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Bill and the Red Lettuce

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This wasn’t the first time he’d seen her here at the supermarket. It was a few of weeks ago, on a Wednesday, that he first cast his eyes upon her mature, full figure and her fine head topped by billows of natural red hair. She was about 45, and her large hips and breasts where accented by a slim waist. She was a West Texas earth mother type, but with a hint of sadness. Since then, he’d made Wednesdays his regular shopping day in the faint hope that he might run into her again. And now, here she was in front of him.

Bill wasn’t very shy, but there was some risk in approaching the object of his lust in a grocery store. He had been shot down before, but at 55 years of age, Bill didn’t waste time feeling sorry for himself or contemplating failure. Life was all too short to waste it like that, or in any of the other ways he had done so in the past. Now, life was about the moment, because you never knew how many more moments were available to you.

So, with only a vague plan in mind, Bill approached the redhead in the produce section. At first, he just watched her as she put a bag of limes into her cart and milled around by the asparagus. When he saw her heading toward the lettuce, Bill moved in closer.

“Excuse me, ma’am. Do you know if this red lettuce tastes any different than the green? I wanna make a really nice salad tonight.”

She glanced at Bill sideways, not sure he was speaking to her, and he caught her eye.

“Not much difference between the two. At least, I can’t tell the difference.”

“Well, I’ll trust you then. You look like you might be a real salad expert, with all the exotic stuff you have in your basket.”

The woman was turned toward him now, trying to decide if he was a moron, or if he was trying to pick her up. Or both. Honestly, it had been so long since she’d attracted this much attention from a man that she thought he might be trying to distract her, so she reflexively put her hand on her purse.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say I was an expert, really”, she said, testing the waters. Bill smiled gently and gazed directly into her eyes.

“Tell me,” he said, picking up a cucumber by the end. “Do you like a big cucumber in your salad?” Bill let the cuke bob up and down a couple of times.

The woman smiled. “What do you know,” she thought. “A real pickup artist. Boy, will he be surprised when my husband shows up in a minute.”

“Sure. Sometimes I like a really big cucumber,” she smirked.

Bill dropped the cuke and reached for a carrot. “If you don’t have a cucumber, will you sometimes settle for a carrot?” Bill held the carrot by the end and raised the other end slowly until it was pointing over her shoulder, his smile holding her eyes.

“Hmm. Carrots can be good, too.”

“I’m really attracted to this red lettuce,” Bill said softly, looking away. “I just know it’ll taste great.”

“Honey, did you get the lightbulbs?” she said. For a moment, Bill was confused. And then a big gorilla of a man brushed by his shoulder and put some items into the woman’s basket. Bill dropped the carrot back in the bin and moved his cart slowly in the other direction. As the couple left the produce section, the buxom redhead gave Bill a little smile over her shoulder, as if saying, “Nice try, buddy.”

“Husband, huh? Something tells me that’s not the showstopper it might be,” thought Bill.

For the next 15 minutes, Bill tailed Big Red and her pet gorilla. It seemed that whenever she’d look up, he’d be there, lurking somewhere nearby, but not too close. Bill pulled an old receipt out of his shirt pocket and scribbled his cell phone number on it. Several times as Red encountered Bill in the aisles, she saw him slightly wave the piece of paper in his hand.

Finally, he was standing at the end of an aisle when Gorilla passed behind him, and he held the receipt between his index and middle fingers, bending his wrist back to offer it to her as she pushed the cart within a foot of him. On a whim, she took the paper and stuffed it into her skirt pocket.

All he could do now was wait and hope. Bill paid for his groceries and sat in his pickup truck outside, waiting to see which car Red was driving.


It was 7:30 the next morning when Bill’s phone rang. He was already on his way to work, passing near the same shopping center where the supermarket was. He pulled over and answered.

“Hi, it’s Bill”. There were a couple of seconds of dead air. Then she spoke.

“Bill, I’m the redhead you were stalking in the grocery store yesterday.”

“Umm, let’s not call it stalking, okay? That kinda has legal ramifications. Let’s just say I’m your not-so-secret admirer. Besides, a stalker wouldn’t give you his number, would he?”

“Well, whatever. I don’t know why I’m calling. I only took your number so you’d go away. I’m not getting into anything shady. I’m married, and I’m not looking for trouble. I mean, you seem like an okay guy, a little weird, but you probably ought to just forget about me.”

