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Cobblers Beach

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September is a lovely time of the year in Sydney. The winter chills have given way to a blissful warm sun, but the full blaze of the summer heat has not yet arrived. It is about this time each year that my body clock decides it needs some rays to shake off the winter blues. Luckily, I have a wonderful little beach within decent walking distance of my home.

It was a lovely September Saturday that I set out for Cobblers Beach, a little nudist beach nestled away from the crowds in Sydney Harbour. I first went there with a boyfriend on a dare about ten years ago. We went there regularly until we broke up. My ex-husband never liked the idea of it, so I didn’t go there when I was married, but after the divorce I found myself drifting back to there. It was liberating. I never had any inhibitions about being naked, or being adventurous with sex, it just felt natural to me. I liked having an all over tan, and I must admit I didn’t mind the idea of men (and very occasionally women) ogling my body and trying to catch a fleeting glimpse of my bald cunt, even if the men in particularly were pretty old, old perverts in most cases. I packed a little hamper of some cheeses and some dips, and threw into my cooler bag about half a dozen Bacardi Breezers that had been in the fridge for awhile. I put on my swimming costume and a loose top and a sarong to wend my way down to the beach.

It was a walk that I always enjoyed it. Thinking about the cool refreshing water lapping over my bare skin that was waiting at the end of the walk was always motivation. As I was walking down, my mind drifted to the current lack of action in my sex life. After my marriage dissolved, I had become a bit of a fan of NSA — “no strings attached” sex. I had a busy and successful career and didn’t really need a man to look after me, but I was a highly sexed woman and needed my urgings satisfied. Yes, I did have my toys and they were certainly very pleasurable, but I loved men and I loved having a man or men eat my cunt. I had partaken in group sex a number of times, which had the advantage of a number of hard cocks available to keep a woman satisfied.

Due to my work schedule I hadn’t gone “on the hunt” either in bars or online for about three months. I thought it would be hard to top my last sexual encounter where I ended up having an impromptu threesome as the flatmate of the guy I went home with joined in. My shaved cunt was repeatedly plugged by cock for hours on end. The last week in particular I had found myself hornier than usual, playing with myself as I lay in bed before I got up for work, and again at night, which I thought of as my “nightcap”.

I went along the trail that led to the beach and emerged to find it fairly deserted, just a few of couples and the occasional single man spread out along the length. I headed over to the western corner of the beach which was always my favourite location. I put my towel and my bag down and disrobed. I do not have a models body, but it is not too bad for someone in their early thirties. I have an hourglass “rubenesque” figure, my tits could be bigger but men have never been disappointed with them. I have been told numerous times that my best physical asset is my ass. I have a pretty large ass for my body size that men always seem to love to grope and spank. I have a bit of a belly. I like to keep my cunt shaven.

After I got settled on the beach I toddled off for a bit of a dip. The water was cold, colder than I expected but it felt invigorating after what turned out to be quite a hot walk. I guessed it was a warmer day than the weather bureau had predicted. I spent about ten minutes in the water, before I got back out. As I got out I noticed that three old men had settled themselves on the beach just down from where I was, they had disrobed, out of the corner of my eye I could see their flaccid dicks and dangling balls flailed around as they got themselves comfortable.

“G’day Love,” one of them said politely as I walked past.

“Hello there,” I responded rather inanely.

At first I thought they may have been gay, but the recognised gay nudist beach (Obelisk Beach) was just down the road, and the way their eyes followed my wobbling body as I walked suggested that they were into women. Oh well I mused to myself, three nudists out to catch some rays and no doubt view some tits and ass, and maybe even a glimpse of snatch. They looked late 50s maybe early 60s, but they seemed in pretty good shape. Their deep bronze skin suggested that they were likely to be regular visitors to nudist beaches, although I couldn’t recall seeing them here previously.

I took out some nibbles and a drink, closed my eyes beneath my sunglasses, and just relaxed. An hour or so passed and I had consumed another two drinks before deciding to again wander off for another quick dip. The three old men were still there and I noticed by the looks of things they had polished off a couple of bottles of wine between them.

“Going in for another dip are we?” asked the old man who spoke to me previously.

