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Coffee Shop Hookup

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Miranda Warren watched her friend K.C. West pace back and forth in the coffee shop in which she worked. She could tell that the attractive young blonde was nervous. K.C. had no reason to be. She was the pretty young blonde with the vivacious personality. If anyone should be nervous, it should have been her other friend, Casey Carter. How often does a 40-year old insurance broker get to go on a date with a 21-year old blonde model type?

“Will you stop and sit down? You’re wearing a groove in the floor,” Miranda told her friend. “He’s not late, he still has ten minutes. I don’t know why you’re so worried; he’s going to fall for you in a heartbeat.” Miranda knew that was true, although she didn’t quite know how she knew. She could see why K.C. would be into Casey. He was her favorite customer, tall and dark with a brooding intensity she found fascinating. He was always working on his laptop and despite his profession; he liked being creative and discovering new things. Miranda had kept hoping Casey would notice her, but he seemed oblivious to her continued attempts at flirtation. She knew that he wasn’t seeing anyone and when she became friends with K.C. she discovered her other friend was newly single after a bad breakup. Well, if she couldn’t have Casey, perhaps K.C. could. Miranda thought she could live vicariously through her friend and maybe, if she was lucky, Casey might just have a cute, successful friend that she could date.

Casey walked in the door a few minutes later and Miranda greeted him while pointing to his date. A broad smile broke over his handsome face as he saw K.C. Miranda was happy for her friends and she hoped that their evening would go well. Neither of them had been lucky in love, K.C. had dated a lot of losers and Casey’s marriage had gone down in very expensive flames.

The two people sat and had coffee, not knowing Miranda’s watchful eyes were on them the entire time. They were actually cute; it was like they were having a “pre-date interview”. K.C. certainly seemed to be charmed, Miranda could see that. She kept putting her hand on Casey’s arm, her eyes were almost doing a jig and the smile K.C. wore was almost lighting up the room. As they left the café, K.C. gave her friend a huge “thumb’s up”. Miranda decided that she had done her good deed for the year.

K.C. was already impressed enough with the handsome 40-year old to consider him a “keeper”. She had wanted to keep their date casual and now she was glad that Miranda had told her to dress sexy. “Men his age like a girl who looks like a girl,” Miranda had counseled her. Oh, how right Miranda had been — she had to buy her friend a nice thank-you gift when next she could.

K.C. was enjoying the evening air and the company. Parking near the café was atrocious so Casey had to park a few blocks away. As far as K.C. was concerned, he could have been parked a mile away and she would have been fine with that. She was enjoying the time spent with Casey and the cool evening air on her bare legs. Miranda had told her friend that her legs were her best feature and that she should dress to accentuate them. K.C. had taken that advice to heart and worn a short skirt and very spiky high heels. With a wry smile, she saw that her date had noticed both. K.C. was really into Casey, she decided that the similarity in their names was just one good omen. She intended to charm the pants off of this guy — literally.

K.C. liked the fact that she was young enough not to have to play games. Girls of her generation were more open about what they wanted and they weren’t afraid to go after it. That’s why she couldn’t understand why Miranda herself hadn’t simply asked Casey out for a date. She was puzzled as hell about that, yet Miranda had set her up with the handsome man and assured her a number of times that it was okay. Miranda had even told her that her first choice for a dress wasn’t sexy enough. “This guy is a real catch,” Miranda enthused. “You’ve got to make him come after you, think black, short and tight.” Which was exactly the way that K.C. had gone. It seemed to be working because as she slid into the car and the dress rode up, his eyes followed every inch of her. She hoped that their mutual attraction continued throughout dinner, because she was attracted to him physically. Miranda’s loss was going to be her gain.

He took her to a wonderful restaurant that she could never have afforded on her earnings. K.C. was now impressed on two levels, his physical beauty and Casey’s generosity. She looked at the drink menu and some of the bottles of wine cost more than she earned in a week. Some even cost as much as she earned in a month!

K.C. loved a man who could wear a suit and Casey had the build for the suit he was wearing. It looked expensive and she remembered Miranda telling her that her date had been married and been through a bitter divorce. Obviously his wife hadn’t cleaned him out if he could afford a place like this and a suit like that. She poured on the charm, flirting as best she knew how. Casey seemed to be hanging on her every word. She leaned as close to him as she dared while they talked. Their drinks came and they sipped them leisurely. He wasn’t rushing her and he really seemed interested in what she had to say. She was probably talking a bit more than normal, yet Casey seemed to smile in all the right places. Oh yes, this one was a keeper!

