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Cheer for Curiosity

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Sara had been a cheerleader since junior high school and had been too more sporting events then she cared to remember. She enjoyed football season but could have cared less about basketball and wrestling. Why wrestlers needed cheerleaders had been a question that often raced through her mind as she feigned interest during their meets. After all, who wants to watch a bunch of guys roll around on the ground?

She was 18, her senior year had finally begun and football season was again here. Sara loved to watch the biggest guys in school as they played. Their huge bulk and tight pants combined with the sweat and occasional splatters of blood made her hormones rage. There was just something about a big fighting man.

As the first practice of the year began she and the rest of the cheer squad gathered on the football field stretching and tumbling. “Here come the boys”, said Sara’s best friend Cheri. Cheri and Sara had been friends since grade school and shared a taste for big, muscle boys. “Mmmm”-purred Cheri, “I would love to see all those cocks.”

“You’ve got the hornies!”, laughed Sara.

“We’ll have to work on that later.” Cheri coyly smiled back. While the two girls enjoyed each other’s company, it really was an outlet for their shared lust for sex. High school boys were either too scared or too intimidated to make a move on either of the girls, so they relied on each other to release pent up frustrations.

Once the practice was over, they jogged to the girls’ locker room to shower and head home. All twelve members of the cheer squad were at various stages of showering and changing. Cheri couldn’t help herself as she stepped into the large tiled shower room. Her eyes were drawn to Sara’s body. She had put her shoulder length brunette hair up and was slowly soaping her tight body. She slowly washed her soft shoulders and arms, then focusing of her firm, beautiful breasts. They were a perfect 34 B with little eraser nipples. The soap then trailed down her slender belly and waist, gently lathering her voluptuous mound of shaved flesh. Cheri gently touched herself as she dreamed of licking Sara, moving her tongue around her smooth gentle folds.

Sara glanced over and caught Cheri in her lustful trance, giving a half smile and a quick wink. They both knew what would be happening soon.

The girls toweled off and returned to the lockers to get dressed. Other members of the cheer team where getting dressed and Sara began to compare them in her mind. It surprised her how much they had all changed over the years. Cheri was definitely the most athletic figure of the bunch with her small A cup breasts and slender frame. Sara wished she could have an ass like Cheri’s. She knew hers was not too big, but she admired a firm ass rather than her own which had just a little jiggle. The other girls were talking about how they wanted bigger tits, different noses, and different colored hair as they began to filter out. Sara was unusually quiet as she laced up her shoes and grabbed her bag. She and Cheri walked out together both smiling.

It was about 5:30 as they pulled up to Cheri’s house. They always hung out there after school because her parents didn’t get home from work until after 7:00. As Sara turned the car off, Cheri turned to her, “Have you ever wondered what it is like in the guys locker room after a football game?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” responded Sara. “It probably stinks” she chuckled.

“Imagine all those guys, just walking around naked. They smell but I kind of think it’s a turn on”

The girls left the car and entered the house dropping their bags at the door. They went to the kitchen and grabbed some bottled water.

“Do you think that they really all walk around naked?” asked Sara. “Boy’s are a lot more insecure about showing their bodies to other men than girls are to one another. It’s that whole macho – I’m not gay – thing.”

“If they don’t shower I hear that the coach throws them in. I don’t think he likes having a bunch of sweaty Neanderthals around.” Replied Cheri.

“I can’t blame him.” Said Sara. The girls walked from the kitchen into the family room. Cheri flipped on MTV and they flopped down on a large oversized leather sofa.

“I’ll bet Chris Daniels has the biggest dick on the team” said Sara out of nowhere. She was having trouble getting the thought of all those guys showering out of her mind.

“I don’t know,” sighed Cheri, “the bigger the guy, sometimes the smaller the prick.”

Sara laughed and felt a wetness building in her panties as thoughts of Chris’s dick danced through her head. Cheri could tell that Sara’s mind was not on the music video and leaned over the couch, gently kissing Sara on the lips. Sara responded by gently pressing her lip to Cheri’s, slowly parting them to allow her tongue to very gently probe her friends mouth. Sara moved her hands over Cheri’s tight body, caressing her breasts though a Nike sports bra. Cheri’s nipples sprang to life, fighting the Lycra of the bra. Their lips then parted and the girls removed their shirts. Sara reached behind her back to unclasp the lacy red bra that supported her delightful breasts and Cheri slipped off her sports bra. The girls began to kiss again as they caressed each other’s breasts, pinching and teasing each other’s nipples. Cheri slowly pushed Sara down on the couch, straddling her waist. Her pussy could get no wetter and she slowly ground her mound against Sara with only the fabric of her Umbro soccer shorts between them. Sara reached up to play with Cheri’s tits as she slowly accelerated her grinding. The scent of sex began to permeate the air as Cheri began to whimper, her body tensing in anticipation of the coming explosion. Sara felt her Levis become wet as Cheri screamed, her body pulsating with wave after wave of electric pleasure.