As I responded “yes”, I noticed this man had the most amazing blue eyes, hypnotic even. The other two old men were staring at my tits and my crotch. I didn’t care; if you are going to go to a nudist beach then you should expect people will stare at you. I could feel three pairs of eyes fixated on my ass as I continued to walk into the water. I stayed in there for about five minutes before emerging and heading back to where I was. I had another drink, before dozing off on the beach. I didn’t know how long I had been asleep for, maybe half an hour I guessed, perhaps a bit less. When I awoke I realised that I had opened my legs slightly in my sleep. I had probably been affording the three old men, the slightest glimpse of my cunt. They were looking in my direction and smiling and I shifted slightly and sat up, feeling the eyes on my tits now.

“Why don’t you come and join us?” beckoned the one with the bombardier eyes.

“We won’t bite, promise,” he added playfully.

I politely rejected the offer with a coy shake of my head and got another drink out, my last one.

As I lay back down one of the men came striding through the sand towards me. I lifted myself of the ground quickly as the old man with the lovely blue eyes greeted me.

“A glass of wine for madam,” he said in a faux regal accent as he offered me a glass of white.

“It is a Verdelho from Ray’s estate in the Hunter Valley,” gesturing to one of the men still sitting down who waved back.

The man broke off the false accent and said:

“Joe is my name and that is Ray down there whom indeed does have a boutique vineyard in the Hunter Valley and has just come down to Sydney for the week to drum up some sales at the local north shore restaurants. Our other friend there is David. I’ll leave you to the wine and when I come back to give you a refill, let me know what you think of it.

I smiled and said “thank you”, marvelling at how close up his eyes looked even more dreamier than they had done from a distance. As Joe straightened up, I noticed two other things. First, his cock was quite large. Second, it was partly erect and waggled tantalisingly out in front of him as he trotted back to join the other two. Being near my naked body had obviously turned him on.

I sipped the wine and it tasted divine. I am no wine connoisseur but this tasted tantalisingly crisp and fruity, just like a good Verdelho should. I gave an appreciative smile to the three of them and continued sip it. As late afternoon was approaching I noticed that most people had vacated the beach. But I was in no hurry. I had been working hard and deserved an extended laze and felt extremely light headed from my imbibing. As I continued to sip my wine, Joe returned carrying an opened bottle of wine, his now flaccid penis jiggling as he walked.

“A top up my lady,” he said in that faux accent again.

I offered him the glass and he filled it.

“Why don’t you come and join us after you have finished this glass and we’ll give you another top up.”

I gave an uncertain nod.

“What’s your name by the way,” Joe asked.

“Jocelyn,” I replied.

“Pleased to meet you Jocelyn, we would really like your company for a little tipple. Ray would really like to hear what you think of this drop. He is really hoping to do well in the upmarket eateries with it.”

“Okay,” I said almost without thinking. The alcohol and the charm offensive from Joe had done their trick. Also, while these guys were old, the sneak peaks I had taken of there bodies showed that they were in very good shape indeed. I was not fully aroused, but I was disinterested either.

“Great, do you need a hand packing your things up?” Joe replied.

“I’ll be fine,” I said

I packed up what little I had carried with me and I made my way the short distance down the beach with Joe carrying my wine glass to where the other two sat. I realised I was more drunk than I initially thought as I felt I swayed slightly as I walked. Apart from the four of us the beach was almost totally deserted, there only appeared to be one couple at the other end.

As I approached Ray said: “Welcome, how did you like my latest drop from the vineyard”

“Loved it” I said as I put my things down began to spread my large towel out, careful to keep my legs together.

We made small talk for quite awhile, in fact we got on like a house on fire. Ray chatted effusively about his vineyard and his wines. We talked for about an hour as all three of them at various stages eyed off my tits and tried to steal a glimpse of my cunt. For what it was worth, my straying eyes checked out the three cocks as well, the beauty of a nudist beach – no guess work. It turns out these three guys came down to Cobblers every month or so during the warmer part of the year. These three were real charmers. I must have consumed another four or five glasses of wine. And as we were talking, my mind drifted to whether I would consent to fucking these guys or not. I had been with three guys once before, and had been in about half a dozen threesomes. My recent lack of dick and the alcohol I had consumed meant that I was now thoroughly drunk and outrageously horny. Joe was sitting closest to me and as he reached to fill my glass again, I saw that his cock was hard. It was clear that he was thinking about fucking as well.

