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Twice as Nice

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It was a hot and humid night outside, but no one noticed. It was now early Wednesday and the party had started early Tuesday, but again no one noticed. It was Noni’s birthday and everyone was celebrating especially Noni. She was on the dance floor showing her ass, literally and it was a damn fine ass I must admit.

Ah, to be twenty-five again instead of my all too real age of fifty-three. Well, maybe not. I’ve worked and played hard for every one of these gray hairs, and I wouldn’t trade the memories or the experience for youth.

I’ve always thought youth was wasted on the young and I’m a perfect example of a misspent youth. If I would have known I’d live this long, I would have taken a lot better care of myself.

Ok, so I’m wandering, just chalk it up to a hangover under construction, and we’ll go on. Now where was I, oh yes, Noni was showing her ass. Funny thing is, I was the only one who seemed to notice. Did it happen so often as to not rate a second glance? Sorry, that ass with just the tee back of a thong covering the crack would draw second and third glances anywhere.

The crowd in here was ninety plus percent under thirty, so I can’t blame it on they’re eyesight or lack of attention span. Of course, you have to take into consideration the alcohol levels, which are pretty high and that there are two or more women for every guy. I’d forgotten what Louisiana bars were like. I thought gambling had killed them all, but I’m happy to report at least one is alive and well.

Noni was facing the jukebox with the hem of her white sheath dress up around her waist. Her hips are swaying and rolling with the music. She’s short at maybe five foot two but most of it is legs and ass. One of those nice high heart shaped asses. Her long black hair is swinging and swaying in counter point to her ass.

She bent forward and shook her ass. The tee back was slowly sinking out of sight between the rounded globes of her ass cheeks. As she straightened, she drops the hem and it slides slowly down covering the sexy show she is putting on.

There are two blondes at the far end of the bar that are hitting on the bartender one minute and each other the next. Well, maybe not but then again who cares? I came out of the closet at fifteen as a lesbian and I’ve always loved my life style. The bartender has a helper that is almost his twin and they keep swapping shirts and hats trying to confuse the drunks. Now the two blondes are hitting on the helper.

The group at the corner of the bar is now short one member. She left her lunch and probably several other peoples in the ladies room and had to say good night. That broke up the pool game on the middle table. What is it about a woman bent over a pool table in tight shorts that is so erotic? It could be that I’m an ass man and it doesn’t matter what they are wearing as long as it shows off their cute butts.

The two ladies playing pool on the back table are wearing loose slacks and I have hardly noticed, except one of them wanted to use her martial arts training on the table when she missed a shot.

Some drunk is trying to dance with Noni but she would rather dance by herself so she can turn loose.

I will say that there is never a dull moment. Well yes there is, the bartender just called last call at three in the morning, and there’s no place else to go. Damn the bad luck.

Well, what the hell, you can’t party all the time. I have to be at work tonight at seven, so I’ll sign Noni’s card and call it a night. I mean morning.

As I’m signing the card, Noni walks over to read what I’m writing. It says. “Hope you have many more and enjoy them all.”

For the first time tonight she speaks to me. “Is that birthdays, dances, or whatever?” She says with a slightly drunken laugh.

“Darlin’, you read into it what you want out of it,” I answer.

She laughs again. “I’ve seen you watching me. That last dance was for you until the drunk showed up. I wish they would ask before they start dancing with me. I had something special planned but he messed it up.”

I lifted one eyebrow and said, “Oh.” She grinned and nodded. “That’s my usual luck. If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all,” I added.

Still grinning, she took a short step back, and looked me up and down. “Maybe your luck won’t be as bad as you think. Don’t get in no hurry to leave. They usually make last call two or three times before they actually throw us out.”

Saying that, she turned and walked back down to the other end of the bar, where she had been sitting all day and night long. She was right. I had three more beer before they started to pick up the glasses and bottles off the bar.

I had been drawn into a conversation with the two lesbians. We had been laughing and quite loud. When the bartender picked up my beer, I turned to see where Noni was. She was gone. Damn, I should have paid more attention. Oh well, I guess my luck was going to be bad after all.


I walked outside to be greeted by a thin streak of sunrise to the east on this cool dewy, wet morning. I stretched, and then walked around the corner of the building toward the side parking lot. I literally ran into Noni. I wrapped my arms around her quickly before she fell.

As I got us steadied on our feet, she looked up into my face and a big grin spread across it. “I was hoping you hadn’t left,” she said before I kissed her softly on the lips. She returned the kiss for a moment before pushing me away.

“Slow down there, Tex, I still have to dance for you.” She finished with a laugh. “I was going back inside to get my birthday card but I’ll get it later. Right now I have another idea if you have a car and nothing better to do,” she said leaning against the wall and looking up at me.

