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Bus Ride to Albany

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Chapter One: New York City to Albany.

The Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City, circa 1971, was a very cold and sinister place to hang around, and I made it a point to spend as little time as possible there while waiting for my bus.

I was 18 years old and alone, and while I had grown familiar enough with the city to navigate to and from my Aunt Elle’s home in Queens, once I entered that dank and dismal bus terminal, I kept to myself as much as possible, and held onto my gym bag very tightly.

Then as now, I was not exactly an imposing physical specimen. At 5’7″ and barely 120 pounds, I always considered myself an easy mark for any and all predators. With my light brown hair left fashionably long, it was not unusual to get grief from many different angles, and given my boyish, Bobby Sherman-ish looks, going to the men’s room in such a place was a real adventure.

So when this woman sat next to me and struck up a conversation, it was a welcome diversion for me as we passed time. Waiting for the same bus gave us something in common, even if nothing else about us did.

I was 18, and I figured her to be near 50, even if she was nicely preserved. We were about the same height and probably the same weight as well. She lived in a suburb of Albany just as I did, although her home was on the other side of the city.

Meg was her name, as I soon found out, and she was a widow who had a son just about my age who was off to college.

“My son is a handsome young man, too. All the girls are wild about him, and I’ll bet you have them lined up after you too, don’t you Kenny?”

Actually, I had been doing rather well in that department, but I wasn’t much on talking about it then, figuring that discretion would serve me better than broadcasting my exploits.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” I said shyly.

“Me sitting here with you is probably scaring most of the young ladies away,” Meg chuckled. “They probably think that I’m your Grandma or something, or else they would be all over you.”

“I don’t think so,” I laughed, and I was dressed rather shabbily to be attracting girls. Clad in a purple tie-dyed t-shirt and baggy shorts and sandals, I looked like just about every teen-aged boy of the era.

Meg, on the other hand, was dressed rather nicely in a bright pink pantsuit. Her hair was a brilliant silver that looked dazzling on her, and she obviously took a great deal of pride in her appearance. She seemed rather fit too, and I was left to ponder what she had been like back when she was my age.

Hell, I thought to myself, even today she certainly wouldn’t have been someone I would have thrown out of bed. I attributed part of my appraisal to the fact that I had spent a couple of days with my Aunt Elle and Uncle Tom, away from any temptations of the flesh. That was way too long at time for me at 18, as my hormones were raging at full speed 24/7.

The 7 p.m. bus to Albany was now loading, or at least that was what we thought the garbled public address system seemed to indicate, so we went out to board with the handful of others going upstate. Meg had a suitcase she was rolling behind her, and since I only had my little overnight bag, I boarded the bus while Meg had her luggage placed in the storage area below.

I headed toward the back of the bus, happy to see that since there were so few passengers, it was unlikely that I would be stuck sharing a seat with someone. Throwing my bag up in the overhead, I settled into my window seat and tried to make myself as comfortable as I could for the almost three hour trip.

“Kenny?” asked a soft voice, breaking me out of the daze I had been in as a watched the hustle and bustle of people heading to and from buses. “Would you mind terribly much if I sat with you?”

“Oh, no – of course not,” I replied, looking up at my new friend Meg, who was standing in the aisle looking down at me hopefully. I slid over to give her room as she eased in next to me.

“You never know who you’ll get stuck sitting next to,” Meg said, and I had to agree with that, having had a couple of unpleasant seat partners in the past.

Besides, she was a nice lady and certainly didn’t take up much space. Smelled nice too, I noted as her delicate scent filled my nose once again.

We talked for a few minutes, and then as the interior lights of the bus went off and we started moving through the city, we grew silent and I let myself begin to drift off to the rhythm of the tires on the road.

A few miles into the trip, Meg squirmed a bit to make herself more comfortable, kicking up that nice aroma again, and shortly there after I felt her head ease down on to my shoulder. It felt so warm and soothing that I let the woman use me as a pillow for the time being, and soon nodded off myself.


Chapter Two: ALBANY 120

I came out of my nap just as the bus flew by that milepost on the Thruway. What had roused me out of my sleep was Meg. The lady had burrowed her face onto my shoulder and was now facing me. In her sleep, her hand had come to land on my bare knee.

