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Birthday Treat

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Arranging a special treat for my husband’s birthday was surprisingly easy. I’d always known he fancied my best friend, Lisa. What surprised me was how easily Lisa agreed to it. It shouldn’t have. My husband, Keith, is extremely fanciable and Lisa had been single for almost a year and, in her own words, was “constantly gagging for a good shag”.

Lisa was 23, a year younger than me and extremely good looking. About the same build as me with a drop dead gorgeous 36D-24-34 figure. We’d known each other since school and I always got the feeling that the only reason she was single was that she was far too choosy.

The subject came up when we were having one of those late night, wine inspired, girly chats. Keith was away on business and I was round at her place. I was more than a little tipsy when I blurted out my suspicion that Keith would like to get inside her knickers. Lisa laughed as she replied, “He is only human after all. Mind you, he’d have a job on his hands”.

“Why’s that?”, I asked.

“‘Cos I don’t wear any, silly, that’s why.”

In our less than sober state it was hilariously funny and we spent the next few minutes in fits of giggling.

“So”, I asked when I’d recovered a bit, “would you really shag your best friend’s husband?”

Lisa pretended to think for a moment. “My best friend’s husband, no. Yours however, given the chance, I’d screw his brains out.”

Lisa laughed, I threw a cushion at her. The conversation moved on to another topic. All in all it was a good night. We stayed up late, talking and drinking into the wee, small hours then went to bed.

Don’t expect any lurid details. Yes we shared the same bed, Lisa has only one, but nothing happened. We may be the best of friends and have been since we were 9 or 10 but we’ve never been lovers. I’d had a couple of flings with other girls when I was younger and I know Lisa has had at least one as well, but that’s another story all together.

And for a while that was that. Then one evening after Lisa had called round, Keith commented on how good she’d looked. That started me thinking about the conversation we’d had. How would I feel if I knew Keith had fucked Lisa? How would I feel if I were to watch Keith fuck Lisa? Lisa and I were close, closer than sisters. We shared almost everything, but sharing Keith? Surely not. And yet, perversely, the more I thought about my best friend having it off with my husband the more turned on I became. Soon it was my most frequent fantasy, me watching quietly as Lisa and Keith fucked each others’ brains out. An idea began to form.

It was several weeks before I found the nerve to broach the idea with Lisa. It was a Saturday. We’d agreed to meet up in town for lunch. We chatted easily for a while. Lisa is a beautician and has her own salon. She was making me laugh telling me stories about some of her clients. Trying to sound as off hand as possible I finally asked, “You know when you said that given the chance you’d screw Keith’s brains out, did you really mean it?”

Lisa looked a little puzzled then laughed. “Yeah, I remember. That time at my place. Look Sue, don’t worry I was pissed, we both were.”

“I’m not worried”, I replied, “I’m just curious.”

“Well OK, Keith’s a good looking guy and I reckon that to keep you happy this long he must be pretty hot in the sack, so yeah, given the chance I would. But so long as he’s with you I’m never going to get the chance am I?”

“What if I said yes? What if I wanted you to?”

“Listen to yourself Sue, you’re crazy.”

“No”, I replied, “I’m serious. What if I said I wanted you to? I know Keith fancies you and you’ve as much as admitted you fancy him. And no, I’m not jealous”


I cut her off again. “Supposing it could be arranged in such a way that he didn’t know? I’ve an idea as to how it could be done.”

“You really are serious aren’t you?”

“Yes I am.” I replied. “Listen…” And with that I outlined my plan. By the end Lisa was as excited about it as I was.

Since Keith’s birthday was coming up that was the obvious date for what we had in mind. As it turned out he was going to be away for a few days just before the day itself but he would be home that evening and that was what mattered.

As the day approached both Lisa and I felt a growing excitement. We both gave each other every chance to back out but neither of us took it.

The plan required me to make one change. As I said, we’re the same height, the same build and our figures are a pretty close match too. There was one major difference however. For as long as I can remember Lisa has kept her pussy smooth. Not shaved, she detests stubble, but waxed. She is a beautician after all. Me, I’ve always shaved the sides, kept the rest neatly trimmed and let it go at that. For our plan to work our bodies had to be as nearly identical as possible. Since there was no way that Lisa’s would grow back in time there was only one possible solution, mine would have to go. Lisa took care of it. Even though it hurt like hell for the rest of the day I have to say I was pleased with the result. “Just tell Keith it’s part of his birthday present and he’ll love it”, Lisa said cheekily. I laughed, knowing full well that he’d love the rest of his present even more.