Casey was enamored with his date, lost in the sweet and lovely face, the pure blue eyes and the long blonde hair. She appeared to be angelic, but the subtle little flirtations both here and at the coffee shop revealed she could be a little devil if encouraged. He was going to take this slow, no point in rushing a good thing. His dad had taught him that lesson, to always be a gentleman. It had backfired on him at times, but he still stuck to it. Still, as he looked at K.C. in the short black dress and outrageously sexy heels, his mind did wander into some evil thoughts. If he was to survive this date with his sanity intact, he had to push them down.

“I don’t think I’ve asked you, what does K.C. stand for,” Casey grinned. “Isn’t it odd, our names being so similar?”

“Miranda thinks it’s an omen, but that’s just like Miranda,” K.C. laughed. “It stands for Katherine Charlotte; I was named for my mother’s sister and my father’s as well. I could just as easily have been C.K. and I’ve heard there was an argument over who got top billing. My mother won, she usually does,” K.C. laughed. “The women in our family can be very — persuasive,” she smiled sweetly and looked at him in a flirty way.

Every move Casey made impressed his younger date more and more. Their server came over to the table, a tall and stunning black woman in a skirt that was equally as short as K.C.’s. Their server introduced herself as Bryiana and began to talk about the drink specials and the food specials as well. It was obvious the young woman was attracted to Casey. While Casey was charming and gracious, he didn’t stare at the girl or flirt with her. He listened to her little spiel and asked K.C. if she would like a drink. She wasn’t going to at first, the younger blonde wanted to be in possession of all her faculties for “later on”, but she decided tonight was a night to kick up her heels — and she had the stiletto heels to kick up!

Were the truth to be told, K.C. herself had a hard time keeping her eyes off of their gorgeous young server. She had been down that path a time or two, she had even confessed as much to a wide-eyed Miranda. Her friend told her to keep that a secret for a future time. “It’ll blow his mind,” Miranda laughed. “Guys love that kind of stuff.”

K.C. liked this guy, she really liked him. He was funny and charming and even slightly self-deprecating, which she found endearing. He seemed almost incredulous that someone her age wanted to go out with someone his age.

“Guys my age are boring, into themselves and interested in how fast they can get you into bed,” K.C. told him. “You haven’t even tried to lead the conversation in that direction …” she smiled and thought “… not that it’s off the table.” She leaned close and asked him about himself. “I’m sure you must have some deep, dark secrets that you can share with me.”

“I suppose one or two,” Casey chuckled. He wondered if he should tell her? It might amuse her or she might be put off. With what he knew about her so far, he decided the former was the most likely reaction. “Would you like to know how I supported myself through university?”

K.C. looked at him quizzically. She wasn’t really sure she wanted to know because she feared if it was something she didn’t like, she would be turned off and she really, really liked Casey. He was the most charming date she had ever been on. She looked into his soulful dark eyes and believed that it just couldn’t be anything awful. He was too nice a guy for that. “Okay, you’ve got me curious,” the younger woman smiled. “Tell me.”

Just then, Bryiana returned to see if they were ready to order. On this occasion, she was openly friendly to both K.C. and Casey. K.C. decided that a return visit to this place on her own was in the offing, even if it was just for a few drinks with friends. The dark beauty took their food order and left, leaving Casey enough time for a dramatic, big reveal. He leaned close to K.C. so that he could whisper and not be overheard. “I used to be a male exotic dancer,” he told her. Casey saw the delighted smile on her face and her eyes dancing with delight as she tried to stifle a small little squeal.

“That is so COOL!” K.C. laughed aloud. “You mean like Chippendales?”

“Well, not quite that high-class, but yes, like Chippendales,” Casey smiled as he took a sip of his expensive Scotch. “I’ve given a lap dance or two in my time.”

Absent-mindedly, K.C. said “I’d pay for a performance like that from you.”

Casey smiled at her comment. “I’m sure we could work something out.” K.C. flushed a little, but both sensed that any tensions between them had now been fully broken. They were right about that. By the time their meals arrived, the couple was talking as if they had known each other for years and not merely a few hours. K.C. was thrilled with her meal and the wonderful service, the man with whom she was dining was the ultimate cherry on top of a very sexy cake.

The meal ended after a decadent white chocolate brownie shared by two. The couple walked outside into a lovely evening. Casey looked at his watch. “It’s still early,” he said to her. “We could do something else, if you like. Go to a nice cocktail lounge and have a few more drinks, hit a Jazz club, hell, we could even go bowling if you wanted to!”

