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Praise the Vodka

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I was working my shift at the local petrol station when she drove in. I had to do a double take to check that it was really her. It had been 10 years but sure enough it was her, Mrs Ramsey my old teacher, the teacher I’d hated for her mocking ways and superior attitude, the same one I had lusted after fantasising over her big breasts, dirty blonde hair, husky voice and raw sex appeal.

If I’m completely honest it must have been because I lusted after my teacher so powerfully, with no hope of realising the dream, that I disliked her so much. Her arrogance alone couldn’t have been the sole cause for my dislike.

I watched her as she climbed out of her car and began to fill it with fuel. She was dressed immaculately in a pastel blue two piece suit with a white blouse underneath the smart jacket. Her skirt was mid thigh, long enough to be decent but short enough to display her legs, her high shoes adding to the whole effect of elegant aloofness. She was still an attractive woman; even though she must have been nearing 50 the years had been kind enough to the old bitch.

Well, well, well Mrs Ramsey, I’d had many a fevered wank whilst imagining her naked in different scenarios, my semen spitting from my youthful cock as I fantasised about filling her up with my white goo.

There was one particular occasion on a school camping trip that I saw the voluptuous teacher in a pair of cut off jeans and wearing a bikini bra on top. I can still recall how the sight of her big jugs wobbling saucily made my cock stiffen immediately and how I had to fight the urge to grab hold of her succulent tits and bury my head between them.

I could see now that she was a little plumper than before but her breasts still looked tasty enough as they pushed against the buttons on her blouse and her arse wasn’t as tight as it was but it still had definite shape to it. I would guess that she worked hard to maintain her figure and she was doing a good enough job in spite of her advancing years.

She possessed that indefinable quality of being all the more desirable for being slightly less than perfect, a quality that some women seem to cultivate as they mature and for which I’ve always had a weakness. The outward appearance of a strict librarian or stern schoolmarm; sexually charged but without being articulated almost as though the woman in question could read your mind and know that you were having lustful thoughts about her.

I waited for Mrs Ramsey to come into the kiosk, my face burning with the humiliation of having my old teacher see me working in such a dead end job. As it turned out she didn’t even recognise me, or if she did she gave no hint whatsoever, merely paying for the fuel and walking out the door with her lovely big arse swinging.

I put Mrs Ramsey out of my mind with difficulty and was attending to another customer when I noticed her coming back into the kiosk. ‘My car won’t start, can you help?’ She enquired in that husky voice once the kiosk was empty.

‘Er, sure Mrs Ramsey.’ I replied, cursing myself immediately for indicating that I knew her.

Mrs Ramsey blinked at my use of her name. ‘Were you a student of mine?’ She asked, looking at me more closely.

I nodded, my face burning once more.

‘Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you, there have been so many over the years.’ Mrs Ramsey explained and then continued, ‘It’s a pity you ended up working here.’ Her supercilious tone bringing back the feelings of dislike that I’d had for the superior bitch all those years ago. Who the fuck was she to judge me?

‘Yeah, well you go out to your car and I’ll be out in a minute.’ I replied to her. ‘My shift is finishing anyway so I just have to wait for the next fella to turn in, then I’ll get you started.’

I watched her gorgeous large arse wiggle once again as she left me in peace and returned to her car. My relief turned up shortly afterwards and I pulled on my leather jacket and collected my helmet from the back room.

I soon had Mrs Ramsey’s car started and as I put my helmet on and started up my motorbike she drove away without a second look, the uptight old cunt.

I rode the bike out onto the main road and noticed Mrs Ramsey’s car in the traffic a few cars ahead of me. I don’t know why but I thought I’d follow the bitch, just to see where she lived.

I followed for a couple of miles before Mrs Ramsey turned into a housing estate and pulled into the driveway of a large, detached house. I made a mental note of the place and rode on beyond Mrs Ramsey’s drive.

