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Rent Money

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Melanie sashayed into the break room, a thick wad of cash in her hand from her day’s tips. She saw Todd March, the new cook from Atlanta sitting at the table smoking a cigarette.

“Hey Todd, how’s it going,” she asked as she sat counting her tip money.

“Not so good. I don’t think I am going to make my rent this month. This cheesy ass job ain’t payin me shit.”

“Ah another overworked and under-paid employee.” She joked.

“I’ve gotta do something to get paid or my ass is on the street.”

Since he had started working on the cook’s line, Todd had shown himself to be an able if mouthy cook. Salted in his conversations with the servers were the usual heavily sexual but witty innuendos. She noticed the way that he usually looked at her, at her tits and ass as she walked around the store, and was flattered. Today she noticed that it wasn’t her cleavage, but the green in her hand that drew his eyes.

Todd saw her watching him behind green eyes. She saw the look of greed prompted by need in his forlorn face and was ashamed. He tried a quick joke but it fell flat. Uncontrollably his eyes followed the wad of cash as she put it away in her apron. If only he had a hundred dollars he might be able to keep his apartment until he could get the rest of his rent.

“When do you have to fork over the cash to your landlady,” she asked.

“I have till Friday, why?” He lit up a borrowed Virginia Slim and blew a steady stream of smoke over Mel’s auburn head.

“Just asking. Maybe there is something I could do to help you out. I’d have to talk to my boyfriend first though,” she shrugged. A glimmer of an idea was flashing in her head. There was something that she always wanted. Maybe this would give her a new opportunity.

“I couldn’t borrow the cash off of you, Mel,” he protested, but hoped she would press him into taking it. He had been homeless once before but he had at least had a car then. Now he didn’t even have a sleeping bag. Short of knocking someone over the head he had no quick way of getting some cash. He had burnt all his bridges with his family so they were not of a mind to help him.

“And I wasn’t thinking of lending it to you,” she laughed. “But there might be something that you could do where we would pay you something. Let me talk to my ol’ man tonight and I’ll let you know tomorrow.”

“Hey Derrick, she said when one of the busboy’s stepped into the break room with a plate. “Sit here, I was just going to clock out.” She got up, waved to Todd, and zipped out of the room. “See ya tomorrow.”

The next day the joint was jumping. Todd and the other cooks had no time to play around with the servers. An opportunity to say anything more than hello to Melanie eluded him all evening. Just before closing, she approached him with a smile on her face.

“Well, that was quite a good night,” she said waving her fat wad of greenbacks in front of him. “Were you able to get the money for your rent?”

His jaw clenched. He felt like a starving dog with her waving that cash around in front of his face. “I hocked what I could hock but I didn’t get near enough.”

“Well,” she smiled. “I may be able to help you out if you are willing to do a little work for us.”

“Work never scared me, Mel, no how. No way. But how am I going to be able to give them the cash tomorrow.?”

“We’ll work something out. Meet me at my car in ten minutes. I just want to tell Sharon and Livonda bye.”

Twenty minutes of driving found them at a small in-law apartment in the back of a large white Tudor house. There was a lean red motorcycle under the carport.

“This is it,” Melanie shut off the engine and opened her car door. “Do you know where you are?”

“Yeah. Your house,” he laughed. He followed her up the drive and waited as she unlocked the door. He walked into the living room. It was a long rectangle that went all the way to the end of the building. The furniture looked a bit worn at the edges but comfortable. A tall bearish man with a fu Manchu mustache and wire rimmed glasses lay sprawled on the sofa. The television droned on, the volume turned low.

“Rafe,” Melanie called as she hung her keys on a hook by a wall clock shaped like a square black cat.

“Hey, babe.” He sat up slowly, dropping his booted feet to the floor and pushing himself to his feet. He clumped over to Melanie smiled, and swallowed her face. He wrapped his massive hairy arms around the small woman and grabbed her ass in both hands.

Todd waited. He waited some more. He wondered if he should leave, as the groping did not look like it was going to end.

“So Rafe, just get into port?” Todd ventured a guess.

“Huh?” Rafe let the redhead escape his grasp and turned his attention to the crew cut guy standing in the doorway.

“He’s teasing you Rafe.”

“Oh. Ok.” He turned to Melanie and pointed a thumb the size of most men’s index finger. “Is this the guy?”

“I think so. Rafe. Todd. Todd. Rafe. Make nicey nicey, Rafe babe, don’t eat the guest. I’m going to slip out of these clothes and into, well, you know.” She went through a doorway unbuttoning her shirt as she went.

Both men watched her shapely butt disappear around the corner. Rafe caught Todd’s glance and smiled.

