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Free To Fall

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When you meet the right person, you can allow yourself to fall knowing that they will catch you…

Emerging from the Taiwanese drink shop holding a purple taro shake in one hand while grabbing her sunglasses from her shirt collar with the other, CJ quickly shields her green eyes from the bright sun as her cell phone buzzes to life inside her pocket.

Answering her cell, she walks north down Main St, sipping her shake through the wide green straw, her shorts riding low on her hips as she walks briskly seeking shelter from the sweltering summer sun.

“No Cassie, I won’t come see you tonight.” CJ remains silent for a moment listening to Cassie. “We’ve gone out a couple of times and had fun together, but now it’s time for both of us to move on.” CJ takes another sip of her shake while listening to the pleading voice on the other end of the line. “Cassie,” she says the woman’s name firmly, “You were aware of my intentions from the beginning and you agreed to them.”

CJ flips her cell closed and slides the small phone into her pocket as she passes a group of guys on the corner of First and Main, one of them whistles in her direction and CJ can’t help but smile appreciating the flattery. At twenty-two, CJ is used to receiving much attention from men and women alike. While thoroughly enjoying the attention from men, it’s the attention from women which CJ reciprocates.

Passing a store window, CJ turns her head stealing a glimpse of herself and smiles back at her reflection. Looking forward again, her eyes immediately freeze on the tall captivating woman dressed in a navy blue pantsuit heading CJ’s way, her cell pressed tightly up against her ear. The woman has long curly brown hair and bears a resemblance to Helena Peabody from L Word. CJ lowers her sunglasses an inch exposing her piercing green eyes to drink in the striking vision approaching her.

Danika is listening to the argumentative voice on the line when her wandering eyes suddenly spot and settle on an incredibly attractive young lady up ahead. Danika watches as the young woman’s red lips wrap around a large green straw, a jolt of desire unexpectedly sweeps through her lower body. The young woman’s eyes never leave her own as the gap separating the two of them grows smaller and Danika quickly ends her call, stopping directly in front of and looking down at the younger woman. “Precisely what has captivated your attention young lady?”

Without a word, CJ again lowers her sunglasses an inch, her sparkling green eyes drinking in the sight of the older woman looking down at her and smiling. CJ swiftly pushes her sunglasses back in place with her index finger. “You,” she finally responds as her lips envelop the green straw, her fingers gripping the straw and stroking it between her lips.

“Oh how this little one needs to be taught!” Danika shivers at the mere thought and removes her own pair of sunglasses to uncover her own dark mesmerizing eyes.

Staring up into the older woman’s sexy eyes, CJ feels a tingle ripple up her spine. Without the sunglasses, CJ estimates the woman is in her mid thirties. CJ can’t help but want to be a playful brat for this luscious older woman, she certainly has her attention, now all she needs to do is force the woman to dish out the punishment for being a brat, a bare bottom spanking perhaps?

The two attractive women as of yet have no idea how similar their desires truly are!

“You’re very pretty,” Danika begins.

“I know,” CJ immediately replies smiling.

Shaking her head, smiling despite herself, Danika observes, “You’re quite confident in yourself aren’t you little one?”

“No reason not to be.”

A moment passes, both women smiling, completely absorbed in one another. Danika slides her sunglasses back in place. “Walk with me.”

CJ obediently turns and heads back in the direction from which she came, walking silently next to the older woman.

“My name is Danika and you are?” Danika inquires extending her hand.


CJ accepts the held out hand, a spark generates instantly with the light contact, both women holding each other’s hand a moment longer than necessary.

“Oh yes,” Danika thinks to herself, “This is exactly who and what I need.” Out loud she says, “Tell me CJ, you always so simple with your replies?”

“Depends,” CJ smoothly replies with a shrug, her smile growing.

Eyes steady on one another, the women silently walk down the sidewalk before turning into a public parking lot, and stopping in front of a silver Mercedes.

“If you are free this afternoon, I would like for us to spend it together.”

CJ shrugs nonchalantly, “Sure.”

Danika crosses her arms in front of her ample chest, working to keep a pleased smile from spreading across her face. It’s time. “You are very attractive and quite sassy, but I must warn you, I expect you to converse with me, enough with your one or two word replies, do you understand little one?”

CJ stares at the woman for a few seconds before slowly nodding, a patch of wetness forms in the center of her thong.

“Very good, now do you own a car, or did you walk?” Danika asks pressing a button to unlock the car doors.


Danika’s dark eyes narrow, her hand becomes still on the door handle. “This is your final warning young lady.”

CJ sucks in a breath, her thong continuing to dampen between her legs. “I did not drive myself, I rode the bus.”

Immediately a smile spreads across Danika’s face and she opens the door and slides into the leather seat watching as CJ slides in as well beside her, the condensation from her drink drips onto her tan thigh. Having decided she is taking this little brat back to her home, Danika quickly starts the car and exits the parking lot, her eyes frequently glancing in CJ’s direction while CJ’s eyes drink Danika in the way her lips drink in her taro shake.

“Do you mind if I ask where we’re going?”

“Not at all precious,” Danika turns to CJ, “As long as you address me properly.” Danika clearly hears CJ’s intake of breath. Delicious, she thinks. “Mistress, Madame, even Miss are all acceptable little one.”

“Mistress…” CJ pauses needing a few seconds to savor this moment. She has fantasized and dreamt of this for years. Someone to balance her desires, to fill the void in her heart. “Mistress,” she repeats. “Where are we heading?”

“My home of course.” Danika’s mind can’t help but run through the events sure to come. Both women are left shivering with anticipation.

A loud thud echoes through the apartment and seconds later, Danika pushes open the front door, the two women spilling inside, bodies pressed tightly together, hands exploring everywhere, lips solid against one another. Danika relishes the feel of the young woman’s lips against her own as CJ enjoys this level of excitement having not been this aroused before.

“Normally I would play the perfect hostess,” Danika begins leading CJ into the bedroom and straight to the King size bed, “But both you and I don’t wish for that do we?”

“No, Mistress.”

Danika smiles at her young lover, pleased with her response. “My how quickly you learn little one.”

A warm tingling feeling sweeps through CJ’s body, not entirely sexually based. Her hands begin unbuttoning Mistress’s jacket only to be halted immediately.

“Not so fast little one. I wish to see your hot body first.” Placing her lover’s hands within her own, she rests CJ’s arms on top of her shoulder’s, her soft lips slowly kiss along the tender flesh of CJ’s tan arms before gently blowing air on the flesh inside her elbow. Danika repeats the same procedure to the opposite arm before returning her focus to the young woman’s face. Lips meeting, the pleasure exploding between them, Danika catches the bottom of the t-shirt between her fingers and in one quick motion leaves CJ standing partially exposed. Running a fingertip along the top of each breast, Danika’s lips crush CJ’s while her hand reaches behind to unclasp the bra standing in her way, and quickly pulling back to admire what she has now unveiled.

CJ looks her lover in the eyes, flashing a knowing smiling acknowledging the desire present in the older woman’s eyes, knowing how beautiful and perfect her breasts are. For the first time, however brief, instead of being certain, CJ wonders if Mistress is completely satisfied with her body, but it lasts for only a second.

Danika’s tongue snakes across her own lips as she stares at CJ’s rather large, perfect breasts, her medium size nipples standing at attention.

A flush of triumph flows through CJ’s veins, and now completely certain, CJ turns playful again and her hands unsnap her jean shorts, pulling down the zipper and pushing the shorts down her legs right along with her drenched thong. Standing completely naked before her Mistress’s approving eyes, CJ’s hand disappears between her thighs.

“Naughty girl,” Danika thinks to herself, but decides to leave her be for now, enjoying the show too much to want to stop her young lover. A full minute passes and CJ practically collapses onto the mattress, her knees becoming too shaky to continue supporting her, her own hand quickly bringing her to the edge.

“Stop,” along with the simple word, Danika’s hand firmly grabs CJ’s wrist yanking her hand from between her thighs. “As much as I’m enjoying your show, you neither asked nor received my permission to touch yourself.” Unbuttoning and removing her jacket and blouse, Danika removes her pants to leave her standing in only her matching bra and panties. She climbs on top of CJ, kissing along her cheek to her destination. Blowing into CJ’s ear she whispers, “Now you will need to be punished my naughty vixen.” Her lips close around CJ’s dangling earlobe as she begins lightly sucking.

CJ lets out a long breath which turns into a moan, her back arching off of the mattress, her hand instinctively moves south once again, but this time Danika is too quick and she intercepts the wandering hand, forcing both of CJ’s hands back down on the mattress pinning them above her head.

“Stay,” Danika growls, leaving one hand to hold CJ’s captive, her free hand caresses the large globes before her. Lips firmly pressed against her lover’s neck sucking, Danika is determined to leave a very noticeable hickey, her lower body grinding into CJ’s writhing young body. Danika’s fingers lazily make their way south, nails grazing along CJ’s belly and around her belly button, teasing her lover as punishment. Minutes pass before her lips resume sucking on her lover’s earlobe, at the same time Danika decides to move her fingers lower to caress her lover’s outer lips, deliberately ignoring her hard clit.

CJ is writhing underneath her lover, moaning before crying out at the contact on her center, but still the contact does not come hard enough. Determined to seek more pressure CJ pushes her center forward against her lover’s fingers, desperate for further contact and whimpers when Danika’s actions instantly stop. CJ opens her eyes to see her Mistress’s eyes glaring back down at her. “I’m sorry Mistress, won’t happen again.”

“It would be in your best interest to make sure it doesn’t.” Deciding against further punishment at this time, Danika allows herself to resume her actions.