He smiled mischievously as he noticed me staring at his big erect cock, and said:

“See what your body has done, you’ve gone and made my dick hard.”

“You’ve made all of our dicks hard, see” added Ray.

Both Ray and David were lying back grinning at me, now holding the base of their cocks and pointing them skyward. I feigned shock, but my more than lingering gaze, gave it up for what it was.

“Now Jocelyn, how this pans out it is entirely up to you. We obviously want to fuck you, and fuck you here and now. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this is what you want as well. Now we be older than most that you have fucked, but we are experienced. We will lick your pussy…

“Cunt,” I interrupted, “Call it a cunt, and I want you to fuck my cunt with those perverted old cocks”.

“Very well then, cunt it is” continued Joe with a devilish grin, “Let us see this cunt of yours properly then.”

As all three gathered around me, I opened my legs as wide as I could and spread my cuntlips. Providing an unimpeded view of my cunt.

“Fuck, look at those big cuntlips,” grunted David.

I held the “pose” for quite about a minute and started to tickle my clit with my fingers. As I looked at the three of them, they all had their hands on their cocks, stroking them slowly. This was the best view I had had so far of the hard cocks of these three and I wasn’t disappointed. Joe’s was the biggest, probably about eight inches, maybe a shade more. David’s was probably about six and a half or seven and had a lovely curve to it which I knew would be able to torment my g-spot. Ray’s was about the size of David’s but fatter with a large and juicy looking bulbous head.

I nodded and then blurted out: “I need to pee.”

“Why not right here,” replied Joe. All three starred at me waiting to see what I would do.

Without responding I got up off, squatted and in front of these three men, and after a brief second, I let go a stream of warm piss then and there on to the sand. I was busting to go, and a fast and steady stream of piss flooded the sand. As I finished and stood up, Ray suggested we could pack up and move closer to the line of bushes at the back of the beach. I didn’t care about where we went on the beach, but Ray was adamant. At breakneck speed, we grabbed everything and started to move the short distance, I did more staggering than walking, and to assist Joe scooped me up and carried me and whispered filthily into my ear.

“Your cunt is ours to devour now. We are going to fuck that young cunt of yours, fuck it over and over. Fill it full of cock and cum. We are going to give you orgasm after orgasm and in return you are going to let our big old cocks do what they want to you. Do you understand Jocelyn?

I murmured a lust filled “yes”

Ray had stopped near the bushes and was laying out the towels. Joe put me down on my back and almost involuntarily my legs sprung open. Without hesitation, Joe got himself between my legs and started eating my cunt fiercely. He had promised my cunt would be devoured and he was delivering straight away, he was consuming me., virtually chewing on my cuntlips with his mouth. He had all the cuntlicking tricks. He then proceeded to hold my cunt open with his fingers, and lay his tongue hard and flat against me and rubbed it vigorously over me. He then launched his mouth at my clit with pinpoint accuracy, grasping my clit between his lips hard and pull on it as it slid between them.

Meanwhile, Ray and David were either side of my mouth and were pressing their cocks down to lay against my mouth. The two cocks were occasionally touching as I did my best job to slobber over both of them, as I myself started flailing as my orgasm approached. Joe was now sucking on my clit like a vacuum cleaner and it felt like he was going to inhale my cunt. My orgasm started to thunder through me. Convulsing, squeezing Joe’s head between my thighs, I screamed out loud in uninhibited ecstasy, the sound of climax no doubt carried a long way by the gentle seabreeze. Joe kept sucking my clit all the way through my orgasm before finally relenting as I squirmed away from his face as my overstimulated clit needed a little time to recover.

Joe lifted his head from between my thighs and spoke.

“I hope that was a nice start for you. Your cunt was very tasty and those big lips were so juicy, but now you’ve got some work to do haven’t you?” he asked rhetorically, gesturing to the two rigid cocks that were still near my face.

I got up, knelt, and then beckoned David and Ray over closer. There I was in public sucking on two dicks. I was sure before that I might have heard some movement in the bushes. It could have been some sort of animal, or it could have been another pervert watching us. I didn’t care if it was the latter. What little natural inhibition I had, had been drowned in the Verdelho and blurred by arousal.

