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Cassie, an Elevator, and a Maid

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Part I

The doors to the elevator close and we begin our long ride to the 25th floor. We’re holding hands and you snuggle up to my shoulder. On impulse, you stand on your tip toes and kiss me on the ear. I turn and smile at you. You smile back. Again you reach up and kiss my ear, this time your tongue darts out and flicks at my ear lobe. I shudder and say, “Hey! What are you doing?” You just giggle in response.

I turn my head to look at the numbers changing above the elevator doors, noticing how slow we’re moving. Again you reach up and lick my ear, this time sticking your wet tongue deep into my ear canal. Once again, I shudder at the sensation and am surprised to feel my cock stiffening in my pants. “Watch it, girl,” I admonish, “don’t start anything you’re not willing to finish!”

“Oh, I’m willing to finish, alright,” you say with a grin. With that I turn to face you and push your back roughly against the elevator wall causing you to go, “Ooompf!” I pin you to the wall with my whole body and cover your mouth with mine in a deep kiss. I probe for and find your tongue, sucking it harshly into my mouth.

I break the kiss, but hold my face so close to yours that our noses are touching. “But are you willing to finish it right here, right now?” A look of great shock, then great concern spreads across your face.

“Uh, I.. uh…we can’t, Ian! Someone will get on and catch us!”

“You should have thought of that before you stuck your tongue in my ear.” I once again kiss you roughly and passionately, grinding my rock hard cock against your pelvis. In reflex you spread your legs slightly, giving me more direct contact with your clit, although through layers of clothing.

You try to protest, but all that comes out is “Mmmmmff mffrfff..” I reach down and grab a handful of your skirt and pull it up between us, holding it up with our pressed-together bodies. I reach down again and grab the mound of your pussy through your panties. I can already feel the dampness and heat. “Uuuuummmmmfff..” you try again, but your mouth is busy.

I break our tongue session and whisper hoarsely, “Oh, you can tease me but you can’t follow through, eh? Well, we’ll just see exactly what you’re willing to do.” You turn your head away and close your eyes. Your breathing is quite heavy now. I can see and feel the fear tensing in your body. I grab your chin firmly with my right hand and turn your head to face me, I slide my palm up and force my thumb into your warm mouth. At first you protest, but then you close your lips around it and suck it deep into your mouth. I move it in and out like a cock fucking your mouth. You are obviously thinking the same thing, as I feel your tongue swirling all around the tip of my thumb. If it was a cock, it would be spurting by now.

My left hand finds the leg hem of your panties and pulls it aside, exposing your cunt. I run my fingers through the long silky pubic hair, tugging slightly. I feel you tense and moan as I do this. I run my hand down lower and my middle finger is immediately soaked by the juices flowing from your moist slit. “Lift your leg. Now!” Without thinking, you lift your left leg, sliding your knee up my ribcage. I place my right arm under your leg and resume rubbing the outside of your moist pussy. With my arm in that position, there’s no way you can lower your leg unless I move my arm. Your pussy is wide open to whatever I wish to do. I find the entrance to your cunt hole and place the tips of two fingers just inside. With my thumb still fucking your mouth, I add to it my tongue. Now you’ve got my thumb and my tongue swirling around in your mouth, sucking and probing your tongue. You’re trying to cope with the new attack on your mouth when I shove my fingers all the way into your sopping wet pussy. “Uunnngghh!”, you grunt. I’m now ramming my fingers in and out of your pussy like a jackhammer. We can hear the slurping and smacking of the wet folds of inner flesh being assaulted. You’re grunting in rhythm with my thrusts “Ungh!, ungh!, ungh! Ungh!”. I now add a third finger to your pussy and I also begin rubbing your swollen clit with my thumb. You’re grunts become one long undulating moan, “UnghUnghUnghUngh!”

Suddenly a bell sounds. It takes us both a few seconds to realize that the elevator is stopping. I snap my head around and look at the numbers above the door. We’re still several floors away from ours. Someone must have stopped the elevator to get on. “Ian! Someone’s getting on! Let me go!”

I start to allow you to lower your leg, but then I turn a mischievous smile towards you. “You wanted to fool around on the elevator, let’s fool around. Someone’s going to get a great show.”