I smiled and answered. “I’ve got a truck and I don’t have to be anywhere until seven tonight. It wouldn’t matter anyway, as I can think of nothing better to do than you. I mean spend time with you.” I finished quickly.

She laughed and said. “Hold that thought. I might just take you up on it later. Right now I need some coffee and something to eat.”

Seeing the grin spreading across my face, she hastily added. “Food. I mean food.” She laughed and continued. “I see I’m going to have to make myself clear around you and watch what I say. You’re sharp and witty and I like that.”

As we started across the parking lot toward my truck, she hung back a little and I heard her say, “Hmmm, not a bad ass either, for an older guy that is.” I chuckled and kept walking.

I helped her into the truck and was rewarded with a closer look at her great legs all the way up to the tight white cloth covering her sex. Reflexively I licked my lips and she laughed.

“Hold that thought also. I’ll bet you’re better than half the women in that place tonight and most of them have had lots of practice.”

It was my turn to laugh. “What makes you think I haven’t had as much practice? I’ve had a lot more time to work on it.”

With a big grin she replied, “That sounds like a promise or a threat to me. I’ll have to keep that in mind also.”

With a grin of my own I closed the door, walked around to get in the truck, and started it up. As I backed up and got ready to pull out on the highway, she slid slowly over and snuggled up under my right arm. The short dress was again high on her lovely thighs and my right hand rested lightly on the side of her right breast, covered only with thin white cloth. When I let it rest there and didn’t make a move to caress her breast, she looked up at me and smiled.

“A gentleman also? That I will definitely have to remember. There are not many of those left around, I’m sorry to say.”

She paused a moment as I reached the red light on the corner. “Left a block is a good café, the food is good, and the price is reasonable.”

When the light changed, I made the left, drove to the small restaurant, and parked in front. When I started to move my arm so I could turn off the truck, she did it for me, then turned more toward me, and pulled my head down so we could kiss gentle.

We were both getting into the kiss with no end in sight, when there was a knock on the glass next to us. We both jumped and moved apart. A girl who resembled Noni was staring in the window and grinning.

As I cranked it down as she said. “Hey girlfriend, get a room, this is a respectable place; well sort’a.” She finished with a husky laugh.

Noni laughed and shook her head. “For once I’m the one necking in the parking lot, and who shows up but Miss Who Give’s a Fuck Who’s Watching, herself.”

She shook her head again and grinned. “Trudy, meet Ray. Ray this is Trudy, the owner of the place we’re making out in front of. She’s also my boss, so I guess we will have to be good and go get breakfast. She’s also my best friend, so I can tell her to fuck off.” She finished with a laugh.

Trudy laughed and shook her head. “That’s no way to talk to your mother. Hello Ray, how did you get tangled up with my daughter?” Before I could answer, she continued. “Never mind, I figure she was celebrating her birthday and you were helping. I try to stay out of her business, she’s of age and on her own.”

She grinned at her daughter and said. “He’s a better grade of stray, than you usually bring around. A little old, but much better, dear.” With a laugh she turned and went back inside.

Noni grinned after her Mom, before turning back toward me. “Well, you passed the first two tests with flying colors.”

When I looked at her funny, she explained, “You kiss good and Mom didn’t scare you off. The fact that Mom likes you is a strike against you though.” She finished with a chuckle.

I wasn’t real sure how to reply to that, so I just smiled and kept quiet. She grinned at my silence and said, “Smart move. Shall we go eat, so Mom can look you over, she’s going to like what she sees and will probably make at least one pass at you.”

It was my turn to chuckle as I asked, “Should I take her up on it or just shine it on?”

This made Noni laugh. I got out of the truck and offered her my hand. As she slid across the seat to get out, the white dress rode up to her waist. She paused on the edge of the seat, saying, “For now, just be polite and nice. As for taking her up on it, I’ll let you know about that later, after I check out a few things about you for myself.”

She grinned as she watched me look openly at her legs, thighs, and crotch. “You aren’t bashful, that’s for sure,” she said taking my hand and stepping down out of the truck. The dress was still up around her waist and she took her time pulling it down.

“Bashful?” I said with a big grin. “I didn’t know you knew that word.” She laughed as she took my arm and moved so I could close the truck door.


Once inside the restaurant and seated in a back booth, Nina said, “Tell Mom I’ll have my usual, I need to visit the little girls room. I’ve had far to many beers since my last visit.”

I chuckled and said, “Yeah, beer has a tendency to cause that. Speaking of drinks do you want coffee or tea?”

She grinned and replied, “The bar in the casino is still open, so I’ll have another beer.”