K.C. laughed at his suggestion. “Not in THIS dress, I don’t think so,” she chuckled. “I know exactly what I want to do.” Her apartment was tiny and a bit cramped; although she knew it wouldn’t matter. For what she had in mind, they only needed a small amount of space. She moved close to her date and leaned in. “I want you to take me home and then you can come inside and fuck me,” she said emphatically.

Trying to remain a gentleman while thrilled by the offer, Casey stated, “Are you sure? This is only our first date.”

K.C. remained impressed with his gentle nature, but she was not going to be denied. She planted a HUGE kiss on his face and left him breathless. “Handsome, I was sure 5 minutes after I met you. I’m sure you’re sober enough to drive,” she smiled as they approached the car.

“After a kiss like that, yes, but I’m not sure my legs are strong enough to make it to the car,” Casey joked. He looked at K.C. and knew that she was entirely serious. She wasn’t going to be denied. He had intended to conduct himself as a gentleman, but he also wasn’t going to be a fool about this. If the lovely blonde wanted them to go to bed together, she was going to get her wish. He helped her into the car and drove her home, trying to keep his eyes on the road. K.C. wasn’t making it easy for him; she kept running her fingernails along his pant leg. She was a very aggressive young woman, not that it bothered Casey in the slightest.

The tiny cubbyhole that was K.C.’s apartment surprised him at first, until Casey remembered the ugly shack he had lived in when first he lived on his own. It didn’t matter, so long as the bed was big enough for the two of them. It was, quite surprisingly large and the room was actually nicely decorated.

“I’m thinking of a career in interior design,” K.C. said as if she was reading his mind. “Okay sexy, are you here to look at my walls or see what I look like naked?”

“The last one,” he chuckled. She turned her back to him and asked for his assistance in peeling off her dress. It was as snug as a second skin but once it fell to the floor, he got a good look at her skin. Tanned and with nary a blemish, she was sexy and a vision in black lace. She moved over to kiss him again and then slid on to the bed. At first, he wondered what his next move should be until Casey realized that he was still standing there with all of his clothes on.

“What is it about you that gets me all flustered?” He asked the smiling blonde who watched him undressed.

“I’m sexy as hell and I say what’s on my mind,” K.C. stated plainly. “Most guys can’t handle that, certainly not the ones that are my age. It disarms you, but you adjust because you’re confident. That’s very sexy but you’re keeping me waiting,” she pouted sexily.

“Sorry, as any man knows, it isn’t polite to keep a lady waiting,” Casey grinned as he folded his pants over a nearby chair and got into bed with her.

“In a few minutes, I plan to stop being a lady,” K.C. told him as she straddled his now prone body. “I don’t hold anything back in bed and somehow, I don’t think that will bother you.” She moved up a bit and told him “Pull my panties to one side and eat my pussy. Oral is my favorite, if a man knows what he’s doing down there, he likely knows what he’s doing everywhere.”

Casey nodded. He and his ex were both big fans of oral sex and the one thing that had not broken them up was their sex life. He pulled K.C.’s tiny thong to one side and was not surprised that she shaved. Most girls did these days. He began eating her pussy and even though her thighs blocked his hearing a small bit, he was still able to hear her squeal in delight. In a few minutes, her little squeals turned to low, humming moans.

K.C. had never had oral sex this good in her entire life! She wondered if perhaps she could convince him to stick around for, oh say, a thousand years?! Casey seemed to have a tongue that was masterful and skilled and capable of hitting all the right spots. He didn’t linger on any one area, he didn’t suck her clit too hard, what he did do was focus on her pleasure. She tried desperately to give Casey some verbal clues, but her brain wouldn’t let her mouth form the right words. That was okay; he seemed to be picking up on her moans and groans rather nicely. When she started to cum, K.C. tried to pull away, but he grabbed her butt cheeks and held her in place until she had a soaking wet orgasm on his licking face.

“YOU sir …” K.C. gasped as she tried to regain her breath “… are a naughty, evil pervert — the very best kind!”

Casey laughed and they kissed. She didn’t shy away from tasting her juices and he thought that was a bit sexy. In fact, there was little that wasn’t sexy about K.C. West. For a woman not yet in her mid-20’s, this hot young blonde really had her act together!