“Oh my god, no! You can’t do this!” With that, I cover your protesting mouth with mine and once again begin ramming my rigid fingers into your pussy. You begin to struggle, but soon realize that I’m too strong for you. You’re not going anywhere unless I let you. With my fingers roughly fucking your tight pussy and my thumb rubbing tight circles around your protruding clit, you finally give in and begin humping your hips forward, just as the elevator doors slide open.

I can tell you’re getting close to cumming and continue the finger-fucking of your luscious pussy. With a muffled scream, you explode in a gushing, grinding orgasm that nearly dislodges my fingers. I press my body harder into you in an attempt to control your movements and somehow manage to keep my fingers sliding in and out of your cunt as you ride wave after wave of orgasm.

Finally, you collapse against me and I have to hold your leg to keep you from sliding to the floor. For several long seconds, we’re merely lost in our passions, oblivious to anything or anyone who might distract us. Finally, I remember our predicament and turn to look. Outside the open elevator doors lies a completely empty foyer. There’s no one there. They must have caught another elevator before this one arrived. We both realize this at the same moment and big sighs of relief burst out from both of us. Then we’re laughing, holding each other tight.

The doors slide closed and we resume our ascent to the 25th floor. I lower your leg to the floor and pull you close to me. I reach up and slide the three fingers of my right hand into my mouth. Then I place them in your mouth, along with my tongue and for the remainder of the ride, we savor together your musky juices.

Part II

I open the door to the hotel room and step back to allow you inside. I step inside right after you and grab your arm, spinning you around to face me. “We’re not in the elevator any more. How about REALLY showing me what you’re willing to do for me.”

“How shall I do that, Ian? Haven’t I shown you enough already?”

“Not by a long shot, my love. Remove your panties.”

“But, I — ”


You start to protest once again, but the look of determination in my eyes causes you to think better of it. You slowly lift the hem of your skirt and slip your panties down to your feet. You step out of them and deftly kick them to the side. You stand up straight, struggling to meet my gaze. “Thank you,” I say. “Now get on your knees.” You stare at me for an instant and then I see a faint smile bloom on your lips. You’re eyes sparkle as you kneel before me. “Unzip my pants and take my cock out. Don’t do anything else until you’re told, do you understand?” You nod yes. I can tell you’re afraid to speak. You reach out and delicately lower my zipper and reach inside my trousers. Your mouth opens involuntarily when your fingers grasp hold of my swollen member. With some difficulty you eventually free my throbbing cock from its confines. It juts out straight at your face. Without thinking, you lean forward as if to kiss the tip. “Not yet, damn it!” Startled, you lean back and search my face for understanding. All’s you see is a mask of resolution and intensity. “Close your mouth and close your eyes.” You do so. I step forward and touch the tip of my cock to your pouting lips. They part slightly for an instant, then close as you remember my instructions. I gently rub my cock back and forth across your soft lips. A small drop of pre-cum touches your upper lip and I rub it gently into your skin. I then move my cock up and around on your face, tracing the lines of your jaw, your cheeks, and your eyelids with my thick penis. You sigh heavily and I can feel your warm breath on my balls.

Something behind you catches my attention and I look up to see someone standing in the doorway. I had forgotten to close the door!. It’s the maid. She’s standing in the room, just inside the doorway, frozen. There’s a look of stunned disbelief at what she’s seeing: A fully-clothed, well dressed man standing over a finely attired woman, rubbing his rigid cock all over her face. When I look up, she’s staring at you, but then she looks up and our eyes meet. Your eyes are still closed, therefore you don’t see me bring my finger to my lips, instructing the maid to silence. She simply nods “yes” and turns to go. I shake my head “no” and smile. She hesitates and looks questioningly at my face to see if she saw what she thought she saw. I simply look down at you and say, “Keep your eyes closed and open your mouth.” I look up and nod my head to the right, indicating that the maid should come farther into the room. She pauses only a second to look out into the hallway before stepping silently into the room, closing the door silently behind her. She’s tall and slim, with long dark hair falling down around her shoulders. She looks to be about 24 or 25 years old. She’s wearing a tight fitting uniform with a black blouse, short black skirt and small white apron.

I look down at your lovely pose, kneeling willingly before me, mouth open, waiting to be fed. I grab your hair with both hands and pull your face into my balls. “Suck them, lick them.” You obey greedily. In a few seconds you have both my balls and your own face wet with saliva. You alternate sucking each of my balls into your mouth and then licking long wet strokes underneath my sack, back near my asshole. I spread my legs slightly to give you better access to that sensitive area. “Yes, darling, suck them, lick them. Oh, yes. That feels so good.” You moan in response.

