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Catherine Gives and Receives

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Catherine stared at the clock. “Three o’clock,” she thought to herself. Only two more hours until this week is mercifully over. Her mind then drifted to her husband, Tim, and how much she enjoyed fucking and sucking him. Catherine and Tim had dated for five years, and had been married for five years. Ten years with the same man can be a long time, but they had managed to keep things exciting, especially their sex life.

Catherine was a bit of a slut before she and Tim began dating. She had numerous one-night stands along with a few long-term relationships before Tim came along. She had over thirty partners, compared to Tim’s five, and thought she was really experienced and kinky. Then Tim came along, and convinced her to try things she had never imagined, threesomes, spanking, golden showers, role playing. Catherine began to tingle thinking of how she was Tim’s little whore, as well as the love of his life.

A customer rolled up to the drive-in window, and Catherine’s mind had to focus back on work. A few more customers rolled through, cashing checks, depositing money, complaining about bounced checks. Catherine smiled through everything; after all, it was Friday.

A lull in customers took Catherine’s thoughts back to fucking Tim. For the past few months their sex life had been very slow. With the baby, and work, Catherine frequently felt tired. Tim was great helping around the house and with the baby, and treated her like a queen; she wanted to have sex with Tim, but it didn’t seem to be as big a priority for her as it was for him. The frustration was beginning to show in Tim, his mood would change if he didn’t get his rocks off every few days, and Catherine had needs too.

While deep in thought opportunity presented itself, Catherine’s sister pulled up to the drive-in. A little small talk ensued, the Catherine said, “Marie, can Matthew spend the night with you tonight? I really need some alone time with Tim.”

“Sure,” said Marie “You know I like spending time with my favorite nephew.” As Marie pulled away, Catherine smiled and began planning to give Tim a good fuck.

Five o’clock finally hit and Catherine was out the door, a long week of customers and after-hours meetings were finally over. Catherine picked Matthew up from day care and headed to Marie’s house.

The Store

She settled Matthew in with Marie and her children. Matthew was in good care and would have fun with his cousins.

Catherine and Marie walked out together. “Thanks Marie, we really need some alone time to reconnect.”

“Reconnecting is fun,” giggled Marie. “Feel free to spend tomorrow getting reconnected again and again if you need to, watching Matthew is no trouble.”

“I’m not sure what we will do tonight, but I plan on Tim being totally satisfied.”

Catherine started to drive home. What should she do? Should she role-play as a little girl in pig tails and a plaid skirt? Should she be naughty and have Tim spank her and the fuck her ass? Maybe some bondage or food? That was all fun, but she wanted something new, something Tim hadn’t done.

She saw the adult bookstore ahead, and quickly slowed and turned in. She had gone with Tim many times and had bought an assortment of vibrators, nipple clamps, and other sex toys. However, this was the first time she had been in alone and she had to find the perfect toy for tonight. The clerk, and several male customers, eyed Catherine as she walked around the store. It turned her on knowing they were ogling her body. She went to the restroom and took her bra off and placed it in her purse. The hard nipples of her 36c tits were clearly outlined on her red silk blouse. The plunging neck-line showed her ample cleavage. She liked her tits, and was sure the guys outside would like her little show.

All eyes turned to Catherine as she walked out of the restroom. It made her feel sultry to be walking around strangers with no bra on, knowing they were undressing her in their mind. Catherine began to look around for what to get, occasionally bending over to give the guys a nice look at her tits. She walked through the store, and noticed one particular guy who seemed entranced by her. He was tall and thin with sandy blonde hair, and looked younger than the rest of the customers. He was dressed in a t-shirt and sweat pants, which were doing a poor job of hiding his erection. Catherine looked and smiled.

She looked at the double ended dildo. It would be a lot of fun, but there was not enough time to find a woman for a threesome. There was the large dildo shaped like a fist and an arm. If she wanted to be fisted, she would have Tim do that. Nothing had really caught her eye, except the young customer, who was now by the videos. Catherine decided to have some teasing fun. Catherine was walking and looking the other way when she “accidentally” bumped into the young stranger.

