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Brother’s Anal Surprise

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David woke up suddenly. Not really sure what woke him up; he sat up and looked around. It was just 2:00 am. As he rolled over in bed he realized he had a hard-on in his underwear he wore to bed. A little surprised, he thought about maybe giving his hand another workout before rolling over and falling asleep.

As his hand slid under the waistband of his briefs, he heard a noise that froze him. It sounded like it was downstairs. ‘Nobody should be up at this hour’ he thought to himself as he got up and strolled out of his room. It wasn’t fear that had his interest, it was curiosity.

He passed his sister’s room and was just going past his parent’s room when he heard the grunting noise again. He stopped and realized that it was coming from his parent’s room. The door was slightly open and he peered in. The light from the streetlight outside was shining enough into the room and he could see his mom rustling on the bed. He moved closer and opened the door a little more before he realized that his mother was on top of his dad, naked!

He stared as mom was bouncing up and down on his dad. It was his mom that was doing the grunting. He was amazed that he was watching his parents fuck. David’s hand had found its way down under his waistband of his briefs and he had his cock in hand. Slowly he was rubbing as he watched his mom’s tits bounce with every thrust she pushed down on his dad. David’s mom had a very sexy body for 37 years old.

David woke out of his stare and stroking as he heard his mom.

“Kevin, I want you to fuck my ass.” She instructed David’s dad. “I want your hot cum in my ass, NOW!”

David was so stunned at hearing his mom talk that way that he didn’t move a muscle as his parents got into a doggie-style position. For the first time, David got to see his dad’s cock. It was huge compared to his young cock; which he continued to stroke. It couldn’t have been that big because it disappeared in his mom’s ass in one quick thrust.

“Mary, I want to cum now.” His dad yelled out to his wife as he was thrusting in and out.

“Do it, Kevin.” His mom answered back.

As David watched his dad’s cock disappear into his mom. His hand had picked up stroking to the speed of his dad’s thrusts. Just before his dad let out an orgasmic grunt, David filled his hand with the hot jism from his own cock.

“OOOhhhhhhhhhhh…” David’s dad grunted as his hot cum shot into his wife.

Although David couldn’t hear his mom since her face was buried in a pillow, he could see that she was cumming too. Sticky hand and cock, David found his way down the hall to the bathroom to clean up. He grabbed a towel and was cleaning his limp cock off not realizing that he didn’t close the door until he heard the gasp from his sister standing at the door. Hand on cock and jaw wide open, he was caught by his older sister cleaning the cum from his cock.

They both stared for a few seconds before his sister finally spoke up, “David, what… what are you doing?”

David and his sister, Jeanine, had a close relationship for siblings, but this was the first time that they have encountered some type of sexual exchange.

“Well.” David stuttered. “I, um…”

“What David?” His sister knew what he did, but wanted to hear it from him.

“I jerked off watching dad ass fuck mom.” There, he said it.

Incredulous, Jeanine said, “You watched mom and dad have sex???”

After a quick explanation of what happened and how he found himself watching his parents have sex, David begged his sister not to tell.

He didn’t expect the reaction out of his sister that he got. She was jumping up and down like a little girl at a parade. He noticed that she was in a baby-doll outfit and she was not wearing a bra. Her little pert tits were bouncing freely. For a young college girl, she did have that innocent, naïve personality about her.

“Do you think they are still going at it?” She asked as she shot down the hall towards her parent’s room.

David never got the chance to answer, as Jeannine was gone. He also realized that his hand had never left his cock and it was semi hard again. Did getting caught by his sister excite him? He packed his cock back into his briefs as he headed back to his room. He ran into his sister coming back from his parent’s room.

“They were fast asleep.” Jeannine said.

“Sorry, sis.”

Jeannine seemed to be in a daze and speaking to no one, “I would love to have seen that ass fucking.”

Not sure if she was speaking to him as he turned into his room, David asked his sister, “Did you want to see mom get her ass fucked?”

As Jeannine looked back at David, he saw a new lust-filled look on her innocent face. “I would pay anything to see someone getting fucked in the ass. It would be so intense to feel a cock enter your ass and thrust hot cum deep inside you…”

‘Did she want to see it or did she want to be fucked in the ass?’ David was now thinking from what his sister just told him. She wanted a cock in her ass. Did he have the guts to say it?

“Jeannine, do you want to have your ass fucked?”

Her hand was brushing her tits over her baby doll nightwear. Not acting so innocent now, she nodded slowly. She seemed to be looking past David as she was now visibly rubbing her breasts in front of him.

