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Business is Pleasure

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Doug shook hands firmly with Chow Min, sealing the deal. He’d learned a long time ago to be firm in everything in life and had since earned the reputation as a shark. He didn’t mind. It meant that his business was the envy of other companies. It meant he was the best. It meant that people who had once looked down on the backwater kid from Louisiana now looked up to him as employer.

Chow Min held his hand a moment too long, drawing Doug’s attention back to the present. The old Chinese man mumbled something that made Doug start. He silently cursed himself, remembering to look over at the thin nervous man at his side. He wasn’t supposed to understand Mandarin, although he’d swear the old man had just invited him to a pleasure palace.

Simon Yang leaned close, trying to hear Chow Min’s instructions. He twisted his hands, speaking in quick low Mandarin, confirming details, then looked up to Doug. “Mr. Chow would like you to accompany him to his house for…um, relaxing activities,” Simon explained, choosing a less graphic interpretation that wouldn’t offend Western morals.

Doug followed the exchange, hiding his amusement. The old man had invited him to celebrate their mutual business accord by having animal sex with the young women he kept at a house outside the city. Evidently, Mr. Chow remained youthful by indulging in a harem. Not a bad way to relax, Doug decided.

“Please tell Mr. Chow that I appreciate the invitation and would like to relax at his home,” Doug answered, his voice carefully bland, not betraying his additional knowledge.

Mr. Chow reacted to Simon’s words with a grin and more hand pumping. He rattled off a few sentences more before turning and leaving the room with the rest of his retinue. Simon looked flustered, evidently pondering how best to tell his client that Mr. Chow had cautioned Doug that the harem would be more than his penis was able to handle and he would been sucked dry by the end of the evening.

“His car will pick you up at your hotel at seven,” Simon finally said. Doug hid a laugh as the man preceded him from the conference room.


Doug packed his bags and checked out of his hotel at six-thirty. He figured he could get a ride to the airport from Mr. Chow’s house as easily as back to this hotel. He settled into one of the leather chairs in the lobby and updated his PDA while he waited for seven. He sent a brief e-mail to his second in command, explaining where he would be and letting Andy know he’d be in touch later with contact info.

At precisely seven, Simon Yang entered the lobby, followed by a uniformed chauffer. Doug rose to greet the thin man and the chauffer collected his luggage. The trip was smooth, although longer than Doug had expected. He would have to take that into account and leave early enough to be through security and still make his flight.

Mr. Chow’s “house” was a compound from the outside, with tall stone walls topped with barbed wire. Inside the guarded gate was the pleasure palace the old man had first referred to. The building itself was sprawling and almost Mediterranean in design. There was a dense garden surrounding the perimeter, but the car pulled through into a cobbled courtyard.

As the car stopped, several young women in silk dresses approached the car and opened the doors. Doug and Simon were escorted into the house with the women, leaving the chauffer to the bags. Doug was surprised by both the youth and culture of the women — of the seven flitting about, only one was Asian and all looked to be around twenty.

Mr. Chow met them in the foyer, dressed in traditional clothing, his manner relaxed and jovial. He wished Doug a “good evening of relaxation” (Simon’s words), explaining that he had an unexpected meeting this evening with a labor union. Doug was actually hoping for the exuberant pussy fucking of Mr. Chow’s original invitation and was actually quite relieved the old man would be busy elsewhere.

Doug was escorted upstairs and down a long corridor to an incredible suite of rooms. They were done in the fashion of movie oriental palaces — all silk and gilt and lacquer. There was a sitting room in front, with a table and low chairs and a couple low couches next to an out-of-place but appreciated top of the line entertainment center. Doug could see the bedroom through the doorway at the other side of the room and was amazed at the billowy fabric walls and floor covered with silk cushions and mats.

“Come, relax,” one of the girls said in heavily accented English. She was almost as tall as he was, her body slender and graceful, with long blond curls spilling over her pale shoulders. Sky blue eyes met his suggestively.