The day finally arrived. Keith had called to say he’d be home by 7:30. When he got in he found the pair of us in the kitchen. Me, obviously fresh from the shower, dressed only in the silk dressing gown I know he loves. He kissed me briefly. “Happy birthday dear”, I whispered huskily. Lisa stood up and handed him a card. “I’ll just leave you two to it shall I? Happy birthday.” Lisa kissed him fully on the lips. As she backed away I noticed the tell tale bulge in his trousers. I grinned inwardly, if only he knew, I thought to myself. “You go on up and have a shower”, I said, “and I’ll just see Lisa out.”

“And she’ll be waiting for you when you get out”, Lisa said cheekily.

Keith flushed then headed upstairs. We waited until we heard the bathroom door close and then, as quietly as we could, hurried upstairs. Lisa kissed me briefly then hid in the spare room. Already aroused I made my way to the bedroom to wait for Keith.

He wandered into the bedroom, a towel wrapped round his waist. I stood up, throwing my arms around his hard body and kissed him soundly. My body was on fire, my passion soaring. The thought of what was going to happen raised my state of arousal to new heights.

I stepped out of his embrace and snatched the towel away from him. Laughing, I pushed him to the bed and climbed on top of him. We kissed passionately, Keith’s hands roaming all over me.

“Since it’s a special occasion let’s spice things up”, I said.

“What you got in mind?”

I laughed and provocatively removed the cord from my dressing gown. Knotting it, I quickly slipped it round his wrists then fastened it securely to the head rail. “I’ve a little surprise for you”, I said as I slowly slid my dressing gown off. Keith’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as, for the first time, his gaze fell on my hairless mound.

“You like?”, I asked a little nervously.

“You bet!”, he replied. “But why?”

“Just a little birthday treat. If you like it enough I may even keep it this way.”

“Mmm”, was all his hormone soaked brain would let him reply.

I reached under the pillow and pulled out our blindfold. It’s one of those ones you get on airlines that black out everything. It was also one of our favourite bedroom toys. Keith grinned as I pulled it over his eyes.

As soon as it was in place I turned round and lowered my hairless pussy to his mouth. I was already wet and his tongue slipped easily between my pussy lips. I moaned softly as his tongue brushed my clit. I leaned forward, stroked his cock lightly with my fingers, then opening my lips I took him into my mouth.

Keith began to lick harder in response to my sucking. My passion exploded as fire swept through my body and I ground my pussy against his face. I sucked hard, his cock filling my mouth as my lips slid up and down his shaft.

That was the scene that greeted Lisa as she crept into the bedroom. Keith, restrained and blindfolded, my pussy in his face and his cock in my mouth. She smiled then settled herself in the corner. Within seconds her fingers were in her pussy as she watched us.

It was all too much for me. My best friend frigging herself as she watched me with Keith’s cock in my and his hot tongue on my clit was all it took to send me over the edge. Keith’s cock slipped from my mouth as my body began to shake. “Oooh!”, I moaned softly as my climax surged through me. Lightening bolts of pleasure erupted from my clit to engulf me.

I glanced across at Lisa. Her eye’s were closed as her fingers massaged her clit. She was obviously coming. Her mouth clenched tightly shut so as not to betray her presence.

My orgasm finally subsided. Lisa opened her eyes, looked up and smiled. Still trembling, I stood up and beckoned Lisa over. “I suppose you want to fuck my bald little pussy now?”, I asked Keith with a hoarse whisper. “Christ Sue, do you need to ask?”

I moved away and watched as Lisa straddled my husband. She leaned forward, brushing her tits against his face, Keith’s tongue flicking out to lick them whenever they came into reach. Reaching back with one hand Lisa grasped Keith’s cock. Instead of guiding it into her she used it to flick her clit. Occasionally she pushed the tip against her entrance. Before Keith could thrust inside her she would pull away and resume teasing herself with its head.

“Stop teasing and fuck me Sue”, Keith begged. Lisa smiled back questioningly at me. This is it, I thought. I nodded. Lisa guided his cock to her opening then slowly, inch by inch, she sank her pussy down the length of his shaft.

From where I sat I had a perfect view as my husband’s cock slid in and out of Lisa’s cunt. Lisa found her rhythm and was soon riding him with easy thrusts of her hips. “Christ Sue, you feel so good, Keith moaned as Lisa impaled herself over and over on his cock.

Once again I marvelled at the smoothness of my pussy as my fingers found my clit and began to rub. Squeezing my tits with my free hand, it didn’t take melon to reach boiling point as I watched Lisa and Keith fucking in front of me. I bit back a moan as I came. My body shaking uncontrollably as I watched the scene unfold before me.

