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Cat, Chris and Amy

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It was Friday afternoon. I sat at my desk staring at my computer screen, trying very, very hard to concentrate on the report I was supposed to be writing. Half past three. Time had slowed almost to a halt; every passing second seemed to take an age. But then I realised there were only two and a half hours to go – and all of a sudden time was going way, way faster than I could cope with.

I went to make myself a mug of coffee. Anything just to occupy the head and the hands. By four o’clock I had given up on the report, knowing I could catch up with it on Monday morning. I sat playing PC solitaire with one half of my brain, while the other half was racing with all sorts of distracting thoughts. Time was still going both way too slowly and way too quickly.

I took some long, slow, deep breaths. Tried to collect myself, slow down the trickle of adrenaline that was keeping me on edge. Why was I so nervy? Was it fear, or was it excited anticipation? It felt like both…

4.30 p.m.

I went to the bathroom. Locked myself into a cubicle and ran my hand slowly from knee to thigh, pulling up my skirt as I went. Trying to imagine how I would feel to someone else. Fine, silky nylon, ending just below my crotch…I traced the edge until I got to the stretched curve where the stocking was attached to the suspender. Ran my finger-tip over the button there. Slowly, with an odd little thrill, I moved my fingers to the thin silk of the g-string that covered my pubic mound. I’d shaved that morning and I enjoyed how soft the skin felt through the silk. The thought of someone else’s fingers there…I pulled the g-string to one side and looked at myself – smooth, soft, pale skin and, obscenely, a hard, dark pink clitoris poking right out in clear view. I wanted to touch it but I pushed my hands up inside my shirt instead, brushing the sensitive tips of my nipples through the silk of my bra … ENOUGH. With a shudder and a grin I put my clothes back where they should be and walked back to my desk. And found my boss, David, waiting for me there, perched on the edge of the desk. I felt myself blush as I sat in my chair, a foot away from him. Surely he would be able to smell my arousal? I couldn’t look him in the eye. I realised he could see down the open neck of my shirt. Blushed again.

“How can I help, David?”

I did it. I looked him in the eye and any doubts vanished – he could smell me. I took a deep breath and faced it out. Had the conversation. He wanted to set up a meeting for next week and was checking when I was available. Easy. I waited for him to go. He didn’t go. Just sat there looking knowing and friendly.

“Look, it’s nearly 5 … do you fancy a quick drink? I’m meeting someone at 6 and I don’t fancy hanging around here …”

David thought that was a fine idea and we made our way to the pub on the corner. A gin & tonic and a chat about the new trainee, and the butterflies in my stomach started to calm down a little. Just as I started to relax, David asked who I was meeting at 6. My husband, Chris. Yes, going for a meal … and then maybe to a bar … just saying it got me all nervy again. And very conscious of the thin layer of silk separating my clitoris from the outside world … for just one split second I wanted to ask David to come with me into the ladies’ and finger me until I came. And then I regained my senses … I just had to hold on for a few hours now …

All too soon it was 5.45. Time to go to the hotel bar. I wished David a good weekend and took off. The cold November air felt very odd through the damp silk of my g-string.

The brisk walk though the city streets sobered me up. I reminded myself over and over that Chris had given me a no-strings get-out. There was no obligation on me – at any point. That thought did comfort and calm me. And as I approached the brightly-lit bar in the darkness and saw Chris sitting with a glass of wine, absent-mindedly running his finger up and down the stem of the glass while he stared distractedly at the label on the bottle, his thoughts clearly elsewhere, I realised I was a lot less scared than I thought I was.

He stood up when he saw me coming towards him. Something half-way between a grin and a leer on his face. Kissed me gently and whispered in my ear “You look beautiful… and you smell like sex”. Quickly, I slipped my hand down to the front of his trousers and felt the thick, half-hard, heavy cock there. Felt a sudden awareness of my clitoris again. We sat down and grinned at each other. He poured me a glass of wine and, wordlessly, knowingly, we clinked glasses and drank. We sat for a long time, not talking, just collecting our thoughts and looking at each other … then Chris asked how I was feeling. I told him – nervy, but not in a bad way … distracted … horny … He gave me a smile that was so lecherous it took my breath away.