I was fortunate that it was December and night closed in very early, that meant that I could park my bike a discrete distance away and could walk back to her place in the darkness. When I arrived there was still just the one car in the driveway so I decided to conduct a bit of an exploration of her back garden to check what opportunities presented themselves. I couldn’t recall Mrs Ramsey ever mentioning a husband and kids at all, she was a Mrs but she could easily be divorced. Still there could be a bloke on the scene nonetheless.

As I climbed the fence I was hoping and praying that she didn’t have a dog that would start barking and raise the alarm. I had already overstepped the mark by following her home, but now I was right in the realms of downright illegal activity. There would be no excuse for getting caught in her back garden under cover of darkness. My pulse quickened and my stomach got that old familiar fluttery feeling as the adrenalin began pumping round my system.

I managed to creep up to her patio doors and I hid myself behind some shrubs as best I could, I knew that the light inside the room would inhibit the view to the outside and therefore meant that my hiding spot was fairly safe from being detected.

I crouched in the shadows for about 10 minutes and was just about to leave when, with perfect timing, Mrs Ramsey put in an appearance. She had changed from her smart suit and was now dressed in nothing but a big, baggy t shirt, her legs were quite visible from just below her buttocks but I couldn’t make out any detail of her breasts other than to see them jiggling undefined beneath the cotton as she moved.

My cock began to twitch at the sight of this woman who was mere feet away from me and I had to unzip myself and release my thick cock from the restraining confines of my pants. I stroked myself slowly as I watched her move around her kitchen, the stiffer I became the more my lust for her burned. I recalled the sight of her in that bikini top and how her tits had wobbled like 2 huge jellies as they’d threatened to burst free of that flimsy garment.

The teacher prepared some sort of dish for herself and left the room. Disappointed by this turn of events I decided to act when I saw a light come on upstairs. Driven by my lust and desire I stealthily moved forward and with my heart pounding in my chest I reached out and tried the handle on the patio doors.

To my utter surprise the handle moved down, the door was unlocked and I now had access to the kitchen, it was make your mind up time. I could turn around now and walk away with no real harm being done, no one any the wiser, or I could step over the threshold and into the unknown.

I could always duck out of the doors if Mrs Ramsey came back down the stairs I reasoned to myself. I was basically just talking myself into it, deep down I knew as soon as I’d climbed the fence that I would probably try to find a way inside the house. Seeing Mrs Ramsey again like that had triggered all manner of conflicting emotions within me, I was confused and not really thinking straight. If I were I wouldn’t be contemplating breaking into my old teacher’s house like this.

I crept into the kitchen, taking care to close the doors behind me. I held my breath and tip toed over to the door that led further into the house and opened it ever so slightly.

I was sure that Mrs Ramsey would come downstairs to investigate the thumping noise that was my heart pounding in my chest. I knew it was impossible for her to be able to hear it but my throbbing heart sounded loud to me as it beat madly.

I pulled the door open and stuck my head into the corridor. All was quiet except for the muffled sound of a TV in one of the rooms upstairs.

Amazed by my own daring I took a step upwards, followed by another and another until finally, I was stood on the landing at the top of the stairs. There were several doors leading from the landing, one was obviously a living room and I could hear the sounds of the TV coming from within.

If Mrs Ramsey had decided to come out of the room at that moment she would have had the fright of her life to see me standing there, uninvited in the middle of her home.

I tried one of the doors and discovered that it was none other than Mrs Ramsey’s bedroom. The madness continued as I found myself stepping into the teacher’s boudoir. I don’t know what I was hoping to achieve by being in this room, something was drawing me on but for the life of me I couldn’t say what the pull was. Even now I haven’t a clue what motivated me that dark evening, apart from the insanity brought on by lust and desire. The compulsion to take things further and further was overpowering though.

I looked through several drawers and cupboards that contained nothing out of the ordinary. I lingered over Mrs Ramsey’s underwear drawer and even thought about pocketing one of her bras but I wasn’t that far gone. Not yet anyway.

Then I made a little discovery.

