kissed briefly and then I pushed her head down toward my waist. Instead of being angry, she smiled sexily as I directed her mouth to where I wanted it. Her lips wrapped around my softening cock. I couldn’t help add, “Sooner if you continue to do that.”

It didn’t take long for me to start getting hard once more. Sandra had a very talented mouth and she knew exactly how to use it. I started rubbing her ass once more. It was barely in reach, but as soon as I touched it she shifted her hips bringing it closer.

Sandra ass wasn’t huge, not really. It was just large and well muscles. That’s what gave it the meaty look. I used my hand to squeezed and massage first one cheek and then the other. After a while, I was fully hard and ready to go again, but I was in no rush.

I liked what Sandra was doing and she clearly enjoyed the feel of my hand on her ass. The only problem was that her butt was far too big for just one hand and I couldn’t reach it with my other. I could move, but I didn’t want her to stop what she was doing. I took care of that problem after a while by grabbing her hips and lifting her on top of me. She continued to suck and lick my cock as her thighs settled on either side of my head.

I could tell by the way Sandra shifted her hips that wanted me to return the favor, but frankly, that wasn’t going to happen. Her pussy was filled with not one, but two guys’ cum. There was no way I was licking that. On the other hand, I was really getting in to rubbing her ass with both hands, especially now that it was so close.

I massaged and pulled at her ass cheeks over and over again, occasionally getting a glimpse of her puckered asshole. It surprised me when I realized that I thought it was kind of cute, sexy even.

Sandra clearly liked what I was doing despite my refusal to use my tongue on her pussy. Every once in a while she would moan and arch her back, burying my face in her ass cheeks. It was different then when she did so with her tits early, but just as enjoyable in its own way.

At one point I thought she was doing it yet again, but I quickly realized something had changed. She wasn’t arching her back anymore. No, instead she lifted her torso and was now literally sitting on my face. She tried to shift her hips so that my mouth found her pussy, but I grabbed them and held them where they were so that it was her ass alone covering my face.

I knew I could lift her off of me easily enough, but her ass cheeks spread suddenly and I got my first taste of her ass. It hadn’t been planned, at least not consciously, but as soon as my tongue brushed against the small pink opening I was hooked. I’d never licked a girl’s ass before. Hell, I never even wanted to, but that would all change now.

“Holy shit!” Sandra moaned as I began using my tongue more earnestly. This was obviously a new feeling for her too. It wasn’t long before she was thrashing on top of me, but I wouldn’t let her touch her pussy and I guess that was just enough to stop her from cumming. That didn’t stop her moans from getting louder.

I can’t say that I’d never been turned on by a girl’s ass before, but Sandra’s was different, more tantalizing. What I could say was that I’d certainly never tasted a girl’s ass before tonight. I could also say that the fact that I enjoyed it was one hell of a surprise.

I could have gone on like that forever, but Sandra finally figured out how to make me let her cum. She took hold of my cock and started stroking it as she continued to sit on my face. It wasn’t long before I was ready for my release.

I lifted her by her hips and pushed her off of me. I rolled on top of her. She lay under me panting in need. Her eyes were glazed over in desire as she hungrily kissed me. I enjoyed it for a few moments, but there was something else I wanted more.

I rolled Sandra under me so that she was lying on my bed face first. She glanced at me over her shoulder. Her eyes burned in need. I’m sure mine mirrored her emotions.

“Maybe you’re not such a goody- two-shoes after all!” Sandra moaned. She knew what I wanted and lifted her hips to give me better access.

I thrust my cock between her ass cheeks. The head quickly found her small pink opening there. Her ass was tight, but more than ready after the attention I’d given it. Still, it took some effort to push inside, but when her resistance finally failed, it was all at once. One moment I was being denied entry and the next I was half buried in her ass.

“Definitely not a goody-two-shoes!” she gasped as I continued to work my cock into her ass. It wasn’t long before I was fully embedding in her butt. I stayed like that for only a few moments before I began stroking in and out of it.

I’d never fucked a girl’s ass before. It was definitely different, but just as enjoyable in its way. I had no idea if I was the first to take Sandra ass or not, but honestly, I could care less. Hers was my first ass and I was quickly realizing how much I enjoyed what I was doing.

