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Car Accident

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“George, are you awake?”

The drugs had eased the pain, but they made me groggy, too. My eyes opened, and she stood there, looking sad and yet, concerned.

“Honey? Did I wake you?”

My mouth was dry. I rasped, “No, just resting.”

She came up closer, by the pillow. “I’m sorry to bother you. I just wanted to see how you were doing. I’m sorry, I’m John’s mother, Lorraine. I’m sure you don’t remember me.”

Of course I did, the Mother everyone wanted! As teens, we would always rank her Number One, but not when John was around, that could provoke a fight.

“Yes, I know, how is he?” I asked.

Her mascara was smeared from tears. That Movie Star face looked wracked with grief. “Not good, I’m afraid. In a coma, severe swelling on his brain. They don’t know if he’s gonna make it.”

The accident was a blur. Coming home from work, close to midnight, a Black BMW had blown the Stop sign, not even tapping the brakes, and caught us just as we were passing, clipping the back end of John’s Chevy van and sending us spinning, until we slammed into a utility pole.

The pole crashed down onto the van, and sparks were everywhere. My door flew open from the impact but my leg was broken, bleeding. John was unconscious. His head was bleeding. I got one foot out and thanked God I wasn’t electrocuted. Then I unhooked John’s seat belt and got him out, too. The engine caught fire, right by John’s seat, and we both lay on the ground when someone pulled us further until the ambulances came.

Naturally, in the cops’ mind, two twenty year olds must have been drinking. Tests proved we hadn’t. In fact, the driver of the Beemer had suffered a stroke, causing him to run the Stop sign.

I never lost consciousness, but it was still fuzzy, so much happening, so many voices. I had surgery. Pins were placed to hold the leg together until the bones fuzed. Without any real family left, Mrs. Pina, John’s mom, was my first visitor.

“He’ll be okay,” I assured her. “John’s tough, he’ll bounce back.”

She smiled, sadly. “Yes, if it’s God’s Will, he’ll pull through. Anyway, I wanted to stop and thank you. They told me about you going back in for John, how that explosion was right where he had been sitting.”

“People exaggerate. And he would have done the same for me. We’re buds!”

She squeezed my hand as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Thank you, George, I… I’ll be back in the morning, they’re gonna try surgery to relieve the pressure tomorrow. I’ll make sure I stop by to check on you and let you know how he makes out.” She kissed my hand. “Can I bring you anything? Magazines? Puzzles? No??? Okay, then, I’ll let you rest. Thank you, George, goodnight”

I felt better the next day, a cute Candy-Striper came by, made my day flirting with me, even though she was probably 16! But she was eye-candy, anyway. I had a TV and was able to sit upright. The cast was to my upper thigh and itched like crazy.

Around 3PM, Carl from work stopped by, with a card from all the guys and some Playboys and Hustlers. He had tried to see John, but he was still in surgery. His mom said it was 7 hours by then.

Night fell, dinner was edible because I was starving. The Head Nurse stole a Ham and Cheese sandwich for me, and I never tasted one better.

Visiting hours ended, and still no sign of Barbara, Mrs. Pina. I asked the head nurse if any surgery was still going on and she assured me, they were done for the day. Before her shift ended at Midnight, she had checked with Intensive Care nurses, knowing my concern.

The nurse should have been gone for the day, but she came in, saw I was still watching TV, and gave me the bad news: John had died on the table, after 9 hours of surgery. All efforts to revive him failed.

The days passed, boring days of therapy, strengthening, and stretching. I missed the wake and funeral. In fact, the following day, I was released, able to get around the house on crutches, if just barely. The hospital had a car service that used mini-vans to transport patients, and the nurses gave me big hugs and best wishes, and off I went.

My landlady, Harriett, had signed for the groceries I ordered, and had put them away for me, so I was good to go.

It was good to be home, mail piled high, but it could wait, I was exhausted just from the trip!

I eased myself into the tallest straight-back chair, and sighed, finally home. Of course, the phone rang at that minute, and I said fuck it, they could leave a message, reminding myself to always keep the phone handy until I was back on my feet.

Ten minutes later, I heard a tap on the screen door. “Hello? George?”

