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I didn’t wake up that morning expecting anything exciting to happen. Who does? It was just one of those days when you feel a little better than usual. Time seemed to run so slow as I got ready for work. I wore one of my favorite outfits. A light blue button shirt and a dark skirt. The shirt brought out my blue eyes and the skirt showed off my legs. It was not too short, I was a teacher after all, but it did end just above my knees and I was able to show off my summer tan. I put my long blonde hair up in a ponytail that ended in the middle of my back.

I used a pretty hairtie with little shiny stars. This is an erotic site so I guess I should mention my underwear. I wore a light, sheer blue bra. My shirt was not see-thru so my bra was safe because my nipples and breasts were very visible through the sheer material. I am not huge on top but 36C so they are very prominent when I wear the right clothes and this shirt displayed them well. The buttons were set perfectly for me, one button for librarian, two for tease, and three for “fuck me”. I undid one since I did have to teach today. I put on the matching panties and they were very cute with little blue lace around the edges.

Summer school is so boring. The losers, I’m sorry, students, in the classes did not want to be there. They didn’t go to class in the normal school year, I don’t know why we expect them to come and pay attention in the summer. But, I am a professional so I try my best to teach them English when I would rather be lying out by my pool. This particular day was wonderful as I guess my mood transferred to my students and we had a great day. I think they may have actually learned something.

The real fun started when the day ended. I met my three friends at a local bar for drinks. It was only 3:00 in the afternoon so the bar was pretty empty. It was very nice to be able to sit and have a little fun without being constantly harassed. I am very modest but I have to admit my friends are very attractive and fun and we usually attract a lot of attention in public. It is fun to be noticed most of the time but it was also nice to just be able to sit there and enjoy ourselves in peace for a change.

Again with the erotic requirement so I will describe my friends. The cutest of the group is Sandy. She is brunette with short hair and a gorgeous face. She has brown eyes that sparkle and a cute little nose. She is not very tall as in around 5’2″ so that adds to her cuteness. She has perky little breasts which many would consider small but they fit her frame perfectly. She also has a tight little butt that looks dynamite in jeans or a tight skirt. She is a secretary for a construction agency so you can imagine the impact she makes at work. This day she was wearing a white button shirt and a black skirt. She had been at work so she was wearing hose and her high heels. She was stunning as usual and turned every head she walked past.

The other teacher in the group is Darlene. She is also brunette but with long hair. It is beautiful any way she wears it and it comes to the top of her ass when she wears it down. She is taller that Sandy, not too hard to do, she is 5’8″ and has long legs. She dresses conservative like me but most skirts show off her legs and they get a lot of attention. Her breasts are average, probably 36B, a little smaller than mine and her butt is nice. She also fills out jeans nicely and she had jean shorts on that afternoon as she doesn’t teach summer school. Her shorts were not overly short but short enough to have a lot of leg showing. She was wearing a t-shirt and her boobs were looking very nice as the shirt was a little tight.

Last but not least is Carolyn. She is breathtaking with shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. Her boobs are massive compared to the rest of us but really I think 38D maybe. They are magnificent and look amazing no matter what she wears. She is an athletic trainer so her body is in great shape. Her tummy is so tight it makes the rest of us sick and she was showing it off again that day with a little tank top that didn’t quite get to the top of her white tennis skirt. The skirt was pretty short so lots of tan thigh was on display. She loved to be admired and dressed the part. She has a heart of gold though and is a wonderful friend so we accept her vanity. I have to admit she does attract attention that we have taken advantage of many times.

Now that you have that image in your brain you understand why we were getting incredible service from the young bartender who didn’t let our glasses get even half empty. He was constantly flirting with us and he usually only wrote down every other drink so our bill was normally very reasonable for the alcohol we put away. The only other people in the bar were a family that looked to be on vacation. We do live in the south and see a lot of tourists. They looked incredibly normal with a mom and dad, a young daughter, maybe 14, and a son, a little older. They were laughing and having fun and I caught the son looking our way more than once. I smiled at him when our eyes would meet and he had a cute smile, but he looked very young and innocent.

It was a Friday so we were all feeling good about the weekend. The drinks flowed and the jokes ran around the table. I was laughing so much my stomach hurt. I needed to go to the bathroom so I jumped off my stool and headed to the back. I wasn’t drunk but starting to buzz a little. I made it to the door and just before I got there my ankle turned and I started to fall. I felt someone grab my arm and catch me. I looked over and was inches away from the young boy from the family. He looked concerned as he lifted me back to my feet.

“Are you ok?” He asked.

“Yes, I am fine, I don’t know what happened.” I answered, embarrassed.

“That rug there was a little crumpled, you must have tripped over that.” He said, pointing to a piece of the rug that was folded.

“Thank you so much for being there.” I said and smiled.

“No worries, I could not let a pretty little thing like you fall down.” He said with a little smile.

I looked at him as I felt a little tingle run through me. Any southern girl likes to called cute names and he looked so sincere I knew he wasn’t feeding me a line. A southern girl learns early how to read that too. I smiled at him and tried to figure out what to say next.

“You sure you are ok, does your ankle hurt?” He asked, breaking the awkward silence.

“I think so.” I said and tried to put some weight on that foot.

I looked down to see my heel had twisted off my foot and the strap was wrapped around my ankle.

“Would you mind if I fixed that?” He asked in a sweet voice.

I just nodded in agreement and he knelt down immediately and started to fix my shoe. He undid the strap and turned the shoe to slide back on my foot. He held my ankle in place as he did this and his hand was warm and soft. He fastened the strap back in place and then stood up.

“Thank you again.” I said.

“My pleasure, darling.” He answered and I felt my heart flutter.

“Darling” is one of those secret words a few men have figured out that makes a girl swoon. I looked at this young boy who was so easily playing with me and wondered how old he really was.