CJ is relieved to say the least once she feels Mistress’s lips upon her, her fingers now targeting her hard anxious clit. “Ohh,” CJ moans as Danika’s teeth gently graze the now sore skin on CJ’s neck. Her body tenses with anticipation as she feels her lover’s fingers prepare to enter her.

Danika marvels at how easily her fingers disappear inside despite having to move against the growing current that is currently rushing from her lover’s body. Her lips move to kiss CJ as her fingers stroke inside of her lover bringing her again to the edge.

Pulling her face away from her young lover she whispers, “My pleasure first,” and with those three simple words, her fingers withdraw from inside and she leans back leaving CJ panting and shaking her head vigorously. Sitting up on her knees, Danika removes her bra letting it fall between their bodies. “Know little one that I wished to play with you for a long time, but you must still be punished.” Danika takes CJ’s hands and brings them to her breasts. Looking into her eyes she instructs, “Please me, I wish to know your moves.”

The excitement ripples throughout CJ’s body, her denied orgasm suddenly forgotten, as her body sits up, tongue exploring around Mistress’s belly button, her hands massage Mistress’s breasts which are big, but not quite as so as her own, but her nipples are a different matter. CJ’s watches as her lover’s nipples grow hard and long and her lips immediately seek comfort around a hardened nipple. Mistress’s fingers run through her hair, keeping her head at her breast before finally relaxing her grip enough for CJ to lean back to lick between her breasts, sucking on the delicate flesh in between. “Lie down please Mistress.”

Danika’s clit throbs at the word please, causing her to think perhaps she should reward her slut after. Originally, she was planning to deny her cute submissive one final time, to ensure she would not soon forget her manners.

CJ rubs her palm against the crotch of Danika’s panties, causing a low moan to hang in the air. Her hand eagerly runs the length of Mistress’s long smooth legs as she presses her lips on the panty clad pussy before her. The scent of her Mistress’s arousal fills her flared nostrils, sending shivers through her body and reminding her of the pleasure she had been denied moments before. As seconds pass, CJ can feel her Mistress’s pussy become increasingly moist pressed against her face. Hesitating, CJ remembers that her Mistress had instructed her to love anyway she wishes and with that, CJ grabs the damp panties and with one firm tug, ripping the black panties from the older woman’s body, exposing Mistress’s closely trimmed glistening dark bush.

Mistress’s eyes are wide and wild. “My, anxious aren’t we? That was quite a thrill little lady.”

Pleased with herself, CJ buries her face into her Mistress’s wet pussy licking long strides up and down, tongue kept flat in order to cover the most area, gorging herself as if at a buffet. Mistress’s excitement leaks into her hungry mouth, and CJ turns her attention to her Mistress’s clit which is peeking out from its hood. Her lips take hold of the hard nub at the same time that her fingers enter inside of her Mistress. Mistress’s body begins to writhe beneath her as CJ continues assaulting her clit bringing her to orgasm. After collecting all she can of her Mistress’s arousal with her eager tongue, CJ smiles at her Mistress.

Danika curls her index finger, “Come sit on my face.”

CJ leaps forward, her excitement rushing out from between her thighs as if having never been denied. “Shit,” CJ exhales, leaning forward to place a hand against the wall for support as Mistress tends to her pussy bringing CJ close to the edge.

Danika’s hands grip both ass cheeks squeezing as her tongue slides inside her center. CJ rides her tongue through her orgasm, but Mistress does not stop and a short time later, CJ cries out again, her other hand darting forward against the wall seeking additional support.

Danika slaps CJ’s ass and CJ slowly rolls off, collapsing into the crisp sheets beside her Mistress. “Tearing my panties from my body, do you usually do this?”

“Yes Miss,” CJ pants slowly recovering, her eyes however remain glued to the older woman and never waver in the least.

Laughing Danika slowly stands, extending a hand to her lover. “Let’s freshen up.”

CJ accepts her hand and follows her Mistress into the bathroom. Inside the shower, Danika carefully washes every inch of skin, memorizing every detail of perfection before her. CJ’s athletic body, toned muscles, flat stomach, beautiful legs, and of course, large breasts. “You are perfect little one. I’m left breathless.”

“Thank you Mistress,” and for the first time ever CJ feels a bit of heat rush to her cheeks.

Danika runs her fingers across CJ’s rosy cheeks. “Rinse.”

Standing under the warm spray of water, CJ feels the soap rinse away from her body and then she runs her hands along her body to make certain there isn’t a lasting film.

Mistress watches silently, soaping the washcloth again. “My turn, don’t miss a spot.”

CJ accepts the soapy cloth and reaches for a hand, soaping the shoulder and washing down along an arm and then switching to the opposite arm. Slowly she runs the rag across Mistress’s breasts, her nipples having hardened long ago. Lifting each breast she washes underneath and leaves a hand resting comfortably on one breast as she washes her lover’s stomach. CJ scrubs her back before lingering on the older woman’s ass. Once finished washing her long legs and feet she gently yet thoroughly cleans Danika’s pussy and Danika whispers, “Thank you.” CJ is now the one left in awe of the gorgeous woman before her as she rinses away the soap from her flawless body.

After turning the water off, Danika steps out grabbing a towel and wrapping it around herself before grapping a second towel for CJ. CJ steps out and she wraps the towel around her.

“Thank you, Mistress,” CJ whispers, eyes locked with Danika’s.

“My pleasure.” Once dry, except for a certain area, Danika steps behind CJ, her long hard nipples pressing into CJ’s back, her hand snaking around her waist and dipping down south to fondle her lover’s clit. CJ leans her body back against Danika. “Come for me.” Danika’s fingers quicken their dance on CJ’s clit.

A mix between a moan and sigh escapes from CJ as her juices begin oozing from her pussy. She feels Danika nuzzle against her neck and then in the next moment she is leaving the bathroom calling out behind her, “Get dressed and no touching yourself.” A sigh of frustration fills the bathroom, but CJ’s own pussy betrays her by growing even wetter as seconds tick by.

CJ exits the bathroom dressed in the same clothes as before. Danika is dressed casually, tan kakis and a light colored cotton shirt, hugging her chest area. “I would like you to join me for dinner.”

“I would really like that.”

“So you are free this evening?”

“Yes, Mistress,” CJ replies without any hesitation, without even thinking about it.”

“Very good.” Once inside the Mercedes, Danika pulls out of the garage and starts driving down the street. “Where would you like to eat?”

“I like whatever food is served wherever you wish to take me.” CJ is quite pleased with herself thinking she certainly could get used to this role for longer than a day or two.

Glancing sideways, Danika can’t help but to chuckle as she drives with one hand, resting the other on CJ’s thigh. “I’m impressed my little vixen. You have come a long way in a matter of hours.” Danika puts her sunglasses on and returns both hands to the steering wheel. “One can’t help but wonder if you’re just an extremely quick study, or if you have fantasized about this for quite some time?” Turning her head in CJ’s direction, she raises an eyebrow behind the dark sunglasses. “I’m betting it’s the latter.”

CJ’s pussy tingles instantly as if answering for her. CJ slowly nods and says, “You’re right Mistress.”

“Good girl, now I’ll ask again. Where would you like to eat?”

Considering the direction they are now heading CJ answers, “How about the Hat, the one in Temple City?”

“The Hat it is.”

Ordering two pastrami dips inside the Hat, Danika leaves CJ under the pick up sign to find a vacant table inside the crowded place. Danika is glad they are eating at this location instead of the one on Valley because this one offers indoor seating instead of a few picnic tables left outside. Now she and CJ can talk, figure out if there is a future between the two of them, if CJ is willing to take this to the same degree as Danika? A family of four is spotted leaving and Danika quickly snatches the now vacant table up just as CJ is turning the corner carrying a tray with their food and drinks. Once both women are settled, the small talk begins.

“Where do you work CJ?”

CJ is just about to sink her teeth into her sandwich, but freezes as soon as she hears her name.

“At this time, out in public, I will use your real name until we decide what if any possibilities lie ahead for us.”

Nodding her head and taking her first small bite, she relaxes as she chews. Swallowing, she feels her confidence return. “I’m a teller at Bank of America.”

“Do you plan to stay in the field and work your way up?” Danika sips her diet soda and takes another bite.

“Yes, I guess so. To be honest, I haven’t really thought about it too much.”

“You do enjoy your current position correct?”

“Yes Mist… uh Danika.”

“How old are you?”




“I would really appreciate more fulfilling answers CJ.” The smile remains on Danika’s lips throughout her casual request.

“I moved out from my parent’s place right out of high school. My old man and I are two completely different people and my mom and I never seem to see eye to eye. She always agrees with my dad in turn always making me out to be wrong so I decided screw this and moved out as soon as I was able. I share an apartment with a friend, with no help from my loving folks, so I don’t have any extra money for college, although I am slowly saving.”

“Education is important; I do hope you are able to one day finish once you have enough money. It will pay for itself once you’re out in your desired field with a higher paying job.”

Setting down her sandwich, CJ casually asks, “If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”

Smiling, Danika takes another small sip through the straw and responds, “Three months shy of thirty-six. How do you feel about that?”

Shrugging CJ takes another bite which leaves Danika to chuckle. Finally CJ replies, “Doesn’t bother me a bit and you’re sexy as hell. I’d like to see photos of you when you were younger; I bet you were a cute kid.”

Danika really can’t help but to laugh out loud. “Thank you CJ. I’m a lawyer dealing mostly in family matters although I do have a degree in business law and help a friend whenever I can. Right now I’m on a forced two week vacation and I say forced because I made myself take the time. My last case nearly did me in and when the decision came in my favor, I decided to take some time off.”