“Great ass. We both like great ass. That deserves a beer.” He turned to the couch and opened a wooden chest that served as a table. Inside the chest was a Coleman cooler full of Coors.

“Thanks,” Todd barely caught and held onto the wet bottle as it arched to him.”

Rafe waved him to the couch as he folded onto it. The only other chair in the room was a floral recliner. It didn’t match the red leather of the couch and wasn’t meant to be its companion. It was in a corner by itself beside a bookcase flowing over with paperbacks and a tall floor lamp. The sofa had the chest, a remote control, and a sofa sized painting of some busty broad on a bike, riding topless across some desert scene with mesas in the background.

“Great painting. Do you ride,” Rafe asked.

“Babes or bikes?”

“You’re a funny guy,” Rafe punched Todd’s shoulder. His shoulder said ouch but only so Todd could hear it. “I think I am going to like you.”

“Liking me is better than not,” Todd said.

“Rafe roared and hooted. He punched Todd’s wounded shoulder again.

“Good, you two are getting along,” Melanie said entering the room.

Todd got a funny feeling in the in the pit of his belly where all funny feelings like to crack jokes that make other feelings cringe. The funny feeling in his belly was in a contest with a feeling arising from a lower level in his anatomy.

The smell of a high class herb wafted around the woman as she walked around Todd and curled up on the sofa between the ogling bear and the boggling human. The smoke, as it drifted around her hid more of her womanly attributes than the bits of chiffon uncovering her body.

She smiled at Todd’s reaction. Rafe’s hairy paws encircled the woman’s waist and cupped her pink nippled boobs. He pinched them. A sigh rose up from around the twisted joint between Melanie’s lips.

“This is the deal, Todd. We will give you the money for your rent. You will get it on with us.”

Todd looked at Melanie. He looked at Rafe. He looked at Melanie. He looked at Rafe, who was beginning to laugh. He looked at the door. He looked at Melanie again. He looked at her boobs being mauled by Paul Bunyon’s twin.

“A threesome and my rent is paid, or no threesome and my ass on the street? My momma didn’t raise an idiot.”

“I hope not,” she said. “Sex with me is not what earns you the money though.”

“Excuse me?”

“She isn’t joking” man mountain said.

“It gets me so hot watching my Rafe get head and other things from another guy. The sex with me is a bonus. I am paying for the sex with the both of us. And I do mean both.”

The joke fest in his belly quit. His body went silent. He stood at the edge of a precipice in perfect balance waiting for a breeze to push him over or keep him safe.

“I don’t think I can do this,” he said.

Melanie leaned forward, slid her hand between his legs and grabbed the bulge in his pants. “I think you can.”

He opened his legs a little wider closing his eyes he gave himself up to her grope. He sat there for a full minute while her hand massaged him through his pant leg. H was enveloped in the warm scent of her body and the good weed.

She slid closer to him. Her breast slid over the bare skin of his arm. Her breath caressed his ear. All he needed was a little coaxing. He did not refuse. He just did not think her could do it. She was sure he could. His cock was ready and with most men, where the cock led he would follow.

Rafe gently rose from the couch, slipped out of the living room, and down the hall. He sat on the edge of the bed slowly untying the laces of his boots.

Melanie gently stroked Todd’s cock, whispering soft noises into his ear as if she was gentling an unbroken horse.

Through his sighs he whispered his doubts that he could not do this. For every whispered protest Melanie gently affirmed that he could. His body kept shorting out his thoughts and sending them to his groin. He felt her sliding down his body, where she opened his legs wider and slid between them.

“Help me get these off, Todd.” Her hands unbuttoned his pants and lowered the zipper.

Todd opened his eyes. Looked into hers and raised his hips off the couch. He expected to see Rafe sitting close by and was surprised to be in the room alone with Melanie.

She helped Todd strip out of his pants, tossing them into her chair. She licked her lips when she saw his shiny wet redheaded cock spring forth from his tighty whiteys.

“You have a beautiful cock, baby.” Not as large as Rafe’s, which was a plus, and it had a strong arc to it that made it point at his navel.

“Glad you like it,” he said. He waved it at her. “I’m so cold.”

“I have a warm wet place for you, you gorgeous hunk of meat. I could just swallow you whole,” She laughed.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

She knelt down between his legs, moved his hands away from his cock, and took it in her hand. She brushed the head with her lip and tasted him on them, smiling when she heard him groan. She pressed it back against his belly and ran her tongue from his downy haired balls to the slit at the top, then bit his navel.


She swirled her tongue around and around the head, licking up the clear goodness coating it. She ran her fingernails up and down his length then grasped it hard. Her mouth was wet and ready. She sucked the head into her mouth and played it with her feverish tongue. Without warning she buried her nose deep in his springy pubes, squeezing the head in her throat. All the while rolling his balls in her other hand.

