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As Linda there on her bed, her mind began to wander. She had just gotten home from work, and had decided to lie down for a few minutes before starting dinner. And as she laid there, she started thinking about an amazing massage that she had gotten a few days ago, and the incredibly beautiful woman who had given it to her. This Lady Masseuse was new at the gym, and her name was Tina (or at least that was what it said on her name tag).

The massage that Tina had given her was without a doubt the best massage Linda had ever had, bar none. The room lights were off and candles were glowing as aromatherapy floated through the air, sensuous music setting the mood for relaxation. But although Linda had become very relaxed, she had also become very turned on, and had wanted this gorgeous creature to do more than just massage her.

And now as Linda laid there in bed, she began to fantasize about what she had wanted to have happen. While Tina was massaging her upper back, Linda had imagined that she had slid her hands around and massaged the sides of Linda’s breasts, touching them very sensuously. And as she did this, Linda had wanted Tina to turn her over to lick and suck her tits, taking her hard, erect nipples into her mouth, drawing them in and licking them wildly, touching Linda’s body in so many erotic ways that she could hardly stand it. And Linda had also wanted her to move slowly down toward her clit and start licking it while pinching and squeezing her nipples, taking her clit into her mouth and sucking on it, biting it lightly as she became more and more excited. She felt herself being so turned on by this fantasy that she felt as thought she was being transported back to that room and that Tina was massaging her right then.

And then, in an instant, her thoughts returned to Tina, and what she had wanted to have happen. She had wanted Tina to stick her tongue deep inside her vagina, pulling it in and out, in and out, over and over again. Wow, she thought, that sounded so incredible and amazing. Linda had also wanted Tina to run her fingers up and down the entire length of her body, hearing her moan and see her squirm under the wonderment of what was happening. Then she had wanted her to get on top of her, take off her blouse and dangle her breasts in her face so she could suck on her tits, cupping them in her hands, feeling how full they were and then kissing and licking them to see how delicious they tasted. Right now, she wanted so much to lick Tina’s nipples and pull them into her mouth, sucking on them until they were hard and erect, and then put her fingers in her pussy to feel her wetness there. She wanted to hear her gasp and moan in response to her touch. And she wanted Tina to take off the rest of her clothes so they could lie naked together and feel each other all over, their bodies intertwined, full of passion and desire – kissing, deep and passionately, and groping each other.

Linda had been fantasizing about being with another woman for quite a while now, and thought a lot about sucking on another woman’s tits and nipples, but she didn’t know how to make it happen. When she was at the mall by herself, she would sit on a bench and watch women walking by, undressing them with her eyes and imagining how they would look naked. Sometimes she felt as if she had suddenly become so sexually charged that sex had become all she thought about. She would be at work and couldn’t wait to get home so she could masturbate and indulge in her fantasies. On the way home sometimes, she would play with herself in the car, sticking her fingers inside her pussy, feeling the wetness there, playing with her clit and stimulating herself. She had even bought another pocket rocket to put in her purse so she could use it in the car sometimes as she drove along, thinking about what the other drivers would think if they saw her. And sometimes, she even went into the bathroom to masturbate in one of the stalls during the day at work. Oh, how exciting that was when someone walked in, and she knew that they were out there, imagining how shocked they would be if they knew what she was doing. Or maybe they wouldn’t be shocked at all. Maybe lots of women masturbated in the stalls of the bathroom during the day at work. Hmmm, what a thought. Of course, she wondered that if other women masturbated in the stalls, how many were thinking of both men and women. And she also wondered if she was just bi-curious… or was actually bi-sexual.

And as Linda thought more and more about this, she sat up on her bed, and slowly took off her clothes until she was completely naked. And then her hands began to explore her own body, touching her nipples and squeezing them gently at first, and then harder and more firmly, twisting and pinching them in her fingers. Linda could feel her pussy becoming more and more wet as it started to ache, and all she could think about was Tina, this gorgeous woman, putting her fingers inside her wet, hot pussy while she sucked on her clit, biting it and flicking it with her tongue. Linda laid back down on her bed and put her fingers inside her vagina, and she immediately felt so hot, so incredibly turned on that she started pushing her fingers in and out, in and out, hearing the gushing noises from the incredible wetness that had formed in her pussy.

With these swirling images surging through her mind as she continued to feel herself and explore her body, her mind became so engrossed in this amazing fantasy that she didn’t notice that Dan, her boyfriend, had arrived home and had walked into the room. It was only when she started to lean over to open the drawer where she kept her vibrator and clit stimulator that he came over to her and whispered seductively, “Oh my God, baby, you look so hot and delicious laying there like that, squeezing and pinching your nipples, and finger-fucking yourself. Can I join in? Or do you want me to just watch?”

And then realizing that she was looking at him with a distant, far-off look in her eyes, obviously completely engrossed in a fantasy, he said, “Or maybe you want me to leave the room so you can be alone with your fantasy?”

Startled, Linda looked at Dan, and saw the longing and desire in his eyes. Feeling the passion that was building inside her, she leaned toward him, held his head in her hands, and started kissing him passionately. He responded immediately, kissing her passionately as well, and as their tongues began to dance in each other’s mouths, he stood up and took off his pants to reveal an enormous erection. Linda looked at him with an amazingly seductive look in her eyes, and as he moved toward her, she grabbed his hard cock in her hand and started stroking it. Then she leaned down and put it in her mouth, sucking it while she massaged his balls.

