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By the Light of the Fire

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It was a beautiful little lake in Lower Michigan, not far from the Indiana border. It was settled in amongst a few rolling hills roughly twenty minutes from anywhere. Fifteen houses occupied two-thirds of its shoreline, with the other third being little more than marsh land. Of the houses, five were occupied by year round residents; with the remainder being vacation homes and cottages of various shapes and sizes.

It was a peaceful lake, good for fishing, swimming and meandering lazily around on your fifteen horsepower pontoon boat. Heaven help the person who’d ever bring a jet ski around to disturb the tranquility.

It was a place where everybody knew everybody; where people arriving for the weekend went out of their way to drop in on a neighbor to announce their arrival, check on everybody’s health and share a drink.

It was exactly that tranquility and sense of community that prompted Lars and Karen Widmark to build their cottage there some fifteen years earlier. But that was fifteen years ago. Today, the place was a home, not a cottage, and was occupied year round by Karen, as it had been since shortly after Lars’ death.

* * *

It was early Friday evening on a cold, blustery day in late January. Karen was moving about the kitchen in nothing but the old blue robe she always wore — the one with the slightly frayed hem that fell to just about her knees with the sash that tied around the waist — and a pair of panties. She’d just finished eating and was about to clean up when she heard the pounding at the front door.

“Hello, anybody home?”

Karen recognized the voice of her neighbor’s son instantly. “I’m in here, Danny. Come on in.” She automatically checked to see that the robe was closed properly and gave the sash an extra tug.

Danny was the twenty year-old son of Betty and Brad Pulan, who owned the cottage just to her west. They were nice folks, normally residing in a city about an hour and a half’s drive from the lake. They rarely came in the winter, so Danny’s arrival was totally unexpected.

“Hi, Karen,” the young man said as he entered the room, depositing his coat on the rack by the mudroom door. Even though he was 22 years younger than Karen, he’d been calling her by her first name since he was thirteen. That’s just the way it was at the lake.

“Well, well. This is a surprise,” she greeted. “What brings you up this time of year?”

“John just bought a new snowmobile and wants to try it out,” he replied, referring to his best friend. “He’ll be up in the morning. I came up this evening to open up the place and relax a little. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind my stopping by while the place heats up.”

“Of course not, but you should have called. I’d have been happy to open up for you.”

“I meant to, actually. But one thing led to another and I never quite got around to it.”

There was an awkward moment of silence. “I was just about to clean the kitchen,” Karen said, breaking the silence. “There’s pop in the refrigerator, help yourself. And if you wouldn’t mind throwing another log or two on the fire, I’d be eternally grateful.” She gave him a quick smile and then turned towards the sink.

It took less than five minutes for Karen to clean up her mess. When she entered the great room, Danny was just backing away from the fireplace, watching as the flames crackled over the logs and shot up the chimney. Before either person could say a word, the telephone rang.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Karen said. “I shouldn’t be long.”

She picked up the phone. “Hello.” It was her sister, Kathy. Karen smiled. Even with Lars three and a half years dead, she’d known her sister would call. After all, today was her anniversary.

A small tear snuck out the corner of Karen’s eye as she remembered that day 20 years ago when she’d exchanged vows with Lars. Everything was in front of them then. They had each other and they had love. Somehow, they would find a way to deal with whatever difficulties life had in store.

But Karen had always thought Lars would be there to deal with them with her. Instead, he was the reason the cop came to her door at 2:00 AM that fateful night. His was the body they’d pulled from the mangled car at the bottom of the ditch.

The tears started flowing freely as she relived those days with her sister. She went through a small handful of tissues before finally hanging up the phone. For a moment she just stood there, staring out the window at the lights across the lake. It took a while for her to remember that Danny was still there.

She turned around and saw him standing in the middle of the great room, staring at her. She smiled uneasily, grabbing another tissue.

She finished with the tissue, tossed it aside and entered the great room slowly, still vulnerable to the memories that were flying through her head. Somehow, she managed a smile. “I’m sorry,” she said. “You didn’t need to hear all that.”