I look up and see that the maid has her hand underneath her own short skirt and is rubbing the front of her crotch through her panties. I can hardly believe what I’m seeing and silently wonder what you would think. Not knowing what your reaction would be if you knew makes this situation extremely dangerous — and exciting! However, seeing what the maid is doing gives me an idea. “Cassie, lift your skirt and rub your clit with your left hand.” Without hesitation, you bunch the folds of your skirt up around your waist, completely exposing your beautiful naked ass and luscious pussy. Your left hand slides down and parts the lips of your pussy. Using your middle finger, you begin a slow circular motion around your swollen clit. “Now, put two fingers into your pussy as far as they can go.” You’re hand disappears from my view, but I can tell by the way your body responds that you’re now finger-fucking yourself as instructed. From her vantage point, I’m sure the maid has no trouble seeing your slick fingers plunging deep into your wet folds from behind. She’s staring at your pussy and fingers and her hand goes inside her panties where she begins rubbing her own clit violently. Her mouth is open, and there’s a look of burning desire and ecstasy on her face. I’m hoping she doesn’t moan out load, betraying her presence. At least not yet.

I pull your head away from my balls and with one hand place the tip of my cock squarely on your lips. You respond by sucking the head of my cock into your hot mouth. “Oh, yes, my little slave, suck me. Suck my oozing cock!” You willingly comply, taking two thirds all the way into your mouth until the tip hits the back of your throat. I throw my head back in blind pleasure. To my amazement, you then proceed to take the rest of me, down your throat. I feel your nose against my pubic hair and your chin against my saliva-soaked balls. After an excruciatingly wonderful few seconds, you slide my cock out about half way then once again impale your mouth and throat on my rigid cock. You begin repeating this slow rhythm and before I know it, I’m grasping your hair and fucking your mouth deeply, feverishly. “Oh, god, Cassie. You are incredible. I’m going to cum soon!” You moan in response and your fingers pump faster in and out of your pussy. “Rub your clit with your other hand, I want you to cum with me!”

You slip your other hand down between your legs and rub your clit furiously as you continue to plunge the depths of your juicy cunt with your fingers. You are grinding your hips back and forth as if meeting the thrusting strokes of a cock. I look up and see that the maid has put one foot on a nearby stool and is imitating your actions on her own dripping cunt. She’s leaning back against the wall and is sliding three long fingers in and out of her dark-haired pussy. Her strokes and hip thrusts are keeping perfect time with yours. I look down and watch my cock sliding in and out of your rosy lips, your cheeks are puffing in and out in response. Your groans of pleasure and desire are vibrating my cock and balls, driving me over the edge.

“Open your mouth! I’m going to cum all over your face, Cassie. Drink my cum! Aaaahhh!” You open your mouth wide as I grasp my cock and pump it furiously, aiming at your waiting mouth from six inches away. My cum-bloated balls explode in a shuddering orgasm. The first large spurt goes directly into your mouth, all the way to the back of your throat. The second and third spurts cover your right cheek and run down onto your chin. Your tongue darts out to savour the warm salty juice. The fourth and fifth streams splatter your lips and tongue. I finish milking my cock onto your face until I can squeeze no more from it. Your face is literally covered in pearl-white jism. I move my cock forward and begin rubbing my cum all around your face and neck. You’re trying to lick your lips and my cock, hungrily slurping gobs of cum as best you can. I look up and see that the maid is cumming through clenched teeth, juices running down her inner thighs in rivulets.

Suddenly, you scream, “Oh, god Ian, I’m cumming! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” Your fingers are ramming into your own pussy and you’re rubbing your clit in violent circular motions. With a sudden spasm, you jam your fingers all the way in and freeze. I see a wave of muscle contractions rock your body from your pussy up to your head, where I’ve still got you by the hair in both hands. I hold your face into my cock and balls as you cum.

“Yes, my love, cum for me. Cum hard for me. It’s soooo good.” You shudder for a few more seconds and then your body goes slack. I guide you gently to the floor on your back. Your eyes are still closed and there’s an exhausted but contented smile on your lips. I look up and don’t see the maid. She must have slipped out silently while we were distracted by your orgasm. “Good show, my love. Good show.” I’m smiling as I lay down next to you on the floor, holding you close. You murmur something about yes, it being a very good show, but I can’t quite understand what you’re saying. “You have no idea how good a show it was,” I tell you. I’m smiling as we doze off — but only for a moment.