“Are you on vacation?” I asked to make conversation.

“Yes, we are down from North Texas for a week. We are staying at the beach in a condo across the street.” He answered.

“Those are great condos, you guys should have a great time.” I answered.

“Yeah, I was hoping to bring a friend but we couldn’t afford it so I am stuck with my little sister for a week. It would be nice to know someone who knew the area.” He said in a cute little voice.

Again, my bullshit meter went off but I looked at him again and saw nothing but sincerity. He was so freaking cute. I had to find out more.

“How old are you and your sister?” I asked, trying to hide my question.

“I am 18 and my sister is 15.” He answered.

“Oh.” Was all I could think of to say a danger bell went off in my head. It seemed to scream “child” over and over.

The silence was again awkward and he opened the door to the bathroom hallway. He waved his arm and I walked past him.

“Ankle seems to be working fine.” He said behind me.

“Yes, it will be fine. Thank you so much for your help.” I said, looking back as I went through the ladies room door.

I sat down in the bathroom and slapped myself for even thinking about the boy. I was 26 and way too old for someone so innocent. My mind convinced me but my thighs tingled when I thought of that sweet little “darling” that he threw at me. I finished and headed back to my table, trying to clear my mind.

My friends were laughing about something when I returned but with so many empty glasses on our table no telling if it was actually funny or not. I climbed up on my stool and glanced over to the table. He was looking at me and smiling. I smiled back automatically. He turned back to his family and they continued their conversation.

I downed another drink to try to wash my cradle-robbing desires away. I got into the conversation quickly and was laughing like a lunatic in no time. My friends talked me into going out to a dance club afterward. It wasn’t hard to talk me into anything but I did bring out to them that the clientele in that club were shady at best and we tended to have trouble fending them off some of the times we had gone there before. We decided we were feeling too good to care about that and agreed to go back and change clothes for a night out.

We were trying to figure out how much we owed when I felt a presence to my left. I looked and saw the young boy was standing right next to me. He was smiling his cute little smile.

“It was nice meeting you and I hope you are ok.” He said and held out his hand.

I shook his hand and my table went completely silent.

“Thanks for your help, it was nice meeting you too.” I said sweetly.

He shook my hand and then turned to join his family at the front door. I noticed a piece of paper in my hand and opened it. It had his name (Cory) and phone number. My friends were looking at me with devious smiles.

“What?” I said.

“So, girlfriend, spill. Were you babysitting tonight and we didn’t know it?” Carolyn said.

“Shut up, he’s 18.” I answered.

“Oooh, a senior citizen.” Carolyn said.

“So what else do you know about this baby?” Darlene said.

“You guys are cruel. I tripped going to the bathroom and he helped me.” I said.

“Oh, the old tripping maneuver.” Sandy said with a chuckle.

I shook my head and dug in my purse. Sandy reached over and grabbed the small piece of paper out of my hand. She read it to the table and the teasing accelerated. I felt myself blushing a little as some of their comments hit home.

“Look at her, she is turning red. Girlfriend, do you like this little one?” Carolyn asked.

“No, well, he was cute.” I said and chuckled.

“She likes him, she likes him.” Sandy giggled.

I blushed again and pulled money out of my purse.

“Let’s get out of here. You guys are all bitches.” I said.

They all laughed and jumped off their stools. We gathered in the parking lot and agreed that Sandy would pick us all up in an hour to go out. I looked at my watch and saw it was already 7:00. We had been in the bar for 4 hours, no wonder my head felt a little light. I drove slowly home and went in to collapse on the couch. I laid there a while and decided I needed to take a shower to get me going again. I stripped off my clothes and jumped in the cool water. I felt my head clear almost immediately as I soaped up my body. My hands lingered over my boobs a little, letting my nipples get hard. I then hovered over my upper thighs and felt the tingle run through my legs. He was so young, forget it girl, I told myself.

I jumped out of the shower and pulled on my robe. I walked into my closet and looked to see what I wanted to wear tonight. It was very hot out so I wanted something light. I pulled out a white dress that I loved. It had a V-neck and came a couple of inches above my knees. The material was cotton and very soft. It was almost transparent but at night it would be ok and the wind was non-existent so I thought it would work. I chose a white sheer bra and panties to go with it. I slid the robe off and stepped into the panties. I pulled them up and while they were sheer they covered enough. I was not completely shaved by my hair was very blond and hardly showed at all. I slipped on the bra and adjusted the girls. My nipples were still hard and they were protruding easily through the sheer material. Slut, I thought to myself and picked up my dress.

I slid the dress over my head and down. I loved the feel of the material and looked in the mirror as I adjusted it. It was very pretty and I couldn’t see my bra or panties through it at all. I picked out some sandals and I was ready to go. I pulled my hair up in a ponytail and went in the bathroom to touch up my makeup. I finished and went back out in the living room just as my phone rang. It was Sandy and she was downstairs so I locked my door and ran down my apartment stairs. I jumped in the back seat and Carolyn was back there with Darlene in the front seat. Carolyn was wearing a really short denim skirt. It was up almost to her crotch as she sat there. Her shirt was tied above her waist and two buttons were open, exposing a massive amount of cleavage.

“Damn girl, you trolling tonight?” I said as I slid in the seat.

“What, this old stuff? I was just dressing to get comfortable. Now, if someone worthy ends up here tonight I won’t complain.” She answered and spread her legs open.

We all laughed and Sandy drove out of the parking lot. We were headed in a weird direction but I didn’t say anything as we were talking. We pulled up near the bar and drove into a parking lot. I looked and saw the young kid standing in the parking lot. Sandy pulled up next to him and Carolyn jumped out of the car. He jumped in the back seat and slid over as Carolyn got back in. I was stunned as the door slammed and I felt his leg against mine. The backseat was not that big. I heard giggling from the front seat.