Cheri took a deep breath and without saying a word, began to unbutton Sara’s jeans. As she pulled on them Sara lifted her pelvis into the air. As her jeans descended down her slender thighs they revealed a pair of red bikini cut panties, obviously moistened at the crotch. Cheri removed them both and began slowly kissing her way down Sara’s legs. As she came to the bald triangle of pleasure she began to lick Sara’s outer lips, then slowly probing deeper into her fold. As she did Sara moaned with pleasure and spread her legs as far apart as she could, revealing the source of her panties moisture.

Cheri flicked and licked Sara’s clit, causing her to jump and writhe with pleasure. “Oh God, yes, oh, ough, ohhh” moaned Sara. Moving her tongues then in circles around her friends love button, Cheri sensed that Sara was approaching climax. She gently placed her index finger into her pussy, moving it back and forth and Sara cried out in ecstasy as she felt her skin erupt in a flood of bliss.

“Holy shit, that was hot” said Sara. Cheri crawled up her friend, cuddling next to her on the couch.

“Just thinking about all those guys made me cum so hard!” declared Cheri.

“I can’t stop thinking about Chris” replied Sara.

As the two lay there, caressing each other and relishing the release of their mutual masturbation silence reigned. Their minds independently wandered through fantasies of fulfillment and teenage curiosity.

After a long period of time Cheri broke the silence, “What if we could get into the boys locker room while they are showering? We could check them out and decide which ones we wanted to talk to homecoming.”

“What if we get caught? It would be completely embarrassing plus we would be in deep, deep trouble. Besides, where would we hide? We don’t even know what it looks like in there.” Sara replied, trying to dismiss the plan.

“No, seriously! Think about it. The locker rooms are exactly the same, just reversed since they share a common wall between the showers. There’s the half wall between the locker area and the showers. If we sneak in while they’re in the showers, we can hide at the end of one of the locker bays and wait to see the goods. Besides, if they do see us, do you really think they’ll care? Who at school would believe them? We just can’t let the coach see us.” Cheri had become more committed to her plan. She ran over details in her head as they talked.

“You’re serious! Oh my gosh… Do you really think it could work?” asked Sara.

“Why not? Let’s do it after the game on Friday!” schemed Cheri.

“Let me think about it. I’ve got to get going.” Sara said as she got dressed and kissed Cheri goodbye. As she drove home, the plan ran through her head and she too became convinced it could work.

The next day at school, Sara met Cheri at their locker. “OK, I’m in.,” said Sara.

“Oh my God!” squealed Cheri in excitement for their scheme. “OK, as soon as the game is over, lets run to the gym and change. By then we should be able to sneak in and catch a peak of them!”

The girls parted ways for class as the first bell rang. They discussed the plan many times throughout the rest of the week, their anticipation building each day.

Once Friday finally came they went about their business as usual, meeting in the locker room to change into their uniforms before the game. Cheri smiled as Sara as she removed a pair of khaki shorts to put on her skirt noticing a damp spot in her Scooby-doo Underoo briefs. Sara chuckled, realizing her excitement was showing and quickly changed to hide the evidence.

The girls found themselves having trouble following the game with so much on their minds, but once the final quarter came to an end and their boys ran off the field victorious, the immediately began to put operation Look A Lot Of Dick into motion. They hurried ahead of the other girls to the locker room, changing into street clothes, both dawning a pair of shorts and LaCoste polo shirt. They then slowly slinked out of the girls’ locker room and down the hall to the boys.

Standing just outside the door they listened for the sound of running water. All they could hear was the whooping and wailing of the guys as the celebrated their victory. Not knowing if they had allowed for enough time, Cheri opened the door slightly. A wall blocked their immediate view so the girls quietly slunk into the entranceway, their hearts racing with excitement and fear.