Still standing there, he moaned in response, telling Linda, “Oh yeah, baby, suck my hard cock. Oh Linda, that feels so good.”

Looking at him seductively, Linda asked, “Mmmmm, do you like that baby?” knowing full well what the answer would be in advance.

“Oh yes, baby, it feels so good,” Dan responded. “You suck on my cock so good. That’s it, put it way down in your throat.”

And then Linda did just that, pushing his cock so far down in her throat that she practically gagged. Then drawing his cock in and out of her throat repeatedly, thrusting it deep down into her throat again and again and again. Then she moved slightly and put his balls in her mouth, gently sucking on them separately and then both of them together as she stroked his cock with her hand, up and down, up and down, up and down, harder and faster with each stroke as she continued to suck on his balls.

Dan gasped and moaned, “Oh Linda, yes, suck on my balls, just like that. Oh yeah, baby, you do that so good. And stroke my cock just like that. Oh yes, baby, that feels so good.”

Linda continued to suck on his balls and stroke his cock, and then started to lick his cock, from its tip down to his balls before taking it in her mouth again and drawing it deep into her throat, almost gagging again from how far down she was pushing it. She loved to suck Dan’s cock, and she loved how responsive he was as he gasped and moaned, telling her how great it felt, how good she was at giving him oral, and how sexy she was.

“Oh my God, baby, you’re so hot tonight, and I bet you’re really wet by now,” Dan said excitedly, and then said, “Let me suck your pussy, baby. I want to taste your pussy juices and suck on your clit.”

And with that, Dan moved onto the bed and laid down as Linda got on top of him and sat on his face. Immediately, Dan started licking and sucking on Linda’s pussy, sending Linda off into outer space. What a rush of sensations. Linda held onto the headboard, feeling almost weak from how incredible it was making her feel.

As Dan continued to lick and suck on her cunt, sticking his tongue way down deep inside her vagina, Linda gasped and moaned, and then said with a breathless sigh, “Oh Dan, that feels so good, so incredible. Oh, God, yes. Keep sucking my cunt just like that.”

Then Dan flicked Linda’s clit with his tongue and bit it lightly, pulling her clit into his mouth and sucking on it wildly. Linda was practically trembling and panting by now, telling Dan how wonderful it felt and how amazing his oral talents were. And then, Dan moved his mouth up to suck on Linda’s nipple, and as he did, he stuck a finger into her pussy, probing, amazed at the wetness, and feeling so completely turned on. Still probing with his one finger, he stuck in another finger, pushing both fingers in and out, in and out. And then a third finger, probing around in the wetness inside Linda’s cunt, stretching his fingers out to expand her pussy and then sticking his fingers in as deep as they would go. His fingers were so deep inside her that he could feel a firm bump at the back of her pussy, and he started to rub it with his fingers, placing his fingers underneath it and massaging it.

And then, almost screaming, Linda yelled out, “Oh Dan, that feels so good… I’m going to cum,” as he continued to suck on her nipple and probe her wet, hot pussy with his three fingers. Linda started to bounce wildly on his fingers, pressing her clit hard against his hand and then rubbing it.

Then, in a frenzied tone, she yelled out, “Oh Dan, I’m cumming,” as she exploded into an amazingly strong orgasm, feeling her pussy contracting around his fingers. Squeezing her vagina around his fingers and rubbing her clit on his hand, she continued to cum, climaxing so incredibly hard that she couldn’t believe it. Gasping, moaning, panting, she just kept cumming.

Still cumming, Linda moved away from Dan’s face and down on his body toward his hard, stiff cock, took it in her hand, placed it under her pussy and slammed it into her hot, waiting cunt. Gasping and moaning, Linda started riding Dan’s cock, pushing herself up and down, up and down as Dan’s hard, stiff cock slid in and out of her repeatedly.

“Oh Dan, I really needed your cock inside me,” Linda said as she continued to ride Dan’s cock, and then said, in an excited tone, “Your cock is so hard and so stiff. God, it feels so good.”

Dan looked up at Linda, there on top of him, riding his cock, and then said, “Wow, baby, you’re really horny tonight, aren’t you? And you’re so hot and incredibly wet.”

Linda looked down at Dan, and then lowered herself slightly so she could dangle her tits in his face. She took one of her tits in her hand and offered it to Dan, saying seductively, “Here baby, do you want to suck on my nipple? I really want you to suck on it.”

And of course, Dan complied, starting to lick Linda’s nipple, and then drawing it into his mouth, sucking on it wildly. He then put his hands around both of her tits, pushing them together and massaging them, he started sucking on both nipples at the same time. Linda gasped and moaned, loving every second of what Dan was doing, while she continued to ride his cock, so hard and stiff inside her.

And then, Linda started panting breathlessly, saying, “Oh God, Dan, I’m going to cum, baby. Oh God, I’m cumming, baby… I’m cumming.”

Dan watched as Linda started to cum, and then said, “Oh yes, baby, cum on my hard cock… cum for me, baby.”