K.C. was even more turned on by Casey than she had been at the start of their date. She looked over his body with appreciative eyes. There were a few signs of age, but not many. He was lean and fit and he had looked so good in a suit, but out of one, he looked like a real stud. The next thing she wanted from him was his cock, yet she saw no reason to rush. She started to use her hands to massage his body and this time, it was Casey who was making noises. K.C. liked to use massage to start off her lovemaking. Some of her past experiences had been impatient, but from the look on Casey’s face, he was just fine with the way things were.

Massaging Casey was like massaging a brick wall, although a bit smoother. He was a mass of solid muscle. K.C. sensed he would be strong and virile and still manage to be gentle and a masterful lover. He gave off that vibe, the vibe that he cared about his partner’s needs. He hadn’t even kicked up a fuss when she had taken charge; he was secure enough in himself not to be threatened by a blonde lover slightly more than half his age.

“Hold on to something, handsome,” K.C. smiled as she ran her hands over his torso one final time. “I’m going to suck your dick and my blowjobs have been known to make men’s heads explode,” she said.

“I think I can risk it,” Casey smiled back and then he watched her lower her mouth to his cock. When she started to suck, K.C. realized that her words had been no mere idle boast. This young babe really knew how to suck a cock. Until tonight, his ex had been the best he’d ever had. K.C. was exceeding her in every way and she was even more enthusiastic. She would throat his cock and look up at him and run her hands along the shaft and go back down. Her hands cupped his balls and she squeezed. Casey almost had to hold on to something to avoid cumming in her mouth. He managed, but only just.

K.C. almost felt like being a cheerleader for her newest lover, but decided to save that costume for another occasion. He had managed to withstand one of her Class-A, killer blowjobs and she had not been kidding when she told him most men had crumpled under her oral assaults. This guy wasn’t getting away if she had anything to say about it. “Do you have any objections to me riding you the first time out?” K.C. asked.

Casey heard between the lines, she was suggesting that they were only just getting started or that she wanted to do this again or BOTH. “Not at all,” Casey said as she positioned herself atop him. “That happens to be my personal favorite,” he told her, meaning it. He loved to watch a woman riding his dick and he loved to play with their bodies while they were doing it. He was sure watching the lissome blonde fucking the shit out of him would be the ultimate turn-on. She grinned and handed him a condom from her small nightstand. Unlike some of the assholes she had dated in the past, he didn’t object at all to wearing one.

K.C. was glad that she kept herself in good physical shape because she wanted to give Casey the fuck of a lifetime. She wanted him coming back for more, tonight had been the best date of her life. She lowered herself to his cock and squeezed her pussy muscles tight around his shaft. The handsome older man groaned and moved his body so that he could kiss and caress her. What was this? He wasn’t going to make her do all of the work? K.C. sighed and began to rock herself back and forth on his cock, loving how packed she felt with it inside of her. She was trembling all over as she fucked Casey, impressed with how focused he seemed to be on her pleasure. Oh yeah, he sure was a keeper and her body was going to keep him entranced. She fucked him with a fury that would have intimidated guys her age. Not Casey — he just kept up and let her do as she liked. She had another orgasm and he still had not cum. “Fuck, what a stallion,” the young blonde thought.

“Don’t you want to cum?” She asked Casey. She wasn’t worried that he wasn’t into her, his actions spoke louder than words. “Come and fuck me again, do it whatever way you want and bang the shit out of me!”

K.C. saw that he wasn’t offended by her blatant attitude and she got on all fours. A big, thick, hard cock slid deep into her pussy as strong, commanding hands gripped her hips. Casey fucked her very nicely and attended the rest of her body as he did so. He was a strong man, but not superhuman. After some hot fucking between the two of them, he finally came. K.C. fell away from him and looked at him with a well-satisfied smile. “I know it won’t be as good as the café’s,” she smiled over at him. “But, would you like some coffee?”

“Lord, yes please,” Casey laughed as she got up to make some much-needed refreshment. They had their coffee together and when they finished, they felt something click between them. Without even saying a word, they were in tune. Casey picked K.C. up and carried her to her small shower. It was small and cramped, but they had one final, wild fuck under the warm spray.

K.C. related all of this to Miranda the very next day. Miranda was lucky that the café wasn’t busy, because K.C. didn’t leave out much detail. Miranda thrilled to every last, lewd detail.

“There’s one last thing that Casey mentioned this morning,” K.C. told her friend. “I asked him why he’d never asked you out, you’re as cute as I am. He told me that he specifically came in to the café to see you and he flirted with you every time, you didn’t seem at all interested.”

Miranda was glad that she had put down her cup of coffee or her mug would have gone crashing to the floor.

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