He ordered some food and we moved to one of the booths where the tables were set for dinner. I sat in the corner and was surprised when Chris sat next to me instead of opposite me. Suddenly very nervous again, I rested my head on his shoulder for a second … and felt his hand, out of nowhere, on the inside of my knee, moving upwards to the warm skin where the stocking ended. In a low, smiling voice, he murmured “Stockings, eh?” – and at that moment the food arrived and his hand withdrew. One of those big plates of things to share, and we both made a good attempt at it, knowing that even though nerves and excitement made eating difficult, it was going to be a long evening. Possibly very long …

Feeling like clueless teenagers, we’d spent the previous weekend searching the internet and local listings magazines for suitable bars and clubs. We’d found two, one a ten-minute walk from the other, that looked as though they might be what we were looking for. We’d booked a room in a hotel that was close to both bars. Now we went up to the room and shut the door. Chris grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. Kissed my neck and whispered “Baby, you can say no at any point. You know I love you”. In response I moved my hand over the outline of his hard cock and kissed his throat. I moved over to the bed and bent over, my weight on my hands, and looked over my shoulder at Chris. He grinned and walked up behind me. Slipped my skirt up and over my hips and ran his hands up the backs of my thighs. I was just about to stand up when I felt his thumbs being hooked through the sides of my g-string. Surprised, I let him pull it down and I stepped out of it. He held it up in front of my face … “This isn’t very clean is it, after what you’ve been thinking about all day? I thought that might happen, so I went shopping at lunchtime”. I stood up and turned to see him get a bag out of his briefcase. He pulled out a g-string made of very fine, open black lace, and handed it to me, told me to step into it but not pull it up. I did as he said and waited. He dropped to his knees in front of me and looked me in the eye. “I think I need to clean you up …” and his mouth was on me, licking inside and around my wet cunt, avoiding my clit. He licked just enough to clean me up and then he pulled something else out of the bag … oh Christ … it was one of those love-egg things … I didn’t even get a good look at it … he quickly pushed it into my slick hole. It felt cool inside my hot cunt. It made me feel sluttish. Once again he licked me clean, not touching my clit … then he pulled up the new g-string and led me to the mirror, where I could see just how clearly my fat, swollen clit was visible through the open lace-work.

I could see how turned on Chris was – his cock was straining hard under his clothes … and then I looked up to see a black lace bra in his hand. He handed it to me and told me to put it on. I took off my shirt and bra and put on the lace bra … it pushed my breasts upwards, made them very round … and ended just below the nipple. I looked down at myself and saw the stiff nipples standing out, nothing to cover them … I was about to brush a nipple with my fingers when Chris told me to leave that for later and to put my shirt back on. As I buttoned it up, he said “Stop there”. I looked at him, unsure – I’d only buttoned it as far as the bottom of the bra … people would be able to see what sort of bra I was wearing if they happened to see me from the right angle … Chris told me I didn’t need any more buttons to be done up. I took a deep breath and chose to trust him on the point.

He held up my coat for me. That time already? Another deep breath and my coat was on and we were out of the room and walking to the lift. Chris turned and said “You choose – The Lounge or Sammy’s?” We might as well have flipped a coin – we had no way of judging which was the right place to go. I chose The Lounge.

Ten minutes in the November evening air, this time feeling the icy air pricking at my clit directly, through the holes in the lace, and I felt slightly more in control of my nerves. The egg in me felt good; I could feel it shifting slightly inside me with every step.

I felt a sudden wave of nervous nausea when I realised we were standing outside The Lounge. Chris put a warm, comforting arm around my shoulders and together we walked into the doorway and down the stairs that led to the basement bar. I had no idea what to expect. This place had no website. Just a few entries in listings magazines. It called itself a bar for bisexual women, “men welcome”. The thought was suddenly terrifying. I had never touched a woman and was, at best, “bi-curious”. I suddenly felt I was being hurled in at the deep end … we turned a corner at the bottom of the staircase and walked into the bar, and within a few seconds I felt much, much happier. The bar was relaxed, not too crowded. The music was down and dirty delta blues – not too quiet and not too loud … The people – mostly women, but a few men – looked normal and friendly, chatting quietly at the tables while a few danced on the small, dimly-lit dance-floor to one side of the bar.

Chris motioned to me to sit at a table for four next to the dance-floor, and went to the bar. Came back with a bottle of wine and four glasses … silently, knowingly, we again clinked glasses. I took a big sip and a deep breath and Chris smiled and affectionately stroked my cheek. I saw the love in his eyes and felt a wave of warmth and calm wash over me.

It was still early and over the course of the next hour, as more people trickled in, Chris and I sat together at the table, watching and commenting to each other. Two or three times, I spotted a woman who looked like Chris’s “type”, and turned to ask him if he found her attractive. Each time he just reminded me that we were looking for someone that I found attractive. I apologised to him, realising I hadn’t yet seen a woman I was attracted to. He just grinned and said nothing was or would be a problem. I tried to relax again.

