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Cleaning Katy

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I thrust my cock deep into Kate’s slippery wet pussy. As her internal muscles clamped hard round my erection, I groaned as I came. I spurted my load of sperm deep inside her tight little wet pussy.

Kate and I have been married for ten years now. I am aged 34 and Kate is 30. We both have good professional jobs, which between us earn a good income. We haven’t any children yet, although I know that Kate sometimes feels a little broody.

I suppose that now we are both in a financially stable position, children will be the next natural progression in our life. Unusually, in this day and age, Kate was a virgin when I met her and to this day she has only experienced my cock. I had some previous sexual experience before I met Kate but I was not especially promiscuous and can count my lovers on one hand. Kate looks fantastic with a great trim figure. She has always looked after her body and is in good shape from working out at the gym after work at least twice a week. As she has not had any children her breasts are still perky and her pussy nice and tight. I know I am a lucky man and appreciate what I have got and look after her.

“That was great,” Kate said. “I really felt it when you came. Your sperm felt so warm erupting really deep inside of me.”

“Thanks my love,” I replied. “I love coming in your tight little juicy pussy.”

“Go on then, I know what you want to do now.” Kate said.

I smiled at her as I moved my head down to nibble on her hard engorged nipples, after all our years of happy marriage we seemed to know each others sexual desires and needs so well. I trailed my tongue downwards teasing the nipple on her left breast before I left a trail of saliva over her soft flat belly.

“Keep going downwards lover,” Kate said as she gently pushed the top of my head down towards her thighs, which she was eagerly spreading open in anticipation of my probing tongue.

I moved downwards until my face was only inches away from the soft pale flesh of her spread thighs. Her pussy lips were red and swollen from the fucking that I had just given her. Her pussy was gaping open and I could see our slippery mess beginning to seep out from deep inside her. Kate keeps her pussy hair well trimmed. She regularly shaves the area round her pussy lips completely smooth, but leaves the area from her clit upwards over her mound naturally hairy. I took in a deep breath filling my lungs with her heady female musky aroma mixed with the more bitter fragrance of my sperm.

“Hurry up and lick my pussy,” Kate said. “Get you tongue right inside me and make me come again.”

I didn’t need much encouragement from Kate and enthusiastically pushed my tongue out and ran it up the length of Kate’s open wet gash, from her puckered little asshole to her clit. She moaned as I made contact with the soft slippery flesh.

“Oh yes, taste me,” Kate said as she used both of her hands on the back of my head to pull my mouth, and face, deeper into contact with her smooth wet pussy. “Clean me up,” she whispered.

I licked and sucked on her pussy, savouring the taste of our sticky combined lovemaking juices. As Kate used her deep internal pussy muscles to push out my still warm sperm from deep inside her I willingly swallowed the sticky mixture down. I felt my warm salty sperm coat the inside of my mouth and then line the back or my throat as I gulped the clammy mixture down. As I had eaten most of the juices from inside Kate’s pussy I now concentrated on licking her sensitive little clit. By Kate’s moans I knew exactly how much pressure to apply with my tongue as I gently nibbled on the hard little button. I moved my tongue in a regular circular motion round her clit, and by the bucking of her hips knew that she was about to come.

“Yes,” Kate moaned. “Please don’t stop.” She said as her breathing became heavier and more erratic. “Yes, yes, yes” she moaned as her sweaty thighs clamped tightly round my head, and she shuddered as an orgasm ripped through her body. As her orgasm subsided and her thighs released their pressure on my head I moved up the bed and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

“You tasted really delicious tonight.” I said.

“Your kiss tastes a bit salty!” Kate laughingly replied.

Since my teenage years I have had a fetish for what are now termed cream pies. I find it very satisfying to suck my own sticky sperm out from a freshly fucked juicy pussy. I enjoy eating the wet mixture of pussy juice and sperm, feeling it coat the insides of my mouth before swallowing it down and tasting it. I believe my fetish started with my first lover when I was a teenager. She was on the pill, so we used to fuck when ever we could without a condom, as she used to get off by feeling my hot sperm spurt deep inside her when I came. We used to fuck every where we could, such as, out doors in the park, or in the back of my car, or in her house on the rare occasions when her parents went out and left us alone. When I had shot my load inside her and filled her up with sperm we then had the problem of her dripping hairy teenage pussy. She could not go back to her parent’s house with my sperm freely running out of her pussy through her panties to coat her thighs and legs, so we found that the only solution was for me to go down on her after we had fucked and clean her up. She loved this as not only did it make her presentable to go home but gave her another orgasm as well. Thus in my teenage years I got used to the idea that I would only get laid if I was prepared to eat mouthfuls of my warm fresh sperm afterwards.

