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Carolyn’s First Big Romp

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Hi, my name is Carolyn. I’ve just spent the weekend having sex with three guys, a three day, two night continual gang bang really, but that is a story for another time.

I guess I’ve never been satisfied with just one guy (or one cock) at a time. I think it had a lot to do with my first real sexual experience, only three short years ago. I was a senior in High School and planning to spend a boring long weekend at home alone.

My parents were away and I was to house sit for the entire time. I was warned not to have any parties, and being the “good girl” that I am, I planned to obey my parents wishes. I went out with some friends on Friday evening but things were quite boring so I decided to go home and vedge in front of the T.V. I got home around 9 p.m. and was only there 15 minutes when I heard a car pull in the driveway.

Out of the car stumbled by older sister Ellen and two of her friends, Cyndi and Carolyn, from College. It was obvious they had been drinking during their 3 hour drive from the University, especially Ellen who was quite bombed. She staggered into the house carrying a half empty bottle of vodka and a kit bag filled with assorted beverages.

The girls knew that our folks were going to be away for the weekend and decided to head home for a party. I warned Ellen about Dad’s rule but she laughed it off and told me I ‘was such a Daddy’s girl’.

The girls all poured themselves drinks and told me about their plans for the evening. They said they had invited home some frat guys from the College who should be arriving any time.

Ellen asked if I had any place I could go and I told her no. She said I could hang around, but that I was to stay upstairs while she partied with her friends in our large rec room in the basement. To ‘pay me off’ they gave me a pint of booze and told me to enjoy myself.

I didn’t have a lot of experience with drinking but I had got quite wasted just a few weeks before, at a shooter party after a football game. I had downed 18 shots and was horny as hell. I ended up with one of the players in the back seat of his car. We quickly got naked and he proceeded to fuck me. Unfortunately he was as inexperienced as me and it was over in a few minutes. I had been initiated enough to know that drinking and fucking were two things I wanted to spend a lot of time doing.

Ellen had had quite a reputation for partying when she was in high school. She was always coming in late (if at all), usually drunk or hung over, and was constantly in trouble with our parents. I had heard rumors that she had got wasted and fucked half of the football team after the home coming game in her senior year.

Now in her third year of College, I had heard that her appetite for alcohol and sex had only grown. Ellen is a bombshell at 5′ 9″, blond and with mouthwatering 36″C tits.

I’m an inch shorter than her and brunette. Unknown to her, I had completed development on a set of 38DD’s within the past year. Since I was wearing a lose sweat shirt when she came in, no special notice was given from her or her sorority sisters.

Her friend Cyndi was an attractive, petite blond, who looked like she knew how to show a guy a good time. Carolyn was brunette with a large chest and a wild attitude.

It wasn’t long before a car with 5 hunks pulled up to the house. The guys all got out and came into the house. The girls were excited to see them and immediately offered them drinks.

The guys were introduced to me as Mike, Darren, Jim, Kyle and Hoss. They were all athletic looking and more than one gave me a good looking over. Kyle asked if I would be joining the party too.

Ellen quickly said that I was ‘just a high school girl and was not ready for a College party’. The eight of them went downstairs and the sound of their voices was quickly drowned out by loud music.

I was dying to see what was going on but knew Ellen would not allow it. I sat myself down in front of the tube and had my first drink of the evening. After an hour and several drinks, I was feeling no pain. I wanted desperately to join the party but knew I couldn’t.

I was getting up to go to the washroom, when suddenly the music stopped, probably when a C.D. ended. It sounded like laughter, screams and moaning all mixed into one, coming from downstairs. I crept down the staircase and peeked through the crack in the door. I was not prepared for what I saw.

I expected to see people dancing, certainly drinking, and maybe even some making out. What I saw was my sister Ellen with no top and her skirt pushed up over her thin waist. She was on her hands and knees, her tits swaying beneath her, giving a blowjob to Mike, who looked like he had a dick the size of a baseball bat, while Darren was fucking her from behind with an equally impressive cock.

She released Mike’s prick from her mouth and continued stroking it in her right hand; she looked back over her shoulder and gave encouragement to Darren…”that’s it…FUCK my CUNT with your big COCK…YEAH!! give it to me…oh fuck yeah!!”

As I surveyed the dim room I saw Cyndi, dressed only in her panties, making out with Jim as she massaged his balls through his unbuttoned pants.

Carolyn meanwhile was completely naked on her hands and knees, bucking up and down on Kyle’s shaft while Hoss was standing behind them, looking for a place to stick his member.