“Excuse me.” Catherine said.

“Oh, no ma’am, I’m sorry. My name is Rob.”

“Well Rob, I’m Catherine. Looks like you’re into anal.”

“Yes I am. I love just about anything with a beautiful woman.”

Catherine knelt down, giving Rob a nice view of her tits. “This is one of my favorites.” Catherine said, giving Rob a copy of You Bet Your Ass 2.

“You look good enough to be on the cover of the movie.”

“Thank you Rob, I’m sure that line has been used here before.”

“I didn’t mean it to be a line. I’m going to preview a movie to see if I want to rent it. Would you like to join me?”

Catherine knew she shouldn’t, but shrugged her shoulders. “Sure, I’ll help you pick out the right movie.”

Rob rented the booth, and he and Catherine walked in and closed the door. Catherine wondered what she was doing in a dimly lit booth watching porno with a stranger. The movie started playing and there was a threesome going on almost immediately. A brunette with large breasts was getting fucked doggie style while giving head. Catherine’s nipples grew more erect, she could feel her face getting flushed, and she notices herself squirming on the bench. She felt so conflicted. Her pussy was on fire and aching to be satisfied, but she wanted Tim to give it to her. Yet here she was in a dark room with a hard cock watching porn. It’s not like she had not been with another man since she had been married, but Tim was always there too. At that moment, she felt a hand reach in her blouse and cup her breast. She jumped as Rob pinched her nipple.

Her hot pussy won out over her conscience. Without a word, she straddled Rob’s lap and gave him a deep kiss. Rob pulled off Catherine’s blouse and began to fondle and sucking her tits as Catherine began to grind in to Rob’s turgid cock. She was truly on fire as he began to suck her tits, moving from one nipple to another. Catherine loved having her tits sucked and was grinding harder. She knew Rob would cum soon, and wanted to taste the strange cum.

Catherine knelt in front of Rob. She pulled off his sweats and boxers and freed his throbbing cock. Rob’s cock was not large; Catherine figured it to be a little over five inches. However, Catherine thought it would be a great size to deep throat. Through the light of the movie, Catherine could see the precum glistening on Rob’s cock head. She stuck out her tongue to lick the head clean. When she pulled back, a strand of precum stretched from her mouth to Rob’s cock head before finally breaking off on Catherine’s chin.

Catherine began to move around her tongue around the shaft of Rob’s turgid cock while fondling his balls. Catherine enjoyed giving cocks a tongue bath, and especially delighted in feeling Rob’s cock twitch when she licked under his head. Catherine licked her way down to Rob’s balls taking one, then the other in her mouth and sucking his balls. The sweaty taste of his balls was a treat for Catherine. She pulled away and placed her mouth over Rob’s cock, taking it all in without touching it with her lips. Catherine gave a hard breath on Rob’s dick. Rob moaned at the sensation, and Catherine closed her lips engulfing his hard dick. Catherine began to move slowly up and down the length of Rob’s dick, swirling her tongue around his shaft and balls as she moved. The precum was tasty, but Catherine wanted to drink his jisim.

Rob’s hands stroked Catherine’s hair as low moan escaped his mouth. Catherine gave his cock a light bite and Rob moaned a little louder. Could the people outside hear? The prospect that they knew Catherine was pleasuring Rob made her even hornier. Giving head was a powerful feeling for Catherine, she could stop now and leave Rob blue and frustrated, or she could continue and have Rob basking in ecstasy. She was totally in control of Rob’s pleasure.

Catherine picked up her pace, sliding her lips up and down Rob’s shaft at a faster pace, saliva running to his balls. Massaging Rob’s balls while sucking his cock, Catherine wanted to milk the cum from Rob’s balls. Faster and faster Catherine sucked, her lips pistoning up and down Rob’s throbbing cock, while her tongue swirled around his shaft and head.