The bar got busier, the music got a little louder, and somehow everyone’s inhibitions seemed to be getting ever so slightly less rigid. I found myself watching a pair of long-haired women nuzzling each others’ necks as they danced near the bar. They looked pretty lost in each other and I realised I was getting lost in watching them. I turned to look at Chris and found him staring at me, smiling. He was watching me watching them. “I’d love to see you dancing like that …” he said, and at the same time I felt the egg start to vibrate slowly inside me. I turned to Chris, wide-eyed, and he opened his hand briefly, showing me the remote control in his palm. Something changed at that point. Although Chris had quickly turned off the vibrations, he had given me a hint of what he could do. And right there and then I wanted him to make me come. Sitting in that bar. I wanted him to use his remote to make me come while I watched the women dance. I was acutely aware of my nipples, naked under the woven silk shirt…could they be seen by anyone other than Chris?

As those thoughts were making me shift in my seat, I realised I was now staring at a woman who was at the bar, chatting to the barmaid. She was dressed a lot like me – fitted knee-length skirt, open-necked shirt, high heels … her dark hair was cut in a short, sharp bob. I found my eyes returning to her body and the way her curves moved under her clothes as she shifted her weight from one long leg to the other. Chris’s voice in my ear – “Why don’t you ask her to dance?” The idea both terrified me and made my stomach lurch with sexual anticipation. “Pour me another drink first,” I said, “I need to think about it first”.

As Chris poured me a glass of wine, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Pulled my g-string down, saw how wet the lace was…managed not to touch my clit, but couldn’t resist stroking my nipples through the rough silk. I came out of the cubicle and looked back to see two women in the next cubicle, the door open, kissing. One of them had her hand on the other’s breast and was pinching the nipple through her clothes. The other smiled at me and threw her head back. I felt my clit swelling again. I washed my hands slowly, looking into the mirror, partly at the two women (who now seemed oblivious to me again) and partly at myself. I looked myself in the eye and made my decision. I took a deep breath.

I opened the bathroom door and saw both Chris at our table and the woman still at the bar. Not even looking at Chris I strode across to the bar, touched the woman on the shoulder and said “If you’d like a seat, there’s room at our table”. I gestured towards Chris. The woman looked over to him, then turned to me and, with a sweet, good-natured smile, she said “My name’s Amy” and walked with me towards our table.

“Amy, this is my husband Chris. I’m Cat. I’m glad you decided to join us.”

Chris stood up and shook Amy’s hand. She gave him a smile and sat next to me, opposite Chris. We chatted easily for a while. All very mundane and normal – what we did for a living, where we lived, the weather … the usual. I started to feel really comfortable with Amy; she seemed a very warm and relaxed person. I turned from saying something to Chris and found Amy’s eyes on the place where Chris had told me to stop buttoning my shirt…then she looked me in the eye and smiled and there was something in her smile that made me reach over and touch her gently behind her ear. I saw her take a sharp little inward breath and then she smiled again. As I pulled my hand away I felt the egg start to vibrate again. Just gently, slowly. Making me very aware of my cunt as I looked Amy in the eye and asked her if she would like to dance. She smiled again and, as we stood up and I leaned over to kiss Chris on the cheek, I whispered to him, asking him to turn the vibrations off. But he grinned and didn’t turn them off. He turned them up a notch. He whispered back to me – “This thing has a range that covers the dance-floor”. As I walked, hand in hand with Amy, towards the dance-floor, I felt a trickle of wetness escape the thin lace and roll an inch or two down my inner thigh.

The music was slow, hip-grinding, dirty blues. Amy pulled me into her, with one hand on the small of my back, and we started swaying to the music. It felt odd, another woman’s curves against mine – so completely different from everything I was used to. I turned my face into Amy’s neck and she smelled of Coco de Chanel and sex. As Amy’s hand moved from the small of my back to my buttock, and as it pulled me in closer to her, I felt the egg start to vibrate faster. I looked over Amy’s shoulder at Chris, who was looking me right in the eye. His eyes were heavy with that aroused, lecherous look I love in him. I held his eye while I pointedly moved my hands to Amy’s buttocks and he slowed the vibrations. But he didn’t stop them. My cunt was getting to be pretty much the only thing I could think about and I turned my face to Amy’s and kissed her.