Todd convulsed. He hit himself in the chest to keep from jerking around to much and destroying the sensations overloading his brain.

“Like that did you,” she asked smiling up at him, while she stroked him. She stood up, holding on to his cock she pulled him to his feet. “Come to the bed.”

Todd followed the insistent tug on his cock in a sexual haze. A part of his brain urged him to run, to leave now but a larger part of his brain pummeled the dissenter and chained it to the wall of his skull. Melanie led him to the bedroom doorway. The smell of vanilla tinged with cinnamon reached out of the room and enveloped him.

Rafe sat propped by several pillows watching the doorway while he toyed with his meat. Listening to the sounds coming from the living room made him hard and he was never one to waste a woody.

Melanie led the man into her boudoir by his cock. He hesitated at the door but she gripped him harder as she led him firmly into the room. She watched the emotion, the doubts and the hesitation play over Todd’s face.

“Here we are Toddy,” She said. “We are going to have so much fun together. Look at him, Rafe he is so hard. Isn’t he just delicious?”

“I don’t know yet, babe. I haven’t tasted him.” Rafe smiled at Todd. He was a good-looking guy, Rafe thought. He wasn’t very tall but he was powerfully built with strong arms and thighs. When Melanie let go of his cock it arched back to bounce against his belly button. It was nicely shaped with a thick patch of black hair.

Melanie left Todd in the middle of the room and sat at the foot of the enormous bed. She motioned Rafe to come stand in front of her. “Todd, Come here, sweetie, stand in front of me.”

Rafe stood beside Todd, their cocks waving in the air in front of Melanie. He could tell that Todd was more than a little uncomfortable but he had confidence in Melanie’s decision about this guy.

Mel reached out and cupped the two sets of swinging balls in her two hands. She rolled them in her hands sighing as she played with them.

“Stand closer together. That’s it. Todd, put your arm around Rafe’s waist.” She flicked her finger on the weaving head of Todd’s cock, “now, baby not tomorrow.”

Todd sent his hand around the man’s waist, closing his eyes as Melanie’s hand rewarded him by caressing the underside of his cock. He stood still as he felt Rafe’s massive arm flop over his shoulders.

Melanie leaned forward, encircled both cocks, one in each hand then swallowed the head of Todd’s cock. She wanted to smile at the sounds of shock and pleasure flying from Todd’s lips as she worked on him with her tongue.

“Oh man, that’s a beautiful sight,” Rafe said. Slowly he pumped his cock in and out of Mel’s hand as he watched her swallow Todd. He felt all the shivers through their connection. They were standing side to side, hip to hip, an arm around each other.

Melanie pulled off Todd and dove onto Rafe’s cock, taking him deep into her throat. She felt him jump but held him tightly in her mouth until she needed to breathe. She squeezed their cocks tight and fisted them, pumping them hard. She stopped. Looking up into their down turned eyes she smiled and leaned back on the bed.

“How was that?

Words fell out of the men’s mouths in a torrent. Praise rained down on her like a waterfall. She loved it.

“Hold your cocks together.” She waited as they tried to jam their hardness into each other. She took Todd’s hand and made him hold the two cocks together. The sooner she got him used to touching Rafe sexually the better, she thought.

She rolled her fingers in their combined wetness and slid her hands between their legs. She reached in and caressed their assholes with moistened fingers as she licked their merged heads. As she licked and sucked their cocks she worked her middle fingers into their asses. Todd surprised her with the way he tried to work her finger deeper inside him.

It felt like she hit a switch inside him when she jammed her finger into his ass. Todd leapt forward then waited as the feel of it changed from an intrusion to a desired stroking. His sexual thermostat dialed up several notches melting a wall of hesitation. He felt Rafe’s breath before he felt his lips and tongue play over the shell of his ear.

“Whew,” Melanie said, disengaging herself from the men. “My turn. Rafe get on your back, babe. I want to ride your moustache.”

“Yeee ha.” Rafe jumped onto the bed and rolled onto his back. He waited as Melanie settled her sopping wet cunt over his face. Her knees were on either side of his head as she faced Todd.

“Come on, Toddy. Don’t be shy.” She patted a spot between Rafe’s legs.

Todd climbed onto the bed. He knelt between his mammoth legs and tried to kiss Melanie.

“Not me, sweetie. This,” she waved Rafe’s cock in the air. “Mmmm that’s it Rafe baby fuck me with that big old tongue. Right here Todd. Kiss this.”

He felt Melanie’s other hand behind his neck, guiding his head down to Rafe’s cock. His lips brushed the soft tip. His licked his lips. Then it jumped out to flick the head.

