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Birthday Surprise

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Gemma and I have been going out for over a year, and are very comfortable in each other’s company. We have great sex and are very compatible, except for one thing. I have developed something of an obsession with anal sex; something, that until recently, was a definite no-no. I managed to get my wicked way on my birthday, and that is what I’m going to tell you about here.

We were sitting on her double bed, sharing a joint by candlelight. I felt warm and happy inside, in that loved up kind of way. Gemma made me feel so relaxed and we made each other giggle like anything. Or maybe that was because we were both very stoned.

“Joint?” she said, dangling the end of it towards me. I slowly took it from her and our fingertips gently touched. I smiled at her; god, she was beautiful. Long, brown hair and hazelnut eyes that looked so peaceful. As I smoked the last of the joint, she gently started kissing my back, making it impossible to concentrate on anything. I put the joint down and turned round to kiss her. I gently stroked her hair back, which she completely loves.

“Do you want a massage?” I asked, stroking her back.

“Mmmm,” eyes closed with pleasure, almost cat-like.

I watched, fixated, as she took her top and bra off. She has large, gorgeous breasts and nipples and I reached out and drew our half-naked bodies together. I love the feel of her naked breasts against my chest, cool against my warmth. I kissed her softly and manoeuvred her round so she was lying on her front, arms by her sides. My cock stiffened at the sight of the candlelight flickering on her tanned body and her black knickers slightly up her crack.

I sat astride her and her ass felt deliciously soft beneath me. Slowly, I began rubbing some massage oil into her shoulders, making her whimper slightly with pleasure. My fingers traced a line down her spine to her knicker line, and paused, circling there. I then bent forwards and kissed slowly down her back, until I reached the top of her knickers. As I did this, she stuck her ass a little in the air, giving me a rush of excitement. I then moved to the back of her knees, slowly kissing and stroking my way upward. The thought of licking her out from behind was turning me on immensely.

I placed my finger at the top of her knickers and traced my finger down her crack and between her legs, gently pushing her inner thighs apart. I could feel that she was a bit wet beneath her knickers and I breathed in her erotic aroma, savouring it. I knew that soon that my tongue would be pushed deep inside of her wet pussy. I caressed her inner thighs and pulled her underwear down; she said nothing, except little grunts of approval.

I cupped each of her ass cheeks and pulled them slightly apart, revealing her little brown hole and the wetness of her pussy. I licked my fingers and stuck them in her cunt hole, lubricating them with her sticky juices, then reached out and stroked her clit, never taking my eyes of her arsehole.

“Uhhh,” Gemma was getting really turned on now. I lifted her ass in to the air by her hips and stuck my tongue right down on to her clit, licking the juices that were now dripping out of her. My eyes were level with her brown bud and I had an irresistible urge to lick it. I tongued her cunt hole and clit faster and faster, getting more and more turned on by her ass.

“Fuuuck me!” Gemma shuddered as an orgasm rippled through her. I wasn’t ready for that though.

As she came I slyly let my tongue stroke across her arsehole, making my cock throb with excitement. I was no longer thinking and licked her arse for all I was worth. As I stuck my tongue in her ass I couldn’t help but stroke my cock. Gemma hadn’t told me stop; in fact she was making little whining noises. Fuck me! Was she going to let fuck her in the ass?

I gently stuck a finger in her tight hole, which was now well lubricated with my saliva and her pussy juices. God, it was tight! Slowly, but surely, I began fucking her ass with two fingers, dipping them in her cunt to get them juicy.

“Do me like a slut, like you want,” Gemma moaned.

“Are you sure?” I managed to stutter out in my haze of complete sexual excitement.

“I want to feel your cock in my ass, now,” I didn’t need to told again.

First, I stuck my cock in her cunt and she backed up on it, shaking her ass like crazy. I could tell she was close to coming again. Then I placed the tip of my head against her brown hole and let it gently push its way in. There was no way I could hold back for long.

“Ow, that hurts,” she breathed.

“Relax,” I said, not knowing if I could stop if I wanted to.

As her sphincter relaxed I felt my cock ease inside her. Clench, relax, clench – like I was being milked, it felt amazing. Gemma reached beneath her and started diddling her clit. I couldn’t believe it, my cock was right up her arse.

“Fuck me you bastard, fuck me in the ass,” she almost screamed. Fuck, she was actually enjoying this. I felt a sudden elation as I slowly pumped her ass.

“Ohhhh,” I moaned.

“Uh, uhhhh, I’m commmming!” Gemma started spasming, her ass vibrating and milking my cock.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and unleashed torrents of cum deep inside her, both of us orgasming like crazy.

After a few minutes I withdrew and kissed her tenderly on the back. The sight of my cum dribbling out of her arse started to turn on again already. I stuck my finger in there and cum dripped down her pussy.

“Happy birthday hon, I love you,” Gemma smiled as she rolled round onto her back.

I just grinned back at her, my hard-on speaking for itself. Fuck me, that was the best birthday I ever had – I have a beautiful girlfriend, that I love, who loves it when I fuck her ass.

I wonder what else she’s into?

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