At this point, Linda was practically gasping for air, riding Dan’s cock wildly as he continued to lick and suck on her nipples. And then, in a frenzied, frenetic tone, she yelled out, “Oh Dan, I’m cumming, I’m cumming…”

So completely turned on by what he was feeling and seeing, Dan yelled out, “Oh God, yes, baby… I’m cumming, too.”

And then, they started to cum together, reveling in the amazing feelings that were rushing through both their bodies, feeling so close and sensual as their bodies merged and united in an enormous climax, both of them cumming together.

As their joint orgasm started to subside, Dan held Linda tightly and started to kiss her tenderly, first on her neck and then on her lips, telling her just how sexy she was, how erotic and exciting it had been for him. And how much he loved her. Feeling so close to Dan at that moment, Linda told him that she felt exactly the same way, and that she had felt so connected to him as they made love and came together.

And then, Linda found herself telling him about her massage last week with Tina, something she had wanted to do since then, but simply hadn’t been able to put it all in words. But now, in the afterglow of their amazing love-making, she was finally able to tell him about this amazing experience in ways that she couldn’t have put into words before this very moment.

Dan hung on every word, his eyes fixated on Linda as she described in vivid detail how she had felt when Tina was massaging her, how attracted she felt to her then and had continued to feel since then. And Dan seemed even more fascinated with Linda telling him how she had noticed even before the experience with Tina how she had noticed her growing fascination and attraction toward women, even undressing them with her eyes, and how she had been fantasizing about being with a woman sexually.

As Linda finished her story, she looked at Dan and was a little upset when she realized that he was just laying there staring into space, completely silent and looking stunned. But in reality, Dan’s mind was swirling with all that she had told him as well as the implications for their relationship and he didn’t know what to say. He had always fantasized about a threesome, but he thought it would always remain a fantasy. He never imagined that it could ever really happen, but now.

“Oh, Dan,” Linda finally said, “I’m so sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Hearing Linda’s voice again seemed to snap Dan out of his fantasy world, and as he looked at her and seeing she was upset, he said reassuringly, “Oh no, baby, I’m not upset. I’m just a little stunned by what you told me, but really, I think it’s so amazing, and so sexy.”

Relieved, Linda said in a concerned tone, “Really, baby? What are you thinking, though, because you looked so lost in thought and I can’t read your expression.”

Dan thought for a moment, and then said, “Oh God, a million things, Sweetie. My mind is going a mile a minute, and I’ve been fantasizing about what this could mean for our relationship, and for me.”

Linda looked perplexed and then said, “What do you mean, Dan? I love you very much, and I hope you know it doesn’t have anything to do with that. I mean, I’m not a lesbian. I’ve just really begun to ask myself if I’m simply bi-curious, or am I actually bi-sexual.”

Dan laughed and then said, “Oh no, baby, I don’t mean like that. I mean that if you’re really wanting to be with another woman, maybe you’d let me watch, and then maybe later on, we could have a threesome.”

“Wow,” Linda responded, “that sounds amazing. I’d really like to be with a woman on my own first, though. Would that be okay with you?”

“Yes, honey, that would be fine,” Dan replied, “Whatever you’d be comfortable with.”

Linda smiled in relief because she didn’t think she could be with another woman the first time with Dan in the room. And she told Dan just that – she needed to work through this alone at first. But since she didn’t know how to go about finding a woman to be with, she asked Dan for his suggestions. Dan thought for a moment, and then told her that perhaps they could find a woman on the Internet – maybe on one of the websites for that type of thing. He told Linda that he would do some research and then they could decide together what to do next. Linda agreed and thanked Dan for his help.

Laying there in bed, feeling completely spent from their love-making episode, and from the talk of Linda’s fantasies of being with another woman sexually, they just held each other and then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When Linda awakened, she reached over for Dan, but he wasn’t in bed. She got up and walked into the living room, and there was Dan, on the computer. Just standing there, she said, “Hi honey, I guess I feel asleep after we fucked.”

Dan laughed and said, “Yes, and that was quite some fucking session, baby. Your fantasies made you really hot tonight, and I loved it.”

“Yeah, I guess they did,” Linda replied, thinking about how hot it had been. “And you knew just what to do and say to satisfy me,” she added.

“Oh, that’s your story, huh?” Dan said, “I thought it was Tina and all those women you’ve been watching and undressing in your mind that satisfied you tonight,” laughing slightly and in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

“Danny, that’s not true,” Linda said in a hurt voice, “I love you. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, Linda, I know you love me,” Dan replied, “and I love you very much. It’s just that this is all very new to me and I’m still adjusting to the thought of you being with another woman sexually, and without me there. But I’ll be okay.”

Linda walked over to Dan, leaned over and hugged him, saying, “I understand, baby, but it would just be once or twice, and then we can go from there, OK?”

“Yes, Sweetie, that’s sounds fine,” Dan said, “but I can’t wait until when you let me watch, and then participate. It sounds so incredibly hot to see you with another woman.”

Hearing Dan say that sent shivers through Linda’s body. The thought of actually being with another woman was so exciting to her, and she longed to have that experience. Sucking on another woman’s breasts sounded so amazing that she could hardly stand it. And feeling the wetness in another woman’s pussy turned Linda on so much.