“Yes, come on in, it’s open!’ The door closed, I heard shuffling, and in the doorway stood John’s Mom, Barbara. She wore black. Very subdued compared to her usual Latina Flash. “Hi, did I come at a bad time?”

I tried to get up, to welcome her. “Oh, no, please, sit! I just wanted to apologize about not stopping back to see you.”

I settled back. “You had plenty on your mind. I’m so sorry to hear about John.”

She nodded gravely, moving to a chair. “May I sit?”


The stylish black dress might have been considered too short to some, but not on Barbara. She smoothed it as she sat, and crossed her legs, black heels dangling from her feet. “Yes, that night, I had to be sedated. I was exhausted, physically. I would have been no good as a guest to you. And then with family all over for the funeral, I couldn’t get over to see you.”

“Mrs. Pina, please don’t apologize. I’m just sorry I didn’t make it to say my condolences.”

“Please, call me Barbara, anyway, I called the hospital today, and they said you were discharged. I got your number from John’s phone, and called here, but there was no answer.”

“I just missed it,” I lied. “I came in as it stopped ringing.”

“Well, that night, I was trying to tell you that anything you need, you ask. That still holds. I have a cooler here with frozen portions of food, some from the gathering after the wake, its a Latin tradition.”

“Yes, we Irish too, but ours is mostly drinking!”

She smiled. “So, I’ve heard! And I have some liquid refreshments for when you feel up to it, some beer, wine, whatever your pleasure. I know you won’t be getting out for a while.”

I looked down at my leg. “It’s pretty awkward, but hopefully next week, I get a smaller cast.”

“Like I said, anything you need, you ask. If I find out you didn’t ask, I’m gonna be mad!” She forced a smile.

“And, I sure don’t want you mad at me, if you’re anything like John is!…I mean…sorry.”

“I’m exactly like John, temper-wise. Don’t feel bad, I think of him as still here, too. We both lost someone very close.”

I just nodded.

“Anything! Doctor’s appointments, pick-ups from stores, Girlie magazines!” nodding her head to the stack I brought home form the Hospital. I blushed. “And I don’t want you to think on it now, but when you are better, I want you to come to John’s place, and anything you want is yours. TV, stereo, microwave, whatever. He would have wanted it that way.”

“I don’t know about that, I’d feel like a ghoul.”

“I’ll be there with you if any demons attack, they have to get through me! Besides, I’d just give it away to someone less deserving.”

I smiled. “Can I get you something?”

“No, but let me get you something. What, soda, beer, coffee?”

“I’d kill for a beer.”

She smiled again, an almost happy smile. “No need to go that far. A beer it is.” She went to the kitchen, got two, with glasses and poured for us. “To John, my son, my friend!”

“Here, here!” We raised our glasses and drank solemnly.

“So, let’s change the subject, which do you prefer, Playboy pictures or articles?”

I laughed at that, shocked a bit. “Honestly, unless it’s a sports figure I like, I never read the articles, but the cartoons are fine!”

“You know, back in my younger days, I actually posed for some magazines, what they called Gentlemen’s Magazines. Not on the level with Playboy, but like Detective Mysteries that hid the girls between stories.”

“Really? Wow, I bet they were great.”

She smiled again. “I wish I would have saved a few, but when I got married, I was so afraid he would find them, back when that was frowned upon, by some.”

Looking at her, I was sure she was awesome. Even now, at probably late forties, she was a knockout. She blushed from my stare. Self-consciously, she grabbed a magazine from the pile. It was more graphic than mainstream, and the cover had an oriental lady sucking a big black cock. I gasped when I saw which one it was, and she didn’t seem to notice until she opened it, then her eyes widened.

She closed it, put it back and said, “Not that kind of pictures, no sex acts, just me, I would never pose for that stuff. That should be in private.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, someone brought it to me, really, I just didn’t want the nurses to find it.”

“I’m sure they’ve seen much worse, young men trapped in there without an outlet… I mean, it must be tough… for you. Alone. I’m sure you had girlfriends visiting.”

“No,” shaking my head. “I’m not seeing anyone.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to pry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“That’s okay. I was so drugged up the first few days, I didn’t know what time it was.”

