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Binky’s Bum

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I had never considered cheating on my wife, Melissa. We had been married for four years now, and had a pretty hot sex life. The only real serious challenge we’d encountered was that I was heavily into anal sex, and although my wife was willing, we had difficulty making the reality happen. Part of the problem is that I have a very large penis. It’s about nine inches long, and two inches thick. I have difficulty getting it all the way in just about any woman’s holes, and my wife was no exception.

We’d had anal sex several times, but it always resulted in some minor bleeding. I love my wife, and I had no desire to injure her. But no matter how much warmup activity we did, or how much lube we used, the result was the same. So the final outcome was that we hadn’t done anal in over a year now. Again, like I said, we still had really hot sex, so I was pretty satisfied. I would still get an inkling to do the back door boogie every now and then, but I managed to ignore the urges.

Melissa had a real cute face with a pixie nose, dimpled cheeks and red hair. She was a bit of a thicker girl, but she had 40DDD breasts and a nice plump ass — shapely and curvy in all the right spots.

My stepsister, Brenda, was a bit taller and three years younger than Melissa. When our daughter, Jessie, was almost three, she had trouble saying “Brenda”, and her best attempt was “Binky”. Since then, Binky was her nickname, and we referred to her by that moniker as often as her real name. Her tits were nowhere near as big as Melissa’s, but she still had C cups, and she flared out at her hips to a nice juicy ghetto-booty that wiggled when she walked. She had long brown hair and a cute face, her nose a bit long, but sparkling eyes and pouty lips.

My wife had mentioned that Brenda had a thing for anal sex, too, and used to have a tattooed boyfriend who used to fuck her hard up the ass when Brenda and Melissa shared an apartment in downtown Toronto. The walls weren’t overly thin, and when he gave her a good anal pounding, she apparently got pretty vocal.

I didn’t think too much about that since she was family, and again, never thought about cheating on Melissa.

Anyhow, last summer we were over at Brenda and her husband Carl’s place, having dinner, drinking wine, and watching movies. Melissa and I were there with Jessie, and the evening was going well, but Jessie wasn’t feeling great. It was decided that Melissa and Carl would drive her over to Melissa’s folks’ place, and she could get some peace and quiet and hopefully sleep off whatever was bugging her.

Carl would drive, since I was feeling a little tipsy already, and Melissa wanted to go over to see her parents for a brief bit, then they would pick up another bottle of wine or two and come back to continue our party.

That left Binky and me to hold down the fort until they returned. I kissed my daughter goodnight, kissed my wife, and waved goodbye to the bunch. Brenda and I went back inside and poured the last of the wine. We sat down and chatted, as we hadn’t had a lot of one-on-one time without anyone else around.

Binky had a really good sense of humour, so we were joking and laughing and generally carrying on and having a good time.

After a short period of time, we got a call from Melissa, saying that they were there and that Jessie still wasn’t feeling well. On top of that, her dad and mom were a bit sick too, with whatever bug they had going around. We had discussion back and forth and it was decided that Carl and Melissa would stay over and watch the girls’ parents and Jessie, and Brenda and I would sleep at her and Carl’s place, and join them at the grandparents’ in the morning.

We were a bit disappointed to hear the news, but everybody agreed that this was the best course of action, since it was storming and visibility on the roads wasn’t great, and the storm wasn’t due to break ’til morning.

Brenda and I decided to make the best of it and went back to our conversation. We finished the wine and were giggling away like we were in high school. She decided that since we weren’t going anywhere that she’d make us a couple of screwdrivers since they still had half a bottle of vodka left.

We continued talking and joking, and eventually the conversation went in a little racier direction. We talked about sex and how often we did it with our spouses, and what we liked to do. Brenda laughingly mentioned that Carl was a very passionate and attentive lover, but his equipment was a little lacking. Fully erect, he was a little short of five inches. She insisted that this didn’t bother her, but she did occasionally miss having a big, thick dick.

I said that Melissa and I sort of had the opposite problem. I told her about the challenges we had with anal, and that we hadn’t done it in about a year. I emphasized that I didn’t miss it, and that Melissa and I had a lot of really intense, satisfying sex. But on the other hand, I could never get my dick fully into her. I shrugged, took a swig of my screwdriver, and looked over at Binky.