Now that I have married my lovely Kate she indulges me in my fetish, and she knows that if she lets me go down on her after we have made love, she will also always get to have another orgasm as I lap up our hot sticky juices from inside her pussy.


About a week went by until we made love again. This time Katy was in one of her more dominant moods and she impaled herself on my hard cock and powerfully rode me. I loved it when she did this, enjoying the sensations as she controlled the pace of our thrusting and ground her pussy down on my cock. She arched her back pushing her head backwards allowing me caress her bouncing tits and roll her hard little nipples between my thumb and finger. When Katy had come and I had spurted my sperm inside her, she quickly straddled my face using my mouth and tongue to grind her smooth mushy pussy on. She pushed all of my sperm out of her pussy and coated my face, mouth and chin with the slippery mixture of our sexy juices watching as I swallowed down the sticky mess.

As we lay together in our large marital bed afterwards, relaxing in the afterglow of our sex Katy turned and asked me “What exactly does it taste like?”

“What do you mean?” I tiredly replied.

“You know the sticky, juicy, gooey mess inside me.” Kate said.

“It tastes warm and totally delicious,” I told her.

“I know what your thick sperm tastes of, as I’ve swallowed it down before when you’ve let me suck your cock, but is it different when its in my pussy?”

“It tastes sort of warm, gooey and a bit salty,” I said, “but also runny and very sexy as it’s also mixed up with your hot juicy wetness.”

“Can you actually taste me?” Kate asked.

“Of course I can,” I replied. “You are a sort of musky sweet taste mixed together with my more bitter sperm. You have a very distinctive woman taste and you are delicious.”

“I’d like to taste it as well.” Kate said.

“That would be impossible,” I laughed. “You can’t bend yourself in two to lick your own pussy.”

“I know I can’t, but I’m really serious. I would love to know exactly what a wet pussy full of sperm actually tasted like.”

“I could use my fingers to get some sperm and juices out from deep inside your pussy after we have made love and feed it to you. You could suck our yummy juices off from my fingers.” I said.

“That would be nice love but it’s not the same as putting your tongue inside a wet pussy and sucking the cream pie out like you love doing is it?” Kate said.

I turned and looked at Katy as I knew by the tone in her voice that she was being serious. We had often talked about our sexual fantasies before as we had a very open honest relationship, but this was the first time that Katy had mentioned tasting a cream pie from a pussy.

“What exactly do you mean love?” I asked her.

“You really enjoy eating up our cream pies and I’d like to know what it’s like as well, I’d like to experience it.”

“You can’t reach your own pussy and you don’t want to lick the juices off my fingers, so do you mean that you want to eat my sticky sperm out from someone else?” I asked her.

“Yes I suppose that I do.” Katy said. “That’s exactly what I mean, I want to lick and taste a sperm filled freshly fucked pussy.”

“God.” I said. “I can’t quite get my head around this Katy. Are you being serious or just winding me up?”

“I am deadly serious and while we’re talking about sex, there’s more,” Katy said.

“What do you mean there’s more?”

“Well it really turns me on and makes me really wet and horny imagining what it would be like watching you making the cream pie with someone else.”

“You mean you fantasize about me making love with someone else to make a cream pie for you to eat up afterwards.” I asked Katy.

“Yes,” she whispered to me. “I do, isn’t that really shocking?”

This was all a bit much for me to take in and to be honest it came as a bit of a shock. My lovely wife was telling me about one of her fantasies where she wanted to watch me fuck another woman then eat my sperm out her pussy so that she could experience exactly what eating a fresh cream pie was like. However Katy talking openly like this was very arousing for me and my cock was getting hard imagining the fantasy situation.