Both men stood either side of my face. I slurped on one cock then the other. Loving the feel of Ray’s big cockhead, I think it was the biggest I had ever had the pleasure of sucking on. I mischievously rubbed the two cockheads together before chewing on both of them at the same time. Both men had grabbed a tit each and were squeezing and kneading them and pinching and twisting my nipples hard. I wanted these two to cum over my face and tits. I deep throated one cock and then the other, inching my tongue over the shafts as I withdrew, squeezing my lips hard against the head as I popped each one out of my mouth.

Ray was the first to go. He started pumping his shaft hard with his fist. It was a blur until he stopped abruptly, grunted deeply and from his fat cockhead he launched a spray of the thickest cum I had ever see. It landed on my cheek and the side of neck with an audible splat and I felt it just cling there. David quickly followed suit, a fountain of cum arched from his cock and landed across my lips and chin, and slid down on to my tits.

Seamlessly, Joe then moved around in front of me, grasping the base of his cock and holding it straight out, and asked me to put my hands behind my back, close my eyes and keep my mouth open. As I did so I felt him put his cock into my mouth, feeding it to me, as I gagged slightly from the length of it, he withdrew, before commencing again. I expected him to cum but he didn’t. Instead he asked me to kneel on all fours and face the ocean. I expected Joe to just slide his cock in and fuck my cunt, but he didn’t. He spanked my ass, a stinging blow that made me jump. First one cheek, then the next. Then he grabbed my asscheeks and spread them wide and held them there. I could feel the breeze whispering across my exposed cunt. He did this a number of times. David started busying himself to my side and then went and stood next to Joe. I gasped as I felt something hard and cold slip between my cuntlips. I clenched hard and twisted my body around far enough to just see that it was the neck an empty wine bottle was being slipped into my cunt, slowly and deeply. My cunt expanded to accept the widening neck as the bottle bottomed out. The bottle had obviously been lubricated as it slid in smoothly. After a couple of thrusts, David pushed it in again as far as it could go and Ray spread my asscheeks again and told me to push it out with my cunt muscles. David let go of the bottle and I contracted my cunt and expelled the bottle quickly. I was asked to do this a number of times and I could feel that my cunt was gaping open more and more after each expulsion of the wine bottle.

Again I thought I heard a rustle in the bushes and I thought I heard a muttered groan. Now I almost certain there was another perv, and perhaps more than one, watching me with these three old men, watching my cunt being spread open and no doubt wanking there cock or cocks.

David then fucked my cunt vigorously with the bottle for about thirty seconds before whipping it out and then Joe said

“Now sweetheart, I’m going to stick my old cock into your juicy young cunt.”

Joe shuffled around and although his cock was big, the bottle fucking had opened me up. His cock felt warm after the coolness of the bottle and the feel of flesh rather than glass was a delightful contrast. Joe fucked me hard as the other two moved up my torso and started to fondle my swinging tits. He slammed rhythmically into me, there was a loud slap each time our bodies came together as Joe plunged in balls deep. I didn’t think he’d last long but I was wrong, his cock was relentlessly pummelling my willing cunt. David and Ray had grabbed my nipples with a vicelike grip and held them still as the rest of my tits jiggled and shook as Joe fucked me.

Just as I thought Joe was never going to stop, finally he started to pant and groan, I knew he could be far from spurting his semen into my cunt. He screamed out as he bucked forward hard, nearly knocking me over, and I felt his dick spasm and a flood of warm cum flow into me. His dick kept twitching inside me, pumping more fluid into me. He kept his dick inside me for quite awhile. David and Ray moved around to my backside, as Joe slowly withdrew his now softening cock. There must have been a huge amount of sperm inside me, I felt it dribble out; almost rush out, as Joe’s cock vacated my cunt.

“Fuck,look at the cum, that’s a fucking huge creampie,” said Ray.

I contracted my cunt muscles and felt more cum bubble and flow out as my cunt made a farting sound.

“That’s one soiled cunt” said David appreciably.

“Just the start, perhaps” added Ray.

With little further ado, I again felt hands on my hips and bum and the probing of a hard cock around my cunt. Ray slid his dick inside my cunt that still had Joe’s gametes oozing out of it. There was a squelchy sound as Ray slid his hardened cock right into me. I then felt a slick finger at my bumhole, poking my anal entrance firmly, but unhurriedly. Ray had his cock buried in my hairless cunt and just rocked back and forth gently as he went to work on my anal opening. I felt him dip his finger tip between the clenching sphincter before withdrawing and then repeating the stimulation, gradually slipping more of his finger into my anal cavity.