Rob’s cock began to stiffen, the veins popping out. Catherine loved this feeling, she knew Rob was about to explode. Her fingers felt Rob’s balls draw close to his body. Catherine continued to suck even more furiously, ready to accept Rob’s load. Rob’s body stiffened and he gave a grunt as his dick twitched and the first load of cum erupted from his balls and shot from his cock-head into Catherine’s waiting mouth. Catherine gleefully accepted his jiz and continued to work over Rob’s dick as it continued to twitch and pump her mouth full of cum. Rob moaned and slumped back on the bench as his dick spurted the final bit of cum in Catherine’s mouth. Catherine released Rob’s cock from her mouth. Catherine was quiet pleased that she had polished off Rob, and had not spilled a drop of his tasty seed.

Catherine stood and removed her panties, throwing them at Rob’s face. She had satisfied Rob, now it was time to get hers. She pushed Rob down on the bench, striped of her skirt, and planted her pussy on Rob’s mouth.

“Eat me!” Catherine commanded. Rob obliged by beginning to lick her pussy. Rob’s tongue found its way inside Catherine’s hot pussy and he began to tongue fuck her wet hole. Catherine began to squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples as she ground her wet snatch against Rob’s eager mouth. She knew it would not take long for her to cum. Rob began to hum while sucking Catherine’s clit; this sent shivers up her spine. Rob went back to licking Catherine’s snatch as she continued to grind into his mouth. Catherine was ready to cum. She began to massage her swollen clit as Rob continued to tongue her wet pussy. She was getting closer to the orgasm that she desperately needed. The tingling that was concentrated in her pussy began to spread over her entire body. She ground her cunt hard into Rob’s mouth. “Yes. Oh, yes.” This was it. Her back arched, her pussy began to spasm, and waves of pleasure enveloped her body. Catherine relaxed and removed her sensitive clit away from Rob’s reach.

She gave Rob a deep kiss. A smile of pleasure was spread across her face. “Thank you for letting me watch the video with you.” She said as she pulled back on her skirt. “You can keep the panties as a present. I hope you will smell them the next time you jack-off.”

Catherine pulled her blouse back on and left the booth without buttoning it. Her tits being exposed got Catherine numerous stares and several comments as she reentered the bookstore, all of which kept her aroused. Then she spotted the perfect toy for tonight, a seven-inch strap-on dildo. Catherine grabbed her new toy and made her way to the register. “Time to pop my husband’s cherry tonight.” She told the cashier. He didn’t comment as he was too engrossed in starring at her tits. As Catherine turned to leave she spotted Rob coming out of the video booth. “Rob, thanks for letting me drink your cum,” Catherine shouted as she exited the store.


Catherine put her new toy in the car and headed for home. She was so horny about her experience, yet a little guilty. “Oh, well.” Catherine said to herself. “I can’t take it back now. Besides, Tim will get his satisfaction tonight.” Catherine’s pussy continued to tingle as she headed toward home, thinking of what she had just done, and fantasizing about what she would be doing later.

Catherine pulled into the drive and parked the car. “About 30 minutes before Tim gets home, just enough time to get things set up,” Catherine thought. She walked upstairs, and pulled her new toy out of the bag. Catherine marveled at her new dick. Her dick looked good, but she wondered if she would be a good fuck. She cleaned her cock and put it away for later use. Then she hopped in the shower. The water felt good hitting her nipples as she washed off. She had to resist the temptation to finger herself. Catherine got out of the shower and dried off. She put on a green teddy Tim had bought her a few years ago.

Catherine went down stairs, lit a few candles and poured two glasses of rum and Coke. Catherine heard Tim drive up and met him at the door with his drink. Tim opened the door and smiled.

“Wow! You look nice tonight. Where’s Matthew?”