“Cory, this is Hayli. Hayli, Cory. I don’t think you guys were ever officially introduced.” Sandy said as she turned to face us.

I looked at her and she had a mischievous smile on her face. I looked at Cory and he was smiling sweetly at me. I smiled back nervously.

“You see, we always seem to have trouble finding nice guys to dance with at the club so I thought we would bring our own and Cory here happened to be free tonight.” Sandy said with the same sneaky grin.

She turned around and started to drive. I could see her Cheshire grin in the rear view mirror. I mouthed the word “bitch” to her and she mouthed “you’re welcome” and snickered.

“Are you sure you are ok with this?” Cory asked in a small voice.

I turned and saw his face was sad and pleading.

I felt instantly horrible.

“No, sweetie, I am really fine. I am glad you are coming. I was just taken a little by surprise, that’s all.” I said and grabbed his hand.

He squeezed my hand and smiled, his face happy again.

“Thanks, I appreciate you guys bringing me. I was looking at a long night watching TV with my sister.” He said.

I could feel the silent giggling through the car as he held onto my hand for the rest of the drive to the club. I could feel him looking at me and I was kinda amazed with Carolyn coming out of her clothes on the other side of him. We made small talk on the way and he barely glanced at Carolyn except to answer her questions. We arrived at the club and I saw Jimmy at the door. Jimmy was a bouncer that we knew and he was incredibly sweet despite his substantial size. He was black and about 6’8″ best I could tell, my 5’6″ only came to his chest. He was a mountain but very nice to us. We walked up to the door and there was a little bit of a line. Jimmy looked up and saw us as we went to get in line. He walked down the line to meet us.

“Ladies, the VIP line is up here.” He said and motioned to the door.

I noticed a few people get sneers on their faces but they changed immediately when Jimmy looked at them. We followed him to the front and he opened a velvet rope to let us through. We went inside and Jimmy met us in a little lobby.

“Nice to see you again ladies. Hayli, you have a new friend tonight?” Jimmy said.

I thought it strange that he would single me out until I saw Cory standing outside of the group right next to me. I smiled at him and then back at Jimmy.

“Yes, this is Cory. He is visiting from North Texas.” I said.

“Son, you have an ID?” Jimmy asked him.

Cory pulled his wallet out and handed his license to Jimmy. Jimmy looked at it and smiled a little evil grin at me. I felt myself start to blush again. I could read paragraphs in that little grin. Jimmy handed Cory’s license back to him and pulled a marker out of his pocket.

“Sonny, you are getting in here only because you are with these pretty ladies. However, if I see you with a drink anywhere near your mouth you will have me to answer to. Do you understand?” Jimmy said and marked a big black X across the back of Cory’s right hand.

“Yes, sir, I understand.” Cory said, very respectfully.

“Good, now go enjoy yourself and be a good boy.” Jimmy said and stood aside.

I walked past him and he was grinning ear to ear. I gave him a little smile as I walked by and saw he was pushing his tongue against his cheek in a disgusting way. I punched him as hard as I could on his arm. He laughed out loud. I walked into the club. Immediately, I noticed they had put some black lights in the lobby area and I saw Carolyn’s bra as if she had no shirt on at all. I looked down at my own dress and my heart sank. It was like I was standing there in just my bra and panties. I swallowed and tried to ignore it but I could see all the guys near the door staring as we walked in.

We found a table near the dance floor and gathered five stools. Carolyn went off to the bar to get the first round. It was very noisy and hard to hear anything. I looked at Cory and he was looking around. He looked like he had never been in a place like this before. There was a lot of eye candy around so I was not surprised he was a little awestruck. Sandy leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“He’s got it bad for you, you have a pet.” She said.

I punched her in the arm and she yelled as she started to laugh. I noticed then she also had on a jean skirt and a sleeveless light sweater.

Her little boobs were really pushing against the sweater. She was so fucking cute. I looked across at Darlene and she had on a yellow sundress with small spaghetti straps. Her dark hair looked great as it flowed over her shoulders. She was smiling at me in a sort of teasing way. I leaned over to Sandy.

“You bitches are gonna pay for this!” I screamed in her ear.

Luckily the club was so loud only Sandy could hear me. She laughed and nodded her head. Carolyn came back to the table with five drinks in her hands. She had been a waitress for many years and looked very comfortable in a bar. She handed me my favorite Gin and Seven. I needed it badly. I saw her hand Cory a Coke with a big smile. He graciously took it and thanked her. My friends were eating this up. I saw Carolyn lean over to Cory and say something to him. He turned to face me.

“Would you like to dance, darling?” he said in a slow voice.

I felt that little tingle again and took his hand. He led me out to the dance floor and I heard laughter from my table. The song was fast so we danced around each other. He was not so bad for a young kid and I got into the song. I felt the alcohol and the Friday mood coming back to me. I moved slow and started to get into the dancing. I saw his eyes start to shine as he watched me. He did look very young but that was slowly starting to matter less and less to me. I could feel myself starting to have fun. We danced two more fast songs and then a slow one came on. We looked at each other for a second and then I moved to him and put my arms over his shoulders. He put his arms around me and I felt his soft hands on my sides. He was being very gentlemanly as we swayed back and forth. Our bodies were not touching and we danced the rest of the song. It ended and we separated and headed back to the table.

Carolyn already had a guy and was dancing with him. There was another guy talking to Sandy at the table. Darlene smiled at me when we sat down. I picked up my drink and took a big sip and then leaned over to Cory.

“Ask Darlene to dance.” I whispered.