Danny fidgeted uneasily. “I didn’t realize it was your anniversary.” He hesitated a minute. “I shouldn’t be here.”

“No,” Karen said, reaching out for his arm. “Sit with me for a while. I really don’t want to be alone right now.”

Danny took a deep breath and nodded his head, an uncomfortable look in his eyes. “Sure.”

She smiled and pushed him to the sofa. “Sit down,” she said, lowering herself onto the seat beside him. She quickly tucked both legs under her and off to the side, leaving her left thigh brushing ever so lightly against his right.

She turned to look at him, finding him staring nervously at the fireplace. When he sensed her staring he turned his head slowly in her direction.

“I’m really glad you’re here,” she offered softly. Then, without waiting for the nervous young man’s response, she leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek, before pulling his arm out from between them and laying it along the back of the sofa. Finally, she snuggled up against his side, pulled his arm around her and nestled her head against his shoulder.

She sat there for some time, content simply to watch the flames and enjoy the nearness of a man. It was a nearness she hadn’t felt in years, and she missed it.

“I used to snuggle with him,” she said softly, subconsciously wiggling a tad bit closer. “Just like this.”

There was an awkward moment of silence before Danny finally responded. “But I’m not him, Mrs. Widmark,” he said nervously, switching instinctively to her last name.

“I know that, Danny,” she said simply. But she held her position nonetheless, continuing to watch the fire’s magic dance.

Several more minutes passed, minutes which seemed to reach out and grab her as the magic of the evening pulled her deeper under its spell. What she was doing right now — snuggling with a man in front of a crackling fire — was one of the strongest memories she had. They were memories of a happy time, a special time. They were memories of a time when she felt more loved and more content than at any other time in her life. That the man beside her now was Danny, not Lars, seemed increasingly unimportant. The feeling was simply too strong, and it wasn’t going away.

With a soft sigh, she pushed herself away and turned to face her young neighbor. She met his eyes with her own and held them, staring into his pale blue eyes for several seconds. Finally, unable to still the emotions that were threatening to overwhelm her, she reached out and brushed a lock of hair from his face.

“But you could be,” she said softly. And then, after a significant pause, added, “tonight.”

Karen watched Danny’s eyes grow to nearly twice their size as the meaning of her words slowly sunk in. She felt his entire body tensing up. But despite his obvious nervousness, he held his position, looking into her eyes with absolutely no idea what to do.

Several more seconds passed before Karen turned away from Danny, repositioned herself on the sofa and lowered herself onto her back. She nestled her head gently onto his lap, with her right leg up against the back of the sofa, bent at the knee to avoid the far arm, and her left leg hanging over the front edge of the sofa. And while the robe managed to keep her right thigh modestly concealed, the left thigh lay exposed nearly to her panties.

Unable to control his growing arousal, Danny fidgeted uneasily, trying desperately to keep his rapidly growing cock from pressing against the back of her head. But despite his efforts, he only seemed to exacerbate the problem.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt anything like that,” Karen said softly, offering him a light, reassuring smile as she nestled her head against his manhood. “It feels nice,” she continued in a near whisper. “Very nice.” And while Danny was unable to conceal the redness that spread across his face, neither was he able to hide the shy little smile that broke out across his lips.

Several moments passed with the two of them holding their positions, her on her back, head in his lap, purring contentedly, and him hovering above her, still more frightened than anything else.

“I used to love laying here with my head in his lap,” Karen said, breaking the silence “Just like this.” Her words, though spoken in a soft, tender voice, did nothing to ease the young man’s nervousness.

“He’d run his fingers through my hair,” she continued in a whisper. “Like this.” She reached for his hand slowly so as not to spook him, then pulled it to her head and released it.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then, very slowly, very tentatively, his fingers began slipping through her hair.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” she sighed, allowing her eyes to slide closed. She lay there quietly for nearly a minute, allowing him to run his fingers slowly through her hair, feeling his confidence growing with each new trek through her locks.