Part III

I’m emerging from a wonderful dream where I’m lapping at your moist pussy with my tongue in long, luxurious strokes as you moan in delight, when I open eyes to an unbelievable sight. You are still cradled in my arms on the floor of the hotel room with my cum covering most of your face. Your eyes are closed and I suspect that you’re still dozing. But what I can’t believe is that the dark headed maid is licking the white rivulets of cum off your face. She never left! She must have simply stepped to the side to remove her clothing, because she’s totally naked and kneeling by your head. She’s softly, and very delicately scooping up drops of cum low on your neck and following their running path back up to your face and lips. In fact, she’s not really licking the cum off your face, but scooping the cum back up onto your face and lips. Your eyes are still closed, but on her second pass she deposits a tongue full of my cum directly onto your lips. Your lips part slightly and your own tongue emerges slowly, tentatively tasting the warm substance on your lips. A slight grin forms on your lips and you open your mouth and lap in the offered fluid. The maid starts again at the base of your throat and shoves another load of jism up towards your mouth, hanging her tongue an inch above your lips, letting the cum drip down into your open mouth. Your tongue comes out and meets the cum half way and you slurp and swallow it sensually. Despite my shock, my cock is springing to life.

“Oh, Ian,” you murmur in a sleepy whisper, “you nasty boy.” The maid looks at me and smiles as she runs a load of cum up from around your ear and this time scoops it into your mouth and shoves her tongue in after it. The two of you lock in a long, sucking kiss as you swish my cum around in your mouths and back and forth over your tongues. It’s the most incredible sight I’ve ever seen!

The maid lifts her head and looks at me, and this time it’s she who gives me the “be quiet” signal. I’m too stunned to react with anything but silence. I watch as she shifts positions, moving down along your body. I look and am amazed to find that she’s been busy while you and I dozed on the floor. Your blouse is unbuttoned and laid open, exposing your beautiful tits. While I watch in amazement and horror, she leans down and pulls a nipple into her mouth, then lets it pop out with a wet plopping noise. You moan and turn your head slightly, but don’t open your eyes. You must be totally exhausted from our earlier antics. Once again, she leans down and licks your nipple, coating it in saliva. She then blows softly on it, causing it to erect into a hard pink pebble. She smiles and then covers your nipple and a large portion of your tit with her mouth, sucking you into her. She bites down and pulls up until your nipple slides out from between her clamped teeth, leaving pink welts on the surface of your breast. You moan again and lick your lips sensuously. The maid makes a quick check to ensure that your eyes are still closed and then repeats the procedure with your other beautiful tit, while playfully squeezing the nipple of the other one.

Now your head is turning side to side and you involuntarily spread your legs wide on the floor. The maid notices this just as I do. Without hesitation, she moves along your body, running her tongue down between your breasts, pausing at your navel, then veering off to the side just before running right over your clit. I feel you shudder and your legs spread even farther. The dark headed maid stands up and then kneels down between your spread legs. I stare in amazement as she begins licking the insides of your thighs, always stopping just before reaching your pussy. The juices from your previous orgasms must be coating your thighs because she’s licking and sucking the skin like it was gourmet ice-cream. I’m insanely jealous — or is it envious? — at what she’s doing to you. I’m torn between wanting to send her fleeing from the room so I can take her place, and the fear of what your reaction would be should you wake up. Besides, you seem to be enjoying this and a part of me is extremely excited by watching another woman lick our juices from your outstretched body. Without consciously deciding to do so, I simply watch with horror and fascination at what she’s doing to you as you doze.

Having sufficiently cleaned the cum-juices from your thighs, the maid finally zooms in on your wide open pussy. She starts by parting your pink lips with two delicate fingers, exposing your swollen clit completely. Her long slender tongue darts out and flicks at it two or three times, coating it with her spit. You’re moaning freely now, but your eyes are still clamped shut. I begin to hope that you’re not awake, about to shatter this beautiful scene I’m witnessing. I look down and see that now she has her mouth completely covering your clit and most of your wet opening. The way her throat is moving, she’s obviously sucking your clit and flicking her tongue in and out of your pussy vigorously. You are rocking your hips, grinding your cunt against her mouth in a steady rhythm. I lift my head to get a better view as she lifts her mouth just long enough to slide two red-nailed fingers into your tight hole. While sliding her fingers in and out, she resumes sucking and licking on your clit.