“Well it’s extremely fortunate for us you did otherwise I’m sure we wouldn’t have met today.”

Once the women finish eating they leave noticing and commenting on the number of customers waiting in line to order, how it’s always so busy and how well the business must obviously be doing. Starting the car and turning on the air conditioning, Danika looks seriously at CJ. “I would like it if we spent much more time together, but if you join me in a long term relationship you must accept the power difference between us. If you join me it must be as submissive to my dominant. I live and love this lifestyle and I wish for none other. What do you think about this?”

CJ has been waiting for this particular subject to arise all through dinner. She has been hoping Danika would make the offer. “Like you mentioned before, I have dreamed of being a part of this lifestyle. Granted my fantasies were focused solely on the bedroom aspects of it, but with you, I think I would really enjoy the lifestyle. I’m amazed with how easily I’ve already gotten used to parts of it. I mean I’m not used to being the submissive, but secretly I always have wanted to be. I just figured I hadn’t met the right woman which is why I keep searching every night. I think I would really enjoy continuing our relationship.”

Danika takes CJ’s hand in hers releasing a breath she didn’t even realize she had been holding. “There are a few things I must clarify with you especially given how new you are to this. First, as your Mistress I will always have your interests, needs, and feelings at heart, but you must obey my wishes and orders or face a punishment that I deem appropriate. Second, I will grant a one month probation period. If you realize this lifestyle isn’t for you and wish to leave, I’ll allow it within the month. Third, after the one month period if we are to remain a couple I want you enrolled in college. Education is extremely important and if we are in a long term relationship together, I want you in enrolled in school. You may study whatever is of your choosing. I will loan you the money for college and we will work out a payment plan in detail at that time. Lastly, I’m allowed to change and/or create new rules at anytime.”

CJ can’t stifle her laughter. She had tried hard not to, but it just erupts from within her. “Of course you are.” CJ quickly settles down when she notices Danika’s expression. She is neither laughing nor angry, but neutral. “I understand and agree.”

Holding up her hand Danika says, “We still have the rest of this evening together CJ, I will only accept your answer after tonight. I want you to truly think this through, understand what you are committing yourself to.”

“Okay,” CJ replies nodding and with that Danika puts the gear in drive and off they go. Both women are deep in thought during the drive. Quite some time passes before CJ blinks away her thoughts to realize they are now cruising in Hollywood. “Where are we going?”

“We still have tonight,” Danika answers simply.

“That doesn’t explain a thing,” CJ thinks to herself, but knows better than to ask again. In a short time, CJ shakes her head laughing, her Mist… uh Danika’s answer now makes perfect sense.

Danika gets out off the car while CJ slowly exits, still laughing. Danika takes CJ’s arm in hers and they walk into Babeland together. There are no other customers currently in the store and CJ says out loud as the female employee nods in their direction, “Talk about perfect timing.”

The female employee approaches them, “Anything I can help you with?”

“I’ll let you know, thank you,” Danika answers smiling.

CJ certainly is no novice when it comes to sex toys, but she hasn’t been to Babeland before and her mind as well as her pussy buzzes with the excitement as she and Danika begin looking at everything the store has to offer.

Danika’s eyes linger on the lingerie they offer, but she quickly dismisses this knowing a better place in which she will get her and her pet’s lingerie. She thinks about this as if CJ had already agreed to this because she refuses to think of it any other way. She hopes CJ agrees to be her pet, she will understand of course if she declines, but still it would hurt her. Despite their only having met this afternoon, Danika can’t help but feel close to CJ. Walking ever so slowly along the wall displaying all the different vibrator and dildos, they point and discuss each one. “Would this big boy be too big for you?”

CJ looks at it and then Danika passes it to her to feel. “No. I have a shorter vibrator at home, but it’s wider than this one. I could handle this.”

Danika notices the butt plug displays and can’t help but pull her lover quickly over to the display, “How about butt plugs?” Danika picks one up and notices CJ’s eyes widen not with excitement, but hesitation, almost fear. Then, as quickly as it had happened, her expression melts away to become perfectly neutral. “No,” she shakes her head. “Oh look at this,” and off she goes dragging Danika with her and away from this particular display.

Hmm, Danika thinks to herself, making a mental note for another time. Getting a bit ahead she looks over the harnesses deciding she needs a new one. The one she has at home lasted years, but her and her ex gave it the full work out every time. Besides she prefers a new one at the thought of her ex. CJ steps up beside her and Danika loops her arm around her waist. “You have been made love to with a strap on?”

“Once, but I was really drunk so I don’t remember how it felt or anything.”

“I’ll be right back.” Danika leaves to talk with the store employee leaving CJ to look over the harnesses. Suddenly the image of her bent over with Danika standing behind her taking her from behind flashes through her mind, a burning desire spreads through her pussy and she feels herself sway with excitement. Danika touches her shoulder and she jumps startled. “I didn’t hear you come back.”

“You okay?” Danika asks raising an eyebrow. CJ simply nods her head. Danika grabs the black Jaguar harness which allows the dildo to be placed lower than traditional harnesses allowing pressure on the clit of the person who is wearing the harness or so the store employee promises.

CJ notices in Danika’s other hand is the dildo she had been looking over earlier. It was now out of its box, bobbing around freely in Danika’s hand. It was the Outlaw, she loves the name, and she immediately reaches out and touches the bobbing dildo. She had read it was made of vixskin silicone which gives it the realistic look and feel. The head is comfortably squishy in her hand. “Come with me,” Danika instructs and CJ follows her without question, her knees still a bit weak. There is a very small fitting room in the back of the store and Danika walks into the empty room. “What are you doing?” CJ asks full of hope, the image from before instantly returning to her mind except this time she knows specifically which dildo Danika is taking her from behind with and she moans imaging the eight and a half inch Outlaw fucking her.

Danika has decided she must try this out before purchasing and she quickly adjusts the harness to a comfortable fit and once the Outlaw is bobbing happily before her, she takes the top half of the long shaft in her hand and watches the smile spread like wildfire over her lover’s face. “Remove your shorts and panties, bend over beautiful.”

CJ trips pulling her shorts over her feet so quickly, she can feel her juices sliding down her thighs, feel her clit burning with desire, her entire body shaking with anticipation. Quickly bending over, leaving her ass up high and exposed, she sinks her teeth into her quivering lower lip to silence the moans already filling the dressing room.

Danika marvels at the gorgeous ass being presented to her and she runs her free hand over the tender young flesh, feeling her pet tremble at the touch. “I don’t need to feel you to know you are dripping wet for me. I can smell you; the store employee can smell you.” She lets the squishy head of the cock stroke against CJ’s ass cheeks while she whispers harshly to her lover. “I know you want me to fuck you with my cock, isn’t that right slut?”

CJ moans loudly unable to control herself any longer. “Please Mistress, I’m so freaking wet.”

Danika lets the head rest against the opening and then in one sure motion, she slides the cock inch by every pleasurable inch inside. Slowly stroking inside her slut, the base of the dildo now rubs against her own clit and the pressure rapidly builds inside of her making her stroke deeper inside CJ. “You like my cock inside you slut?

“Faster,” CJ moans loudly in response without a care in the world as to who else might hear her, her hand is now held out against the mirror inside of the dressing room.

Danika moves her hips quicker; soon she is slamming the cock inside of her slut’s pussy, a bit surprised at how effortlessly she is able. CJ pushes herself back against the dildo and Danika immediately encourages, “Yes, that’s right slut, push back against my cock.”

CJ immediately obeys, her pussy leaking juice around the cock to descend down her legs.

As Danika’s orgasm approaches, she digs her fingernails into CJ’s back and tells her slut to look up at her reflection in the mirror.

CJ barely hears Danika tell her to raise her head to look at herself, the pleasure vibrating throughout her body, her senses completely focused on her approaching orgasm. CJ lifts her head and stares wide eye at her reflection, her cheeks are flush with desire, sweat is forming on her brows, and then she focuses on Danika standing behind her, her upper torso lying on top of CJ as she fucks her. Their eyes meet, both women watch the scene unfold in the mirror and Danika smiles before lowering her mouth to her slut’s shoulder and biting into the soft flesh, while she continues plunging the cock into her pussy and CJ is left breathless watching the two of them together and out of nowhere her orgasm is no longer nearing, it’s ripping through her and she cries out as Danika’s mouth leaves her marked skin, moaning as her own orgasm engulfs her body.

Both women are panting and Danika decides to leave the cock inside for a minute, CJ’s eyes still tightly closed as her chest heaves. Danika uses her hands to spread her lover’s tender ass cheeks and CJ’s eyes fling wide open the instant Danika’s finger begins to caress the tightly puckered hole. CJ tenses crying out, “No, Mistress,” and vigorously she shakes her head side to side. Quietly Danika says, “I’ll allow it this one time.” With that Danika pulls the deeply buried cock out and the glistening head bobs proudly between her legs.

“Thank you Mistress, Thank you.” CJ turns her head to face her Mistress and winds up staring at the cock, watching as her juices slide down the long shaft, a new wave of excitement courses through her pussy and immediately she sinks to her knees before her Mistress preparing to take the head into her mouth.

“Not necessary little one.” Danika notices a folded shopping bag lying underneath the door and she smiles thinking the saleswoman must have snuck up and left it there. Danika begins to take off the harness as CJ’s eyes longing look on. She stops when her young lover’s hand rests lightly on her own hand and she hears CJ whisper, “Please Mistress. I want to suck you.”