I opened a cabinet next to the big bed and there I saw a collection of sex toys. It was quite a comprehensive collection of half a dozen or so vibrators and dildos of all sizes and shapes. God knew what the dirty old slut got up to, but I saw a long double ended dildo in that cabinet, amongst the other goodies. The thought of Mrs Ramsey shoving the big rubber cock into her cunt and sharing the other end with another female turned me on enormously, that was a situation I’d never explored as a youth. Mrs Ramsey taking female lovers was something I didn’t contemplate during those wanking sessions years ago.

I was crouched by the open cabinet examining the contents when the inevitable happened. As I was investigating one of the rubber cocks I heard a sharp intake of breath behind me. I turned and saw Mrs Ramsey stood in the doorway, eyes wide and mouth agape in shock as she struggled to take in the sight of an intruder in her home. Not to mention an intruder who was examining her comprehensive collection of sex aids.

‘What…? How…? B…?’ Mrs Ramsey fought to find the words. No doubt her brain was being assailed by a thousand questions at once at the surprise and shock of finding an intruder in her home.

I was pretty shocked myself and was frozen in place by the bed.

‘You’re from the garage.’ Mrs Ramsey said as she recognised me. ‘How did you get here? How did you get in?’ she continued as she slowly began to make sense of what was going on. Then she added, ‘I’m calling the police,’ finally galvanising me into action.

‘No, don’t!’ I called out and rose to my feet. Mrs Ramsey’s eyes took on a frightened look and she turned and fled from the room.

‘What can I do? How do I get out of this?’ I thought frantically to myself. I was starting to panic and a series of thoughts flashed through my mind in rapid succession. The police, jail, leave the country… Mental thoughts of prison tortured me, ‘Oh God, what can I do?’

‘Don’t call the police.’ I called out again and ran after Mrs Ramsey.

I found her in the living room; phone already in hand and just about to press the buttons for 999. I had to almost dive across the room to knock the phone from her hand. She flew at me then, presumably fighting for her life, she was that ferocious. I was knocked back by a huge slap to my face that made my ears ring and I had a surreal moment where I actually thought how funny it would be to read about this in the papers, ‘Have a go teacher: 50, beats up intruder.’ I could almost see the headlines.

My face stinging from the slap Mrs Ramsey had landed on my cheek I was forced to take hold of the fighting woman bodily as she tried to claw at my eyes with her nails.

It took most of my strength to get the better of the mad bitch but finally, after a fierce battle, I pinned her to the carpet. I struggled to keep a grip on her wrists with the one hand whilst I used my strength and weight to lie across her like a wrestler waiting for the count of 3.

‘Calm down, calm down.’ I kept repeating as Mrs Ramsey squirmed and twisted in her efforts to be free. ‘I’m not here to hurt you at all,’ I said as she ceased her fighting. ‘I can’t even explain why I came in,’ I went on in an effort to make her understand I meant no harm.

Mrs Ramsey lay still now, looking up at me, her breath beginning to return to normal, as she seemed to realise that I wasn’t going to harm her.

‘Please, let me try to explain…’ I said. ‘I really don’t mean to hurt you. I’ll let you get up and I’ll move away from you, but please don’t call the police.’ I was hoping that Mrs Ramsey would at least give me a chance to try and explain the madness that had overcome me. I couldn’t hope to get away with anything but I was now desperate for her to understand.

Mrs Ramsey nodded her head at me and I took this to mean that she would listen to me.

‘I know it must have been a shock for you to find me here.’ I said as I let go of her wrists. ‘I’m really sorry about doing it, I’m not a bad guy.’ I moved right away from the woman on the floor now in an effort to show her I meant what I said.

‘What sort of guy are you then? You sneak into my house, scare me witless!’ Mrs Ramsey snapped at me. ‘I’m a woman on her own for fucks sake!’ She swore at me as anger replaced the original fear.

My head drooped in shame as I realised just how much I must have frightened her. Mrs Ramsey struggled to her feet and regained her modesty by pulling the hem of her shirt back down. I hadn’t even noticed that Mrs Ramsey’s arse and pussy had been on view after the shirt had rucked up during our struggle. I now saw however that Mrs Ramsey kept her pussy nicely shaven as I caught a glimpse of it as she pulled the shirt back into place. Once she had regained her composure Mrs Ramsey looked at me contemptuously and said, ‘Come down to the kitchen.’