“And then he’d brush the back of his fingers across my cheeks,” she continued in the same whisper. Only this time she didn’t need to take hold of his hand and move it to her cheek. This time her words were enough.

As before, she lay quietly for nearly a minute, allowing him to stroke her cheek gently, whimpering softly when he allowed his hand to wander on his own, brushing the inside of his fingers against her other cheek, then returning to her hair before finally sliding down and trailing lightly across her lips.

Karen eased her eyes open and locked them on his, then gave his finger tip a light kiss, before reaching up and taking hold of the hand. “But mostly, he liked to slip his hand inside my robe and fondle my breasts,” she said, unable to keep her voice from cracking as she eased his hand down to her chest and slipped it inside her robe.

Her breath caught in her lungs as, for the first time in years, she felt a man’s hand on her breast. And to her great pleasure, the hand, after an initial moment of shock, began to come alive, sliding over her tit, squeezing it gently, and then sliding up and twirling her nipple between its fingers.

“Oh yes, baby,” she groaned. “Just like that.” And then, even as the hand continued its kneading and caressing, her own hands slipped down her body, loosened the sash and pulled her robe open, leaving her entire body, save for the tiny pair of panties, completely exposed.

This time they both moaned, Karen arching her back needfully and Danny reaching out with his other hand to claim the other breast. And then, as her young neighbor’s hands danced across her nakedness, Karen allowed her eyes to fall shut.

For Karen, it was like a dream — a crackling fire in the fireplace and eager hands roaming across her chest. She allowed herself to get swallowed up in the dream, moaning, groaning, writhing hungrily as her need continued to build, so absorbed in the pleasure of a man’s touch that she lost all track of time.

With a great deal of reluctance, she pushed herself upright, freeing herself from Danny’s hungry hands and lifting herself to her feet. She turned to face him and, ever so slowly, allowed the robe to slide off her shoulders, before bending over and easing her panties down her legs.

Completely naked, she stood quietly, allowing her young neighbor’s eyes to feast on her nakedness as goose bumps spread across her body. Her nipples stiffened under his intense stare, even as a quiver shot through her pussy. Then, when she could stand it no more, she stepped forward and eased onto the sofa, facing him with her legs straddling his and her excited breasts mere inches in front of his eyes. And then she slid her hands around his head and pulled him towards her chest.

If she had any lingering doubts about Danny’s willingness, they were vanquished the moment his teeth grazed across the extended nipple of her left tit.

“Oh my god!” she gasped, pressing her chest against his suddenly eager mouth. “That’s it, baby, take it!”

And take it he did, first sliding his hands down to her waist and then pulling her hard against him as his mouth went crazy on her breast, nibbling on it, sucking it, then bathing it with his tongue before pulling away and sliding to the other breast.

“Oh yeah, baby,” Karen moaned, sliding her hands from his head to his shoulders and then hanging on as he continued his oral assault. It wasn’t long before his hands abandoned her waist, sliding up her body and onto her well moistened breasts, squeezing and caressing them, even as his mouth bounced from one tit to the other, licking and sucking her nipples.

But as pleasurable as Karen found his tit play, things got even hotter a few moments later when his right hand abandoned her chest and slid down her body, not stopping until it reached the matted hair that surrounded her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” she gasped, clutching harder on his shoulders as he slipped a finger into her flowing cunt. A moment later a second finger joined the first and the two fingers began thrusting into her with a vengeance.

Her tit slipped from his mouth as she arched her back, but his left hand held firm, turning up the heat on her chest, now mauling her where before he’d been gentle. She could hear herself moaning, whimpering, gasping for air as his hands began working her in concert, one playing her pussy like a finely tuned Stradivarius, the other bouncing from one tit to the other like they were a pair of bongos.

Lowering her head, she allowed her eyes to catch his, seeing a desire within them that she hadn’t seen in a very long time. And the fire within her loins became even hotter.

“Oh yes, baby. Take me. Take me hard.” And no sooner had the words left her mouth than the young man intensified his attacks, grabbing her breasts like dough in need of kneading and slamming his fingers deep into her womanhood.

