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The sounds of men and women chattering and glasses clinking along with wafting puffs of smoke filled the air of the uptown bar. Cathy and Mark went out looking to meet an uninhibited female to make their night’s amusements complete. Cathy was 5’8″, 38DDD-24″-40″. She had nice firm legs attached to a heart shaped ass.

She had long dark brown hair and green cat-slanted eyes , a button nose and full pouty lips. Mark was of a nice build also. He stood 6’3″ weighing 230 pounds of solid muscle. He had broad shoulders, muscled abs leading down into a narrow waist atop a succulent bubble butt and thick thighs. He had blond hair and deep cerulean blue eyes and had a tan of a honey brown color.

Cathy had told Mark, one night after making love, that she fantasized about being in a ménage a trios with another woman and himself. So, that night she decided that they should do it. They spent the rest of the evening discussing what they wanted in a potential partner and what she should look like. What Cathy was comfortable with and if it would be more than a one nightstand. They went looking for a prospect a couple of weeks later.

Mark saw quite a few women that he wouldn’t mind fucking, but every time Cathy saw them she refused because they didn’t seem to be her type. So, he asked her what she wanted in a girl again. She replied she wanted a girl about her height and shape with maybe slightly larger breast, she loved big breast. She also wanted either a blond or red head, but preferably blonde. So, off again they looked for a woman to fulfill Cathy’s fantasy.

Cathy found a few that interested her and went over to see if they were interested. Debra was an average looking blonde, that fit the bill, she caught Cathy’s eye so she went over and started her line.

She asked, “Do you come here often? How is the crowd?”

“No I don’t really frequent this place but I came tonight with a friend.”

Cathy pointed at Mark and said, “He is so hot! I wouldn’t mind fucking him.” Debra looked at Mark and agreed. Then Cathy asked, “How about we go over and see if we could fuck him together?”

Debra was shocked and said she wasn’t into that sort of thing and walked away. Unfortunately, both Cathy and Mark found themselves getting similar rejections. Cathy met a few lesbians who wanted to fuck her only but didn’t want to have any part of a man.

They were just about to give up and call it a night, when all of a sudden, a strikingly beautiful dark-haired, blue-eyed woman came up to them and said, “It seems you two have been looking for me all night.”

She caressed both of their hands and led them to the door. Once outside she pressed Cathy up against the wall and kissed her deeply as she brought Mark’s hands to rub against her firm round ass. They were too shocked for words. Cathy found herself getting immensely wet and Mark was getting quite hard. They stammered at the boldness of this woman. But before they could say any thing she introduced herself.

“My name is Chamēlèon, like the chameleon but my friends call me Chamēl (Camille) for short. I have been watching the two of you trying to pick up women for what? A ménage a trios? So, like I said you basically been looking for me all night and I decided to not let you suffer needlessly and further. I saw the type you were looking for and trust me I may not be the blonde you’re looking for but sometimes what you really want is often times wrapped in a different package.” She said giving them a sexy sly smile.

“We have a hotel room not far from here.” Mark said, and off they went to hail a cab. Cathy was nervous but tried to hide it as the ménage a trios climbed into the back seat. Chamēl could tell it was Cathy’s first time by her jittery movements. She sat between Mark and Cathy and to heat things back up and ease the tension they both found Chamēl’s hands on their crotches being stroked sensuously. Chamēl leaned over and kissed Mark’s mouth and worked down the chords of his neck. Mark was heaving heavily because Chamēl’s hand had worked it way into to his pants and had pulled out his dick. She was working it steadily.

Cathy, on the other side of Chamēl was panting all the while she watched Chamēl and Mark, for she too was being worked closer to the point of no return. Chamēl’s fingers slide in and around her slick pussy and she found herself opening her legs more and more for Chamēl’s attentions. She wore no underwear for the occasion and the slick twirling of her clit and the in and out motion of the fingers in her wetness brought her to her first climax. The cab swerved and horns blared.

The cab driver taking up on the heavy breathing of Cathy had adjusted his mirror and caught a full view of the sexy brunette in the middle jerking the guy’s dick and the fingering the other brunette’s pussy. He found that he too had grown hard and was having an even harder time trying to concentrate on the road. When Cathy came he damn near had an accident and it snapped everyone out of the moment.

“Sorry!” he said abasing himself and to his disappointment he had reached their destination. He figured after this fare he would pick up his regular hooker and work off his excitement. Lucky for him this was not going to be the only fare like this on a Friday night.

The embarrassed group laughingly regained their composure and went into the hotel. Once inside the room Chamēl went straight for Cathy. She pressed her up against the wall and began fondling her full heavy breast. She kissed her with a swirl of tongue and sucked on her bottom lip then dipped down to that sensitive spot most women have right behind their ears and along their necks.