“I’m glad you like what you see. I’ve been thinking of your cock all day, so I dropped Matthew off at Marie’s for the night. Are you ready for a fun night?”

“This looks like it could be a very fun night for me.” Tim replied.

“Oh I have something special planned for you tonight.” Catherine said with a smile.

She took his hand and led him to the couch. They sipped their drinks as Tim stared at Catherine. The teddy gave Tim a nice view of Catherine’s tits, and a little glimpse of her pussy and ass. He began to run his hand along her leg as his cock began to stir.

“So, what do you have in store for me tonight?” Tim asked.

“It’s a surprise.” quipped Catherine. “You just remember that you have to let me do what I want, no questions asked.”

“That is usually a lot of fun for me so I’m game.”

Catherine got up to make a few more drinks. She bent over while pouring them giving Tim a nice view of her ass. His cock grew harder. They quickly drank those down and Catherine fixed another round.

“You know Tim; it’s not fair that you have on more clothes than me.”

“I’ll be glad to let you undress me.” Tim said with a smile.

Catherine walked back with a bottle of rum and two shot glasses, they both fired down a shot, and Catherine began to undress Tim. First she removed his tie, and then took off his shirt and under shirt. She rubbed her hand across his hairy chest and let out a little purr.

Catherine poured another shot that they downed, and pulled off Tim’s shoes and socks, then ripped his belt off.

“Looks like you have a nice little bulge in those pants. I bet your dick would like to come out and play.”

Catherine unbuttoned Tim’s pants and slid them off. Then she pulled down his boxers. Tim’s dick was standing at attention. Catherine gave it a little kiss.

“How about we have another shot, then you let me take you to the bedroom and let me have my way with your body?” Catherine stated.

Tim just nodded in agreement.

They had another shot and headed upstairs.

Popping Tim’s Cherry

They got to the bedroom and Catherine pulled out a scarf.

“I’m going to blindfold you. You just have to trust that you are going to enjoy what I’m about to do.” Catherine stated in a soft voice.

“You know I trust you and enjoy everything you do.” Tim replied.

Catherine slipped the blindfold on Tim. Then they embraced and started kissing deeply, their hands caressing each other. Tim’s dick was rock hard and his head covered with precum. Catherine’s hands gently guided Tim’s naked body to the bed, and laid him on his stomach. Catherine continued to kiss Tim’s neck and caress his body. The feeling of Catherine’s hot naked body pressing against Tim’s was causing him grow hotter and hotter. Catherine kissed down Tim’s back. Catherine then parted his cheeks and shoved a tongue in his ass.

Tim moaned at the wonderful feeling of Catherine eating his ass. Catherine’s free hand caressed and squeezed Tim’s dick and balls. She then slipped a finger in Tim’s ass as she continued eating him. Tim flinched a little then relaxed and let out another moan. Tim was moving around on the bed moaning in pleasure. Catherine began to kiss her way back up to Tim’s neck.

“You like that don’t you.” Catherine whispered in Tim’s ear

“Oh yes” Tim moaned.

“We’ll I’m about to send you over the edge.”

Catherine got up and put on her new strap-on toy.

“Are you ready for some fun?” Catherine asked.

“Oh, yes, I’m yours for the taking.”

He just didn’t know how he was going to be taken.

Catherine moved behind Tim and spread his legs.

Suddenly, Tim felt the tip of a well lubed strap-on cock meet his ass. Tim squirmed forward as Catherine began to enter him. She was meeting some resistance from his ass and whispered “It will be much more pleasurable if you relax.” Tim moaned loudly as Catherine pushed further in. He was thinking that there was no way a dick could fit in his ass. Then, with a large thrust, Catherine fully entered Tim with her big strapped-on dick. Tim let out a scream as waves of different feeling covered him. The pain of having my ass invaded by a big dick was almost unbearable. But that feeling was overcome by the pleasure he was receiving as Catherine began to slide in and out. No longer was his ass resisting, but was accepting and wanting more.