“I don’t think that I’ve suddenly become a full blown lesbian,” Katy said. “I’m just really curious and want to share with you what it’s like eating up a cream pie from a pussy. You really seem to enjoy it and I think that I would do as well. Also I get really aroused imagining what it would be like to watch you making love with someone else to actually make me the cream pie. It always makes my pussy get really wet just thinking about it.”

I laughed when Katy said that. “The fantasy is usually the other way round love. It’s the man that’s supposed to get off watching his wife fuck another man.”

“So, what’s wrong with having it my way round where the wife does the husband watching?” Katie mischievously asked.

“Nothing I suppose,” I said. “You can have whatever fantasy you want if it turns you on.

Katy turned to look me directly in the eyes and said, “It’s not a fantasy though. I want it to actually happen! I want to actually do it. I want to watch you then eat a juicy cream pie.”


Since Katy had confessed to me that she wanted to watch me make love to another woman, and then eat up the cream pie from her we had talked about it much more. Katy told me that she had been thinking about it for a long time and that she would sometimes fantasize about it when we were making love. She said that she got really wet and turned on imagining what it would be like to actually watch as my cock thrust into another pussy. She said that she wanted to watch up close as another wet pussy enveloped my hard cock. She wanted to watch me come inside another woman, then after I had pulled out clean up the messy cream pie, savouring the fresh juices on her tongue.

After a couple of weeks or so, and after much discussion together I had got over the initial shock of Kate’s fantasy, and even more the shock that she would be prepared to carry it out. We talked about it actually happening and how we both might feel if it did. We both came to the conclusion that if it made Kate happy to ‘husband watch’ me fuck someone else, then I would also be happy to do it. I also told Kate that it would be very horny for me to watch her eat my cream pie out from a freshly fucked pussy. Kate told me that she really wanted to experience eating fresh cream pie and that the thought of running her tongue up another woman’s open pussy was very exhilarating. I suppose I am very lucky that my wife wanted me to fuck someone else not only with her full permission but she wanted to watch and be involved as well.

Now that Kate had openly described her fantasy to me and said that she wanted to make it reality, we had the problem of how to make it actually happen. We had no close friends that we could suddenly invite over to a sex party to fulfill Kate’s wish. We talked about it but did not want to use contact magazines or the Internet to find a stranger to help us out. We both agreed that doing that could make us feel used and seedy. So we decided in the end that we would keep Kate’s desires as a fantasy for the time being, and then if ever in the future the situation arose where another woman could join us in the bedroom we would know what we both wanted.


About three months after Kate had first confessed her desire to ‘husband watch’ and then eat a cream pie from a pussy her office secretary, who had been working for her for a couple of years went off on maternity leave. A new secretary was brought in as a temp from the local agency to cover this maternity leave. Her name was Jan.

Jan had been working for Kate for a couple of weeks and they were getting on really well. Kate told me that Jan was 28 years old and had divorced her husband a couple of years ago. She was apparently a lively girl who liked to party and had a varied and interesting social life. On a Monday morning she would often entertain Kate with stories of what she had been up to over the weekend. It was clear from her conversations with Kate that she enjoyed sex and had quite a few casual partners. She had even hinted to Kate that she occaisionally enjoyed sexual pleasure with women as well.

As the weeks progressed the two women got very friendly with each other and their relationship became closer than just the normal secretary / boss relationship. One evening Kate came home from work and as we were relaxing with a glass of wine and eating our evening meal she excitedly said “guess what?”

“What,” I said.

“Well in between dictating an important letter I was talking to Jan today,” Kate said.

“That makes a refreshing change then,” I joked.

“I’ve told her.” Kate said.

“Told her what,” I asked with a mouthful of food.

“I’ve told her my fantasy.”

“God, really,” I said nearly dropping my knife in my dinner.

“Yes later on at lunch time we were talking about sex, what we like doing and what turns us on, and in the end I just sort of blurted it out to her.”

“What was her reaction?” I nervously enquired.

“Well, she was very interested about it and asked lots of questions. I explained that you like eating your own cream pies from my pussy, and that I also wanted to eat one. I also told her I wanted to watch you make the cream pie first, and that that would really turn me on. I told her that we had talked about it for ages and that I wanted to do it for real but we hadn’t found the right person to do it with yet.”

“So what did Jan say after you had told her all that?” I asked.

“You’ll never guess,” Said Katy.

“Don’t tease, what did she say?”

