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Cancelling Our Dinner Plans

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Soon as I met her during our first week in college, I was seduced. Stephanie is a good-looking 22-year-old girl, with long strawberry blonde hair and the most admirable blue eyes. I would not call her a supermodel. But she has a lovely, slender body, thanks to just enough sport to keep it fit. Mostly, it’s her kind, open personality that drove me — and countless other males on the campus — to fall for her almost on the spot.

Alas, Jay was there before I. I got to meet him quite early in the semester, as he came to pick up Stephanie after class one day. Setting aside the bit of jealousy I was feeling, I have to admit that they were a nice, well matched couple. He’s perhaps my height, 1 m 75, although perhaps a bit slimmer. A quiet, intellectual type, a bit like me. And, as I got to learn by meeting him a few more times around Stephanie, a really nice guy.

I’m really glad for them that they are such a nice couple, although having been without a girlfriend for a while now, I’m even more jealous of his good fortune with such a lovely lass.

Perhaps out of pity, or just because we get along magnificently, they invited me for a Friday dinner out. Just a friendly little dinner and chat at a neighbourhood Vietnamese restaurant. “Hop by my place for cocktails around 6:30, and afterwards, we’ll head out to the restaurant.”

So here I am, in the entrance of her building, 6:30 sharp. “Come on up,” she says with her cheerful voice as she buzzes me in. I climb the couple of stairs to her floor. She’s waiting for me at the door.

I notice that she’s wearing most relaxed clothing: jogging pants and an old t-shirt. She’s quite sexy. As usual. “I guess I’m a bit early,” I say. “You haven’t had time to change yet.”

“You’re not too early. It’s just that neither Jay nor I felt like rushing things. Hey, we have some time since it’s very early in the evening and we don’t have reservations at the restaurant.”

Her explanation satisfies me. As I walk inside, I notice that Jay is also very casually dressed. Makes sense.

We sit down in the living room for a round of gin tonics. Although she’s still living on a student budget, Stephanie has a nice apartment and knows how to lead the good life. We chat for a while, and enjoy a second round of drinks. We’re now more relaxed. Finally, the mood is appropriate for a Friday night.

As we’re finishing our drinks, Stephanie jumps up, turns to me and announces “Well, if you’ll excuse us, Jay and I should hit the shower before getting ready to go out.”

Perhaps this should sound strange. But I understand that their schedule is as loaded as mine and it’s quite likely that they had no time to get ready earlier.

“Don’t worry about me,” I say. “I’ll finish my drink while you’re preparing.”

Stephanie leads Jay away from the living room, down the hallway that leads to the bathroom. I hear the door close and the shower that starts running. I have another sip of gin tonic. Hearing a splendid Oscar Peterson number on the radio.

I’m enjoying the haunting harmony and dizzying virtuosity of the late master when Stephanie’s voice, coming through the bathroom door, pulls me out of my meditation. Very fast.

“Why don’t you come over to join us?”

You would be flabbergasted hearing such an invitation, right? Well, that’s precisely how I am. I get off the couch and walk closer to the bathroom. I’m at the door. I’ll act dumb. That’s got to be safe.

“Well, I do plan to join you guys. For dinner. That’s the program, right?”

“Why don’t you come over to join us — right now?” she insists.

I’m not mistaken. She’s actually offering me to join them as they’re showering.

“You want me to bring you a couple of drinks?”

“Man, when you decide to play dumb, you really do!”, she replies. I detect the laughter in her voice.

I’m running out of possible objections. And running out of explanations to this whole situation. Still. How can I be sure that I really understand what I hear, that everything’s that happening is real?

“You’re sure about what you’re saying, Steph?”

“Are you waiting for a written invitation? ‘Cause it ain’t coming. I can’t write under the shower.”

I’ve really run out of objections. I’m going in. Besides, the thought of seeing Stephanie naked is enough to dispel all possible objections.

I open the door and walk inside, struck by the hot and humid air. The water is running. The shower curtain is opaque, so I can’t see Stephanie and Jay inside. Silently, I begin peeling off my clothes. Wondering about what’s going to happen. Is this the opening sequence for a ménage-à-trois or just a casual and fun shower, a brief episode akin to three kids playing with their clothes off? Vertical skinny-dipping, if you will?