She left the room and I followed her down the stairs to the kitchen. I didn’t know what was going to happen now and Mrs Ramsey went to a cupboard and pulled out a bottle of vodka. ‘I need a drink.’ She said, pouring a large measure.

She gulped the drink down and poured herself another, I could see her hand trembling from the fright I had given her and stab of guilt and fear of what was to come knifed through my guts.

I stood dumbly and just waited until she eventually spoke. ‘Well? Explain. I’m waiting.’

After a few false starts and some ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ I explained to Mrs Ramsey as well as I could what had happened. I told her all about fancying her when I was at school, I didn’t mention the wanking though and I explained about how I had felt when I’d seen her earlier that day. I was red faced with shame when I got to the part about standing in the garden like a peeping tom and seeing her in her shirt as she worked in the kitchen.

When I was talking about the insanity of actually coming into the house and climbing the stairs Mrs Ramsey surprised me by interrupting and asking, ‘Would you like a drink of this too.’? indicating the vodka.

I stood dumbly for a second and then nodded.

Mrs Ramsey poured herself another glass and handed mine to me. I took a sip and let the liquid warm my stomach before I spoke again. ‘I really am sorry; it was madness, that’s all I can say to describe it. I honestly didn’t come in with any intent, I got carried away.’ I left it at that; there was no more I could add. Mrs Ramsey would either call the cops or she wouldn’t. I was at her mercy now.

‘You fancied me when you were at school, hmm?’ Mrs Ramsey enquired, pouring yet another measure for herself.

‘Well yeah, sure I did.’ I answered puzzled by her line of questioning.

‘What about now?’ She asked, tilting her head to one side and looking at me directly.

‘Well, I think you’re still pretty hot, yeah.’ I said bemused.

Mrs Ramsey walked towards me slowly and stopped when her shirtfront was almost touching the zip of my leather jacket. I could smell her now she was so close. The top of her head came up as far as my chin and Mrs Ramsey smiled up at me, head tilted and her eyes slightly glazed from the vodka.

‘A lady on her own like me can get very frustrated.’ Mrs Ramsey said to me, her smile disappearing as her pink tongue moistened her lips.

I was very confused now. What was happening? Was she inviting me to fuck her? I daren’t make a move in case I’d got it wrong, I didn’t want to touch her at all for fear she’d cry rape.

Mrs Ramsey removed all doubt though when she reached out and cupped her hand over the front of my jeans, giving my cock a squeeze. ‘Did you like my little collection?’ she asked and it took me a second to remember the double ender upstairs.

I didn’t reply but there was no need as my cock took an interest at Mrs Ramsey’s touch and began to stiffen.

‘My my, we’ve woken him up.’ Mrs Ramsey responded to the growing bulge in the front of my jeans. ‘Let’s get him out to play shall we?’ she added unzipping my fly. She unbuttoned the waistband of my jeans and pulled them down over my arse.

My cock sprung out, thick and stiff and Mrs Ramsey let out a small cry. ‘Oh my God, it’s really huge,” she said. Commenting on the obvious fact that I do have a pretty big prick.

‘Yeah well…’ I tailed off lamely. I was both embarrassed and proud at the same time as Mrs Ramsey complimented me on the size of my manhood.

‘Oh yes, it’s a beauty, mmmm.’ She said in a whisper and reached out a hand to take hold of me.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. One minute I was staring a court case in the face and the next my ex teacher was gripping my erection and telling me how sexually frustrated she was. My head spun at the bizarre situation I found myself in.

As Mrs Ramsey’s hand moved up and down the length of my prick she tilted her head back and offered her lips to me for a kiss. I bent towards her and pressed my mouth to hers, moments later her tongue pushed into my mouth and danced lightly with my own.