Keith was moaning, “Sue, oh Sue”, as Lisa began to pick up pace. I watched his cock disappear inside her cunt as she slammed herself up and down his length.

Keith was breathing hard. I knew he was getting close as he lifted his buttocks off the bed to thrust deeper into Lisa. Lisa matched her rhythm to his, thrusting her hips back to meet each up thrust of Keith’s. “Oh God! Oh God! Ungh!”, Keith moaned as his cock erupted inside Lisa. A barely audibly sigh escaped from her mouth as Lisa felt my husband empty his load deep inside her.

As Lisa dismounted I watched, fascinated, as Keith’s cum trickled from her cunt. Lisa leant forward and began to lick his cock clean. She quickly moved away and let me take over. The taste of Keith’s cum and Lisa’s juices was exhilarating as I licked the last traces from his cock. When I’d cleaned the last drop from him I stood up and whispered in his ear, “That’s you clean. Fair’s fair, now it’s my turn.” Grinning broadly he replied, “If you say so.”

Lisa wasted no time in sitting astride Keith’s face. She stifled a cry as Keith’s tongue lapped at her clit. I could hear him murmur contentedly as his tongue worked into the folds of Lisa’s pussy. As he licked and sucked I could see his cock return to life. I longed to mount it and have it inside me as his tongue probed Lisa’s cunt but that would have given everything away. Reluctantly I had to settle for fingering my clit as Lisa’s climax approached.

Unable to help herself, Lisa began to moan, a soft keening sound, as Keith’s tongue worked its magic on her clit. As she came her body shook and an almost silent “Ah!”, of satisfaction escaped from her lips. She dismounted almost immediately. I took her place and began stroking his fully reborn hard on. “Plenty of life in there for one more”, I said approvingly.

“Hell Sue, are you trying to kill me?”, Keith asked, although I knew he wasn’t complaining.

“It’s your birthday so just lie there and enjoy it.” With that I climbed on top of him and, unknown to him, impaled myself on his cock for the first time that evening. “Mmm”, I sighed as his cock slid inside me.

Lisa watched from where she sat slumped against the wall with a smile of dreamy contentment on her face. I was oblivious to the passage of time as I ground my cunt up and down Keith’s cock, glorying in the sensation of it filling me.

I felt a brief pang as I watched Lisa rise and leave the room. She returned a few minutes later, fully clothed. She pointed to her watch, indicating that it was time to go then blew a kiss at me and waved goodnight. I smiled and waved back.

With Lisa gone I leaned forward and untied Keith’s wrists. He reached for the blindfold but I stopped him. “Not just yet”, I said, “I’ve one surprise left for you.” With his cock still buried in my cunt I turned round so that my back was to him. I clenched his cock with my pussy as I moved my hips, causing Keith to gasp. Slowly, I let his cock slide out of me. I instructed him to hold it in position saying, “Now for the final part of your present.”

Spreading my arse cheeks I positioned myself so that his cock was against my other entrance, I began to lower my hips. There was a brief moment of pain as, for the first ever time, his cock slid into my arse.

Lisa and I had discussed anal before and although I’d never tried it her descriptions had made me curious. Tonight seemed like the perfect time to find out.

I began to move, the new sensations brought me to the edge of an orgasm. Finally I said “You can take the blindfold off now. Happy birthday.” Keith removed the blindfold to be greeted with the view of his cock disappearing into my arse as I moved my hips up and down.

“Oh Sue, your arse is so tight, so hot”, Keith moaned as I took his cock deep into my back passage. It was such a wonderfully dirty feeling. Lisa’s descriptions were nothing compared to the sensations I was experiencing as Keith’s cock pushed into my bowels.

With my fingers rubbing my clit and Keith’s cock buried to the root in my arse I soon started coming. I moaned loudly as my body convulsed, griping Keith’s cock even tighter. That set him off. “Oh God Sue, I’m coming, I’m coming in you fucking arse.” I pushed my hips back, taking him fully into me and then I felt his cock unloading it’s load of hot cum deep inside my forbidden tunnel.

As our orgasms subsided I dismounted. “That was fantastic, Sue”, Keith said to me as we lay together, lost in our post coital bliss. We lay there for a while just holding each other close.

After a while we got up, showered then went back to bed. I was pleasantly surprised when Keith seduced me into another bout. It was softer this time, more loving but in its own way every bit as satisfying as what had gone on before. It was Keith’s way of thanking me for his best ever birthday present.

I’ve never told Keith what really happened that night. If he’s ever guessed he’s never let on. Lisa and I still talk about it and we’re already planning another session. This time though, maybe we won’t use the blindfold.

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