Staring down at the younger woman on her knees before her, she nods and CJ wraps her hand around the shaft as the head of the cock disappears between her grasping lips. CJ strokes the long cock, the motion forcing the base against Danika’s clit. CJ lets the cock fall from her mouth and uses her tongue to lick along the shaft of the cock, her eyes staring up at her Mistress in time to see her sultry eyes close with pleasure. CJ returns to stroking the thick shaft with her hand, swallowing the squishy head into her mouth, and soon her Mistress’s body trembles as she experiences a small orgasm thanks to the constant pressure on her clit.

Danika rewards her lover with a smile and then removes the harness placing both the harness and still dripping cock into the bag before she finishes getting dressed. “Get dressed,” she instructs and then she exits the fitting room leaving CJ alone.

CJ’s pussy is still buzzing from her fucking and it takes her a second before she is able to stand and even more time for her to get dressed. Her legs remain very shaky and she must lean against the wall to pull her shorts on since there is not enough room for a sitting bench inside the fitting room. Finally she exits the tiny room in time to see Danika return her AMEX card into her wallet and pull out some cash. She sees her lover say something to the employee but can’t hear what is being said. The female employee smiles, a steady blush spreading across her cheeks. Danika takes what is now a big shopping bag and turns to CJ smiling. Once CJ is within reach, Danika takes her arm and escorts her from the store to the car.

“Give me directions to your apartment.” CJ relays the necessary information and then takes out her cell deciding to call her friend and roommate to see where she is or hopefully isn’t. After a brief conversation, CJ flips her cell shut and offers, “My roommate’s staying with her boyfriend tonight, so the place is ours if you want.”

“Yours is an offer, I can’t refuse,” Danika replies smiling at her young lover.

CJ’s pussy is still abuzz with a mix of sensations and now knowing Danika will be staying for some time still, her pussy gushes at the thought. The drive to CJ’s place is a silent one, both women enjoying the warmth and comfort of one another.

CJ leads Danika inside the front door, kicking clothes, hairbrushes, and whatever else off to the side as they walk through. “Sorry. My roommate and I will never be mistaken for neat freaks.” After the brief tour, both women stand in the kitchen, CJ purposely inching her way ever closer to Danika, her eyes openly drinking in the sight of the older woman. CJ reaches a hand out, wanting to touch her, and Danika turns to face CJ, hand resting on CJ’s cheeks gently caressing as their lips melt into one another, CJ’s hand resting against Danika’s cheek. CJ immediately presses her body further into Danika’s, her hands now passionately touching, exploring every inch of Danika’s glorious body over her clothes.

“Slow down,” Danika purrs into CJ’s ear, her lips kissing along her jaw line wanting to savor every moment of this encounter. CJ nods, her head falling back, a sigh of disappointment loudly escapes filling the kitchen, her hands however, continue to roam finally pausing on Danika’s breasts before cupping them. Danika firmly grabs CJ’s offending wrists while stepping back.

“Shit I’m sorry,” CJ breathes heavily. Danika is left standing quietly considering the unique circumstances. Tonight they are not truly participating in the lifestyle yet, but on the other hand, Danika simply can’t ignore the infraction. “You will learn,” she replies walking confidently to the small table and sitting down in one of the chairs leaving CJ to cross her arms in front of her, a rather cute pout forming on her face.

“Have a seat so I don’t have to shout across the kitchen.”

CJ pulls out a chair and obediently sits, the pout still present on her lovely face. The sex kitten within her is growing at an alarming rate, seeking Danika’s attentions, rather Mistress D’s attentions, seeking to push the envelope. Tonight is not the real deal, but she wants to push the boundaries, taste the razor’s edge.

“I want to discuss your hesitation from earlier concerning anal play.”

“Can’t this particular discussion wait until after?” CJ seductively questions, voice low, running her tongue slowly across her lips and raising en eyebrow.

Danika doesn’t waver, her eyes remain solely on CJ; her expression remains perfectly neutral. “I wish to discuss this now.” Leaning forward, arms on the table, resting her chin on her hand, she asks, “Why the reluctance?”

CJ is on a roll now and she slides her hands under her shirt, around back to unclasp her bra, whipping it out from underneath her shirt, her eyes never leaving Danika’s. “You must excuse me,” CJ begins, tossing her bra to the side, “Once home I enjoy certain…freedoms.” Leaning forward as well, CJ folds her arms not across but under her chest to support her breasts so they are pressed together and jutting forward. “I enjoy sex every way I can get it, except when it comes to my ass. It’s my one hang up,” CJ responds evenly with a simple shrug.


Laughing, CJ decides to swiftly move her right hand down to the chair in order to pull the chair closer to the table. Allowing her eyes to freely wander over the older woman’s body sitting across the table, she sneaks her right hand now hidden by the table inside her jeans and then panties where she finds her anxious clit. “I don’t know if I can explain.” Her fingers caress her swollen clit. “It feels wrong, dirty I guess. In a way that’s exactly why I sometimes wish to engage in anal sex, hot idea and all, but…” her fingers continue to increase their pace over her clit. “In reality, I can’t do it.” Her teeth bite down on her trembling lip.

“Stop,” Danika speaks the one word in a low, measured voice.

CJ’s orgasm is imminent, not that she would have stopped anyway, but now she simply can’t. “You wanted to talk…ohhh god, so you talk!”

Danika’s fingers grab her by her hair, the movement so quick, CJ hadn’t seen it coming. Danika pulls her up and right out of the chair which crashes to the floor on its side, Danika still holding onto CJ by her hair. CJ presses her thumb down hard on her clit, the excitement of all of this adding to before and now she is determined to make herself cum before Danika has a chance to stop her.

Danika smacks CJ on the offending hand before yanking her hand away altogether and dragging her by her hair down the short hall into the bedroom. Throwing CJ onto the bed, Danika’s face over hers, CJ is left feeling the woman’s hot angry breath on her face. “Given the uniqueness of this evening, I’m willing to cut you a hell of a lot of slack young lady, but what you just did is simply disrespectful and I do NOT allow disrespect.”

In a flash, Danika is off the bed, grabbing a shirt that had been carelessly tossed onto the floor and forces CJ’s wrists together binding them with the shirt. CJ meanwhile sits up, but once her wrists are tightly bound, Danika shoves CJ back against the mattress. Danika’s fingers undo and remove CJ’s shorts and panties, the cool air kissing CJ’s anxious pussy and wetness causing instant shivers all over her body. Danika leans in close whispering, “Consider yourself fortunate little one, I’m without my proper supplies.” Finding two more appropriate articles of clothing, Danika binds each ankle to the bed frame, leaving CJ’s legs spread wide, but not enough to cause her naughty girl any cramping. “This will have to do,” Danika observes and then turns and abruptly leaves the room.

Danika walks into the bathroom smiling to herself and decides to relieve some tension. Danika certainly will not leave her little one alone for long, that could be dangerous, but the beauty of it is CJ is none the wiser. Stripping before the mirror, Danika stares at her reflection while she massages her heavy breasts before moving south, her fingers instantly moist thanks to her young naughty slut. Danika strokes her pulsing clit between her fingers and her body shudders when her fingers disappear inside her pussy.

CJ is simply going insane! The thrill of all this is not only evident, but steadily dripping down her thighs and there is nothing she can do about it! Pulling against her restraints, testing them, she finds if she tries with all her might she quite possibly may be able to free her feet, but not her hands, not a chance. This knowledge makes everything worse. She obviously would prefer to have her hands free so she can masturbate like mad until Danika returns. Where the hell is Danika? The excitement coursing inside of her is beginning to turn painful. CJ begins to scream.

Danika immediately enters the room, a knowing devilish smile plays on her lips. She is completely nude, clutching her wet panties in one hand.

CJ’s screams abruptly stop as her eyes drink in her Mistress’s nude figure as she stalks towards her. She’s not even aware of what’s clutched in her hand until the wet center is forced into her gaping mouth. “Much better,” Danika says. Her moist fingers are now directly under CJ’s nose. With nostrils flared, CJ receives a strong whiff and she moans around the panties, her body thrashing against the bed.

Straddling the bound woman’s body, Danika leans back, grinding her wet pussy into CJ’s, riding her, driving CJ to the brink. Cries of pleasure can be heard, although muffled thanks to the panties. Danika stops and scoots down CJ’s body so her face is in front of her pussy, the strong musk filling Danika’s own nostrils. CJ’s eyes shut tightly, body lying still except for her toes wriggling as Danika’s tongue tenderly laps at her pussy like a cat drinking milk, purposefully teasing her by doing this slowly. CJ’s body tries to writhe against her tongue desperate for more pressure, head swimming with intense need. Sensing this, Danika stops, chuckling to herself when CJ’s eyes snap wide open only to stare helplessly at her. “You deserve your punishment little one.” Cupping the juicy young pussy with a hand Danika adds, “This naughty pussy deserves punishment.”

CJ yells and screams behind the panty gag letting loose all of her pent up frustration and disappointment as she hopelessly humps at air. The word astonishment is not adequate enough to describe CJ’s disbelief when she feels Danika’s tongue licking her, loving her and absolutely no word could even begin to describe how it feels to receive the first slap on her clit. Shock, pain, and extreme pleasure devour CJ while Danika slaps and rubs her clit, driving her mad with need! Sensing Danika’s hand on its way down, CJ braces for the sharp pain, intense pleasure duo, and slowly opens her eyes when all remains still.