Cathy moaned and reached out to fondle the large luscious breast before her. Gently she pinched the nipples and received a moan of satisfaction from Chamēl. But, Chamēl, she would not have that and she began removing Cathy’s tiny black halter dress trailing kisses along its path to the floor. She tongued her navel and licked and bit her way down to Cathy’s dark neatly trimmed bush.

Mark watched all of this from along side the ladies. He removed his shirt and he knelt behind her and caressed Chamēl’s leather clad ass and then reached underneath her to fondle her breast. He pressed himself against Chamēl’s ass and began kissing her neck and worked his way towards the mouth that was hungrily lapping at Cathy’s sopping pussy.

Cathy was gripping at Chamēl’s head begging her to put her tongue deeper. Then she felt Mark’s tongue along side Chamēl’s on her cunt. One would kiss, lick and suck her clit and the other would tongue fuck her and they would switch in rhythm after they stopped to tongue kiss which was driving her crazy.

Thank goodness the wall was holding her up as she began screaming her release and came all over their mouths and faces as their tongues dive bombed her clit. She slid bonelessly to the floor and watched Mark and Chamēl kiss and lick her juice from each others lips and faces.

Mark turned Chamēl toward him and ripped her spandex tank top off releasing her full supple breast. She had large dark nipples and skin like honeyed-cream. He sucked one hard nipple into his mouth and gripped her ass. He felt Cathy help to remove his pants and as he knelt on all fours he felt her pulling his dick backward into her warm and waiting mouth. He concentrated on how tight and wet Chamēl’s cunt was going to be.

He laid Chamēl on her back and began unzipping the leather skirt. It was the kind that zipped in the front that when unhooked was nothing more than a large rectangle of leather. Chamēl wore a leather high cut g-string. Mark began kissing his way down to Chamēl’s waistband and nipped her hip. He felt Cathy roll his balls into her mouth and he felt the heat of air from her nostrils blowing across his asshole. He moaned from deep in his throat he was close and Cathy sensing it stopped and went around and put her pussy over Chamēl’s face again.

Chamēl was breathing heavy as Mark approached her crotch. Chamēl started lapping at the juices that had gone down to Cathy’s asshole when suddenly Mark let out an “Oh my god!”

As he’ removed her thongs and had spread Chamēl’s legs. Right before his nose there was a large thick 7″ dick but not only a dick; Chamēl had no scrotum but had a pussy in its place instead.

“You’re a h-h-hermaphrodite!” he yelled.

Cathy looked to see Chamēl’s fully erect penis. She replied.

“Oh well! I get to have the best of both fantasies. You get to share me with a man as well as with a woman.”

She then leaned forward into the 69 position and began sucking Chamēl’s dick.

Chamēlèon (Part two)

Mark had wanted to share in Cathy’s fantasy but he felt this was bit much. Sure he wanted to see eat another woman’s pussy and sure he wanted to share her with another man, heterosexually of course. Mind you that he didn’t mind when Cathy rimmed him or even occasionally put a well lubed finger in his ass while giving him head; but never had he even come close to another man’s dick like that. He almost had a dick in his mouth in front of his woman. He would never admit to Cathy that was curious about being sucked off by another man and he could possibly fuck another guy but the real thing was not going to invade his ass ever.

His mind raced. Chamēl was such a hot looking woman that he never would have expected her to be almost as endowed as himself. He watched as Cathy worked that hot ass mouth of hers on Chamēl’s dick. He could almost feel it around his own dick, and then Chamēl moaned loudly as Cathy inserted her fingers into her pussy. Chamēl worked her tongue in and out of Cathy’s asshole. She then slipped two fingers into her sopping pussy and twirled her clit with her thumb simultaneously. The women’s moans and whimpers were becoming louder and louder. Cathy released he dick from her mouth and starting panting “Oh god, oh god, OHGAWD! I love your tongue in my ass you dirty bitch! Oh gawd yessss! Tongue fuck my ass baby! It feels sooo good!” ‘Yeah I like your ass and I’m gonna fuck it hard and your cunt too and you’ll be my bitch then! Suck it damn it! Suck my dick!” As Chamēl’s tongue that invaded her asshole was replaced with a slick finger, Cathy began jerking Chamēl’s dick and tonguing her pussy. Chamēl’s hips began to buck and she screamed, “I’m cumming! Oh fuck! Oh shit! OHHH!” Cum spurted from Chamēl’s penis and from her pussy and Cathy was drenched. She let cock cum run down her fingers and the side of her neck but continue to lap up the juices from Chamēl’s twat.

Cathy felt herself on the verge of another orgasm when Chamēl flipped her over on her back and they were face to face. Chamēl kissed her cum from Cathy’s lips and pressed herself into Cathy’s juicy wet slit. They both moaned. Cathy moaned because Chamēl had decent girth to her cock and Chamēl moaned because Cathy’s tight very wet pussy was gripping and swallowing her like silk.