“Aren’t you curious about why I approached you yesterday? I don’t do this kind of thing as a rule.”

“Look, it would probably be really fun to talk to you, but I’m driving. I just wanted to call to say I’m married. You know that. I can’t…I don’t want to…”

“Are you someplace where you can pull over and talk for a couple of minutes? You can give me that, can’t you?” As Bill spoke, he saw what he thought was Red’s blue Nissan pass him, slow down, and turn into the supermarket parking lot. He watched as the Nissan pulled to a stop in a parking slot.

“Okay, I pulled over. Go ahead and say what you have to say, and then I’ve gotta go to work.” She sounded stressed.

“First off, I don’t know your name. Give me something to call you. You can make something up, if you don’t trust me.”

“Okay, I’m Bonnie. That’s my real name.”

“Bonnie by name, and bonny by appearance. I’m Bill, like I said. I’ve seen you at the grocery before, and I’ve been hoping to see you again. I got a feeling when I saw you that first time. It’s like you were a mink coat that somebody had tossed into the bottom of the closet. You’re someone classy and classic, but you’re not being cared for. Somebody is disinterested or thinks you’re out of fashion, and so they let you languish. Somebody should treat you better. That’s the feeling I got. Was I right?”

“No, I’m fine. I’m married. Things are as good as I can expect. I mean, sure, I could be happier, probably, but I have the life I have. Nothing I can do to change it.”

“How about your sex life? How long has it been since you got laid?” asked Bill eyeing the woman in the blue Nissan.

“Wow, that’s pretty personal, for somebody I just met.”

“Bonnie, we may never talk or meet again. Who better than me to spill your guts to? Sometimes a stranger can be your best friend.”

Bonnie was quiet for many seconds. Then she sniffed.

“Okay, I haven’t had sex for over a year. My husband goes out a lot with his buddies, and he drinks too much. I stay home and watch TV. That’s my life.”

“Do you masturbate?”

“Oh, now that’s really over the line! I’m not going to answer a question like that!”

“Bonnie, you’re not an old woman. You deserve a sex life of some kind. With the terrific body you have, I’ll bet you really enjoyed sex at one time. Maybe your husband just squeezed all the fun out of it over the years. That can happen in any relationship.”

“Terrific body. Right. How can you say that when you’ve seen these hips?”

“Would I have made the effort to ‘stalk’ you, as you say, if you weren’t attractive? Curvy women have always been attractive to me. And not just me. Most men like women who look like women, not like a boy or a stick. Besides, if it weren’t for those nice hips, you’d be top heavy.”

The line was silent again.

“Look, I don’t really have a sex life. I hardly ever masturbate. I just don’t get excited very much. And if I do, it’s always inconvenient to do anything about it. Either I’m at work or he’s around, or I’m just too tired. I don’t have the time or energy for a sex life.”

She paused. “Maybe my sex life is kind of over.”

“No, that really would be tragic. Sex doesn’t take away from your energy. It gives you energy. And it hardly ever takes a lot of time. You’re not at work now. You’re in your car someplace. Are there lots of people around?”

Since he was watching her car at that moment, Bill knew the answer to that question.

“I’m in a parking lot, and it’s pretty empty right now.”

“See, you could be masturbating right now.”

“No way! I would never be able to get off in public! I’d be scared somebody would come up and look in my window.”

“Bonnie, do this for me. I’m not going to ask you to do anything dangerous. Are you wearing a skirt?”

“Yes. And don’t even think about getting me started here.”

“Pull it up to your waist. Nobody will see that. If somebody looks at you, they’ll just see a woman talking on a cell phone. Pull your skirt up and just run your hand over your thighs. Just feel how soft they are. Are you doing that?”

“Yeah. God, I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Run your hand down between your thighs. I’m not gonna ask you to actually masturbate. I just want you to feel and remember how nice it is to touch yourself. Look down and watch your hand. Run your hand over your panties. Feel that cleft between your lips. Tell me how soft you are. Tell me how your freckled hand looks gliding over your skin.”

Bill waited while Bonnie stroked her thighs and undies.

“Yeah, that feels good.”

“How does it look? What does your skin look like on your thighs? What color are your panties. Do you have freckles down there?”