“But now you are home, I’m sure you will have guests, and you have the place to yourself.”

I nodded.

“So, what is it? A week since the accident, huh, last night?”


“Are you feeling… frustrated? On edge? Backed up?”

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Horny you mean? At my age, I’m always horny. I’ll get by, I never heard of anyone dying from it!”

She smiled, looked down. “No, I guess not… but if you needed help…”

I just stared, realizing what she was offering.

“I’m sure, if you wanted, I could help you get… unstressed.”

“Barbara, thank you but that’s not necessary. I appreciate it, but I’ll be just fine, I’m sure.”

“I know I’m not a young woman anymore.”

“No ,it’s not that! You just feel badly about John. You are just trying to ease my pain. You are more than woman enough, don’t ever think that”

“Maybe it would ease my pain, too? Just a bit?”

She stood, walked closer, and knelt beside my chair. “I’m sure it would make me feel like I did something good, to a good person who deserves everything I have to offer.” Her hand was on my good leg, and i could feel the warmth.

“I don’t know what…”

“Shhh, then don’t say anything.”

I had lounge pants on, with the leg cut off to fit the cast. Her fingers were around the waistband, and she whispered, “Lift”, and I raised my hips and she tugged the pants down, and I felt my meat rising.

Her eyes were on mine as she reached in and freed me from the confines. She wrapped her manicured fingers around my shaft, holding it steady, then working it up and down. I stared back, intently, and wondered if she was thinking of John. Not that it mattered. She was holding my cock, and I was gonna enjoy it.

She looked at my head, pulled the skin up high, then slid it back down as she raised her head above me, licking her lips.

The million times I thought of getting a BJ from Mrs Pina as a teen flashed before my eyes as she devoured me, her bright red lips encircling me, then settling down on it. She looked up at me, as if for reinforcement, and I nodded and said, “Oh, yeah!”

She slowly backed off, until just the tip was left. She kissed it and smiled. “Glad you like it!” Back down she went, moving her head around, gently squeezing my balls, and I felt myself swell. This was no longer a chore for her, this woman enjoyed this, I could tell.

She seemed almost happy to be forgetting about the past week, up and down, faster, jerking the shaft, and the combination of my need and her expertise made for my hips to begin bucking against her slurps, and at that last moment, I grabbed the back of her head and held it while I exploded, unleashing a stream deep into her throat. Each shot was taken, as she expertly swallowed all I had to give.

We both seemed strangely embarrassed when she released me. She didn’t know if she should tuck me in. I felt funny having my cock exposed. We worked it out as she rose and took her seat. I tucked in.

I asked and she got us another beer. It was cold and good, and she drank greedily, to wash down the cum, I imagined.

We chatted a bit more, and she said, “Well, I’ll let you relax now. If you don’t mind, I’ll come back tomorrow, but I don’t want to intrude.”

“Listen, Barbara, thanks for everything, but you don’t have to keeping coming over.”

She looked hurt. “I thought you liked it.”

“Oh, I did, it was awesome, but you don’t owe me anything, really, you’ve done more than enough.”

She walked over, bent down and kissed me. Her eyes were wide open, and when she kissed again, her tongue came out, and I kissed back.

She stood. “George, I haven’t been dating lately. In fact, what we just did was more sex than I’ve had in a year. Life is too short. John’s death should teach us that. Enjoy life, you never know when it will be taken from you. I was hoping we could resume where we left off, if you wanted. Your kiss says yes but you say no.”

“You were fantastic. I’d be a fool not to want to. I just don’t want it for the wrong reasons.”

She smiled again, ran her fingers through my hair. “There are no wrong reasons. I was hoping we could celebrate when you get your cast off. Until then, we could get to know each other, if you like. But I don’t want to push you, with our ages, and your feeling guilty because I’m John’s mom.”

I grabbed her hand from my hair, pulled her back down and kissed her. “I don’t care about ages. And I’ve had a crush on you for ten years. Any time tomorrow is fine, in fact, bring a change of clothes, in case you decide to stay.”

We kissed again. Her hand moved to my growing crotch, and she said, “In that case, I’m free for dinner, if you’ll have me.”

I thought, Oh yeah, I’ll have you!

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