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Lynn Moves On

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Lynn slowed to a stop as the traffic light turned red. Her thoughts were of Tonisha, hundreds of miles away. She wondered what she was doing tonight. She missed her friend and lover tremendously. She had broken up with her boyfriend because of her inability to overcome the attraction she felt for other girls, especially black girls.

As she drove down the street she realized she had to move on with her life which consisted mainly of going to classes at the local college. Lynn had tried out for volleyball but didn’t make the team. She did, however, make some new friends. She had been invited over to one of her new friend’s, Monica, to just hangout and chill. She looked forward to finally having fun again.

She arrived at the house rented by Monica, and three of her friends. Monica was very outgoing and fun loving. When Lynn had failed to make the team, Monica encouraged her to not give up. She said Lynn would definitely make it next year.

Lynn knocked on the door and waited. No answer. The music inside was very loud so she knocked harder this time. Finally the door opened.

“Lynn!” Monica shouted as she grabbed Lynn and hugged her happily. “Come on in, girl,” she said excitedly.

There was a strange smell floating in the air. “Is someone burning leaves?” Lynn asked slyly. She knew what the smell was but she decided to act innocent.

“Oh, that’s just Tracy, she likes to smoke one now and then,” Monica said as she rolled her eyes. “Lynn’s here!” she called out to her roommates. Her bottom wiggled sexily as she walked into the den.

Lynn couldn’t help but notice the way her full bottom jiggled as she walked. Her dark legs contrasted sharply with the white shorts she was wearing. She said hello to the other girls, Kandi, Stephanie, and Tracy. All four girls were very attractive. While Monica, Kandi, and Tracy were of a mocha complexion, Stephanie’s skin was a little lighter.

“Pizza’s on the way. Maybe Tracy won’t get the munchies and eat it all,” Monica joked. “Don’t EVEN try it girl if you know what’s good for you.”

The girls listened to music until the pizza arrived. After devouring both pizzas, they watched TV as they laughed and talked about people they knew in school.

Tracy said she had to take care of some business and headed for her bedroom. She paused at the door and motioned for Lynn to follow. As Lynn walked towards the bedroom, she wondered what Tracy had in mind.

Once inside, Tracy asked “Have you ever smoked pot before, Lynn? I mean, you don’t have to, but if you want some you can have a hit.” She lit up the joint and inhaled deeply as she handed it to Lynn.

Lynn had smoked it occasionally and enjoyed the way it made her feel so she took the joint and toked it. It always made her feel light-headed and giddy.

By the time the two girls had finished, they were beginning to feel good. They went back to the den, behaving the way you would expect, laughing at everything, funny or not. Once again, they excused themselves and headed for the bedroom.

By now, Lynn was feeling really good. She danced to the beat of the music, her body moving instinctively. She watched Tracy dance and felt turned on. “Oh my God!” she thought. The urge to have sex with Tracy came crashing down on her. It had been four months since she had been with Tonisha. She needed it and she needed it bad! Could she seduce Tracy the way she had been seduced? And could she do it without being discovered by the other girls?

“Don’t smoke it all!” Lynn said as she danced her way over to Tracy. “Save some for me.” She reached for it as Tracy playfully kept it away from her. “Don’t make me have to get rough with your ass,” she warned.

Tracy’s eyes widened at the challenge. “Oh really?” she laughed. “And just what are you going to do about it?”

Lynn grabbed Tracy and they rolled onto the bed. Each girl struggled to gain the upper hand. Lynn was so horny she could hardly control herself. She managed to roll Tracy onto her stomach and sat on her back, pulling down her shorts and panties. She swatted her on the ass with the palm of her hand.

Suddenly, the door burst open and in came the other girls. “Get her Lynn!” shouted Kandi. “She needs a good ass-spanking. Do it Lynn!” The girls crowded around the bed to watch the contest.

“Come on, Tracy! You gonna let that white girl beat your ass?” Monica goaded her roommate. “Looks like she’s got you beat.” Monica laughed as Lynn continued to spank Tracy’s round ass.

Tracy yelped amid the laughter. The two girls were high and they were having fun. “You just wait till I get my hands on you, girl. I’ll teach you to try to spank me!” she promised.

Lynn wasn’t going to relinquish her position without a fight. She popped the black girl’s butt several times in succession as she felt Tracy beginning to work her way out from under.

“Uh oh, Lynn, look out girl. She’s about to get away,” Kandi said.

With a powerful thrust, Tracy tossed Lynn off her and stood up on the bed, kicking her shorts and panties to the side. Her pussy was neatly trimmed in a little heart shape.

The girls gasped in unison! They didn’t expect to see THIS! Tracy and Lynn continued on as if they were alone.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” Tracy asked as she pointed at her cunt. “Cause if you’re not careful, you’re gonna get an up close look.” She pranced closer to Lynn with a supreme look of confidence. “You know I can kick your white ass if I have too,” she said.

“You go Tracy! Show that white girl who’s boss!” Monica cheered. She reached out and pushed Tracy forward.