“You speak English?” Doug asked in surprise. She nodded, as did the redhead behind her. Three of the original seven had brought him to the suite, the rest taking Simon down to another wing. There was a dark-haired beauty somewhere in the suite, Doug thought, turning to look for her and seeing his luggage was already set to one side. This was truly a pleasure palace — where everything was anticipated and provided before you could ask.

“Come, relax,” the redhead coaxed, her voice a little less accented. She slid her hands over his arm and then slid one into his suit jacket. The blond knelt before him, bending to his shoes. Doug almost protested, but the redhead slid her hand down over the front of his slacks and his manhood stirred. Two women undressing him — what did he have to complain about…?

The redhead slipped his jacket off as he stepped out of his shoes. The blond moved to his belt as the redhead undid his tie and the buttons on his shirt. As she drew the starched white cotton off his shoulders, she made a little noise of surprise.

Doug looked at her and she smiled at him, her fingers tracing one of the tribal patterns on his shoulder. He looked down at the blond in time to watch her draw his fly down, his erection straining against his boxers. She smiled up at him, stroking her finger over the bulging cotton. The redhead stood behind him, sliding her hands into his waistband and taking both his slacks and boxers to the floor. He stepped out, totally naked, his penis jutting forth with arousal as the two women murmured in what sounded like French.

He started to say something, to ask their names or why they spoke French, but the blond dropped to her knees at that moment and slid her hand between his thighs, grasping his balls firmly. A husky groan ripped from his gut as she leaned forward to kiss the tip of his penis. He could hear the redhead moving around, but he couldn’t think beyond the heat in his groin. Every drop of blood in his body pooled there as the blond wrapped her lips around his head and began to suck.

She slid his cock in and out of her mouth slowly, her eyes watching his reaction. The hand on his balls slowly squeezed in time, tightening as she drew him into her throat, then relaxing as she slid him free. Doug let his head fall back as he groaned again, his hand fisting as he fought the urge to push her head down further on his aching cock.

Hands on his shoulders made him jerk, but the light kiss along his spine told him it was the redhead. She massaged his shoulders, his upper arms, his back, sprinkling little kisses and licks over his skin, tantalizing him even as the blond began to suck. His eyes closed as he let himself drown in the pleasure. His hips moved to and away from the blond as she sucked him, still fondling his balls, and the redhead moved lower, kneading his hips, then his thighs.

Doug groaned, his knees getting weak, as the blond took a long draw on his rod and he felt his balls tighten. His whole body shook as the redhead began to massage his ass, her tongue flicking over his skin. He’d never imagined anything like this before…Another deep groan as the redhead’s hand slid between his legs from behind and replaced the blonde’s hand on his balls.

Her finger pressed against his balls from the backside, then drew a line back to his asshole and his hips jerked hard. She did it a second time, this time pushing the tip of her finger into his ass and sending a lighting bolt through his body. “Ahhhh….” he cried, his hips bucking, as she worked her finger deeper into his ass. The blond wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, holding him steady as she kept sliding her mouth up and down his shaft.

Every muscle in his ass clenched as the redhead drew her finger out. She slid her hand down to tease his balls again and he let his muscles loosen, until something hard rubbed against the crack of his ass. The blond chose that moment to scrape her teeth down the length of his penis and he jerked, looking down at her as she let his head pop free. In the same moment, the hard rod pressed up against his asshole and he groaned, leaning forward.

The hard rod began to move and Doug shook as sensations cascaded through him. The redhead slid her hand around his hip and grasped the base of his cock, pumping him hard. The blond opened the front of her dress, exposing her breasts, firm and small, perfect. Doug groaned as the rod moved down behind his balls and back up to his ass, back and forth, the pressure oddly erotic, the hand on his cock pumping in time. His balls drew up tight as he thrust his hips with the redhead’s movements, every sensation drawing in to the tightest spot.