“Yes, oh yes, that’s it,” Melanie cried. “Suck it, take it in your mouth,”

Todd licked around the slit. He tasted a clear droplet that rolled down the split in the glans. He opened his mouth and swallowed the head, wrapping his lips around it.

“Oh god,” she moaned. She tried to drown Rafe as she came, pressing Todd’s head further onto Rafe’s cock. “Oh yes.”

Todd gagged but kept sucking the man’s cock. His tongue flew over the head as he gripped it in his hand. He fisted the guy hard, urging him to let loose with what he had. Todd abandoned himself to the feel and the taste of the man’s cock.

Melanie gripped Todd’s hair and pulled him off Rafe’s cock much to the shock of both men. “No, not yet.”


“I want one of you to fuck the other in the ass,” she rasped.

“Absolutely not,” Todd said. “My ass is an exit only.”

“I’ll do it.” Rafe said. “He probably couldn’t take me anyway.”

“Oh my god, baby, really,” Melanie jumped off the bed and grabbed a pump bottle of lube. She pumped some of the cum looking goo onto her hand and reached between Rafe’s legs.

“I never said that I would fuck him in the ass” Todd said.

“Think cardboard box with no A/C, hun” She said. She pumped some of the lube onto Todd’s cock and milked him hard as she slathered it onto his skin.

“Get on your, knees, man,” Todd said.

Melanie guided Todd’s cock to Rafe’s hairy posterior. “Open him up,” she said.

Todd pried apart the hard muscles of Rafe’s ass and saw the well-lubed hole that had already entered by Melanie’s fingers. Despite his protests he was more excited than he had ever been in his life. New pathways of ecstasy were opening for him moment by moment.

She pressed the swollen head of Todd’s cock against the tight pucker of her lover’s ass. Harder. Harder. She watched Rafe’s ass begin to swallow the hard meat she was pressing into him. She moaned with Rafe as if it were her own ass being entered. When the entire head was inside, she let go of Todd and reached behind him. She laid her hand on his sweaty ass and pushed him further inside.

Rafe moaned, his head hanging low, eyes closed, and trying to relax his sphincter. It wasn’t long before he felt the slow deepening thrusts less as an intrusion and more as a welcome feeling of fullness. He felt oddly vulnerable and yielding, thinking that this must be something like what some women felt. Not Melanie though. She never yielded. He began rocking back to meet the oncoming thrust of Todd’s cock.

“That’s it, baby,” Melanie moaned. “Fuck that hard cock. Fuck it for me baby.” She slapped Todd’s pistoning ass. “Oh god yes. I love it. You guys are so hot.” She knelt behind Todd. Pressing her body against his back, her hips against his ass, she thrust along with Todd. She was fucking Rafe with Todd’s boomerang dick.

Todd felt the heat and sweat of Melanie’s body melt into his own. He could feel the rising need to shoot into this giant’s ass as he began to thrust harder and faster, spurred on by Melanie’s movements.

Melanie slid her lubed fingers between Todd’s straining cheeks and plowed into his ass. One finger quickly followed another. She threw a leg over the back of Todd’s thigh and rubbed her wet cunt along his thigh. She exploded.

Todd’s asshole squeezed Melanie’s fingers and the cum burned it’s way from his balls, through his shaft and squirted into Rafe’s tight slippery ass. He lost himself. He felt like he was floating somewhere above the moaning screaming trio.

Rafe reached between his legs and grabbed his monster cock and stroked it for all he was worth. He could feel Todd’s cum burning it’s way through his ass. He needed to cum. He could feel every shot from Todd’s cock as it fired a load, then another. His scream came all the way from his balls as he felt his hot sperm flow over his fist and rain down upon the tangled sheet of their bed.

Melanie woke up in a tangle of arms and legs. She pulled herself from the pile of man flesh heaped on her bed in a sleeping pile. She decided that she was going to have this all of the time. She left the room, pulled the door closed with the handled turned and let the catch slide into place.

The men found her sitting in her chair crocheting.

“Morning my hot mansluts,” she said. “Sit down.” She smiled to herself to see them sit closer together than they had the night before. “I decided this morning that the best thing that we can do is to have you move in with us Todd. That way we will have three incomes coming in and we can have as much fun as we had last night. Hopefully last night was just an appetizer.”

A slow smile burned across Rafe’s face. “Leave it to you, Mel.”

For once Todd did not even hesitate. He had never felt anything as powerful as last night. Everything fell into place in his mind all at once. It was the answer to his money woes. More than a sense of financial freedom there were walls inside of him that had fallen and he saw vast unexplored territories opening up inside of him.

“I am in,” Todd said.

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