Once he had worked his entire finger into me, he started to finger fuck my anus in smooth strokes with a single digit. All the time his hard cock was embedded in my gooey cunt, slowly sliding in and out, his cock withdrawing nearly all the way out, before teasingly sliding all the way back in. Without warning a second finger plunged into my bum alongside the one that had been buggering me. I gasped at the surprise sensation of further girth in my bumhole. My asshole was now being briskly fucked by Ray’s fingers as his cock filled my cunt.

I could feel another tumultuous drunken climax build, but then Ray took his fingers out of my bum and his cock out of my cunt. It was only momentary disappointment as I felt his cockhead at my well primed bumhole. With little effort my anus accommodated Ray’s dick and he spread my asscheeks wide, no doubt to accentuate the ribald view of his dick disappearing and re-emerging from my anus. There was some more movement behind me and then I felt fingers reach under me and start to rub my cum infused cunt as Ray fucked my bum. The fingers zeroed in on my enflamed clit and started to wickedly and expertly run around the edges of it and then squeezing it deftly. I couldn’t hold off any longer, Ray was getting more urgent with his bum fucking and the fingers on my clit were sending me insane with lust. I started to climax uncontrollable, an orgasmic spasm that consumed my entire body. I was only peripherally aware of Ray reaching his own orgasm inside my anal cavity. I collapsed forward in a post orgasm daze, Ray’s cock slipping out of me and a torrent of sperm being released from bumhole.

I was exhausted but not satiated, but I needed to catch my breath. Joe bought me a plastic cup of water before telling me that they still had more in store for me. Both Joe and David’s cock were fully erect again. Ray’s cock was partly flaccid and clearly sticky after fucking my ass, cum matted through his grey pubic hairs.

As I sat there I looked down at my cunt. My entire vulva was reddened by the stimulation, in particular my cuntlips. Sperm had either partly or wholly dried on my skin in rivulets. I wasn’t left to my own devices for very long though. David got up and stood behind me, shifting me to face more or less the bushes again, and commenced massaging my tits while resting his rigid cock against my back. Ray and Joe looked on from either side of me as David’s fingers encircled and teased my tits. Cupping them and then squeezing them firmly, tweaking the nipples with a pincer like grip, all the while, his hot cock pressed against my back.

I was starting to get seriously aroused again. David whispered in my ear that he was going to lay down and he wanted me to mount him while I faced the bushes. He removed his hands from my tits and I got up as he laid down and got himself comfortable. He held his dick upwards as I straddled him. As I grabbed his cock and moved it against the opening of my cunt he said.

“Wrong hole my dear. I want to fuck your ass.”

I had had plenty of anal sex over the years but had never taken up the bum from on top. Sensing my uncertainty, Joe and Ray helped me get into position and held me underneath my thighs above David’s cock as he positioned it against my anal opening. The two other men lowered me slowly to begin with as David’s cockhead pushed past my sphincter, suddenly both Ray and Joe released their grip and I dropped down sharply, impaling myself on David’s cock, gasping as I did so.

To begin with things were a bit awkward. David asked me to lift myself up a bit, relax and stay still to begin with. I lifted myself up until it felt like about half of his cock remained inside my bum. He then grabbed both asscheeks and started to lift his pelvis up off the beach and in staccato jabs started to fuck my anus. As he did this and I relaxed and got use to the position, his cock slid into me more smoothly. Joe and Ray stood either side of me, watching my bum being fucked, commenting on how debauched I was and how good it looked to see my hot ass being fucked.

David then stopped and asked to put my lower back against his belly, while keeping his cock wedged inside my bum. I did so, and David reached around and held me from underneath my thighs, and took some of my weight, before asking me draw my knees up and outwards. My bum was now skewered by his lovely cock. This was much more comfortable. David was now able to slide the full length of his cock smoothly into me and he did so, fucking be strongly. I could almost feel the unknown and unenumerated pairs of eyes in the bushes, staring at me being anally fucked. Maybe it was just my drunken imagination, maybe it wasn’t.