Lynn reached up and grabbed her behind the knees, buckling her legs as they tumbled downward in a tangle of arms and legs. Tracy began to assert herself and gain control. The smoke had melted away all inhibitions.

The girls could hardly believe their eyes! They had gone from laughter to astonishment. They moved closer to the bed to see what would happen next.

“I think you need to eat some pussy, Lynn” Tracy said as she moved forward, positioning her pussy above Lynn’s face.

Lynn reached up and swatted Tracy hard on her bare ass, laughing all the while.

“That does it, girlfriend! It is on!” she said slamming her black pussy down on the white girl’s face. At that moment, she came to her senses long enough to realize what she was doing. She was about to get up when she felt Lynn’s tongue snake inside her.

“Oh my God, ooohhhh!” she moaned loudly. “Oh Lynn, eat me,” she cooed. She was moving her cunt back and forth on Lynn’s face, shivers of pleasure ran up her spine.

“Maybe you should let her up Tracy,” Joy cautioned. “She might not like it.”

“Oh she’s liking it all right,” Tracy said as she slipped off her top and now sat completely naked atop Lynn’s face, her breasts heaving with passion. “You like this black pussy, don’t you, Lynn?”

Lynn slid her hands up along Tracy’s body and squeezed her black tits firmly, driving her tongue deeper into her cunt sending Tracy into ecstasy.

“Oh my God, she DOES like it!” Monica cried. “Lynn fucking loves to eat black pussy!” She quickly removed her own clothes and joined Lynn and Tracy on the bed. Kandi quickly followed suit, reaching down to stroke Lynn’s blonde hair.

Lynn hungrily sucked Tracy’s pussy. It had been a long time and she was really enjoying the moment. She loved being the center of attention for the 4 sexy black girls. She felt her own panties being removed, sliding down below her thighs. She felt Steph’s finger sliding along her wet lips, slipping slowly inside.

“Lick that pussy Lynn. You love it, don’t you, baby?” Monica urged Lynn onward, her own pussy excited beyond belief.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”Tracy squealed, her body shaking wildly. She struggled to maintain her balance on Lynn’s face, her ebony cunt splashing Lynn’s mouth with its delectable juices. She trembled as she ground her black pussy harder against the young white girl’s face before collapsing onto the bed, totally spent.

Without hesitation, Kandi leaped for the saddle. Straddling Lynn’s head facing away, her tight azz resting on Lynn’s forehead she said excitedly “I want you to eat me as good as you did Tracy, baby.” She shoved her hot dark twat down on Lynn’s cum covered face.

Lynn was in heaven, with not just one black girl to please, but FOUR! Spreading Kandi’s chocolate snatch with her fingers, she dove in with abandon, slurping the already plentiful juices into her mouth. Though different, Kandi was just as delicious as Tracy. Her vision was completely obscured by Kandi’s ass but that wasn’t a bad thing.

Kandi rocked back and forth, smearing her pussy over Lynn’s mouth and nose. “Mmmm Lynn, white girls rock!” she exclaimed. “I could really get to love this!”

Meanwhile, Steph had gone to her room and returned with a black double-headed dildo. She climbed onto the bed, positioning herself between Lynn’s legs. She began to rub the head of the massive black dick against Lynn’s little white pussy. “You like that fucking Kandi’s giving you, Lynn? Cause that ain’t nothing compared to the fucking I’m gonna give you.”

Lynn groaned her approval. She loved being dominated by black girls, fucked by their black pussies. She didn’t know why, but it didn’t matter. She lapped deeply into Kandi’s honeypot, her tongue covered with the sticky juice. She slipped her tongue upward between Kandi’s asscheeks. She felt her wince as her tongue jabbed at Kandi’s tight asshole.

“Oh God, Lynn! Stick your tongue in my ass, you nasty girl!” Kandi arched her back and looked back over her shoulder, trying desparately to see Lynn licking her black azz. “Oh fuck, girl! I’m gonna cum!” as she wiggled her ass on Lynn’s tongue.

Lynn moved her mouth under Kandi’s flowing cunt to catch her reward. She happily drank in the love potion. At the same time she felt the head of the rubber cock stretching her cunt lips wide. “Oh shit it’s big!” she squealed.

“You just keep your mind on my pussy, Lynn” Kandi advised, her hands squeezing Lynn’s tits as she humped her face. “Whats wrong, Steph? Having trouble getting that big black dick into such a tight white pussy? And why have you got that thing anyway?” Kandi asked.

“Well, you just never know, now do you,” she said. Stephanie began to force the cock inside Lynn’s stretching cunt which was already well lubricated from her sexual excitement.

Lynn had never felt anything remotely similar to this! She thought she would literally split in half. As Kandi climbed off her face she could see the black dong wedged erotically into her lily white pussy. “Oh God, oh God!” she said over and over.

Stephanie draped her legs over Lynn’s until their pussies faced each other. She was only slightly darker than Lynn, both girls with just a small patch of pubic hair. Steph eased the other head into her creamy white pussy with a long sigh. She grasped the middle of the dildo, holding it steady as she accepted it deeper and continued to force it deeper into Lynn’s straining hole.