“Oh my fucking lord,” Karen cried out, throwing her head backwards as every nerve in her body screamed out for more. She could feel herself beginning to quiver, the telltale sign that she was close, very close. And then his thumb slid onto her clit and all hell broke loose, her whole world exploding, her juices gushing from her cunt to coat her young neighbor’s fingers even as the fingers kept pummeling her, wrenching every last bit of cum from her they could before mercifully withdrawing and allowing her sweat covered body to collapse against him.

She wrapped her arms around his head, pulling him tight against her chest as she panted heavily. After gathering herself enough to function, she pushed back just slightly and looked down on his face. Then, as a deep sigh escaped her throat, she dropped her head and attacked his lips, going after them with a hunger she’d never felt before, shoving her tongue into his oral crevice, going after his mouth as hungrily as he’d just gone after her pussy.

“Oh, you sweet, sweet boy,” she said as she finally pushed herself away. She smiled at him briefly, running her fingers through his hair. Then she leaned forward to nibble on his left lobe and run her tongue around the inside of the ear, even as her breath sent shivers throughout his body. She played with his ear for several moments, finally pulling her head back and moving to the other ear, then giving it the same pleasure she’d just given the first. Only then did she lower her hands to the bottom of his sweatshirt and ease the garment up and over his outstretched arms.

“Nice,” she purred, running her fingers across his well developed pecs, then lowering her head to drop tender little kisses across his chest. “Very nice, indeed,” she added in a barely audible whisper as she came up briefly for air before dropping back to his chest, this time to run her tongue around his left nipple before taking it into her mouth and biting lightly.

The deep groan that left her young man’s throat sent shivers down her spine as she abandoned the left nipple and moved to the right. And as another groan left his throat, she withdrew her mouth, pushed herself away and dropped to her knees on the floor before him. And then she began untying the laces of his boots.

Silence filled the air as she slowly loosened the laces and slipped the boots from his feet. “You know what he used to call me?” she asked softly as she began peeling the sock from his right foot.

“No,” Danny said, shaking his head weakly.

Karen tossed the sock aside, moved to the other foot and began removing that sock. “His little slut,” she said with an unmistakable air of pride.

She tossed the second sock in the general direction of the first sock, then took hold of his left foot with her right hand and lifted it from the ground.

“Tell me, Danny,” she teased. “Would you like me to be your little slut tonight?” Then, before he could answer, she eased her mouth towards his foot and ran her tongue up its underside, starting at the heel and not stopping until she reached his toes.

“Oh, shit,” the young man groaned, laying his head against the back of the sofa.

A wanton smile slid across Karen’s lips as she pulled her head back. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she cooed. And then she lifted his right foot with her left hand and gave it the same treatment she’d just given the left foot, eliciting another painful groan for her efforts.

Enjoying the anguish she was putting the young man through, she kept her focus on his feet, taking the big toe from his left foot into her mouth and sliding her lips up and down its length like it was a tiny little cock.

“Oh Christ,” he moaned in frustration as he reached out for her head. But Karen was too quick, leaning backwards just enough to avoid his grasp. Then, when he fell back to the sofa in defeat, she leaned closer, pulled his feet to her chest and mashed her tits against them, rubbing herself against him shamelessly.

“There seems to be something bothering you, Danny,” she snickered, unable to stifle a small giggle. Then she lowered her gaze to his crotch. “You seem a bit . . . uncomfortable. Maybe if I were to help you out?”

“Yes,” he gasped. “Oh God, yes.”

She smiled, then lowered his feet to the floor, placed her hands on his denim covered thighs and slid them ever so slowly forward, stopping a mere inch below the large bulge at the base of his zipper.

“And just what is it you want me to do, Danny?” she said in a soft, throaty voice as she slid her tongue slowly around her lips.

With some effort, her young neighbor managed to raise his head from the back of the sofa and stare her directly in the eyes. “My cock,” he groaned.