Catherine was in total control of Tim’s pleasure. She moved slowly gave him all that she had in a sensual manner, then picked up the pace, pounding his ass.

“You like my hard cock don’t you?” muttered Catherine.

“Oh yes,” whimpered Tim. “Your big cock feels so good in my ass. Please fuck me hard.”

Tim continued moaning in ecstasy and begging Catherine to keep fucking him. Catherine liked being in charge of Tim’s pleasure and continued to change paces at her will.

Catherine undid the blindfold, turned Tim on his back, and pressed his legs back and entered him again. The look of pleasure Tim had on his face let Catherine know how happy he was, and that she was in total control of him.

“I feel like such a whore, and can’t get enough of your dick. I want you to fuck me forever.” Tim moaned as Catherine continued to wear his ass out.

Catherine had Tim stand and bend over the bed and began to fuck him again. She began to fondle his cock and found that he was oozing precum like a leaking faucet. Catherine took some of the precum off Tim’s cock-head with her fingers, and put them in his mouth. Catherine then gave Tim’s ball a hard squeeze, and laughed when he collapsed on the bed. Catherine slipped her cock back in and began fucking Tim again.

“You are such and incredible fuck, I wish you could feel the pleasure you are giving me as you fuck my ass. Oh, please fuck me and make me cum.” Tim pleaded.

“You want to cum?” Catherine hissed.

“Oh yes! Please let me cum. This feels so good, I’m about to explode.”

“OK baby, I’ll get you off.”

Catherine moved Tim onto all fours. As she was sliding in and out of his ass, she reached a hand around and began to play with his hard cock. Catherine rubbed some precum on his head and down the shaft and began to jerk-off Tim’s cock. It took only a few seconds for Tim’s dick to grow super hard, veins popping out; and balls drawing closer to his body. Catherine knew he was about to pop. Tim’s ass was on fire as his dick began to spasm and sent loads of cum shooting from his balls. Catherine caught Tim’s cum in her hand, then guided his head down to her hand. “Eat that cum like the dirty whore you are!” Catherine commanded.

Tim obliged, and then collapsed on the bed with a feeling of total satisfaction waving across his body, tingly skin, weak legs, burning ass, sensitive dick, and the taste of sex in his mouth. He was totally satisfied.

“How did it feel to have your cherry popped?” Catherine asked.

“What a great fuck you are.” Tim replied. “I can only dream of the next time you treat me like your little whore and fuck me like I need to be fucked.”

“Maybe that will be soon.” Catherine replied with a smile.

Catherine got a warm wash cloth and cleaned Tim up, and the two lay in bed and kissed and cuddled and finally drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

Breakfast Time

Catherine rose from bed first the next morning and went downstairs to get some breakfast ready. The thought of yesterday made her smile. She gave Tim something new and kinky, and had really satisfied. She also smiled at her trip to the toy store, but a little wave of guilt came over her. She had been with another man without Tim there. Should she tell him, or keep it as her little secret? If she did tell him, would he be pissed? Catherine knew she couldn’t keep a secret from Tim, so it was better to tell him sooner rather than later.

Tim came down a little later, and was greeted to a nice breakfast. He gave Catherine a big kiss and told her how much he loved her. They had a nice breakfast and so small talk.

After breakfast they moved to the couch. Catherine settled into Tim’s arms.

“Last nigh was a lot of fun,” Tim said.

“I’m glad you enjoyed,” replied Catherine.

“We’re still alone; want to have some more fun?” Tim asked.

“We can, but first let me tell you all about yesterday,” Catherine said.


“I was so horny thinking about you all day, and couldn’t wait to get home and satisfy you. On the way home I saw an adult book store and decided to stop and get something you would think was really kinky, since I know I haven’t been too kinky lately.”

“Sounds fun so far.”

“I took my bra off in the store restroom, and lots of guys were staring at my tits.”

“That’s cool; you know I enjoy guys checking out my piece of ass.”