Trudy came over to take our order. After she had it written down, she stood there a moment longer looking at me. As the silence grew, a grin spread over her face. When I cocked my head over to the side and asked, “Is there anything else?”

She laughed, shook her head slowly, and turned to go. As she passed her daughter returning from the restroom, I heard her say, “No, I didn’t make a pass at him and he didn’t make one at me.” When Noni laughed, her Mom added, “Although the thought has crossed my mind. Just remember if you get tired of him….” She let the sentence trail off as she continued on toward the kitchen.

Noni sat down beside me, cuddling up close before whispering, “You passed the Mom test.” After a moment she added almost to herself, “I’m worried about Mom though, she didn’t make a pass at you.”

I chuckled and said, “Maybe I’m to old for her tastes.”

Noni laughed and then kissed me on the cheek. “You don’t know my Mom, eighteen to eighty, blind, crippled or crazy. There ain’t a man alive that she doesn’t go for, as long as they are nice and polite.”

After a moments silence, she continued, “Well, maybe she ain’t quite that bad, but close to it. She does date a lot of different guys but she’s very picky about who she brings home, if you know what I mean.” When I grinned at her, she smiled and added, “So am I, for that matter.”

Trudy brought our food and since things were slow, she sat down with us to talk as we ate. She and Noni did most of the talking, that is. I just listened and ate.

As the meal ended, Noni asked her Mom, “Is it busy in the back?”

Trudy shook her head before replying, “Not really, just the usual bunch, and a few truckers from the motel next door. You know things don’t pick up at this time of night until the horse track opens up next month.”

“Then you won’t mind if I use the show room.” Noni asked with a grin. When her Mom raised her eyebrows, Noni laughed and added, “No Mom, I want to dance for Ray here and I need a little privacy and some music.”

Trudy laughed and replied, “I’ve seen you dance, and I know where it can lead, so don’t “No Mom” me.” She glanced over at me and continued, “Yes, you can use the room, just don’t turn on any more lights than the stage spots. Also use the door from my office, then I won’t have a lot of nosy people wanting to know what you’re doing in there.”

With this said, she grinned and winked at me. “I hope you enjoy the show, Noni doesn’t dance for just anyone normally but herself.”

When I told her, “I’ve already noticed that,” she chuckled and stood up.

“Do you dance?” I asked.

She looked down at me for a second and then grinned, before she replied, “I’ve been known to, for the right person, at the right time.” Glancing at her daughter she added, “Why do you ask? Do you want to compare our dancing styles or just see if we both like to show our asses?”

I chuckled and shook my head, “No, I was just making conversation. Although, you do have a mighty fine look ass in those tight jeans.”

Trudy laughed and turned to walk back toward the kitchen. Noni and I both laughed as she paused near the door, stuck her ass out, and wiggled it from side to side.

“Shake it Mama,” Noni said loudly. Trudy grinned over her shoulder and stepped through the door into the kitchen.

Noni chuckled and turned toward me, she studied my face for a moment before speaking, “That was nice of you. I could tell from Mom’s conversation that she wasn’t sure how to act around you. She was being way to nice and even watching her language. That’s something totally out of character for her; let me tell you. Usually she talks like she wants to and says what she thinks, in no uncertain terms.”

Nodding, I replied, “I kind of figured as much, just from listening, but I was only making conversation. I didn’t really mean anything by the question.”

Noni leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek before she said, “I know that and so does she, but she had to make something out of it or bust. When you complimented her on her ass, it made her day and also let her know that you were no prude. Although how she could have thought that, I don’t understand. You are with me after all.”

I had to laugh at that. Noni grinned and asked, “Are you ready for that dance, I promised you?”

Now it was my turn to grin as I replied, “You bet your sweet ass, I am. Let me pay the bill first though, I’d hate for your Mom to think I was a dead beat and call the cops.”

Noni laughed and said, “No, she wouldn’t call the cops, but I hope you like washing dishes.” She paused for a second. “On second thought, I don’t think you’d be washing dishes. I think she would find something much more interesting for you to do.”

She slid over and stood up next to the booth. When I was standing next to her, she put her arms around my neck and came up on her toes to kiss me. I don’t mean a little peck either, I’m just glad there were no smoke sensors around, because I know there was smoke coming out of my ears by the time she let me go and stepped back.

As I blew out a long breath, she grinned and said, “Okay, you go pay the bill and I’ll meet you in the back. That kiss was to make sure you didn’t get lost or something.”

With a wink, she turned and headed for the door to the casino. As she walked I noted the exaggerated swivel and sway of her hips and ass. At the door she glanced over her shoulder and grinned again before opening it and going inside.