Of course, her real fantasy was to be with Tina, the Masseuse, but since Linda didn’t know whether she would be interested, and was hesitant to broach the subject with her, it was doubtful that would ever really happen.

Dan looked at Linda and saw that far-away look in her eyes again, and thought he knew what she was thinking about. It made him very horny to think about Linda being with another woman, and even more turned on to think about being there, watching Linda and another woman together, sucking on each others tits, touching each others pussies, watching as they came. Wow, Dan thought, I can’t wait until Linda will let me be there, and then be involved. Double WOW!!!

Seeing Linda snap out of her fantasy a little, he started to tell her about some research he had been doing on the Internet while she was asleep, saying that he had found some websites where they could look for a woman for her to experiment with. Linda listened intently and watched in fascination as Dan showed her the websites he had found. Then Dan suggested that they put a profile of her one a couple of the websites to see if they could find a woman for her to meet and see what develops. And so they did just that, putting a couple of pictures that Dan had taken of her recently on the profile to try to attract some women for Linda to check out.

After writing the profile and reworking it several times, they became satisfied and posted it. The profile read as follows:


I’ve been having fantasies about being with another woman sexually for quite a while now, and now I want the fantasies to become reality. I’m a very sensual, passionate lady, and I’m looking for a bisexual lady who has experience with another woman because I’m new at this and need someone to lead me through this. I have a boyfriend, but he won’t be involved the first time although I’ve told him that he can watch and then participate later on — after I have experienced this on my own. So please, help me out, won’t you???

Deciding to post the profile was a big step for Linda. On the other hand, Dan was so excited by the very thought of it that he kept getting erections out of nowhere. After all, he thought, this is every man’s dream; his girlfriend or wife wanting to be with another woman and have a threesome. Dan had not felt this excited and aroused in a very long time.

The next couple of weeks were spark-filled with Linda getting several messages from women wanting to be her “first one.” A couple of the messages were very graphic with their descriptions of what the women wanted to do with Linda, and she was turned on by all the attention.

One woman, in particular, really interested Linda. She said her name was Donna, that she had realized she was bisexual about 3 years ago, and had been with several women since then. She said that she also had boyfriends now and then, but that she didn’t have a steady one at that time. Her profile said she was 5′ 8″ tall, had long blonde hair, and was curvy and voluptuous with big breasts. Explaining that she loved big breasts with hard, erect nipples as well as wet, hot pussies, she also said that she loved women who were soft and feminine, and that Linda seemed to be that in spades. Very seductively, she said that if she were to be with Linda, she wanted to play with her tits, feeling her nipples getting hard and erect while she pulled them into her mouth, licking and sucking on them while she listened to Linda moan and groan. She continued by saying that she wanted to feel Linda’s pussy getting wet with her fingers while she was kissing her, deep and long – then going down on her, sticking her tongue deep inside her wet, hot pussy, tasting the sweet juices, and sucking on her clit until she came in her mouth.

Linda was very intrigued by this woman, but since her profile didn’t have any pictures on it, Linda asked her for a face pic. But the lady said that because of her profession, she didn’t have any pics on her profile, and since she didn’t feel comfortable having any “out there,” she hoped that Linda would trust her when she said that she was an attractive woman who wouldn’t disappoint Linda at all.

At first, Linda thought she couldn’t meet someone when she hadn’t seen their picture, but she did feel some chemistry between them, at least in the emails, so she decided to continue to exchange emails and see where this would lead.

After exchanging a few messages, Linda then received a message from Donna asking if she wanted to meet on Saturday night at a near-by bar. Linda was so excited to think about meeting a woman for the first time that she immediately said YES, and they made arrangements to meet at the bar of a restaurant that Dan and Linda had been to several times. Since Donna had seen some pictures of Linda, but Linda didn’t know what Donna looked like, Donna said that she would be on the “look-out” for Linda, and that Linda should look for a woman dressed in black with long blonde hair.

Of course, Dan was very aroused to think that Linda was meeting Donna, especially since Linda had let him read the messages that Donna and her had exchanged. All the talk about big breasts, hard erect nipples and hot wet pussies had Dan very aroused. He had masturbated several times after reading their messages, and Linda and he had had several very hot love-making sessions afterward. Dan kept thinking about watching Linda and Donna together as he watched them kiss, fondle and undress each other, and then begin sucking and licking on each others’ tits and pussies. Wow, Dan thought, it would be so amazing to watch them together, and the thought of being with Linda and another woman sent him over the edge into a head spin. And of course, every time Dan had that thought, he got so hard that he had to jerk himself off — and when he did, he came in an eruption of cum all over the place.

When the night arrived for her to meet this woman, Linda was very nervous. She tried on several outfits, and finally decided on a low-cut black dress that Dan said made her look “very sexy and beautiful.” When she was finally ready, she kissed Dan good-bye and started driving toward the bar. When she got to the bar, she sat in the car for a few minutes, collecting herself. She checked and re-checked her hair and make-up, and then she got out of the car and started walking toward the restaurant door.

Opening the door to the bar was like nothing Linda had ever done before. She felt as though she was walking into an amazing fantasy and was about to change her life forever. So incredibly turned-on by the thought of what might happen tonight, she started walking toward the bar when she saw a woman with blonde hair wearing a black dress. Knowing this was what Donna said she would be wearing, she looked closer and suddenly realized it was Tina, the Massage Therapist.