Catherine moved away from Tim and looked him in the eye and continued. “Well I know I shouldn’t have but I started watching a porn movie with a guy in the store. I was so horny watching the movie, I would loved to have fucked you right there, but you weren’t there, and my pussy got the best of me, and I gave the guy head.”

Tim hopped off the couch “What? How the fuck could you do that? You know our rule, no fucking around unless the other person is present!”

“I’m so sorry. I wanted you so bad and was so horny, I just couldn’t control myself.”

“That’s a big load of shit. Don’t use me as an excuse for you being such a slut yesterday. Did you enjoy fucking him too?”

“I didn’t fuck him, but he did make me cum by eating me.”

“Fuck this, you cum sucking whore! I can’t believe you would blow some stranger then do me like nothing ever happened.”

Tim stormed up the stairs and into their bedroom, slamming the door behind him. Catherine sat on the couch, tears streaming down her face. She made her way up the stairs, opened the door and made her way to Tim, who was sitting on the bed.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me. I’ll do anything to make it up to you.”

“How can I trust you? You know all you had to do was let me know what you were doing, and you could have brought the guy home. Instead you violated my trust.”

“I know. I really messed up and I’m sorry. I really do love you.”

“What you love is cock, you big whore.”

Tim reached out and grabbed Catherine, throwing her across his lap. He ripped off her panties, and whack, his hand came down hard across her bare ass. Catherine screamed out in pain.

“I’ll teach you a nice lesson you fucking whore!”

Whack, another pop landed on Catherine’s ass, her tears of sorrow were now mixed with tears of pain. Whack, another pop landed on Catherine’s increasingly reddening ass. As Tim continued his assault on Catherine’s ass, his anger was replaced by desire and her pain by pleasure.

“You like this don’t you whore?”

“Oh yes, spank my ass. I’ve been a very naughty girl, and need to be punished.”

After a few more pops, Tim pulled Catherine up and gave her a deep kiss, and their hands began to caress each other. Tim began kissing Catherine’s neck, and ran his hand up her shirt to squeeze her tits. Tim pulled Catherine’s shirt off and was mesmerized by her tits. He eagerly began to lick, suck and bite Catherine’s erect nipples as he moved from one to the other

Gently Tim spread Catherine’s legs. While still attached to her tits, he began to finger Catherine.

“You are sooooo wet,” Tim whispered

“That’s because I want your hard cock,” Catherine replied.

First one finger entered Catherine’s wet snatch, then two, another, and finally a fourth was buried in her wet cunt. Tim moved his fingers in and out while sucking Catherine’s tits. Catherine was writhing about in pleasure, Tim’s fingers filling her wet pussy while his mouth and teeth worked her nipples. A little whimper escaped Catherine’s mouth as she had her first orgasm.

Tim removed his fingers from Catherine’s hot sex and licked them clean.

“I love the taste of your pussy.”

Tim reinserted two fingers in Catherine, then removed them and slipped them into Catherine’s mouth. “I thought you should get a taste of the best tasting pussy in the world,” Tim said as he began kissing his way down Catherine’s body.

When he reached Catherine’s pussy, Tim started by licking her lips, Catherine’s juices covering her entire pubic area. Tim loved eating Catherine’s pussy, the smell and taste drives him crazy, and Catherine enjoyed him lapping her sugar walls. Catherine was rubbing Tim’s head as he was licking all around her pussy. Finally, Tim drove his tongue deep into Catherine’s honey pot. “That’s it baby, eat my pussy.” Catherine panted with pleasure.

Tim continued to squeeze Catherine’s nipples while licking her pussy and sucking her engorged clit. Catherine’s thighs clamped hard around Tim’s head and she let out a deep moan as another wave of orgasm came across her body.