Another silly idea pops into my mind. What if they’re still wearing their casual clothing and are pulling a prank on me? I imagine opening the shower curtain and finding them in their wet clothes, bursting laughing as I stand there, buck naked, looking like a jerk.

As I ponder with these thoughts, I’m peeling off my clothes and throwing them on the floor. Finally, my boxer shorts fall to the floor. I’m naked. And my cock is slowly growing.

“Well, you asked for it, so here I come.” I open the shower curtain.

Stephanie’s smile is the first thing I see. The second thing is her body. Stark naked, wet, magnificent.

“It’s about time you made up your mind,” Jay says. “We were wondering whether you were a prude.”

He walks away from Stephanie, leaving a gap between them. I understand this as my cue to step in. Stephanie closes the curtain.

“Now tell me, ain’t this more casual and comfy than the living room?” she asks.

“Well whatever it is, there’s definitely a difference with the living room!” I reply.

“Here, let me scrub you,” she says.

She grabs a soft sponge, covers it with a lilac-scented shower gel, and starts scrubbing my chest. I’m in heaven. She holds the sponge with her left hand, delicately rubbing it all over my chest while her right hand grabs me behind the neck. Slowly, she moves her face closer to mine. A delicate kiss lands on my lips.

“Hope you appreciate what takes the place of a third round of drinks,” she playfully asks. I sure do.

I close my eyes in ecstasy. Stephanie’s sponge over my shoulders, her hand behind my neck, her hand on my cock… Whoa!! That’s three hands!!

I open my eyes to see Jay slowly stroking my hardening cock. Stephanie senses my surprise.

“I guess by now you understand why we invited you to join us. Are you comfortable with Jay being bi?”

It is indeed a three-way that we’ll be having. But with a twist.

“Well, it’s just that… this is all new to me,” I blurt out.

“There’s a first for everyone and for everything,” says Jay. With Stephanie adding “C’m’on, be a sport, let’s have a real party! Besides, it’s also a first for me. My first three-way and the first time I’ll see two guys getting it on.”

What am I going to do? Am I going to suck cock for the pleasure of also making it with Stephanie?

She contributes to my analysis of the situation by leaning and engulfing my cock into her lovely mouth as Jay moves his hands to my balls. After about a half a minute, they switch roles: Stephanie begins massaging my balls with her lovely hands while I enjoy head from a guy, for the very first time.

How could I better describe bliss? Stephanie and Jay are making me more excited than I’ve ever been.

Soon, Stephanie makes it clear that she would enjoy both Jay and me by grabbing our cocks, squeezing them together, and alternately licking and sucking each of our hard members. The feeling of Jay’s cock next to mine is blissful: the promise of more pleasures to come.

And then comes the big moment. Stephanie speaks.

“Seems everyone here had a taste of everyone’s cock. Except one person.”

No need to be a rocket scientist to understand what she means. The three of us are standing under the warm spray. Cocks are at attention. I know what I had to do.

I grab Jay’s cock and start to massage it. Jerking it like I had done to my own cock thousands of times.

Jay’s uncircumcised cock responds to my stimulation. I feel he’s hard as granite. I pull back the foreskin. The head is red. Tempting. I lean and lick the base. Jay begins to moan: very promising. I then open up and engulf the head into my mouth.

“Ooooooh,” he goes.

“Wow!” she goes.

After having been the recipient of good head on numerous occasions, I now have to reciprocate. I try to remember the outstanding blowjobs I have enjoyed through the years. Tongue action: I recall that that’s an element. I gently roll my tongue around the bulbous head while stroking the shaft with one hand and cupping the balls in the other hand.

“Take it easy, man. I don’t want to shoot my load right away”, Jay says. I figure I must be doing the right thing. I slow down and turn to teasing instead. A lick here and there, moving away and coming back. Meanwhile, Stephanie has sneaked behind him and is can guess that she’s caressing his buttocks and running a finger up and down his crack. “What a lucky bastard,” I say to myself.

I don’t have to be jealous for too long, since she soon says “OK, time to switch!” I release Jay’s cock and get back up as he ducks to reach my own cock — and as she sneaks behind me for the butt caresses.