Lynn would not get to see the rest of the show.

“My turn!” Placing her hand on Lynn’s sticky forehead and pushing her back onto the pillow, Monica swung her leg over Lynn’s face, planting her knees in the soft pillow.

Lynn looked up at the statuesque ebony princess above her. “Time for you to serve your master, bitch! Now stick your tongue out!” she snapped which Lynn did obediently. She strained to reach the black girl’s juicy cunt but Monica kept her hand pressed on her forehead, keeping her in her place.

Monica was taking full advantage of the situation. She had never had her pussy licked before and she couldn’t believe her luck. If this white girl loved to eat pussy, that was fine with her. She decided to tease her first, keeping her pussy just out of Lynn’s range. She could feel the tip of her tongue barely lapping at her engorged lips.

Lynn was going nuts! Here was this beautifully shaved black cunt hovering tantalizingly close to her face but she was being restrained. Her own pussy was being penetrated with the monster black cock bringing her near to an orgasm. The music thumped loudly making the situation even more erotic. She could feel Steph fucking her in time with the music, shoving the huge black cock in and out of her spasming pussy. She was beginning to cum, her legs thrashing about in orgasmic bliss.

“You really want this black pussy, don’t you, white bitch?” Monica asked. Repositioning her hands beneath Lynn, she pulled her head upward as she slammed her cunt down hard on her face. She let out a loud squeal as her head tilted back, her boobs, nipples fully erect, protruding firmly.

“Finally!” Lynn thought. She was right where she wanted to be, trapped between two powerful black thighs. She was going to get the fucking of her life, not only from Monica, but from Stephanie also. She lapped greedily at her friend hot black pussy. Monica still gripped her head firmly so she had to depend on her to move her cunt around on her face.

Meanwhile, Stephanie played with the white girl’s hard clit as she continued to fuck her with the black cock. “Come on baby, cum on that black dick! You like it in that white pussy don’t you?”

“Yes, God yes!” Lynn screamed as she came in gushes. “Fuck me harder, Steph! Please!”

Monica was beginning to cum also. She released Lynn’s head and leaned forward, grabbing the headboard for leverage. She began to thrust her pussy viciously against Lynn’s face, her cum covering the grateful white girl’s face. “I’m fucking your face, Lynn! Fucking it good! Lick that cum baby! Oooohhhh yesss.”

Tracy and Kandi watched as the sexy black girl face-fucked the pretty white girl. They could still hardly believe it! They were fingering their pussies wildly.

All of the girls were cumming together as the music blared and the bed shook.

“Fuck my face, Monica!” Lynn screamed loudly. “Cum in my mouth! I need it all, baby!” She gripped Monica’s ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly.

“Eat it all, Lynn. Don’t leave a fucking drop,” Monica said to her friend. “You seem like you really know what you are doing, girlfriend.” Relaxing her grip on the headboard, she looked down at Lynn’s matted blonde hair, the juices of the three black girls covered her face, dripping down onto her throat and onto the pillow.

Monica rolled over allowing Lynn to sit up. Stephanie had risen to her feet, the dildo still inside her. Rising to her knees, Lynn pulled the dildo from Steph’s soaking cunt and began to lick away the juice. Dropping the dildo she buried her face in Steph’s crotch, licking her cum into her mouth.

Stephanie grabbed the sides of Lynn’s head, pulling her deeper. “Suck my clit, Lynn,” she begged. “Please suck it, its so hard.”

Expertly, Lynn sucked it into her mouth, sucking it harder and harder. Her lips tightened around it as her tongue lapped it.

Stephanie moaned loudly as she pumped her pussy against the kneeling white girl’s face, her cum running down Lynn’s chin. Holding onto Lynn’s hair she kept humping her face raggedly, as her legs were exhausted.

Lynn’s face was coated in a glistening combination of the four black girls’ love. She licked Stephanie’s cunt till it was completely clean.

Stephanie stroked Lynn’s hair. “Damn girl,” she said breathlessly. “Have you ever done this before?” as she continued to pump her happy little pussy against Lynn’s mouth.

Lynn looked up at Stephanie, curling her tongue sensuously around Steph’s fat clit causing her body to shutter. “What do you think?” she said coyly. “I’ll bet you didn’t know white girls loved to eat black pussy so much, did you? That’s why we are here, to serve and pleasure you.”

The four black girls looked at each other, amazed, but happy to hear what Lynn had just said. They had just discovered something as good as fucking and in some ways better. This white girl was only interested in satisfying their sexual needs unlike most men.

“Oh girlfriend,” Tracy said, “We can make each other so happy!” she squeezed Lynn’s tits. “You just come over anytime and you can have all this black pussy you want!” she giggled.

Finally, all five girls lay down together, completely exhausted. They were also completely satisfied. Monica, Kandi, Tracy, and Stephanie had just gotten their first lesbian experience. Lynn, on the other hand, was beginning to feel anything other than sex with black girls would be unfulfilling. She thought of Tonisha but only for a moment. Monica had moved her pussy close to Lynn’s face. “I guess this is going to be a long night, mmmmm…”

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