Still grinning, I went to the cashier’s station and waited for Trudy. She came out of the kitchen after a moment, saw me, and looked around for her daughter.

“She went back to the casino,” I said.

“Oh, okay,” she said as she rang up my bill. “I thought maybe she had bugged out and left you as a tip for me.”

Chuckling I replied, “Trust me, you’d be better off with money.”

She held my change for a moment before handing it to me, saying, “Hmmm, I think the man does protest to much. Just do me a favor and remember where this place is.” With a grin she finished, “A man who compliments my ass is always welcome.”

I nodded and laid an extra five on the counter as I said, “I think you’ll be seeing more of me, if I have anything to say about it, that is. Noni is a nice young lady and her Mom ain’t bad either.”

When I turned to go toward the back, Trudy said softly, “For an older guy, your ass ain’t bad either.” I grinned at her over my shoulder and winked.


Noni was sitting at the bar, sipping on a beer, and talking to the bartender. As I walked across the room toward her, I noted that there were only a half dozen people scattered around the large room.

As I stopped next to Noni, the bartender asked, “Do you want something to drink?”

I thought a moment before replying, “I’ll have a beer also.”

When I had my beer, Noni leaned over and whispered, “Follow me.”

She slipped off her stool and headed toward a door at the back of the room marked, office. She entered a numeric code on a keypad next to the door and then opened the door.

Once inside she said, “Some of the people around here are real nosy, especially that bartender. It will drive her nuts trying to figure out what we’re doing in here.” Walking across the room she opened another door and indicated for me to enter the dark room beyond.

It wasn’t actually dark, once I passed through a drapery hanging over the door. There were small lights here and there around the small room. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light I thought we were in a small conference room except there was no table. Couches and over stuffed chairs were placed around the room seemingly at random except they all faced the wall to my left. That’s when I noticed the stage; it was about four feet above the floor and ran the whole length of the wall.

Noni had stood quietly next to me as our eyes adjusted and then she said, “Well, what do you think of my private little club house?”

I chuckled and replied, “It’s a nice place but a little extravagant for one person, don’t you think?”

She laughed as she took my hand and led me over to a couch directly in front of the stage. “Actually this was the high rollers club room when the previous people owned the place. Mom doesn’t believe in special treatment for people, just because they have a lot of money to throw away. She treats them all the same, rich, or poor. I think in the long run it has paid off for her; she has a lot of loyal customers. Why don’t you sit down right here and get comfortable, while I get ready to dance for you.”

I sat down as she climbed a set of steps at the end of the stage and disappeared behind a curtain. I sipped at my beer as I waited for Noni to get ready. After a couple of minutes, I sat my beer on a small table near by and leaned back to relax. A small noise from the back of the room jolted me back up right. I turned and scanned the dim area toward where I thought the noise had come from, but I couldn’t see anything. I was about to get up and go investigate, when the stage spotlights flared on the dark burgundy curtain.

The curtains slowly parted to show Noni standing with her back to me. Gone was the short white dress, she had been wearing earlier and in it’s place was an even shorter red one with a flared skirt. With the first note of the music, her hips were moving, the hem of the dress was moving wildly in counterpoint.

The back of the dress was open down to her tailbone. As she lifted her arms and worked them to the beat, the muscles in her back and shoulders rippled and flowed under the bright lights. She danced the whole song with her back to me.

As the music died, the spotlights dimmed. As the next song started, a single spot flared and Noni turned suddenly. The music had a fast erratic beat, which had Noni dancing, as I’d never seen anyone dance before. Except for maybe in a movie I once saw, “Flash dance” was the name of it, I think.

The top part of the red dress was nothing more than two wide strips of cloth that barely covered her breasts and tied behind her neck. What kept it in place as she danced was a mystery to me. The song ended and the spot died as quickly as it had started. I was stunned by how good Noni really was. I started to clap and was startled by someone else clapping right behind me. I turned on the couch and found Trudy standing there.

She grinned down at me and said, “You are someone special.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Trudy walked around the end of the couch and sat down before she said, “Noni, doesn’t dance like that for just anyone. In fact, you’re the first person I know of, besides me and a couple of her closest friends that has seen her dance this way.”

The sound of a single drum beating slowly and the flare of a spot light drew our attention to the empty stage. A bare leg, and then a bare arm shot from between the curtains, only to disappear just as quickly. The drum stopped and the light died.

There was a flare of music and the stage was flooded with light to reveal Noni standing center stage with her arms and legs spread wide in an “X.” She was totally nude except for the tiniest g-sting I had ever seen. The sound and light died again for a second before the soft sounds of violins filled the air and soft blue spots illuminated the stage. Noni came up on her toes and that’s when I noticed the ballet slippers on her feet.