“You mean this,” Karen responded, sliding her hands the final inch to surround his cock, even as she lowered her mouth to his still clothed manhood, taking it in her mouth and biting down just enough to ensure that she had his undivided attention.

“Oh, shit!” Danny gasped, his body instinctively jerking back in defense. “Please, Mrs. Widmark,” he pleaded, reverting to her more formal name.

Karen couldn’t help but smile as she pulled her mouth from his cock. “Oh, so now it’s Mrs. Widmark, is it. I don’t suppose that’s your way of telling me I’m just a washed up old bag, is it?” And with that she slid her hands over his mound and squeezed.

“Oh, Christ no,” he winced. “Please, Mrs. Widmark . . . Karen . . .”

And as his voice began to tremble, Karen relaxed her grip, slid her hands upwards and began undoing his belt. Then, as she slipped the button through it’s hole and began lowering the zipper, she smiled.

“Is this what you want, Danny?” she said, sliding her fingers inside the waist of his pants, then hesitating just long enough to make him squirm before jerking them over his hips and down to his mid-thigh.

The rush of excitement that shot through her veins as the young man’s cock sprang free was as undeniable as the gasp that escaped her throat, and for several seconds her eyes were held prisoner by its naked magnificence.

“Oh my,” she finally managed to whisper. “Am I going to have fun with this.” Then, without ever taking her eyes off her prize, she began sliding Danny’s pants the rest of the way down his legs.

Despite the excitement coursing through her veins, Karen proceeded slowly, deliberately, easing the unwanted pants over his knees and down his calves, before finally lifting each foot and slipping it free. Then, with some reluctance, she tore her eyes away from the magnificent cock and took in the entire naked body before her, even as a small shiver shot through her body.

Trying to calm herself, she took a breath. Then she took another. “I used to kneel before him, just like this,” she said with just the hint of an edge. “And then I’d slither up his thighs and . . .” She hesitated, barely able to maintain her composure. “And I’d touch him . . . like this.” And with that she reached out and slid her fingernails up the side of Danny’s engorged cock, causing a shiver of excitement to shoot through both of their bodies.

“I loved the power I felt when I wrapped my hand around him,” she said softly, sliding her hand around his thickness and squeezing just a bit, “and when I took his balls in my hand . . . like this,” she continued, sliding her other hand to his balls, even as her first hand maintained its grip on his shaft.

“Tell me, Danny,” she said, her hoarse whisper betraying her excitement as she began easing her hand up and down his shaft while fondling his gonads ever so gently. “Can you feel my power?”

“Oh, Christ,” was the only answer she received. But it was enough to bring a smile to her face.

She worked him in silence, her slow, tender touch keeping him on edge for nearly a minute before she finally released his balls and slid her other hand to the head of his cock.

“Or perhaps you’d like a little more personal attention, Danny, like he did.” And with that she leaned forward and ran her tongue ever so slowly from his balls to the tip of his meat, sending shivers of lust throughout her lover’s body.

“Oh, fuck yes,” he gasped, reaching for her head.

As before, Karen proved a bit too elusive for the young man, withdrawing her head just enough to avoid his grasp. Then, when he again fell back to the sofa, she leaned forward and began licking his balls.

“Is this what you like, Danny?” Another lick. “Or perhaps this.” Now it was her open mouth that descended on his balls as she took first the left, then the right one into her mouth, even as her young guest’s body went rigid beneath her.

“Oh, fuck,” he cried out, again reaching for her head. Only this time, Karen didn’t withdraw. This time, she allowed herself to be captured. This time, she allowed her head to be pulled to the tip of his cock. And this time, she allowed him to pull her head sharply down, even as he was thrusting up against her and exploding into her mouth.

Nearly a minute passed before Danny calmed down and released her. “My, my,” Karen cooed as she lifted her head. “I guess you did like that, didn’t you?”

Danny lifted his head just enough to look down at her, then dropped it back to the sofa and expelled a large breath. “Oh, yeah.”

“I’m glad,” Karen cooed as she slipped onto the sofa beside him, pressing her naked body close to his and nestling her head onto his shoulder.