I watched him slide off his stool and move to her. He said something to her and she took his hand. She was smiling as he led her to the floor. I watched Sandy blow off the guy next to her and we then watched Darlene dance seductively around Cory. The poor boy was doing his best to keep up but it looked a little funny. Darlene was obviously way more woman than he was used to dancing with. Sandy and I were laughing as we watched.

Carolyn came back to the table and looked over at Darlene and Cory.

“Look at our little baby go!” She said, loud enough for all of us to hear.

Sandy and I laughed. Just then two guys approached the table and were focused on Sandy and me. They were pretty hot and both had nice smiles. Sandy agreed to dance with the first one and the second one held out his hand. He was kinda cute so I accepted his offer to dance. He led me to the floor and we started dancing. He was a very good dancer and he said his name was Kurt. He spun me around quite a bit and my head was starting to feel dizzy. I stopped spinning and started to dance in place. He moved to me and pulled me close. I appreciated the move at first as I was getting a little woozy on my feet.

He moved me around the floor and I found it very easy to follow him. He was pulling me closer and closer and now our bodies were pressed tightly together. He dipped me over once and my hair flew out. He pulled me back up and I laughed, it was fun. He was smiling down at me and I felt his hand move to the small of my back. I tensed up a little but he stopped it there. He spun me out and then back again. I felt almost like a rag doll. He pulled me back in but with my back against him. He wrapped his arms around me and put his hands over my stomach. He moved them up to the bottom of my bra, pushing my boobs up slightly and then spun me out again. I was started to get a little worried and then he spun me back in face to face and his hand landed right on my ass. I started to worry a lot.

I tried to push away from him and he moved his hand up.

“Let me go.” I said to him but he held me tight.

“What’s wrong honey?” He asked.

“Just let me go, I want to go back to my table.” I said to him and his face changed.

“What’s the matter, slut? Am I too old for you?” He said and put both of his hands on my ass and squeezed. I felt him lift me off my feet.

I tried to get my arms free but I couldn’t. I felt my dress moving up in the back as he lifted me.

“Please let me go.” I pleaded with him.

“I’m sorry, sweetie but you are way too nice for me to let go.” He responded with a smile and I felt his hands move under my skirt and on my panties.

I knew everyone must be able to see my panties as I felt my skirt pushed up in the back. I started to squirm harder when I felt him slide a hand into my panties and squeeze my bare ass. I got one arm free and started to hit him in the chest. He laughed and lowered me to the ground, pulling my dress up above my waist and pulling my panties down. I felt my feet hit the floor and I swung at him, slapping him hard across the face. I saw his eyes flash anger and he threw me to the ground.

I heard the word “cunt” and then I hit the floor. I hit the ground on my butt and back and slid a few feet, my dress still up around my waist and my legs spread out a little. My head snapped back and hit the floor a little hard and I was instantly dizzy. I saw him moving towards me and I whimpered, my head was starting to really hurt. I could feel the crowd closing in around us and I saw another figure move over me and stand between us. I was able to hear them as the music seemed to have lowered a little.

“Leave her alone, asshole!” I heard Cory’s voice but it didn’t sound like a little boy.

“And just what are you going to do about it, kid?” Kurt responded and got right in Cory’s face.

I could tell he was way bigger than Cory as he was looking down at him but Cory didn’t flinch.

“Maybe I am just gonna stand here and see how much of an asshole you really are?” Cory answered.

I heard the crowd groan and then I saw Kurt look down at me. I saw Cory keep his face glued to Kurt and was still looking at him when he glanced back up.

“Well, prick, are you gonna kick my ass now since you finished beating her up?” Cory said right to Kurt’s face.

I could see Kurt starting to get angrier and angrier and his fists were curled up but he didn’t move. I looked in the crowd and saw a lot of people getting a little mad. I groaned again as the pain shot through my head once more. I saw Kurt uncurl his fists and move away. Cory stayed still for a moment and then leaned down to me.

“Sweetheart, are you ok?” He said softly.

I tried to answer but I couldn’t talk loud enough. I just nodded my head back and forth. Just then I saw another large figure and Jimmy was looking down at me.

“Baby girl, let’s get you up.” Jimmy said and slid his arms under me.

I felt him lift me easily and hold me against his hard body. I felt my panties were still down over my ass but Jimmy’s arms were under my thighs and back. I nestled my head against his warm chest.

“Come on kid, let’s get her some help.” I heard Jimmy speak to Cory.

Jimmy carried me to a back room and put me on a soft couch. My head was starting to feel a little better. Cory stayed with me and held my hand as Jimmy left and came back with a warm, wet towel. He placed it on my forehead and I felt better almost immediately.

“Kid, you stay with her and I’ll be right back.” Jimmy said and stomped out of the room.

I felt Cory reach down and pull my dress down to cover me. I realized I had been laying there with my dress around my waist. I looked up at him and he looked so sad. I reached up and touched his face.

“Thank you. I am starting to feel a lot better.” I said to him.

His face lit up and he smiled. Just then I heard a commotion and the girls came running into the room.

“Fuck, Hayli, are you ok. I saw what happened!” I heard Carolyn say.

The others knelt around Cory and he explained what had happened after Kurt left. They were all looking at him and I could tell they weren’t laughing anymore. I heard something in the hallway and I looked to see Jimmy dragging Kurt out by his collar. He was screaming and his friend was following meekly. I heard some more screaming and then it stopped. Jimmy walked back into the room.

“How you feeling, baby girl?” He said and looked down at me.

“Much better, thank you Jimmy.” I said and smiled.

“Don’t thank me, thank the kid here, I have to say he’s got guts.” Jimmy said and slapped Cory on the shoulder.

“I think I saw Doc Jones in there. I’ll be right back.” Jimmy said and left the room

The girls all looked at me and then at Cory and they all looked a little flustered. I started to sit up and Cory helped me. My head was starting to clear but I knew I was going to have a headache in the morning. I took the wet towel and handed it to Carolyn.