I caught Sandra trying to slip a hand under herself and between her legs once or twice. I knew she was desperate to cum, but I wasn’t ready yet so I stopped her. The third time she tried, I grabbed both of her hands and held them by the wrists behind her back at the base of her spine. This turned her on even more.

“Oh yes!” she cried. “Hold me down and take what you want! Make me your slut!”

Whatever else Sandra was, she was defiantly not like the girls I’d dated in the past. She was neither shy nor timid in her needs. She liked the feel of my cock up her ass and that was all that mattered to her. I slammed in and out of her ass from behind, holding her arms firmly behind her and she loved every moment of it. At first, I was planning on cumming in her just like that, but suddenly another idea came to mind.

I pulled out of Sandra ass and let go of her hands. She glanced over her shoulder at me in disappointment. That only lasted until I shifted her onto her back and lifted her knees until they were literally even with her ears. I had her arms trapped behind her legs.

My cock sunk back into her ass with ease, but I wasn’t watching that. I was watching Sandra expression. Her eyes were lust filled and locked on mine. The look of pure carnal satisfaction when I hit bottom was something I’d never forget. I leaned forward, burying her under my weight as I kissed her. Her lips were wonton despite how I had her trapped.

“Fuck me!” she moaned between kisses. “Fuck my ass! Make me cum!”

I pulled out and slammed my cock back into her ass hard as I raped her lips with my own. She loved every moment of it.

“Oh yes!” Sandra cried. “Just like that! Do it again!” I did, more than once. Actually, I did it so many times that she stopped making sense, except for occasionally when she begged me to let her cum. “Please! I can’t take any more. Let me. Please!”

I ignored her cries and continued until my orgasm was too strong to fight off any more. At that point, I sat up and finally let her slip an arm out from under her legs. Sandra quickly buried two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy.

I thrust in and out of her ass another half dozen times, watching her tits shiver and shake as she slammed her fingers deep inside her pussy matching my motion. Her palm slapped her clit each time she did so it was no surprise that she completely lost it as quickly as she did. What made it even better was that it was on my final thrust. I filled Sandra’s ass with my cum and as she cried out in her own release.

“So, I guess you were wrong,” I said triumphantly as I fought for breath afterward.

“About you being a goody-two-shoes?” she smiled as he breasts heaved while she panted for air. “Definitely.”

“No,” I said. I was pushing it, but right at that moment I could care less. “About you being my slut.” She stopped panting for a moment and looked at me oddly. I thought she was going to say something nasty, but she didn’t.

“I guess I was,” she finally said softly. I smiled triumphantly as I rolled off of her and onto my back. It only lasted a few seconds.

“You bitch!”

Damn. I sat up quickly to find Matt standing on his side of the room. He was clearly pissed off with good reason.

“Matt!” Sandra cried, obviously stunned to find he was awake. I found that pretty odd considering how much noise she’d made while she came. He was drunk, not dead.

They yelled back and forth for a while. Matt saying unkind things while Sandra alternated between accusations of her own and apologizing. I let them rant at each other as I got out of bed and slipped on the same pair of sweats I’d been wearing earlier. Staying in bed, naked and in the wet spot my roommate’s girlfriend and I had made didn’t seem particularly smart.

I knew I’d feel guilty for this later, but Matt was pretty much an asshole in my book from beginning to end so right at that moment I didn’t let myself get too upset. Besides, I wasn’t the one who instigated what happened. This was their problem and they would have to work it out.

I took my shirt from the chair back and put it on before grabbing my sneakers, a pair of sock and my jacket. It was clearly time to give them some space. I could probably slip back into Jim’s place for the night.

“And where the hell do you think you’re going?” Matt snapped, finally turning his intention to me. Damn.

“Out, you two need to talk,” I said, hoping to head off a fight, not that I was surprise when I failed.

Matt was still half drunk and wrapped in the blanket. He stumbled when he came toward me, but I had to give him credit. He put everything he had into the first punch. I took it because frankly, I deserved it despite my not being the initiator in what happened, but that didn’t mean I was going to let him pummel me and he clearly wasn’t going to be satisfied with one punch. Too bad.