She sat there in his arms for some time, reveling in the feeling of his naked body against hers, wiggling closer and lightly running her fingers over his chest as they watched the fire crackle. It wasn’t until the fire started to fade that she sighed a reluctant sigh and pushed herself away. Knowing exactly what she was doing, she stepped towards the fire, grabbed the poker, positioned herself so her back was directly towards Danny and bent over.

The gasp she heard behind her brought a mischievous smile to her face. Even so, she didn’t rush herself, taking more than enough time to poke the fire back to life, making certain to give her ass a little extra wiggle in the process. When she finally replaced the poker and turned around, Danny was on his feet, with his rock hard cock pointing directly at her.

She let her gaze wander down his body and lock onto his meat. “So,” she said, licking her lips. “What do you want to do now?”

In answer, Danny stepped closer, slid his hands around her hips and pulled her close, causing a moan to slip from her throat as their bodies came together. She looked up at him, a growing desire filling her eyes. And then she lifted her lips to his.

She groaned into the kiss, sliding her arms around his waist and writhing against him as the moment became increasingly passionate. She could feel his hardness pressing against her belly, even as his hands squeezed her cheeks and crushed her against him. By the time he finally released her lips, Karen was a bundle of need, aching for the pleasure only he could provide.

Breathing heavy, she eased them both around so her back was to the sofa, then released him, stepped back and lowered herself to the edge of the cushion. Then she lay back, spread her legs wide and waited.

For a moment Danny did nothing, seemingly content to hover over her and gaze upon her wanton nakedness. It wasn’t until she was nearly ready to scream out in desperation that he lowered himself to his knees and eased his hands onto her thighs.

“Yes,” Karen moaned, shivering as he eased his fingers slowly to her pussy, then slid them onto her lips and spread them open. And when he lowered his head and slid his tongue up her slit, she closed her eyes, bit down on her lower lip and whimpered like a little girl.

At first he was content just easing his tongue up and down her slit, working her just enough to raise her blood pressure, yet still keeping her below the boiling point. As her squirming became more needy, he dipped his tongue into her love tunnel for a taste of her sweet nectar, before taking her lips in his mouth and sucking, causing her to gasp and jump in delirium.

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” Karen moaned, sliding her hands to her breasts and pinching and pulling her nipples.

Her young tormentor began darting his tongue in and out of her pussy like a tiny little cock, sending more shivers throughout her frenzied body, yet still keeping her below the boiling point.

“Please, Danny,” she gasped. “I’m so close . . . so close.”

“You like this, eh?” Danny teased just before flicking his tongue across her swollen nubbin.

“Oh, shit!” Karen cried out, arching her back and lifting it completely off the sofa, even as Danny returned for another taste of her nectar, and another nibble on her lips.

“Oh, Danny,” she whimper helplessly. “Nobody’s ever . . .” but she couldn’t finish her thought as another shiver shot through her body.

“Not even him?” Danny asked, turning her little mind game right back on her.

She lifted her head from the sofa, her eyes totally glazed over. “No,” she croaked. “Not even him.”

And with that the young maestro slid his mouth over the small nob of flesh just above her cunt, flicked it with his tongue, closed his lips around it and began sucking, sending Karen into a screaming frenzy as her whole body exploded, spilling her juices into his mouth and over her thighs as she writhed helplessly below him. And even as she writhed in helpless ecstasy, Danny slammed two fingers into her pussy, sending her once again screaming over the precipice.

It took a moment or two for Karen’s head to clear. When it did, she lifted it to find Danny looking down at her, a wicked smile covering his face and his cock hovering mere centimeters from the gates to her pussy.

“Danny, that was . . .” she started, but she quickly dropped all thoughts of talk as her young lover slammed his engorged cock into her dripping pussy.

“Oh fuck!” she gasped, even as he was withdrawing his meat and slamming it home again. And then she lowered her head to the sofa, grabbed hold of the cushions and groaned in ecstasy as another orgasm exploded in her loins.