Linda just stood there for a moment, stunned, thinking that this can’t be, that “Donna” couldn’t be Tina, but the only woman there with long blonde hair and wearing black was Tina. And when Tina looked at Linda and smiled, motioning to her to come sit by her, Linda’s world as she knew it was about to become very, very interesting, indeed.

Hesitating for a moment, Linda began walking toward not only the bar, but also Donna/Tina. She felt like she was in slow-motion, and the world had stopped turning completely. Almost like she was in a movie. Finally, she reached the bar and sat down at the stool next to Tina.

Looking at Linda, Tina smiled sheepishly and then said, “Wow, Linda, I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite a while now.”

“Oh, have you?” Linda said and then laughed lightly. “You know I’m in shock, right?”

“Yes, I’m sure you are,” Tina replied. “Do you want a drink?”

“Or two or three,” Linda replied, still trying to gather her thoughts. Motioning to the bartender, Linda ordered a Cosmo with Grey Goose and a lime wedge. Then she looked over and realized that she had ordered exactly what Tina was drinking.

“A woman after my own heart,” Tina said, as she reached out and touched Linda’s thigh. Then she told the bartender that she would have another as well. After he turned to walk away, Tina began rubbing Linda’s thigh in circular motions. The touch of Tina’s fingers immediately sent electrical charges into Linda’s pussy, causing her to squirm a little in her chair.

“Oh my,” Linda said, as she touched Tina’s hand and held it there on her own thigh. “Do you have any idea how turned on I am right now?” Linda asked in a whispered tone.

“Well, I hope you’re as turned on as I am,” Tina replied as she continued to rub Linda’s thigh.

And then Tina continued by saying, “You know, I was very attracted to you when you came to get that massage from me, and I sensed you were attracted to me. So when I realized that it was you who I was exchanging messages with, I was absolutely ecstatic.”

“Well, you could have filled me in, you know,” Linda replied.

Tina laughed and then said, “And miss this moment? No, this is too good.”

Smiling, Linda replied with a slight laugh, “Yes, this is priceless. Just wait until I tell my boyfriend. He’s gonna love this.”

Just then, the bartender arrived with the lady’s drinks. Linda reached out to get her glass, and as Tina picked up her glass, she held it up and said, “Here’s to a wonderful new friendship.”

Smiling, Linda clicked Tina’s glass, and then said, “Yes, I can tell we’re going to be very good friends.”

After sipping their drinks, Linda and Tina put their glasses down. Pausing for a moment, Tina finally said, “So, what did you mean about just wait until I tell my boyfriend, that he’s gonna love this.”

“I just mean that I’ve told him how attracted I am to you, and he loved how turned on talking about it makes me,” Linda began, continuing by saying, “In fact, my attraction to you is what fueled my putting up that profile you found.”

“Oh, I see,” Tina replied, and then said in a teasing tone, “so just how turned on have thoughts of me been making you?”

Laughing lightly, Linda said, “Well, after getting a massage from you, I went home and started masturbating while thinking of you, and he walked in on me. Made for quite a sexually-charged love-making session.”

“Mmmmm, sounds very sexy,” Tina replied, “I’m glad I could help.”

“Oh, yes, you have helped tremendously,” Linda whispered seductively. “I’ve fantasized about you and me together for weeks now. But now I want to know what it’s really like to be with you.”

Tina smiled and then whispered back to Linda, “Well, why don’t we go to my place then and make this fantasy a reality?”

Hearing Tina say this sent amazing sensations through Linda’s body. After gazing into Tina’s eyes for a moment, Linda finally said, “Yes, let’s do that.”

Without hesitating, Tina turned and motioned to the bartender for their check. As the bartender approached, he said, “So, are you ladies out of here already?”

Laughing, both Tina and Linda looked at each other and said, “Yes, we’ve got lots of stuff to do tonight.”

After paying the check, Tina stood up, took Linda by the hand, and said, “So, shall we?”

Hardly able to believe that this was really happening, Linda stood up and replied, “Oh yes, Tina, let’s go.”

And with that, they began walking through the bar and toward the door. When they reached the outside sidewalk, Tina grabbed Linda’s hand again and squeezed it, sending very strong electrical charges throughout Linda’s body. Linda was so worked up by now that she could barely walk, and she was looking forward to what awaited… an evening fulfilling her fantasy of being not only with another woman, but with Tina.

Looking over at Linda, Tina said, “So do you want to ride with me in my car? We could come back and get your car later.”

Smiling, Linda replied, “Yes, that would be great,” thinking that she would love to be alone with her in Tina’s car right now.

When they reached Tina’s car, she opened the car door and let Linda in on the passenger side. Then she walked around to the driver’s side and got in. As Tina started the car, she suddenly felt Linda’s hand on her thigh, rubbing it as Tina had done in the bar earlier. Stopping, she looked over at Linda and said, “Oh, so you want to get started now?”

Without saying another word, Linda’s hand began moving up Tina’s thigh. Lifting up her skirt slightly, Linda’s hand then began to move even higher, toward Tina’s waiting pussy. Then she touched her pussy through her panties and felt wetness forming there.