“It looks okay, I guess. My thighs are pretty big, and I have freckles everywhere. But the skin on my thighs is really white, except for the spots. I have on light blue cotton panties. So, what’s your point? Are you just trying to get off?”

“Bonnie, I want you to think about something today. Imagine yourself in a cabin somewhere in the mountains, a long way from your husband and anybody you know. Imagine somebody’s tongue, preferably mine, slowly licking your pussy. It’s cold outside, but we’re under blankets in a big feather bed. We’ve got all day and all night if we want it. I’m building you up to an orgasm like you haven’t had for years. You can tell me exactly what to do, and I’ll do it. Anything. When you’ve had a good cum, I slide inside you and we move together, taking all the time we need. I’m holding you and kissing you. You can roll me over and be on top, or have me take you from behind, or we can sit in big comfy chair while you rock against me. I’m there to do whatever you want me to. Think about this today, and when you have a chance, rub yourself to a climax.”

Bill clicked the cell phone shut, put the truck in gear, and drove away.


At 7:30 the next morning, Bill’s phone rang again, and he saw her number on the display. He had arrived early at the parking lot, hoping she would call, or that he would at least see her drive by. As he answered the phone, Bill saw the blue Nissan pull into the lot and park in a far corner. He started his truck and pulled into a spot about 20 yards away from the Nissan, off to her left. With the heavy window tint in his truck, he was well hidden.

“Bill, this is Bonnie.”

“Hi, Bonnie.”

“Bill, you had me shook up all day yesterday. I couldn’t quit thinking about your tongue on my pussy. That’s something my husband has almost never done. It’s just as well, since he was terrible at it. I couldn’t get a private moment the whole day, and Andy, my husband, decided to stay home last night. I’m about to pop, and it’s your damned fault!”

“I’m gonna help.”

“Bill, I’m not ready to start some affair with you.”

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m just gonna talk to you and help you cum. I’m gonna be your guardian angel this morning.”

“Don’t you understand? I can’t masturbate out here in public.”

“I’m watching over you, babe. Look over to your left. Do you see the white pickup?” Bill lowered his window and waved at the Nissan.

“You’re here? You are stalking me! This is insane.”

“Calm down, hon. I just got lucky and guessed where you might be. This road is on the way to work for lots of folks, including me. I’m gonna stay in my truck and talk to you on the phone. I can see everything from here. If anybody comes near your car, I’ll tell you. You’re safe. You don’t have to worry about anything. I’m watching over you.”

Bonnie did start to calm down now. (It was anything but calm between her legs!) If he would really keep an eye out, she might actually be able to get herself some relief. They chatted for a minute or two as Bonnie got used to the idea, and then Bill spoke.

“Put your seat back as far as it will go. Now, I want you to pull your skirt up all the way to your waist. Run your hand across your thighs.”

“I’m already wet, believe me. I don’t need a lot of prep.”

Bill put the binoculars to his eyes and zoomed in on Bonnie’s face as she lay back in the seat.

“That’s good. More time to enjoy yourself, then. If you feel like it, you can pull your panties off. If that bothers you, just ease your fingers down inside them.”

“I’m gonna leave them on for now.”

“Okay, then. I’ll bet you have a beautiful full red bush down there, right?”

“Yeah. I’m pretty hairy.”

“That’s nice. You might want to think about clipping it short, but don’t shave that good stuff off. Shorter hair can make masturbation a bit nicer. Put your middle fingers down into your vagina and pull up some of that sweet juice. Rub it all over your inner lips and clit. If we had a lot of time, I’d tell you to work on your G-spot a bit, but let’s get right to that pretty clit. Is your clit big or small?”

“Pretty big, I think. I never had a problem finding it.” Bill could hear Bonnie inhale as she began touching herself.

“That’s wonderful. I love a big clit. The better to suck on. How do you like to rub it? Push the hood down and back, fast up and down, side to side, or what?”

“That’s all good. Oh, Bill, talk to me.”

“Baby, I wish it was my tongue down there on that big pink clit right now. I can just about smell that woman scent pouring out of you now. I’ll bet you taste like heaven. Mmm, I’d like to dip my tongue inside you and get a big load of your juice. Honey, we’re all alone out here. There’s nobody else around. I’m guarding you, and I’m wishing I were between your legs, eating you up.”

“Oh, god! That feels so good!” Bonnie breathed hard.