The blond was pinching her own nipples, her eyes hot on his body, enjoying his obvious pleasure. Suddenly, the rod began to vibrate as it pushed up behind his balls and Doug cried out as he came. Thick white cum sprayed over the blonde’s chest again and again as he ejaculated uncontrollably. The redhead’s hand kept pumping, working his dick as he spurted all over the blond. Then she slid the vibrating tip backward. Doug’s eyes rolled back as the tip vibrated against his skin, against his ass. As the tip of it pushed in, his world went white hot, then black…


Doug woke slowly, his whole body loose and limp. It took him a few moments to remember where he was — he was sprawled naked over one of the low couches — and then to remember what had happened. He glanced down at his dick, seeing that he was still pretty hard for such an intense orgasm.

He looked around for the blond and redhead. No one was in sight. His clothing had all been folded neatly and placed on a chair with his shoes lined up next to it. Getting up, he stretched, feeling the utter relaxation in his muscles and smiling in wonder. Talk about a getaway. No wonder Mr. Chow was so youthful at eighty.

Doug strode into the bedroom and stopped still right in the doorway. Sitting in the center of the room was the dark-haired woman from earlier. She was completely naked, her body not as slender as the other two, but deliciously curved and womanly. At the sound of him, she looked up and smiled. Big green eyes sparkled under the room’s lights and she patted the silk mat at her side.

His dick had hardened immediately at the site and bobbed as he walked over to her. It was odd to walk on the cushions, to realize the entire room was set up as a huge bed. He knelt before her and she smiled at him again.

“Welcome, Mr. Walker,” she said, her voice only light accented and with, of all things, Boston.

“What…?” He was startled.

“Come now,” she chided gently, still smiling, “You didn’t think Mr. Chow would provide you with companionship that you couldn’t communicate with. That would not be proper hospitality.” He looked her over, still trying to regroup. She was perfect — her body delicate despite her curves, her skin all cream and roses, her dark hair straight and silky.

“The others…?” He looked back towards the living room.

“Everything in its place,” she said softly, “Harley and Mindy are specially trained in the release of sexual frustration. It’s a common problem in business men, especially Westerners.” He thought he detected amusement in her words.

“And you?” He was a little irritated at being caught off guard, but more curious about her than anything else.

“Sophia,” she murmured with another smile, leaning towards him to rub her hand up his thigh. His cock bobbed for attention.

“And you?” he repeated, ignoring the rush of heat in his groin. Sophia shifted and he saw her sex was shaved bare. He’d never personally had a woman who was shaved. His mouth watered unexpectedly and he frowned.

“I am specially trained also,” she answered serenely, sliding on to her knees and rubbing both her hands up his thighs as she bent her head to swirl her tongue over the tip if his erection. His breath caught, but he fought the arousal.

“For…?” His voice was tight, hoarse.

“Pleasure, Mr. Walker,” she breathed, the flutter of air over his wet head making him groan, “I am specially trained in the pleasure of a man.” Then she took him into her mouth, sliding her lips down almost to his base, her body tilting and exposing the intricate tattoo on her back. A flaming phoenix covered her skin from the width of her shoulders to the small of her back.

Doug couldn’t help the second groan of pleasure as his eyes rolled back. He lifted his hips to her mouth as she suckled him, her hands hot on his thighs, his head poised at her throat. His body clenched and he felt the twinge of muscles still sore from his explosive orgasm earlier. Sophia drew his cock out of her mouth slowly, keeping a tight pressure on him, until his head popped free noisily and he almost came. Only the quick pressure of her fingers at the base of his shaft saved him.

Time to take control, he thought, catching her arms before she could take him again. “My turn,” he growled. Her eyes met his in challenge and he grinned.

“I am here for your pleasure, Mr. Walker,” she answered, the dare in her voice as well as her expression. Even better, he thought, feeling the rush of adrenaline. It had been too long since he’d had such an interesting woman in his bed. Sex, like business, was much more potent after a battle.

“Tell me….Sophia….” he murmured, pulling her close to him and dipping his head, “Do you….” He licked one nipple, tasting sweetness, feeling the hard nub contract. “Do you scream when you cum?” He tilted his head to look at her, licking the other nipple and watching her eyes darken.

“If you would like me to,” she managed to keep her voice even. He took her nipple in his mouth and sucked lightly, feeling the shiver move through her. She was incredibly sensitive, he thought.