“Well she said…”

“Go on then.”

“Well she said that she’s coming round here tomorrow night at 8.00pm to make a cream pie with you, and then share it with me.”

I couldn’t believe what Katy was telling me. She was really serious. She had arranged with her new agency secretary from work to come round to our house tomorrow night so that she could watch me fuck her then afterwards eat up the cream pie from her friends pussy. She told me that Jan was up for anything and that she had said that it would be a horny new experience for her to fuck while knowing that someone was watching. She would also look forward to giving Kate the cream pie afterwards.


At 8.00 the next evening our doorbell rang. Kate went to answer it and shortly afterwards she came into our living room with Jan in tow behind her.

“Hi darling, I’d like to introduce you to my lovely new secretary, Jan.” Kate said.

This was the first time that I had met Jan, although Kate had described her to me. Jan was looking stunning. She looked even better than I had expected from Katie’s description. Jan was very slim looking with dark brown hair which she wore in a short bob. Her breasts were not huge but in perfect proportion with the rest of her body. Jan was wearing a low cut red blouse which enhanced her cleavage and a short black dress which accentuated the slimness of her waist. I visibly licked my lips in anticipation as I could not believe that soon I was going to fuck this beauty with the permission of my loving wife.

We all sat on the soft comfortable chairs in our lounge and Kate played at being the hostess and poured us all a drink of chilled wine. Jan seemed perfectly relaxed with us and was very chatty and witty. I put some relaxing background music on the stereo and as we drank our wine we idly talked. After a couple of glasses of wine and some more small talk it was Jan who spoke.

“I gather that Kate wants to watch you and I fuck?” Jan said in my direction.

“I believe that’s why you’re here.” I replied.

“Shall we go upstairs and make a start then.”

I was a little taken back by Jan’s blatant forwardness, but replied “that would be great; I’m ready if you are.”

“Let’s all go then,” Jan said.

We all drank up the last of our wine and made our way upstairs to our bedroom. Kate was first and led the way up the stairs. When we were in our bedroom Kate sat in the dressing chair at the end of the bed as we had arranged. We had decided that she would get a good close view of proceedings from there. It seemed that no sooner had Kate sat down than Jan flung her arms round my neck and we locked together in a passionate kiss, our tongues exploring each other mouths.

As we kissed I let my hands roam down on to Jan’s firm ass and kneaded the soft flesh through the thin material of her skirt. It wasn’t long before Jan broke off from kissing me and dropped to her knees on the floor in front of me. She expertly undid the belt of my jeans and as she unbuttoned the fly her hands rubbed my ever growing erection as she did so. She pulled my jeans and pants down in one movement and I quickly stepped out of the clothing leaving my hard erect cock bobbing inches in front of her face.

“Nice cock.” was all Jan said before opening her mouth and sliding it over the end of my hard member. She opened her lips and slid most of my length into her warm wet mouth. With one of her hands she firmly cupped my balls and with the other grasped the shaft of my cock slowly wanking it up and down. Her sucking felt really great and my cock seemed to get even harder in her warm, wet mouth. I looked over at Katy who was sitting in the chair watching us. She had lifted her skirt and was rubbing the lips of her own pussy through the flimsy material of her panties. Kate looked me directly in the eyes and smiled.

Jan bobbed her head up and down on my cock for a little while. At the same time swirling her tongue round my sensitive tip. I could feel myself becoming very aroused and did not want to waste my sperm in her mouth, so I pulled her up and quickly slipped the red blouse from her shoulders. My hands wandered round to her back and I easily unclipped her lacy white bra and let her breasts swing free. I undid the clip fastening Jan’s black skirt, and as it fell to the floor I gently pushed her back onto the bed.

Jan lay on the bed before me wearing only a pair of white panties. Her legs were slightly parted and she was looking at me with a look of pure lust and sexual excitement in her eyes. I was amazed at the sight that lay before me. Jan’s nipples were huge; they were very thick and stood out proudly about an inch from her tits. But what amazed me the most was Jan’s pussy. I could see a huge black bush underneath her skimpy white knickers. Long hairs were actually poking out over the top of her panties, as well as by her thighs at the sides. It was clear that unlike Kate Jan never trimmed or shaved her pussy and it was covered with a massive thick dense bush of hair.