We both wore warm, distracted smiles. She said that she missed her ex-boyfriend, Josh, sometimes. He was the guy with the tattoos. He was a bit of a loser, but he had the goods in the meat department. Not overly thick, his prick was apparently a good ten inches long, and she told me how she used to love getting it up her ass. He used to bend her over doggy style, lube her up, and just keep feeding it to her. He would keep pulling out and sliding back in, deeper and deeper every time, stretching her out, until the head of his cock poked past her rectum into her colon. Then he would hold her down and just keep battering his way up her ass until he filled her with his jizz. She said she came so hard like that, and that she’d never come that hard with Carl.

I couldn’t help the raging hardon that I got from listening to her talk. It strained against my trousers. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from her, and it turned me on tremendously, despite myself. I was feeling a bit flushed from the booze, as well as my sexual excitement.

She paused after her revelations. She was flushed a bit as well. Her gaze traveled down my body to rest on my crotch. She could clearly see my hardon. She then looked back into my eyes. Something unspoken and electric flashed between us.

The next few moments were a frenzy of activity. She leapt across the room to me, tearing at my pants to unzip them, yanking them down. She grabbed my shorts and yanked them down too, pausing with a gasp. “Holy shit, that is so fucking big…”

She then pulled up her knit dress, pulled down her polka-dotted panties and stockings, and grabbed a bottle of cooking oil from off of the counter. She opened it, poured some on her hand, tucked it between her buttocks, and began lubing her sphincter. Then she poured some more out and slathered it all over the shaft of my raging member.

I was practically out of control as I grasped my rampant, throbbing tool and positioned myself behind my sister-in-law. She was bent over the island in the kitchen and spreading her rounded buns as best she could with her slippery, oiled hands. The sight of her plump, glistening buttocks and her oiled up puckered brown eye drove my wild. Her little pussy was damp and exposed, her lips shaved and a mat of dark brown hair covering her mound, but I ignored it and went straight for her asshole.

I pressed my helmet against her ring and started leaning forward. At the start, nothing happened — my huge engorged glans just butted up against her back door, slipping and sliding around. The friction was still delicious, and only drove me to higher heights of desire. Binky kept spreading her ass as wide as she could, making little grunts and coos as I bumped the tip of my cock against her tight, wrinkled butthole.

With insistent pressure, I felt her begin to stretch and open up, which only set me further over the edge into sexual madness. I pressed harder and harder as she moaned and growled. This was pushing me to absolute insanity. I leaned further, almost all of my weight bearing my turgid prick down into her dilating sphincter, and I felt the head pop in.

“Ah! Ah! Ouch! Ouch!” Binky gasped. “Ow, fuck, that’s big! Fuck! God! No, don’t take it out! Push it in! Push it in! Deeper!!!”

I did so, practically frothing at the mouth as I stretched her anus to the point of tearing. She yelped and gasped, but kept her buns spread as wide as possible as I penetrated her rear.

I began to mimic what I imagined were the motions her ex had performed on her, withdrawing slightly, then pushing back in, harder and deeper each time. Her rectum felt rough and tight around the shaft of my engorged cock. The sensation was delicious. I was hard as steel and excited past reason. She was so fucking hot!!

Binky wailed delightfully every time I thrust into her. Her breathing was deep and laboured, rasping in and out every time she drew breath. My cock was half-way deep into her ass now, and with each push, I forced my way a few millimetres further. Her reactions were sending me into a savage fury — the more aggressively I drove into her, the lustier and more wanton her reactions were. This bitch was a totally horny anal slut, and I meant to give her the ass-reaming of a lifetime!!

Deeper and deeper my prick entered into the depths of her bowels. I stretched and strained every inch of her on the way in. I wanted nothing more than to bury myself to the hilt in her gorgeous ass. She was wailing and howling now like a combination of an opera singer and a cat in heat. She kept grabbing her ass cheeks and trying to spread herself further and further open for me as I penetrated her asshole.

“Oh, god!!!” she howled. “Deeper! Deeper!! Don’t stop!!!” I didn’t think it was possible to be more turned on, but everything she said and did threw more fuel on to my sexual fire. She was loving it and it made me into a madman. I drew back and rammed my full weight into every thrust, savagely invading her ass. I wanted to be balls deep in her, and at this point I didn’t care about anything else.

I growled a deep throaty rumble as I sank in the last millimetres. I was there!! My entire body was pinning her to the kitchen island, and my hips were against her buttocks, my pubis and scrotum pressed against the stretched entrance of her anus. I was balls-deep in her asshole. It felt so good and so gratifying, I was completely fulfilled for that moment. I became aware that Binky was practically shrieking beneath me, her fingers clenching and digging into the flesh of her buttocks as she writhed and trembled.