I must now review my list of heavenly feelings. Having your cock sucked by a skilled cocksucker (female or male, I now realize) while contemplating a splendid naked female who’s toying with your asshole is darn close to the very best a guy can feel.

This sort of play goes on for a while before I too manage to say that I was darn close to coming. Stephanie interrupts my ascent to nirvana.

“Well, it’s my turn to get some cock. The way only a girl can…” she says. No need to be the college’s leading wizard to understand what she means. She needs a good fuck.

Besides, I don’t mind the break from the action that we were having. I don’t want to pop my load right away. Something tells me that if I wait, I won’t be sorry.

Jay turns off the shower ad opens the curtain. We walk out, grab towels and hurriedly dry ourselves and each other. Grabbing Jay with one hand and me with the other, Stephanie leads us to her bedroom.

Stephanie’s bedroom is charmingly decorated. But I don’t spend any time admiring the decor. The only piece of furniture that I care for is her huge futon, on which Jay stretches on his back. Stephanie wastes no time laying on top of him, on her back. His hard cock finds her already wet pussy and easily enters it.

What am I to do meanwhile? I kneel next to them and start sucking her inviting nipples. She responds by grabbing my head, to push it down even harder on her lovely breasts. Already, Jay’s pumping and my licking have an effect on her, since her breathing becomes heavier and deeper. I guess I’m doing the right thing. Still, it comes as little surprise when she pushes my head down to her crotch. Her inviting pussy is, oh, about ten centimetres from my face. I see Jay’s cock pumping her pussy expertly. He has, true, the home turf advantage.

Easily guessing what Stephanie wants me to do, I reach out with my tongue and start licking her clitoris. Motion is not a problem, since Jay’s pounding pretty much dictates the speed and amplitude of my oral caresses to her love bud.

Why am I not surprised also when Stephanie, with a little hip movement, frees Jay’s cock and pushes down my head so I engulf it in my mouth?

I feel the excitement that I experienced a bit earlier in the shower. The rigidity of Jay’s cock, the smoothness of its skin, the taste of Stephanie’s pussy, all that drives me wild.

Jay has ideas of his own. Slowly, he pulls me back up towards Stephanie’s face. He is luring me with his cock, and I follow it. Soon, I am face to face with Stephanie — but with a hard penis between our mouths. I get the idea. But I also feel Stephanie’s hand grabbing my own dick and pushing it into her hot pussy. The feeling is incredible. Her pussy, duly lubricated by Jay’s earlier action, is wonderfully slippery, yet marvellously tight. As I begin pumping, Stephanie and I start catering to Jay’s rod. We trade places sucking the bulbous head in our mouth, or simply licking up and down both sides of this lovely organ.

The excitement is palpable. Somehow, I manage to say that I’m close to coming. Jay says the same thing.

“Wait, guys! Give me a hot sperm shower like we see in movies!” I can’t believe my ears! Our little Stephanie, apparently so proper and conservative, is a porn-inspired hottie.

I have little time to let this idea sink in. Jay and I have a shower to give.

I quickly position myself kneeling on Stephanie’s right side, with Jay facing me. Only here’s a twist that makes this scene different from pornos. Jay grabs my shaft and starts pounding it. Stephanie goes wild as she starts masturbating. “That’s it, guys: pump each other over my tits and face!”

How can I resist such a command? I reach out for Jay’s balls with my left hand, gently cupping them, as my right starts stroking it with smooth and continuous strokes. His hand on my own cock feels fantastic. I know the eruption is about to happen.

Part of me tells me to close my eyes, to concentrate on the feeling that’s about to invade me. But I resist: I want to see perfectly well the extraordinary scene that I’m about to witness.

Jay’s orgasm starts a moment before mine. I feel his dick tightening as a first string of come erupts from his cock and ends up on Stephanie ‘s cheek. This triggers my own ejaculation: a first big white glob lands on Stephanie’s left titty. More strings of semen erupt from our cocks and give Stephanie a magnificent pearl necklace.

Gradually, as our orgasms end, our mutual stroking gets slower and smoother. Gradually, we recover the capacity to speak.

“Whew,” do we say simultaneously, catching our breath. “That was something!”

We didn’t go to the restaurant. We had dinner delivered. We still had plenty of new treats to discover.

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