“Suggesting you’ll have to fake an orgasm,” he taunted, “So you can provided whatever reaction I’d like to hear.” Her skin was hot, her scent a mix of vanilla and spice, almost intoxicating. He swirled his tongue around the other nipple again.

“Men are weak creatures,” she answered, an edge to her tone as she held herself stiffly in his grip, “And they have weak egos. If a man expects to hear moans and screams, he will be worried if he doesn’t.” He knew she was challenging him on purpose, but he was enjoying the game.

“I accept that dare,” he growled. He saw a shadow cross her face, her eyes mirroring her doubts for a moment, before the sultry tease was back. Good, he’d gotten to her. Now he was certain they would both be screaming in pleasure before the evening was done.

“What dare?” she asked, her voice taking on more of the snotty Boston tone.

“To make you scream,” he murmured, taking her down to the cushions in one fast move, his body covering hers, “I’m going to make you beg, make you lose control, and make you scream with pleasure when you cum for me.” He rubbed his nakedness against hers and felt the anticipation heighten.

Her chin tilted arrogantly. “Try and make me,” she taunted. Her hand slipped between them, her fingers wrapping around his rigid length.

He caught her wrists, pulling them above her head, then looking around. He saw the fabric draping the walls was held with a silk rope and reached for one, pulling her against his body as he did. She rubbed her belly against his penis, making his eyes cross, but he got his rope.

“What are you doing?” she gasped as he wrapped the silk strand around her wrists.

“I told you,” he grinned, tying the rope securely, yet not tightly enough to pinch, “I’m going to make you scream…” Now he saw her nerves and he took advantage, spreading her legs with his knees as he leaned to tease her nipples. “You don’t think I can do it…?” She shook her head, but didn’t speak. Her eyes watched his hotly. He slid his hands up the insides of her thighs, shifting his body back, his eyes hungrily eyeing her pink sex. He parted her with his thumbs, licking his lips as he looked up at her face. “My first shaved pussy,” he explained, “I can’t wait…”

“Mr. Walker…” her voice trailed off on a moan as he pressed an open kiss low on her belly. He bent lower, focusing in on her clit, and circled it with his tongue. She moaned again and he began to feast. Greedily, noisily, he licked and suckled her tender folds, exploring her secrets, tasting her. Now the scent of musk mixed with the vanilla spice and he lapped at her opening, making her squirm with pleasure. Her bound hands reached for him and he chuckled, his breath warm on her wet skin.

“You taste like sweet custard,” he murmured, trailing his tongue along the fold of her hip and thigh, “vanilla and honey and all the spices of the orient…”

“Please, I should…” she began, trying to gather her control again, “It’s your pleasure…”

“Trust me, sweet thing,” he growled. He shifted one hand to cup her ass, his thumb rubbing her hole, teasing her hips into rocking. She whimpered. “I am enjoying myself immensely.”


Doug pulled his thumb away, hearing her breath catch, then eased his middle finger deep into her body. She jerked with a gasp and he lowered his mouth to suckle her clit as he slowly drew his finger out of her clinging heat. She was slender and slick and would be tight on his cock, his body aching with need, his blood quickening with anticipation. He penetrated her again, this time with two fingers, her body arching as she opened for him.

“Cum for me, Sophia,” he murmured, sliding his fingers in and out, rubbing her intimately. He scattered kisses over her belly and thighs, teasing her lightly with his tongue, his fingers pumping against her. Her hips moved against his hand, her breath coming in sobs, her body twisting, tightening. He took his free hand and placed his palm low on her belly, feeling the tension in her muscles. Then he shifted his thumb to her clit, pressing against her. The tension increased as she jerked, gasping again.

He increased the thrust of his fingers, increased the rubbing of his thumb on her clit, felt her body gathering — with a spasm she came, crying out breathlessly as he pulled his hands from her sex and pressed them to her inner thighs, parting her, his mouth covering her quivering hole, sucking and slurping her pleasure like a thirsty man in the desert.

Doug watched her smugly as she slowly drifted back to earth. The flush over her skin paled eventually and her eyes opened, looking for him.