He looked in her eyes and they were not seeing him, but looking through him. “Do you want… Jeannine, do you want me to fuck your ass?”

Almost like a wake up call, Jeannine broke out of her stare and realize that she was rubbing her tits in front of her brother and he just asked her to fuck her ass. Being out in the hall seemed to hasten Jeannine as she grabbed her brother’s arm and lead him into her bedroom and closed the door.

As if she was telling him a secret, she leaded over and whispered to him, “Have you ever ass-fucked a girl before?” And before he could answer, she continued, “Better yet, have you ever fucked a girl?”

“Yes, I have fucked a girl. Remember Lisa?” David said, realizing that he just let out that he had fucked his sister’s friend. “And no, I have never ass fucked a girl before, but I want to.”

Seemingly thinking it over for a while. She finally turned and with those lust-filled eyes, told her brother; “Look, I want this bad. You have to promise that this will be our secret and you will never tell anyone. Promise?”

His cock hard as a rock, he nodded excitedly. “I promise!”

Going over to a draw in her nightstand, Jeannine came back with a little bottle of something. Grabbing his briefs and in one quick move, she had his underwear down at David’s ankles. Stunned, but obedient, he step out of them and he sat on her bed. Jeannine poured some liquid out of the little bottle onto her hand and she rubbed it in her hands for a few seconds. She then took a hold of David’s cock with both hands and was rubbing it up and down slightly. The gel was all over his cock and he was feeling the intense feeling of cumming. But just before the brink of exploding in his sister’s hands, Jeannine stopped.

“What is that?” he asked.

“It’s lube.” She answered. “If you are going to fuck my ass, you need to be well lubricated.”

He nodded in understanding as Jeannine stood up again and in a flash of arms, she stood naked in front of David. Her body was stunning to David. It was not a cheerleader’s body by any means, but it was very attractive. He stared at her pussy lips and realized that it had a little stripe of brownish hair just above the entrance to her lips. Her nipples were sticking way out and were very pink, almost red. Jeannine had put one leg on the bed and was using her hands to lube up her ass. From the view, David could see Jeannine was sliding her fingers individually into her ass. His rock hard cock was now twitching with excitement as Jeannine got on the bed on all fours and called back to him. “Okay, I’m ready. Now take it easy since neither of us have done this.”

Getting right behind her, David looked at his sister’s ass and pussy staring right back at him. Both had such an alluring sense about them and for a brief moment, he thought about fucking her pussy. But the will to take his sister’s virgin ass was too great. With his hand he guided his cock to the puckered opening. Jeannine reached behind her to help guide him into her ass. The head of his cock pressed against her hole and was met with a little resistance. Not knowing what to do David stopped. But it was a brief stop since Jeannine started pushing back to him. There was a little suction sound as the head broke through the opening of her ass. They both stopped. Placing both hands on her hips David then proceeded to push into her.

“Slowly…” She whispered.

Taking heed of her warning, David pressed into Jeannine carefully. He was about a third of the way in with his young cock when she let out a muffled cry. He stopped fearing that it was hurting her. A second or two went by and then she pushed back on his cock taking more in. With Jeannine pushing back, he pushed further until all of his five inches was buried in her ass. His balls were slightly touching her pussy lips. He could feel the excitement and if he moved, he would shoot his load too soon.

About a minute later, Jeannine spoke. “Now fuck me slowly like you would to my pussy. And when I tell you, fuck me as hard as you can.”

With the skill of a novice, David started fucking her ass slowly. Going in and out slow enough that he would shoot his wad too fast. A few times he pulled out of her ass only to have her place him right back in. He was hearing her grunt faster and faster. So, he picked up the pace as she begged for it. He was picking up the pace just as he heard his sister scream into the pillow. She had hit her orgasm.

“Mmmmmmmmmm…ooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww…” muffled in the pillow, she let it out.

Hearing her orgasm, he fucked her with fury. A few quick hard thrusts and he was dumping his hot cum into his sister’s ass.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” He moaned as his jism was shooting in her ass.

Jeannine’s orgasm never subsided as her brother shot hot cum in her ass. She just kept going and going and going. She could feel the intensity ten-fold. He brother’s final thrust pushed his cock into her ass all the way and it stayed. She slowly let her body down to the bed and her brother followed her never taking his wilting cock out of her until it fell out as they laid flat on the bed. Both were so exhausted that it was only natural that they fell asleep cuddled together from a virgin experience for both of them.

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