My knowledge of ballet is limited to one performance of Swan Lake a good number of years ago. It was when I was in college, to tell you just how long ago it was. If it had been danced as Noni was dancing now it would not have been my last, I guarantee you that.

Her movements were so graceful and smooth, yet so sensuous and sexy. During her earlier dancing my manhood had become semi hard, but now it was absolutely ridged and trapped under the tight material of my levies. I wanted to adjust it to a more comfortable position, than down the inside leg of the jeans, but with Trudy sitting so close by, I didn’t dare.

When she made a series of running leaps, followed by a spin and a pirouette on one toe, I felt myself twitch and moved my hand to hide it from Trudy. I jumped as her hand touched my wrist; she was grinning as I looked over at her. She moved my hand and arm back where it had been; leaving the obvious hard-on I had, exposed. When she looked back at the stage, I did the same as I wondered what was going on.

Noni made another spin or two and ended up at center stage, settling into a seated bow, with her arms extended towards us as the music die. The spots slowly dimmed and went out.

I was standing and applauding before I even thought about it. I realized that this was a mistake as soon as I rose, my hard on was even more prominent than it had been and also very uncomfortable.

Trudy applauded with me for a moment before reaching over and running her fingers lightly over the material covering my problem. I glanced down at her hand and then over to her face. She was grinning broadly and winked at me.

About that time Noni came down the side steps from the stage, she had slipped a short silky robe on and she too was grinning from ear to ear. She hesitated a second as she saw her Mom but continued straight over to me.

Looking into my eyes, she asked, “Well, what do you think of my dancing now?”

“Sensational. Where did you learn to do all that?” I replied.

“You really liked it?” She asked almost shyly.

I chuckled and said, “You’re kidding right, what’s not to like? You are the best dancer I’ve ever seen. Why aren’t you doing it for a living?”

She grinned and came into my arms for a kiss. For a moment, I wasn’t sure how I should react with her Mother standing right next to us, but the passion and wildness of her kiss soon made me forget all about Trudy. She was plastered tightly against me, with one hand in my hair and the other around my waist.

My arms were around her and roaming at will over her tight sweet body. She must have felt my hardness because she shifted her hips slightly, trapping my member and leg tightly between hers. If her Mom hadn’t been there, I would have had her on the couch, right then and there if she had let me and I think she would have.

At a soft sound from Trudy, Noni and I broke the kiss. Noni took a short step back and glanced down at the front to my jeans. A grin spread across her face and she looked over at her Mom.

“Have you been playing with my toys, again?” She asked.

Her Mom laughed and shook her head, “Nope, you did that all by yourself up there on that stage. I did cope a little feel, but only to make sure what I was seeing was real.”

Noni grinned and ran her hand over the bulge in the leg of my levies before she said, “It’s real all right.” She looked up at me and smiled. “So you really like my dancing do you? I had one more dance picked out but since we have company….” She let the sentence trail off as she looked over at her Mom.

Trudy grinned at her daughter and the glanced down at the front of my jeans before she said, “Uh, you wouldn’t want to share would you?”

Noni laughed and looked up at me. “Have you ever had a mother and a daughter before? At the same time?”

I shook my head and replied, “Uh, no, I’ve never had two of anything at one time.”

She looked at me questioningly for a second, before she asked, “Would you have any problems with it?”

I grinned and glanced at Trudy before I replied, “I don’t think so; although I did feel kind of funny kissing you the way I did a minute ago, in front of your mother.”

Both of them laughed and Trudy said, “He is a real southern gentleman, isn’t he?”

Noni still had her hand on my manhood and gave it a little squeeze as she said to her mom, “I’ll share, but only if you dance for him with me on this last song. It’ll only take a second to get you ready, I know just the thing for you to wear and I know you can dance to it, you taught me remember.”

She gave me another light squeeze and said, “You sit down, and get comfortable, we won’t be but a couple of minutes. Why don’t you take off your boots and shirt, the jeans too? It’ll save time and probably make us dance even harder.” She stressed the last word and laughed.

With a big grin on her face she grabbed her moms wrist and they headed back stage. I stood there for a moment, my head spinning. I wasn’t sure about this but who the hell am I to complain. I took off my boots and socks, and then my shirt.

I undid my belt and unzipped the jeans, I stood there a second, and then with a shrug, I slipped them off and sat down on the couch. My manhood was standing up tight against my belly. I felt kind of silly sitting there on that couch in front of an empty stage totally nude.

Suddenly there was a single lone note on what sounded like a trumpet that went on and on. At the first of the sound, the room went totally dark. The horn shifted up a note and the stage lights slowly came up to reveal Noni and Trudy, standing with their backs to me. Both were nude and they look so much alike, for a moment I wasn’t sure which was who.