I was tempted to wake Meg up, or move around so that she would become aware of how she had come to be climbing over me, in a way, but I didn’t want to embarrass her. Besides, it felt nice to have this little bit of affection, even if it was accidental.

Those mileage signs were posted every ten miles, but I hadn’t fallen back asleep and we hadn’t reached the ALBANY 110 milestone yet when I felt it. Meg’s hand. Moving. Almost imperceptibly, but moving nonetheless.

The woman’s hand began sliding ever so slowly up from my kneecap, and as it did I felt my breathing grow louder and more rapid. In response, Meg seemed to sense that I was no longer napping, and wiggled closer to me.

As her fingers traveled up my hairless thigh, goose bumps formed in their wake, and when her hand reached the hem of my shorts, she slowly retraced the path as had just made, this time with her fingernails.

I involuntarily gasped as the woman’s hand went back up and down again, and I was glad that I wasn’t wearing underwear beneath my shorts because it was getting plenty crowded down there as it was.

The next time the woman’s hand went up my thigh, it didn’t stop where my shorts started. Instead, she ran her hand along the inside of my thigh, and she seemed shocked when she found the tip of my now erect cock almost right away. We both gasped as she ran her hand along the bulge from the tip all the way down to the base.

“I can’t believe that’s all you, Kenny” Meg murmured as she continued to stroke my cock through the fabric.

I groaned and moved around in my chair to allow the woman to get a better handle on things, finding this much more enjoyable than a nap or surveying the darkness outside the windows. Doing a quick survey of the nearby area, I remembered there was a man sitting across the aisle and a row behind us, but he was snoring lightly. No one directly in front of us either, but a couple of people were a row further up. All this made the act even more exciting to me.

“Oh,” I moaned softly, wanting to let Meg know that I was enjoying what she was doing.

“You like what I’m doing to you, honey?” she whispered, her spearmint breath hot in my ear.

“Yes,” I answered in a ragged voice.

“Don’t be scared, Kenny,” Meg said, apparently mistaking my shaky voice for nerves. “Can’t believe how big you are – you’re huge!”

If you’ve read any of my other stories, you’re familiar with my rather unique endowment. Meg wasn’t exactly accurate in her description – my penis is not huge. It’s long. Exceptionally long. It’s also incredibly thin. Suffice to say that if it were half as long and twice as thick, it would be pretty average. While there were times when I did wish it were so, I imagine it wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much use that way either.

“Feels nice,” I said finally, certainly not going to argue the point with the woman, who seemed to be enjoying what she was doing as much as I was.

“Lift yourself up, Kenny.”

I raised my hips as she asked, and she tugged my shorts down far enough to free my cock. After the elastic waistband passed mt member, it sprang back and slapped against my stomach, leaving me very exposed in the darkness.

Meg’s hand took hold of my cock and began to slowly pump it, leaning her head towards mine and kissing me. I returned the affection, and while I initially felt like I was kissing my aunt, the fact was that my aunt never stuck her tongue in my mouth while stroking my cock. Besides, the woman could really kiss.

Meg’s finger slid along the taut ridge on the underside of my cock and right up the to the gumdrop sized crown, which was oozing seed. She rubbed the pre-cum over the tip, making me shiver and probably drool some more.

Without a word, Meg leaned down and took my cock in her mouth. The warm wetness made my cock surge and get even harder. Her lips slowly slid down the shaft, effortlessly taking in more than half of me before going back up to the tip.

Gripping the armrest of the seat, I looked out the window while Meg continued to go down on me. She was obviously very experienced at this and was doing an incredible job, especially considering the awkward situation.

Meg had a hand wrapped around the base of my dick, and gently rotated her fist as she sucked the rest of it. She wasn’t trying to make my cum, but seemed content to keep me in my blissful state of excitement.

From the front of the bus, I saw a shadow rise out of their seat and begin making his way back toward us. I pulled Meg up off of me before he got back to our area, and once Meg realized why I had done that, she leaned back in her seat and pretended to be sleeping while I covered myself up with my hands.

The guy, on his way to the bathroom behind us, was too busy trying to navigate the narrow aisle while the bus was rolling, and didn’t even glance towards us. We heard the door open, the bathroom light briefly illuminating us before the door clicked behind him.

We giggled quietly as we waited for the guy to get done and go back to his seat, and Meg reached down and grabbed my still stiff cock to keep my interest level high.