“Can we go back to the table?” I asked.

Everyone laughed and Cory lifted me to my feet. He put his left arm around my waist and steadied me. I grabbed his right hand with mine and held it.

“I think I can make it.” I said.

“Ok, but can I hold on so you don’t fall?” Cory asked.

“Absolutely.” I said and smiled at him.

He was now beaming and we all went back to our table. My head felt a lot better but the music was very loud and annoying. Carolyn gave me the wet towel and then went to get another round. We all sat and laughed as we put the new drinks away. The girls weren’t teasing me anymore, in fact they were now looking a little jealous as Cory sat there with his arm around me, making sure I didn’t fall off the stool.

I was finishing my drink when a young man moved in front of me. I saw Jimmy next to him and I assumed this was the doctor. He had glasses and he was kinda cute in a nerdy way.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Better.” I said.

“Do you feel any pain at all?” He asked.

“Well, my butt is sore and my head hurts a little.” I said with a little chuckle. He laughed.

“Can I check your head?” He asked.

“Sure.” I answered.

He put his hands around my neck under my chin. He felt around my neck and then looked into my eyes. He asked me to look right and left and then he felt under the back of my head. His hands were soft and warm and felt wonderful.

“I think you will be fine. You should take some Advil and try to rest. You really should get out of here, the music is a little loud.” He said with a sad smile.

I nodded and thanked him. Jimmy moved in front of me.

“Just let me know if you need anything, baby.” He whispered to me.

“Thank you Jimmy.” I said.

I looked over at Cory and he was staring at me.

“I am going to be fine. Go dance.” I told him and put his hand on Darlene’s hand.

She looked at me and I motioned for her to go. She smiled and grabbed him and pulled him to the floor. I watched her hug him hard and then start to dance around him. He was moving a little but mainly watching her do her best dirty dancing impression. I laughed as I watched his face.

The girls all took turns dancing with Cory until he was visibly sweating. Carolyn had pulled his head between her breasts and held him there. The poor boy was being seriously girl-handled. Sandy brought him back to the table and kissed him on the cheek. I saw him blush. He sat down next to me and looked at me.

“I am fine.” I said before he could ask.

I finished my third drink and my head was starting to pound a little with the music. I saw Jimmy and motioned him over. I really wanted to go home but the girls were having fun so I asked him to call me a cab. He nodded and went to the office.

“I am gonna go home.” I whispered to Sandy.

“Baby, are you ok?” She asked.

“Yes, I just want to get someplace quiet.” I said.

She grabbed her purse and stood up.

“No, no, you guys stay here. Jimmy is calling a cab for me.” I said and pushed her back on her stool.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes, I will be fine.” I answered.

I glanced and saw Cory looking at us, trying to hear what we were saying. I smiled at him and then I saw Sandy whispering in his ear. He jumped off his stool.

“What?” I said to her.

“You are taking hero here with you.” She said and leaned in close to my ear.

“And if you don’t take him home and fuck him I will kick your ass.” She whispered in my ear.

I looked at her and her sweet face looked a little mean. Well, as mean as Sandy could look.

“I’m serious!” She screamed at me.

I laughed and got off my stool. I hugged all the girls and they all hugged Cory. Poor boy got smothered by Carolyn’s boobs again. We walked to the door and got there just as the cab pulled up. Jimmy met us right out the door.

“Kid, you can come here anytime you want. You’re ok.” Jimmy said and slapped Cory on the back.

Cory smiled sweetly and opened the cab door for me. I slid in and Cory jumped in behind me. Jimmy waved and closed the door. It was finally quiet. I gave my address to the driver and we took off. Cory was sitting about 6 inches away from me. I scooted over and grabbed his hand.

“Thank you so much.” I said and kissed his cheek.

He blushed and smiled. He still looked incredibly young. I put my head on his shoulder. My hand was on top of his and on top of his thigh. I sat there for a few minutes and then picked his hand up and put it on my thigh. I felt him tense up but he didn’t move. I started to rub the back of his hand softly. It felt great to have a man’s hand on my bare thigh. I could feel the tingle I get when someone touches me.

We rode silently to my house and then scrambled out of the car. He helped me up the stairs and I opened my door. I walked inside and he stayed outside. I reached out and grabbed his hand and pulled him inside.

“Come in silly. I will have to drive you home but I have to rest for a bit.” I said.

“No, I can take a cab.” He said.

“Bullshit, you saved me tonight, the least I can do is take you home.” I said and bent over to take off my shoes.

“Stop, let me do that.” He said and knelt down immediately.

I stood back up and he slowly unstrapped my right shoe. He slid it off and then massaged my foot. I moaned as it felt so good.

“Sorry.” I said.

He looked up and smiled. He put my right foot down and did the same with my left. He was a load of surprises, this little boy. He finished with my left foot and put it softly on the floor. He stood up.

“Where did you learn that?” I asked.

“My mom and sister are always asking for massages so I got pretty good at it.” He said.

“I guess so, that felt great.” I answered.

I dropped my purse near the door and went into the kitchen.

“Take a seat, do you want anything to drink?” I asked.

“No, I’m good.” He said.

I grabbed a glass of water and went back in the living room. He was sitting on the couch and I plopped down next to him. I crossed my legs and pushed my dress between them.

“So, tell me about Cory.” I said.

He smiled and then went into a descriptive life story that I listened to intently.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked.

“No.” he answered softly.

“You’re kidding.” I said.

“No, unfortunately not. I am sort of a nerd back at school and no one really pays attention to me.” He said.

