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The conversation with his physician was just the kick in the butt that he needed. Brian James was 59 years old, recently widowed and lost. His marriage of 33 years was a good one. He and Laura enjoyed a loving relationship and a healthy sex life. At times they were adventurous, but never what one would call “kinky”. They enjoyed “Viagra-free” sex until two years ago when Laura was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

Laura’s illness was lengthy and was marked by moments of hope, relief, disappointment, pain and ultimately her death. Throughout those 33 years Brian was a faithful spouse, not merely in the bedroom but in all aspects of their relationship. His faithfulness was manifest during their final two years together by the tender care that he gave her, spending hours with her, reading, talking, joking, giggling and crying. He never complained, (at least no one heard him complain), and when the end came he was appropriately sad, managing to tell his daughter and son that the final two years with Laura were a gift.

A few months after the funeral, Brian experienced the strange sorrow of noting how everything seemed to continue as normal with the exception of the lingering loneliness. Both his boss and his clients were as demanding as always. He still got letters and junk mail addressed “Mr and Mrs. James”. There were the 6 o’clock phone solicitations asking, “Can I speak to Laura James?” Those were the calls that touched the rawest part of his grief, because Brian wished that he could converse one more time with Laura.

There were also the moments of guilt. He was watching a cable movie and found himself experiencing an erection during a particularly explicit love scene. He took his hard cock in his hand began to rub up and down, enjoying the pleasurable sensations, knowing that not everything in his life had died. Within a few moments he shuddered to orgasm and the thick jism bubbled out from the end of his cock, dribbling down his hand , onto his pubic hair and balls. He sat in the chair, sated but strangely guilty for enjoying this moment by himself. At that moment he felt utterly alone, wishing he could share that moment with another, feeling the flesh of one next to him, glowing together.

8 months after Laura’s death, Brian had his annual physical. He had the usual issues of men his age, of which could be remedied by exercise. “Brian,” his physician began. “Everything is in good working order for a person your age, but you need to start exercising, not just for your physical health. You need to get out of the house and meet some new people. It is time to begin the next chapter.”

It was a little more than Brian wanted to hear. “The next chapter”, or “last chapter”? The thought of starting anything new bothered him. He could join a gym or health club, but they were populated by narcissistic body builders half his age. At least he thought so. And he knew what “meet some new people meant.” It meant women. This was more frightening than donning shorts and athletic shoes and stepping on a treadmill.

Perhaps it was the loneliness of the evening, rolling over in the queen size bed stretching and arm, only to hug air that moved Brian to join a local health club four days later. He purchased a trial membership and was assured that he would find others his age and fitness level at the club. “They are usually here early in the morning… before work,” suggested the young woman at the desk. She was wearing a scarlet leotard showing a hint of cleavage. Brian did his best not to stare at the breasts in front of him, but he could not help giving a glance every split second at the outlines of the nipples that this outfit failed to hide. The short conversation had its effect upon one muscle, and Brian could feel his cock hardening and pressing against the fabric of this pants. He hoped that the young woman who was having this effect upon him would not be as observant of clothing as he was.

For the next three weeks Brian showed up three or four times each week and worked out, slowly building up his time on the various machines. He discovered if he came in at 7 a.m., most of the crowd was over forty and there was a gracious acceptance of the realities of aging. He found himself comparing his body and relative fitness to the other males in the room and felt that he stacked up well against the “competition.” He did not have a large gut, and even though he was not accustomed to regular exercise, he was not over weight. He also enjoyed looking at some of the women who were regulars in the morning. He would converse in a friendly way with them, but he never bothered to introduce himself and he never asked their names. There were a few who particularly caught his attention. There was a tall woman with grey hair. Her hair was cut at a medium length and she often tied it back when she worked out. Even though her hair was grey, almost silver, she had a face and figure that defied age. He guessed that she was his age, perhaps a year or two older. One of her exercise outfits particularly caught his attention. It was light blue with thin yellow horizontal stripes. The stripes, stretched over her body accentuated her mature curves, a generous bust and a slight bulge in the tummy area. She wore shorts that clung to her butt and Brian would often try and get the treadmill behind her so that he could observe cheeks moving under the shorts as she worked out. There was the time when she finished with her workout and was facing Brian who was on the bench press machine. She took her towel and wiped her face and he found himself staring at her cleavage, noting the tanned freckled skin. He wondered where the tan line ended, if there was one. He realized that laying back on the bench he could not disguise what was occurring in his shorts and that a tent was beginning to emerge. As he sat up in an effort to hide it, she gave him a smile and a knowing wink. He was mortified.

There was also a cute pixie type woman who was probably about sixty five. She must have been a dancer or gym teacher, Brian concluded because she was in such good shape. She was all of five feet tall and he would have been shocked if she weighed more than a hundred pounds. Her hair was cut short but stylish manner and she wore a head band to keep it from her eyes. She usually wore a spandex top and it was apparent that she had no bra on, not needing it to support her rather small chest. What she lacked in curves she seemed to make up in energy and grace. When the tall one, (he did not know her name) was not around, he often looked for his pixie (his temporary name for her).

