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Punishing a Bad Girl

Category: Incest
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Lynette went about her cleaning, but her mind wasn’t really into it. She’d had another argument with her husband about money, and it was getting old. What did he expect, she was working three jobs. Money problems and newlyweds, her life was a stupid cliché. The only reason they had any money at all was because of her dad. She worked as a sales clerk during the day and a part time office cleaner at night. On Saturday afternoon, she spent a couple of hours cleaning her dad’s house.

He gave her $100 a week. She knew it was outrageous for him to pay her that much, it only took a couple of hours of extremely light work on her part; he never did anything to get it dirty. She also knew he gave her that much because he loved her.

Her husband wanted her to ask her dad for more money. How could she do that, she barely earned what he gave her now? She still fumed at what he had asked her to do, “Unbutton your shirt and show him some boobs, get him to look at you there, even if you have to stick them in his face. Then ask him for the money, he’ll give it to you out of guilt.” Lynette had always been close to her dad, but she had never thought of him in a sexual way. They had not only been father and daughter, but best buddies. She just had to close her eyes and she saw images of her dad teaching her to ride a bike, holding her hand as they waited for the school bus, sharing the same ice cream cone, and a thousand other memories all filled with love. How could she treat him that way? The shame her dad would feel from thinking of his daughter sexually would break his heart, and knowing that she had done it to him on purpose would break hers.

With her mind filled with hundreds of thoughts about herself, some not very pleasant, she finished vacuuming. With the sweeper put away, she went into the family room to start dusting. There was her dad, sitting and watching the television. Her face broke out in a big grin as she looked at him; it was a good bet that he was watching a war movie.

Lynette took a deep breath, she didn’t want to do this, but they were desperate for money. She didn’t like herself much as she unbuttoned her top two shirt buttons. She opened her shirt to make sure he could see the tops of her breasts and her bra, and continued to dust. As she got nearer, she kept glancing at him from the corner of her eye, to see if he was watching her. Finally, she turned and faced him, and bent over to dust the table next to him. She saw his eyes being drawn to her shirt. Lynette knew she had a nice body, her work schedule meant she didn’t have the time to be fat and lazy. Her long dark hair made her blue eyes shine by contrast. Her breasts were large, so she was used to men looking at her there anyway.

The look on his face said it all, he liked what he saw. She felt odd, her mind told her that her dad shouldn’t like her this way, but a tingling sensation rushing through her told her she wanted him to like it. Lynette straightened up and blurted out, “I hate this,” and ran crying from the room.

Dan followed his daughter, having no idea what she was so upset about.

Lynette lay across her dad’s bed totally ashamed, the tears flowing freely. She had dishonored them both. Feeling him sit on the bed beside her, it was made worse by him running his hand through her hair trying to comfort her. She felt like a cheap whore. She tried to apologize between sobs. “Dad…I’m…so…sorry…I’m…so…embarrassed.”

Dan was worried; obviously something was bothering her, “Lini, what’s wrong?”

Hearing her dad use his favorite name for her made her cry even more. She was crying so hard she was having trouble breathing. Then she felt herself being turned around, and made to sit up. Strong arms wrapped around her, offering comfort and reassurance, just as they always had. Lynette buried herself in her dad’s embrace, hating herself but not wanting him to let go. She felt his hand rubbing her back, and slowly she stopped crying, his tenderness had a calming effect on her. Laying her head on his shoulder, she kissed his neck, “I love you, dad.”

Dan continued to play with her hair and stroke her back. He knew his daughter, and as he held her, he knew she would tell him what was going on in her own good time. “I love you too. It feels nice to run my fingers through your hair.”

Lynette smiled, “I’m sorry for what I did earlier.”

“Well, you should be.” He waited for her to react, and sure enough, she pushed away from him looking at him like she had been kicked in the teeth. “Now would you tell me what the hell we are talking about?”

She saw his grin, and gave him a dirty look, “You just set me up for that,” she grinned back at him, “And I let you.”

Dan kissed her forehead, “Okay Lini, what’s up?”