Knowing one more slap on her naughty clit can and more than likely will send her naughty slut over the edge, Danika stops in mid air. She watches the amazement and then disappointment show on her slut’s gagged face. “Remain still or we start again and not in a way you will like,” Danika warns. She unties CJ’s ankles, staring into her eyes as she unties her hands. CJ doesn’t budge an inch, just simply stares back into Danika’s eyes. Removing her panties from CJ’s mouth, she is barely able to hear CJ whisper softly, “I’m sorry.”

Wiping the sweat from her lover’s brow, Danika smiles, her heart soaring, and rewards her lover by instructing her to, “Lick.” With that one simple word, CJ dives for Danika’s center as she lies back on the mattress and enjoys CJ’s enthusiastic tongue bringing her over the edge time and time again.

CJ’s back collapses against the mattress for the umpteenth time, her body slick with sweat, toes slowly uncurling, voice hoarse, her throat dry and sore. Nestled between her legs, Danika leans back licking her lips and wiping her fingers. “Lie there and relax.” Danika leaves the bedroom and in no time returns carrying a glass of water and helping CJ sit up, instructs her to drink slowly.

CJ’s eyes repeatedly close involuntarily, heavy with sleep.

“Rest little one.” Danika starts to rise from the bed and CJ’s hand reaches out grabbing her wrist and then quickly jerking her hand away as if touching fire. “Sorry,” she says, her voice groggy with sleep. “I’ll leave you to rest and think my proposal over carefully.” Kissing CJ softly on the lips she continues, “I’ll contact you tomorrow night. Goodnight.”

Danika rises from the bed and CJ allows herself to be consumed with sleep.

The following day, CJ thinks of nothing else but Danika and the offer. At work, she repeatedly makes mistakes, customers showing their annoyance at her carelessness. Once work is finally over, she goes straight home, locking herself in her room, lost in her thoughts. She really likes Danika, finds her incredibly sexy, completely desirable and that’s after spending an entire evening with her. As if addicted on a drug, she catches herself repeatedly fantasizing about what their next encounter hopefully will entail. In regards to the lifestyle specifically, the idea certainly turns her on and she has thoroughly enjoyed her brief introduction to it. She has often wondered if there was anyone who could fully appreciate the sex kitten within her, anyone who would be able to tame it, control it? She now knows she has found her answer. Besides there is the one month trial period and knowing this helps calm the tiny part of her brain that still questions her decision.

Meanwhile Danika spends her day preparing for this evening, avoiding at all costs even acknowledging the possibility of CJ declining her proposal. Danika returns from a store with a surprise for later and now empties the shopping bag from Babeland which consists of Outlaw, the jaguar harness, Babelube, and a special surprise for CJ. Just looking at the butt plug brings a wave of desire sweeping through her body. She had bought the little flirt yesterday when she left CJ in the fitting room. It’s a small silicone butt plug, only three and a quarter inches long with a slim waist making it perfect for beginners.

Around 7, CJ hears her roommate arrive home and by 7:30 CJ is restless, pacing the length of her bedroom time and time again before collapsing onto her bed, her hand eventually finding its way between her thighs as her mind replays through the previous evening for the millionth time. The speed of her hand increases between her thighs, the image of her bound to the bed bringing her closer when the doorbell rings.

“I’ll get it,” Lisa, her friend and roommate hollers.

“No!” CJ shouts, bolting from the bed, adjusting her shorts on the run. CJ hears Danika’s voice from the hallway and the second their eyes fall on one another, she stands immobile. Danika and Lisa are shaking hands and Lisa turns to CJ saying, “She’s very attractive…what the hell?” as her eyes become wide and questioning. “You okay?”

CJ barely nods her chest growing tight at the mere sight of Danika.

“Hello again CJ.”

“Hi,” she exhales softly.

Lisa’s eyes glance from CJ to Danika and then back to CJ. “What am I missing C, you’re acting odd?”

“I believe we have matters to discuss in private,” Danika replies not rudely, a smile on her face as she approaches CJ, and then leads her down the hall and back to the bedroom, CJ remaining one step behind her silently following.

“You’re scaring me C,” Lisa hollers laughing.

Danika closes the door behind CJ and CJ stops, wanting desperately to wrap her arms around the older woman, answer yes to any and all requests, which still unsettles her a bit, but leaves her pussy drooling inside her panties.

Danika also desperately wishes to take the young woman into her arms, kissing her tenderly, accepting and loving her as her beautiful submissive for the rest of their lives. “Have a seat.”

CJ follows instructions without hesitation, and without being able to help herself blurts, “Yes.”

Danika raises an eyebrow before finally laughing, unable to help herself. “Do you understand what it is you are agreeing to?”

“Yes,” CJ looks into the older woman’s dark sexy eyes. “The thirty day trial period is still applicable correct?”

“Certainly and with it a safe word, but after thirty days there will no longer be a safe word simply because there will be no need for one.” A question pops into CJ’s mind, but before she can ask it, Danika answers as if able to read her thoughts. “By that time, I will know your limits and how best to have you meet and rise above them. Our trust and love will be absolute.”

CJ smiles and whispers repeatedly, “Yes, yes, yes.”

Danika moves to the bed, arms open inviting her submissive into her arms. The second their lips meet, CJ knows with absolute certainty she has made the right decision for her. Danika’s heart soars at CJ’s commitment, she feels herself become complete, and her mind begins to truly plan their lives together as domme/sub. CJ caresses Mistress Danika’s cheek, the scent of her arousal light on her fingers yet still able to makes its way into Danika’s nostrils. Grabbing her hand and lifting her fingers to her nose she makes a tsk tsk noise, “Naughty girl.” Standing, she instructs her sub, “Pack a bag with three or four days worth of clothes.”

Excitedly, CJ hops off the bed and starts grabbing the necessities.

“How long is left on your lease and how much is it a month?”

“Three months, $850.”

Picking up her handbag, Danika walks to the door. “Pack quickly; we will be back for the rest. I’m going to speak with your friend.”

“Yes Mistress,” CJ easily replies. Her heart flutters in her chest as she grabs clothes to pack, waiting for the door to close behind her Mistress before picking out bra and panties.

A little while later Danika opens the door, smiling wide and grabs the black duffel bag full of clothes. “Ready?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Danika takes CJ’s hand in hers causing CJ to exhale a breath she wasn’t aware she was holding. Danika sets the bag on the floor and lifts CJ’s chin so they are eye to eye. “You’re mine now, little one. I am your shelter. You now possess the solace you have sought.”

A smile instantly spreads across CJ’s now beaming face. Mistress kisses her, the kiss so brief and gentle, CJ almost misses it. Retrieving the duffel bag, Danika leads them out into the hallway and into the front of the house.

Lisa approaches CJ, grinning ear to ear, “I can’t believe it CJ.” Shaking her head, arms open for a hug. CJ begins to take a step forward to go to her friend, but Mistress’s hand stops her.

CJ casts a confused glance to her Mistress when in an instant, realization spreads across her now embarrassed face. “May I…”

“Of course,” Danika answers lowering her hand impressed with how quickly CJ catches on. It’s necessary to exert complete control from the very beginning; it helps the submissive progress quickly and much more easily.

CJ and Lisa share a hug, “I just saw it happen right before my eyes and I still can’t believe it! I never in my wildest dreams thought you could behave in such a way, let alone live it. What happened to the overly confident sex kitten?”

“Oh the overly confident sex kitten is still very much present, but now it is tamed. Isn’t that right little one?”

Looking into Lisa’s amused eyes, CJ trembles with both humiliation and pleasure as she replies, “Yes Mistress.”

“Well now I have seen everything,” chuckling, “Get out of here C.”

Smiling, CJ turns to her waiting Mistress, who walks out the door and she quickly follows her. Danika opens the passenger’s door tossing the bag into the back, holding the door open for her young sub. “Thank you Mistress,” CJ says sliding into the car.

Leaving the apartment complex Danika asks, “I haven’t had dinner, are you hungry?”

CJ hadn’t eaten lunch, her stomach busy swimming with countless butterflies all day long, now her hunger smashes into the front of her mind with a vengeance. “Yes.”

Danika drives to Soup Plantation, a wonderful soup and salad buffet with a pretty good bakery, their blueberry muffins in particular are a favorite for Danika. As usual, the restaurant is hopping although two tables are available, one of which is located basically in the center of the restaurant. “How perfect,” Danika muses quietly to herself.

Both women attract enough attention from men and women on their own, but together… talk about a power couple!

Danika chooses a seat which leaves her back to the wall so she can observe the restaurant while CJ takes a seat opposite her, her back to the majority of the crowd, but able to look out the windows. Talking casually over dinner, both women return to the buffet together, Danika taking note on what her young sub chooses to eat, thrilled with the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about her new sub.

CJ, on the other hand, is chock full of different emotions. People’s eyes linger on the two of them, a familiar comfort. A part of CJ momentarily wishes her Mistress to be like every other woman she’s been with so she can grab her by the hand and play with her yet if she truly were like those in CJ’s past, she knows they would never last.

Once again seated at the table, Danika observes, “The woman to your right keeps staring in our direction, at you specifically.”

“I noticed,” CJ replies not sure if the answer is appropriate or not, but it’s the truth.

“I’m confident you have found yourself in this delicious position before little one, how do you normally respond?”

Blowing on the spoonful of hot soup, she responds truthfully. “She’s attractive, potential for a lot of fun, so I would flirt. Captivate her eyes with mine, use body language to my advantage and then make my move. In this instance, she’s almost finished her muffin, so I would bring her another one and go from there.”