Your body is shuddering and bucking and you’re grinding your pussy into her slurping mouth and fingers. At long last your eyes fly open and you stare at nothing on the ceiling as your body races ahead towards climax. You reach out and grab two handfuls of long dark hair and pull the maid’s face into your sopping pussy. You look down and a look of utter shock nearly replaces the look of total ecstasy on your face. You look over at me and down again at the maid, never breaking the rhythm of your pussy pushing into the maid’s sucking mouth.

“W-W-What in the –?” you stutter.

“Shhh, baby, just go with it. Cum for me, love! Just feel it, just feel how good it feels. Cum, baby!” I needn’t have bothered coaxing you as you are too far gone to turn back now. With a final look down between your legs you let go with a screaming, vibrating climax, gushing cum juices all over the dark-haired girl’s face. You continue to grasp her by the hair, grinding into her mouth for several long moments before releasing her and collapsing back onto the floor. The maid just looks up at me and smiles.

“My turn,” I tell her and she obediently backs out of the way. I kneel down between your wide open legs and lift your knees up and back. You raise your head feebly and look at me in stunned bewilderment as I slide my rock hard cock into your steaming hot cunt. You watch my cock disappear inside you and then you look to your right and see the maid kneeling beside you totally naked. Your head falls back again and you groan long and loudly.

“Oh, my god, Ian. This can’t be happening!”

“Oh, but it is, my little fuck-slave. Just enjoy it.” I punctuate my point by driving my cock hard into your cunt, slapping my balls against your ass. You grunt and close your eyes. I pull out and drive in again and you once again respond with a passionate grunt and moan.

You raise your head and look at the maid kneeling close beside you and turn to me again and say, “But I can’t — ” to which I respond with a deep driving stroke of my cock into your pussy, grinding my pelvic bone into your clit. “Ungh!” you cry. “Oh god, Ian, I can’t think when you do that. I can’t — “. Once again, I pull nearly all the way out and ram my cock back into you hard.

“You can’t what? Let her watch us fuck? She already watched you suck my cock and she saw me shoot cum all over your face. What else can’t she see?”

“Yes, but she was licking my pussy, and I don’t — ”

“Yes, she licked your pussy and you came, didn’t you? She’s also the one who licked the cum from your face and bit your nipples and tits. You nearly came both times, I saw you.”

The look of shock and apprehension on your face begins to reform into confusion and curiosity. “That was her?” you ask. You look at the dark-haired girl, but this time more calmly, and with a hint of appreciation. “Oh, god, Ian, what have you done to me?”

I’m sure you’re not really looking for an answer, because now you’re grasping my hips and pulling me into you, forcing me to increase my pace. Now, I’m literally pounding you, lifting your ass off the floor with each stroke. Your face is a mask of intense passion and you hiss through gritted teeth, “Then fuck me, you bastard. Fuck me hard while this slut watches.” You don’t have to tell me twice as I begin pounding into you again and again to the sound of your moans and encouragement.

I look at the maid and she’s intently watching my cock sliding in and out of your slurping cunt. “Get over here and suck this lady’s tits. Bite her nipples and don’t stop until I tell you.” Without hesitation, she lays out next to you and begins to rub your tits with her hands, alternating between massaging the soft mounds and twisting your erect nipples.

“Oh Ian, I can’t believe this. I’m revolted and excited at once. Oh, god, it feels so good. All of it.”

Watching my cock slide in and out of your pussy, and watching this girl suck and nibble on your tits finally pushes me too far. With a groan, I pull my cock out of your tight hole and aim it at your tits. The maid moves her head and watches as I pump my cock furiously. We all watch as my glistening cock squirts stream after stream of hot cum over your belly and tits. As soon as the last drop falls onto your pubic hair, the dark-haired girl begins to hungrily lap up the fresh hot jism. I slide my cock back into your pulsing pussy and begin to pump you once again. You throw your head back and arch your back, screaming. The maid, with a mouth full of cum, grabs your face in her hands and covers your mouth with hers, sharing her hot sticky load with you. Your tongues mingle and entwine as you shudder through wave after wave of climax.

At last, you collapse in a heap and I fall heavily on top of you, totally spent. The maid mumbles something about getting back to work and I tell her to leave me alone with my sweet love slave. She mumbles and gathers her clothes up off the floor. I embrace you softly and kiss you long and deeply. I can taste the wonderful cocktail of juices in your kiss. Once again, we fall into a contented slumber, nestled in each other’s arms.