Sara peaked her head around the corner of the barrier wall and saw several of the guys at various stages of removing their gear. Just then the coach came out and shouted for the guys to take a knee. Sara whipped back around the wall to avoid being seen.

“What did you see?” demanded Cheri.

“Just some guys without their shirts off. Nothing good yet.” whispered Sara.

Te girls listened as the coached congratulated the team and told them to stay focused, as this was only the first game of the season. The guys shouted and screamed as he went on for what seemed an eternity. Finally the coach told them he was proud of them and to shower up. The guys cheered together “Go Eagles!” (the school mascot) and returned to their chatter.

Cheri and Sara looked at each other and Cheri poked her head around the corner. Most of the guys had their shirts off at this point and were removing their football pants. Underneath was a pair of underwear that held more pads. Cheri’s mind raced as she watched for the guys remove this piece of their uniform. Underneath the guys wore their jock straps. Cheri’s mind raced as she saw all these guys with various builds. Most had well defined chests and muscular thighs and caves, their jocks holding up the packages that she longed to see. As the guys began to remove their jocks they sat down on the benches in the locker area, then removing their supportive garments, obscuring from view their tools. Cheri turned back to Sara in frustration.

“So what’s going on?” demanded Sara.

“They’re getting naked but all I can see is some hot bodies. They don’t seem to want to stand around with their dicks hanging out!” replied Cheri.

“Let me see,” whispered Sara as she moved Cheri aside and peaked around the wall. Coming into view were guys getting up and heading for the showers wrapped in small towels. “Dam!” she thought. Some of the guys sat on the benches talking but most had moved into the showers, removing their towels only once they were behind the half wall separating the shower and locker areas.

“I think we can move behind the far bank of lockers and get a better view if we move now.” Sara said returning to safety behind the wall.

“Let’s move then!” answered Cheri.

The girls darted from behind the wall across the far end of the locker room and behind a bank of lockers the boys apparently didn’t use. Slowly they moved down the length of the lockers until they came just out of sight at its end. Sara poked her head around the corner first, filled with fright and anticipation. Her heart seemed to stop as her line of sight cleared the locker bay and peered into the shower. There, under running water were more naked men than she could have ever imagined. The boys were rinsing off the grime of the game and calling each other names. The occasional towel snapped into a tight little ass. “What is it about a guys ass that get me so hot?” wondered Sara out loud. Just then Chris entered the shower. His massive chest and bulging arms caught her attention. She immediately felt her wetness increase as he removed his towel and flung it over the half wall of the shower. There before was the object of her desire a massive cock. It looked perfect in comparison to his body, his penis hanging about and inch below his testicles. As she watched Sara pressed her hand against her groin.

Cheri was becoming impatient and pulled Sara back taking her turn to peek. There in front of her were at least 20 guys showering off, dicks dangling about. She was amazed at how different they all seemed. Some were what she expected but others were surprising. Tim Bowen had what was likely the smallest dick of the bunch, looking like a thumb sticking out of a tight furry patch. Sean Seaverson, a small guy in stature was definitely the biggest. Her heart raced as she focused on his swaying member. It had to be over six inches. “I wonder how big it gets” thought Cheri.

The boys were beginning to finish up and a few stragglers came in. Sara pulled Cheri back. “This is great but how the hell are we going to get out of here? The guys will see us if we try to leave!”

“I didn’t think about that. Let’s stay here and hope that they don’t see us as they leave.” Cheri was suddenly very nervous as she crouched down. Her heart was racing.

The girls stayed behind the lockers and slowly, all the showers turned off. The girls could hear the guys filter out slowly and the noise levels tapered off. The coach came around the corner; walking right passed the girls, completely missing them. He shouted at the guys, “Hurry up, I got to go home.” The guys grumbled an affirmative response and began to leave. Finally just a few voices were left.

“You had a great game Chris. I want to see a lot more of that hitting next week.” The girls overheard the coach say.

“Thanks coach, I’ll work on it. You ready to go Sean?” Chris barked.

“Yeah, yeah.” replied Sean.

Cheri looked at Sara and held her hands a foot apart with a look of excitement on her face. Sara knew she was talking about Sean’s dick and giggled. The lights went out as they heard the door swing shut. They stayed there in silence for a few minutes until they thought that it was safe.

“Oh my God! That was amazing! That was the biggest dick I ever saw!” exclaimed Cheri.

“To big for me. That thing would go in my pussy and pop out my throat!” laughed Sara. “But Chris, that was just right. Big but not too big. He was all muscle.”