Mark was so overwhelmed by the kinky scene in front and it seemed to cause his immense erection to find an orifice for release. So, as if his feet found a life of their own, he was behind Chamēl pressing his throbbing thick 8″ into her tight wet cunt. Chamēl abruptly stopped her actions to Cathy’s mouth and cunt. She moaned and grunted at his entry. “Hey lover,” she panted. “I’m glad you decided to finally join us. Now fuck my pussy with that big ass dick of yours! Fuck me hard!”

Mark closed his eyes and pretended that he was simply fucking another woman who was wearing a strap-on only hers was attached for real. “Damn! Girl your pussy feels so good!” He couldn’t believe how tight Chamēl was. He began kissing her neck and shoulders. Then Chamēl turned and offered her lips to him and he was hesitant; but he found himself lingering upon them sucking them softly then more passionately and ultimately their tongues dueled.

Cathy was in heaven. As Mark pounded Chamēl’s pussy it sent Chamēl deeper into her own. Cathy put her fingers between their kisses and they began to lick and suck on them. Mark cupped Chamēl’s breast, massaging and rolling the dark pebbles between his thumbs and began pumping her sweet cunt faster. “Oh yeah baby fuck me! Fuck me harder! Mmmm feels so good!” His pounding reverberated through Chamēl into Cathy who’s mounting orgasm overtook and she shuddered and screamed in ecstasy. She quivered as Chamēl pulled back into a kneeling position sliding free from her soaked pussy. Cathy was so exhausted but found the strength to move from beneath Chamēl and Mark. She knelt beside them and watched.

Chamēl reached behind her and wrapped her arms around Marks head and pushed him more into a half seated position. She bounced on his dick to meet his upward thrusts into her pussy. He concentrated on not cumming as he worked the tight pussy around him, when suddenly, Cathy whispered in his ear, “Jerk her cock Mark.” She laid light kisses along side his mouth, ears and throat while steadily chanting “jerk her cock” along his skin. “Haven’t you had a fantasy or curiosity about being with another man Mark?” Was she reading his damn mind? She took his hand away from Chamēl’s breast and placed it onto her erection.

Mark didn’t want to admit that ever since that night he let her put two well lubed fingers up his ass and the night she confessed she wanted another woman, the thought lay lingering at the back of his mind. Then the thought of a time he was twelve popped into his head. He remembered when he and his best friend Brian jerked each other off once and how good it felt. He had not realized that he was jerking Chamēl’s thick dick until felt Cathy adding WET lube from a bottle they brought to the hotel room earlier. He humped Chamēl harder and stroked her slick dick faster. He felt that familiar tightening of his balls and buried his face in the side of Chamēl’s neck and whispered her name. She responded with long oh’s and ah’ and as she felt his deep growl along side her neck, his hot cum filled her and she let out a scream and a squirt of her own into Cathy’s opened mouth. She caught most of it and came up and kissed Chamēl giving her some of her own cum, and then she kissed Mark giving him some of Chamēl’s cum to taste. He was surprised by act but he licked the salty jism from her lips and was surprised that it was not as bad as he thought it would be.

They all collapsed into a heap on the floor. “Damn that was good! If anyone can move raise your hand.” Chamēl said. Nobody raised a hand and they all broke out in laughter. After a few more minutes on the floor the ménage a trios moved onto the bed and fell asleep.

Chamēlèon (Part three)

A few hours later Mark woke up and went to the bathroom to relieve himself. He decided to take a shower while the girls slept. He heard the girls come into the bathroom one by one to also relieve themselves and when done they each stepped into the shower with him.

Chamēl’s slick body was pressed to his front and Cathy’s to his back. It was an interesting and highly arousing experience to have two sets of breasts slick with soap sliding across his chest and back. It was even more arousing to him that Chamēl’s dick was poking him and sliding against his own erection. He felt Cathy’s fingers spreading his cheeks and felt her easing her fingers into his ass so he bent forward slightly resting his hands on the wall and the spray of the shower cascaded down his back and the crack of his ass. Chamēl kneeled down before him and licked the head of his dick sucking out his precum. Then she licked the shaft of his cock down to his balls and back again before inhaling him to his root. “Uh, uh, un, un, huh, huh!” he panted, “Shit! Huh huh, it feels so good! Mmm, mmm Cathy! Oh shit Chamēl, feels so good!” Cathy was sawing two fingers in and out of his ass and time with Chamēl’s mouth around his dick. “We need to finish this on the bed.” Mark said. So, they jumped out of the shower and toweled off.

On the middle of the bed, Mark took Cathy and leaned her forward onto her hands and knees. He leaned forward and began tonguing her asshole. She let out a loud moan and dropped her head. He felt Chamēl come behind him doing the same thing to his asshole. A shudder escaped him as he felt her snake her hot slick tongue around and into his asshole. Was he really going to let this happen? Fingers were one thing but an actual cock was another. Stop thinking so much and just go with the flow Mark.