I’d already put my mouth to hers before I’d had time to stop and ask myself whether I really wanted to kiss a woman. For a split second as our lips touched I heard my inner voice say “Hang on a second here …” and then my inner voice shut up as I felt the softness of a woman’s mouth gently moving over my lips … before she pulled her mouth away she ran her tongue lightly over my lower lip and for a second I felt so incredibly turned on that my knees actually went weak. I whispered to Amy that I needed to sit down and we walked, hand in hand, back to the table. Chris watched us coming back and took pity on me and turned the vibrations off. I took a slug of wine and a deep breath. We chatted about nothing much for a while and I felt a sense of control returning. I was still achingly horny, but not in any imminent danger of coming. Amy went to get another bottle of wine. When she was gone, Chris leaned across the table, took my hand in his and told me that watching me like that with another woman had made his cock very hard. Hearing that made me shift in my seat. When Amy came back I asked her to dance again. She smiled and we went back to the dance-floor.

This time it wasn’t so restrained. I felt one hand on my buttock and another on the small of my back. I put my arms around Amy’s neck and let her pull me into her. I found myself grinding against her and suddenly my inner voice said “What the fuck!” and I pulled her face to mine and kissed her with real desire. As she kissed me back, teasing me again with her tongue, I let my hand drop slowly from her face, tracing a line down her throat, to her breast. I dragged my finger over her bra-clad nipple and felt her tongue in my mouth.

I whispered it in her ear. “Would you like to dance with Chris?” In response she grazed the side of my neck with her lips and murmured “Yes, please …”

I had a sudden flash of doubt. The thought of Chris even dancing with another woman … I still wasn’t sure whether I could deal with that. Another deep breath and I told myself there was only one way to find out.

Amy and I went back to the table and sat down. Amy turned to Chris and with an intimate smile she asked him to dance. Chris flashed me a wicked smile and took Amy’s hand and led her to the dance-floor. As I watched them walk away I did have a little flash of jealousy. I took a sip of wine and reminded myself yet again that I could put a stop to things at any time.

Chris and Amy swayed to the music, his hands loosely linked behind her waist, hers on his shoulders. I watched, sipping wine, and with a sudden rush of arousal I realised I was willing them to get closer to each other. I wanted to see Chris’s hands on her hips, see him kiss her neck … it hadn’t occurred to me before that moment, but the thought of watching Chris working his magic on another woman was really turning me on – it was almost like observing the way he worked on me …

Chris and Amy were talking while they danced, smiling. They were still talking when Amy moved a hand behind Chris’s head, pulled him down to her and kissed his mouth. He prolonged the kiss, moving one hand lower and pulling her in. I knew that this might have been a point at which I’d feel dreadful and have to put a stop to things. But I didn’t. I just felt very turned on by the sight. I realised my clit was actually throbbing.

Pretty soon – too soon – the music changed and they came back to the table. Chris leaned over and kissed me deep on the mouth. He sat back, smiled and started the egg vibrating again. That was too much. I was horny as hell and I didn’t want to be pushed over the edge. Not yet, anyway. I asked Chris PLEASE to turn the egg off, which he did, and I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Caught sight of myself in the mirror – flushed cheeks and a flushed area at the base of my throat. Dirty slut. I went into a cubicle and pulled the egg out. It was slick and hot. I touched my tongue to it, trying to imagine what Amy tasted like, still not sure whether I would be able to handle the taste and feel of another woman’s cunt … I wiped the egg clean. Slipped it into my bag. In front of the mirror I straightened my clothes. My nipples looked obscene, poking into the weave of the shirt. I smiled and couldn’t resist cupping my own breasts – just as the bathroom door opened. It was Amy. She looked at me and quickly ran her fingers over her own breasts. She looked very horny, very heavy-eyed. Chris must have been working on her while I was in here. Silently she took my hand and led me into a corner of the room. Gently pressed me against the wall and kissed my throat while she ran a thumb back and forth across my hard nipple. I couldn’t believe how good that felt and, as I willed my legs not to buckle, she pulled back and I felt her fingers on my stocking, just above the knee …

Her fingers travelled up my inner thigh, slowly, slowly, until they reached bare skin. She traced a little circle on the wet, sensitive skin there, so close to my hot cunt that I let out a little stifled moan. Someone came in. My eyes were closed. I heard a woman’s low chuckle and then a cubicle door shutting. Amy pulled back and gave me the sweetest, horniest smile. “Chris is probably getting lonely”, she said. She quickly pinched my nipple through my shirt, sending a thrill-shock though me. We went back to the table. Someone had turned the lights down lower, and the music was louder. I suggested to Chris that he and I swap places, so he’d be next to Amy and opposite me. They were sitting with their backs to the wall, close together. Under the table I handed the egg to Chris. He looked surprised. A little crestfallen. I leaned across and whispered “I thought maybe Amy would like it …” and I heard a low, throaty “mmmm” from him as he turned to Amy.