“Bonnie, Bonnie! You’re so sweet, so nice on my tongue, so beautiful! Bonnie, I’m rubbing my cock, but I’m still watching out for you, so don’t worry. It’s all clear.

Bonnie’s middle two fingers vibrated on her clit. She needed relief in the worst way, and it was coming on quickly. After the long drought in her sex life, punctuated by the intense vision of sex she’d had in the last twenty-four hours, her fall over the cliff into orgasm came on quickly.

“Oh, oh, Bill… It’s coming. I’m cumming already. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…,” she moaned as release overtook her. She didn’t stop her ministrations until the last contraction of her pussy had ended.

Through the binoculars, Bill saw Bonnie’s face contort and her head flop side to side.

When Bonnie was almost back to her senses, Bill said, “Honey, everything’s fine. I’m coming over to your car now. If you’re feeling modest, you can pull your skirt down. I just want to see you before you go.” Bill hung up the phone.

Bonnie left her panties exposed and her hand under the elastic as she lowered the window and watched Bill approach. She could clearly see the lump down the left leg of his jeans. Bill leaned in, and his eyes went to the sight of her damp blue panties and white speckled thighs. He gently removed her right hand, the masturbating hand, from her panties. Bill brought it to his face, inhaling her aroma, and then slid her fingers into his mouth, cleaning them with his tongue.

“If I can’t have it from the source, then second ‘hand’ will do,” he said.

Bonnie smiled at him, too happy and dazed to respond otherwise. Bill leaned into the car, planting a soft, wet kiss on her mouth, his tongue sliding between her lips.

“Bye, hon. Call me.”


Throughout the weekend, Bill contemplated Bonnie. He wondered how she would react, in the aftermath of her parking lot orgasm. He wondered whether she would ever want to see him again, or if her fear had chased her back to her dull, sexless life. Mostly, though, Bill fantasized about eating and fucking Bonnie. He was driven by his attraction to her. No, she wasn’t a conventional beauty. Not like the women on magazine covers or in the movies. But there was something so eternally female about her. She was archetypal; she was the Mother Goddess of myth. Her generous, fertile body and flaming hair overwhelmed him with the primal lust of a much younger man. It had been many years since he’d felt so drawn to a woman.

The fantasy he had offered to Bonnie became his as well. It was their shared fantasy now, the two of them alone in a mountain cabin. He played the scenes over and over while he stroked himself to several orgasms that weekend. He found himself out riding in his pickup at times, checking the supermarket parking lot in hopes of spotting Bonnie, but she was never there.

When she didn’t call on Monday morning, Bill started feeling irritable. No, there was no requirement or expectation that she would ever call again, and he had promised himself not to call her. That could be considered stalking, and he wasn’t a stalker. Persistent, yes. Stalker, no. He bided his time. He could always check the supermarket on Wednesday, if nothing happened before that.

But on Tuesday morning, the phone rang as he left for work. She was calling earlier today, and he wasn’t close to their meeting place yet.

“Bill, can you meet me? I need to see you.”

“Sure, babe. It’ll take me about 10 minutes to get there. Why are you calling so early this morning?”

“I’m horny, that’s why!”

Bill’s foot involuntarily pressed harder on the gas pedal.

“Okay, I’m on my way. Don’t start without me.”

The blue Nissan was parked in about the same place it had been on Friday. Bill pulled in, leaving one slot between them. Bonnie was already out of the car and opening the rear door on his extended cab pickup by the time the vehicle came to a stop. She climbed in and closed the door. Bonnie felt safer in the big heavy pickup, so far off the ground and away from prying eyes behind the tinted glass and front seat. No one was likely to know there was anyone in the pickup, let alone what they were up to.

“Hey, it’s dark in here,” she said. Bonnie was wearing a full denim skirt, cowboy boots and a dark green cotton cowboy shirt with snaps down the front and on the pockets. She looked at home in the pickup, like she was fresh off the ranch. “Come on back here and sit with me, cowboy.”

“Why, yes ma’am, I surely will,” Bill drawled.

Once in the back seat, Bill slid over and embraced Bonnie, giving her a lingering kiss. Then he slid back to take a better look. “What’s with the cowgirl outfit?”

“Well, a couple of things, really. First off, it makes this easy.” In one move, she unsnapped her shirt half way, and her full cleavage came into view. “And, this skirt is real easy to get up and down.” Bonnie put her left knee up on the seat and hiked her skirt to mid-thigh.