Part IV

After a few moments of blissful slumber, I awake and lift you from the floor. I lay you on the bed and remove the remainder of your clothing. As I’m doing so, I can’t help but admire the shape of your tits as they lay against your soft skin. The soft fluff of your bush is slightly damp from the recent activities. I smile as I lay the flat of my palm on your mound, feeling the moist warmth still radiating from your crotch. You moan and stir slightly. I hope you’re dreaming of me. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door.

I look through the peephole and a smile spreads across my lips. “Who is it?” you ask sleepily from the bed.

“Our friend. I don’t think she’s ready to quit just yet.”

“Oh, shit!”

“Do you want me to ignore her? I just won’t answer.”

You raise your upper body up on your elbows and look at me pleadingly. “I don’t know, Ian. I still can’t believe what happened. I’m still sort of stunned.”

“I know, love. Me too. But it sure was fun, wasn’t it.”

With that, I make my decision and open the door. You lay back, grab a pillow and cover your face. “Oh, god,” I hear you whimper through the pillow.

She’s standing there in the hallway and immediately takes in the fact that I’m totally nude. Her eyes immediately fall to my semi-soft cock hanging between my legs. I step back, allowing enough room for her to enter. She steps inside the room and closes the door behind her. “I just had to come back,” she says. “I can’t get those images out of my mind and if I don’t do something about it, I’m going to explode!” With that she steps forward and reaches down for my cock.

Half way there, I grab her wrist firmly and hold it. “Uh uh. Not me. This cock belongs to Cassie. It’s hers and no one else’s. If you’re going to be here, you’re going to be here for one reason and one reason only. To help me please my little love slave over there. Can you deal with that?”

The dark-haired beauty looks past me to your naked body on the bed and does not hesitate more than a second or two before saying, “Sure, sounds like fun. But what does she think about it? I think I sort of snuck up on her before.”

“I don’t know. Let’s find out, shall we?” The maid and I share a devious smile. “What’s your name?” She tells me her name is Toni. “Hello, Toni. Take off your clothes.” I turn and walk across the room and sit in an armless chair near the window. “Cassie, get up and come here.”

You remove the pillow from your face and look at me in the chair, then at Toni disrobing by the door. “Oh god,” you say again and put the pillow back over your face.

“Cassie, darling. Please, get up and come over her. You’re going to love this, I promise.” Finally, with a groan of apprehension, you get up and come to me at the chair. “Come here,” I tell you, indicating that I want a kiss. You lean over and our lips meet in a passionate embrace. I break our kiss, look into your eyes and tell you, “Cassie, my cock belongs to you and no one else. Do with it what you will. After that, just enjoy what happens.” Your eyes search mine and finally I see that you’re willing to trust me, at least for the time being.

“But I don’t know what to do. I’m shaking all over,” you whimper.

I smile and say, “Don’t worry, darling, I’ll take care everything. You just enjoy the ride.” I give you one more sweet kiss and then say, “On your knees. Suck my cock. Show Toni what a good cocksucker you are.” You immediately drop to your knees and spread my legs with your hands. With no prelude at all, you dive forward and engulf my semi-soft cock in your mouth. Immediately, I begin to grow inside your hot mouth and you groan in encouragement. Within a minute, my cock is rigid and thick as you coat it with your saliva from balls to tip. “Oh, yes, baby. Your mouth is sooooo good. Suck it.” I watch as you take my cock between your lips and then lower your face in one smooth motion until your nose is nestled in my pubic hair. After a few seconds of gentle sucking, you slide your mouth back up and then all the way back down, nudging my balls with your chin. “Oh my god, Cassie. You’re incredible. You’d better stop or this will be over before it starts. Stand up and turn around.”

You rise and turn away from me slowly. Across the room in front of you is Toni, standing like a dark, nude statue awaiting instructions. Her long shiny hair is falling over her shoulders, down the front of her chest, partially covering the nipples on her tits. She’s cupping her tits in her hands, massaging them gently. “Cassie,” I say, “spread your legs and move back towards me.” You obey and straddle my lap, facing away, facing Toni. I grab you hips gently and guide you down. My cock is standing straight up, aimed right at your wet pussy. You moan as the tip presses against your entrance. With a final gentle tug on your hips, you impale your tight pussy on my cock. You and I groan in exquisite pleasure in unison. You begin rocking your hips gently back and forth and side to side, slowly moving my cock in circles inside your hot pussy. The sensation is incredible!