I had heard about anal sex but had no idea people actually did it. Hoss quickly lubed up his joint and began to slide it into Carolyn’s rectum while Kyle continued to give it to her cunt from below.

My attention was diverted momentarily when I heard Mike grunt and begin to spray a load into Ellen’s mouth. Apparently it took her by surprise because a lot spilled out on to the floor or sprayed on her tits. Darren announced that he was about to cum, grabbing Ellen’s hips tightly and thrust as deep as he could before exploding violently into her pussy.

I was numb at this point but couldn’t help notice Cyndi who was now taking a savage fucking from Jim. She was lying on the couch with her legs spread wide. Jim had mounted her from on top and was pistoning into her at a rapid pace. Cyndi was screaming with delight, begging Jim to fuck her harder, harder…

At this point I noticed Hoss had left Carolyn’s anus and was feeding his cock into her willing mouth. She only sucked him a couple of strokes before he exploded down her throat. Carolyn was obviously experienced with such things as not a drop escaped her lips. Kyle was quickening his pace and soon decided to pull out of Carolyn’s cunt and drench her tits. She cupped her large melons around his shaft and proceeded to milk all the juice out of his withering pole.

Cyndi began wailing as an orgasm rocked her body. Jim began pounding her cunt even faster until he groaned and began to spurt his seed into her quim. He pulled out his large tool and jerked several ropes of jism onto Cyndi’s petite breasts and stomach. Cyndi proceeded to massage the hot liquid over her tits and then licked her fingers clean of the salty fluid.

It felt like my legs would give out. I became aware at this point of my soaked panties. I had just witnessed more wild sex than I had even fantasized about, let alone experienced myself! I snuck back up stairs and poured the rest of my pint into a glass. I had a real good buzz by this time and wanted to keep it going. I sat there stunned for about half an hour planning my next move when I heard the doorbell ring.

At the door were three more studs, each carrying a supply of booze!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Ellen and her friends must have been planning to fuck all night!

The fresh meat could sense my arousal (and probably smell my juices). The first guy asked if this was where the party was at. I told him in a sultry voice that, “he had come to the right place”. He reached out, put a hand behind my neck, and drew my lips to his. I thought I would faint right there. The other two were getting impatient and asked where the other girls were. I pointed them towards the basement stairs. The first guy broke his kiss and said he hoped I would be joining them soon. I assured him I would be.

As soon as they entered the rec room there was hoots of joy from the three recently fucked girls. I snuck down after them and peered through the door once again.

I saw the crowd in various stages of dress. The girls appeared to have cleaned themselves up a bit and were sitting around the room, either between guys or on someone’s lap.

Ellen, who was sitting on the couch with her skirt still hiked up to the waist and her tits in full view, had abandoned her glass and was drinking straight from a large bottle, she had it tipped up to her lips and was sucking it back.

The guys were obviously impressed with her drinking ability and urged her to chug the remainder of the jug…which she did. She let out a victorious shout and looked around for something else to suck on…

I pranced up stairs to my room and made plans to join the festivities. I peeled out of my damp jeans and panties and slipped into a G-string my friends had given me as a joke on my Eighteen birthday. I freed my breasts from my bra and noticed that my nipples were as hard as bullets. I took a moment to admire my form in the full length mirror, cupping my large mammeries in my hands. I couldn’t help slip a finger into my sopping cunt. I almost came as soon as my hand touched my swollen clitoris. I knew the guys were prepared to do more to me than I could for myself so I quickly threw my sweatshirt on over by naked tits and proceeded downstairs.

As I peered through the half open door once again, I saw my sister on the couch, looking barely conscious, lying back with a fresh bottle in one hand and a hard cock in the other. She was alternating sucking on one then the other.

Carolyn and Cyndi were paired off in other parts of the room, being team fucked by two guys each. Two of the new arrivals were standing at the bar, mixing themselves drinks, and taking in the wild sites.

With now eight guys and only three girls, I knew it was time to even up the odds a bit.

I confidently waltzed into the room, right up to the guys at the bar, peeled off my loose sweatshirt to reveal my twin 38’s, grabbed a bottle of vodka and took a long tug before announcing, “Can I join the party now?”.

One of the guys immediately grabbed me and thrust his tongue down my throat while the other proceeded to massage my oversized tits. I was reaching for their cocks when I heard my sister behind me.

She slurred, “So you decided to join in on the fun did you?” She tried to stand but slumped down onto the couch. She was completely wasted!