“You must think I’m really something,” Meg whispered to me. “I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s just that something came over me.”

“I’m glad it did,” I whispered back.


Chapter Three: ALBANY 80

After the guy got done in the bathroom and went back to his seat. Meg went back to work. The bobbing of her head seemed synchronized with the sounds of the tires running over the seams of the highway, and I slid my hand under her silver hair and rubbed her neck softly.

The bus had passed the ALBANY 80 milepost a few minutes ago, and I wondered if Meg could keep giving me head all the way home. A better question would be whether I could keep from cumming that long.

Meg seemed fascinated my the head of my dick, as she spent a lot of time scraping her teeth ever-so-lightly on the little bulb and licking the tender opening. I would rise a little bit out of my seat as she did that, because it would drive me wild.

Eventually, another person had to go to the bathroom, and we had to quickly rearrange ourselves as the person passed by us.

“When you – you know,” Meg said while we waited for the person to go back to their seat. “It’s okay if you just – you know what I mean.”

“Do you mean that we you make me cum, I can come in your mouth?” I whispered into her ear, and Meg shivered as I said the words, the dirty talk apparently having touched a nerve.

“Yes,” Meg tittered shyly.

“Do you want me to come soon?”

“When you’re ready,” Meg answered.

“Because I’m enjoying this so much I don’t want it to end.”

“Me too,” she replied. “If I had something to drink I could do this all night. Your cock is so easy to suck.”

“I’ve got a soda in my gym bag up there.”

Meg got up from her seat and reached up for my gym bag. Her pink pantsuit wasn’t very revealing, but I could detect what seemed to be a nice sized pair of breasts straining against the top as she searched for the bottle. The person emerged from the bathroom as she found the bottle of Royal Crown Cola, and she eagerly opened it after rejoining me.

“Warm but good,” Meg said after taking a swig.

She passed it to me, and I took a little swallow before handing it back to her.

“You need it more than I do,” I told her.

“I should have enough for the rest of the trip,” Meg said, holding up the bottle to check how much was left.

“I hope I do,” I kidded.

“Kenny… are your folks going to pick you up when we get to Albany?”


“I guess I would feel kind of guilty. You know what I mean? I feel like I’m taking advantage of you.”

“I’m 18,” I told her. “Old enough to make my own decisions.”

“You look much younger,” Meg said, reaching down and finding my erection in the darkness. “Except down here. Do you want to know how old I am?”

“Doesn’t really matter to me,” I said honestly, having been with an older woman before, although she had been in her thirties. Meg, I had assumed was about 50, so I decided to err on the side of caution. “You about 45 or so?”

“Boy, you have a way with women, I’ll give you that,” Meg whispered huskily. “I’ll be 60 next month.”

“You don’t look it.”

“Thank you, honey. The reason I asked about you being picked up, was that I was wondering if you would like to come home with me tonight. You know – spend the night?”

“I’d love to,” I said, kissing her on the cheek. “Hate to have to go home like this,” I added, nodding down at my erection still throbbing in her hand.

“Oh, I’ll take care of that before we get to Albany,” Meg assured me. “As long as that won’t affect you for the rest of the night, that is.”

“You’re kidding, right?” I said, because it seemed like in those I was always walking around with a boner. “Besides, I find you very attractive. Really.”

I touched her cheek softly, making her smile. She reached up and turned on the tiny light above my chair, pointing it down at my cock like a spotlight. My cock was beet red after an hour or so of Meg’s affection, and it was every bit as hard as before.

“Looks like somebody needs attention,” Meg said as she clicked off the light and went back to business.


Chapter Four: New Baltimore

I came when we went through New Baltimore, just south of Albany. I had been on the brink of cumming several times; once when yet another person made a trip to the rest room and caused us to break it off, and a couple of other times when Meg sensed I was going to cum and eased up on me.

By the time I did orgasm, I was half out of mind with lust. It felt like if I didn’t cum my cock would explode, and Meg must have sensed my frustration, because she began to really go down on me. Her hand was wringing the base of my member roughly, while her tongue teamed up with her lips to take care of the rest of me.

I had to bite my hand to stop from making noise, but the muffled grunts that accompanied my ejaculating sounded embarrassing loud enough as my feet pawed at the floor. My cock spasmed for what seemed like an eternity, squirting what felt like an absurd amount of my seed into Meg’s welcoming mouth.

