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Biker Lover

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There is never time for even kisses once the door is closed and the helmets are unstrapped and off. I know exactly what must happen, there can be no prevarication, no need to dance around it; not with the invisible force flowing between us, around us, inside of us, all through us. Gloves are pulled off and he unbuckles the straps and parts the studs on our leather jackets.

This is how it plays out. After standing, staring at me, at my legs, he lays me down in the bed and commences the erotic worship of my boots. His own boots bend and creak as he kneels and he starts silently using a cloth, cleaning off the dirt of the ride.

Slowly, he zeros in on one boot and begins pressing and stroking his way up until he gets to the knee. Gazing into my eyes, he begins to finger higher up, caressing and smoothing, sending exciting shocks up my legs and into the target area. He feels round the ridge at the tops of the boots and then moves from the rubber to the leather pants. Then he goes to the other boot, high up, stroking and then kissing.

I feel down between them for the zipper and pull it open. I push my leather jacket wider, lift my blouse, so he can get his hands to my breasts but they are ignored. He is still occupied with loving the boots that barely an hour earlier he watched me pull on and up my legs and strap before mounting behind him on his silver road rider.

Squeezing my hands hard into his back is my signal for him to stand so I can I stretch out my hands to stroke first his leathers, then his boots, feeling between the tops seeking for his zipper. He puts my hand to the runner and guides it down opening the cave. One hand then frees his swelling cock, the other hand is thrust between the tops of my boots and into the opening. Fingers are feeling, a hand is back stroking the sides of a boot. We are up a gear, accelerating to the fuck.

Nothing has been said, no words have been exchanged even if my throat had been capable of speech.

I raise myself and grab at his leather collar pulling his head down towards me. My mouth attacks his, forcing my tongue in. He smiles at my attempt to speed the ride as I begin kissing and licking his ears and neck. His expression changes as my hands travel down his chest to find and guide his fattening, filling cock into my mouth, licking the head. I moan at the taste of him, and the feel of him in my mouth. His fingers become entangled in my hair, as he softly begins guiding my head up and down. By the time we are done my make-up and my hair will be a mess but at least it will be hidden inside the cycle helmet on the ride back.

He gets beside me on the bed. I turn him onto his back, climbing on his chest, placing my boots each side of him positioned so my pussy is over his face. He twists his head and his tongue licking the tops of the boots, his hands teasing and pressing in the rubber, exciting, pleasing, and thrilling me. I descend on him and it is the turn of my exposed labial lips to press to his mouth. He zeros in on my clit with lightening speed and begins to hum. The vibrations make it hard to concentrate but my hands are pressed forward stroking his fat cock. The more pleasure I give him, the more he will give me.

I roll off of him and lie on my back, my boots spread wide, wrestling a pillow under my pelvis. He slides his body up between my boots, his eyes first staring at them and then piercing mine intensely. His mouth glistens with my juices as he licks his lips seductively. With one hand around his cock, he guides it to rub the swollen head slowly and determinedly against the sides of the boots. I am sighing. With one quick movement, he is into me. I’m so wet, there is no resistance. It is always the same. It feels amazing.

I’m moaning, passion and pleasure, feeling leather writhing against leather, rubber against rubber, and his thick, hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy. His tongue finds its way back to my neck and his hand begins fondling one of my bared breasts teasing the nipple. My hands travel up and down his body, down his strong, muscled arms, down his back, over his perfect, round buttocks all dressed in leather. I begin to squeeze his buttocks pushing him deeper into me. My moans are loud and guttural, expressing the ecstasy my entire body is feeling inside the leather cycle suit and the high rubber boots.

He pulls one of my boots up so that my knee is against his shoulder and he begins pressing the ridges in the soles stroking once again. His intense brown eyes look into mine with an animal lust as his mouth presses the rubber. I pull his thick, dark hair because the pleasure is too much. I scream in pleasure as my body convulses. He puts my long boot back down and wraps both of his strong arms around me, holding my body tightly against him and he continues to pump as the juices gush from my pussy and onto the rubber.

I begin scratching his back and his chest, my tongue running up and down his neck. I can’t get enough of him. He is so erotic and every motion, every touch, every look from him is soaked with sex. He kisses me with such a deep-burning heat. His lips envelop mine and he slowly slips his tongue in between my lips. I can taste both rubber and leather. His tongue explores the inside of my mouth as his cock continues to explore my pussy, the thrusts starting to get a little harder.

He pulls away from our deep kiss, withdraws his wet cock and I protest with a long sigh. Propped on one hand he runs the other down the front of my body, over my breasts, over my stomach, down to the place where he and I have become one. He smiles at me, saying nothing, a long pause. Still smiling he holds on to the base of his cock and inserts it, tilting it so that it rubs against my G-spot. I can’t hold out . . . much . . . longer . . . My muscles tighten and I come once again, writhing, with waves of pleasure washing over me, my whole being throbbing. I scream and I squirm against the intensity of the pleasure. I swear I can feel his cock growing harder still inside me.