The morning workout was becoming an enjoyable routine of Brian’s life. He enjoyed how his body felt during the day and he discovered that he could focus better on work and life itself. The “eye candy” at the gym also had its effect, awakening another part of his body that now needed more regular attention. He found himself going to sleep in the evening fantasizing about “the tall one” and the “pixie”. He stroked his cock as he mused about what was underneath those spandex outfits. He tried to imagine what their breasts looked like. He wondered what it would be like to put his lips to theirs and slowly kiss them while caressing their bodies. He imagined his hands on the “tall one’s” breasts, stroking the nipples until they were hard and then taking them into his mouth, sucking them to a greater firmness and then moving his mouth down her naked body. He thought about that body and what secrets it held. What was her pussy like? Did she shave it? He never understood why women did this, and was glad Laura never did. Did she trim it? Was the hair the same color as the hair on her head? Was it thick? Was her clit large? What would she taste like? These and other thoughts coursed through his head as his hand caressed his cock, moving the skin up and down the shaft. He took his time with these fantasies, enjoying them to their fullest, until at last he shuddered in orgasm. Sleep came easily after that… and in the morning he would often find that his cock was hard and ready to go…. “Later boy…” he would muse as he got ready to head to the health club.

Brian’s trial membership was soon over and he happily renewed his membership, at full price, for a year. A few days later, while finishing his abdominal crunches, the “tall one” approached him and introduced herself as Donna. They began to visit about the club and some of the machines and during their small talk, Brian noticed that she, like him, wore a wedding band. Donna noted his furtive glance at her fingers and then asked, “would you like to join me for coffee?” It was a Friday and he was not expected at the office that morning and he agreed to meet her at the Starbucks that was on the corner, opposite the club. He offered to get the coffees and she indicated that she just wanted a decaf… “nothing fancy.” He got the same and joined her at the round table in the corner.

Donna was direct. “Why did you join the club?” Brian responded telling her about how his doctor thought it might be a good idea. He continued to talk, telling her about how he was widowed for nine months, talking continuously, punctuated only by Donna’s sympathetic nods. Brian looked down and realized that both cups were empty.

“The next cup is on me.” Donna grabbed both cups and went up to the counter. Brian glanced at his watch and realized his monologue about his recent life had lasted for almost a half hour. Donna returned to the table and the conversation continued. This time it was a conversation, with Donna volunteering that she too was a widow, albeit for a longer time than Brian. She was circumspect about her husband, but Brian gathered that it was a good marriage that ended sooner than both expected. The coffee was over and Brian awkwardly asked, “I enjoyed our visit. Can we do this again?” Donna smiled and nodded as Brian opened the door for her.

Brian did not see Donna on the next two days when he went to work out and he started to worry that his impression was not as positive as he hoped. His worries were interrupted by the “pixie” who was working on the thigh machine, opening and closing her legs, groaning as she did. The suggestion was too strong and Brian’s reaction was quick, pushing out from his shorts. “Whew…. That’s hard,” said the “pixie” as she got up from the machine, and then looking at Brian she added, “and I guess that is not the only thing that is hard.” Brian started to blush.

“Don’t worry… this is an adult club,” the “pixie” smiled. “I’m Sue.” Brian introduced himself and tried to mumble an apology for the very apparent bulge in his shorts when Sue said. “Stop it…. I am not complaining about the view.” He was taken aback by her overt sexuality but was glad to have a name for his “pixie”.

The next day, Donna was at the club working out when Brian arrived. He went up to her and told her that he missed seeing her. She said that she went to see her daughter and son-in-law and that she missed her daily workout. Brian felt a sense of relief come over him, realizing he was not the cause of her absence. He then asked, “how about coffee after our workout?”

“I would love to, but why don’t you come over to my place for a cup.” Not knowing how to respond to her invitation, Brian stuttered about having to take a shower first. “Nonsense, you can take a shower at my place. Just bring a change of clothes along.” Jim kept his clothing in a duffle in his car and agreed to stop by.

Donna lived in a townhouse style condo. The grounds were well kept and she her home was tastefully decorated with light colors. There was a small arrangement of fresh flowers on the dining table and the Brian’s first impression was that she kept a clean, tidy, but comfortable home. She walked him to the bedroom and pointed to an open door and said, “The shower is in the bathroom. I’ll make coffee while you clean up.” She pulled the door shut as she left. Jim quickly removed his sweaty clothing and headed toward the shower, briefly noting his nude body in the full length mirror. “Not too bad for almost 60!” He adjusted the temperature of the water and stepped in.

He never heard the noise in the background as he started to soap his body, but then out of the corner of his eye, he saw the shower door begin to open. He turned toward the opening door and saw a very naked Donna stepping into the shower to join him. “I thought you might need some help.”