Pleased with her sub’s answer Danika decides to have a little fun. “My being impressed with you is becoming a wonderful pattern. Although I’m a bit surprised you wouldn’t pull a stunt like you did in the kitchen last night,” she adds teasingly.

CJ laughs, promptly lowering the spoon into the soup bowl. “Not necessary, this one is simple.”

Danika sets her fork down, the napkin placed on her lap now drops onto the table, her expression instantly becomes serious. CJ responds by abandoning her spoon in the bowl, her eyes glued to the older woman sitting across from her. “The pretty woman is not who you are trying to please is she?”

“No, Mistress, you are of course.”

Danika continues, a smile slowly spreading across her face, “I have an idea. I want you to walk into the restroom, remove your panties and return to me, quick and simple, no touching yourself.”

As her Mistress smiles, CJ narrows her eyes shaking her head, not understanding. Big deal, what a simple task.

“Yes, Mistress,” and with that CJ scoots her chair back from the table and reaches for her small purse when it dawns on her that her purse is in the car! CJ’s face reddens with the realization, her pussy gushing fresh juice into her panties. Quickly scooting forward CJ asks, “Mistress, where am I supposed to put my panties?”

Looking at her embarrassed young lover, she answers, “Bring your now wet panties to me in your hand.”

CJ’s mouth opens to protest, but she stops short when Mistress’s eyes glare at her and she barks, “Now!”

CJ hastily pushes her chair back causing a loud scrape which is heard by most everyone as she dashes into the bathroom. Leaning against the sink, CJ looks at her reflection trying to recall a time in her life when she was this turned on, her pussy continuing to gush, voicing its vote. CJ hurries into a stall and removes her panties bunching the moist material into a ball in her closed hand. Relief instantly washes over her knowing she can just hurry back to the table and quickly pass the panties from her closed fist to her Mistress. Granted quite a few people will inevitably be watching her as she walks back to the table. CJ exits the stall smiling, pleased with her little self, and walks out of the restroom and returns to the dining area ready to meet her Mistress’s eyes with her own confident sparkling green eyes.

Dread spreads over her entire body as she groans, softly exhaling the word, “Shit,” and stares at their empty table. An idea forms in her mind and she looks in the direction of the pretty woman’s table where sure enough, her Mistress is sitting, speaking with the woman. Mistress smiles and waves to CJ, motioning for her to join them. The heat flares across her face as she hurries to the table, stranger’s eyes casting a questioning glance as she passes by.

“My pet, this lovely woman is Amber and Amber this is my pet.”

Amber’s eyes widen with shock at such an uncommon greeting, but she manages a small nod to CJ, her eyes falling and locking onto CJ’s clasped hand. “What are you holding?”

CJ looks pleadingly to her Mistress.

“Answer the nice woman young lady.”

“My panties.” Even when spoken in a rush her pussy spasms causing her face to redden even more.

Danika’s eyes never leave CJ. “I was just sharing with Amber how attractive you find her.”

CJ’s eyes fall quickly to the floor. It’s one thing when she decides to initiate it, but this….oh shit!

“Eyes up pet.”

CJ looks up slowly to find Mistress’s hand out and waiting. CJ passes her the damp panties in one swift move and when she lets go, Mistress does as well leaving all three women to stare at them lying on the floor, CJ’s heart pounding heavily against her chest making it difficult for her to breathe.

“Well that was too quick for me pet, pick up your panties and hand them to me slowly.”

CJ immediately reaches down, snatches them up, and extends her arm to her Mistress who calmly takes the panties from her and stuffs them into her handbag. “These are very wet my pet.”

Danika finishes talking with Amber, completely ignoring CJ, leaving her to stand in the middle of the restaurant with her head down embarrassed, until finally she stands and looks at CJ. “We’re leaving.” Mistress leaves a substantial tip on their table and walks to the door, most everyone’s eyes flicking on and then past her resting on CJ.

Outside of the building it is now dark; therefore, degrees cooler, the parking lot remains full, but everyone seems to be inside enjoying their dinner. At the car, Danika grabs her young sub, her body collapsing against hers, tongue slipping in between CJ’s lips. Both women moan instantly, CJ’s hands automatically caressing along her body. When Mistress takes a step back gasping, CJ quickly closes the space, but Mistress’s hand stops her. “I needed a taste.” Danika holds the door open for CJ to slide inside and watches as CJ pouts while doing so. Sliding behind the wheel, Danika says firmly, “Don’t pout, it ruins your lovely face.” CJ immediately straightens up and Danika, who is grinning, thinks about perhaps rewarding her later.

Danika enters inside the apartment with her sub behind her and walks down and into the bedroom. Pointing to two drawers in the bedroom she says, “Your clothes can go in there for now.” Next she instructs her to, “Clean up,” as she points to the shower in the bathroom. “Then join me in bed little one.”

“Yes, Mistress, right away.”

“Good girl. I knew you would make it a point to hurry along.”

CJ is left alone in the bathroom and stripping quickly she jumps into the shower. With her hair clipped up and out of the way, she takes the quickest shower of her life, but is sure to clean her pussy twice. Drying off with the big towel, she realizes there are no new clothes for her to put on. Grinning she hangs up the towel and walks out from the bathroom nude.

Danika is lying on her side on top of the covers, also nude, smiling as her eyes slowly roam every inch of CJ’s beautiful young body. Her eyes finally rest on CJ’s face, her approval evident in her eyes. “Perfect.”

CJ’s pussy is already throbbing and when her Mistress motions for her to join her in bed, she practically runs to her and hurries into bed beside her.

Stroking her fingers through CJ’s hair and caressing her cheek she tells her young lover, “One must learn the pleasure in performing certain activities at a slow pace; there is no need to rush along all the time.”

CJ’s eyes are closed as her Mistress caresses her, the cool air having hardened her nipples. “Yes Mistress.”

“Tonight we will enjoy each other as if we have all the time in the world.”

It’s not that the idea doesn’t appeal to CJ, it really does, but not at this particular time. Her pussy is begging for release, ready to explode on its own, now is not the time, but she doesn’t dare utter a word aloud, instead she replies, “However you please Mistress, I’m just happy to be lying next to you.”

Danika’s lips gently press against her sub’s, hands running along the sides of her body, nails scratching over her hips. CJ moans into her Mistress’s mouth and is rewarded with her tongue seeking hers, her own hands unsure of what to do. Gently Danika pushes CJ onto her back and taking the young woman’s hands in hers, she places them on her stomach with the instructions, “Keep your eyes closed. Use your hands only to explore.” Both women kiss while their hands slowly explore, making sure to cover every inch. The heat between them rises rapidly as each woman enjoys every touch, every caress, everywhere on her body. The room fills with a heavy musky scent, their kissing builds in intensity accordingly, hands moving along at a faster pace, their touch growing rougher. Danika’s hand slows on CJ’s thigh, nails grazing along, at the same time CJ’s hands are running down Mistress’s back to her ass wanting nothing more than to grip her ass tightly forcing her Mistress against her body, but she knows better.

Minutes continue to tick by, sweet yet agonizing pleasure fills CJ, her body nearing desperate. Lost in thought, CJ cries out, startled when Mistress’s fingers kiss along her clit, her body shuddering. CJ undulates her hips seeking more pressure, more contact and Danika whispers into her sub’s ear, “Wrap your arms around my neck and enjoy.” Danika applies more pressure to her clit before sliding inside, her lips taking CJ’s trembling lower lip into her mouth to suck. Danika lowers her lips to CJ’s neck to lick and suck on while pumping into her young sub’s pussy until CJ cries out. Removing her fingers with a soft plop she brings them to CJ’s lips instructing her to lick.

CJ doesn’t bother opening her eyes before taking the offered fingers into her mouth, her tongue sliding over her stickiness.

“Taste yourself pet. This is how wet you get for your Mistress.”

Sucking the fingers further into her mouth, she sucks on the two fingers as if they were a cock, whining when her Mistress removes them, her tongue licking her lips still able to taste herself.

“Use your tongue to bring me pleasure eager one.”

CJ’s eyes pop open to find Mistress Danika smiling down at her before propping herself up, allowing CJ to scoot down until she finds herself underneath her Mistress’s beautiful dripping cunt. CJ’s hands finally have the opportunity to reach around and grip Mistress’s ass. Licking her lips, she licks her Mistress’s waiting clit and is instantly rewarded with a loud moan. A few more gentle licks and CJ’s lips envelope Mistress’s clit to begin sucking, the tip of her tongue pressing against the clit held captive between her lips. Mistress moves her hips forward, pressing her dripping center against CJ’s face, CJ’s hand holding on tighter to her Mistress’s backside flesh. CJ returns to licking her Mistress’s clit bringing her over the edge, her own pussy convulses upon feeling Mistress’s body shudder with pleasure.

Danika returns to lying on her side, kissing CJ. Both women stare at one another between kisses. CJ is overwhelmed with comfort, warmth, love, belonging, need, and desire. Danika whispers something into CJ’s ear causing CJ to moan immediately. Danika positions her face before the young woman’s pussy, her words still reverberating through her sub’s mind… “I love you.”

The following morning both women enjoy breakfast in bed before enjoying a small breakfast served with food before heading out to enjoy the day which will include shopping and lunch at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and a movie in the evening. Inside the theater, CJ enjoys a quick wonderful orgasm thanks to her Mistress’s busy fingers. Despite the darkness of the theater, her eyes flick side to side, face burning when her Mistress places her wet fingers in front of her willing mouth to be cleaned.

As the two women are slowly returning to the parking lot, Danika wraps her arm around her lover’s waist. “Did you enjoy the movie little one?”

“Yes, Mistress, one certain part in particular.”