“You shouldn’t have…” she started, her voice still breathless.

“I am enjoying myself,” he grinned at her, reaching up to unbind her hands as he settled his body against hers, his thick erection throbbing against her belly, “Trust me, baby, I’m enjoying this even more than the Harley and Mindy threesome…”

“I don’t understand…” she said softly, sliding her hands down his arms even as his hands slid down her side and under her back.

“Trust me,” he murmured, nuzzling her throat. She tilted her head and he lapped at her skin, stroking her with his tongue even as one of his hands moved between her thighs. She felt the width of his fat head against her opening, tilting her hips with a moan as he teased her with his tip. “Oh, yes,” he groaned, one hand holding her hip steady as he slowly penetrated her body, his thick rod stretching her wide, filling her with throbbing steel.

Sophie moaned again, her body arching to his, her legs wrapped around his hips as he burrowed his cock into her pussy, savoring the tight heat of her. He worked himself deep, until his hips were flush with her thighs, his balls pressed against her swollen folds, his fat head squeezed tight against her core. She shivered and her inner muscles rippled along his length, making him groan with pleasure.

“I love…the feel….of a wet woman….wrapped around….my cock,” Doug managed, his voice hoarse as he rocked his hips against hers, his penis twisting inside her body, the sensation of friction making his eyes cross. The woman beneath him writhed, clutching the pillows, clutching him. Unable to keep still, Doug slid his cock back and thrust to the hilt in one smooth stroke, making Sophie arch with a gasp.

“Yes…” he groaned, drawing back and driving deep, plunging his thick penis into her tight body again and again. She was slick and hot, her hips tilting and thighs spread wide to take his eager thrusts. Pleasure ignited lust and he hammered her body with his manhood, coming up to his knees as he rammed his cock into her heat. She cried out, her nails scoring his shoulders, his back, as she met him stroke for stroke.

Sophie arched again with a cry and he felt her body spasm around him. Groaning, he thrust faster, harder, his cock moving like a piston in and out of her as she got wetter. The slurp of his cock in her hole added to the slap of flesh on flesh and the gasps and grunts of their coupling and increased his arousal. “Yes…yes…” he chanted, leaning into her, working his cock in her hole in an endless rhythm. It was primal, the animal in him demanding pleasure from his prey. It was erotic, the scents of spice, the feel of velvet cushions beneath his knees, the beautiful stranger naked beneath him, enveloping his cock with her juicy body.

“Please…” she screamed, arching up at the same moment he plunged into her core and came, his erection swelling even larger as her pussy clamped around him. He shook, his body straining, as his cock pulsed and his seed erupting into her core. Searing heat flashed between them as he groaned through his climax, pumping his hips against her, ejaculating over and over. She shuddered and moaned and writhed beneath him, her inner muscles working his cock like greedy fingers as he emptied himself into her.

He collapsed onto her, breathing hard as if he had just run miles, his body drenched with sweat, loose and hot. She was also panting, her skin smooth and damp, the tremors of her body slowly tapering off as he spent himself to her depths. He eased back, his penis coated with creamy cum as his head slurped free, his still impressive organ hanging heavy between his thighs, and he sat back on his feet, staring at her. She was flushed, perfect, still spread before him like a delectable feast and he was amazed to feel a stirring in his groin. He slid a hand over his wet shaft, pumping himself as he visualized fucking her.

“Again,” he groaned, turning her over and plumping pillows under her belly. Her bare ass arched up and his dick hardened some as his mouth watered. She moaned as he pushed her legs apart, as he knelt behind her, the view of her creamy pussy incredibly erotic. He licked his lips as he slid his hands over her bare cheeks.

Leaning forward, he parted her swollen folds with his thumbs and began to lap at her wetness. She shivered and moaned again, her ass wiggling as his hands tightened. He could taste himself on her, in her, and his cock throbbed with want, growing heavier, harder, thicker as he burrowed his tongue into her hole. Suckling and slurping, he feasted on her intimately, occasionally slapping one bare ass cheek or the other to hear her gasp, to feel her body jerk.