“He is hot. Did you see Tim Bowen?!” asked Cheri as both the girls began to laugh uncontrollably.

“Oh my god, that was a joke!” said Sara as the girls turned the corner of the lockers making their way out the door.

Just as they reached the privacy wall to the locker room exit the door flew open and the lights flicked on. The girls screamed and froze in place, time stopping for them. Around the corner came Chris.

“What the hell are you two doing in here?” he asked looking surprised.

“Uh, we were looking for Tim Bowen.” Said Cheri. The two girls looked at each other and started to laugh uncontrollably.

Chris looked quizzically at them both. “I was just down the hall taking with coach. I didn’t see you walk by. How did you get in?”

The girls stopped laughing. Sara had some sweat forming on her brow as Cheri began to answer, “Well, we kind of, well, we snuck in.”

“How did you sneak in? Is there a door between the coaches offices?” asked Chris.

“Um, yeah. The door.” responded Sara with a sigh of relief. Both girls thought they might get away with this yet.

Chris, still confused, walked towards the coach’s office, which had a large window and looked in. “Where’s the door?”

At this point the girls knew they were busted. They just looked at him. They couldn’t make up any more lies off the tops of their heads.

“You guys were in here the whole time weren’t you!” Chris said as he slowly put the pieces together. “You were checking us out. That’s why you were laughing at Tim.”

After a long pause Sara looked at the ground and nodded her head.

“Wow, that took balls! We always talk about doing something like that, but…” Chris shook his head in amazement as he pondered what was happening.

“Your not mad at us are you?” asked Sara sheepishly.

“For what it’s worth, we liked what we saw.” Said Cheri.

“And just what is it that you saw?” asked Chris.

“Everything I had hoped to see and more.” Sara replied in a seductive voice.

Sheepishly Chris answered, “Well, you know, in fairness… I think I should get to see you guys.”

The girls looked at each other. Cheri gave Sara a look that definitely meant let’s get the hell out of here but Sara gave a look which could only mean please do this! Cheri slumped her shoulders and sighed, “OK, but if you tell anyone, I will spread a rumor that Tim is bigger than you.”

Chris excitedly declared, “Deal.”

The girls looked at each other again and giggled a little. Sara started first, lifting her polo shirt over her head revealing a silky black lace bra. Cheri followed suit and covered her unsupported breasts with one arm as she lifted off her shirt with the other.

Chris was in awe of the two beautiful girls. He had fantasized about them both before and this turn of events caused him to ten in his pants. Sara took notice of his growing enthusiasm and stuck her thumbs under the band of her shorts. Teasingly she unbuttoned them and lowered the zipper. She then turned around, slowly lowering the shorts down her firm legs, revealing white cotton panties clinging to her perfectly shaped ass. She bent over to remove her shorts from around her ankles, giving an amazing view of her pussy mound from the rear.

With that Chris was fully erect and his jeans were straining to retain his throbbing member. Cheri had been growing hot as well watching Sara’s routine and dropped her arm, showing fully her small perky breasts as she pushed her shorts to the ground revealing her sparsely covered blond pussy.

“Not big on underwear I see. I like that.” said Chris.

“Shut up and watch.”, replied Cheri.

With that the girls laughed and Sara moved towards Chris reaching out and touching his large muscular chest. She looked up and down his body before peering up into his eyes.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“I’ve dreamed about you a million times and it was never as good as this.” He replied.

With that she reached up to his neck, lowering his head and began kissing him. As they kissed she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, finding his taught smooth muscles underneath. Cheri was enjoying the show and leaned back on one of the benches, massaging her breasts, slowly slinking down to her waiting love tunnel.

Sara stepped back from Chris and removed his shirt. Rubbing his arms and chest, she moved down his stomach and began to unbutton his jeans. As she did Chris could feel his excitement growing even more. She slid his jeans down his legs to find a pair of plaid boxer shorts. As the jeans passed over his bulge his dick sprang out from his boxers. I was long and hard. Sara kissed the tip as she pulled the boxers over it.

Cheri had begun to message her lips, assisted by the increasing moisture flowing from her when the door flew open and Sean walked in shouting, “Chris, I’ve been fucking waiting for …. What the fuck is going on here?”

Cheri screamed and grabbed her shirt in a futile attempt to completely cover herself. Sara who had begun to explore Chris’s shaft with her tongue yelped, falling to the floor, covering her breasts with her hands. “The girls were spying on us in the shower and agreed it was only fair to let us see them too.” Chris explained.