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” Tina replied, as she reached out and touched Linda’s breast through her blouse. “Ah, you don’t have a bra on, and your nipples are very hard and erect.”

“Yes, it’s the effect you’re having on me,” Linda replied, as she put her hand inside Tina’s panties and began rubbing her clit. Hearing Tina gasp and moan was like music to her ears, and she was turned on even more with each sound.

After a moment, Tina reached out her other hand and touched Linda’s face, drawing her in close as she began to kiss her, lightly at first and then much more deeply. Linda gasped, backed away slightly, looked at Tina for a second, and then put her other hand around Tina’s shoulder, drawing her in closely and began kissing her passionately. Opening her mouth, Tina began French kissing Linda… and of course, Linda reciprocated. As their tongues danced together in each other’s mouths, Linda couldn’t believe how wonderful it was kissing Tina, touching her thigh, feeling her wet pussy, and rubbing her hard clit.

Finally, Tina stopped and looked at Linda and then said, “Wow, this is amazing, Linda, but I’d much rather finish this in private.”

Laughing seductively, Linda agreed and said, “Yes, let’s go to your place now. I can’t wait to be naked with you in bed.”

“Oh yes,” Tina replied, “my thoughts exactly.”

Tina put the car in gear, backed out of the parking space, and began driving toward her apartment. As they drove along, Linda kept thinking how amazing this was — something she had been fantasizing about for several weeks now was becoming a reality. Looking over at Tina, she whispered, “My God, you’re beautiful. I’ve thought that from the moment I saw you and you gave me that massage.”

Smiling, Tina replied, “Well, then we were having identical thoughts because I thought you were amazingly beautiful the first time I saw you, too, and I wanted to tell you then how attracted I was to you.”

“Oh, believe me, I would have loved that,” Linda said, “and I would have loved to kiss you and fondle you then, too.”

Laughing, Tina said, “Yeah, well, that’s kind of frowned on in the massage therapy field, you know.”

“Yes, I know,” Linda replied, “but a girl can fantasize, can’t she?”

Tina smiled and looked over at Linda, and then said, “Yes, fantasizes are great, aren’t they? And they’re even better when they become reality.”

Listening to Tina say all this was so incredible, and Linda was reveling in this moment so much. She knew that this evening was going to be absolutely amazing, and she couldn’t wait to get to Tina’s apartment.

When they reached Tina’s apartment, they both got out of the car, and then, hand-in-hand, they walked toward Tina’s front door. After putting the key in the lock, Tina flung open the door and said, “Well, here we are… finally.”

After walking into Tina’s apartment, she put her purse down on a small table by the door and then felt Tina’s hands massaging her back. Standing there for a moment, it felt amazing as Tina reached up and began unzipping her dress, and then she felt electrical charges rush through her body as Tina’s hands began rubbing her bare back.

Turning around, Linda looked at Tina and then reached out to kiss her again. As their lips met, Linda began kissing Tina passionately as she put her arms around her and began running her fingers up and down Tina’s back. And as she did, she felt Tina’s hand on her back again and then on her ass, rubbing it lightly.

“Oh, yes,” Linda finally said, “that feels so good.”

Tina stopped and then slipped Linda’s dress off of her, letting it drop to the floor. As Linda stood there in only her panties, Tina reached out and began tugging at Linda’s black lace panties.

“Your panties are beautiful,” Tina said, and then added, “I love black lace, but I think they’d look better on the floor.”

Following suit, Linda reached down and took off her panties, throwing them on the floor. Then she stood there naked for a moment as Tina just looked at her and then said, “Yes, they do look better down there, and you’re even more beautiful than I remember.”

Linda just stood there, fixated, unable to say anything.

As they both stood there, Tina finally reached down and pulled off her blouse, revealing a very sexy black lace bra. Reveling in the fact that Linda was staring at her undress as she was standing there naked, Tina then removed her skirt and revealed black lace panties as well, almost identical to the ones that Linda had been wearing.

“We’re obviously two peas in a pod,” Tina said, as she took off her panties and threw them on the floor on top of Linda’s black lace panties.

When Tina was naked, she then led Linda over to the couch and told her to sit down. As Linda sat down, Tina kneeled in front of her and spread her legs apart with her hands. Then she began rubbing Linda’s pussy with one hand as she ran her other hand up and down Linda’s thigh.

Just then, Tina leaned down and began licking Linda’s pussy and clit, and then began flicking Linda’s clit with her tongue and drawing it into her mouth. As she began sucking on Linda’s clit, Tina looked up at Linda and as their eyes met, she could see how aroused Linda was becoming, which turned her on even more.

Stopping for a moment, Tina asked seductively, “How does that feel, Sweetie?”

“Oh my God, it feels so good,” Linda replied, and then said, “I love watching you suck on my clit… you’re so incredibly sexy.” Then Linda closed her eyes, reveling in the feelings that were soaring through her body.

Moaning and groaning as Tina kept sucking on her clit and licking her pussy, Linda was so turned on she could hardly believe it. She just kept staring at Tina, amazed that she was with this beautiful woman who was doing these amazing things to her. Reaching out, Linda held Tina’s head as she kept licking and sucking on her clit, and then stuck her tongue deep inside Linda’s pussy, swirling it around.