About then the trumpet launched into a Latin song with a rumba or samba beat. I never could tell one from the other, but they didn’t seem to have any problem. Their hips and knees started to move, as if they were one person. Trudy danced as well as her daughter; her ass was just as great looking. Her hips were a little wider but she had the same heart shaped ass. I felt my manhood twitch and I grinned at the thought of the two of them and me.

They turned toward each other and danced what I decided was a samba. They were good and I could tell they were both enjoying the dance. Trudy’s breasts were larger and moved more as she danced. Noni seemed to put more hips into each step. They came down the center steps of the stage without missing a step or a beat, ending up right in front of me as the song ended.

Noni grinned as my eyes traveled up and down her body. When my eyes shifted over to Trudy, she grinned. “Well, how do we compare?” Trudy asked.

I gave a low wolf whistle and then grinned. Noni laughed and said, “That was just a warm up, now you get the last dance.” She pulled a low stool over to the center of the open space in front of the couch. “Sit here, I think your going to like this.”

When I stood up Trudy gave out with a whistle of her own; “I have an idea that he’s not the only one in for a treat.” Noni looked at my hard dick and grinned.

As I sat down on the stool, the music started, an old bump and grind song, that I had heard many times in the titty clubs from the seventies and eighties. Noni was dancing right in front of me, less than two feet away. Trudy was behind me with a hand on each of my shoulders. Noni bent her knees and let her hips sway.

Spreading her feet wider apart, she bent backwards and raised her arms. Slowly she arched back until her hands touched the floor; now her hips were working in an up and down motion, her sex on full display before me. Trudy moved up against my back and I could feel the sweep of the soft hair on her mound as her hips moved back and forth to the beat.

Slowly Noni straightened up and was once again standing in front of me as the song ended. With a grin, she asked, “well, how do you like it so far?”

With a big grin, I said, “Damn, I think I’m in trouble.” Trudy and Noni both laughed as the music started again.

Noni moved forward and straddled my legs as her hips picked up the beat. Slowly she moved forward more until she was inches from me. Trudy was pressed tightly to my back. I was the meat in a girl sandwich. Noni put a hand on each of my shoulders and danced wildly, her body brushing mine from time to time.

When the music ended she sat down on my lap and slid forward tightly against me, I could feel my manhood trapped against her belly. “Hmmm, this is nice,” Noni said as she wiggled her hips, rubbing her mound and belly against my hard shaft.

As the next song started, she stood up and Trudy came around in front of me. They both started to dance to the slow beat of the song. Trudy reached down, spread my knees wide apart, and then moved over my right thigh. Noni moved in and over the left one.

Both women danced, occasionally squatting to rub their hot wet sexes against my leg. Noni reached down and wrapped her fingers around my shaft, running them slowly up and down its length. Trudy placed her hand just above her daughters and gave a gentle squeeze.

Four breasts were just inches from my face, so I licked at the nearest nipple, which was Trudy’s. Then I shifted over to one of Noni’s. Back and forth I went until the dance ended.

When the music died, I had a woman sitting straddling each thigh. The heat from their sexes was like a branding irons. I had been licking at Noni’s nipple and when she sat down, I sucked it between my lips and swirled my tongue over it. Her hand went to the back of my head.

After a moment, I released it and leaned over to suck on Trudy’s. Her hand went to the back of my head and pulled me tighter to her. As the pressure on my head relaxed I released her nipple and sat up straight.

Trudy softly said, “He does that rather well, don’t you think?”

Noni grinned and replied, “Yes, he does, I wonder what else he does well?”

Both girls still had a grip on my manhood, Trudy gave it a squeeze and said, “I know one way to find out, do you want heads or tails?”

Noni laughed and replied, “You pick, either way we all win.”

Trudy laughed and nodded her head, “Being an old fashion girl, I think I’ll start with tails.”

I just sat there, not believing my luck.

Trudy stood up and grinned down at me before she said, “Lets get more comfortable, what do you say?”

Noni grinned and slid forward on my thigh and kissed me. The kiss was long and passionate, my mind was in a spin by the time Noni broke the kiss and stood up.

She grinned at me as I still sat there, and said, “You can stand up now.”

I stood up and almost immediately I had a warm armful of Trudy. Her kiss was softer than Noni’s but the passion was just as intense. I let my hands wander over her, exploring as I went. She was as solid as her daughter, only in a softer curved fashion. When she broke the kiss and stepped back, I figured smoke was coming out of my ears.

She grinned and took my hand, saying, “Poor baby, he’s not sure whether he’s coming or going.”