“Holy cats! What’s gotten into you, girl? Last week, I had to talk my balls off to get you to touch your thighs, and I was nowhere near you then. Now I’m sittin’ here, and you’re giving me a peep show.”

“Well, you haven’t gotten into me, and you probably never will. But what you said has gotten into me. Bill, I just wanted to thank you for opening me up and reminding me that sex is great, and that I really do need it to be a complete person. I don’t know where this is leading, and I’m not ready to start cheating on my husband, but, damn it, I need some sexual release every once in awhile. So, I’m gonna show you a little skin. Call it showing you my appreciation, so to speak.”

With that, Bonnie unsnapped her shirt the rest of the way, and the tops of her sweet white freckled breasts came into full view, set off by a lacy black bra. Her globes heaved as she almost panted with excitement, her red curls hanging down, riding the movement of her chest.

“Like ’em, cowboy?”

In response, Bill let out his breath and rubbed his growing cock through his jeans. He was turned toward her, leaning back slightly and his right ankle lying on his left knee.

“I’ve been practicing all weekend, Bill. Can I show you what I’ve learned?”

Bill just nodded dumbly, too awed to speak.

In the dimness of the pickup, Bill watched Bonnie’s hands moving sensuously over her bra, tweaking nipples and pressing upward, her hands overflowing with soft flesh. Her left leg came up fully onto the seat, her boot nearly touching Bill’s knee. Bonnie’s right hand gingerly raised the hem of her skirt until Bill could see the matching black panties she wore, accented by white thighs. With a huge sigh, Bonnie slipped her hand into her panties and began to finger herself.

Bill was uncomfortable now. He was completely hard, of course, and his tight jeans were giving him fits. Bonnie opened her eyes and saw his predicament.

“Why don’t you drop those jeans and show me your cock, cowboy.”

He didn’t wait for a second invitation. In a matter of seconds, Bill had himself in hand, and his ability to speak had returned.

“Honey, I thought about you all weekend. I must have jacked off 6 times. When you didn’t call, that just made me think about you more. Baby, you look so good fingering yourself. I hope it’s my tongue doing that job some day. I could eat you for an hour.

Bonnie had her eyes mostly open now, watching Bill’s hand moving at a medium pace, bringing his cock to the point where they were on about the same level of stimulation.

“If you come, you’re gonna have a mess to clean up,” she joked.

That gave Bill an idea. Maybe he could save his clothes and get a peek at the real thing, the pink treasure she had between her legs.

“Sweetie, give me your panties to cum in. They’re wet now anyway, and you won’t wanta keep them on. Besides, you’re seeing more of me than I’m seeing of you now.”

Bonnie raised an eyebrow and looked skeptical, but in a second, she sighed and pulled the undies off, tossed them to Bill, and went back to fingering her clit. Bill could see that she’d taken his advice and trimmed her red bush. It was a beautiful delta now, pointing to the place he so wanted to go. The light was dim, but Bonnie’s flesh was so white that Bill could easily make out her inner lips and the dark hole her fingers were dipping into.

Bill took her offered panties and put them to his nose and lips. God she was sweet! At last, his senses full of her, he wrapped her panties around his cock and began pumping again, trying to keep pace with her.

Bonnie began to squirm, her head flopping like he’d seen it do on Friday, and Bill understood that she was close to orgasm. She was pushing her fingers downward over her clit and then plunging them into her depths. In the end, Bonnie concentrated fully on her clit and finished with a guttural sound that Bill was almost afraid someone would hear. As she squirmed, Bill unloaded into her panties, his hips bucking and a low groan coming from deep in his chest. Bill and Bonnie’s eyes were locked on each other as they came.

Bill recovered first. He wiped his cock with the panties and, leaning across the seat, he held them to her face.

“This is us. This is what we smell like together. Take a deep breath and remember this smell.”

Bonnie obeyed, her hand still lingering in her pussy. Bill kissed her deeply, leaning over her, his half-hard cock dragging a small trail of cum across her exposed abdomen.

“When can I see you again?” Bill asked. “And by the way, I’m keeping the panties.”


They met once more that week, and then over the next few days, reality began to sink in for Bonnie. She was at a crossroads. Maybe she had already crossed the line and didn’t know it.