“They were watching us?”, Sean paused thinking to himself. “Cool.” With that he walked up to Cheri. “I’ve wanted to see your sweet little ass for a long time. Show me the goods!”

“Fuck you ass hole! I’d rather lick vomit of a dogs balls that get with you.” Shouted Cheri.

Chris looked apologetically at her, “Come on, I didn’t mean to be like that. I’m sorry. Here, will this make you more comfortable?” With that he began to remove his clothes, stripping down to his boxers that were heavy with the weight of his giant cock.

Cheri watched with interest, “Everything off and we’ll talk.”

Without hesitation Sean removed his boxers revealing a huge soft penis. Cheri dropped her shirt and approached him, kissing him while reaching down to touch his trouser snake.

Chris reached down and helped Sara up to her feet, assuring her everything was all right. Slowly he kicked off his pants, boxers and shoes and then began to remove Sara’s bra. Her milky white breasts fell from their bindings and he began to explore them with his large hands. Sara groaned as he reached into her panties while rolling her nipple. The touch of her bare skin against his hand caused him to fly into a passionate furry. Chris removed her panties and lifted her up into the air, returning her to rest her crotch just above his rigid pole. She wrapped her legs around him and he walked towards a wall, resting her back against it while passionately kissing her.

Sean had sprung into action with the attention that Cheri had given to his rod. She couldn’t stand to close to him because all 11 inches of man stood between them. Sean slowly walked her back to a bench, laying her down and slid his lips gently down her body, licking her nipples and stomach until finally ending at her waiting twat. He slowly entered her hole with his tongue, probing through her blond pubes. Her constant moaning was proof that his efforts were appreciated.

Chris had begun to message Sara clit with his thumb as they pressed against the wall and was more than sure she was ready to receive him. He looked into her eyes, “Sara, would you like to…” “Yes, fuck me now!” Sara demanded. With that Chris lifted her and lowered his pelvis, lining his dick up with her waiting hole. Slowly, he let her down impaling her inch by inch on his manhood. “Oh my GOD!” Sara shouted. “”Put it in! All the way in!” Chris slowly continued until their pelvises met. “I feel so full with you in me Chris. Oh God you feel good.” With that Chris began to lift her up and down his cock, slowly, lovingly. Soon Sara was using her legs that were wrapped around his waist to push down, forcing his cock deeper and deeper and with more and more force.

The sounds of her friend being fucked were driving Cheri over the edge. Sean was a master at eating pussy and her threshold for pleasure was reaching its climax. As he licked and sucked, licked and sucked her clit, she screamed out AAAAAAAhhhhhhh and juices came gushing from her coating Sean’s face. She writhed and bucked against his mouth for nearly a minute before relaxing her body on the bench. With a pause for breathing she looked at him, “Fuck me, please fuck me.”

Sean got up and collected the clothes on the floor and placed them in a pile in front of her. He then reached out his hand and told her to get down on all fours. She squealed with delight at the thought of doggie style, especially with such a huge dick. As she got into position Sean lowered himself onto his knees and lined his cock up with her dripping wet slit. She arched her back and lowered her head as he drove his penis into her. “Aaargh!” she screamed as he plowed the first 6 inches into her. He pulled back and drove in the whole thing. “Aaaaaaa fuck!” she shouted. Sean continued to pull back and drive his cock deep into her hole, pounding away at her. Her screams of pleasure echoed in the locker room.

Chris had begun to speed his pace and Sara could feel her orgasm mounting. “Chris, I’m going to cum! Oh God! Oh God, I’m going to cum! Oh God, Oh! Oh! Huuuuuugh!” Just as Sara began bucking like a bronco Chris drove his dick deep into Sara and erupted in an inferno of cum. Sara slowed her movement and juices dripped down her hole, over his cock and down his balls. Chris kissed Sara, leaving his penis inside her as it began to retreat to its normal size.

Sean had been trying hard to hold back his load but knew that his balls had retracted fully and that he could fight the tingling no longer. Cheri, sensing his penis growing even harder cried out, “Cum in me! I want to feel your hot load!” With that Sean pulled back and drove his cock as deep as he could blowing his load deep within her. His throbbing member jumped inside of Cheri and threw her over the edge causing her to cum again, bucking back and forth.

As both couples withdrew from their lovemaking Sean asked, “Can we try this in your locker room next Friday?”

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