It was dark but I saw it. With one hand he pulled her into him and gave her a long, deep kiss. His other hand, with the egg in it, was under the table. I saw his arm move quickly under the table and I saw her pull away in surprise, suddenly breathless, then I saw his empty hand on the table top. He reached his hand across and passed it in front of my face and I could see – and smell – that his fingers were slick with her cunt-juice. I took hold of his wrist and, my eyes moving from Amy’s wide-eyed, flushed face to Chris’s half-shut eyes and back again, I slowly licked his fingers clean. She tasted like me. Different but the same. The taste turned me on. The smell too. I smiled. My clit was throbbing again.

Chris asked Amy to dance. I saw his hand move on the remote control. Shakily, she stood up and walked with him to the dance-floor. She practically used Chris to keep herself upright while they shuffled around on the dance-floor. I saw his hand move to his pocket and touch the remote control again and instantly Amy stiffened, then she missed a step and almost fell. Chris held onto her tight and I saw his hand on her breast. As I watched I could feel my nipples stiffen, as though it was me he was touching. Amy was obviously having difficulty dancing and he led her back to the table. His hard-on was clearly visible as he sat her down. Amy was breathless as she said she’d like to watch Chris and me dance. Chris turned the vibrations off and grinned at me, and he took my hand and led me to the dance-floor. I looped my arms behind his neck and he put a hand on each of my hips and pulled me in. As we started swaying to the music, he brought his mouth close to my ear and I felt his hot breath as he told me he couldn’t wait to see Amy and me in our hotel room. We kissed long and deep, as I ground my pelvis into his thigh and felt his hard-on pushing into my belly. We said we loved each other as we danced. His kiss was both gentle and incredibly sexual. Once or twice I looked over to the table and saw Amy watching us intently, smiling to herself …

Back at the table, I watched Chris ask Amy if she would like to come to our hotel room. She smiled and quickly reached across the table and took hold of my hand, sending a weird little thrill right through me.

Outside, and it was that time of night when taxis are in short supply. We decided to walk. The cold winter air felt wonderful on my hot wet clit and as we walked briskly onwards, I quietly asked Chris to hand me the remote control. With a lecherous grin he handed it to me, out of Amy’s sight. I started the egg vibrating, on its lowest setting, and grinned as Amy stopped, turned to Chris in surprise and kissed his neck. He ran a hand over her breast and we carried on walking. When the hotel was in sight I racked up the vibrations by a good notch and watched Amy almost-stumble and grab Chris’s arm. I lowered the vibrations and switched them off as I grabbed Chris’s other arm. We walked into the hotel reception, Chris with a woman on each arm, and he asked the grinning young man behind the desk for our key.

We were given a couple of looks in the lift by middle-aged businessmen. Nothing too outraged – more a touch of half-swallowed lechery and some guess-work … Amy giggled and that made me giggle. Chris, rather pointedly, kissed us each in turn on the neck – no doubt for the benefit of our little captive audience.

As we left the lift, I switched the egg back on, on a low setting. Amy stopped giggling and turned in the corridor, grabbing Chris’s hand and pressing it onto her breast. A few more steps and Chris fumbled with the key and we were in. Home safe.

Suddenly, in the hotel room, with its bright lights, I felt weird and self-conscious and nervous again. Chris could read me and he took hold of me and gave me the longest, sexiest, most loving kiss, then gently pulled away and suggested that Amy and I should make ourselves comfortable on the bed. We sat on the bed while he poured three glasses of water and settled into the armchair at the foot of the bed. I pulled out the remote control, leaving it clearly visible in my hand, and upped the vibrations. Amy took a sharp inward breath and shifted on the bed, her eyes on Chris. Chris gestured to me and Amy turned and saw the remote in my hand. She practically fell on me as she went to kiss me. I pulled back and switched the egg off. Tossed the remote to the end of the bed. Kissed Amy’s neck as I moved my hand up her skirt, along her thigh, to the top of her hold-up stocking…pulled my head back to see her face…she was staring at me fixedly, breathing shallowly … I glanced at Chris. He was sitting in the chair, one hand gently stroking his hard-on through his trousers. He smiled at me. I took a deep breath and moved my hand higher. Felt my clit swell suddenly as I made contact with her wet cunt. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. She was shaved, too … Quickly I pulled on the loop attached to the egg and felt the resistance, then the sudden release of the egg into my hand. It was hot and wet, and Amy’s little groan as I pulled it out made my clit throb.