“Toni, come here and help me with this nasty little girl.” As if on springs, she immediately bounces forward and stands in front of you, looking lustily into your eyes and down at your cunt as it sucks in my cock. Her tits are at eye level. You’re looking at her rock hard nipples when she suddenly, and viscously, grabs a handful of your hair at the back of your head and covers your mouth with hers. You groan in surprise and begin to whimper into her mouth as she assaults you with her tongue. She pulls back and then licks your lips from side to side, making them glisten with her saliva. Again she pulls your head roughly to hers and puts her lips on yours. This time you don’t resist, sucking in her tongue, probing her mouth with your own. You can feel her long hair hanging down brushing your nipples and you moan. After a long sensuous moment, she pulls back.

“That’s nice, baby,” she says, “now try these.” With that she pulls your head forward, mashing your mouth onto her left tit. Your mouth is open and you cover her nipple. Pulling on your hair, she pulls you away and then mashes your mouth to her other nipple. “Bite them. Hard.” You obviously obey as she closes her eyes and tilts her head back in ecstasy. “Harder, baby. Make it hurt.” You obviously obey. “AAAAA!!!,” she screams, “oh god yes, that’s it! Suck them, bite them!” I can hear the slurping of your mouth and I can see your head bobbing and twisting as your work on her tits like a dog chewing on bone. Toni is arching her back in pleasure/pain, holding your head by the hair, guiding your movements between one tit and the other. Finally, she pulls your face away from her glistening and welt-ridden tits and kisses you again, harshly, passionately. “Good girl,” she breathes into your mouth.

“On your knees, Toni,” I command, “time for you to return the favor.” At my command, Toni drops to her knees and begins to perform the identical gnawing to your tits and nipples. With both hands in her hair, you move her head back and forth to first your left tit, then your right, then back again. Not only does this cause you to squirm around on my lap, but I can feel your cunt muscles spasm, gripping my cock like a fist.

“Oh no, ” I scream, “I’m cumming! Shit!” Neither one of you seems to pay any attention as I grab your hips and pull you into me as I grind upwards into your soaking pussy. However, I feel you reach down with one hand and gently massage my balls, coaxing my load from their bloated sac. I feel myself shoot a huge load of cum deep into your cunt. Toni is still biting and sucking on your tits in a frenzy, and you’re still moaning and groaning in pain and pleasure. I simply slump back and enjoy the experience. After several moments, I realize that my cock is not softening. No doubt this incredibly erotic adventure is keeping me up. I’m in no mood to waste it.

“Toni, get up and lay on the bed. On your back, with your feet at the head and your head near the foot.” She does. Without letting my cock slip from your pulsating pussy, I stand with you on my lap and walk you over to the bed. We’re standing at the foot of the bed and I push you forward onto the bed on your hands and knees, like we’ve done several times before in this room. Only this time, you’ve got a lusty dark-haired girl lying beneath you, her face inches from your dripping cunt. “It’s time to make my little fuck slave cum, Toni. I need you to lick and suck her clit while I fuck her hard. Can you do that for her?” She responds by reaching up and sucking your swollen red clit into her hot mouth. You cry out in a flood of electric sensations and I can feel your pussy clamp and spasm around my cock. It’s almost too much to stand. I reach down and spread your knees farther apart, lowering you onto Toni’s face so that she can lick, bite, and suck on your clit while resting her head on the bed. Once you’re both in place I begin a soft, slow rhythmic fucking of your clenched pussy. My juice- and cum-soaked balls are dragging back and forth across Toni’s forehead, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Toni is squirming on the bed and I can see that she’s got a hand between her legs, rubbing her own clit in time with the tonguing she’s giving you. Your head is down and your hair is brushing the taut skin of her lower abdomen, raising goose-flesh there. “Cassie, is Toni as wet as you are?”

Between grunts and groans you answer, “I…ungh!….don’t know…..ungh!”

“Then find out, love. Touch her for yourself and tell me what you feel.”

“I don’t know if…ungh!….I can, Ian….ungh!”, you gasp.

“Here, let me help.” I reach forward and grab your right hand and place it firmly on Toni’s pussy. I place two of my fingers on top of two of yours and plunge them all into her gaping hole. “Oh yes, love, she’s dripping wet for you. Aren’t you impressed?”