For her part, Meg took it calmly and expertly, blocking the blasts with her tongue and letting my cum slide back down my cock and into my pubes and down into my crotch, and continued to try and siphon any remaining seed out of my slowly deflating member until it went limp.

“That was cruel,” I said after catching my breath. “Making me hang like that.”

“Don’t know what you mean, Kenny,” Meg snickered, squeezing my arm affectionately.

“I’ll get you back for that later,” I warned her, as we saw the outline of our destination not far ahead.

“I’m looking forward to that.”

A few minutes later, Meg walked down the aisle to get off the bus, while I struggled to get my gym bag out from behind the metal railing on the overhead. I felt a hand pat me on the back, and I moved to allow the man that had been snoring behind us much of the journey, to get past me.

“Lucky guy,” the middle aged man said, patting me on the back as he moved by me. “Wish I had your seat.”

I felt my face flush with embarrassment as I followed him off the bus, trying to keep my bag in front of my crotch as I walked to hide what felt like a massive wet spot on the front of my shorts. The sticky load was hardening already, making for an uncomfortable feeling as I moved.

I took Meg’s suitcase for her so she didn’t have to roll it over the rough pavement, and followed her to the parking lot where she had parked. Her car was a shiny black Lincoln Continental that looked brand new, and I whistled at the beautiful interior as I eased into the soft seat.

“What a car!” I exclaimed as Meg tooled the machine out of the lot.

“More comfortable than those bus seats, isn’t it Kenny?”

“I don’t remember much about the seat, to tell you the truth,” I confessed. “I was too busy enjoying the trip.”

“Me too,” Meg agreed.

“The guy that was snoring behind us?”

“What about him?”

“He must have seen something.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because he patted me on the back when we were getting off the bus. He said I was a lucky guy and he wished he had my seat.”

“Oh god!” Meg said. “What did you say?”

“Nothing,” I admitted. “I was embarrassed. Sorry. Guess I was noisier than I thought.”

“You’re forgiven,” Meg said. “Hope he didn’t recognize me.”

“He was right, you know,” I added. “I was lucky. That’s something I’ll remember all my life.”

“Me too,” Meg agreed. “Makes me feel a little weird – him knowing what we were doing.”

“I know what you mean. Weird, but kinda exciting too.”

Meg tooled the car through a very ritzy neighborhood, and when she pulled into a driveway, it looked like we were going up to a mansion. Her house was a big step up from the working class split level I was accustomed to, and while it wasn’t actually a mansion, it seemed that way to me then.

I helped Meg into the house with her suitcase and tried not to look as impressed as I was by her beautiful home. Meg closed the door behind me and put her hand on my shoulder.

“Why don’t we get upstairs so you can take a shower?” Meg suggested.

I felt ashamed for a minute, thinking that I stunk, until I remembered the big stain on my pants, so I followed Meg up to the bathroom. She showed me into the palatial room which was decorated in pink. That had to be Meg’s favorite color, and while it was a decidedly feminine room, it would serve the purpose.

My crotch was almost glued to my underwear, and when peeling the briefs off me it felt like I must have ripped some of my sparse pubes out in the process. The warm water was refreshing, and the floral scented soap did the job, even if it did give me a different aroma than I was used to.

When I stepped out of the shower stall, Meg was standing there waiting for me. She was holding a towel and smiling nervously. Meg had changed clothes, and was now wearing a very flimsy pink nightie that hid very little.

“Wow,” I said softly as I looked at this woman who was almost a senior citizen.

“You’re sweet, Kenny,” Meg said, walking toward me with the towel, and I reached for it, but Meg was intent on doing this herself, so I let her.

Meg dried my hair, and as she did my eyes drifted down to her breasts, which were larger than I had imagined, and her nipples, which stuck out proudly through the silk.

“Such a cute boy,” Meg said with a smile as I lifted my arms so she could dry my armpits. “I can’t believe you’re the same boy I was on the bus with.

Looking in the mirror, I was struck at how odd we looked together; the silver haired woman drying me off much like a grandmother would do to her grandson, and for my part, my scrawny body made me fit the part. My cock had shriveled back to his very modest flaccid size, and the little wrinkled tube wiggled under Meg’s drying.