Noni laughed and said, “Bring him over here, I think we can set him straight on that.”

When I glanced in Noni’s direction, I saw that the couch back had been folded down to make a day bed. Noni was standing there swaying to music, only she could hear. Trudy pulled on my arm and led me over to the couch.

“Why don’t you just lay down and leave the rest to us,” she said with a big grin.

I climbed on the bed and laid down. Trudy climbed on and knelt down across my thighs. She reached out, lifted my manhood to an upright position, and licked her lips. Noni saw this and laughed. “I see you found your breakfast, mom. Do you think you’ll need any help with it?”

Trudy chuckled and glanced at me and then her daughter. “You take care of your end and I’ll do, I mean take care of mine.”

Noni laughed and climbed onto the bed, saying, “I just bet you will, on both counts.”

Noni straddled my chest and grinned down at me before she moved forward until she was above my face. “Take a deep breathe, this ain’t going to hurt a bit,” she said with a laugh, as she lowered her sex to my waiting mouth.

My tongue shot out of my mouth, took a deep lick at Noni’s hot wet opening, and then traveled up the short slit to flick against her swollen clit. Her back arched and she sucked in a hissing breath.

“Oh yes!” she whispered. “He knows how to use this end.”

My tongue fluttered back along the slit to dip deeply into her vagina. About then, Trudy’s warm mouth engulfed the head of my manhood. I groaned into Noni’s sex.

Between Noni’s hot musky taste and Trudy’s magic mouth, I was lost in another world. My tongue soon had Noni’s hips jerking and twitching; Trudy was doing the same to me. In fact I was worried about coming too soon. Noni’s fingers locked onto my hair as she rode my mouth.

I was so into eating Noni that it was a moment or two, before I realized that Trudy’s mouth wasn’t on me. Then I felt a hot wet heat, tightly envelop the head of my shaft. It slowly moved down along the length of it, until I was completely buried in Trudy’s pussy.

I heard her say, “Hmmm, this end works and fits good too.”

About that time Noni groaned loudly and ground her sex against my face. “Oh yes!” she said again and again, as she came.

I felt Trudy lift her hips, the tightly clinging walls of her sex rubbing along the length of my shaft. As she changed direction and lowered herself, she said, “Oh yeah, that feels so good!”

My tongue was working overtime to stem the flow of juices from Noni’s pussy but I was way behind. I could feel it running down both of my cheeks. Slowly her fingers released my hair and she lifted up slightly, my tongue could just graze the outsides of her outer lips. She shifted forward and sat up straight before she lowered her open sex back within reach of my tongue.

I went back to cleaning up the mess she had made with a relish. She sighed deeply and said softly, “Wow. You have got to try this end. Those girls at the bar, have nothing on him, believe me.”

Trudy, who was slowly moving herself up and down on my dick said, “Darling, you have no idea, wait until you get this thing in you.” She paused as a moan escaped her lips. “I haven’t been this full in years. I’m afraid to move fast, I might hurt myself.” She groaned and picked up the pace slightly.

Noni sighed deeply again and came up on her knees all the way. She looked down at me between her legs and grinned, before she got up off the couch. She staggered slightly and laughed.

“I think I better sit back down.” When I reached for her, she laughed again and moved away, saying, “Not there, I don’t think I could take it.”

She moved the stool over next to the couch and sat down, watching her mom ride up and down on me. “Ride him, cowgirl,” she said with a grin. That’s just what Trudy was doing.

My hips were moving up to meet her every down stroke. The sound of my hips slapping her ass was loud, as was the liquid sound coming from her vagina. I reached out and placed a hand on each of her hips. When I did she leaned forward and placed her hands on my chest. Her eyes were shut and she was breathing hard through her mouth.

I could feel her tightening up inside as she made one last hard lunge against me and froze except for a quick short hunching motion of her hips. After a moment she threw her head back and groaned deeply, her hips jerking in long hard strokes against me. Why I hadn’t come by now, I didn’t know, but I wasn’t really worried about it at the present time.

After nearly a minute, her head came back forward and she laid down on my chest. She sighed deeply and a little quiver ran through her body. As she lay there catching her breath, Noni grinned and said, “Way to go, mom.”

Noni then turned to me and leaned over for a kiss. When she sat up she licked her lips and laughed, “You taste like me, I wonder why?”

I chuckled and replied, “Could it be that you tried to drown me?”

She laughed again and said, “It wasn’t my fault. It was that damn tongue of yours. It kept finding all those good spots that a girl likes licked.”

I chuckled and was going to say something, but Trudy beat me to it. “Wait until you try this end, it’ll get to spots you didn’t know you had.”