Mrs Ramsey let out a low groan and pressed her body tightly up against me as we kissed. I could feel her big bosom through the layers of clothing between us and I broke the kiss so I could remove her shirt and see her globes undraped.

Mrs Ramsey stood unselfconsciously as I studied her naked form. ‘What do you think then?’ She asked as my gaze flicked from her big breasts to her bald pubic mound and back again.

I could only shake my head as I gazed at her. I loved to see her thick labia as they pouted down at the V between her thighs, her broad hips, and heavy tits were a delight to behold. This was no giggling teenager this was a real woman. A woman built to give pleasure to a man and judging by her thick pussy lips she was a woman who had received a lot of pleasure from men too. Of course her collection of sex toys could have helped to stretch those lips as well, some of those toys were quite a size.

‘Take your clothes off.’ Mrs Ramsey ordered. ‘Quickly!’ she added as she turned and walked from the kitchen.

When I saw that big arse I began to strip in a hurry, my cock bouncing and swaying as I hopped around in the effort to get my jeans off. Once I was naked I ran up the stairs and found Mrs Ramsey on her bed.

‘Come here you bastard.’ She growled. ‘I want to suck your big cock.’

I stood next to the bed and Mrs Ramsey sat on the edge, her face inches from my hard prick as it jutted at an acute angle from my body. ‘Fuck it’s lovely.’ She purred. ‘So thick and veiny, I do love cocks that are veiny and knobbly, they’re just my favourite,’ she said as she took my member in hand once more.

Mrs Ramsey pulled at my cock briefly and then licked the shiny, purple dome of it. She licked my shaft from head to root and then back up again before she opened her mouth and took the tip of my penis into her mouth.

When she had about 2 or 3 inches of my meat inside her mouth Mrs Ramsey tickled the underside of my cock head with her tongue. I groaned out loud as she took hold of me at the base of my hard on and wanked as she sucked.

I looked down and saw Mrs Ramsey looking up at me as she pleasured my cock; she winked at me and tried to force more of me into her mouth, my girth stretching her lips tight. She knew how to suck cock and turn a guy on and I wondered what had happened to her husband, he must have been insane to let this sexy creature out of his grip.

Mrs Ramsey stopped licking me and let my cock spring from her mouth I stooped to kiss her again and I tasted myself on her tongue when the old slut pushed her tongue into my mouth.

I pushed Mrs Ramsey gently back on the bed and knelt between her feet. She lifted her feet and opened her legs for me, exposing her thick, fleshy labia to my excited gaze. I parted the lips of her sex with my fingers and ever so gently licked the flap of skin right at the bottom edge of her opening.

Mrs Ramsey wriggled as she felt my tongue at that intimate spot and she groaned in anticipation. ‘Oh baby, lick me slowly. Fuck yes, that’s so nice,’ she sighed as I tasted her body.

I licked the outer folds of Mrs Ramsey’s pussy and probed at her opening with my tongue, noting with satisfaction how her sighs and moans grew in intensity and volume. I tongued the pink nub of her large clit and pushed the tip of my finger inside her at the same time.

‘Huh, oh yes!’ cried my mature lover as I pushed her further down the road to her first climax of the night. ‘Go on baby, that’s it, that’s it. On my clit, oh fuck, yes!’ she cried out loudly, I was concentrating on everything at once as I strove to please Mrs Ramsey.

I moved up the bed, two of my fingers inside the woman, probing for her sensitive spot as I sensed her orgasm brewing. I continued to finger fuck Mrs Ramsey and first sucked one of her nipples greedily before turning my attention to her other swollen teat before finally kissing her mouth.

Mrs Ramsey was running her index finger in big circles around her clit as I kissed her, supplementing the efforts of my fingers inside her wet cunt with her own manipulation.