Meg had been watching me and saw where my eyes had fixated on, namely the thick pegs of her prominent nipples, and I flushed when I realized I had been staring.

“Wish you could have seen me when I was your age,” Meg mused.

“You look good to me right now,” I admitted. “Your tits… I mean, your breasts look incredible.”

“Tits,” Meg chuckled. “I like that. Been a long time since anybody called mine that. They used to be a lot firmer and higher up.”

I reached out and gently cupped them through the fabric, hefting the full globes that seemed even larger on her rather modest frame. They did hang a bit, but natural breasts the size of Meg’s would do that anyway, and they feel great to me.

“I could tell you that I think you’re really nice looking all night,” I began to say, but Meg cut me off.

“And I still would think you’re a nice boy who wants to make me feel good.”

I shook my head at her and smiled, because while I was a nice kid who would never say or do anything to intentionally hurt a female, the fact was that I was really being turned on my the situation and the woman. Besides, I had a way to prove to Meg that I was being sincere, and when I nodded downward to get Meg to look as well, she saw the proof.

“Omigod,” Meg gasped, looking at my erection which was swaying in front of me, inches from her silky hip, and she moved her hand over to grasp it, slowly sliding her hand up and down the length of it as she smiled.

“Believe me now?”

“You win,” Meg said. “Now if I remember correctly, you said something about paying be back for teasing you on the bus, right?”


Chapter Five: Meg’s bedroom.

I followed Meg down the hall, admiring her body from the rear. Her legs looked very shapely and her butt looked fine from what I could see. Meg’s skin was very pale, but she showed very few signs of her age; her skin was taut and her body seemed very fit, bordering on voluptuous.

The lighting was soft in the bedroom, and the bed was enormous. Meg pulled the bedspread off, exposing a lot of thigh and the bottom of a butt cheek as she did. She reached over and took a picture that had been sitting on the dresser and turned it face down. Her husband, I assumed, and I found the gesture rather touching. Meg noticed that I had seen what she had done, and smiled self-consciously.


“Not at all,” I assured her, and we stood about a foot away from each other, the distance determined by my tool which waved just away from Meg’s delta. “I feel kinda naked.”

“You are,” Meg said nervously.

“I want to see you,” I said finally, and reached up to untie the knot at the neck of her billowing nightie.

It came open easily, and as it untied I nudged it so that it fell off of her shoulders and fell to the ground. Naked now, Meg no longer resembled the distinguished business woman but a nervous woman naked in front of a guy less than a third her age.

A naked woman who looked amazing, at least to me. Those tits were spectacular. Large and bell shaped, they hung to her waist, and her nipples were like thumbs centered on black cherry hued aureaolas that were as big a drink coasters.

Her waist was a little thick but not flabby, and between her legs was a tiny wisp of hair that was so light brown in color that it was almost invisible

“Hold me,” Meg said, or asked me, and I embraced her as she wanted, her soft skin warm and exceptionally soft against mine.

“I’m scared,” Meg whispered in my ear as we hugged. “Guess the drinks I had with dinner down in the city are wearing off. They must have given me the courage to do what I did.”

“Do you want me to leave?” I asked, unsure of what to do as I held the now-trembling woman in my arms.

“Do you want to?”


“Good,” Meg said, kissing me on the neck. “It’s just that I haven’t been with a man since – he died. My husband. Over four years. He was a good man.”

I heard Meg sob softly on my shoulder, and all I could do was hold her a little tighter to me until she got herself together.

“Sorry,” Meg sniffed, raising her head off me and looking at me.

“It’s okay.”

“I just wanted you to know, in case you thought that I was – you know – because of what I did on the bus.”

“I don’t judge people,” I said, and back in that era we didn’t, as a general rule. It was more of a time of live and let live. “I enjoyed being in the terminal with you waiting for the bus, and I really enjoyed the bus ride, and I’m enjoying being here now. We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want.”

Despite the drama, my erection was still surging, so the last thing I wanted her to do was tell me to get dressed, but I left it up to her in case she was having second thoughts.

“No, I want you,” Meg said. “I want you to make love to me.”

Meg took my face in her hands and kissed me with as much passion as I have ever experienced, and I returned it as best I could.