Just minutes after enjoying their sexual release, he slapped her right cheek hard and her head came up with a cry. Fresh hot cream spilled from her and he groaned, lapping eagerly. She sobbed, panting, pushing her body back against his mouth and he pressed his lips to her hole and sucked greedily. The sucking noise was even more arousing, as she ground herself against his mouth and his cock jerked again.

Doug pulled away, groaning as he scooted up behind her, his throbbing cock fully erect and oozing. He dragged his head up and down her swollen slit before grasping her hips and plunging his penis into her body. Her head came up again as she came instantly, hot quivering muscles working his cock even as hot liquid enveloped him and spilled over his balls. He groaned, pulling completely out and plunging back deep again, ramming his penis into her. Again and again, each stroke making her cry out, making him groan.

And yet it wasn’t enough. He didn’t want a fast fuck. He wanted to give her so much pleasure she was unable to do anything but cum again and again. Gripping her arms, he used his legs to spread her thighs wider, to open her as he leaned down, buried to the hilt.

“Scream, Sophie,” he growled, rubbing his hips against her ass, making his cock twist and rub inside her.

“Mr. Walker…” she breathed. He shifted his knees forward again, gaining more leverage, her legs spread as wide as possible with his cock inside her. Slowly, millimeter by millimeter, he began to ease back. He clenched his jaw, determined not to give in to the throbbing lust in his groin. He drew his cock back until only his head was inside her, taking minutes, enjoying the way she bucked her hips, urging him in. The site of his thick red shaft, dripping with cream, poised at her hole, made him waver, but he tightened his grip.

“Scream,” he repeated softly, leaning a little as he eased into her, penetrating as slowly as he had released. His cock swelled with increased arousal and she whimpered, squirming, as he stuffed his now massive erection tightly inside her. He was trembling with the effort and buried his face in her hair, smelling vanilla, as he tried to hold on. She was also trembling, her lithe body tight, her inner muscles quivering around his shaft.

“Scream,” he whispered. She shook her head. Doug pulled her against him as he sat up, her body straddling his, her weight driving his cock deeper. A strangled moan escaped her. He licked her shoulder, enjoying the sight of looking down on her tight breasts, swollen and flushed.

“Scream,” he murmured. She shook her head again. This time he spread his legs a little and gave a hard buck, slamming his hips to hers. She cried out, shuddering. He chuckled. He’d never felt this hard, this big, this horny. He’d never felt so powerful.

“Scream,” he growled, nipping her ear.

“No,” she managed, her voice weak and breathless. Doug let go of her arms and cupped her breasts. She shivered but remained silent as he stroked and pinched her nipples. His cock was throbbing inside her, huge, full of seed, and she tightened her belly, trying to make him cum first.

Doug groaned as her inner muscles clamped around him. He bucked up, unable to help himself. “Nice try,” he teased, licking her ear. He pressed one hand to her belly, holding her body against his and slid the other between her legs. He stroked her inner thigh, leaning his body back, forcing hers to lean with him. Then he slowly drew out an inch and thrust in an inch, over and over, teasing her with the small strokes.

Her breath caught and her legs quivered, but she bit her lip to hold in the moans of pleasure. He kept up the tiny strokes, rubbing her with his cock, and then added his fingers. He stroked one finger up and down her slit, brushing her clit, but not rubbing, not applying pressure. The light graze had her muscles tingling, her womb tightening. She was so close, her body unable to stop rocking with his.

Doug felt her giving and leaned back more, lengthening his strokes just a little. His balls were tightening and he was so close, but he wasn’t going to back down now. Only about an inch of his penis moved in and out of her, but the caress was with his entire length. She whimpered. Tighter…tighter…He knew he’d won when he felt the first shudder.

Her head jerked back against his shoulder as she screamed, her body arching, as she bucked and twisted in his grip. Unable to hold back, he exploded in a rush, groaning, loving every minute of it, savoring the knowledge that he’d won. She went limp against him and he lowered her to the cushions, slipping his spent cock free. He curled her against him and lay panting, imagining the rest of the night.

Business could be pleasure. Doug was living, satisfied proof.

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