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Blind Reluctance

Category: Fetish
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I can’t see anything. I am tied up and I feel helpless. He knows I am scared but excited too. He walks around outside the door. I can hear his foot falls. He has kept me here for a very long time with out a feed. I am hungry and I hunger for him. I can’t believe that even so, I still prefer sex over my feed. I laughed at my sick thought and feelings.

“What the fuck are you laughing about?” he said against the door in a growl.

“I want you. I want you to feed me…” I said slowly.

I hear pacing. I hear his foot steps walking from one side to the next until his footfalls became louder and as he walks towards the door and open it. I knew he was walking towards me as I hear his steps become louder. Am I finally going to get it? Am I finally going to get to work for my feed?

He picked me up roughly to stand and untied my hands. I held my hands to my side. I know he likes to look at me. My naked helpless body is intoxicating for him. A moment of pause told me that he was drinking in his fill of me. I can feel his eyes roaming all over my body. He was staring hard and long at my body and I feel my body react to his stare as it began to burn with embarrassment. I hear his heavy breathing and feel his breath blow ever so softly against my hot skin.

I remembered how it took me weeks to kill the urge to cover myself up. I thought that would bring out the beast in him more. But later, I realized if I would just sit and hide myself, he would then react quickly, than to just stand there looking at me. He even figured out, that I figure out it entices him more, my helpless state.

I hear movement. I think he is going to touch me and I brace myself for his touch. But instead I felt something jello like and ribbed against my stomach. It seems that to night I would have to work extra hard for my reward.

He wants me to use the vibrator in his hands. I think it is pink. It feels like it is pink. Being in this state for so long you can feel even color. I reached up for it and he pulled it away.

“No I want you to ask for it?” I know what he means when he says this. I know he wants me to go on my hands and knees and bend over, so he can put it in. Tonight, must be a full moon because this time I placed one hand on the floor and as I reached back with the other up between my legs and spread my lips apart.

“Someone seems to be more into it than usual.” he said with a sneer.

“Please, let me serve you as you wish.” was all I could say, breathlessly. I became instantly wet from my own actions. I can feel my wetness drip from my sweet lips and onto my stomach or hand(where ever it can go).

My heart starts to beat fast as I hear movement again, ruffling of clothes as I guessed he bent over to place the dildo at the opening of my lips. My body braced for touch or feel as he rubbed it up and down against my swollen strained lips, getting it moist with my wetness. The ribbed dildo would pass along my clit stimulating it, making me arch my back and jerk from pleasure.

“Do you like that?” he said.

I am scared to answer him. He knows that I know that if he knows that I like it, he would stop. But sometimes he would be merciful and allow me to have pleasure. I want to cum but I want him to bring me there. I want him in me.

“I like what ever you do to me.” I said cautiously.

“Even when I do this?” he began to remove the dildo slowly up and away from my opening. A tell tale moan gave me away. And I heard him chuckle at my pain.

I hear rustling of clothing again as he probably rose and then turned to walk away. He is back to pacing the room again. I remain in my position waiting for anything. The cold air surrounding my body ups my anticipation. It felt like forever before I heard him walk over towards me and pulled me against his groin. I can feel the bulge under his pants as he rubbed it against my wet opening. I couldn’t help myself as I groan out loud. He felt so good against my ass and opening that I reached back grabbing his bulge. My hands could feel his stiffness under the drenched clothing at his crotch where mines had met his.

“Let go.” he said quietly and very low. The grinding had stopped from him but I kept rocking back against him and stroking him with my free hand, hoping that the heated wetness of my cunt might entice him to do more.

“No…” I said defeated. He grabbed my other hand and I nearly hit my head against the ruff stubbed of the carpet. He pulled me up just in time and against his chest. My heart was still racing from fright as he turned my head side ways. A smacking sound came to me before the tip of his hot tongue dipped into my ear. The suddenness of it made me squealed in pleasure and shock. He stuck his finger in my mouth. I started to suck on it. I had a goal and that goal was to satisfy him. I really do need to feed.

“Who is my horny bitch?” He said menacingly.

“I am.” I said wantonly. His tongue dripped from my ear and on to my shoulder sucking my flesh hard and then teasingly as he flicker his tongue over my skin. The wet sensual sounds can still be heard even as he moves lower on my body. His hot saliva left cold and wet traces along my body. I can hear the blood rushing to my head and my heart pounding faster. My hands were locked again behind my back but in his hands. I can feel his strong grip but his soft tongue held me captive the most. I just wanted him to fuck me so I can feed. I pushed back against his crotch insistent on my goal.

“Ok, I get it!” he said and pushed my head to the floor.

Once again my ass was up in the air and even more so as he pushed his hand into my lower back. I knew he knew that I knew once again he was watching me. I was so expose and open to him. It frightens me how much he sees with his eyes of my body when I know nothing of his. I hear the ruffling of clothes and the unzipping sound a zipper makes. More rustling before I heard silence. My breath hitched in my throat as I waited, anticipating his entrance. I felt it but it was fingers. Two of them stuck deep in me.

“You thought it was my dick, didn’t you?” he said while he pulled out his fingers and started to finger fuck me deviously. He was fast and hard. Every stab of his finger hit and brushed against my G-Spot. This time I couldn’t hold myself back anymore as I felt my self letting go into a frenzy. I started to gasp out loudly, moaning and groaning in pleasure and panting from the exertion of my body. The sound of meat being stabbed made me wetter and grip his fingers suckingly.

Finally, I felt his fingers left my cunt only to be stabbed into my ass. He started to finger fuck me there hard too, but was met with some resistance. He pulled his fingers back out of my ass only to plunge them in again accompanied by his dick in my pussy.

“Yes!” was all I could utter.

As he kept fucking my ass and cunt. His dick felt big and long in me. I can feel him nearly in my stomach. His balls slapping against my clit. He is always ruthless with his thrusts as the loud smacking sound was accompanied by a sticky sucking wet sound. He kept hitting me at the opening of my womb. His insistent thrusts was met with mines. I wanted him deeper as deep as he can go or my body can allow.

His fingers staid deep in my ass holding me in place nearly, as he slammed his cock deep into my cunt.

I can hear he is enjoying himself as his pleasure spilled from his lips. His pants became more labored and the droplets of sweat splashed on my back. My senses were heighten. Since I couldn’t see, I heard and felt instead. He slammed long and hard into me, awakening me from my thoughts. And I felt my pussy muscles contract and grip him, savoring his meat as it slid slowly this time back out. I wanted to grip him tighter and hold him deeper in my love tunnel. But the feeling of him retracting slowly teased my G-Spot and I quivered. Just when I was about to push back to hold him in he would thrust back in. He was hitting me hard, tickling my cervix as his dick reached so deep with in me. It feels so good when he does that, I ache for more of his brutal thrusts.

Finally, I heard him catch his breath and his body jerk to an halt. He dislodge his heavy and thick cock from my wet cunt and I turned around groping in the dark for his cock. He guided my failing hand to his dick and I sucked feverishly onto it. I coaxed and pumped him till he exploded long and hard into my mouth and I kept sucking on his cock drinking my feed. I held on to his balls hoping this time I would gulp more of my feed down than before.

When there was nothing left, he grabbed my hair and tilted my head back.

“Open your eyes.” he said.

“I don’t want to open them.” I said licking my lips.

I like the darkness and the way it makes me feel helpless. He finds it weird that I would always wait for him to come home. I would be naked and tied up, with my eyes close. He doesn’t understand that I feel more with my eyes closed. If only he would blind fold me…

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