“It’s been so long,” Meg whispered as we moved over to the bed. “Please be gentle with me. Never been with a man built like you either.”

“Just relax,” I suggested, easing Meg down onto the bed and spreading her thighs apart.


Chapter Six: Making love.

I crawled between Meg’s pale thighs and bowed my head, inhaling the musky aroma of her sex. Her bush was more like a wisp of fine hairs gathered around her prominent labia. Running my tongue along her pussy lips, she shuddered noticeably while I wrapped my arms around her hips.

She was already wet. That much was apparent as my tongue probed inside of the fold, and the way my ears heard it, her whimpering was more like a plea. Her way of telling me – now, I’m ready.

Climbing up to a kneeling position, Meg grabbed at my hips to tell me that I had been correct. I rubbed my cock up and down the damp opening a couple of times before sliding a little bit of me inside her. In and out I slid the crown of my dick, and I watched as Meg lifted her hips to take more of me inside of her.

Finally, I slowly slid my cock inside of her. Inch by inch, her moistness enveloped me until my cock hit the end of the road, at which point I slowly pulled myself out of her. Meg groaned as my tool popped out of her for a brief second, and then groaned louder as I slid into her depths once more.

I bowed my head to suck on those magnificent nipples, and she gasped when I licked all around the pebbled surface of her aureoles. Reaching up with her hands, she held up her big tits so I could suck on them easier, and I took advantage of her until my mouth was dry.

Her breathing loud and rapid and her features taking on a flushed and stressed appearance, I grabbed the base of my cock in my fist and began pumping her pussy harder and faster. I took her to the brink of orgasm a couple of times before slowing down, and each time her face became more tortured looking.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted to see Meg cum. My nuts slapped loudly on the insides of her thighs as I worked my cock in and out faster. This time, when she neared to brink, I started really pounding myself into her.

Meg raised her head and shoulders off of the bed; her eyes rolled back in her head, veins bulging in her neck and mouth open wide. I felt her pussy seize my hard hard as she clawed wildly at my arms, her body slamming back down to the mattress.

Not wanting to cum, I tried to block the image of her from my eyes and ears, and only half succeeded. Meg’s thrashing slowed and then stopped as her orgasm ended, and the crazed look became a dazed look.

“God, you didn’t cum,” Meg said as I began to rock my hips into her again. “That’s so nice – nice.”

I rolled Meg over and her stomach after a time, and got her to lift her butt up in the air so I could go in from behind. There was a tattoo of a lady bug on her back. Faded with time, I imagined her getting that as a lark in her younger days, and the muted inking remained for me to enjoy as I slid up next to her and put my dick in.

Her butt cheeks were plump and a little soft, and as I squeezed them and spread them apart, her tan anus was exposed, and I wondered how she would respond if I told her I wanted to explore than hairless opening. Settling for the pleasure of the view, I continued to probe her pussy while looking at her longingly.

“Ohhhh… so good,” Meg moaned, her face buried in the pillow. “Not all the way in, baby. You’re too big.”

I muttered an apology, figuring that I must have gotten carried away and hurt her a little, so from behind I kept my fist around myself to control how far I went into her. Far enough, as I soon found out, because Meg was clenching the bedding and howling into the pillow as her body quaked with another orgasm.

Meg collapsed after cumming, and I gently rolled her onto her side. She had lost all of lady-like qualities and now looked wild, like she had been getting fucked and cumming like crazy. Her smile was weak as she looked at my erection, still red and swollen and swaying.

“You’re insatiable,” Meg said as she let me lift her leg up over my shoulder.

With Meg on her side with her right leg pointed toward the ceiling, I slid my dick inside of her. Because of the angle, I could only get a few inches of cock inside of her, but she seemed to approve of the position.

“Omigod – that feels so good,” Meg said with a laugh, and when she looked down she smiled as I gently thrust into her.

“Look at your cock,” Meg exclaimed as she watched it go in and out of her. “That looks so sexy.”

It did, I had to agree, and I forced myself to look away for fear of coming. I sensed that Meg was losing steam, or getting sore. Maybe a combination of both, and I was just about to try and figure out a delicate way to ask her if she had enough, when her hand gripped my arm once more.”

“Not again!” Meg cried out, and in seconds her body was writhing into her sheets, her torso jerking like a marionette gone wild. The orgasm was mild in comparison to the others, but after this one she seemed like she was knocked out.