“That’s enough,” I said after the second blow landed. “If you try and hit me again, I’ll have to stop you.”

“Fuck you!” Matt snapped, not unexpectedly. He also took another swing at me. I blocked it easily and delivered a short jab to his solar plexus. The wind flew out of him and he started gasping for breath. Sandra ran to him to make sure he was okay. That’s when there was a knock on the door.

“Hey! Open up! What’s going on in there?”

Damn. It was the resident advisor. I guess someone heard the fight and went to get him. I wouldn’t be getting much sleep tonight. I ignored the knock, figuring that either Sandra or Matt would open it eventually, although neither looked particularly thrilled to do so. I didn’t blame them.

I went and got my last three beers from the min-fridge while Matt continued to try to catch his breath and Sandra quickly threw on some clothes. I opened all three, took a long pull from the first and handed the second to Sandra. She took it without comment. I tried to hand the last to Matt, but he slapped it away. I shrugged, downed the rest of my beer in one long pull and put the empty bottle down before tasking a sip from the last beer.

“Are you going to open up or do I use my pass key?” the RA called through the door.

I looked at Matt and Sandra and shook my head. I guess I was wrong. There was no way either one of them was going to let him in. I sighed and moved toward the door. Yep, this was definitely going to be a long night.


The next day I got my wish and they let Matt and I switch roommates. Well, maybe ‘let’ isn’t the right word. They sort of insisted.

I didn’t get to pick my new roommate either and karma being what it is I ended up with Simon. I was more than a little amazed that as bad as Matt was, he was worse. Matt was an inconsiderate asshole, but Simon was a complete loser. He was an arrogant prick who looked down on just about everyone. Frankly, I didn’t think his kind existed anywhere outside of a movie theater until I met him in person. Live and learn.

I figured I knew the reason why I got stuck with Simon. There weren’t many guys who would want someone for a roommate who might sleep with his girl while he was passed out in the same room. And by not many, I mean none.

I didn’t blame the powers-that-be for sticking me with him. What I’d done was a dick move. Of course, that didn’t make having to deal with Simon any easier. I had done the crime, and someone had clearly decided I would now have to do the time.

I was not really surprised to find out that a week later Matt and Sandra had made their peace with what happened. Hell, in some ways they were better off. They somehow seemed closer the few times I’d seen them together since and Matt’s new roommate went home most weekends so they had more time to do what they did best.

Needless to say, my reputation on campus took a hit. It’s not like I could keep what happened a secret after half my hall watched as the RA dealt with us. Don’t get me wrong. My real friends didn’t disappear or anything, but they looked at me differently. That much was obvious. Most of them slowly got past it.

Of course, the girls I liked who previously showed interest in me disappeared for the most part. Let’s just say that the athletically built blonds with the girl next door attitude didn’t much go for guys who slept with their roommate’s girlfriend. Go figure.

Not everything turned out badly after the incident. For example, some girls who formerly ignored me now seemed interested. I had to be careful because these girls weren’t into the goody-two-shoes type of guy. What they were into was some wild and crazy shit and I was just the man for them after my night with Sandra. Let’s just say that I’d learned to appreciate asses of all kinds, amongst other things.

By the end of my freshman year I’d pretty much thrown off the last of my goody-two-shoes reputation. I liked to think that most people still thought of me as a nice guy despite what happened with Sandra and how I changed, but maybe that was just wishful thinking. Certainly, the next few years went by with me having a great time, making plenty of those crazy college memories that some guys talked about when they were drunk and alone with their closest friends.

It wasn’t until I graduated and started my first job that I finally settled down. I didn’t want the reputation I’d developed in college to follow me for the rest of my life. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great time, but everyone has to grow up eventually.

It wasn’t as difficult to settle down as I thought it would be. Of course, most of that had to do with meeting Katie. She was an athletically built blond with a girl-next-door outlook toward life. Yeah, I know. After everything I’d been through, who would have guessed that my taste in woman would revert to what it was back in high school? Only it didn’t, not really. You see Katie had her fun in college too, but that’s a story for another time.

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