“Pull her panties down and eat her.” I heard Kate say from behind me.

I followed Kate’s instructions and placed my thumbs in either side of the waist band of Jan’s knickers. I then carefully eased them over her pussy and down her long slim legs. Jan lifted her ass of the bed in order for me to pull them completely off. She was now totally naked before me.

“Lick her pussy and get her really wet.” Kate said in a voice that was no more than a whisper. She was clearly enjoying what was going on and telling me what to do next.

I looked at the dense triangle of dark pussy hair that was completely covering the area between Jan’s legs. I moved forward in between her thighs and gently pushed her legs even further apart. As I did this Jan raised her knees which parted the folds of her pussy, and for the first time I glimpsed the pink wet slit hiding amongst her dense hairy bush. With my fingers I pulled her love lips apart then gently placed the whole of my mouth over her pussy and licked at her wet hairy slit. Jan moaned in delight as my tongue forced its way inside her gaping lips to the soft wetness within. I lapped at her slit tasting her juices which seemed to be pouring out from her. Jan tasted completely different to Kate, she was much sweeter and she seemed to produce much more fluid as I licked at her. I sucked on her long pussy lips and nibbled on her clit. As I did so I looked up and saw that Jan was playing with her own tits and was pinching her stiff nipples, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. They were very hard and were standing out a long way from her tits. I concentrated on licking Jan’s clit and as she massaged her breasts it did not take long before her whole body shuddered, and she let out a long moan as she came. As she came she coated my mouth and chin with her wet sticky love juices.

“Now turn her over and fuck her from the rear.” Katy said to me in a very authoritive voice.

Jan listened to Katie’s instructions and moved on the bed so that she was on all fours with her ass high in the air. I saw Kate move forward in her chair to look at Jan’s gaping pussy. Her pussy lips were much longer than Kate’s and were hanging down quite a distance from her hairy pussy. Her lips were shiny with wetness. We could both see her sticky wetness deep within her pink hole. I stood and positioned myself behind Jan and rubbed the head of my cock between her wet lips coating it in her slick juices making it shiny. I then pushed forward in one thrust and forced my cock deep into her hairy pussy. As my cock disappeared Jan moaned and said “God yes, that feels great lover. Fill me up with your big hard cock.” Kate had moved slightly sideways and leaned forward for a better view and her face was really close to Jan’s ass. She watched closely as I pushed my cock deep inside Jan’s hairy pussy, then pulled it until it was nearly completely out before stretching her lips by pushing it all the way in again.

I thrust into Jan and Kate watched and listened to the slaps that we made as my thighs bumped into the soft flesh of her firm ass. It was really sexy to know that my wife was watching, and enjoying, every thrust that I made into Jan’s wet hairy pussy. Jan was really pushing back into me enjoying the sensations of being filled up by my cock. I could feel Jan’s pussy muscles gripping onto my cock deep inside her, and I knew that it would not be much longer before I came. I did not want to come in Jan in this position as I was frightened that when I pulled out some of my sperm would drip out and be wasted for Kate. I pulled my cock out from Jan and told her to turn over. As I pulled my cock out from her Jan’s pussy made a rude slurping sound which made Kate giggle. Jan then once again lay on her back on our bed with her thighs wide apart spreading her pussy for me. I moved on top of her and forced my cock between her legs again. I slipped easily inside her. As I thrust into her Jan gripped my buttocks with her legs and almost seemed to pull me deeper into her. I could feel my climax building and shouted out to the women that I was nearly coming.

“Come inside her darling,” Kate said to me. “Fill her hairy pussy up with your creamy sperm for me.”

Hearing my wife talk like this sent me over the edge and I erupted deep inside Jan’s pussy. As Katy watched my buttocks contracting on top of Jan I spurted several long sticky jets of hot sticky sperm deep inside her hairy pussy. As soon as I had finished coming I rolled of Jan and noticed that she quickly snapped her legs, and thighs tightly together which immediately stopped any of my sperm and her juices from seeping out from deep inside her hairy pussy. I knew that she did not want to waste any of our sexy mixture and was saving it all for Kate.