Meg shook her head and laughed when she felt the tip of my cock still hard just inside her labia, and I let her leg ease back down to the bed so she got lay on her back.

“Want me to make you cum in my mouth again?” Meg said hopefully. “Any way I can make you cum?”

“Ummm… would you mind if I…”

“Of course not,” Meg said when she saw what I wanted to do. “I remember doing this when I was your age.”

I straddled Meg’s stomach and put my cock between her jugs. Meg reached up and squeezed her tits together, making my cock practically disappear between her breasts. Her cleavage was as sweaty as the rest of her was, affording a smooth glide for my cock. Meg playfully snapped at the tip of my sick each time it peeked out at her.

I took over the work of wrapping her tits around me, wanting to be able to lean further forward so my balls slid on her stomach with each stroke.

“I guess I can just relax and watch your beautiful cock,” Meg said as she put her hands behind her head and looked down.

My attention was diverted as I glanced down and saw something I hadn’t expected to see. Nestled in the dewy recesses, I noticed a few long beige hairs barely visible against the pale skin of her armpits. Meg saw me staring and glanced over at herself.

“Oh no!” Meg said, and tried to lower her arms. “Obviously, I wasn’t expecting to be seen…”

“No, please don’t,” I said, reaching down and putting her arm back over her head. “That’s nice. Sexy. I like that.”

“Oh, I guess that’s the way the hippie girls do it these days,” Meg laughed, allowing me to gaze again at her unshaven armpits. “I knew if I lived long enough I’d come back in fashion.”

I came fast after that, and when my orgasm roared up on me, I stopped titty fucking Meg and tried to hold my cock down so the cum would be absorbed by her tits. I failed miserably.

My dick slipped out of the sweaty chasm, and I spurted a jet of cum that sailed over Meg’s head and all over the headboard. The next few volleys didn’t have the same velocity, and they sprayed all over Meg’s face and hair.

My cock wouldn’t stop spewing my seed, or at least that was the way it seemed. By the time I was drained, Meg was a mess, with semen covering her face like garland and a pearl necklace flowing around her neck.

“Sorry,” I said meekly as I surveyed the situation, but Meg laughed it off, giving the string of seed above her head a swipe with her hand.

“Don’t want the cleaning lady to think I’m getting naughty at my age,” she said, before suggesting that she needed a shower herself after all that. When I asked her if she minded company, she was more than happy for me to join her.


Chapter Seven: Nocturnal emissions.

I awoke to the very pleasant sensation of a tongue licking my balls. After getting my bearings and remembering where I was, my eyes began adjusting to the darkness of the room well enough so that I could see the silver hair of Meg between my legs.

Her tongue was continuing a northern journey that had apparently started on my scrotum and ventured up along the underside of my cock. I was half hard when I woke up for good, and after a couple more licks like that, I was fully engorged and ready for anything.

“Couldn’t resist,” Meg said from the murky darkness when she realized I was awake. “Can’t imagine ever getting this opportunity again, and it looked so cute when I started.”

“Love being woke up like that,” I told Meg, and began to get up.

“I’m really sore, honey,” Meg said when I had gotten up to mount her. “I don’t want you to think I’m weird or anything, but would you mind if we tried doing something a little different?”

It wasn’t different to me, but I enjoyed listening to her explain what she wanted me to do to her. She was so ashamed of what she wanted, and phrased everything so awkwardly that it excited me even more that way.

Meg turned on the dim light and got onto her elbows and knees. I knelt behind her savoring the pleasant view of her full, round buttocks.

“Just lubricate a finger and slide it in and out for a minute,” Meg instructed me after handing me the lubricant.

I parted her buttocks and looked at her hairless tan ring while I covered my index finger with lube. Well oiled, my digit slipped easily into Meg’s ass, and she squirmed while I worked it in and out of her warmth.

My cock being so slender, many women felt comfortable having me fuck them in the ass, and I had gotten to pop a few anal cherries for that very reason. Luckily for me, I liked it too, and it gave me a sensation of tightness that I didn’t always get in the pussy.

“Don’t go in all the way, Kenny,” Meg cautioned me, and I promised to be careful, although sometimes it felt so good that I would lose control.