David then stopped fucking me momentarily, as he shifted us both around slightly, as he did so he said, “Get reading for a pounding Jocelyn, we have been only warming up, boys he said to Ray and David, here comes some gape.”

With that he fucked my anus hard, pistoning into me. It may not have been for long but it felt longer than it was as I held my breath. As I screamed through gritted teeth, he all of a sudden whipped my ass of his dick and spread my asscheeks wide, displaying my open asshole to Ray and Joe (and maybe those in the bushes). It was rough sex, but I loved it. Another three times I was fucked hard and then had my open bumhole displayed. Both Ray and Joe had started tugging on their cocks as I was thoroughly buggered by David. Finally he fucked me hard again, this time pushing himself over the edge and cumming inside my distended anal tunnel.

As I was lifted off his cock, I felt more sperm run from asshole and I looked down to see David’s cock covered in cum.

It was getting dark and a little cool by now, but the lingering sunset still shed a soft glow across the beach. I was given another glass of water and a little time to savour the wonderful sunset. I knew though that the old pervs hadn’t finished with me and that I wanted to climax at least one more time as well. Joe this time laid down on the beach and beckoned me on top of him. His big cock again slid into my welcoming cunt and I rode him, grinding into him, stimulating my clit against him as I did so. Ray moved around and thrust his cock towards my mouth. As I continued to fuck Joe, I sucked Ray, tasting the dried cum from before.

I started to climax again, furiously fucking Joe’s big cock. Each time I rammed myself down against him, it was like an electric shock as my cunt accepted all of Joe’s big cock and my clit was stimulated. My eyes lolled back in my head and I arched my back into a near impossible angle as I gripped the embedded cock inside me with my cunt. My scream was long and loud, a crescendo of lust that I am sure would have been heard several suburbs away. I convulsed and flopped forward as I slid down from the pinnacle of my orgasm. Joe had not yet cum, he had weathered my orgasmic storm and his hard cock was still nestled inside me.

“One more surprise for you, my dearest, one more surprise.”

Ray had moved to my bum and was fondling my asscheeks. I expected to now be double penetrated, something that I had experienced a number of time and enjoyed. Joe shifted around and had me lean and push myself forward. As I did so I was waiting for Ray’s cock to sink into my battered bumhole. I was wrong. I felt his fat cock probing at my already occupied cunt. Fuck, could my poor vagina take this, I asked myself. The answer was yes. With a huge thrust, Ray pushed his cock into my cunt, alongside the existing inhabitant. I screamed and bit my lip at the intense sensation of being filled by so much hard cock. It was my first time having two cocks inside my cunt simultaneously. I am sure it wouldn’t work with less experienced suitors, but my Cobblers Beach colleagues were just wonderful cocksmiths.

I just groaned as Ray started moving his cock into me, sliding it alongside Joe’s. I tried to relax my cunt as best I could but the girth was eye watering. I grunted with each stroke. Joe had been fairly still but after only a minute or so he started bucking upwards. I looked into his eyes and saw the lust filled gaze of a man about to cum. His eyes closed and his neck arched as he thrust hard against my body. He slumped back, spent, but Ray continued to fuck my clogged cunt. He didn’t last much longer either, shooting a load of semen to mingle with Joe’s inside me. Both evacuated my cunt quickly, which released another torrent of cum from my over exerted sex organ. As I looked up in the almost faded light, I could see that Ray and Joe’s softening cocks were glistening with shared seed.

I was comprehensively spent. My gluttonous cunt thoroughly satiated. My poor bum was sore from the spankings and the immense penetration. I was still drunk and thought that I had had enough and it was time to go home, shower and sleep it off. My three old pervs looked spent as well, the impromptu coupling was reaching its denouement. It was now dark and we all agreed to pack it up. We all dressed ourselves and the three of them walked with me through the track and back to the street. They offered to walk me home, but I was fine and we bade farewell. Ray gave me his card and told me to ring anytime if I needed a lazy day livened up.

I walked home slowly and gingerly. I was tired and a little sore, but I had no regrets. It was without doubt the most debauched sexual escapade of my life, fucking three old men in public, but I am a confident and liberated woman who loves no strings attached sex. A few days later, I started masturbating again, my mind replaying the events and wondering how I could top the escapade. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

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