I moved over to Katy who was still sitting in our bedroom chair. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist, and I could clearly see the shape of her smooth pussy lips through the flimsy material of her panties. She had been so turned on husband watching, and had been rubbing her pussy so much while watching me fuck Jan, that some of her juices had leaked out and soaked her panties making them appear transparent. I leaned over and kissed Jan lovingly on the lips. I broke our kiss after a few moments and whispered in her ear “darling I’ve made you a present just like you wanted, it’s on the bed waiting for you to collect.”

Kate now stood up from the chair. She slipped her top off and quickly unclipped her bra, and for the first time released her breasts. I watched as she stepped out of her skirt then only wearing her wet panties move slowly towards the bed where her secretary was lying naked.

As Kate approached the bed I sat in the chair that she had just vacated to watch her enjoy the second part of her fantasy finally coming true. As Kate came nearer to the end of the bed I heard Jan sexily say to her in a deep husky voice “I’ve got your husbands lovely fresh cream pie for you Kate, deep in my pussy. Come and get it if you want it.”

Kate crawled on to the end of the bed between Jan’s legs and approached her thighs. As Kate came near Jan’s pussy Jan opened her legs up and spread her thighs exposing her freshly fucked pussy. I could see over Kate’s head the sticky mess that I had just made. The dense hairs surrounding Jan’s pussy were matted with our juices. I could actually see the pale flesh of her inner thighs shining as they were wet with a thin film love juice and sweat. As Jan opened her pussy we could both see a trickle of my white sperm begin to dribble out from the bottom of Jan’s gaping wide open pink pussy.

“Eat me up Kate, taste my creamy pussy,” Jan said.

Kate almost seemed to hesitate, and then I realized that she was looking directly at the sticky mess we had made and was inhaling deeply and savoring the musky aroma emanating from Jan’s open pussy. I watched as Kate’s head slowly moved forward and as Jan let out a long low moan I realized that Kate had finally found her hairy pussy with her tongue.

I watched, and for a couple of minutes all I could hear were rude slurping and sucking noises, combined with low moans coming from Jan as Kate sucked my sperm out from inside her hairy pussy. Kate finally stopped licking and sucking and turned her head back from between Jan’s thighs to smile at me. She looked absolutely fantastic with her mouth, lips and chin coated with a shiny mixture of my sperm and Jan’s leaking love juices.

“Is it good love, how does it taste?” I asked Kate.

“God its great,” Kate said, “It’s so wet down there, I can taste your sperm but Jan tastes delicious as well, sort of a spicy as well as a salty taste.”

“Shut up talking,” Jan abruptly said. “Finish sucking his juices out and make me come.”

Kate once again turned her head and buried her face deep in Jan’s pussy. I watched as Jan placed both her hands on the back of Kate’s head and forced her mouth into closer contact with her pussy.

“Get your tongue right inside me Kate.” Jan instructed my wife.

I watched as Jan lifted her thighs and bottom off the bed as Kate probed deep inside her sticky hairy pussy with her tongue. Kate’s head was moving rhythmically as she used her tongue to good effect to lap at her friend’s juices.

“Lick my clit bitch” Jan almost screamed.

I watched the back of Kate’s head move slightly as she brought her tongue out from deep inside Jan’s pussy and started to lick and nibble on her clit. Jan was really enjoying this attention to her hard little clit. I watched as she kneaded her own tits and brutally pinched and squeezed her engorged long nipples. It was not long before Jan’s body started bucking and writhing under the attention that Kate’s tongue was giving her clit. Jan was moving so much that Kate had difficulty keeping her mouth over her pussy.

“Don’t stop now bitch,” Jan almost screamed at Kate.

Kate continued sucking on Jan’s clit and with a final long moan her body bucked as a huge orgasm swept over her. Kate carried on licking her pussy until she had cleared up all of the juices that were flowing out from Jan. Kate had long since cleaned away all of my sperm from inside of Jan’s pussy, and was now mopping up the copious juices that had been produced when Jan had her shattering orgasm.

When Kate finally came up for air her mouth, lips and chin were shiny and wet with Jan’s love juices.

“How was your cream pie darling,” I asked her.

“God it was ten times better that I expected,” Katy enthusiastically replied. “I can understand why you like eating me up so much after we have made love. It tasted absolutely delicious.”

“What did it taste like?” I inquisitively asked.