I slowly and deliberately withdrew, inch by inch until my cock popped out of her quivering anus with a wet smacking sound. She grunted and collapsed against the island. I grabbed the bottle of cooking oil and poured some between her buns onto her distended, puckered rosebud, and then onto my rigid, pulsing shaft. “Now I’m going to fuck you right up the ass,” I said to her in a menacing tone. “I’m going to pound your shit factory to hell, and I’m going to shoot my wad so deep in your butt your going to be able to taste it in the back of your throat.”

“God, yes!!!” she moaned. “Put it back in! Please, put it back in!! Fuck me hard and deep!!” She struggled with her fingers to get a grip on her rounded globes to spread them as wide as she could.

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that. I placed my glans at her swollen sphincter, and pushed. I slid in easily and Binky screamed as I re-entered her rectum and bored my way up into her colon. She cried and gasped with her mouth hanging open as she struggled for breath. I stuck with my mission and forced my dick in the last few inches to full penetration in her bowels. Then I began fucking her.

I withdrew my dick about three inches, then pushed it back in. I repeated the motion, building up a slow and steady rhythm. I began thrusting in more deliberately and insistently, gradually building up intensity as well as speed as I sodomized her. She howled and bleated out every time I hit full depth. I could see how she would have made a commotion, regardless of any walls around her. She was the anal slut of my dreams, and every noise she made had the blood pounding harder in my veins.

I was thrusting hard into her now, and she was loving it. I couldn’t get enough. I tried to thrust as deep as I could with every stroke, trying to reach the bottom of her stomach with my prong. Faster I went, sweating dripping from me, as I built up to a frantic, spastic, rapid fire pounding, hammering my full nine inches of rigid meat to the hilt into her ravaged asshole.

Binky was screaming. My mind was a complete blank as I became an animal, viciously ramming my cock as hard and fast as I could up her ass. I felt my orgasm begin to vibrate at the base of my spine and sweeping all over my flesh. I was a rod of pure, glowing hot steel recklessly annihilating her asshole, completely blinded and consumed with feral lust. I leapt up and slammed against her trying to shove my cock so far up her ass it would come out her throat… and I came.

I threw my head back and cried out in wild abandon as it felt like my cock exploded from inside. Binky screamed as I shot wad after wad of hot, scalding sperm deep into her butt. I could take no action other than to desperately try to force myself deeper into her ass as I ejaculated a year’s worth of anally dedicated semen, irrigating her lower digestive tract in thick, copious jizz. I almost passed out with the intensity of my orgasm. I gasped for breath as I collapsed on top of her. Unable to move or think, I was completely spent.

Binky just kept whimpering and blubbering beneath me as my heart pounded in my chest. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she bit her lower lip. She sniffled and shuddered, her breath coming in uncontrollable sobs.

I slowly withdrew as she trembled and snuffled, gasping and whimpering as my cock gradually slipped out of her tortured butthole. I finally slid out all the way, dislodging my helmet from her sphincter with a messy smacking sound. A mixture of jizz and cooking oil dotted with flecks of feces dribbled from her reamed asshole.

“Oh, god,” she blubbered. “It hurts. Fuck, you stretched me out. I thought you were going to tear me in half.” She winced and reached back to tenderly touch her rosebud with her fingers. “It was so good though. I haven’t cum like that in years. Maybe ever.”

“I don’t see any blood,” I said to her, suddenly aware of my complete disregard for her safety and health. Holy shit! I could have severely injured her!

“Oh, wow,” she managed a laugh. “I never imagined it could be that good. Oh my god.”

I just chuckled nervously. She seemed okay…

“Fuck, oh god, that was awesome…” she purred as she straightened herself and turned to face me. Her makeup was a complete mess, mascara streaming down her face. Her hair was matted with sweat and her cheeks were flushed red. “Ouch. It’s going to hurt to walk for a bit I think.” A blob of santorum dripped from her dilated anus and splatted on the floor. “Thank you, Mark, that was incredible…”

“You don’t need to thank me!” I exclaimed. “I came so hard I can barely see straight! Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, fuck, it hurts, but it’s a good hurt, you know? I’ll be okay.”

“Whew. I don’t know what came over me. That was something else.”

“It sure was,” she breathed. “We can’t do this again though, hm?”

“Yeah, we can’t. I don’t really know how this happened to begin with, but you’re right.”

We grabbed a couple of tea towels and began cleaning ourselves and wiping up the oil and santorum from the floor.

“Well, maybe…” Binky mused. “Maybe not frequently, but maybe sometime?”

I laughed. “Yeah, maybe.” I grinned. “Maybe sometime.”

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