When he said school it hit me hard that he was talking about high school. I suddenly felt very old. I leaned back against the couch and started to beat myself up in my head for being such a stupid girl. I looked at him again and he had a strange look on his face. He was trying to figure out what I was thinking. He shrugged and grabbed my left foot that was touching his leg.

“Do you mind?” he asked.

I moved my head back and forth and he pulled my foot over his lap, straightening my leg. He then started on the best foot massage I have ever had in my life. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I was in heaven. He finished my foot and then moved to my calf. It was even more wonderful. He finished my calf and I felt his hands leave me. I immediately scooted closer, putting my entire leg over his lap. I grabbed his hand and put it on my thigh. I looked him right in the eye.

“Don’t stop.” I said and leaned back against my pillow.

He rubbed slowly up my thigh to the edge of my skirt and then back down. He massaged for a minute and then moved back to the edge of my skirt. I reached down and pulled my skirt up to give him access to the rest of my leg. I dropped my skirt just at the edge of my panties. He ran his wonderful fingers up all the way to the edge of my panties and then back down. I could feel my pussy heating up. I had not had sex for a while and I needed it. This boy was moving me into a dangerous place. He was very close to getting fucked.

He finished my leg and I plopped my right leg onto his lap. He spent another ten minutes on that one and by that time my pussy was on fire. I jumped up and straddled him, looking into his eyes. He looked scared. I leaned in and kissed his lips gently. I pulled back and I could feel him getting hard beneath me. I kissed him again but this time a little harder. I ran my tongue across his lips and then into his mouth. I grabbed the back of his head and kissed him hard. I felt his hands move onto my thighs.

I kissed him for a minute or two and then pulled back. His eyes were wide and he looked scared to death.

“Honey, have you done this before?” I asked softly.

He moved his head back and forth slowly. My god, he is a virgin! The thought bounced around in my head. What was I doing? I struggled until I heard him.

“Kiss me again.” He asked.

That was it, he was done. I grabbed him and kissed him hard, my tongue wrapping around his. I pulled off and kissed his neck. He tasted great. I pulled back slightly and took his right hand. I moved it up and placed it over my left breast. I moved my hand away and he was frozen. I picked up his left hand and put it over my right breast. He just held them.

“It’s ok, sweetie, you won’t hurt me.” I said.

He squeezed softly and started to move his hands around. I could feel my nipples getting hard. I took his hand and put in on my shoulder. I made him grab my dress strap and pull it down. He got the idea and pulled it down my arm until my bra was exposed. He pulled the other strap down and I slid my arms out of them. My dress was now gathered at my waist and my bra was right in front of his eyes. His eyes were bright as I knew he could see my nipples and breasts easily through the sheer white material. He put his hands back on them and squeezed again. He was getting the hang of it now.

I put my hands on his shoulders and leaned back a little. My hair fell down behind my back while Cory massaged my firm breasts. I did not move but spoke softly.

“Open it.” I said.

I knew my bra clasp was right in front of him. I felt his fingers move slowly and then start working on the clasp. He took a minute and I bit my lip to keep from laughing. He was so cute. He kept at it and then I felt it pop open. He pulled back and I opened my eyes. He was staring at my boobs. I slipped my bra off my arms and tossed it behind me. I took his hands and put them on my bare breasts. I felt him take a deep breath. My nipples were hard and he started to move his hands around.

“Honey, just treat them as you did the rest of me.” I said.

He smiled and seemed to get more comfortable. He rubbed them and I leaned forward. I put my left nipple right in front of his mouth. I moved closer and felt it touch his lips. He opened his lips and kissed the nipple gently. His tongue flicked out and touched my nipple. I moaned and grabbed his head. He sucked my nipple into his mouth. He was driving me crazy. He continued to suck as I tried to jam my entire breast into his warm mouth. He pulled off and kissed the other breast. His hands squeezed my breasts together and he went from nipple to nipple. I started to grind down into his lap.

I felt him push up into me and I pulled my breasts away from him. I slipped off his lap and knelt on the floor between his legs. I reached up and started unbuttoning his shirt. I pulled it off him and tossed it on the floor. My hands rubbed across his bare chest. He was pretty well put together. I ran my fingers down to his waist and paused at the button of his jeans. I could feel him tense up and I popped the button. I grabbed the zipper and pulled it down slowly. I saw his black underwear. Cool, no tighty- whiteys.

I slipped my hand inside his underwear and felt his hard cock. I pulled it out and the head popped into the open. It was rock hard and average size. (sorry, no twelve incher here) I leaned over and kissed the head. I heard the breath leave his body. I couldn’t hold back a chuckle. I was pretty sure I was the first girl that had touched his cock much less kissed it. I kissed it again and slipped my tongue across the head. I sucked it into my mouth slightly.

I pulled his pants down farther and got it deeper into my mouth. I moved slowly back up and then slid down again. I looked up and his eyes were closed and he was breathing fast. His hands were resting on his thighs. I slipped down again and swallowed the whole thing. I felt his pubic hair tickle my nose.

I slid back up slowly and ran my tongue across the bottom. As I got to the head and pulled off he groaned loud and a huge spurt of cum shot up and hit me in the nose. I quickly took him back in my mouth and caught the second shot. I swallowed it easily and sucked him hard. He shot another small load and then I felt him relax and start to get soft. I slid off him and wiped the wad of cum off my nose.

“I am so sorry.” I heard him say and looked up at him.

“It’s ok, baby. Did you enjoy that?” I asked.

“Oh god, that was incredible. You are so beautiful.” He stammered.

I laughed at him and sucked the wad of cum off my finger. I jumped up and sat back on his lap. I leaned into his chest and he put his arms around me. I felt safe and warm. He rubbed his hands up and down m y back. His touch was electric and I felt another tingle as he rubbed my back.

“Teach me.” He whispered.

I lifted my head and looked at him, questioning.