Brian no longer had to wonder what she looked like without her spandex outfit. He caught his breath as they both took visual inventory of the body in front of them. Regardless of what our youth adoring culture declares, age does not diminish the beauty or the sexuality of a woman. The empirical evidence of this was Brian’s erect cock. Her lightly tanned skin outlined a one piece swimsuit showing a generous portion of cleavage. Her breasts were like white porcelain contrasting with the freckled tan skin. The nipples stood out invitingly. Her tummy was not the flat abdomen of a teenager, but rather possessed the curves of mature sexuality. Inches below her navel her pubic hair started. It was a darker than the silver hair on her head, thin at the top and sides, but thicker as it gathered to hide her pussy lips. She grabbed a washcloth and the soap from Brian’s hand, “let me help you with that.” Putting both of her arms around him, she pressed her body against his as she washed his back.

The warm water cascading from the shower head combined with the soap lubricated the friction of their skin as they embraced. His hands cupped her buttocks, pulling her closer to him as their lips met. Brian had almost forgotten the ecstasy of feeling the skin of a woman against his. As their kiss continued, unbroken, he forgot where he was, experiencing the timeless and placeless reality of unbridled passion seeking consummation. Their bodies rubbed against each other, the soapy water dripping between them. As they broke the embrace, their hands moved over each other, exploring and discovering. She ran her hands through the wet hair of his chest, pausing at each nipple, leaning forward to lick them, then nibble on them, further fueling his longing.

Brian moved his hands from her buttocks up her back, slowly massaging her, before moving them under her arms cupping each of her breasts in his hands. He gently massaged them, feeling the nipples harden further. She moved her hands lower reaching for his cock, taking it in her right hand, she cupped his balls with her left and gently stroked, pulling the tight skin over the length of it. Her stroking motion was more than Brian could bear and with a loud groan he shot his load against her tummy. He opened his mouth to apologize for his premature response, but she quickly moved her index finger to his lips, as if to say, “don’t apologize…. I will give you another chance.”

Donna took his hand and pulled him from the shower into the bedroom. Still dripping from the shower they landed on the bed and captured each other in passionate embrace. As they kissed, Brian rubbed Donna’s thigh and then moved up, moving the palm of his hand across the soft hair of her pussy. His finger found her lips and Donna encouraged his boldness by spreading her legs and allowing his finger to slip into her wet passion. He found her clit and gently massaged, first moving up and down and then he moved the tip of his finger over her clit in circular motions. He could hear her groan coming from the bottom of her throat as he continued his attention to her passion pearl. He broke their kiss and slowly began to nibble his way down her body, stopping first at her neck, then her breasts. He licked, sucked, nibbled, then licked her nipples, giving equal attention to both. His mouth moved lower reaching her navel. Donna put her hands in his hair and held his head to her body, encouraging him with her gyrations. When his tongue reached her pussy lips he heard her moan, “yessssss!” His tongue took moved over her clit, first slowly and gently, then he flicked it quickly. He loved her taste and the freedom with which she pursued her passion. Holding his head, she ground her pussy into his face, encouraging him to continue eating, sucking, and licking. He brought up his hand and without moving his tongue from her clit, slowly entered her with his middle finger, and began to move it in and out giving Donna a preview of what was coming. He felt her thighs starting to tighten around his head muffling the squeals that came from her mouth. Her buttocks tightened and then he felt the spasms of her love tunnel around his finger as she shuddered to orgasm.

Donna sighed and repositioned herself so that she had total access to Brian’s hardening cock. She took it in her hand and licked the tip with her tongue, licking the pre-cum that glistened from the opening. Then using her tongue she licked the underside of his cock, moving down to his balls. She expertly licked, nibbled and sucked on his cock, holding his balls in his hands. Brian was now as hard as was when they stood in the shower. Donna had his entire cock in her mouth and was moving up and down on the length taking it deep within her mouth. Brian was not sure how much longer he could last and as if on cue, Donna lifted her head from his cock and moved above him straddling him. She took his cock in her right hand and slowly lowered herself on him. He felt the head of his cock move over her wet pussy lips. Donna, not ashamed of taking her own pleasure, used his hard cock to give her pleasure, rubbing the head on her clit. She then moved forward and slowly let herself be impaled by Brian, first letting the head in then taking his fullness. Moving forward her breasts dangled above Brian’s chest as she moved her body up and down on him. They shared moans and Donna encouraged him, “I love the way you feel in me…. Fuck me.. fuck me good.” He was happy to oblige as they got into a complimentary rhythm.

Donna bent down and kissed him, not breaking the rhythm that was giving both of them pleasure. Brian held her buttocks tightly using the grip to enhance his thrusts. He looked up and saw Donna’s face contorted in passion, her neck flush with excitement. The pace of their love making increased until he felt her pussy grip his cock and milk it as she groaned from her orgasm. This was more than Brian could abide and he came hard for the second time that morning. She collapsed on top of him and gently kissed his lips, then his cheek. She moved toward his ear and whispered, “Coffee?”

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