Taking a deep breath, she told him everything, “Dad, Mark and I are having a lot of trouble. I don’t know, I guess we are having all of the usual problems in the first year of marriage.” She put her head back on his shoulder, “The first few months of our marriage were a haze of romance, and then life began to set in. Instead of spending time together doing fun things we had to start facing reality. It’s like we were confronted with differences that had seemed unimportant or non-existent when we were first married and now they have become the center of our life.” She took a deep breath, “Before we got married, we just sort of assumed that the other one would take on certain roles like breadwinner, bill payer, housecleaner, nurse, mechanic, we were obviously over idealistic and didn’t even discuss this stuff. Now with me helping him pay the bills, I expect him to help me clean the house, fat chance. We started blaming each other for our financial situation and it’s led to plenty of arguments about money. You’ve been terrific dad, but his parents need to cut the umbilical cord, they want to stay connected in ways that are disrupting the marriage.”

She paused for a few moments, so Dan asked, “How’s the sex life?”

Lynette turned beet red and sat back up, “Dad!”

Dan chuckled, “Your mother and I didn’t get you by being pen pals.”

She got a very miserable look on her face, “What sex life?” She lay on him again, “The first thing to go was politeness, then that turned into rudeness, now we pretty much take one another for granted. It feels like he doesn’t love me anymore. I mean, the intimacy is gone, no hugs or kisses, so I really don’t feel like having sex with him anyway. Besides his being so remote,” she paused and the tears started coming again, “I think he’s cheating on me.”

“Are you sure?”

“No, but dad I am not an actress, I can’t pretend that I’m satisfied when I’m not. So I figure if a man feels inadequate in the bedroom he will probably look for a relationship where he feels more comfortable.”

“What the hell does he want?”

“This is so embarrassing,” she held onto her dad and got his shirt wet because of her tears, “Dad, he can only get off if he is doing me in the butt.” She paused, “It doesn’t do a thing for me. I know some of those girls in the porn movies have a great time doing it that way, but let me tell you it hurts and I mean it hurts a lot.”

“He isn’t hitting you is he?”

“No, you made me stronger than that. If he hit me I would run over him with the car.”

“So what was that running out of the room earlier?”

Lynette blushed with embarrassment, but confessed, “I was supposed to show you my breasts, so you would look and be embarrassed enough to give us more money.” She started crying again, “I’m sorry dad. I’m so ashamed of myself.”

Dan started laughing, “That was the big plan? Lini, I’ve seen more of you in a swim suit.” He hugged her, when his arms wrapped around her he accidentally brushed across her shirt front. It was his turn to blush, “I’m sorry Lini.”

“Humph, that’s the first time I’ve been touched in some time.”

“You know, I’m disappointed in you. Why didn’t you just ask me for the money?”

She felt like crap, “I don’t know why I agreed to it. I have so much pressure anymore, no emotional or physical relief from my husband and money driving us away from each other,” the tears flowed down her face again.

“That is so much bullshit.” He saw her surprised look and continued, “I love you, and you should have loved me enough to know that. I would give you anything if I had it, you should have known that too.”

“I’m sorry dad.”



“You will refer to me as daddy.”

Lynette was confused, this had gone very strange. She took in a deep breath, “I’m sorry daddy.”

“Sorry isn’t good enough. You are a bad little girl and need to be punished.”

Lynette screamed as she felt herself flipped over and positioned over his knees.

“Pull your shorts down.”


“You need a good spanking, pull your shorts down.”

She couldn’t believe she was doing this even as her fingers undid her shorts. She tried to get them off but couldn’t because she was laying on him. “I can’t do it,” she felt odd, “You’ll have to.” A tingly feeling raced through her as she felt him slide her shorts down and off of her.

“Your panties too.”

Lynette couldn’t understand why she was getting wet as she raised her butt so her dad could pull her panties off of her. A mix of feelings ran around in her brain; she was getting turned on, and at the same time thinking how can I do this? I can’t let this happen. How could her dad want her panties off? What was he thinking? Then she stopped thinking when his hand slapped her bare bottom. Tears welled up in her eyes. It wasn’t a love tap but a real spanking! After a few whacks, he stopped, it seemed to be over but she still felt the sting.

“You are a bad little girl and your breasts caused all of this. If I’m supposed to give you money for seeing them then let me see them.”