“Teach me to do that…to you.” He said.

I could have eaten him up right there. I leaned back into his chest and snuggled.

“You got it sport. Not a problem.” I said into his smooth chest.

I stayed there for a minute and then leaned back. He leaned forward and kissed me. Then he grabbed my head and kissed me hard, his tongue was now reaching for mine. I kissed him back and then stood up. My dress was sort of gathered at my waist.

“Slide it off.” I said.

He reached over and grabbed my dress and slid it slowly down my legs. I stepped out of it and he laid it on the arm of the couch. He looked back and he was staring into my crotch. He ran his hands up my thighs and ran his fingers across the edge of my panties.

“That is nice. That feels good.” I said.

He ran his fingers along the edge and then slid them under slightly. I grabbed his head to tell him he was doing good.

“Pull them down.” I whispered.

He slipped his fingers into the waistband and pulled slowly. I felt my panties slide slowly down my thighs and then over my knees. I stepped out of them and he tossed them on the floor. He was staring at my pussy.

“Touch it.” I whispered.

He ran his fingers along my lips and slipped them into the moist insides.

“It’s wet.” He said and looked at me.

“You did that champ.” I said and he smiled.

He ran his fingers up and then touched my clit. I gasped.

“That’s the spot, killer. You want to be gentle there until I ask you not to.” I said.

He nodded and touched my clit softly. He ran his fingers back down my slit and pulled the lips apart. He was learning fast. He touched my hole and slipped a finger in a little. I moaned and he pulled it out. He looked at me and I smiled. He put his finger back in and slid it deeper. I pushed my hips towards him. I felt his warm breath and then his tongue flicked across my clit.

“Oh god, yes.” I groaned and squeezed his head.

His tongue ran down my slit and flicked into my pussy. I felt my legs getting a little tingly. He flicked back up to my clit and sucked it softly. He was getting real good. He popped my clit out and then licked deep in my insides. He sucked and I squirmed. He pulled his tongue out and slid his finger in. It went inn easily and he buried it in me. He licked my clit again and my orgasm hit me like a truck. I screamed and bucked but he held on. He sucked my clit back in his mouth and another jolt hit me. My body went into a little convulsion and I held onto his head. His hands were holding my ass, keeping his mouth on my wet little pussy. He was licking furiously now and I was shaking. My orgasm ended and I pulled him off. His cute little face was shiny with my juices. I laughed at him and he smiled.

“Was that ok?” He asked.

“Oh baby, that was more than ok. That was great. You are a natural.” I said.

“Thank you.” He said and hugged me, his face in my crotch.

He pulled away and I reached down and started to pull his pants off. I tossed them aside and ripped his underwear off. His cock was starting to come back to life. I knelt down and grabbed it. I rubbed it and then kissed it.

“Are you ready, sweetie?” I asked him as I licked his cock.

“Oh yes.” He said.

I chuckled and sucked his head in my mouth. He was almost completely hard. I ran my hand up and down his length and squeezed his balls. That did and the veins were standing out again on his cock. I smiled at him and got up on his lap, his cock against my belly.

“I am going to lift up and you put yourself up against my pussy.” I said and he nodded.

I sat up slightly and he lined himself up. I slid down a little and the head slipped in. I looked him in the eye and then slid slowly down his hard cock. His face lit up as he entered my warm tight pussy. My ass hit his lap and he was buried. I wiggled a little, getting him deeper. I leaned forward and kissed him. I let my tongue slip into his mouth a little and then I pulled back.

“How does that feel, sweetie?” I asked.

“It feels incredible. I have never felt anything so nice. You are incredible.” He said.

The sincerity hit me hard and my eyes got a little wet. I lifted myself up and then slid back down. He moaned and I bounced again. I felt him push up against me and then we got into a little rhythm. Suddenly he stopped and held me.

“What’s wrong, baby?” I asked.

“Protection, don’t we need to do something?” He said with a tremor in his voice.

I hugged him hard, he was too perfect.

“Don’t worry honey, I am protected and you will be fine.” I said. I had been on the pill for a few years.

I jumped up and down on him a few times and he groaned again. I was moving fast now. He was pushing up, trying to catch the rhythm again. I heard my skin slapping against his and felt my hair hit me in the face. It was a little wet, I was working hard. I kept up my pace and then I felt him shudder and then hold me on his lap. He groaned and I felt a warmth deep inside. I held him as he dumped his virgin seed in me. I stayed on his chest as he rubbed my back and head. He ran his fingers through my hair and rubbed my shoulders. He also ran his fingers down my back and touched the crack of my ass. I shivered when he did that and he laughed.

“Ticklish?” He said, teasingly.

“Ok, buddy, don’t get cocky.” I said and punched him in the chest softly.

He smiled at me and ran his hands onto my thighs.

“You are so pretty.” He said.

I felt my heart flutter again. He seemed to know just what to say. I kissed him again softly and stood up. My legs wobbled a little and he grabbed me.

“You ok?” He asked.

“Yeah, I am fine. You must have fucked me dizzy.” I said and then quickly realized I had never used that kind of language in front of him before.

“Sorry.” I said.

“You are even pretty when you talk dirty.” He said and smiled.

I kissed him again and then walked back to my bedroom to get a robe. I grabbed my bathrobe and wrapped it around my body. I walked back and saw he was still sitting on the couch, his pants on the floor and his soft cock lying against his leg. Even naked, he looked so young.

“How many times?” He said.

“For what?” I answered.

“How many times can you do it in one night?” He asked.

I laughed and put my hand over my mouth. He smiled.

“Well, baby, that sort of depends on you. Most women can go all night but guys have to recover between each…encounter.” I said.

“But, lucky for you, it seems the younger you are the quicker you recover.” I said and noticed his cock twitch.