As she gathered herself again she blurted out, “Holy shit! Where did you get the big fucking hooters?, I bet those high school boys just love sucking on those”.

Her attention was diverted momentarily as the cock she had been sucking began to spurt on her face. The guy forced it between her lips and she was obliged to swallow the balance of the load. She chased the semen down her gullet with a drink from the bottle she had been nursing on.

By now one of the guys was sucking on my over ripe melons and the other had two fingers inside my pussy.

Ellen, with some help, finally got to her feet and decided to challenge me to a little contest. She asked if I had ever sucked a cock. I lied and said that I hadn’t.

In addition to my backseat romp, several guys had removed my top at different times and played with my tits, one even managed to get his cock between my fleshy mounds. Between strokes I managed to take his dong into my mouth. When he exploded I caught some in my mouth and most of my chest. I wasn’t sure I cared for the taste then but I was ready for anything now.

Ellen said to everyone in the room that she wanted to see her little sister give a blowjob. As an added challenge she said she could get a guy off before I could.

Ellen was always trying to show me up and I decided to prove I was every bit the slut that she was.

I said, “your on, get a stiff cock over here and I’ll show you how it’s done”.

I couldn’t believe what I was saying, I guess the combination of booze and the sexual energy got the best of me. Ellen told one of the guys to get her another drink first.

Kyle suggested that perhaps as an added incentive, the girl who got her ‘load’ first would be rewarded with a drink. I was starting to get thirsty too (in more ways than one) and said, “Ok with me”.

Ellen beckoned Jim over to her and I was presented with one of the new studs, who I later learned was named Kevin.

Ellen and I were guided to our knees with the guys in front of us. Jim’s cock was about 9 inches long with a pronounced curve. Kevin’s was shorter but much thicker. I figured since Jim had come earlier that he would have more staying power than Kevin. Everyone gathered around to witness the blowjob contest between the two sisters.

Carolyn gave us a mock count down and we were off. Ellen immediately plunged down on Jim’s dong. She was so drunk that she almost fell into him as she swallowed his shaft.

I proceeded slowly on Kevin. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this in front of a crowd. The musty smell of his shaft and balls enticed me to slip my watering mouth over his swelling member.

Cyndi leaned down next to me and decided to give the amateur some helpful advice. “Slide your tongue along the bottom, that’s it, now suck on just the tip…Ok now start bobbing back and forth…get a rhythm going…a little deeper now…careful, don’t choke. Now, take your hand and start massaging his balls”. Kevin started to moan appreciatively.

Meanwhile Jim had both his hands behind Ellen’s head by now and was fucking her mouth with abandon. Ellen’s eyes were glassed over as her obvious cock sucking instincts went into gear. I couldn’t help wondering how many cocks had passed between her lips over the years.

I was determined to milk Kevin dry. I picked up the pace but was careful not to go too deep for fear of choking. The combination of my oral work and hand massage soon got the desired results. Kevin grabbed the back of my neck and started to unload. The first blast was huge and quickly filled my mouth. I swallowed some but quickly spit out the rest along with his dick. He grabbed his prick and aimed it at my mounds as he continued to shoot off. The girls started to laugh at my reaction.

Carolyn said I would have to learn to swallow it all if I were going to be a sorority girl.

“Swallow or not”, I shot back “I won the bet…where’s my drink!”

Everyone suddenly looked to Ellen who was only now receiving her blast from Jim. His load was not nearly as huge as Kevin’s and she easily drank it down. She then took time to lick his cock clean and then turned to me smacking her lips, “you know faster isn’t always better, but you did pretty good little sis”. I could tell I earned some respect from Ellen with my victory.

As I got to my feet, I imagined I was quite a sight. Here I was, eighteen years old, drunk, standing among a college crowd, naked except for a G-string, my firm breasts and face dripping with cum and ready for absolutely anything they threw at me. A shot glass was handed to me which I quickly downed. The straight liquor warmed my throat as it washed the salty semen from my mouth. I poured another for myself and one for Ellen. I was determined to get just as fucking wasted as Ellen. Someone suggested a toast to the two best cock sucking sisters around and everyone laughed.

As soon as I downed the second shot, I surveyed the hard cocks around me and announced, “Ok…who’s ready to fuck?”.

I waltzed to the middle of the room, got down on my hands and knees, like I had seen the other girls doing and said, “who’s first?”.

Hoss quickly moved behind me, removed my g-string, and started tonguing my wet slit. The juices were pouring out of me by now and when Hoss licked by swollen clit I exploded in my first orgasm of the night. I slumped to the carpeted floor as my body was racked with overwhelming pleasure.