Suddenly she stopped kissing me and her whole body began to shake and convulse as Mrs Ramsey reached her climax. As she came she closed her legs together tightly, trapping my hand, my fingers still inside her body. I looked at the woman in fascination as her face was contorted into a grimace of ecstasy, eyes tightly closed and mouth wide open in a silent scream. Then, as her orgasm reached its peak Mrs Ramsey grunted several times and swore at me vehemently. ‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, she cried out. ‘You lovely bastard, what a face fuck! Your fingers in my cunt, so deep,’ she said as her orgasm tapered off.

I felt the pressure from Mrs Ramsey’s tightly clamped thighs relax and I was able to free my hand from her grip. My fingers were coated with her juices and I could smell the musky scent of her lust as I sniffed my fingers before I popped a digit in my mouth and tasted my lover’s outpouring.

Mrs Ramsey looked up at me, as she lay spent on the bed. ‘That was gorgeous darling,’ she purred. ‘It’s been a little while since I’ve had a man, I didn’t realise just how frustrated I was,’ continued Mrs Ramsey, stretching luxuriously as she spoke.

She shifted her weight onto one elbow and propped her head up with the palm of her hand so she could look at me. Her position caused her lovely, heavy breasts to hang low and I reached out to cup both of the beauties in my palms. Mrs Ramsey’s breasts were just beginning to show the signs of gravity’s effects, tiny stretch marks lining the sides, but once again I found these tiny imperfections only increased the mature woman’s desirability rather than detracting from it.

I told Mrs Ramsey about the time on the school trip when I had lusted over her boobs as they were barely covered by her bikini top. She reddened slightly at my remarks and laughed out loud to cover her embarrassment. ‘You should have done something about it at the time,’ she teased. ‘Maybe I could have taught you a few things besides maths,’ she added jokingly.

Mrs Ramsey’s superior attitude and condescending manner had evaporated completely by this time and my confidence grew, as I now fully understood that she had forgiven me for my stupid actions earlier that afternoon. I wasn’t sure how much of the thanks I owed to the vodka bottle but I was now thanking my lucky stars and my guardian angel for the way they were looking after me.

My cock was wilting by now, a fact that Mrs Ramsey noticed, causing her to shift position again so she could take me in hand once more. Her big tits rolled and swayed as she moved and I gulped and closed my eyes as I surrendered to the sensation of Mrs Ramsey’s hot hand closing around my shaft.

My cock soon grew back to full stiffness and the next thing I knew Mrs Ramsey had wrapped her globes around the shaft and was giving me my first ever tit wank of my life.

‘You keep telling me about how you love my breasts,’ said Mrs Ramsey as she rubbed them up and down my cock. ‘How do you like this?’ she asked and I just groaned and nodded in reply.

I could see the upper slopes of Mrs Ramsey’s boobs glistening as my cock leaked pre cum from the eye, the clear liquid smearing across her soft boob flesh as she rolled the orbs around my cock. Mrs Ramsey even ducked her chin down so she could lick and suck the tip of my cock as it reappeared after each stroke.

I watched, my orgasm beginning to boil as the teacher squeezed her boobs tightly around my penis and I pulled her head up roughly by the hair as my passion for her rose. I kissed her hard and deep, our tongues dancing once more until I could no longer hold back.

I broke away from the wet kiss and groaned, ‘Mrs Ramsey, I’m sorry I can’t hold it back. I’m going to…’ I couldn’t finish the sentence in time as I felt myself go over the edge.

The first jet of my spunk gushed from my cock and Mrs Ramsey cried in delight, ‘Oh yes, do it for me lover! Show me how much I turn you on.’ More thick cum was spitting from my cock and landing thickly on Mrs Ramsey’s tits, strands of goo hanging from her chin where I’d spattered it onto her face.

I stopped coming and my cock leaked drops of spunk as Mrs Ramsey let it slide from between her spunk smeared breasts. She looked down at herself and laughed with delight as she surveyed the mess I’d made all over her creamy, smooth skin.

‘Wow, I think you enjoyed THAT,’ she said as a drop of my semen dripped slowly down the slope of one of her tits, plopping onto her lap as she knelt on the bed in front of me.

Mrs Ramsey stood and pressed herself up against me, kissing me tenderly as she smeared my cooling spunk between our bodies. My torso was sticky with my cum when Mrs Ramsey broke away.