“You heard me, take your top and bra off. Bad little girls don’t get modesty.”

Lynette was so turned on she couldn’t help herself, “Yes, daddy.” Unbuttoned her blouse and taking it off, she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Tossing the clothes aside, she lay naked on her dad’s lap. She could feel an intense sensation in her pussy and her temperature was rising. Muscles were tightening around her genital area as a pleasurable wave coursed through her body. The spanking started again, she could hear the slap even as the pain of his hand contacting her butt caused a sharp pain. Her dad brought his hand down, cracking first one cheek, then the other. He smacked her about ten times and it really hurt. Even as her butt turn red, even as she cried, her clit jumped.

Lynette felt overloaded with sensation. Shit! It really stung, but then he started rubbing her butt back and forth with his hand. “Lini, a bad little girl deserves to be punished.”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Aren’t you sorry you didn’t just let me see your breasts?”

“Yes, daddy,” it was sort of humiliating, but all she could focus on was the sting in her butt and his hand making those circles, because she knew when his caress stopped there was more pain coming. As his hand continued to rub her butt she felt his finger slide down between her butt cheeks and into her pussy. Then, sure enough, he started spanking again, one smack on each cheek with one hand, over and over, as a finger from his other hand slid in and out. Pain mixed with pleasure.

Lynette found herself suddenly turned over on her back. As she was pushed across the bed, every rub against her fresh spanking made her warm inside.

“Now, let’s have a look at what caused all of this.”

She sucked in her breath, her nipples felt hot as he touched them with his calloused hands. It gave her an indescribable feeling of pleasure and excitement. Her brain was in conflict, this was her dad and she loved it. Anxiously watching her father’s face as he lowered his mouth, she moaned as his lips contacted her nipple. Glorious sensation spread through her as he started kissing, rubbing, licking, and sucking. By the time he stopped and raised back up, her nipples were almost purple and hard as rocks.

Her mind exploded with sensations, her dad had climbed on top of her. “Ah — mm,” and put his hard cock into her. She was so wet he slid in easily. It had been so long since she’d had sex, now her dad inside of her. Her mind just shut down and let her body react. Lynette wanted a release, could feel the pleasure he was giving even as she felt the sting of her spanking with each thrust. With a long low moan, she matched him, giving him as good as she was getting.

As she wrapped her arms around her dad, his hard cock plunged in and out. She felt her blood pressure increase; her heart beat like it would leap out of her chest. Her breathing was erratic and she was panting. As his cock slid across her clit, the pleasure caused the skin of her face and chest to be flushed, her breasts became enlarged, and her nipples even more erect. Making thrusting movements with her pelvis, the muscles in her chest became more and more tense, she breathed even more heavily. Her heart beat much more quickly thumping against her rib cage. Other muscles were also tensing, and she gave a constant moan, crying out a constant “Yes –yes –yes!”

Lynette felt the first orgasmic sensations, bringing with it a feeling of everything stopping. This lasted only for a brief instant, followed immediately by a sensation of acute and intense excitement centered in her clit and from there it spread to her pelvis. Her brain concentrated on the experience coming with such an impact that it had a shock effect, all other sensations were overwhelmed. This was followed, without a pause, by an intense sensation radiating from her pussy. Then a flush of warmth spread to every part of the body.

Her body exploded, pelvic muscle spasms causing vaginal contractions and orgasmic sensations. Throbbing, tingling, pulsating waves of pleasure rocketed through her body. On and on, the pleasure continued. After her body had reached its peak and the contractions were finished, she could still feel her dad sliding in and out and was filled with a pleasant afterglow. Suddenly, her dad stiffened and she wrapped her arms around him, almost at once feeling him throbbing deep inside of her.

With her arms still holding him she wrapped her legs around him as well. Lynette held her dad to her. The release from sexual tension was followed by a tremendous sensation of comfortable relaxation and well-being. Her lips found his, “Oh, daddy.”

“Lini, if you want, each week you show me your breasts and I will give you an extra $100.”

“Oh, I’ll take the money, but I’m going to do more than just show you my breasts,” she kissed him again; Lynette had every intention of having sex with her dad again before she left and each time she came over to clean.

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