Two strong hands quickly picked me back up and the hard cock of Darren was presented in front of my face. I engulfed his prong in my mouth as I felt Hoss’s huge cock being slid into my cunt from behind. I knew I was in for an amazing fuck.

Kyle slid underneath me at the front and was vigorously sucking on my melons. It felt like a tongue was licking my clit from below, but I wasn’t sure who it was.

I heard Ellen yelling things like, “give it to her…fuck her hard…show her how College people really party”. Things were completely out of control and I was loving it!

Darren removed his prick from my mouth and I was fed another shot of vodka by Cyndi. She said, “drink up girl, you’re just getting started!”.

I felt myself getting numb from the liquor as I reached for Darren’s cock once again. He had been stroking it rapidly and started to shoot as soon as it entered my mouth. This time I managed to swallow more, but still let a volume spill onto the floor.

I dropped my hands to the carpet and braced myself as the pace of the fucking increased. Kyle was trying to steady my huge tits as they swayed back and forth with the force of each thrust. I felt the cock in my cunt stiffen and start to spurt into my depths. It felt like a gallon of cum was being deposited into me as I screamed with another orgasm.

I could hear the cheers of the girls as they watched their friends fuck the hell out of this high school babe. When the cock was removed from my pussy a great wave of cum oozed out and down my legs.

I was blown away by what happened next. Carolyn, who I now realized, had been underneath me tonguing my clit, started licking the cum off my legs and ass and made her way to my sopping pussy. She worked slowly, cleaning all the cum from my body as I cooed with disbelief.

I was helped up off the floor and excused myself to the washroom. I took a moment to collect my thoughts. My head was swimming with the events of the past few hours. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and admired my own wanton look of desire. My pussy was still tingling from the recent fuck. My tits and neck had several hickies and my legs felt weak. Despite this, I knew an opportunity like this might not arise ever again (little did I know).

At this point I had given two blowjobs and been fucked only once. I decided I deserved a little more attention and told myself not to let the night end before I had experienced everyone, and everything.

I staggered back into the rec-room, expecting to be greeted eagerly. However with three experienced whores in the room, the guys were being well occupied once again.

Ellen was lying on the couch, with her legs being held up high by Ben as he plunged his wand into her slit. He was sticking her with quite a force as Ellen’s tits were jiggling up under her chin with each thrust.

Cyndi was on her knees giving head to two guys at once, alternating sucking on each one, or even stuffing both into her mouth at the same time.

Carolyn was in the corner getting the attention of three of the other cocks, fucking and sucking her way to bliss.

The two remaining studs were busy pouring shot glasses full of liquor out on the bar. Apparently the girls decided that for each load they received, they would be entitled to a drink.

I told the guys, “I suppose I better get in on this too”.

Before they could respond, I got down on my knees and engulfed one of their pricks in my mouth. He was obviously quite turned on, as he cock was hard as steel.

I had only worked on him for several minutes when he announced he was about to cum. I withdrew his saliva coated cock and jacked it off towards my mammoth tits. My mammaries were quickly coated in his sticky goo.

I stood up as I massaged the cum all over my erect nipples. I raised one of my tits to my mouth and licked off my pointed bud. I reached for one of the glasses and downed a shot saying, “I guess I earned that one”.

The other guy looked like he would cum on the spot as I decided to check out the other action.

Ellen’s slam was now stratteling her chest and trying to fuck her tits. Ellen was such a mess, she could hardly squeeze her milky mams around the studs organ. None the less, he quickly started to spurt his seed on her tits, chin and face.

When he finished he went to the bar to get Ellen her drink. He helped her to a sitting position and held the glass to her lips. She engulfed the drink and then collapsed onto the couch, passed out.

It was little wonder, considering the amount of alcohol she had consumed. Since she had arrived four hours earlier she had consumed over a full quart of hard liquor. I later learned from her friends that she had also consumed a considerable volume on the trip down and, in fact, was on the third day of a major binge.

Apparently, Ellen was quite shy until she got several drinks into her and then there was no stopping her. The frat guys understood this and kept her quite liquored up most of the time. She had been wasted most of the semester and been fucked by half the guys on campus.

I decided I was due for another fucking and surveyed the room for a suitable prospect.

Jim was lying on his back, stroking his erect member as I approached him. I asked if he could think of any warm place to put his cock. He told me to strattle his waist and he would show me. I did as I was instructed and sat with my dripping pussy only inches above his pulsating meat. I lowered my hips down and felt his cock ease into my open snatch.