‘You go and get some drinks and I’ll take a shower,’ Mrs Ramsey instructed me. ‘Then I’ve got a surprise for you,’ she called after me as I went downstairs to the kitchen.

I poured the vodkas and took a shower myself once my lover had washed herself clean. When I emerged from the en suite Mrs Ramsey was stood grinning at me. ‘Ta daaaa!!!!’ she trilled as I walked out towelling myself dry. She was stood, arms outstretched as she posed for me wearing a pair of cut of denim shorts and a bikini top. ‘Now you’ve been a good boy during lessons,’ Mrs Ramsey teased, slipping into role as a teacher. ‘I think you deserve a gold star,’ she said as she advanced towards me.

Mrs Ramsey pushed her considerable chest out towards me and I gulped and looked down at those globes as they were now packaged in the bikini top.

‘They’re not the same shorts but I hope you like them,’ Mrs Ramsey said, slipping out of character for a moment.

‘They’re fantastic,’ I whispered, transported back 10 years to that school trip. Even though I’d just come I was so filled with desire and wanting for this woman that my cock began to raise again.

Mrs Ramsey noticed my interest and giggled, making her boobs jiggle like 2 jellies. ‘Oh my you are an eager boy aren’t you. Go to the top of the class,’ she said and turned away. Reaching for the vodka glass.

I feasted my eyes on her large rump encased in those denim shorts as Mrs Ramsey stood with her back to me. Fuck she was a hot bitch and she knew how to push my buttons for sure.

She turned back to face me just as I was moving towards her. I was going to feel her body all over with my hands but Mrs Ramsey stopped me, holding her hand up to halt me in my tracks.

‘Ah,ah, ah,’ she scolded me. ‘Not so fast, I want you to stay right there and just watch. Don’t be a naughty boy now or else you’ll be in detention.’ The teacher was back!

I did as I was told and Mrs Ramsey unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down over her broad hips and let them continue down to the floor. She stood for a moment and allowed me to look at her shaven pussy again before she settled on the bed once more.

Mrs Ramsey reached over and took hold of 2 of her sex toys, one was a vibrator and one was a thick rubber cock.

She then twisted the top of the vibrator and it buzzed into life. She then pushed the plastic against her clit and sighed. Mrs Ramsey buzzed her clit gently for a couple of minutes, occasionally groaning with the pleasure, her hips and thighs jerking convulsively as her nerves caused her to twitch at the sweet sensations she was experiencing.

I stood, barely breathing as I watched her masturbate. I had never seen such a thing before in my life and to observe such an intimate moment as this was beyond words.

Mrs Ramsey was beginning to warm to her task now and as she kept up the pressure on her clit with the vibrator, she picked up the rubber cock and pushed it against her labia. The thick folds parted slickly and Mrs Ramsey slid the cock into her pussy.

She started slowly at first, pushing the rubber deep and pulling it out ever so slowly so she could prolong the pleasure she was feeling. I could see the rubber cock gleaming with Mrs Ramsey’s wetness as she pulled it almost out of her vagina completely. Her pussy lips clinging to the sides of the cock, as though they were reluctant to allow the dildo to escape.

My own cock was rearing up to full length again as I became aroused at the scene before me. The sound of Mrs Ramsey’s moans of pleasure turned me on enormously and the vision of her stuffing her hungry cunt with the rubber cock increased my lust.

Mrs Ramsey’s pace quickened with the dildo and her thighs quivered and shook whilst the vibrator continued to buzz and buzz against her clit.

When her orgasm erupted it was quite a tremendous sight to behold. Mrs Ramsey panted several times; her face flushed as she pushed the rubber cock deep and held it still inside herself. The vibrator continued it’s relentless assault upon her clit and Mrs Ramsey let the waves of pleasure crash over her senses.

I had to take my cock in hand as I watched because I couldn’t take any more of this without giving myself some relief too. I slowly wanked as I stood, my attention absorbed fully by the quivering woman on the bed.