Chris’s voice came low and soft … “Why don’t you help each other undress?” … Nervous again. I went to the bathroom to collect my thoughts. I sat for a couple of minutes on the edge of the bath, breathing slowly and deeply and feeling my slick cunt lips moving against each other as I shifted my weight. I washed my hands, straightened my clothes … smiling as I realised I was straightening them so they would look nice for being taken off … Another deep breath, a smile in the mirror, and I opened the bathroom door and went back into the room.

Amy was sitting on the edge of the bed, still fully clothed. But her skirt was up around her waist and Chris was kneeling in front of her, his hands holding her knees wide apart as his tongue traced circles on the soft skin of her inner thigh, just above the stocking line. I had not been prepared for how horny a sight like that would make me. I looked away and made my way to the armchair, sat down and watched for a while, gently fingering my nipples through the fabric of my shirt. Amy’s hands were behind her on the bed, her arms supporting her, and slowly she arched her neck backwards and shut her eyes. I moved over to the bed and kneeled behind Amy. She leaned into me, her neck arching backwards over my shoulder. I reached down and started unbuttoning her shirt. Chris pulled his head away and watched for a second, then stood up and helped me pull Amy’s shirt off. Amy shifted closer to the edge of the bed and I went to kneel in front of her, where Chris had been. I pushed her knees wide apart and, quickly, before I could change my mind, I put my mouth on her cunt.

I was acutely aware that this was my first time.

Her cunt was hot, very wet, very swollen … and the smell and taste of her made me groan out loud with arousal. I pulled back a little and looked at her cunt. Red, swollen, slick, and practically pouting at me. I licked her from bottom to top, ending with her hard clitoris. As my tongue touched her clit, Amy gasped and pulled back. I stood up and found Chris behind me. As Amy watched, one hand distractedly stroking her own inner thigh, Chris unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off me. My nipples stood pink and stiff above the edge of the bra. Chris pinched them both briefly and kissed the back of my neck. As he walked to the armchair, he unzipped his fly and pulled out a thick red hard-on. Amy got off the bed and came to me. She dropped her head and clamped her mouth on an exposed nipple, sucking me quite hard. With a little groan I pulled her head harder into me. I looked to Chris and saw him sitting with his eyes half-closed, gently stroking his hard red cock.

Amy’s hands were behind me and she unzipped my skirt and let it drop to my feet. I stepped out of it and led her to a spot in front of Chris’s chair, facing him. I stood behind Amy and undid the clasp on her bra, then watched Chris gently lift the bra away from her and toss it to one side. Watched him take one nipple in his fingers and another in his mouth, felt Amy’s body stiffen … I undid Amy’s skirt and pulled it down. Took a step back and sat on the edge of the bed, watching this beautiful woman, wearing only hold-ups and high heels and a heavy silver necklace. She looked so sexy it hurt.

Chris was standing now, his tongue in Amy’s mouth, his hands kneading her breasts and pulling at her nipples. Then he pushed her gently backwards until she was sitting on the edge of the bed, next to me. As we watched Chris pull off his clothes, Amy reached over and undid my bra and I shrugged it off. My tongue was moving around inside my mouth with the thought of licking her cunt. I motioned to her to move backwards on the bed so she could lie down fully on her back. I spread her ankles wide apart and, on my hands and knees, I moved over her … put my hands on her breasts, pulled at her nipples and kissed her mouth deeply, my tongue moving inside her mouth like I wanted to move it on her cunt. As I felt Chris’s fingers pulling at my g-string, I tried to move so he could pull it down, but then I felt Chris snap one side-string, then the other, and next I felt the sodden lace being peeled slowly away from my aching clit. I kissed Amy deeper and felt a sudden trickle of wet slip down my thigh … Christ, I was dripping like a bitch in heat … suddenly I felt Chris’s fingers deep in my sopping cunt and just as suddenly they were gone. I moved backwards and stood up. Watched as Chris spread my glistening cunt-juices over the head of his cock, then kneeled on the bed over Amy’s head and held his cock just above her mouth. With a low little groan she lifted her head and wrapped her mouth around his cock. Chris dropped his hands onto the bed above her head, so that he was on all fours over her face, his knees spread wide and his cock buried in her mouth. I recall being suddenly surprised that the sight of my husband’s cock buried in another woman’s mouth should be such a huge, dirty turn-on for me. Amy’s legs were still wide apart. Her cunt, as swollen and wet as mine, was irresistible. I moved back onto the bed, on my hands and knees between her legs and, all thoughts of hesitancy forgotten, I buried my face in her hot cunt, lapping at the dripping wetness, teasing her clit then pushing my tongue deep between her lips into the entrance to her cunt. She was groaning rhythmically now, and I raised my head to see Chris moving above her, fucking her mouth, in and out. I really wanted very badly to feel her come on my mouth, but first I wanted to watch her being fucked in the mouth by my husband.