She had no idea how long he lasted, but given his state of arousal it couldn’t have been long. All she knew for sure was that he kept pounding his meat into her, over and over and over, even as her body was erupting in nonstop pleasure. Finally, mercifully, his thrusts began to take on a greater urgency, moments before his body began jerking spasmodically and spewing his seed into her.

They lay there for some time, two hot, sweaty people clutching each other as they gasped for breath. It was Danny who recovered first, pushing himself to his knees, then taking took hold of her hands and pulling her towards him.

“Where the hell did you learn to do that?” she wheezed, her breath still coming in short, labored gasps.

“College,” Danny replied, a shit-eating grin spreading across his face.

“Hmmm,” came Karen’s reply. “I guess it’s time for this kid to go back to school.”

They slid into each other’s arms, holding each other softly, letting their hands drift lightly across each other’s body.

“So, what time does is John coming tomorrow,” Karen asked.

“He should be here between 11:00 and noon.”

A smile slipped across Karen’s face. “That means we’ve got all night” And with that, she rose to her feet, took hold of his hand and led him towards her bedroom.

* * *

At first, the two lovers just lay atop the covers of her bed talking softly. Occasionally he would reach out and brush his fingers across her nipple or slide his hand over her hip. She would counter by running her fingertips lightly over his chest or running her fingers through his hair. Eventually they slipped into each other’s arms and made slow, tender love.

She awoke sometime during the wee hours of the night to find his fingers slipping in and out of her pussy and his teeth nibbling gently on her nipples. Later, just before the sun began lighting the morning sky, he awoke to find her mouth slipping up and down his engorged shaft.

It was around 8:30. He was on his back, she was draped over his chest. “Would you like some breakfast?” she asked.

He smiled. “I’d love some.”

She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, then pushed herself to her feet. Her first stop was the bathroom, then the walk-in closet to grab a very short, very sheer robe which did little to hide her assets. It was a robe she hadn’t worn since before her husband’s death.

“Help yourself to the shower,” she said. “Breakfast will be about a half-hour.”

She made her way to the great room, gathered his clothes and her old robe, then returned to the bedroom and deposited them on the now empty bed. Then she headed for the kitchen.

Breakfast was a quiet affair, with both lovers seemingly content to allow the lingering memories of the previous night’s adventure to do the talking for them. It was 9:30 when Danny pushed himself away from the table.

“I should go now,’ he said, a hint of sadness in his voice. “There’s a few things I need to take care of before John gets here.”

Karen rose with him, then took his hand and walked him to the back door. When they reached the door she turned and took his other hand in hers. “Danny . . .,” she started, but never got the chance to finish as Danny cut her off.

“Last night was the most amazing night of my life, Karen. It’s a night I’ll remember as long as I live. But as special as it was, I know it can’t happen again. Last night you trusted me to help you through a very tough time.” He hesitated, swallowing the lump in his throat. “And that’s a trust I will not betray.”

A tiny tear slipped from Karen’s eye. She released his hands and reached up to brush his face. “You’re a wonderful young man, Danny Pulan,” she said softly, “but sometimes you need to listen before you start interrupting people.” And then a small, sexy grin spread across her face.

“What I was going to say is that even though I’m still not ready to move on from Lars, I’m still a woman and I still have needs, and quite frankly, I was hoping that you and that gorgeous cock of yours wouldn’t mind stopping by every once in a while to help me take care of those needs.”

There was silence for a moment, before both parties burst out laughing. “I’ll tell you what, Karen. Anytime you feel your needs getting the best of you, you just let me know.”

“You can count on it, Danny,” Karen smirked back.

Another awkward silence fell, before Karen stepped forward and lifted her lips briefly to Danny’s. With no further words, Danny turned and started towards his parents cottage.

“Oh, Danny,” he heard Karen shout just before he rounded the corner. He stopped and turned around, then shook his head in disbelief when he saw her standing just outside her door as naked as the day she was born.

“If you can find the time after John leaves tomorrow, I really think I could use your help again.”

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