Eventually Mrs Ramsey came back down to earth. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, her face and chest flushed with a rosy glow from her climax. She let the dildo slide out of her pussy and turned off the buzzing vibrator. I saw juice slide from Mrs Ramsey’s vagina and dribble down between her arse cheeks as moisten the sheet below.

Mrs Ramsey lay with her thighs spread wide, exposing her private place to my gaze. ‘Come here like a good boy,’ she cooed at me, beckoning to me with her index finger crooked.

I knelt on the bed and shuffled towards her on my knees until I was between those spread thighs. Mrs Ramsey reached down between her legs and gripped my cock as it dangled in the air. She pulled me down on top of her by my stalk and I was laid over her body and I felt Mrs Ramsey push my cock head into her opening.

I felt the heat of her as my helmet entered her body and with a quick push from me I sank into her at last. I pushed harder and slid my full length into her. When I was embedded within my lover her eyes opened wide and she whispered, ‘Oh my, you ARE a big boy. God it feels good to have a pulsing cock inside.’

‘Fuck, you’re soaking and it’s so hot in there,’ I replied as I felt Mrs Ramsey’s cunt clenching around my cock as she squeezed herself tight around me.

Mrs Ramsey pulled a face at me and began to move her arse and hips under me. ‘Come on fuck me. Move that big prick in me,’ she said urgently, reaching for my buttocks with her hands in an effort to push more of my meat into herself.

I began to fuck the wanton slut vigorously, pulling out and slamming back into her, angling my cock as I probed her molten cunt. My belly slapped against hers as we fucked, Mrs Ramsey lifting her hips clear of the bed as she rose to match me thrust for thrust.

After a couple of minutes of this frantic coupling Mrs Ramsey pushed me from her body, my cock slipping out of her and waggling in the air.

She knelt on all fours, pushing her hips and arse high and back at me in invitation. I took hold of her broad hips and thrust back into her from behind. Mrs Ramsey squealed in delight as she felt my thick cock pushing into her. As I began to thrust in earnest I unclipped the bikini bra that Mrs Ramsey was still wearing and let her big boobs fall free. I then reached below, crouching low over her back and cupped both of those heavy jugs in my hands.

I squeezed and massaged the soft flesh of her tits and at the same time I began to kiss, lick and then bite the back of Mrs Ramsey’s neck. She went wild when I did so and began to push back against me as I fucked.

I managed to position myself so that I was actually stood on the soles of my feet but crouched low enough to be able to still feed my fat, blood engorged penis into Mrs Ramsey’s hungry cunt. The angle of my penis as it penetrated her from the position of my contortions meant that my cock was putting pressure on previously untouched areas of her tender depths.

Once again my lover went wild, using foul, obscene language as her climax threatened to overwhelm her again.

‘Come on,’ she urged. ‘Split my cunt with your fat cock. Fill me with your cream. Use me, use me,’ begged Mrs Ramsey inbetween thrusts. ‘Squeeze my tits, bite me, fuck me. Oh God I’m going to come!’ wailed the bitch as I slapped into her like we were a pair of dogs fucking in the street.

Mrs Ramsey began to convulse again in what was now becoming a familiar pattern to me and I had to grip her wildly bucking hips in an effort to keep myself buried inside her.

Once the woman hit her peak my own orgasm was triggered off and I held her even tighter, digging my fingers deep into the flesh of her broad, womanly hips. My spunk spurted from me and bathed her insides in hot jets. Mrs Ramsey pushed her face into the pillows as I filled her up and groaned with pleasure.

I pulled my spunk and juice coated cock from her once my climax had passed and Mrs Ramsey sank down to the bed, spent.

‘That felt soooooo good,’ she groaned. ‘Thank God I didn’t call the police. You can break into my house again, whenever you want,’ Mrs Ramsey said to me as my spunk dribbled out of her pussy.

I think the lady was satisfied at last but I also hoped that this was the beginning of something and not just a one off. I had plenty more to offer my slutty former teacher.

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