Stopping for a moment, Tina said, “Wow, you taste so good,” as she licked her lips and then leaned down again to suck and lick Linda’s clit, sticking her tongue deep inside again. Then pulling her tongue out, she began licking her clit again, biting on it lightly, and then slipped her tongue inside Linda’s clit again.

By this point, Linda was wiggling and writhing, coming closer and closer to an enormous orgasm. Then as she felt her head spinning and reeling, Linda launched into an enormous climax as she yelled out, “Oh my God, I’m cumming, Tina… I’m cumming.”

Hearing this, Tina began sticking her tongue deeper inside Linda’s cunt, and then reached up to squeeze Linda’s nipples, rolling and twisting them between her fingers as Linda became louder and louder, moaning and groaning, telling Tina how good it all felt as her orgasm became stronger and stronger.

Stopping for a moment, Tina said, “Come on, Linda, let’s go to my bedroom,” as she reached out her hand and began to lead Linda through her apartment.

When they reached Tina’s bedroom, they both laid down. Looking at Linda laying there, Tina immediately got between Linda’s legs and began licking and sucking on her clit again, sticking her tongue deep inside her hot pussy. As Linda laid there, writhing and wiggling, she reached up and held onto the slats in the headboard and as she did, she tensed up her body and began writhing wildly.

Tina stopped and looked at Linda again, and then said, “Wow, who knew you were such a wild woman?” as she laughed lightly.

“Oh God, it feels so good,” Linda replied, as she continued to writhe wildly. Her eyes were gazed over now and she could barely see. But knowing that it was Tina down there between her legs was sending her into such ectasy that she couldn’t believe it. She had fantasized about this moment for so long, and now that it was a reality she could hardly contain herself.

As Linda’s orgasm began to subside, she looked at Tina and said, “Wow, that was amazing, and now it’s your turn,” as she got up and told Tina to lay down. Then Linda got down between Tina’s legs and began playing with her clit, feeling the wetness that had formed there. Reaching up with her other hand, she began playing with Tina’s nipples, and loved the way they were becoming harder and more erect with each touch.

Mesmerized, Linda said in a breathy tone, “This is all so incredible,” as she rubbed Tina’s breast, running her hand over her nipples. Then she moved up slightly and began sucking on Tina’s nipples while she continued to play with her cunt, sticking her fingers deep inside Tina’s very wet pussy.

As Linda kept sucking on her nipples and finger-fucking her pussy, Tina closed her eyes and began moaning loudly. As she writhed in ecstasy, she felt so incredibly turned on and totally elated that Linda was there with her doing these incredibly wonderful things to her body. Tina had wanted Linda ever since that first time she gave her a massage, and she had fantasized about all this then. She thought about seeing Linda’s profile for the first time, feeling very turned on by the pictures that she had posted there, not knowing that it was actually Linda. So when she sent her a message and then got face pics back, she was blown away that it was the Linda she had been so drawn to. Of course, being with her now, there in her bed was the culmination of all of that, and she was totally in awe that it was happening now.

Then Linda moved her head down toward Tina’s pussy again, and began licking and sucking on her clit while she twisted Tina’s nipples between her fingers. Sticking her tongue deep inside Tina’s pussy, she pushed her tongue in and out, swirling her tongue around and sucking up her juices.

Stopping for a moment, Linda looked at Tina and said, “How does that feel, Sweetie?” wanting to hear Tina say it was wonderful and that she was totally turned on.

Tina looked at Linda with a dazed look on her face and said, “Oh God, Linda, that feels so good. You said you’ve never done this before, but I have a hard time believing that.”

Laughing lightly, Linda said, “Well, it’s just so natural with you. I’ve never done it in real life, but I’ve done it many times in my fantasies.”

As Tina laid there while Linda continued to stick her tongue deep inside Tina’s cunt, they both could feel the amazing chemistry flying around the room, both electrified by what was happening between them. Reveling in what Linda was doing to her, Tina just kept moaning and groaning, telling Linda how good it felt and that it was all so amazing.

Then as Tina began to climax, she yelled out, “Oh Linda, I’m going to cum… I’m going to cum,” as she felt her pussy begin to throb wildly, pulsating and contracting, sending her over the edge and into a huge orgasm. Pushing her pelvis into the air and moving it around, Tina’s orgasm kept building.

As Linda kept licking and sucking on Tina’s clit, and then sticking her tongue deep inside her wet pussy, Tina began yelling out, “Oh Linda, I’m cumming,” as her body began to jerk and move even more wildly. The intensity between them began building even more as Tina just kept cumming, and cumming.

Then as Tina’s climax subsided a little, she got up and turned toward her nightstand. Pulling out a strap-on pink dildo, she got on her knees and put it on, all the while looking at Linda but not saying a word. Then she told Linda to lay down as she got on top of her and started rubbing the dildo on Linda’s clit. As she pushed the dildo into Linda’s pussy, Linda gasped loudly and then said, “Oh yes, Tina, fuck me… fuck me, baby.”

Hearing this, Tina began pushing the dildo in and out of Linda’s pussy as she ran her hands all over Linda’s body, loving the way Linda’s body was responding. Then Linda reached up and began pulling Tina toward her as she began sucking on her nipples as Tina kept fucking her with the strap-on dildo.