Now comes the killer. He pulls me over to the edge of the bed, his cock still inside me, and he places his booted feet on the floor. He pulls my boots up into the air and holds onto my ankles, one in each arm, and spreads the boots the length of his arm-span, using my ankles to brace against. He starts fucking me hard and deep, long deep thrusts. His eyes drink in everything. I see him watching my pussy as his cock glides in and out. Then, his eyes travel up my body and he watches the leather rippling with every thrust. Finally, his eyes meet my face and he watches my expressions of pleasure.

From helping me with the leathers and fitting me into the waders and strapping them up, from mounting the silver bike as his pillion passenger, from the moment we hit the road and speedo climbs he becomes a sexual animal – my sexual animal.

He takes my booted ankles and places them on his shoulders, moving closer to me so that my knees are on his shoulders, my ankles behind his head, and his mouth is against mine. He tongues me forcefully. As he kisses, he thrusts even deeper into me. It burns.

To take in every inch of his length and girth makes my pussy feel like it’s tearing. It is, as I say, the killer and I am going to be so sore later when I come to mount the bike and sit on the saddle for the ride back. But I can’t help myself, I love it.

My eyes plead with him as he tries to tear me in half, fucking harder and faster. My pelvis is in pain but my clit is reveling in the sensation and that familiar feeling is building all throughout my body. The dam inside of me bursts and again, I come hard, quivering uncontrollably. My pussy soaks his pubic hair and marks the leather with my juices. He gently strokes my hair and face, watching my expression as he makes me come for the third time.

As he withdraws from my soaked little slit, I turn on my stomach, and rise on my hands and knees, offering the back of my pussy for his devious enjoyment. I feel his hands rubbing and circling against the backs of my boots then against my pussy, causing me to convulse with pleasure. “Mmmm. So wet,” Those are first words he has spoken. “And you’ve marked your boots.” He is telling me he will add some of his semen before cleaning them with tongue and hands.

He starts rubbing my clit with two fingers. I moan with pleasure and anticipation. He slides his cock down my pussy and start rubbing the tip of the head against the opening of my cunt.

I need to have his semen all pumped into me and not down or inside my boots. I find a voice to plead with him and I feel him guiding the head up and into me. I call out his name, as he rams his cock into me, forcefully. His pace is fast and his strokes are hard, commanding, and deep. He reaches his hands around me as he licks the leather, across the nape of my neck. His hands slide down my body to my clit. I push them away. I now am desperate for him to come. “Finish me.” It is a shout.

His hands grasp first the tops of the boots and then my hips and he pulls me back into him with every thrust, determined on the deepest strokes. . I feel his balls slapping against the front of my pussy and my clit responds to the sensation. He moves into top gear and my breasts bounce and jiggle as his hot cock pounds my pussy and his leathered hips and long rubber boots pound and rasp against my buttocks making an extraordinary sound.

I can hear him starting to let go. He is calling my name and calling on the biker’s diety – Yamaha. I feel his cock pulsating inside of me as he holds himself completely inside of me, allowing me to feel every inch. I feel the familiar throb and then he fires.

There’s nothing like the feel of his powerful ejaculation as he comes deep inside of me and I feel the hot gushes filling me.

He withdraws slowly, and as he does, his semen begins to gush out of me in creamy dribbles . I lie on my stomach and he lies down on his back, next to me. Beads of sweat cover his brow. He attempts to catch his breath, eyes closed. His erection is declining slowly, drooping like a wilting flower, glistening in the light. The scent in the nostrils is a mix of leather, rubber and warm semen – an erotic and compelling odour.

“You inspire me in boots,” you say, opening your eyes wide and lifting a hand to stroke my reddened face. He smiles softly, wearily. He leans forward and we share a deep, passionate kiss.

For now, we are spent. Our passions have carried us into a biker lover’s utopia and for now, we are high: high on lust, high on each other, high on love. He spreads his arms, inviting me, and I curl up in his embrace, my head against the smooth leather, and lay one arm across his stomach. He strokes my shoulder with his hand and softly whispers to me, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I respond. “I feel so close to you. I wish I could just curl up inside of you and lay warm inside you.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” he says. And, I know that he does. Because he knows me. I am his biker mistress and he understands me like no one else could and sometimes he knows me better than I know myself.

Explaining our passion is difficult but these are the things we need to understand. After all of this, you still may not be able to comprehend what it is about tall rubber boots and leather that have this inspiring sexual excitement. But, he and I know the truth of being in love and our unique way of showing that love. We know that the flame only continues to grow, never to be extinguished. Booting and biking are our own little secrets, this intensity that we share, and those who see us together and disapprove may never understand us. But we do, and that’s ultimately all that matters.

“Now,” I say, “Let’s see you lick and polish my boots shining clean before we hit the road.”

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