A relationship is like a shark. It has to keep moving forward, or it dies. Her marriage was more or less a dead shark. And this new thing with Bill, was it a relationship? If it was, she knew it had to progress or wither. (Do sharks wither, she mused?) If she continued to see him, he would be eating her pussy before she knew it, and then he’d be fucking her. There was no doubt about it. Even now, she wanted his tongue teasing her clit, and she could picture that nice cock pushing up inside her, making her feel that joy she had lost years ago. True, it was a carrot of a cock, not a cucumber, but it was still very nice. And it had been very hard, just for her. She was gratified that he had desired her so much that his cock stood up straight and tall. It was a lovely cock, and she wanted it in her mouth and pussy.

But did she want it enough to bear the consequences? Sure, it was fine for Bill. He had no wife to worry about. But she could lose her marriage and have her life destroyed by this new love. And it wasn’t really love, was it? It was pure lust. Was that enough reason to risk your marriage?

Bonnie stopped by the sandwich shop at lunchtime early the next week, bought a sliced turkey on whole wheat, and drove to the local park. While she ate, she tried to analyze the problem like she would a problem at work. What are the benefits and risks? What were the best and the worst possible outcomes? On the one hand, she was loving the sex, limited in scope though it was. On the other hand, going through a messy divorce was one of the most devastating experiences a person could suffer. On the other hand, she couldn’t face a marriage devoid of sex and closeness for the rest of her life. On the other hand (by this time, she was running out of hands), her life could be destroyed by continuing on with Bill. She had to talk to someone. A girlfriend was out of the question, since she didn’t trust any of the bitches in the office. Her husband was out, obviously. That left Bill, who was hardly a disinterested party, but he was her only real choice.

“Bill, it’s me. Can we talk sometime soon? Just talk, you know?”

“Sure, Me. When and where?”

“Can you meet me at Cole Park at lunch tomorrow? You know where that is?”

“Yeah. Okay. How about 12:30, in that lot by the duck pond.”

“Fine. I’ll bring sandwiches.”

Bill was already there when Bonnie arrived. She opened the front passenger door of the pickup and got in. She leaned over and gave him a quick, chaste kiss. He looked her in the eyes.

“I’ll bet you’re gonna say you’re worried. You don’t want to get your marriage all snarled up, and if you keep seeing me, things are gonna get messy,” said Bill.

Bonnie stared at him, the words practically taken out of her mouth.

“God, you’re good,” she said. “And I don’t just mean sexually. Have you been tuning in on my brain waves?”

“It’s just the logical thing. We men are very logical, ya know.”

“Well, what am I gonna do? Sure, I’d love to let you tongue me till Tuesday. I’d like to open my pink pussy and have you fill me up and play ice cream cone with my tits. I’d like to ride you like a horse. Problem is I have this other life, and doing that could cost me big-time. If I keep seeing you, you’re gonna get into my pants, and then my life will unravel.”

“You don’t wear pants that much, and maybe you wouldn’t like sex with me anyway. Maybe my tongue wouldn’t feel that good on your clit, and maybe my cock would leave you cold. We could just try it once and then you’d know for sure,” he joked. She wasn’t buying it.

“Quit goofing around. This is serious,” Bonnie replied, her eyes trailing down to his crotch.

“Hon, you’ve gotta do what’s best for you. I want you, there’s no doubt about that. You’re the only one I’ve got in my sights. If you say we have to stop, I’ll just go back to satisfying myself, which is what I’m doing anyway, and maybe someday somebody else will come along for me. I may have the hard cock, but you’ve got the hard decision. You’ll have to pretend to be content being married to the Gorilla and find ways to satisfy yourself.”

“The Gorilla? Is that what you call him?” Bonnie chuckled, in spite of herself. Then she got serious again. “I can’t let it go any further, Bill. I won’t be able to keep up an affair without him finding out, and I would die if this got out and he divorced me.”

Bill was quiet for a minute. “Well, there’s your answer then,” he said quietly. “Tell you what, though. I’ll let you keep our little fantasy, and the memory of us together in the back seat, and the smell of us together on your panties. We’ll share that. And just so you’ll know, I intend to use you ruthlessly as fantasy material when I jack off. And, I’m keeping your panties.” Bill smiled a little smile. “Call me if something changes.”


A couple of months later, Bill got the call. It happened on a Friday, but not in the morning as usual. About noon, he heard her voice.