I stood up. My cunt-juice was practically streaming down my thighs. I moved to the top of the bed. Chris’s face was flushed as he looked up and leered at me. I reached over and stuck my tongue into his mouth. He could taste her on me and he sucked gently on my tongue for a second before groaning and pulling away from Amy. For the first time in a long while, Chris spoke. His voice was low and thick with arousal. “Amy, I’d love to see you lick my wife’s cunt.”

As Chris stood up Amy flipped herself over and beckoned to me. I lay under her, and she worked her way from my throat to my belly button with her tongue. I wanted her mouth on me so much that I was lifting my hips off the bed, up towards her. On her hands and knees now, she spread my legs wide apart and suddenly her mouth was on my cunt. She sucked at my lips, licked the taste of me off my inner thighs, returned to my cunt and stuck her tongue into me. My clit was aching with the need to be touched, and I groaned as her tongue moved up and down, in and out, but never once touched my clit.

To one side of the bed I could see Chris watching us, his face flushed and his cock rock-hard. He moved around to the foot of the bed, kneeling behind Amy. Just as I saw him put a hand on the small of her back and felt the sudden jerk and knew he had taken his cock and thrust it hard and deep up to the hilt into her cunt, she lifted her head for one second, threw it back with a noise that was half-way between a gasp and a scream, and then fell on me again, her hands on my breasts, pinching my nipples and pulling at them, and her mouth on my cunt again. She sucked my clit hard, and as Chris started moving in and out of her cunt, I looked up and saw an odd mixture of love and ecstasy in his face and that look pushed me over the edge. As Amy sucked hard on my aching, hyper-sensitive clit, her whole body jerking back and forth as my husband fucked her hard and deep, I came. I came so hard that Amy had to push down on my bucking hips so I couldn’t throw her off. As the waves of orgasm crashing through my body started to fade, I saw Chris pull out of Amy’s cunt. He almost whispered it … “My wife’s a dirty slut … Cat, I want to see you make Amy come”. I moved to him and looked him in the eye while I licked Amy’s wetness off his straining, hard cock. Then I moved over Amy, now lying on her back. I already wanted to come again.

Gently, I pushed Amy’s legs wide open and moved up between them. She was so fucking wet. I pushed two fingers deep into her cunt and felt it contract on them as I touched my tongue gently to her swollen, fat clit. I would never have imagined that the taste and smell of another woman’s cunt – the feel of it – could make me so hot…

Her clit was so swollen and hard…it had felt so fucking good when she’d sucked my clit…I wanted to make her feel really, REALLY good…I buried my face in her, loving the taste of her, lapping it up, giving her clit a gentle little suck and then licking her out again as the cunt-juice streamed out of her … for a while I was aware only of Amy’s cunt, her fast, shallow breathing, and the empty ache in my own cunt. Then I felt Chris’s weight on the bed behind me and, as I grabbed Amy’s hips and pulled her so her legs were wide open and her cunt was all mine, I felt Chris’s hard, fat cock slam into me from behind. He started fucking me fast and deep and, in a low voice, he almost growled “I want to see you make her come, you dirty slut …” My lips were wrapped round Amy’s clit, sucking on it, moving my tongue over it, like it was a little cock. Amy’s hips were bucking rhythmically to get more of me and as I felt Chris’s cock slamming hard into my dripping wet, tight, just-come cunt, I sucked her clit deeper and she cried out and came hard against my mouth, bucking against my face and grabbing my head to pull me further into her. I felt Chris pull out of me as she started to come. He had moved to one side and was watching the pair of us. As Amy started to relax and let go of my head, I looked up and the look on Chris’s face was so dirty, so happy … and I reached over to him and pulled his head to mine and he licked the taste of Amy from my face, then licked it off my lips, then put his tongue in my mouth. I knew it would take very little to make him come, but there was plenty of time for that.