Tim continued to tongue Catherine’s pussy, but occasionally his tongue found its way to her puckered little ass to get a little taste. Tim stuck a finger in Catherine’s wet pussy, and then slipped it into her ass. Catherine shuddered at first then began to move in rhythm with Tim’s finger. Tim slid another finger in her ass, and Catherine let out a gasp that was a combination of pain and the pleasure the pain is causing.

Tim pulled the fingers from Catherine’s tight ass and turned her on her stomach. He spread her ass cheeks and lowered his tongue to her tender ass. As much as Tim loved the taste of Catherine’s pussy, he may have enjoyed eating her ass even more. The smell and taste made Tim feel dirty, in a good way, and made him feel more animalistic. Tim spread Catherine’s cheeks wider and forced his tongue deeper into her asshole.

Catherine was writhing and moaning in ecstasy.

“Fuck me Tim. Oh, please fuck my ass.”

“You want me to fuck your ass you dirty little whore?”

“Yes Tim, please. I need you to fill my ass with your hard cock.”

Reluctantly, Tim removed his tongue from Catherine’s ass. He reached into the nightstand, pulled out the tube of KY, and smeared it on his throbbing cock.

Tim moved Catherine onto all fours and moved in behind her. He spread her cheeks wide and moved his cock to Catherine waiting ass. At the feeling of his cock-head on her puckered little rose, Catherine rocked slowly back, causing Tim’s head to slide in her waiting hole.

Catherine took a deep breath. “Slowly baby,” Catherine whispered. Tim began to inch his cock into her waiting ass. With each breath she took Tim slipped a little more of his hard cock into her tight little ass, until finally he was buried fully in her.

Tim began moving slowly in and out as Catherine’s ass begins to get accustomed to his dick reaming it. Catherine moaned and began to buck against Tim, letting him know that she was ready to be fucked hard.

“Do you want me to fuck you shitter hard?”

“Oh yes, please pound me hard and make me cum.”

Tim pulled his cock almost all the way out, then with a hard thrust buried it deep into Catherine driving her onto the bed with a loud moan. Tim began to fuck Catherine’s ass harder and faster, moans and grunts coming from each of them.

Tim leaned down and kissed Catherine’s ear and began whispering to her. “I love the taste of your ass, and I know you love me slamming my hard cock in your pooper you dirty little whore.”

Catherine could only moan in agreement. With his free hands Tim reached under Catherine and began to play with her pussy, clit, and tits. Her clit was hard, and her pussy wet with wanton desire. Her ass was firmly wrapped around Tim’s cock as he continued to slide in and out.

“Oh yes baby. Fuck my ass,” Catherine moaned. “You are going to make me cum so hard.”

Tim pulled Catherine up on all fours again and began pounding harder and faster, watching her tits sway in the mirror with each stroke. Each time Tim buried his cock in her ass Catherine would moan as his ball slapped against her wet pussy. Tim knew it would not be long until Catherine came.

“OH GOD YESSS!” Catherine screamed. “OHHHH YESSSS!” Catherine threw her head back, a pained look on her face, as her orgasm surged through her body. With a loud moan, her quivering body collapsed on the bed, waves of pleasure cascading over her.

Tim continued to pound Catherine’s ass hard, he was on a mission to fill her ass. As Catherine lay beneath Tim, still panting from her orgasm, Tim sensed that he was ready to cum. With a few more hard strokes, Tim’s dick and balls stiffened. With a loud grunt loads of cum erupted from his balls into Catherine’s waiting ass. Tim collapsed on Catherine as the last few twitches of his orgasm were ending.

Tim slid slowly out, marveling at that fine red ass that had just been fucked silly. Tim turned Catherine over and gave her a nice long kiss while looking over her body. “You know I love you, even if you are a dirty little whore.”

Catherine looked up at Tim and smiled. “I’ll always be your dirty little whore.”

Tim pulled Catherine close and they settled in each other’s arms satisfied and tired. They didn’t have to pick Matthew up for a few more hours. They still had plenty of time for a nap, and some more satisfaction.

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