“Jan was so hairy and wet. I could taste your thick creamy salty sperm inside her but as I sucked I could also taste her. She tasted really spicy. After a while I couldn’t taste your sperm anymore, so I must have eaten it all, but Jan just seemed to get wetter and juicier. She was yummy!”


As Kate and I were talking about the taste of the cream pie that she had just eaten we seemed to have forgotten that Jan was still lying naked on our bed. It was only when Jan said “Kate you haven’t come yet,” that we remembered that she was there.

Suddenly Jan roughly pushed Kate over on to her back and said “I’m going to make you come now you cream pie eating bitch.”

“You don’t have to, I’ve had my cream pie,” replied Kate.

“I do, I’ve wanted to get my tongue inside your wet honey pot ever since I first walked in to your office a few weeks ago.” Jan told her.

Kate spread her legs and I noticed that her knickers were nearly invisible. She had got so wet while she was eating my sperm out from inside of Jan’s pussy that she had leaked so much pussy juice her panties were soaked. Kate roughly pushed her legs apart as far as they would go and used her teeth to bite her pussy through the flimsy material of her panties.

“My you are a wet little cream pie eating bitch aren’t you?” Jan told her as she licked and nibbled her smooth pussy through the material of her knickers.

I watched the unfolding scene before me on the bed and was becoming quite aroused and interested in the dominant way in which Jan was treating Kate.

“Take your panties off for me now,” Jan commanded her.

I watched as Kate meekly did as she was told and peeled the flimsy wet panties down over her pussy and down her legs. She slipped them off her ankles as she did so revealing her open smooth wet pussy to Jan’s gaze. She quickly closed her legs together trying to hide her wet arousal.

“Pass them to me,” Jan said.

Katy passed the knickers to Jan as requested and I watched as Jan held them to her nose, opening them to find the soaking gusset and deeply inhaled the musky scent of my wife’s wet arousal. Quickly Jan then rolled the panties up into a little ball and stuffed them into Kate’s open mouth. Kate let out a little whimper as the panties were roughly forced into her mouth.

“Keep them there and don’t spit them out,” Jan commanded.

“Uuump uurg,” was the reply from Kate.

Jan then once again roughly pushed Kate’s legs wide apart and her pussy spread open revealing the pink wetness within. Jan moved between Kate’s thighs and with a rapid movement pushed her tongue deep inside her smooth pussy. She licked up and down her moist open crack making sexy slurping noises as she licked the whole area.

I watched as Jan licked my wife’s clit then I saw her move her hand and roughly push two fingers deep inside Kate’s tight little hairless pussy. As Jan’s fingers opened her up Kate made whimpering noises into the wet panties stuffed into her mouth. Jan soon inserted a third finger inside of Kate and rapidly thrust them in and out of her sopping wet pussy, while still at the same time she was till licking her clit. She was sending Kate into spasms of pure pleasure.

Jan fingered Kate for a couple of minutes. At times she was very rough, pounding her fingers deeply into Kate’s pussy. At other times she slowed down and appeared to be very gentle. Kate was moaning and whimpering into the panties still stuffed in her mouth. Jan finally concentrated totally on Kate’s clit biting, licking and nibbling it. Kate’s moaning became louder and louder and as her body shook she had a huge orgasm on Jan’s fingers and tongue.

“You can spit your panties out now,” Jan told her.

Jan then leaned over to me and gave me her fingers to suck clean. I took them into my mouth and licked off the slippery juices that my wife’s pussy had thickly coated them with.

“God that was fantastic Jan, “Kate said.

“You’ve got a nice juicy tasty pussy,” Jan replied.

“So have you,”

“I might have to come round again and play with my little cream pie eating bitch and her husband.”

After that night when Kate tasted her first cream pie and watched me fuck her secretary we have talked about it many times. Kate told me that she really enjoyed her cream pie and having Jan lick and finger her pussy afterwards was one of the best orgasms that she has ever had. Kate and Jan have seemed to get even closer at work and there is not much that they don’t talk about, Jan had agreed that she will come round to play with us again and has suggested that she explores Kate’s submissive side. This is something which we are both looking forward to. Our life certainly has changed since my wife confessed her husband watching, cream pie eating fantasy to me!

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Michael loggins wrote

Love eating cum from anywhere

Michael loggins wrote

Love eating cum from anywhere pussy ass or dick