I turned to Amy, who was watching us and smiling a dirty smile. I realised there was nothing I wanted more than to see her come again – but this time I wanted to watch Chris make her come. “Amy, would you mind awfully if I asked my husband to make you come while I watch?” … Amy hadn’t finished coming … she let out a low, throaty laugh and Chris moved onto the bed over her, his cock red and hard and still slick with my cunt-juice. I sat in the armchair, watching, waiting …

Wordlessly, Chris moved behind Amy and sat with his back against the headboard, and gently manoeuvred her so that she was astride him, kneeling over his cock, her back against his chest. He held my eye steadily as he pushed his cock into Amy’s tight, probably still-contracting cunt and she dropped her full weight onto it, while she too stared me right in the eye. Still holding my eye, Chris reached his arms in front of her and started squeezing and rolling her nipples in his fingers. Then Amy closed her eyes and started to move on his cock, in a sort of small up-and-down, circular movement, keeping his cock deep inside her the whole time. He lost eye contact with me as he shut his eyes and moaned, and started to pinch and pull at her nipples. He opened his eyes again but they were unfocussed, staring fixedly at a point a few feet ahead of him, his eyelids heavy and his cheeks flushed…Amy was really grinding her cunt down onto him now and he moved one hand down from her breast and as she fucked herself on his cock, he strummed his finger tips back and forth across her swollen, puffy clit. I watched her face as she came on my husband’s cock. The ecstacy, like pain, on her face…she looked beautiful and I realised I was strumming my own clit.

Amy pulled herself off Chris and lay next to him on the bed, catching her breath. His cock was so fucking big and hard and wet that I had to get my mouth on it. I went between his legs on all fours and took his cock deep into my mouth, into my throat, deeper and deeper, until there was no more length to take. I moved my tongue on him and felt him bucking slightly as the head of his cock moved in my throat. Just as I felt him about to come, I pulled off. I wanted him to come on Amy’s tits. I wanted to see it and I wanted to lick his cum off her tits. I quickly moved my mouth to Amy’s, kissed her deep and asked if Chris could come on her tits. Chris was clearly happy with the idea – he was already kneeling over her. I watched as Amy lay beneath him, her hands on his wet, slick cock, her fingers circling him, moving up and down … I watched Chris. His eyes were shut and his head was thrown back, a frown of ecstasy on his face. Then he snapped his head forward, stared fixedly at Amy’s hands on his cock, let out a long, low, loud, animal moan, and grabbed his cock from her and watched himself spurting hard, long jets of cum over her tits. Long strings of it over her tits, her throat, even on her face … Chris stayed there for a moment, enjoying the sight of what he’d done to her and gently stroking his still-hard cock.

As Chris lifted himself off Amy and shifted to one side, I moved over her on the bed and gently started licking the familiar taste of my husband off Amy’s face and throat, then off her tits and finally I sucked him off her nipples, as she moaned softly and I heard her breathing getting faster again. Chris was in the armchair, his cock soft now, watching us. As I sucked on Amy’s nipples and teased them with my teeth and tongue, I felt Chris’s fingers in my cunt. He massaged my g-spot quickly and roughly, then he started rubbing my clit with the length of his wet fingers, hard and fast. Just a few seconds and he felt me starting to come and pushed four fingers into my wide-open cunt, and I pushed back and came hard on his hand. I pulled my face away from Amy’s breasts, scared I would bite down on her too hard as I came, and waited for the shock-waves to die down. When they did Chris removed his hand, and moved up towards Amy’s mouth. He held his hand above her mouth and she licked my cunt-juice off his fingers. I moved over her and kissed her deep in the mouth while I rubbed her hard, wet clit with my fingers. I rubbed the very tip of her clit hard with my fingertips as I felt her tongue deep in my mouth, and then I felt her pull her head away and to one side as she came, her hips bucking off the bed and her hand grinding mine hard onto her clit.

I collapsed next to Amy on the bed. Chris moved between us and lay on his back, an arm around each of us, our heads on his shoulders. He kissed her long and gently on her mouth and then he turned to me and kissed me deeply and whispered “You’re a really dirty fucking bitch … I love you”.

I loved him too. I shifted so my leg was lying over his, pulled myself closer and nuzzled into his neck, and I fell asleep.

When we woke, Amy was gone. She’d left a note on the table. Just a little smiley face, a mobile phone number, and two kisses. I put the note in my bag and Chris and I kissed. We closed the door and headed towards the restaurant for breakfast …

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