Wanted was a very good action packed movie, but Angelina Jolie, of course was the main attraction. “Let’s go home; I have a surprise for you.”

Back inside the apartment, Danika tells her pet to get her a drink of scotch. “I’ll be right back.” Danika disappears down the hall and CJ scurries to get her Mistress the drink. Danika returns with a gift bag in tow and passes it to her pet then accepts the drink. CJ anxiously dives into the bag and a cheer of happiness spreads throughout the room as CJ gingerly pulls out the sexy lingerie. An embroidered mesh babydoll and g string as well as a second babydoll, this one a zebra print satin one with matching thong. Her fingers tremble as she pulls out the red lace robe with matching thong, hoping she knows who this is for. “That one is for me my pet.” CJ runs her fingers over the material, the sexy image of her Mistress dressed in it slapping her between the eyes.

Danika drains the glass and then stands up, “I’m going to go slip into something more comfortable. I want you to wear the mesh babydoll and wait right here for me to return.”

“Yes Mistress,” CJ responds happily. “Thank you Mistress!” After her Mistress disappears again, CJ quickly undresses, her pussy pleading with her, begging for one quick touch, one simple caress, but CJ won’t dare. CJ has always known how sexy and desirable she is, but as soon as she slips on the lingerie, an entirely new level of sexiness and confidence comes with it. She can’t wait for her Mistress to return and lay her eyes on her hot young submissive!

Her excitement continues to grow exponentially as she waits, posing and flashing her sexiest grin when she hears her Mistress returning down the hall. When their eyes fall one another, it is CJ’s eyes that widen with lust, her tongue that wets her suddenly dry lips. Standing before her Mistress Danika is wearing a black stretch lace teddy. “You are…” CJ can’t think straight at the moment, other than her dazzling Mistress, the only thing CJ can even remotely focus on is her demanding pussy.

“Thank you my little sex kitten.” Danika’s eyes twinkle with approval as she takes in the sight before her. When she had seen the lingerie at the store she imagined what her stunning pet would look like in it, but even her imagination didn’t do her sub justice. “My pet you are truly a knockout.” Danika now stands before her pet, her hands slowly touching the mesh material as her own pussy buzzes with excitement. Drawing their bodies together, arms wrapping possessively around her gorgeous pet, she covers her lips and face with quick tender kisses. “Tonight my sex kitten, we will open you up to more fulfilling possibilities, and by the end of tonight, you will not only enjoy these new sensations, but desire them. It’s something you need and something I need to give you.”

CJ moans as the words linger in her mind, her eyes still dancing over their sexy lingerie, dreaming of the moment when she can see exactly what lies underneath. She has never desired a woman this badly.

Minutes later, their kisses grow with urgency as they consume their mutual desire. Her Mistress’s hands are caressing her body through the babydoll, the material of the lingerie and the warmth of her Mistress causing goose bumps to rise on CJ’s arms.

“Let us begin darling.” Holding her pet’s hand she leads her into the kitchen. CJ’s pussy nearly explodes right then and there as her eyes rest on the item lying on the table, her heart stopping in her chest. “That gorgeous ass of yours is going to receive quite the workout little one,” Danika hisses into her ear, knowing her words alone work wonders for CJ. “Up on the table,” she instructs.

Releasing a ragged breath from her lungs, CJ climbs onto the table, her eyes never leaving the item lying by her.

“Doggy style, ass up high my sub, or should I call you my slut? Ah yes, I think slut is perfect.” Danika’s heels click against the wood floor as she picks up the cat o nine lying next to her slut. Her fingers caress the perfect little bottom in front of her for a minute, knowing her slut is getting wetter by the second. Then slowly she pulls the wet g string down removing all obstacles from her slut’s perfect creamy flesh. “Wouldn’t want anything to stand in the way.”

Shivering from a mixture of fear and anticipation, CJ is surprised that her mind is relatively blank, surprised she can…the whip cuts across the meaty part of her backside and she cries out involuntarily as her mind rushes with the thought, “I’ve been hit!” She hears the crack of the whip a second time and the intense stinging melts into a kind of burning pain and pleasure combination. CJ’s mind is now running rampant, thoughts coming and going, blending together like the pain/pleasure combo. Two more cracks with the whip and CJ’s tears are spilling down her cheeks onto the table, her voice crying out in between.

Danika pauses long enough to feel between her sluts legs, not at all surprised to find her slut’s pussy gushing like a river. “The many thoughts that must be running through your mind right now, the sting of my whip, the burning pain across your tender flesh, and yet the gentleness of my fingers caressing your very wet, very naughty pussy.” With that, Danika raises the whip and strikes her mark. “Wonderful. Your ass colors beautifully, leaving imprinted on it the marks from my whip.” The sight of her pet’s marked ass alone is bringing Danika dangerously close to an orgasm.


CJ’s head is swimming, she’s amazed by how turned on she is, she feels how incredibly soaked she is, the way her nipples are straining against the lingerie and are beginning to ache, but she doesn’t think she can stand another crack from her Mistress’s whip. A part of her really wants to feel the sting of it, to know if she really can take it, but the more rational part of her knows she can’t take it. CJ yelps and jumps when her Mistress’s fingers stroke her dripping center.

“Relax. Rub against my fingers and relax.” Danika’s fingers stroke firmly outside of her slut’s pussy and CJ humps against those long gentle fingers chasing after the orgasm not far off in the distance. With a few quick caresses on her erect little clit, Danika stops and helps her sex kitten from the table. Sitting down in a chair she informs her pet, “There is nothing I like better than a slut across my lap who is in need of a bare bottom spanking. Get in position.”

CJ scurries into position across her Mistress’s lap, her ass still burning and in pain, but strangely CJ is really excited, ready and waiting for her spanking when her Mistress notifies her, “From here on out we move directly from whipping to spanking. This time I allowed a brief interlude given it’s your first time and I wanted you to realize your own desire for this.” Stroking the very bright, very tender flesh, Danika informs her slut, “Five should do it considering how ripe you are.”

Her Mistress’s hand comes down firmly on her bright ass and the kitchen echoes with the smacking sound of flesh hitting flesh. CJ’s body wriggles on top of the lap somewhat surprised with the force behind the slap, the painful sting quickly spreading across her ass. Three more slaps are delivered with efficiency and CJ’s tears pour from her eyes, like the excitement pouring from her pussy. The sound of the fifth and final slap reverberates for seconds throughout the entire kitchen.

Fingers caress her swollen sex and then plunge deep inside instantly giving CJ the pleasure she craves, the pleasure her body is desperate for and in no time her body is writhing with pleasure, soaking her Mistress’s fingers.

“Such a slut you are. I knew it the moment I laid eyes on you.” Admiring her work on her slut’s red, marked ass, she withdraws her fingers from her slut and helps her turn around until they are face to face.

CJ’s eyes are red, dried tears visible, nose runny, yet she is satisfied in a way she has never known before.

“Now you look the way a slut of mine should.” Gingerly, Danika helps CJ to her feet and supporting her, both women slowly make their way into the bathroom. CJ’s knees are still shaky, her body continues to tremble and inside the bathroom, Danika leans her against the sink while she slips off the babydoll. CJ’s eyes are fastened to Danika’s lingerie which she is still wearing for the moment. Kissing her pet on the forehead, she moves a hand down CJ’s body and gently slides into her pussy, fingers curving to stroke her g-spot. CJ’s legs give and she falls forward, Danika catching her pet, as she continues stroking the delicious intensely pleasurable spot. Stopping when she senses her pet is near she helps her over and into the bathtub. Once her pet is situated somewhat comfortably with her back resting against the cool tub, Danika slips off her own lingerie and joins her sub in the bathtub.

CJ’s eyes follow every move her Mistress makes, watching her undress and stepping into the tub. “Thank you Mistress,” CJ whispers shakily thinking her Mistress will bathe her and give her some time to calm down and recover before rewarding her hopefully with multiple orgasms.

With a foot situated on each side of CJ’s body, Danika’s fingers stroke between her own legs, fondling her own wet pussy while her pet’s hungry eyes look on, her upper torso beginning to lean forward towards her Mistress. With a few delicious strokes, Danika stops and steps forward until her pussy is more or less over her sub’s big breasts.

Seconds later, CJ’s body shivers as the warm piss trickles over her breasts and rock hard nipples before pooling on her stomach.

“Ohhh,” both Mistress and sub moan together. The golden shower runs long as CJ’s eyes look on and then abruptly it stops. CJ dips her fingers into the warm golden puddle resting on her belly, and without thinking she scoops a bit of piss into her palm and in a flash, her hand moves south pouring the piss onto her pussy, her fingers roughly strumming her aching clit. Instantly CJ’s back arches, leaving the tub altogether, and she screams “Fuck,” the deep building inside of her is ready to release.

“Stop!” Danika commands, her hand reaching down with incredible speed, hand roughly grabbing her sub’s wrist, ripping her fingers away from her frantic pussy. “You know the rules slut, my pleasure before your own. I saved some for you my slut, fuck me with your mouth,” Danika bellows the order, hand still roughly holding CJ’s wrist. CJ lurches forward driven by her overwhelming desire for her Mistress, ignoring the burning stinging sensations from her butt as she sits in the tub, securing her mouth on her Mistress’s dripping pussy, her words finally registering…Saved some for you slut.