She pushed up with her arms and sat up. A funny look came over her face and she wiggled her ass. She looked down at me and said, “Damn, it’s still hard.”

Noni looked at her mom and then at me before she said in a near whisper, “There ain’t no way?”

Trudy wiggled her butt again and chuckled. “Way, daughter, way.”

Noni looked at me for a second and then looked back at her mom, as Trudy slowly lifted her hips. They came up about an inch before her insides clamped down on me.

Trudy groaned and whispered, “Oh shit!” She relaxed downward slightly and lifted again. Another couple of inches of my hard shaft appeared before she clamped down again with another groan.

She sat still for a few seconds and said, “My little pussy don’t want to let it go.”

Noni laughed as her mom lifted her hips again. She clamped down on the last inch or so and the head but continued on up and off me with a slurping sound. A shudder went through her body and she groaned loudly.

When my hard manhood slapped against my stomach, Noni said, “It is still hard.”

Trudy sat down on my hips and sighed, “You’re not telling me anything, I don’t already know.”

She opened her eyes and looked at me for a moment before she asked, “Will you marry me?”

I laughed and Noni said, “Mom!”

Trudy chuckled and said, “Well, that is if you’re not already married.” She glanced at her daughter and grinned, as she added, “I’ll share, okay. I don’t think I could handle it all by myself anyway.”

Noni grinned and said, “In that case why don’t you swap ends with me. He can clean up your mess, while I try my best to take the stuffing out of that end.”

Trudy looked at her daughter and shook her head; “I don’t think so. I came harder tonight than I have in ten years, that was before your daddy died. He was a great lover and it was only fitting that he died in bed, doing what he loved best. Me!” She ended with a laugh.

I looked a Trudy hard for a second and then glanced at Noni. She giggled and said, “She’s not lying, he did die while they were making love.” Trudy nodded when I looked back at her. I laughed and sat up to kiss her.

When Trudy broke the kiss, she sighed and pushed me back down on the bed. “Okay, I’m going to leave it to you two, I’ve got to go clean up this mess I made.” She stood up wobbly and added, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.” With that said, she blew Noni a kiss and me one, before she headed back stage for her clothes.

“Night, mom,” Noni said softly as she climbed on the bed and lay down next to me. Trudy waved at us over her shoulder as she climbed the steps and went through the curtains.

Noni cuddled up tightly against me and laid her head on my shoulder as I wrapped my arms around her. She sighed contentedly and whispered, “Well, what did you think of your first time with two women?”

I grinned and said into her hair, “Not bad, not bad at all, but who say’s it’s over?”

Noni giggled and came up on one arm to look in my face. I rolled over toward her and then rolled back with her on top. She spread her legs on each side of my hips and kissed me. Her short little slit was pressed against the head of my dick as she rolled her hips slowly from side to side, the bud of her clit rubbing against the spongy tissue.

She shivered and broke the kiss, saying, “You are something else, and don’t be surprised if mom wasn’t serious about marrying you.”

I laughed and said, “I might just take her up on it. I wonder if she would be willing to move to Colorado, so I could marry both of you.”

Noni giggled and said, “Maybe. You never know about mom.” She cocked her head to one side and asked, “Who says I would want to marry you?”

I kissed her and rolled her over onto her back. As we kissed I slowly flexed my hips, my hard shaft rubbing along the length of her wet slit. When she moaned, I lifted my hips and slowly entered her. Her legs spread wider and when I was all the way in, they wrapped around my hips and pulled me even deeper. Another moan escaped her lips, followed by a groan from me. She was even hotter and tighter than her mother.

I held still, savoring the feel of her. It only took a few strokes for us to find a slow even rhythm, her hips tilting and moving to meet my every thrust. A soft whimper from her announced the bottom of each stroke and it wasn’t long before the pace picked up on both our parts as we hurtled along toward oblivion.

I tried to hold back my orgasm for as long as possible but soon lost the battle and came with long hard jets. As the first erupted from me, Noni gave a yell and was coming as hard as I was. We were locked together, only our hips and lips were moving. I thought for a moment, I was going to pass out from the ecstasy of it all, my head swimming.

Noni’s heels were pounding a beat on my ass, as though she was trying to drive me in deeper. I could feel her insides get even hotter and the grip she had on me was almost painful, in a pleasurable way, as she milked at my manhood. This went on for a time without end.

Slowly we came to our senses and just held each other tightly. We rolled over onto our sides, still locked together, with me still inside her. With a deep sigh, she laid her head against my chest and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back until she relaxed.


I awoke sometimes later, to discover we were still locked together, a blanket covering us. Mom had been back to check on us. With a smile, I snuggled closer to her and went back to sleep. My dreams were filled with two beautiful ladies that I could call my own.

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