This was the first time in this position for me and I was quickly beginning to enjoy it. After three or four slow pumps I slid all the way down, engulfing his entire shaft.

I liked the feeling of control as Jim strained to push his cock deep inside of me. I took my time, teasing his erection, with slow deliberate movements. Before long my own impatience grew and I began bucking wildly on his shank.

As I was bouncing my hips up and down, I lowered my cum smeared tits over Jim’s face, nearly smothering him. He eagerly began licking the cream off and began sucking on my nipples. Another orgasm was building within me when suddenly I felt a finger being inserted into my butt. This set me off as I screamed with delight. Jim followed with his own orgasm and shot off deep in my pussy.

As Jim crawled out from underneath me, I felt something bigger than a finger being shoved up my ass. I turned and saw Darren holding his monster prick with one hand while trying to insert the head into my rectum.

His cock was all shiny with saliva or some sort of lubricant. I was quite numb by this point but it hurt like hell as his shaft went further into my ass. I tried to relax my muscles and it wasn’t long before he got a nice slow motion going and it started to feel quite good. It was having a noticeable effect on Darren as he started to moan and soon after deposited the first load in my virgin ass. I could feel the hot cum oozing out my asshole and down my legs as he withdrew his dick.

I felt insatiable at this point and wanted to fuck everyone!.

Mike was being blown by Cyndi until I walked over and pushed her aside saying, “I haven’t been fucked by this cock yet”.

I quickly straddled Mike’s pulsating organ and dropped down onto his meat. His large cock filled my well lubricated cunt completely. I started bouncing up and down on his member.

Hoss reached around from behind me and started massaging my tits. I could feel his hardening tool pressing into my back. Another guy stood over Mike and fed his prick into my eager mouth. I was being thoroughly serviced at this point and let out a whoop of joy.

Jim came over to me with a nearly empty bottle and said I was due for a drink. I released the cock from my mouth, grabbed the bottle, and in one motion, tipped it to my lips as I arched my back to display my full breasts, and downed it completely.

I tossed the empty away and increased my tempo on Mike’s organ. He started to groan and shoot a massive load into my willing pussy. Hoss was jerking off behind me and covered my hair with cum.

The guy I had been sucking was frantically pulling his pud and quickly shoved it down my throat when he began to shoot off. For the first time I managed to swallow the whole serving.

I had no idea what time it was but I was completely fucking wasted. As I crawled off Mike, with cum dripping off me everywhere, I tried to get to my feet but stumbled and fell to the couch beside Ellen, who was still passed out cold.

I noticed someone had recently deposited a load on her bare chest. Willing to try anything at this point I leaned over and started to lick the cum of her tits. The gang went crazy at this point, cheering me on as I licked the cum off my drunken sister’s boobs.

Someone mounted me from behind and began fucking my sopping pussy with vigorous thrusts. He was really going to town on me as I lay face down with my head in Ellen’s tits. After pounding into me for at least 5 minutes he withdrew and began to shoot ropes of hot semen on my back.

I was rolled over onto my back and another guy mounted my chest and started fucking my melons. I urged him up to my mouth and made sure his cock was well lubricated before pushing his enormous member down between my fleshy mounds. He thrusted his shlong between my mams for 10 minutes or more then suddenly withdrew and presented his dick to my face as he began to cum a huge load. Sperm shot over my head, on my hair, face and finally in my mouth.

I noticed another 3 guys lined up waiting their turn with me. It seemed that I had become the main party whore.

Carolyn and Cyndi were getting their share of fucking as well but were certainly not receiving the volume of cum that I was. In fact one guy who had been fucking Carolyn doggie style, suddenly pulled his fuck stick from her, came over to where I was on the couch, presented his swollen prong to my face and announced, “you might as well drink this too”.

I could smell and taste the scent of Carolyn’s snatch as he dumped a copious load in my mouth which I swallowed down and thanked him for. Someone brought me a shot glass and said I was due for another drink. I eagerly tipped the glass back but was shocked to taste yet more semen. Someone thought it would be a riot to jerk off in a glass and feed it to me. Everyone laughed at my surprised reaction but I coolly ran my tongue inside the glass and licked it clean.

Cyndi handed me a fresh bottle of vodka and told me I definitely deserved a real drink now. I remember chugging a large portion before blacking out.

Apparently I remained conscious long enough to be fucked several more times, including twice in the ass, once while being fucked in the pussy at the same time. Reportedly I also was in a 69 with Carolyn as she was being reamed in the ass…to be continued…

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