Grabbing her submissive by the hair, she forces her mouth closer still and then she relaxes, releasing what’s left of the golden stream directly into her sub’s ravenous mouth. CJ has no choice, but to spit some of the piss back out between her teeth, feeling the warmth dribble down her chin, kissing along her breasts and down her cleavage. Her tongue happily continues pleasing her Mistress, her lips encircle Danika’s inner lips, gently sucking while the tip of her tongue firmly glides up the tender spot just under the clit before rapidly flicking her tongue repeatedly across the now engorged nub. She feels her Mistress’s body spasm as she cums, screaming as she goes over the edge.

Danika releases her hold on her slut, and CJ leans her head back and runs her tongue across her wet lips tasting the piss and cum mix. “Lean back and spread your legs wide slut,” Danika commands panting heavily. Squatting between her slut’s legs she hisses, “You know the rules, now comes your punishment.” Her hand slaps CJ squarely on her pussy. CJ screams. “Touching your pussy is the offense; therefore I believe this is the perfect punishment.” Two more quick smacks on CJ’s sore pussy, the last one catching her on her stiff clit. CJ squirms, gasping for air, fresh tears streaming down her bright red cheeks.

Danika stands, turning on the water and reaching for a soft washcloth. Kissing the tears away, Danika runs the soft cloth gently along CJ’s quivering body. Once her sex kitten settles down, she hears her say something in a hoarse voice. “I’m sorry Mistress. I couldn’t help it, I was so turned on by your pissing on me, and I was desperate to cum.”

Danika lovingly kisses her replying, “You will learn better control with practice little one. You are such a novice, to come as far along as you have in such a short time, is something to be proud of. I know I am proud of you.”

Fresh tears form in CJ’s eyes. “I’m trying.”

Wiping the fresh tears away before they have a chance to fall, Danika whispers, “It’s all I ask.” Returning to a normal voice, “As for your naughty clitty being on the edge, well that is exactly what I needed in preparation for the next room.” Danika dries herself and her pet and then leads her sub into the bedroom.

CJ smiles automatically as her eyes rest on the items spread out on top of the bedspread and a second later, the smile vanishes and her body stiffens immediately. “It’s okay my pet.”

Lying on top of the bed is the strap on harness, the Outlaw, a small five inch dildo, two condoms, and lastly, a butt plug which is what caused CJ to tense. Leaving her sub standing in the doorway Danika walks to the side of the bed. “Now you understand why I wish for you to be soaked and desperate. It will make you much more willing, and make everything much easier.” Patting the bed, “Come, and lie down my naughty sex kitten.” CJ does as she’s told and once she is lying down, Danika sits on the edge by CJ’s feet gently massaging her feet before caressing her ankles, calves, and moving north. “Tell me little one, since our last conversation regarding anal sex, have you put the reasons for your reluctance into words?”

CJ’s eyes remain closed, enjoying her Mistress’s gentle touch. “It’s the idea of it.”

“In what way my pet?” Danika suppresses a chuckle, realizing CJ is grasping at straws in her hesitancy. Her nails now lightly scratch inside CJ’s thighs, giving her time to respond.

“It will hurt,” CJ whispers as Danika gently strokes her center.

“You’re still plenty excited.” Danika is relieved her sub’s still incredibly wet. “I’ll be gentle, we’ll start small.” One finger dips inside and CJ sucks in her breath, her pussy still sore from the slapping, her ass still burning and stinging from the whip and spanking, but damn if she’s not HOT! “Now that we have the excuses out of the way,” Danika’s voice becomes firmer, “Tell me the real reason behind your reluctance.”

CJ sighs in frustration knowing she can’t stall forever and she sure as hell wouldn’t dare lie to her Mistress. As CJ tries to gather her thoughts, her mind clears, and just like lightening out of a clear blue sky, she has an epiphany. Without further thought, she shares it with her Mistress, “The idea of being so vulnerable and exposed scared me. I was afraid to be in that position, to give up that kind of control, to give myself over so completely.” Even as CJ is saying this aloud to her Mistress, a second realization hits her and she realizes that the reason behind her fear really is no longer a valid reason.

Danika senses that CJ has more to say, and remains patient, giving her pet the time she needs to get her thoughts out.

As though to prove just how insightful Danika is about her, CJ looks into her Mistress’s eyes as her hand reaches for Danika’s. “With the women in my past, I refused anal sex, it was my only rule. But now that no longer applies. Now that I have you for my Mistress.”

“Yes, now you are mine,” Danika whispers her voice deep, seductive.

Danika slides a second finger into CJ’s dripping pussy and gently strokes. Despite the pleasure about to overflow in her pussy, CJ is able to keep her eyes open to stare at her Mistress. “I was waiting for you Mistress. Now I want to give you all the control, I want to be a submissive in every possible way for you. Your submissive.”

Rendered speechless by CJ’s words, Danika pumps her fingers into her sub’s pussy and seconds later CJ cries out loudly with triumph. Danika leaves her fingers buried inside and they slowly begin to stroke in and out while she lowers her face to her sub’s intoxicating pussy, her tongue bathing the stiff clit in pleasure. A second orgasm engulfs CJ, tearing through her body and leaving her panting and drenched with sweat. Danika leans back and focuses on putting the harness accompanied with the Outlaw on making sure it’s secure against her pussy and most importantly clit. Checking to make certain the butt plug is within easy reach, Danika slides her cock in between her slut’s velvety walls.

CJ’s chest rises and falls, her body vibrating with pleasure as inch by inch the cock fills her. Eyes tightly closed she begs, “Fuck me Mistress, FUCK ME!”

My thoughts exactly Danika thinks to herself steadily pumping inside. “Feel the pleasure my cock gives you slut, ride me.” Danika’s fingers stroke her slut’s aching clit as she impales her pussy with her cock before suddenly pulling out with a plop, her slut’s juices running down her thighs. “I’m taking you from behind.”

CJ rolls over quickly perching herself on all fours, cursing silently with desire, needing her Mistress’s cock back inside, filling her, making them one again. “Yes!” CJ screams while the cock impales her pussy from behind, her Mistress’s hand reaching around to cup a breast as she fucks her. Almost there CJ thinks to herself, focused solely on her approaching orgasm.

Danika reaches in front to scoop juice from CJ’s drenched pussy. As she brings her hand back between them, her other hand pries open her pet’s butt crack. CJ can’t help tensing up just a little, but tries to relax when she feels her Mistress’s lubricated thumb begin to circle around her butt hole. As she relaxes further, Danika begins to work her index finger ever so gently into CJ’s tight little ass hole. CJ lets out a whimper as the finger works its way in deeper. When her Mistress starts to slowly stroke in and out of her now awakened butt hole, CJ begins to moan, giving into the new sensations.

Knowing the time is right Danika reaches for the little flirt and places it into her own month, coating it with her saliva. Removing her finger from CJ’s now more open butt hole, Danika places the little flirt at its opening.

CJ tenses when she feels the tip of an object press against her ass hole. Her entire body freezes, her eyes wide open like a startled rabbit. Danika’s comforting voice fills the room, “Relax pet, you need this.” With a firm slap on her ass, CJ cries out, continuing to grind against her Mistress’s cock and in this very instant, the object pierces her entrance, slowly sliding in past her natural resistance filling her in a way she never dreamt possible.

With the butt plug in place, Danika pumps away inside of her as the base of the cock presses against her own clit. “How does it feel to have both holes completely filled slut?” Shuddering, crossing over the edge, CJ screams as Mistress grips her hips tightly, her nails digging into the soft flesh. Removing the cock from her sub’s pussy, she replaces the Outlaw with the much smaller thinner dick and then tearing open a condom, sheathes the cock with the rubber ready to take her pet’s cherry with it. “Now that you are a bit familiar with the sensations, I’m going to take you in the ass.”

“Yes Mistress,” CJ moans incredibly excited and turned on by the idea, but nervous.

With the butt plug still in place, Danika fills her pet’s pussy with the smaller cock, lubricating it with her juices before pulling out and preparing to enter her sub’s back opening. When Danika removes the butt plug, CJ swivels her head back at the sudden emptiness. “Patience little one,” she brings the dildo to CJ’s ass hole, poised for entry she gives her pet a good smack on her butt cheek.

CJ feels as her heart and entire body unexpectedly swells with the truest and most rare forms of love, her voice steady and confident as she requests, “Mistress…fuck me in my naughty ass.”

Danika immediately grants her sub’s request, gently pushing the head of her small cock into the waiting hole and holding still for a beat before sliding further inside against the gentle resistance. Once fully inside, Danika holds still letting her submissive who has yet to move or make a single sound get used to the invasion.

Slowly Danika moves her hips and CJ begins breathing heavily, panting as the sensations spread through her body like fire. In no time, a rhythm is set and CJ’s head is kept low, but Danika knows she is enjoying herself. CJ’s body repeatedly pushes back meeting her Mistress’s strokes. Danika caresses her sub’s pussy while she fucks her in the ass, taking her sub’s cherry.

CJ trembles uncontrollably, screaming as her entire body explodes with pleasure time and time again, all in rapid succession.

Gently Danika pulls out, surprised to hear her submissive crying. Removing the harness and cock, Danika lies on her side, wrapping her loving, protecting arms around her crying submissive, spooning her from behind, calming her. Soon her pet is no longer crying, instead breathing steadily for she is asleep and Danika herself is soon enveloped by complete darkness as well.


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Kaylee wrote

What a wonderful wonderful story! The perfect mix of (i) self discovery, (ii) sensual and erotic sex, (iii) love and (iv) acceptance.
Whilst I, personally, have no desire to go as far as CJ in becoming such a submissive pet, I can identify with a number of desires, including being with a strong person, who can be lovingly assertive at times.
Definitely a sexual turn-on but also an emotional turn-on. Well done.