In a moment, Tina pulled the dildo out of Linda’s pussy and laid down, telling Linda to get on top of her, that she wanted to ride the dildo while she dangled her tits in her face so she could suck on her nipples. Obeying, Linda did just that, and as she positioned herself over the dildo, she lowered her pussy onto it, as she gasped and moaned loudly, telling Tina how good it felt.

The whole scene was almost surreal, and Linda couldn’t believe that all this was happening. As she began moving herself around on top of Tina, she dangled her tits in Tina’s face and then took one of her hands, squeezed her breast and fed it to Tina, saying, “Oh baby, suck on her nipple while I ride your hard cock.” As she stuck her tit in Tina’s face, Tina grabbed it and began licking and sucking on it, sending Linda into orbit as she moved and gyrated on top of Tina with the pink dildo inside her wet, hot pussy.

After a minute or two, Tina moved toward the nightstand again and pulled out a vibrator. Turning it on, she began rubbing it on Linda’s leg and then moved it toward her ass as she began running it nearer and nearer toward Linda’s asshole. Rubbing it lightly directly over Linda’s asshole, Tina then pushed it in slightly and pulled it out as Linda gasped loudly.

“How does that feel?” Tina asked in a seductive tone, and then added, “Do you like that?”

Totally turned on by this point, Linda said breathlessly, “Oh yes, Tina, that feels amazing,” as she continued to move around on top of the strap-on dildo, pushing it in and out of her wet pussy. Tina continued playing with the vibrator on and around Linda’s asshole for a few more seconds, and then pushed it deep inside Linda’s ass, sending amazing shockwaves throughout Linda’s body.

Gasping for air, Linda yelled out, “Oh God, that’s incredible,” as she squeezed her ass around the vibrator. Then alternating between squeezing her ass around the vibrator and squeezing her pussy around the dildo still inside her, she leaned down and began kissing Tina, sticking her tongue deep inside her mouth as she began to cum. Yelling out, Linda launched into the biggest orgasm she had ever had as Tina pushed the vibrator back and forth, in and out of her ass, loving the way it felt to have Linda on top of her, gyrating and writhing about. As Linda’s orgasm built and became more intense, Tina began sucking on her nipples again as she kept pushing the vibrator in and out of Linda’s ass, entranced by the way Linda was moving around on top of her, obviously in the throes of an enormous climax.

As Linda’s orgasm began to subside, she laid down next to Tina, feeling completely euphoric by what was transpiring between them. Running her hand over Tina’s body, Linda told Tina to give her the strap-on dildo, that she wanted to wear it now. Obediently, Tina got on her knees, removed the strap-on dildo, and handed it to Linda who then put it on. As she did, Linda laid down and told Tina to get on top of her, that she wanted to suck on Tina’s nipples while she rode the plastic cock.

As Tina got on top of Linda, she positioned her pussy over the strap-on dildo and began gyrating her hips as she dropped on top of it. With a loud gasp, Tina then began pushing the plastic cock in and out of her wet cunt as she dangled her tits in Linda’s face. Tina’s pussy was so wet that Linda could hear gushing noises as the dildo moved in and out of her cunt, and the sound was like music to her ears. Just watching what was happening was so exciting for Linda, and she was amazed at all that was happening, especially since it was her first time with a woman. But this was Tina about whom she had fantasized for a very long time, and so it all seemed very natural to her. A definite dream come true. Feeling Tina on top of her writhing around wildly was such a turn-on that she felt herself getting more and more aroused with each movement.

As Tina kept fucking herself with the strap-on dildo, Linda looked her in the eyes and then grabbed one of her tits and began sucking on it, licking her nipple and then drawing it into her mouth. As Linda repeated this several times, Tina gasped and yelled out, “Oh my God, I’m going to cum,” as she began thrashing and moving around even more wildly.

Wide-eyed, Linda watched as Tina’s eyes closed and she began pounding on the strap-on dildo harder and harder while she gasped and panted, moaning and groaning loudly, obviously in the throes of an enormous orgasm. Leaning down, Tina began kissing Linda, sticking her tongue deep inside her mouth. As their tongues danced in either other’s mouths, Tina just kept cumming, telling Linda to fuck her deep and hard as she kept pounding the strap-on dildo inside her very wet cunt.

Grabbing the vibrator that Tina had used on her, Linda turned it on and ran it along Tina’s leg and then moved it toward her ass. When the vibrator reached Tina’s asshole, she yelled out, “Yes, Linda, push it in… push the vibrator into my ass.”

Then, as Linda obediently pushed the vibrator into Tina’s ass, Tina yelled out, “Oh God, yes… that feels so good,” as she kept fucking herself on top of Linda with the strap-on dildo deep inside her pussy. Raising and lowering herself on the strap-on dildo over and over again as Linda pushed the vibrator in and out of her ass, Tina’s orgasm finally began to subside, and she collapsed at Linda’s side.

“Wow, you’re amazing,” Linda said as she reached out and pulled Tina close to her. “I still can’t believe I’m here with you.”

“Yes, Wow is definitely the word,” Tina responded, as she kissed Linda lightly on the lips, holding her tightly. Then they both closed their eyes and fell asleep.

To be continued…

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