“Oh, yes,” you hiss. At first I’m guiding your fingers in and out of her cunt, but after a few strokes, I feel you take over, driving deeper with your own fingers than I can with mine. I let you go and watch as you finger fuck her dark mound. She’s bucking her hips, meeting your thrusts. After a few more heated moments of this, you reach over with your left hand and begin simultaneously rubbing circles around her clit as your ram your fingers into her cunt. We both hear her moan long and deep.

“What do you think she tastes like, Cassie? Do you think she’s as sweet as you, darling?”

“No one’s…ungh!…as sweet….ungh!….as me, Ian…ungh!”

“No shit,” Toni mumbles from beneath us. We all laugh.

“Well, see what she does taste like. I’d like your opinion.” For many long seconds you do nothing and I’m sure I’ve finally pushed you too far. Then slowly, sensuously, you raise your right hand and lick tentatively at your middle finger. You hesitate for a second, savoring the flavor, then you pop both fingers in your mouth sucking the juices off the entire length of both.”

“Mmmmmm,” is all you say.

“That’s what I thought,” I say. “Toni, lift your knees up so I can reach them. She does. I then reach down and grab her behind each knee and pull them toward me, lifting her ass up off the bed and bringing her gaping pussy up to your face. “Hold them, Cassie.” You grab her knees the way I did. With my hands free, I grab a handful of your hair and push your face forward and down. I feel it when your mouth covers her pussy because she jolts and spasms beneath us in violent convulsions. She’s shouting out unintelligibly, as you slide your tongue deep inside her moist, musky folds. “That’s it, baby, lick her and suck her like she’s doing to you. Whatever she does, you do.” The two of you fall into a gyrating rhythm and we can all hear the slurping and smacking of lips to pussy in multiple places. It’s a lovely symphony and I can only close my eyes and continue the long luxurious fucking of your tight cunt as Toni massages your clit with her mouth. Finally, I’m overtaken by racking spasms in my groin and I shoot another hot load of cum deep into your pussy. I can feel each intense squirt of jism as I splash your inner walls with cum, adding to the immense load of moments ago. “Sit up a little, Cassie. Stay over her face, though. I’ve got a treat for Toni.” With that, I pull my cock out of your tight, cum-filled pussy. You’ve paused in your tonguing of Toni’s clit and are watching down between your legs. Toni is watching in rapt anticipation from below, knowing what’s about to come. As my cock clears your opening, a fluid stream of milky-white jism oozes out of your crack, over your throbbing clit and down into Toni’s waiting mouth.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god!” you moan. From behind you, I see the muscles in your pussy clench and relax in rapid succession as you milk the cum out of yourself into Toni’s slurping mouth. Unwilling to wait that long, Toni grabs your hips and pulls her face up into your dripping snatch. She locks her open mouth over your oozing hole and begins sucking fiercely, using her tongue to coax the cum out in gobs. “Oh shit! I’m cumming, Ian. I’m cumming!” you scream and throw your head back in ecstasy. Toni is sucking out your cunt and you are grinding your pussy into her glistening face. Once again, I grab your hair roughly, pull your head back to me and I kiss you long and hard, forcing my tongue in your mouth, tasting you and Toni and many other delicious fluids. You groan into my mouth and suck on my tongue. Still holding you by the hair, I push your head down, once again to Toni’s wet cunt. You dive in and begin biting and sucking her clit. At the same time, you and Toni erupt in a blinding symphony of cries and grunts, cumming on each other’s tongues and faces as you grind together in a surging heap on the bed. I stand back and watch in pure awe and amazement at the beautiful and erotic vision before me. I watch wave after wave of orgasm crash through you both before finally slowing down into a soft flowing rhythm.

After countless moments of watching you and Toni, lovingly kiss and nuzzle each other’s pussy, I fall onto the bed beside you and pull you on top of me, embracing you and kissing you passionately. My cock is rock hard again. You notice this and look into my eyes with amazement.

“Toni,” I say, “I hate to do this to you again, but you’re going to have to get out of here. I want my little fuck slave all to myself now.” We fall into a long lingering kiss as she puts on her clothes and opens the door.

Just before closing the door behind her, she leans her head back in and says, “Call me if I can be of any further assistance, sir. We’re here to serve you,” she says with and grin, “and her.” The door closes and we continue to suck on each other’s tongue and lips. What a great hotel.

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