Chamēl grabbed the tube of KY jelly and a condom that was next to the bottle of WET and handed it to Mark. He put on the condom and lubricated his dick and put a dab on Cathy’s asshole and positioned himself. Mark pressed himself slowly into Cathy’s ass. “Oh baby! Huh, huh, mmm!” She said clenching the sheets into her fists. Mark’s growl was low and deep because Cathy’s asshole gripped his dick so tightly. He began working her ass with a slow steady rhythm.

He felt Chamēl’s hand come between his legs and cup his balls and she began massaging them softly. The feathery touch with every stroke was relayed with deeper penetration and Cathy’s moans, whimpers, and wails grew in intensity. Mark tensed up as he felt Chamēl spread his cheeks and then he relaxed as her tongue snaked around his ass but it then it was replaced with glove covered lube covered fingers. He stopped his stroke as first one slid in and out and then it was accompanied by a second. He leaned into the piston action of her hand. “Oh shit! Damn that’s so good!” he said as she added a third finger. “Mmm, Chamēl I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want to feel you inside me! Damn I can’t believe it but I do! Oh shit. Fuck me please!” he said laying his head between Cathy’s shoulder blades as he slammed deep into her.

Chamēl put on a condom and lubed her cock. She squirted more lube into his gaping asshole. She removed the glove and then positioned herself behind Mark and eased her cock into his ass slowly. “No don’t go slow just give it to me!” he growled. “Relax Mark. Push out as I push in okay.” “Okay.” And suddenly he gasped with fullness of his ass as Chamēl pushed home. The pain was quick and felt like a slight burning. Chamēl cried out. Mark was the first man’s ass she’d ever penetrated. The sensation was almost enough to send her over the top but she stilled herself to allow the tightness to relax around her dick. Mark gasped and moaned as Chamēl started sliding in and out of his ass. She grasped his hips to deepen her stroke. Mark loved the sensation in his ass and he began to match her stroke for stroke in Cathy’s ass. They worked furiously to reach orgasm. The room was filled with more “Oh gawds!, oh shits!, oh fucks!, oh yeahs!, fuck my ass harder!, that’s so goods!, oh’s!, ah’s!, and heavy breathing, in various combinations.

Chamēl could feel her orgasm coming and the clenching of Mark’s ass caused her to release a hefty load and she screamed. Mark felt the heat of Chamēl’s release in his ass and it sent him over the edge and he slammed deep into Cathy and he screamed. Cathy felt the brunt of the two of them inside her ass and she screamed. They all fell to the side still connected ass to cock, ass to cock panting. They rested for about twenty communities and they all took another shower. Mark and Cathy worshipped Chamēl’s body. They soaped her body and after rinsing they climbed back onto the bed.

Cathy pulled Chamēl between her and Mark. She began kissing the nape of her neck while Mark sucked softly at her lips. Chamēl felt the duel sensations of the kisses that mirrored one another along her back and along the flat of her stomach. She held her breath when Cathy parted her ass and started licking at her pussy and asshole at the very moment Mark took the tip of her dick into his mouth. He soon got the hang of sucking dick. He sucked it the way he enjoyed having it sucked. Chamēl shot her load for both her partners. Mark tried to swallow but some escaped from the sides of his mouth. He tilted his head and kissed Cathy between Chamēl’s thighs. Chamēl rolled onto her back and Mark and Cathy both took a nipple into their mouths. She stroked their heads and began to cry softly.

Chamēl spoke first, “I gave you my virginity Mark. You were the first male-ass I have ever penetrated.” “Really, well we have something in common because I gave you my oral and anal virginity. You were the first dick in my ass. And my dear you were abso-fucka-lutely incredible! My ass will never be the same and I’m not sure if I would want it to. Thank you for and incredible first time Chamēl.” And he rose up and kissed her. Cathy rose up and kissed Chamēl too. “You were my first as well and you know what? You were right when you said that we were waiting for you. You gave us what we needed, you. Will you to stay with us?” “Yeah Chamēl will you stay with us?” Mark echoed.

Chamēl began to cry more. “I guess we gave each other something because the two of you gave me the acceptance without repulsion that I needed for a long time. No one has ever accepted or wanted all of me. Even when I tell them up front they still freak out at my body. They only wanted the parts of me that fulfilled their fantasies and would get them off. They promptly put me out when their curiosity is satisfied; and they never to call me again. So, life’s been lonely.”

“I don’t think that is going to be a problem any more Chamēl. I think our real problem is going to be finding time to sleep. I’ve never cum so much in my life!” Mark said and they all laughed. “Pretty lady don’t cry any more.” They spooned and fell asleep and from that day Chamēl moved in and they remained closer than close friends.

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