My cock slid into Meg’s anus with almost as much ease as my finger had, and we began rocking together gently in a comfortable rhythm. My hands slid down Meg’s back, and I crouched over her to allow my hands to cup those pendulous breasts.

“Beautiful honey,” Meg gasped as I kneaded those dangling jugs. “Little deeper.”

I allowed my tool to probe her more deeply, and with each inward stroke my nuts slapped Meg between the legs, and she seemed to like that as much as I did.

Leaning back upright, I grabbed onto Meg’s hips and watched my cock glide in and out of her tight asshole. She was taking over half of it without complaint already, and now was thrusting backwards into me for more. I felt her hand reaching down between her legs to slap and squeeze my nuts in between fingering herself.

“Gonna cum!” Meg blurted out, and I felt her asshole clamp down on my cock like a vice.

I bit my lip to try and hold back my own orgasm, and I might have been able to if Meg didn’t reach way back and grab my sack. Squeezing and milking my balls while she came, I was powerless to stop, and began squirting hot jets of seed into her ass.

After we stopped cumming, we collapsed back into the bedding, and after I wrapped my arms around Meg and kissed her neck, I was in dreamland until the morning.


Chapter Eight. Goodbye.

Meg’s hand was on my cock as I woke up a few hours later. The clock read 7:00 and the sun was beaming through the curtains. I felt my cock begin to stiffen under Meg’s pulling, but when my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw that she was dressed.

“Gotta go to work, honey,” Meg said with a smile.

After seeing her looking very prim and business-like now, just the like the evening before when we first met, it was hard to believe that this was the same woman who was such a wildcat in bed and on the bus.

“Guess I shouldn’t have woke you up like that,” Meg said, looking at my re-energized cock. “That wasn’t fair, although it does look good. You can stay her if you want, but I won’t be home until 7 tonight, so if you want a ride we have to get going.”

I decided to get dressed and take her up on the ride offer. As we went out to the car, I felt like I had run a marathon.

“How come you look so fresh and beautiful and I feel like death warmed over?” I asked Meg, and got a laugh in return.

“Amazing what make-up can do,” Meg said as we got into the car. “I think that you were just what I needed, but by tonight I’ll probably begin feeling it.”

I glanced out of the window as we pulled out of the driveway, and the name on the box rang a bell to me. I didn’t know her but the name sounded familiar, and when I noticed a stack of business cards on the console, it hit me.

“Is that you?” I asked. “The florist?”

“That’s me – actually it was me and my husband,” Meg admitted. “Now it’s me.”

“Uh – I worked for you – for your store in Guilderland. Last summer. I delivered.”

“Small world,” Meg said, throwing her hair back casually. “Hope you didn’t get fired or anything.”

“No, it was just for the summer,” I answered.

“Well, do you need a job now?” Meg offered.

“No, I’m working closer to my house this summer, but thanks.”

Meg drove me to my house, and let me off in front.

“Hope nobody sees us that you know,” Meg said as she surveyed the neighborhood.

“Makes no difference to me,” I said, although maybe she was the one that should be nervous about that.

“Thank you – for everything Kenny,” Meg said, leaning over and giving me a kiss. “Last night was really nice for me.”

“Me too,” I said, returning the kiss.

“Take a card,” Meg said, holding out one of her business cards for a second before snatching it back. After writing on the back of it, she handed it back to me, having added her phone number to it.

“In case you ever need help or anything like that,” Meg said, almost apologetically.

“Okay,” I said. “What about if I ever wanted to just – you know – get together?”

“You mean, like last night?” Meg asked me with a strange look on my face.

“Well, yeah.”

“Uh… sure,” Meg finally said. “I figured you were humoring me or something when you said you enjoyed being with me.”

I don’t know whether she had assumed that I was just playing with her head, or thought I was looking for something from her, but the fact was that I liked her very much and told her so. The sex was great too, I added.

“I’ll be picturing your breasts,” I said before correcting myself. “Tits, I mean. I’ll have them on my mind for quite a while.”

Obviously, that was the understatement of all time, as I still recall those incredible nipples like it was yesterday.

As for calling her up again, I did that twice more that summer, and twice the following year when I came home from school. She sold her businesses and retired to Arizona after that, but gave me an open invitation to visit her anytime. I never took her up on that, but often wish that I had. She would have been worth the trip.

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