“Bill, it’s me. What are you doing this weekend?”

“I’m sorry,” he said. “To whom am I speaking?”

“Cut that out! You know damned good and well it’s Bonnie!”

“Yeah, I do, sweetie. How you been?”

“I asked you a question first, cowboy. What are you doing this weekend?”

“Not much. Eat a salad, jack off. What have you got in mind?”

“How about a trip to the mountains, sugar?”

Bill was silent. Did he hear her right?

“Uhh, what?”

“Do you want to go to the mountains and eat my pussy or not?” she asked.

“Do ducks waddle? Do I have time to pack?”

“Yes they do, and just barely. Take off work early, get your shit, and I’ll pick you up at your house. Let’s get going by 3 so we can beat the traffic and get there before dark. Give me directions to your house, and I’ll tell you all about it on the way.”

Bill hopped into the blue Nissan at 2:45, gave Bonnie a big kiss and hug, and they sped out of town toward the mountains of southern New Mexico. On the way, she told him the story of the past few months.

“So, I was back in my dreary world, trying to make the most of things. Andy was going out more and more at night, and I was getting plenty of pussy rubbing in, but no sex from him. Then we got a weird phone call. It rang just once and Andy picked it up. I heard Andy talking to somebody on the phone when I came out of the bathroom. His back was turned and his voice was really low, and he sounded like he was trying to soothe somebody or comfort somebody. I thought somebody had died, so I walked up quietly behind him. I think he thought I was taking a shower, and he didn’t seem to notice me. I was about to touch his arm, and I heard him say, ‘Bobby, baby, it’ll be okay.’ I don’t know any Bobby, and I sure don’t know any ‘Bobby baby’, so I just stood there, listening.”

“It was unreal. Andy, the Gorilla, was pillow-talking with somebody on the phone. Somebody named ‘Bobby baby’, no less. Turns out Bobby baby is a guy! The big ox is a homosexual! Can you believe it? He’s queer! And I never knew it!”

Bonnie told him the whole story. Andy had long suppressed his feelings for men, and then he had started acting them out, “going out with the boys”. He got deeper and deeper into the lifestyle, hiding his alternate self from her and their friends. His guilt and fear were enormous, and he sobbed when she caught him fawning over Bobby. He just knew that his life was over, and she had every right to kick his ass out and tell the world how he had shamed her and used her. West Texas is not one of those places you want to be if you’re gay.

But Bonnie had a different idea about it. First, she cried some realistic-looking tears and made him appropriately humble and solicitous, but inside, she was giddy. Then she told him that he had one chance to save his skin. They could continue to be married and share the same house, but he had to promise to be discrete and not bring his lovers home, and she would be free to pursue her own life. He couldn’t question where she went or what she did, and she would give him the same courtesy. To their mutual friends, things would appear the same. She had him convinced that she was forfeiting her happiness to preserve his secret.

Andy was overwhelmed with gratitude. He seemed to have no idea that she could be interested in someone else. He thanked her profusely and agreed to every rule she laid down.

“So, you’ve got me now. You can get into my pants, even though I’m wearing a skirt. I expect a pussy licking like I’ve never had when we get to Cloudcroft. And you had better get that cock revved up and ready, mister, because I’m gonna rock this weekend. And I mean, I’m gonna rock on your lap for an hour while you kiss my tits tonight.”

“I’m half-hard already, sweetheart. I can’t wait. How ’bout pulling that skirt up and letting me see how you’ve been practicing the last couple of months?”

As they drove across the New Mexico desert toward the foothills and up into the tall evergreens, Bonnie shared her technique while Bill watched her trimmed red mound get manipulated by dexterous fingers. He put his head in her lap awhile and inhaled her glorious scent, planting kisses all over her round belly. He even ran his hand over her wet lips so he could enjoy her scent as he sat back up and watched the scenery glide by.

They only teased each other while driving, though. Both of them saved their orgasms for the cabin. There, true to his word, Bill lapped expertly at Bonnie’s pussy until she had cum twice, and then he slipped inside her generous body for a sweet, slow first fuck, their mouths locked in a lover’s kiss. Knowing they had the whole weekend to pleasure each other, they took time out for a naked dinner before she rocked in his lap.

The dinner was a big red lettuce salad with carrot. No cucumber.

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