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Lunchtime Visitor

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The lock cylinder didn’t provide its usual resistance when I twisted my front door key. My condo door swung open and I saw a man’s dress shirt and slacks folded neatly atop a pair of polished shoes on the stairs.

It sounded like the TV was on in the den. As I came around the corner, I saw Jim, the man who had been fucking me for a few months, relaxing on the couch. He was naked and slowly stroked his cock while watching the screen.

“My 11:30 cancelled and I knew you’d be home for lunch,” he said, glancing in my direction. “I used the key you hide on the front porch and got a head start.”

“So I can see,” I replied.

“Get undressed. We both have to get back to work soon.”

As I was shedding my clothes, I noticed what Jim had been watching while he waited. Not long after we’d hooked up, he suggested filming our sex sessions. I had agreed, on the condition that the tapes stay in my possession. In addition to ensuring their safekeeping, the collection of high-quality action ensured that I always had something to jerk off to.

Recently, Jim installed a remote camera mount in the upper corner of my bedroom. The high-end camera he used made clips that looked incredible on the high-def TV in my living room.

On the screen, I was on my back, my legs spread and held open wide. Jim was kneeling between my splayed legs, his erect cock shining with lube and poised at the entrance to my hole.

“This is my favorite part,” Jim said as we watched. “Watch your face when my dick fills your ass.”

He was right, as Jim pushed in, a look of bliss filled my face. The truth is, I was always happy when I had his dick in my mouth, but I was heaven to fill him fill my ass.

I finished undressing and knelt in front of Jim’s knees. As I leaned in and took his cock into my mouth, he released his grip on its base, leaving all of it to me. Normally, I’d be happy to take my time with his dick — licking the shaft, sucking the head, teasing his balls with my tongue, anything that kept it stiff and pulsing. But with limited time, I went to work on freeing his load from his balls.

After a quick suck or two on Jim’s cockhead, I began to work him deeper into my mouth. When I thought I was ready, I rose up off his dick, until just the tip was touching my lips. I parted my lips widely and slid his hard cock along my tongue and deep into my throat. Without touching my lips to his skin, I took all of him into my mouth. When I closed my lips around the base of his shaft and gently sucked, Jim moaned his approval.

“I should have gotten the camera out,” he said. “Watching you work my dick is hot as hell.”

I held his shaft in my mouth, swallowing slowing and letting Jim savor the feeling of having his cock engulfed.

“Are you hard?” he asked.

In my focus to please him with my mouth, I’d lost the erection that sprang up when I saw him spread out on the couch, stroking his cock. I shook my head slightly.

“Well get it hard,” he said. “You suck me better when you are ready to cum.”

I gripped my semi-hard dick and stroked it as I continued to work Jim with my mouth. When I was sufficiently hard, I sat up to show him my stiff dick.

“Are you going to cum in my mouth or my ass?” I ask, as I grip his shaft with my hand and stroke the pad of my thumb along the sensitive underside of his manhood. “I’ll give you anything you want.”

“I would love to fuck you,” he said. “But your mouth has nearly pushed me over the edge. I’m going to cum any second!”

I can feel his cock pulsing and I know it won’t be long. Sliding my hand down his shaft, I take him back into my mouth. Squeezing with my hand and pumping him along my tongue, I soon get my reward.

“FUCK yes,” Jim moaned as he fills my mouth with his seed.

It is nearly more than I can take, but I swallow gamely, and only release his cock when he pushes me back onto my heels.

“Jerk your dick,” he said. ” I want to see you shoot.”

I pulled furiously at my cock, my eyes never leaving Jim’s. In less than a minute, I felt my balls tighten, and I came all over my belly and chest. Jim stood as I tried to catch my breath. He scooped some of my come from my chest with his finger and touched it to my lips.

“Don’t worry,” he said, walking toward the front door and his clothes. “I’ll be by after work for a piece of that ass.”

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