“So we could do it again if I…recover.” He asked.

I went over and sat next to him. I reached over and rubbed his soft cock. It was far from hard but not so soft anymore. “Sweetheart, we can do it as many times as you can.” I said and laid my head on his shoulder.

I rubbed his cock and ran down and cupped his balls. My fingers ran lightly up his length and touched the head softly. His cock started to grow.

“It seems I have created a monster.” I said and squeezed the hardening cock.

“Yes, it seems you have.” He said and kissed my forehead.

I looked up and he kissed me again. Our tongues played with each other for a few minutes and his cock was now rock hard again. I pulled away, untied my robe and laid back on the couch. I spread my legs and looked at him.

“Fuck me again, Cory.” I asked with an evil smile on my face.

He jumped between my legs and was buried in my pussy in about a second. He started pumping and I felt my breasts start to bounce. I grabbed his hips and pulled him in harder. He was working hard now, his hands on the couch next to my sides and his cock hammering my pussy.

“Harder, fuck me harder.” I said in a gruff voice.

He lit up and really started to rip into me. He was drilling me into the couch, I was grunting each time he hit bottom. He grabbed the back of my knees for leverage and kept pumping. He was now pushing my legs up into my chest and drilling straight down into me. The sweat was dripping off his face and he seemed to be lost in the moment. I felt him grunt and drive deep into me. He kept himself buried in me and dumped another load. His face was twisted as he emptied his balls.

He took a deep breath and sat back down on the couch. My legs stayed open and I felt his cum start to leak out of me. I didn’t move and he looked over at me.

“Are you ok? Was I too rough?” He asked.

“No, honey, a girl will tell you if you are too rough. If they ask for harder then you can go hard until they say stop. Some girls will never say stop.” I said and smiled wide.

He shook his head and smiled at me.

“You are so special, so pretty, so nice.” He said.

I reached out and he took my hands. I held his hands for a while and then pulled myself up to a sitting position. He hugged me and held me for quite a while.

“What time do you have to be home?” I asked.

“My mom said around 12.” He answered.

I looked over at the clock and saw it was 11:30.

“Oh shit, we have to get out of here.” I said and pulled away.

I jumped up and grabbed my dress. I looked around for my bra or panties but I couldn’t find them. He stood up and started to pull up his underwear and pants. I slipped my dress over my head and settled it down. I looked down and my breasts seemed to be fine without a bra. The top was not incredibly tight but tight enough for my nipples to show and they weren’t even hard. Oh well, no one is going to see.

He was dressed and I grabbed my purse and keys. He came up and grabbed me.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful night. I will remember this for the rest of my life.” He said.

I hugged him and realized he was right. I would always be his first, and second for that matter.

“Let’s go stud.” I said and opened the door.

He followed me down the stairs and we jumped in my car. I pulled out of the parking lot and shifted to get on the highway. I realized I had forgotten my shoes as I felt my bare foot hit the clutch. I felt his hand touch me and I realized the working of the pedals had worked my dress almost to my waist. He was rubbing my thigh, it was slightly distracting but no way was I going to stop him. His touch was so nice. I pulled into his parking lot and slipped into a spot sort of out of the way behind some trees. I didn’t need Mom to see him getting out of some older woman’s car. I cut the engine and looked at him.

“It’s only 11:45. We still have 15 minutes.” He said.

“I really did create a monster.” I said and laughed.

He leaned over and kissed me softly. I returned his kiss and he put his hand on my cheek. I love that and kissed him harder. I felt him touch my thigh and slide his hand slowly up. I felt my dress pushing up and I spread my legs a little. He reached the top of my thigh and then slid over to my sloppy pussy. He ran his finger over my sore lips and slipped in and out. His hand left my pussy and I moaned. He touched my shoulder and I felt my dress strap sliding down my shoulder. My breast popped out as the strap slid farther down. He stopped kissing me and moved to my breast. He licked my nipple and sucked it gently.

My eyes were closed and I felt my other strap being pulled down and my other breast popping out in the open. His mouth moved and kissed and sucked my other nipple. He squeezed them together again and kissed from nipple to nipple. I leaned back and let this wonderful boy work my poor body. His warm hands continued to massage my breasts and then I felt his warm breath between my open legs. I gasped when his tongue hit my clit again. He licked all around my pussy and then inside the wet lips. He started to kiss and lick all around but stayed away from my clit.

God, this kid learned quick. He worked his tongue around my pussy, still avoiding my clit. His fingers started to pinch and squeeze my nipples as his magic tongue worked on my pussy. I was moaning and holding his head. He continued until I felt the first shudder hit me. He sucked my clit in his mouth and bit gently. I exploded and my ass lifted off the seat. I bit my lip to keep from screaming but the whimpers were pretty loud. He kept working and I kept shaking as the monstrous orgasm ripped through me. He was still holding my breasts and riding out my orgasm. I pushed his head deeper into my crotch and he drove his tongue up into my pussy. Another wave hit me and I jerked again. My clit got real sensitive and I pulled him away.

I shook for a few more seconds and then caught my breath. He sat up and wiped his face off. I watched as he leaned over and kissed me softly.

“You are an amazing girl.” He said and jumped out of the car.

I watched him run across the parking lot and disappear up the stairs. I could not move. What a mess I was. My cunt was leaking cum, my tits were hanging out, my legs were spread wide open and my dress was scrunched up at my waist. My breathing was starting to get normal and I tried to sit up. It took me a minute to sit upright. I pulled my straps up back onto my shoulders and pushed my boobs back into the top of my dress. I started the car and shifted into reverse. I backed out and noticed my pussy was still out in the open. I pushed my dress down, I sure didn’t need a gang of boys to look down at a red light and get an eyeful.

I drove home slowly and wondered what I had done.

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